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AMS 32nd Scholarship Auction Catalog November 22, 2013 6:00-9:30pm at the Burnsville Town Center


#26 HANDMADE CERAMIC VASE Donor: Tria Turrou, AMS alumni Value: $40 Size: h 4”, l 4.5”, w 2”

#6 STONEWARE SERVING BOWL Donor: Claudia Dunaway Value: $62 Size: d 11”, h 3.5”

#4 SMALL STONEWARE BOWL Donor: Nick Joerling Value: $40 Size: d 6”, h 2.5”

#3 STONEWARE VASE Donor: Pete & Kim McWhirter Value: $95 Size: h 10.5” x d 5.5”

#2 STONEWARE PITCHER Donor: Sarah House Value: $36 Size: h 7”

#27 MAN & PACKAGES WHISTLE Ceramic sculpture Donor: Becky Gray Value: $55 Size: h 4.5”

#28 STONEWARE SERVING BOWL Donor: Rebecca Plummer & Jon Ellenbogen, AMS parents Value: $120 Size: d 15”, h 4.5”

#29 CERAMIC IRIS TILE Donor: Tzadi Turrou, AMS parent Value: $115 Size: h 6.5”, l 11”

#30 CERAMIC VASE Donor: Naomi Dalgish & Michael Hunt Value: $90 Size: h 10.5” x d 3.5”

#5 STONEWARE SERVING BOWL Donor: Nick Joerling Value: $65 Size: h 2”, l 10”, w 7.5”

#31 CERAMIC LIDDED IKEBANA Donor: Robbie Bell, Speckled Dog Pottery Value: $50 Size: h 6”, d 5”

#32 STONEWARE SERVING BOWL Donor: Michael Kline Value: $60 Size: d 10”, h 3”

#7 SET OF STONEWARE MUGS Donor: Lynda Gayle Banner Value: $104 Size: h 4.75”

#33 STONEWARE SERVING BOWL Donor: Courtney Martin Value: $124 Size: d 13”, h 3”

#1 FOLK ART BOWL Artist: Eugene Winton Value: $180 Size: h 5”, d 10”

#34 CERAMIC BASKET VASE Donor: Gay Smith Value: $50 Size: h 6”, l 6.5”, x w 3.5”

#35 OLIVE OIL CARAFE Donor: LInda McFarling Value: $90 Size: h 6”, d 5.5”

#10 STONEWARE OLIVE TRAY Donor: Michael Rutkowsky Value: $70 Size: l 15”, w 5”

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#36 TWO ORANGE GLASSES Donor: David Wilson, AMS parent Value: $80 Size: h 4”

#37 FOUR PINT GLASSES Donor: Hayden Wilson, AMS alumni Value: $100 Size: holds a pint

#71 TWO TEAL GLASSES Donor: David Wilson, AMS parent Value: $80 Size: h 4”

#41 ‘TOPO MAP’ GLASS VASE Artist: Schaffermeyer Kelly Glass Value: $520 Size: h 14.5”, d 5.5”

#38 SUMMER PRIMAVERA FLASK with 24c gold leaf accents Donor: Kenny Pieper Value: $640 Size: h 23”, w 9”

#40 ECLIPSE BOWL WITH BLUE CANE Donor: John Geci Value: $300 Size: h 4”, l 12”, w 7”

#39 GLASS VASE WITH WHITE CANE Donor: Greg Fiddler Value: $150 Size: h 8”, d 7.5”

#44 GLASS PINWHEEL BOWL Donor: Rob Levin, AMS parent Value: $300 Size: h 2.25”, l 11”

#8 SCULPTED GLASS CHICKEN Donor: Billy & Katie Bernstein, AMS parents Value: $150 Size: h 6”

#9 ‘THE MISER AND HIS GOLD’ sandblasted glass bowl Donor: Rick & Valerie Beck Value: $480 Size: h 3”, d 12”

