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Nigel F.  Rimando  

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3 BSM  AMF  

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ESSAY. Explain  in  100  words  or  less  why  you  want  to  run  for  the  position  and  your  vision  for  AMS.     I   believe   majority   of   the   progress   I   have   undergone   regarding   my   personal   growth   can   be   attributed   to   the   support   and   opportunities   that   AMS   has   provided   for   me.  I   wish   to   return   the   favor   by   providing   the   same   care   to   our   members,   which   will   consequently   maintain   or   improve   the   output   of   the   organization.   The   academics   department   is   the   avenue   where   I   believe  I  can  create  the  most  positive  influence,  given  my  multiple  experiences  within  the  department.  My  vision  of  AMS  is   of   an   organization   that   provides   its   members   with   opportunities   to   grow,   while   maintaining   the   ideal   blend   of   professionalism  and  camaraderie.                        

PLEDGE     I,                                              Nigel  F.  Rimando                                                                    ,    have  read  the  AMS  Electoral  Code  and  attest  to  the  facts  contained  in  this  Certificate   of   Candidacy   and   in   all   other   documents   required   by   the   Electoral   Board   of   the   Ateneo   Mathematics   Society   (AMS).   By   signing   this   pledge,  I  certify  that  I  have  had  consultation  with  the  incumbent  officer  and  I  thereby  give  permission  to  evaluate  the  facts  contained  in   all  the  documents  I  have  submitted  to  the  AMS  Electoral  Board.     I  swear  to  uphold  the  rules  stipulated  in  the  AMS  Electoral  Code  and  by  the  AMS  Electoral  Board  with  full  awareness  that  the  violation  of   the  said  rules  would  result  to  possible  sanctions  as  stipulated  in  the  AMS  Electoral  Code.       It  is  my  sincere  intention  to  promote  a  free,  honest,  and  clean  election.    


                                                                                       Nigel  F.  Rimando                                                                                                                                                                                          Jan  10,  2014                                                                                        Signature  Over  Printed  Name                                                                                                                                                                                                          Date  


Nigel F. Rimando 0917-513-0252 | 426-1073 |


Ateneo de Manila University BS Applied Mathematics, Major in Finance (April 2015)


Core Concepts Orate Tutorial and Review Center Part-time Tutor (2011 – 2012) • As Tutor, taught students from grade school to high school topics in Mathematics and Science. Kasagana-Ka Development Inc. Financial Feasibility Analysis Group Leader (December 2012 – 2013) • As Group Leader, was involved in securing the relevant financial history reports of the company and the final feasibility analysis of their proposed K-Kalusugan program.


Ateneo Mathematics Society Tutors’ Pool Head (June 2013 – Present), Tutor’s Pool Deputy for Materials (2012 – 2013), Core Member (November 2013 – Present), Apprentice (November 2013 – Present), Blueprint Speaker (November 2013) • As Tutors’ Pool Head, guided the pool members with the processes concerning the pool, organized and taught multiple class tutorial sessions for math and non-math majors, collaborated with Math Dept for students’ concerns. • As Tutor’s Pool Deputy for Materials, created sample long tests for the pool’s use in tutorial sessions, provided answer keys for long tests. • As AMO Secretariat Core Member, mainly assisted the project heads in handling the flow of the meetings, assisted in planning logistics, contacted the math dept for certain concerns • As AMS Apprenticeship Program Participant, I have been able to constantly consult with the current academics department heads regarding the roles and responsibilities of the position. • As Blue Print Speaker, created a presentation about Math 21 to provide a background for the students concerned regarding the subject. Landas ng Karunungan Volunteer Tutor (2011 - 2012) • As Tutor, taught public school students basic math, created exams for departmentalized use.


AMS Planning and Evaluation Seminar (November 2013) 1st Philippine Junior Finance & Investment Summit (July 2013)


I am fluent in both English and Filipino. I naturally have a highly analytical mindset which I have learned to utilize in handling both professional and non-professional situations. Given my multiple tutoring experiences, I am adept in communicating complex information to a variety of personalities. Whether as a leader or as a team player, I am very critical in keeping a high standard in any kind of output and I highly prioritize the integrity of the group.

PLATFORM You  are  not  allowed  to  have  more  than  three  (3)  Main  Points.  USE  PROPER  FORMAT.  Strictly  ONE  (1)  LINE  ONLY  for  each  Main  Point  and   NO  MORE  THAN  SEVEN  (7)  LINES  for  the  Details.  Use  only  Cambria,  10  Font.   Note:  A  sentence  does  not  automatically  correspond  to  one  line.  

MAIN  POINT  1:  Restructure  the  three  Academics  Department  Pools   Reforms  will  be  made  such  that  there  are  two-­‐three  heads  and  a  certain  number  of  deputies  per  pool.  This   structure  improves  the  efficiency  of  the  pools  because  of  the  wider  opportunities  for  division  of  labor   (similar  to  the  PH-­‐core  relationship),  and  at  the  same  time,  it  creates  an  avenue  for  willing  members  to   step-­‐up  and  grow  within  the  organization.  Also,  because  of  the  multiple  positive  feedbacks  from  both  the   math  department  and  the  math  majors,  the  class  tutorials  for  math  majors  will  also  be  further  emphasized.   The  duties  of  the  Archivist  pool  (collection  and  database  of  previous  LTS,  blueprint)  will  dissolve  into  a   relatively  smaller  but  more  specialized  team,  in  order  to  decrease  idleness  and  improve  efficiency.     MAIN  POINT  2:  Reinforce  member  relations  and  member  care   A  long  unresolved  problem  of  the  Academics  Department  is  the  lack  of  substantial  interpersonal   relationships  among  members  and  also  the  significant  number  of  inactive  members.  To  answer  this,  in   addition  to  the  semestral  GAs,  the  new  proposed  Pool  Head-­‐Deputy  system  (from  point  1)  will  require   weekly  meetings  (interval  may  be  flexible).  The  pool  heads  are  also  expected  to  conduct  consultations   (Individual  or  Group)  to  their  members  at  least  once  a  semester.  For  non-­‐pool  members,  an  anonymous   feedback  regarding  their  academics  will  be  required  not  only  to  increase  their  involvement,  but  also  to   acquire  information  regarding  other  areas  of  improvement  in  supporting  the  members.     MAIN  POINT  3:  Render  policies  for  continuity  and  efficient  project  management   To  promote  continuity  or  even  to  further  improve  the  overall  quality  of  our  projects,  current  project  heads   (and  possibly,  core  members  too),  are  required  to  consult  with  the  project  head(s)  from  the  previous  year.   Since  duties  of  core  members  are  relatively  different  between  AMO  and  Sipnayan,  this  consultation  can   prepare  the  team  for  project-­‐specific  scenarios  and  it  further  acquaints  the  team  to  their  assigned  project.   Furthermore,  to  increase  efficiency  and  participation  of  core  members,  project  heads  will  be  requested  to   create  GANT  charts  and  assign  each  core  member  to  tasks  preemptively.  This  gives  a  further  sense  of   involvement  and  a  sense  of  responsibility  to  core  members,  which  will  then  decrease  inactivity.    


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