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MEMORANDUM  #  3   Electoral  Board  2012-­‐2013   Ateneo  Mathematics  Society     Date:  10  January  2013   To:  All  Ateneo  Mathematics  Society  (AMS)  Constituents   Re:  Extension  of  the  Application  Period  for  Aspiring  Deputies  for  Promotions,  Dissolution   of  the  Party  System   From:  Paola  Gabrielle  L.  Matanguihan,  Internal  and  External  Secretary-­‐General,  AMS   Electoral  Board     Greetings!     As  of  11:41  AM  today,  the  Electoral  Board  has  yet  to  receive  applications  for  Deputy  for   Promotions.  According  to  Section  III.  B.  iii.  of  the  AMS  Electoral  Code  2013,   “In  the  event  that  a  party  is  formed  but  there  is  no  official  candidate, whether  in  a  party  or   independent,  running  for  a  specific  position,  all  parties  will  be  dissolved  and  all  candidates  will   run  independently.  The  Electoral  Board  will  decide  on  what  to  do  with  the  vacant  position,  and   the  elections  will  still  be  held.”  

The party  system  is  thereby  dissolved,  and  all  candidates  will  be  running   independently.     In  addition,  the  application  for  Deputy  for  Promotions  is  extended  to  12  January  2013   (Saturday)  6:00  PM.     Please  be  guided  accordingly.     For  questions  and  clarifications,  contact  AMS  Electoral  Board  at  or  09176915271.      


ELECTIONS MEMO #3 - Extension of the Application Period, Dissolution of the Party System  

ELECTIONS MEMO (2) released on 10 January 2013

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