LARGE GLASS ICICLE ORNAMENTS #94 GOLD; #95 METALLIC GOLD; #96 RED & WHITE, #97 GREEN & WHITE; #98 GREEN AND BROWN; #99 BLUE; #93 LIGHT PURPLE Donor: Miles Henry, AMS parent Value: $16 Size: varies, 10” to 12” long

#42 LARGE ‘BREATHE’ #43 SMALL beveled glass lidded box Donor: Selena Glass Value: Lg $56, Sm $21 Size: Lg: l 6”, w 2”, h 2” Sm: l 2”, w 2”, h 2”

#91 FLAME WORKED GLASS BIRD SCULPTURE Donor: Shane Fero Value: $500 Size: h 4”

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Wood, Stone & Metal

#16 WINE BASKET Artist: Billie Ruth Sudduth Value: $150 Size: h 14.5”, L 9”, W 6”

#45 MAPLE WOOD PLATE Donor: Charlie Smith Value: $90 Size: d 12”

#75, 76 CUTTING BOARDS MADE FROM TEAK WOOD BLOCKS Donor: Sten Gunderson Value: $150 each Size: 11”x 15”

#68 NIGHT LAMP WITH WILD HORSES Donor: Carl Shy, AMS grandparent Value: $200 Size: h 22”, w 11”, l 12”

#47 SCULPTED IRON AND BRASS CANDLE HOLDERS Donor: Jonpaul Littleton, AMS alumni Value: $125 Size: l 20”

#74 GRANITE WITH BRONZE LIZARD SCULPTURE Donor: Barron Brown, AMS grandparent Value: $470 Size: lizard 12”, granite 60lbs.

#11 RHODODENDRON CANDLE HOLDERS Artist: Bill Brown Value: $50 Size: d 9” - 11”

#48 METAL ‘CANDLE GEAR’ Donor: John Faulkner Value: $80 Size: h 15”

#12 RECYCLED MATERIAL FISH SCULPTURE Donor: John Richards Value: $50 Size: h 3.5”, l 9”

#46 SIFTER ASSEMBLED LAMP Donor: Ed Doyle, AMS parent Value: $125 Size: h 24”

#90 DECOUPAGE ANTIQUE LUGGAGE Artist: John Richards Value: $85 Size: h 14”, l 21”

#25 FLEXIBLE FLYER CLASSIC RACER Donor: Brownie Faucette Value: $100 Size: h 60”

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#55 ‘FAMILY OUTING’, MATTED Matted reproduction on water color paper with archival ink. Donor: Sarah Faulkner Value: $40 Size: matted 20”x16”

#53 ‘HARVEST MOON’, MATTED Matted reproduction on water color paper with archival ink. Donor: Sarah Faulkner Value: $40 Size: matted, 20”x16”

#56 ‘RACE TRACK’ Wrapped canvas Donor: Wendy Reid, The Design Gallery Value: $133 Size: 24”x18”

#54 ‘POPPY FIELD’, MATTED Matted reproduction on water color paper with archival ink. Donor: Sarah Faulkner Value: $40 Size: matted, 16”x20”

# 52 ‘WINTER’, #51 ‘DANCERS’, #50 ‘TREES’ Greeting cards. Donor: Debbie Littledeer Value: $10 Size: 3 each of 2 designs

#92 GREETING CARDS Donor: Franzi Talley, AMS parent Details in the silent auction. See ya there!

#49 ‘BUNNIES‘ Greeting cards. Donor: Debbie Littledeer Value: $13.50 Size: 2 each of 4 designs

#114 ‘LOST CROSSINGS’ Historical narrative and photographs of the swinging foot bridges in Yancey and Mitchell Counties Donor and author: Katey Schultz, former AMS staff Value: $25

#77 HAND CRAFTED JOURNAL Donor: Paulus Berensohn Value: $150 Size: 10”x 8” x 1”

#20 “CRABTREE FALLS” OIL PAINTING Donor: Jerry Newton Value: $200 Size: matted 21”x13”

