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Samantha Grace  I.  Cruz  

Year &  Course  

3 BSM  AMF   q q q q q

 ü          President   q Executive  Vice  President   q Secretary-­‐General   q Chief  Finance  Officer  

Position Aspired  for   *Put  a  check  (ü  )  

Department (for  Department  Head  candidates)  

Are you  running  under  a  party?   If  yes,  please  write  the  party’s  name.  

Department Head    Deputy  for  Documentations   Deputy  for  Marketing   Deputy  for  Promotions   Deputy  for  Special  Projects  



ESSAY. Explain  in  100  words  or  less  why  you  want  to  run  for  the  position  and  your  vision  for  AMS.     The  AMS  that  I  envision  is  that  which  uses  math  as  a  tool  to  serve  the  greater  community  in  more  concrete  and  meaningful   ways.  I  envision  its  members  to  be  math  enthusiasts  who  are  really  immersed  in  a  culture  of  mathematical  excellence,  and  I   want  AMS  to  play  a  part  in  forming  them  into  that.  I  want  to  be  the  AMS  president  because  I  want  to  pursue  this  vision.  As   an  active  member  and  officer  through  and  through,  I  believe  I  have  been  immersed  in  AMS  enough  for  me  to  be  familiar   with  its  needs  and  recognize  its  great  potential.    

PLEDGE     I,   Samantha   Grace   Ignacio   Cruz,   have   read   the   AMS   Electoral   Code   and   attest   to   the   facts   contained   in   this   Certificate   of   Candidacy   and   in  all  other  documents  required  by  the  Electoral  Board  of  the  Ateneo  Mathematics  Society  (AMS).  By  signing  this  pledge,  I  certify  that  I   have  had  consultation  with  the  incumbent  officer  and  I  thereby  give  permission  to  evaluate  the  facts  contained  in  all  the  documents  I   have  submitted  to  the  AMS  Electoral  Board.     I  swear  to  uphold  the  rules  stipulated  in  the  AMS  Electoral  Code  and  by  the  AMS  Electoral  Board  with  full  awareness  that  the  violation  of   the  said  rules  would  result  to  possible  sanctions  as  stipulated  in  the  AMS  Electoral  Code.       It  is  my  sincere  intention  to  promote  a  free,  honest,  and  clean  election.    



                                                                               Samantha  Grace  I.  Cruz                                                                                                                                                              January  10,  2014                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Signature  Over  Printed  Name                                                                                                                                                                                                          Date  


RESUME   Use  Ateneo  Placement  Office’s  (APO)  One  (1)  Page  Format.  Please  refer  to  Resume  Writing  folder  of  the  Election  Kit,  and  the  sample  below.  

Samantha Grace I. Cruz 0905-316-9218 |


Ateneo de Manila University BS Applied Mathematics major in Mathematical Finance (April 2015)


Ateneo Alumni Scholars Association Student Assistant (April-December 2012) • In-charge of contacting alumni scholars and sponsors to the organization


Ateneo Mathematics Society (AMS) Core Member (2011-2013), Project Head (2012-2013), Secretary-General (April 2013-Present) • As the Secretary-General, recorded the minutes of meetings and seminars, implemented communication and information dissemination systems, managed internal systems and processes, among other duties of an Executive Committee officer • As LTS 2013 Facilitator, processed and facilitated group discussions and activities • As Math Conference project head, managed program planning and promotions for the three-day seminar with an audience of 300 • As Camp Math 19 Secretariat Core Member, prepared letters, documentation, and certificates, created promotional materials, and implemented registration systems • As Math 101 Logistics Core Member, in-charge of venue reservation and food distribution • As Mathsaya IX DPool Core Member, created promotional materials and prepared documentation • As The Clash Secretariat Core Member, prepared AVPs and letters for the battle between students and professors Ateneo Heights Production Staff Member (July 2013-Present) • As First Regular Folio Launch Food and Decors Head, ordered and prepared food and decorations • As Art Creative Talk Co-Head, addressed all logistical needs and concerns of the core team Lights for Hope Facilitator (November 2013) • Facilitated a group of 20 kids from an INTACT area during a whole-day event of games and activities


