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April – June 2018


Meet the Executive Board The people who work day and night to make AMSA – India successful.

Meet the Editorial

“Excellence is never an accident.”- Aristotle

Board The medicos behind this awesome first edition of Revista Medicos.

Activity Reports Ofcourse, our achievements this quarter!

So the saying goes, which is certainly appropriate considering the work which went into the 2018-19 AMSA-India Newsletter. The Masterpiece which you read today is the end product of the countless hours of WhatsApp group discussions/conference calls, an object of sincere dedication and precise work distribution all of which was brought to life in a matter of 15-20 days. Kudos to the AMSA India - Editorial Board 2018-19 for putting your heart and soul in this wonderful creation. Readers behold,

AMSA-India Newsletter 2018-19 Vidith Terence Phillips (Supervisor, AMSA India-Editorial Board 2018-19) (AMSEP Director - AMSA India Executive Board 2018-19)


Message from the regional chairperson

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” —Lao Tzu Dear people of tomorrow, The past three months of our organization has been extraordinarily dynamic, with new opportunities sprouting for all our members every now and then. The pace at which we are expanding in terms of quantity and quality is phenomenal and it is only a matter of time that AMSA India will become the quintessence of medical students’ organization. Our newsletter is only one such example. The AMSA India’s newsletter is a medium to provide information about the activities held under this banner all over the country and the active participation of its representatives in various international events like conferences, students exchange etc. It is a scaffold where every member can voice his/her dreams, inspirations and hopes in any form of literature, art or even photography. Not leaving behind the past and present, it also gives insight into the future plans and goals of the organization. It gives me immense pleasure to present to you, the first edition of AMSA-India Newsletter of this academic year and would like to applaud the Editorial Board that has worked relentlessly and whole heartedly in revamping the latest issue. I am hopeful that the novelty in each page with the touch of sophistication will keep you all eagerly waiting for the next issue. Regards Navita Jain Regional Chairperson AMSA India


Message from the Supervisor Editorial Board “It always seems impossible until it's done” ~ Nelson Mandela

And that is precisely how we started with the creation of this Newsletter, for once we undertook this journey there was no looking back. Obstacles were plenty and so were the expectations and today I truly believe we overcame each one of them. Following the motto of “Knowledge,Action and Friendship” we as a team (Editorial Board 2018-19) instilled the true spirit of AMSA and brought to display the dedication invested by AMSA-India Executive Board 2018-19, College Heads and the active participation by our wonderful members at AMSA-India. So continue, as you cherish the memories of our activities in these past few months. A lot more is yet to come as we at AMSA-India continue to deliver the best.

Vidith Terence Phillips AMSEP Director AMSA India Executive Board 2018-19 Supervisor: Newsletter & JAMSA


FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK Dear AMSA members, It is a great pleasure for me to assure responsibility as an Editor of newsletter of AMSA-India. The idea of AMSA India came with 6 students who went to Hong Kong to attend the joint conference (between AMSA-International and IFMSA Asia-Pacific) in July 2011. Since then AMSA India has been flourishing organisation and the member of AMSA International. The AMSA vision can be summarised in three aspects which are Knowledge, Action and Friendship. It gives me immense pleasure to thank whole Editorial team who had hand in ensuring the continued success of the newsletter and AMSA-India. AMSA-India helped in creating awareness about various medical diseases by means of quizzes, mean and Boomerang competitions, poster making, and blood donation drives. It's the foremost duty of medical fraternity to serve the society and help the poor. Therefore AMSA India conducted various blood donation camps (in CMC Ludhiana), and also organised free health check up camps for children in New Delhi in Association with an NGO CRY. Also it’s our duty to make future leaders of tomorrow who can take concept of AMSA forward, therefore AMSA-India appointed college heads and medical students from all over the country applied for the same. Finally, the entire editorial team extends thank you to Executive Board of AMSA India and AMSA International for the support that made it possible to publish this newsletter. The members of Editorial Board will continue to play roles in contribution to the success of the newsletter.