#57 ‘CELO INN’, FRAMED print of original ink drawing Donor: Rolf Holmquist Value: $150 Size: framed 14”x17”

#19 HANDMADE PAPER & PRINT Artist: Beverly Plummer Value: $65 Size: 15”x13.5”

#79 ‘MORNING MIST’, FRAMED Donor: Kathleen Turczyn Value: $175 Size: framed 17.5”x9.5”

#82 ‘CLOSE TO HOME’ PASTEL Matted and framed Donor: Carl Peverall, AMS parent Value: $900 Size: framed 20”x28”

#80 ‘NATIVE BOWL’ WATERCOLOR Donor: Lorelle Bacon Value: $125 Size: framed 11”x9”

#81 ‘ALASKA NINE MILE CREEK MARSH’ Water color and pencil, matted Donor: Bob Johnson, AMS parent Value: $510 Size: matted 20”x16”


#22, #78 1963 KENNEDY FABRIC woven and printed in Europe, bought in Ivory Coast, Africa Donor: Brownie Faucette Value: $25 each Size: 3 repeating panels

#24 DECORATED BLACK FELT HAT Donor: Joyce Johnson, AMS parent, former staff and former board Value: $65

#18 ‘BOTANICAL’ SILK SCARF Hand painted Donor: Cedar Johnson, AMS alumni Value: $40 Size: 8”x 54”

#23 CHARCOAL SWEATER JACKET Donor: Joann Collins, Grapevine Value: $54 Size: women medium

#84 HAND SPUN, DYED AND KNIT ALPACA WOOL HAT Donor: Karen Watkins, AMS parent and grandparent Value: $50

#83 HAND SPUN, DYED AND KNIT HAT, PURPLE RIM DYED WITH COCHINEAL INSECTS Donor: Karen Watkins, AMS parent and grandparent Value: $55

#69 ALPACA AND WOOL SHAWL Fibers blended, spun, and knitted by Donor: Beth Higginson, AMS parent Value: $125

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#58 EARRINGS Hand-dyed wood Donor: Buzz Coren Value: $21

#59 EARRINGS Hand-dyed wood Donor: Buzz Coren Value: $21

#63 LONG BEZELED EARRINGS Hand-dyed wood Donor: Buzz Coren Value: $50

#60 EARRINGS Hand-dyed wood Donor: Buzz Coren Value: $21

#61 EARRINGS Hand-dyed wood Donor: Buzz Coren Value: $21

#62 DOUBLE EARRINGS Hand-dyed wood Donor: Buzz Coren Value: $30

#13 SERLING SILVER AND GOLD FILLED EARRING Donor: Matt Willig, AMS parent Value: $85.00




#85 LARGE PEARL CLUSTER EARRINGS Donor: Stacy Lane Value: $70


#15 POLYMER CLAY PIN & EARRINGS Donor: Nancy Roth Value: $73 NOT PICTURED: JEWELRY BY Jennifer Robinson and Hannah Wood

#66 NECKLACE Seed beads, onyx and amethyst beads Donor: Mary Lou Jordan Value: $120

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Nights Out - Asheville

#149 HONEYBEE COTTAGE, ASHEVILLE Fri & Sat or Sat & Sun nights in a rural retreat close to Asheville. Donor: Ann Brown, AMS parent Value: $160 Expires: 11/01/14 reserve early.

#144 DOWNTOWN ASHEVILLE ECOSTUDIO Two nights in an eco-friendly cabin with a composting toilet, and “airbnb” Two blocks from Pack Place. Great reviews. Donor: Repa Vickers, AMS parent Value: $160 Expires: 11/01/14, available Spring, Summer, and Fall

#154 THE BIRD HOUSE, ASHEVILLE Two nights. Sleeps six. Pets and kids welcome. www, 32096 Five star reviews. Donor: Ellen Chelmis, AMS parent Value: $280 Expires: Nov 1, 2014

YOU’LL NEED THIS ONE WHEN YOU GO TO THE CITY. #150 DOG BOARDING, BURNSVILLE 2 weekends of boarding for neutered, healthy, sociable, house-trained mutt 3 years or older Donor: Lucy Doll Value: $50 each weekend Use: 12/01/12 - 06/30/2014, two weeks advance notice.