Ateneo Student Leaders Assembly (October 2013) Philippine Junior Finance and Investment Summit Limitless, Ateneo Mathematics Society Leadership Training Seminar (2011)


I am fluent in both Filipino and English. As a math major, I approach issues and matters at hand logically and creatively. As a journalist, my writing style is structured and straightforward— which also reflects my work ethics. I am skilled in using Adobe Photoshop and other Microsoft Office tools. My open-minded nature enables me to deal well and relate with different types of people. I believe that among the skills that I have to offer, always the most valuable is my will to work hard, which has never failed to bring me closer to achieving my goals.

III. PLATFORM You  are  not  allowed  to  have  more  than  three  (3)  Main  Points.  USE  PROPER  FORMAT.  Strictly  ONE  (1)  LINE  ONLY  for  each  Main  Point  and   NO  MORE  THAN  SEVEN  (7)  LINES  for  the  Details.  Use  only  Cambria,  10  Font.   Note:  A  sentence  does  not  automatically  correspond  to  one  line.  

MAIN  POINT  1:  Reinforce  vision  and  core  competencies  in  all  projects  and  activities   Mathematical  instruction  and  mathematical  excellence  are  the  core  competencies  of  AMS—it  is  what   defines  the  organization.  I  want  AMS  to  stay  true  to  its  identity  and  make  its  members  and  other  people   aware  of  this  identity  through  incorporating  more  math  in  its  projects  and  activities,  specifically  those  of  the   Academics  and  Math  Applications  departments.  I  want  to  make  the  identity  of  AMS  visible  because  it  serves   as  the  foundation  of  everything  we  do  and  why  we  do  them.  I  also  want  to  extend  the  reach  of  projects  to   the  greater  community  by  improving  projects  like  Mathsaya  so  that  AMS  can  come  closer  to  its  vision  of   being  men  and  women  for  others  using  math  as  a  tool  in  building  a  culture  of  excellence  and  service.   MAIN  POINT  2:  Improve  and  restructure  projects  and  internal  processes   In  an  effort  to  create  a  more  efficient  working  environment  for  project  core  teams,  I  want  to  restructure   project  core  groups  and  reevaluate  application,  selection,  and  other  processes  involved  in  project   management  so  as  to  be  more  specialized  in  catering  to  the  specific  needs  of  each  project.  In  doing  so,  I   hope  to  improve  the  processes  involved  in  project  planning  and  implementation  so  that  core  groups  get  the   job  done  more  efficiently  and  every  core  member  is  mobilized.  Furthermore,  I  also  want  to  explore   innovation  for  programs  as  opposed  to  traditional  structures,  especially  those  of  flagship  projects.  In  re-­‐ structuring  these  aspects  of  project  management,  I  hope  to  improve  the  quality  and  impact  of  AMS  projects.     MAIN  POINT  3:  Empower  members  and  sustain  an  efficient  and  effective  ExeCom   I  want  to  foster  good  relationships  and  ensure  clear  communication  among  ExeCom  members.  Making  sure   that  the  officers  of  AMS  work  well  together  is  essential  for  effective  and  efficient  working  behavior,  the   effects  of  which  will  impact  on  the  projects  and  activities  of  the  organization.  As  for  member  formation   efforts,  I  want  to  immerse  members  with  others  who  have  the  same  interests  by  assisting  and  guiding  the   departments  and  project  core  teams,  and  by  creating  avenues  for  formation  such  as  bonding  activities  and   group  consultations.  Through  refocusing  efforts  on  forming  members  within  these  already-­‐established   structures,  I  hope  to  create  stronger  relationships  resulting  in  more  formed  and  informed  members  of  AMS.      


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