Ashish Gupta Editor


MEET THE EXECUTIVE BOARD NAVITA JAIN Hi! I'm Navita Jain, the Regional Chairperson of AMSA India and honestly that is the only work that I do these days along with my part-time MBBS. Replying to emails, signing MoUs, chasing deadlines and constantly pestering other executive board members takes up most of my day and sometimes even nights.On my cheat days from AMSA, you will find me travelling, learning guitar or reading novels. AAAAND my fondness for Marvel, Dahi-kebabs, Dan Brown, RanbirKapoor, and adventure sports can never be overstated. SUBHANGI CHANDAN Hi, I'm SubhangiChandan, 7th semester student at MAMC, also AMSA India's General Secretary for 2018-2019. Apart from med school slogging and whining, I fervently take part in deciding any and every music playlist, giving unsolicited music and reading recommendations, and displaying my well thought puns on social media. I can be found fixing my sleep schedule, whilst also meticulously ruining it by juggling college, family, friends, and my three little stray pups happily. SONALI JAIN Hi, I am Sonali Jain, currently in Third year in Maulana Azad medical college,Delhi. It's my third year of working with AMSA INDIA and I am honoured to be the Vice overall chairperson (Internal) this term. I love to explore new places, befriend new people and learn new skills. I am nerdily obsessed with medicine and cannot wait to be a doctor soon!

MOKSHADA SHARMA Hi, I’m Mokshada Sharma your new Vice Overall chair Externals. I’m possibly what you call a workaholic but it gets me travelling so why not.My interests range from quiet novel sessions to flat out travelling multiple countries in a year. With prior experience in MSAI and IFMSA,I have now decided to direct my efforts in connecting the AMSA India family with our peers worldwide.To a fruitful and pleasant year ahead.


VIDITH TERENCE PHILLIPS “Invictus” a word,a poem is the keystone of my personality and all my dealings. Hi I’m Vidith Terence Phillips, AMSEP Director for the term 2018-19. I’m a 23year old Final year medical student from Christian Medical College Ludhiana.Hailing originally from UP,with my schooling in New-Delhi and now college in Punjab I’m a mix of culture and dialect.Same holds true for my interests and hobbies which can range from Music and Public. Yes, the dichotomy lies in my energy levels too which can vary from an all-day procrastination to working on 200% efficiency.

AMOLPREET KAUR SAINI I am AmolpreetKaur, secretary of finance, AMSA-INDIA. College: MAMC, New Delhi. I handle the money. And being an athlete since school, I make sure no one runs away with it. I'm an avid reader and will read anything I get my hands on. And I binge on novels, shows and food, in that order.

SECRETARIES IDHA SOOD I am Idha Sood, secretary of academics AMSA-INDIA. Judging from that yes I am a typical nerd and proud. I loved science in school amd was a big Stephen Hawking black hole theory fan. I love superhero movies, political power based plays and shoes,time travel and alternate timeline fiction novels. To top this I am a big foodie as well.

ROHINI DUTTA Hola! I’m Rohini Dutta, Secretary of Memberships & Development at AMSA, India from CMC, Ludhiana. I am curious by instinct, explorer by nature with love for food and art. The music in my IPOD ranges From Old School music by Kishore Kumar to 21st Century rapper Kendrick Lamer. Besides being a voracious reader of novels, I have an inherent taste for colours and design. My Guilty pleasures include- Tea, Instagram and cheesecake.


ASHISH GUPTA I am Ashish Gupta, Editor Newsletter and JAMSA for term 2018-2019. Currently, I am pursuing MBBS (internship) from Pandit BD Sharma PGIMS Rohtak. It's my pleasure to be part of this great organisation. I have a great interest in Medical Research and latest medical advancements. I love to attend medical conferences and learn about new techniques. I am highly thankful to AMSA l India for giving me this great opportunity. TARUNJYOT KAUR Hey there! I am TarunjyotKaur, Secretary - Cultural Affairs, AMSA-India. I am presently a third year MBBS student at Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. Popularly known as TJ,hailing from the happiest state of India - Punjab, you will find me having a good laugh while gobbling cheesy food, most of the times. Besides being a sleep enthusiast, I love bhangra (of course), reading crime thrillers & playing badminton.

PULKITA UPPAL Hello, all! I am Pulkita Uppal, Secretary Promotions and Publication, AMSA India. I am a third year student from Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi. I love to read, watch movies, doodle, do puzzles and make graphics, when I'm not busy having an existential crisis!