Nights Out - Beaches

#153 CONDO AT OCEAN CITY MD One week at ‘Summer Beach’. Linens and towels included. Sleeps 7. #405 “summer beach” Donor: Carol and Walter Oesch, AMS parents Value: $1,100 Available April 1-May 21 or Sept - Oct 31, 2014

#157 OCRACOKE ISLAND, NC One week at Soundfront Inn. Sleeps 12 #CR34 Donor: David Senseney, AMS former staff and parent Value: $1,085 Expires: 11/14; use before Memorial Day or after Labor Day

#155 GECKO CHATEAU , FOLLY BEACH, SC One week in a perfect house a block from Folly Beach. Sleeps 8. Adult and kid beach toys on site. No pets. Donor: Kurt and Stephanie Johnson, AMS alumni Value: $1,120 Restr.: reserve early, guest required to clean before leaving.

Nights Out - Lakeside & Exotic #151 LAKESIDE LOG CABIN, MICHIGAN One week in old log cabin at NW corner of Michigan’s lower peninsula adjacent to Sleeping Dunes National Park. Quiet lake frontage. Sleeps 14. Donor: Tom and Diane Doyle, AMS Grandparents Value: $1,075 Expires: 12/31/15; $1075 towards rental fee which would cover entire fee prior to Memorial Day or after Labor Day.

#152 WEEK IN DOMINICAL, COSTA RICA House in rain forest overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Sleeps 5. Caretakers are on the property provide many services. Appropriate tipping expected. Will need to rent 4WD. Donor: Tommy & LeAnne Pittenger Value: $2,000 Expires: Mid-April 2014; book early.

Day Trips - Local

#136 TRAIL GUIDE FOR BLACK MOUNTAIN HIKE Gib Barrus, owner/director of Camp Celo, and lifetime hiker/trip leader of the Black Mountains will lead you on the day hike of your choice in this beautiful mountain range. Donor: Gib Barrus, AMS alumni, parent, board Value: $160 Expires: 11/1/14

#140 MT. MITCHELL GOLFING Greens fees for party of 2, includes cart Donor: Mount Mitchell Country Club Value: $98 Expires: 05/31/14; Monday-Wednesday only

#146 TUBE THE TOE RIVER A party of four can float their way down the beautiful Toe River. Reservations required. Donor: Loafer’s Glory Rafting & Tubing Value: $60 Expires: 09/30/14

#138 NC ARBORETUM, ASHEVILLE Five vehicle passes allow you the pleasure of viewing the seasons in the displays, gardens and trails. Donor: NC Arboretum, Asheville Value: $40 Expires: 05/31/2014

Day Trips - North Carolina

#137 PRIVATE TOUR OF NC MUSEUM OF ART WITH CHIEF CURATOR Four people will experience the permanent collection via a private tour! Donor: NC Museum of Art, Linda Dougherty, Chief Curator, AMS alumni Value: $200 Expires: Nov 1, 2014, available Tues-Fri.

#156 THE BEANSTALK JOURNEY ZIPLINE Tickets for four to adventure the zipline in Morganton Donor: Lawrence Camp, AMS parent Value: $236 Restrictions: minimum age is four.

#145 BEHIND THE SCENES TOUR AT DUKE LEMUR CENTER Two people can Walk with the Lemurs with Dr. Bobby Schopler, one of the worlds leading experts on lemur medicine. April-October Donor: Duke Lemur Center, Dr. Bobby Schopler Value: $190 Valid: Redeem by Nov.22, 2014 must be at least 10 years old.

