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CIRCLE (Circumcision for Children)

CUBE ( Circumcision and Basic Training) F o r t h e fi r s t t i m e AMSA-UMI held a circumcision training activities in CUBE (Circumcision and basic examination training) which took place on SaturdaySunday 25 June 2016 at RK 101, from 1 p.m -end This activity was participated by the members of AMSA-UMI. This activity runs with full happiness and enthusiasm by the participants. On 25 June 2016, ie on the first day at the start of the material "Anatomy and anaesthetic techniques on circumcision" was brought by dr. Abdi Dwiyanto, then continued by the next speaker, dr. Berry Erida Hasbi who brought "Techniques for Circumcision" On the second day, June 26, the training continued with the matter of "Circumcision tools and materials as well as sterilisation" by dr. Wawan Susilo, and activities in waiting is the practice circumcision with great enthusiasm. With this activity which brought to you by AMSA UMI, we hope that you will be a person who has always been the best example for others and help others in every way, because me, as one of the members of AMSA-UMI feel proud of this activity.

On Sunday, July 17th 2016 AMSAMuslim University of Indonesia was holding one of the social events to service other people who needs our help and deserve to be serviced. In this chance, AMSA-UMI presented social event CIRCLE –Circumcision for Children- in Inpres Maccini Baru Elementary School at Jalan Dangko no. 55. Before going on this event, on the previous day we organised a pre activity in one of the members’ house. We rolled handscoen, fold up gauze and sterilised all tools and materials, to prepare things that will be needed for the next day. We started gathering in our college campus at 8.00 a.m. and continued to the location. We arrived in Inpres Maccini Baru Elementary School at 9.00 am. First, we took pictures together with the principal of Inpres Maccini Baru Elementary School and all members of AMSA-UMI who participated in this social action. After that each person stood in by their each position. There are 31 children who registered but 5 were not there at the moment. We used two classrooms. Each classrooms was handled by doctors, 4 operators and 4 assistants, omblo, registration guy and there were 4 available tables for operation and 1 table for omblo. This operation ended at 2 p.m. and we continued it with evaluation before we ended the event. Alhamdulillah, there were 26 children successfully circumcised in the operation. Not a few children felt scared before the operation but they were braver than they thought and after the operation we could see their big smiles.

MEDICAL SEMINAR by AMSA-UMI On Saturday, June 4th 2016 AMSA-University Muslim of Indonesia proudly presented Medical Seminar Increase Awareness On Gynaecology's Related Diseases at Sandeq Ballroom, Clarion Hotel and Convention. And this Medical Seminar has been Accredited by Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) and Indonesian Midwives Association (IBI). It's Open for All Medical Students (pre-Klinik dan Klinik), Other Health Professional (Mahasiswa Kesehatan lainnya), General Practitioner (Dokter Umum, Perawat dan Bidan), Resident and Specialist. This medical seminar started at 08:00 am with opening ceremony including speech of Representative AMSAUMI : Erza Alifianda, Regional Chairperson AMSAIndonesia : Emiliana Kartika, and vice chancellor 3 Muslim University of Indonesia : Dr. Achmad Gani, SE, M.Si opened this seminar. The 1st topic is brought by Dr. dr. H. Nasrudin A.M. Sp.OG about "Introduction and Prevention of Cervical Cancer". Next topic is brought by dr. Muh. Irwan Gunawan, Sp.B(Onk) about "Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer”. The 3rd topic is brought by Dr. dr. Hj. Fatmawati Madya, Sp.OG about “Ante Partum and Post Partum Haemorrhage Management” and last topic is brought by Dr. H. Arafah Siddiq, MA about “Islamic View of Reproductive Health”. After all topic had brought we open discussion sessions and Medical Seminar was finished. Workshop is brought by Dr. dr. H. Nasrudin A.M. Sp.OG. First workshop is about “Easy Steps of Breast-Self Examination” and next workshop is about “Cervical Cancer Screening through Pap Smear”. After all topic had brought we open discussion sessions and workshop was finished. In this event, All participants deserve an Update Knowledge, Certificate, Seminar Kit, Lunch and Snack.

