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Aaron Skipper BA (Hons) Graphic Design OUGD201 - What is good?

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Good is ‘The combination of the visual aesthetic of infinity & the branding and promotions of consumable emotions’

There would be a range of twenty four consumable emotions. Here is six of the available range. There will be boxed tablets, tubed creams and bottled drinks.

All the labels will be printed on 140gsm canvas textured white stock. Each label requires just black ink and foil blocking closest to colour of the given CMYK values. All artwork will be supplied at correct sizes. Tablet packagaing will be hand crafted with paper over board.

22/11/10 19:15:58


Aaron Skipper BA (Hons) Graphic Design OUGD201 - What is good?

final baords.indd 2

The combianation of the logo and the written emotions must always be used int he same size ratio. The written emotion must be the same height as the largest negative triangle. The leading between Passio and the emotion is equal to the point size of the word Passio.

All display text must use the bespoke lower case typeface, which is originally based on Modern No. 20, but modified to the extent which it must always be used for any relating work for the brand.

interest, serenity, acceptance, apprehension, distraction, attraction, pensiveness, boredom, annoyance, anticipation, joy, trust, fear, surprise, desire, sadness, disgust, anger, vigilance, ecstasy, adoration, terror, amazement, love, grief, loathing, rage.

The are three stages to emotion; i.e. annoyance > anger > rage. These will be represented by the density of each given CMYK value.

22/11/10 19:15:58

Aaron Skipper BA (Hons) Graphic Design OUGD201 - What is good?

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Fold out brochure would be available to collect or be handed out during the product release period inside department stores nationally.

Potential customers would be handed the brochures at random, not knowing which emotion their brochure would be about, until interacting with it. Thus creating interest in the whole range and allowing the customer to be aware of the possibilities Passio can provide.

All parts to the brochure, including the disposable belly band, will be printed on 130gsm matte white stock, using black and one given CMYK value. The designs will be A3 with full bleed.

22/11/10 19:18:52

Aaron Skipper BA (Hons) Graphic Design OUGD201 - What is good?

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Promotional artwork for printed posters. Full CMYK print on satin stock.

Design can work across any format, as long as the triangular part of the artwork is less that 50% of the stock size.

The artwork would also feature in a series of broadsheet newspapers, alongside a related article. The artwork would be supplied to the publishing company in the necessary size.

22/11/10 19:18:58

Aaron Skipper BA (Hons) Graphic Design OUGD201 - What is good?

final baords.indd 5

The promotional artwork would also displayed in billboard scenarios. In busy places where people’s current emotions would be running high. This would make them to realise how managing their emotions can benifit their lifestyle.

The artwork works both portrait and landscape so can work in a variety of placces. They would be displayed in busy environments, such as inner cities and public transport areas.

There would be two parts to advertising campaign - one being the use of the overlaying fractal triangles in full colour, with the Passio logo and a list of available emotions and the other being large single word emotions in their relevent colour. The brand consistency would be evident throughout, creating an over all hype in lead up to the prodcut release.

22/11/10 19:19:03

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presentation boards

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