BHAVYA ANEJA Hi, I am Bhavya Aneja, the secretary of marketing and sponsorship for this year. I am currently in my 3rd professional year of MBBS, in Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. Still a long way to go in the learning process, but I look forward to it. My hobbies include playing badminton, I am a national level badminton player, and have been playing since past 13 years. Apart from that I like reading, singing and travelling.

ROHAN VOHRA I am Rohan Vohra, secretary of partnership, MAMC I enjoy listening to music, playing board games and day dreaming. Big time potterhead, demigod and fowl fan. Basically not interested much in the 'mundane' world,love dancing but not sure if I am good or not . Love a good cup of coffee. Good music and denim jackets are my weaknesses.



GURSIMAR KAUR Secretary, Newsletter and JAMSA Hi! I am GursimarKaur, an intern in CMC Ludhiana. I am fresh in AMSA and editorial board is my first venture! I am a singer, writer and an amateur photographer. I have strong opinions about things I believe in. I wish to change the world, and I trust I can. This first edition of newsletter was a mountain we climbed with patience and hard work! Hope it’s worth your time.

ASHISH GUPTA Editor I am Ashish Gupta, Editor Newsletter and JAMSA for term 2018-2019. Currently, I am pursuing MBBS (internship) from Pandit BD Sharma PGIMS Rohtak.

ROHAN VOHRA Secretary Partnership AMSA-EB, Writer I enjoy listening to music, playing board games and day dreaming. Big time potterhead, demigod and fowl fan. Basically not interested much in this 'mundane' world, love dancing but not sure if I am good or not. Love a good cup of coffee. RAJAKSHI KHANNA Chief illustrator Hi, I am RajakshiKhanna from SGRD, Amritsar. I love to draw and paint and hence my post in AMSA. I even love to dance and am a seasonal swimmer and guitarist. Lame jokes are my thing and memes are so much fun. Zoning out in the middle of a conversation, yep I do that. Talkative.Harry Potter is love. DIVIJ SHARMA Chief curator I am a local officer at SCOME,IFMSA and state director of MSAI, Sikkim. I’m also the secretary of the Academic Council of my college and chief editor of their yearly magazine 'Anastomosis'. Just another up to-go person with a drive to work hard with ardour and muscle, a budding doctor who writes to express my perspective on the common substantial things and the surge of feelings stirring inside. Keeping it simple, yet with constant changes is my mantra.


TANYA AMAL Writer Born to doctor parents, Igrew up to see this profession as a fulfilling way to live life. I have a keen interest in public speaking. I have been debating since I was 10.Writing for me is a stressbuster-a way to connect to yourself as well as to others. I also have a deep passion for street plays for debating writing and street plays are the key tools we have today to create awareness and to initiate a change. TANYA WILSON Writer I am driven to motivational writing .I started writing in my weakest phase of life and this practice gave me a ray of hope to gear up my life again . Call it an intuition but one day I hope to motivate many like me,but I try to not let that premonition distract writing for me and fun. I stick to level headed goals and achievable dreams. I had a fire burning inside me and the only way I can fan the flames is by sharing them.

AMOL DUA Illustrator Sometimes serious, sometimes sarcastic, and mostly humorous.Essentially, a tiny ball of energy.

DAMINI NAGPAL Illustrator This is DaminiNagpal, a 2nd prof student, from Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences, Jalandhar. Illustrator at AMSA for 2018-19. Loves painting and dancing.A believer of 'Law of Karma.'











WORLD IMMUNISATION WEEK On the occasion of World Immunization week, the members of Asian Medical Students’ Association collaborated with European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) and designed posters on the theme ‘VACCINES WORK’ to highlight the importance of vaccination. This collective work by the two associations proved cost effective and fairly successful.


GIVE BLOOD GIVE LIFE MAY 18, 2018 The members of Asian Medical Students’ Association celebrated the World Thalassemia Day on 8th May 2018. The theme was ‘GET INVOLVED’ and aimed to increase the awareness about this disease throughout the world amongst masses. The activities included poster making and a blood donation drive. Public was motivated to donate blood and were made aware about various screening methods. The importance of early detection and management was highlighted.


World Blood Donor Day Donate Blood, Save Lives!

