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  MEMORANDUM  #  1   Executive  Committee  2012-­‐2013   Ateneo  Mathematics  Society     Date:  January  7,  2013   To:  All  Ateneo  Mathematics  Society  (AMS)  Constituents   Re:  ExeCom  Decision  on  Academics  Department  Heads   From:  Marc  Helton  Sua,  President,  Ateneo  Mathematics  Society     Greetings!     Academics  Department  Head  Zheng  Rong  Wu  will  be  leaving  for  Singapore  for  an  academic   opportunity  on  January  8  and  will  be  gone  for  the  remainder  of  the  semester.     After   deliberations   among   the   members   of   the   Executive   Committee   and   the   Academics   Department   Heads,   it   has   been   decided   that   Zheng   Rong   Wu   will   continue   to   be   Academics   Department   Head.   Len   Patrick   Garces   will   be   assisted   by   Fernandina   Ko   throughout   the   rest  of  the  term  effective  January  10,  2013.     Zheng   will   retain   all   duties,   responsibilities,   and   powers   befitting   the   position   of   Department  Head.       Thank  you,  and  a  Happy  New  Year  to  everyone!    


AMS EXECOM MEMO #1 - ExeCom Decision on Academics Department Heads  

AMS EXECOM MEMO released on 7 January 2013

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