#72 GRANDFATHER MOUNTAIN Day passes for four people Donor: Grandfather Mountain Value: $72 Expires: 11/22/2014

Day Trips - NC and Tenn

#139 BIRD SHOAL NC, 2 HOUR GUIDED KAYAKING TOUR FOR TWO Site of Rachel Carson’s 1930’s research. Home of 200 resident and migratory shorebird species. Boats included. Donor: Susan Schmidt Value: $150 Expires: Aug. 30, 2014; need at least one week notice.

#70 FLY FISHING ROD AND REEL Time to fish the ‘world famous’ South Toe River. White River Hobbs Creek, HC908-4, 9’ rod for 8wt line with HC iii reel, case, tippet material. VERY good condition. Donor: Brenda Koenig, AMS parent Value: $140

#141 GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAIN RAILROAD Passes for one adult and one child for an old timey ride through the Smoky Mountains on a train. Great dining available on board. Donor: GSMR Value: $80 Expires: 11/3/2014. Cannot be used during the month of October.

#142 DOLLYWOOD, PIGEON FORGE, TN Two one-day tickets to Dollywood! Donor: Dollywood Value: $110 Restrictions: Use during the 2013-14 season

Day Trips - DISNEY!

#148 A FOURSOME’S DAY AT DISNEY !!!!! Four One-Day Park Hopper passes. Valid during normal operating hours and provide admission to a magical experience at Disney’s unique theme parks: the Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Donor: Disney Value: $516 Available: Passes valid for two years from the issue date. Cannot be applied towards a package to meet eligibility requirements.

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In Town

#133 THE PIZZA SHOP AND DRY COUNTY BREWERY, SPRUCE PINE Certificate for pizza and drinks Donor: Chad Mohr and Jen Rambo Value: $25 Expires: Sept 19, 2014

#131 KNIFE & FORK, SPRUCE PINE Dinner for two. Chef’s Seasonal Tasting: Three course meal with dessert and wine pairings.. Donor: Wendy and Nathan Allen Value: $150 Restr. Call 1-2 weeks in advance. Gratuity not included.

#135 STORM RHUM BAR & BISTRO, ASHEVILLE Unique dining: exceptional new-world approach to classic food and drink. Donor: Nancy and Bill Lindeman, AMS board, AMS grandparent Value: $100

#132 MONKEY BUSINESS, BURNSVILLE Certificate to Toy Shop Donor: Dennis Matelski Value: $10

#110 PEDICURE AT JILL’S HAIRPORT Gift certificate for pedicure. Donor: Caroline Silvers Value: $35

#134 MARY JANE’S BAKERY, BURNSVILLE Soon to be Kirkwood Cafe Donor: Kirk & Lynda Banner Value: $20 Expires: Feb. 22, 2014

#111 PEDICURE AT JILL’S HAIRPORT Gift certificate for pedicure. Donor: Jennifer Value: $35

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Personal Growth - Celo

#101 CHINESE MEDICINE INITIAL CONSULT First office visit including consultation, acupuncture, and recommendations. Online booking available Donor: Margot Rossi, AMS parent Value: $150 Expires: 10/30/14

#102 CHINESE MEDICINE RETURN VISIT Established client visit including consultation, acupuncture, recommendations. Online booking available. Donor: Margot Rossi, AMS parent Value: $70 Expires: 10/30/14

#100 FIVE YOGA CLASSES Donor: Margot Rossi, AMS parent Value: $40 Expires: 10/30/14

#104 MASSAGE 1 hour massage therapy or 1 hour of Jinshin jutsu at Celo Health Center. Donor: Rio Alden, AMS Grandparent Value: $60 Expires: 11/01/14

#106 MOUNTAIN GARDENS TINCTURES Three 2oz. bottles of tonic herb tinctures: a variety of ‘adaptagenic’ herbs for longevity and immune system. Donor: Joe Hollis, AMS parent Value: $45

#126-130 THE HAPPY ROOSTER GOOD DAY CAFE CERTIFICATES. Coffee and baked good for two. 5 certificates. Donor: Mimi Ness AMS parent Value: $10 each Expires: May 31, 2014