On 14th June 2018, we at Christian Medical College, Ludhiana celebrated “World Blood Donor Day” by organizing a blood donation drive. The Asian Medical Student’s Association in collaboration with the Dildaar Group, a local NGO, set up a blood donation camp in our blood bank. Refreshments were arranged for all donors, and a cake cutting ceremony took place after the arrival of our chief guest, Hon’ble MLA Mr. Surinder Dawar. By the end of the day, 63 units of blood were donated. We at AMSA CMC were happy to present the society such a precious commodity.


CHILD RIGHTS AND YOU DELHI AMSA (India) in association with an NGO, CRY - Child Rights and You, organized free health check-up camps for children in Delhi. Over 300 children turned up, and underwent a complete health check-up. They were screened for nutritional deficiencies, refractive errors and dental caries. For further management, the kids were referred to nearby hospitals. CRY volunteers will ensure their regular follow-up visits, so that these camps prove fruitful for the children.


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” AMSA - India brings forth to you leaders of tomorrow with the appointment of college heads. It brings us great pleasure to introduce our college heads from various colleges across the country.  Prateek Mishra - Christian Medical College, Ludhiana  Japmehr Kaur Sandhu - Government Medical College, Amritsar  Arshiya Dalal - Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences, Jalandhar  Vrinda Pahuja - Shri BM Patil Medical College, Karnataka

We hope these future leaders will carry forward the legacy of AMSA India and take it to greater heights.


HEALTH CAMP B.M. PATIL MEDICAL COLLEGE Keeping the spirit of kindness and goodwill alive, AMSA India organized a free Health Camp in Bijapur, Karnataka on 13th June 2018. The camp was organized in association with The Human Touch (a student organization) and Shri BM Patil Medical College at the Leprosy Colony in Bijapur. A total of 150 people received the check up. They were given free medicines for their respective ailments. Some were referred to the nearest hospital for further investigations and free surgeries. The event was made possible by 17 dedicated volunteers. Cheers to VrindaPahuja, College Head: BM Patil Medical College, for wonderfully organizing the camp.


Every year on April 25, WHO and all its member countries observe World Malaria Day. This year, AMSA India members were greeted with a quiz on Malaria. Even those who claim to have duly read their Microbiology couldn't get all the questions right. The winners: Arshiya Dayal from PIMS, Jalandhar and Amol Dua from SGRD, Amritsar were awarded a book, 'The Fever: How Malaria has ruled Humankind since 500,000 years' each. AMSA India's Facebook and Instagram pages too were full of informative posts and posters.


WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY Yes, we can survive without burning our lungs.

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated 31st of May every year. This year, AMSA India held a Meme Making Competition with the theme “QUIT TOBACCO”. Budding doctors with their innovative minds submitted various entries. The prizes were bagged by: FIRST PRIZE: ChayanPaliya (Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi)

RUNNER UP: DivyakritArora (Government Medical College, Amritsar)



AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS AMSA India aims to spread awareness about both, communicable and non communicable diseases among the medical fraternity. For each Health Awareness day, WHO declares a theme, as per the current trend, progress and needs for prevention and treatment of the disease. Our ultimate goal is to sensitize Medicos and non Medicos alike, in order to spread awareness and improve the standard of health in the community.


The credit for all these amazing posters goes to Pulkita Uppal, our Secretary: Promotions and Publication. 22

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed our first edition of the AMSA India Newsletter 2018-19. Today marks the start of our new journey as we at AMSA India strive to bring medical students from all over India together in a community full of opportunities to learn, grow and connect to our worldwide AMSA Family. “Knowledge, Action and Friendship.�

Please feel free to send in your feedback at: Gursimar Kaur Secretary: Newsletter & JAMSA AMSA India Executive Board 2018-19


We hope you thoroughly enjoyed our first edition of the AMSA India Newsletter 2018-19. Today marks the start of our new journey as we at AMSA India strive to bring medical students from all over India together in a community full of opportunities to learn, grow and connect to our worldwide AMSA Family. “Knowledge, Action and Friendship.�

Please feel free to send in your feedback at: GursimarKaur Secretary: Newsletter & JAMSA AMSA India Executive Board 2018-19


Revista Medicos  

First issue of AMSA India's eNewsletter, 2018. Happy reading!

Revista Medicos  

First issue of AMSA India's eNewsletter, 2018. Happy reading!