TNT Plovdiv 2019 Invitation Package

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COME GROW YOUR BACKBONE IN PLOVIDV! 1st - 5th April Plovdiv, Bulgaria

A WA R M WELCOME ! Dear IFMSA Friends, I am really glad to have the privilege to organize a TNT in my mandate, this has been a dream of mine since before I was elected in this position. I want you to know that I will do my best to give you a fruitful and pleasant TNT in our beloved Bulgaria, and Plovdiv, the European Capital for culture for the year 2019. Whether you are applying to be a participant or a trainer, we want you to feel at home in the Balkans, and we want to give you a proper experience, in visiting our home, and in receiving a TNT education. With the adoption of the new IOGs for Capacity Building during MM2019, and with the confusion that may have arisen in some of our members, I want you to know that we have planned ahead and are organizing a TNT that is in line with them. We want to choose the best trainers we have, in order to provide you with a proper TNT education. Of course, it cannot be all work, no fun, which is why we have left some time for fun and socialization with our social program. You will get to see Plovidv on a free walking tour, to sing your hearts out during our Karaoke, and to party like a Bulgarian. I want us, together, to have an event that will go smoothly, and from which everyone will return home with pleasant memories and a heart full of love for our country and association. I am looking forward to meeting you in our home and giving you a few days that you will never forget. If you ever need help or have a question, do not hesitate to contact me, I am always available to help. Kind regards, Daniel Jaffal Vice President on International Affairs and Capacity Building

AMSB P R ESIDENT Dearest IFMSA Friends, On the verge of our 35th National General Assembly, we have decided to organize a humble pre-NGA in the form of a TNT, and we are more than thrilled to invite you to join us and participate in it. We in AMSB realize the importance of having an arsenal of trainers, which is why we have decided to organize this event, and make it as accessible to participants as possible because we believe that everyone should have a chance to develop their skills and become a better version of themselves. AMSB or the Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria is an independent, nonpolitical, non-governmental organization of medical students in Bulgaria. The Association was established on 03.03.1990 and is a full member of the IFMSA. And we are inviting you to Plovdiv, one of the twin European Capital cities of culture for the year 2019. With the coming of spring and the beginning of the season of our beloved Rose, we want to welcome a few more flowers in the face of you, our lovely participants, who will from this TNT blossom into incredible trainers. Insert message from Daniel here!

Kind regards, Yolin Doncheva Vice-President and President ad interim


Love of medicine brings us together!

AMSB stands for Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria. We were founded back in 1990 and we are proud of all we have achieved in the past 29 years! Our motto describes us best: Love of medicine brings us together! We are commited to bringing positive change into our community. Capacity Building is the backbone of everything we do - both on a local and on a national and international level. That is why we are so thrilled to be organizing this TNT! We are looking forward to welcoming you in Plovdiv.


Come grow your backbone with us!

The Training New Trainers (TNT) workshop is an exciting opportunity for you to grow your skills as a trainer... But what should you even expect? The TNT will last five days of sessions. The event will be facilitated by experienced IFMSA certified trainers and it will cover soft skills training topics such as leadership, motivation, time management, burnout prevention and so much more! During the TNT you'll gain all the key skills to become a trainer yourself: - Group dynamics - Training design - Presentation skills - Facilitation

PLOVDIV: EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE Come and see one of Bulgaria's most beautiful cities!

SOCIAL PROGRAM It's not all work and no play: The Social Program features:

Walking Tour Around Plovdiv

Karaoke Night

Club Night Out

T H E VENUE You will be staying at the student dormitories of the Medical University of Plovdiv. Participants will be sharing rooms - you can opt for female or male-only room if you prefer.

BOARD INCLUDED The registration fee includes three meals every day - four breakfasts, lunches, and dinners during the days of the TNT.

If you have any food allergies or dietary requirements, please let us know when you are filling out the form!

T H E TRAINING S P A C E The sessions will take place in the Youth Centre of Plovdiv (Младежки Дом). Trainers will be provided with enough space and materials to comfortably facilitate the sessions. The OC is happy to assist and answer any questions that might come up - please don't hestate to contact us at

R E G ISTRATION P A C K A G E Early fee: 90 EUR // Late fee: 95 EUR A total number of 15 participants will be selected based on motivation. The first 10 (based on application date) will take advantage of the early fee. Submit your application ASAP -> you are more likely to be among the early bird registrations

Apply by March 22nd

What does it include? Training sessions Materials Accommodation for all five days (four nights) Full board (vegan and vegetarian options available) Social program

COME BE OUR AWESOME TRAINER Apply to facilitate the TNT by March 22nd!

Trainers will be provided with Five days (four nights) accommodation Full board 50 EUR transportation budget (provided that they present the proper invoices) Social program The OC's full support for facilitating the sessions

See you in pLOVEdiv!