#103 ONE CHIROPRACTIC SESSION Donor: Philip Cope, AMS parent Value: $100 Expires: October 30, 2014

Personal Growth - Burnsville

#105 MASSAGE/ACUPUNCTURE One hour acupuncture/massage. Donor: Jade Pierce Value: $60 Expires: May 31, 2014

#107 A MASSAGE SESSION One massage session. Donor: Eliza Wallace Value: $60 Expires: Nov. 1, 2014

#108-09 ONE MONTH FITNESS CENTER FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS Two 1 month family memberships to Blue Ridge Fitness Center, Burnsville Donor: Blue Ridge Fitness Center, Kathy Egan Value: $50 each

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Home & Garden

#21 LAVENDER GIFT BASKET Lavendar cookbook, vinegar, salt, caramel, herbs, tea, soap, honey. Donor: Marilyn Cade Value: $70

#113 FOUR HOURS TRACTOR WORK Donor: Gib Barrus, AMS alumni, parent, board Value: $200 Restr: Work site needs to be within a 30 minute drive from Celo. Not available June August. Expires: Nov 1, 2014

#161-165 FIVE FARMER’S MARKET CERTIFICATES Common Ground Farm 2014 Season, Burnsville Saturday Market or at the farm. April -Nov. Donor: Jim Stockwell Value: $10 each

#115 TEN YARDS HORSE MANURE DELIVERED & DUMPED Manure is fresh - needs to rest. Donor: Ben McCann, Goldfinch Gardens Value: $150 Restr: Site must be within 30 minutes of Celo. Expires 11/1/14

#17 GALLON OF VERMONT MAPLE SYRUP Donor: Tim Evans, AMS parent Value: $80

#120 ONE DAY OF TREE WORK Pruning, Felling, Climbing removal Donor: Isak Pertee, AMS alumni Value: $600 Restr: done by 11/1/14; site within 1 hour of Celo; hauling not included.

#116 DAY OF WINDOW WASHING (5-8 HRS) Time depends on time of year and squeegee performance. Must have access to water. Donor: Randy & Nancy Raskin, AMS former staff Value: $150 Expires: 11/15/14

#67, #86 TWO BOXES EQUAL EXCHANGE DARK CHOCOLATE Donor: Ben Wyrick, AMS staff Value: $35 each

#119 HALF DAY ORGANIC FARMING WORK BY CAMP CELO GARDENERS Matt and two interns at your service. Donor: Matt Value: $180 Restr. Arrange during the month of May, 2014 at least 2 weeks in advance.

#112 ONE 12 HR DAY OR TWO 6 HOUR DAYS OF CHILD CARE, UP TO 3 CHILDREN by a Montessori certified teacher and parent Donor: Christine Henry, AMS parent Value: $180 Restr. mutually agreeable date(s)

#117-118 TWO SUSHI PLATE DINNERS FOR FOUR EACH Plate prepared and ready for pickup. Wasabi and pickled ginger included. Organic as available. Donor: Mari Ohta, AMS parent Value: $55 each Restr. Call to arrange time and pick up two weeks in advance.

#158, 159, 160 AN ASSORTMENT OF FRESH BAKED CUPCAKES! Baked the morning of the auction by the owner/creator/baker of Crazy Cakes NC. There will be 3 one dozen boxes containing a variety of cakes and toppings. Donor: Lexie Sweeney, AMS parent Value: $25 each

Need lots of odd jobs completed?

Need fence work, new or rebuilt?

#121-125 AMS WORK CREWS We’re ready to make a difference at your place. Crews are 6-7 people, which includes 2-3 staff members. Donor: Arthur Morgan School, staff and students Value: $400 Restr: site within one hour of campus, work day is April 12, 2014. 9am - 4pm

Need a vegetable garden in a new place?

Something need a little paint?

Need weeding and mulching?

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