WELCOME PARTY BATCH XIII A.G.E.N.T Perfectionism is not about healthy achievement and growth, because your spirit is the true S.H.I.E.L.D-Sharing Happiness, Inspiring, Exploring, Learning and Discovering- !!! Yesterday, the last day in July 2016 AMSA-Universitas Muslim Indonesia Batch Xlll presented welcoming party at eye and skin Center Jln. W. Monginsidi No.126 with the theme AGENT-AMSA’s Glory Event by 13thThis event we enjoyed with our seniors in AMSAUMI, our guest from AMSA-Hasanuddin University, AMSA-University of Muhammadiyah, and chairman from another BSO in Medical Faculty of Universitas Muslim Indonesia. Event started at 3 pm with opening ceremony including speech of committee chairman : Asho Suriadi, Representative of AMSA-UMI : Erza Alifianda, vice chairman executive board medical faculty of Universitas Muslim Indonesia, and the first vice chairman dean medical faculty of Muslim University of Indonesia : Dr. dr. H. Nasrudin A.M. Sp.OG. After opening ceremony, we enjoyed the spectacular show from Batch XIII. That performance is acoustic with gold voice, traditional dance, spectacular boy band dancing show, and the last is story telling with the theme “Descendent Of The Sun”. Of course before traditional dance we sing a song AMSA song and eat delicious lunch together. After spectacular show, we take a pictures together. We say welcome to our family AMSA-UMI batch XIII. Keep your spirit! Keep your Loyalty! Good Luck and Godspeed!

OPEN RECRUITMENT BATCH XIII AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D Open Recruitment (OPREC) is annual event by AMSA-UMI that designed by internal affair to select and recruit new members of AMSAUMI. This year we're recruiting for AMSA-UMI batch Xlll by theme “S.H.I.E.L.D -Sharing Happiness, Inspiring, Exploring, Learning and Discovering“.

Last stage is Outdoor/ Outbound held on SaturdaySunday, 28th-29th May 2016 at Maros Pucak Teaching Farm. The participants had to learn how to work in team, leadership, and togetherness according to our philosophy. There were 81 participants that officially the new members of AMSA-UMI Batch Xlll.


• INTERNATIONAL EVENTS On this event, there were 3 stages that had to be passed by participants : Interview, Indoor, and Outdoor/outbound. Before we opened the submission from, we socialised about AMSAUMI to batch 2014 and 2015 Medical Faculty students, University of Muslim Indonesia. The event was started by Open Submission from Monday-Friday, 18th-29th April 2016. After we closed submission, there were 119 form that accepted. The first stage, Interview Session held on Saturday, 30th April and 2016 at Student Centre M e d i c a l F a c u l t y, U n i v e r s i t y o f M u s l i m Indonesia.There were 93 participants that can continue to next stages. Second stage is Indoor Session. Held on Saturday-Sunday, 14th-15th May 2016 at 104 Classroom of Medical Faculty, University of Muslim Indonesia. In indoor, participants got many materials. Materials in Day 1 is ‘Leadership and Teamwork’ by Ferdian Eris Prianto, S.ked, ‘History of AMSA’ by Representative AMSA-UMI 2011/2012 Susdiaman, S.ked, ‘Event of AMSA’ by Dwi Nawaluddin Naprizal, S.Ked, and last is ‘Debate’ by Academic Team Executive Boar AMSA-UMI 2015/2016 Nur Atikah Harmianty P. Materials in Day 2 is ‘Paper and Poster’ by Fitriani Azis, S.Ked, ‘Photography and Video’ by Andi Yaumil Aliyah T, S.Ked, ‘History and Physical Examination’ by our lecturer dr. Berry Erida Hasbi and last material is ‘Proud to be AMSA-UMI’ by Fajar Hidayat, S.Ked. The result of indoor session, there were 81 participants that can continue to the next stages.

- EAMSC 2017 - Melbourne


- RAKERNAS AMSA-INDONESIA by University of Sriwijaya Palembang

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AMSA-UMI Bulletin part 3