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  MEMORANDUM  #  9   Electoral  Board  2012-­‐2013   Ateneo  Mathematics  Society     Date:  3  February  2013   To:  All  Ateneo  Mathematics  Society  (AMS)  Constituents   Re:  Revised  Results  Breakdown  for  Executive  Board  Elections;  Deputy  for  Promotions   From:  Paola  Gabrielle  L.  Matanguihan,  Internal  and  External  Secretary-­‐General,  AMS   Electoral  Board     Greetings!     It  has  come  to  our  attention  that  we  failed  to  properly  define  a  valid  vote  in  the  Electoral   Code.  However,  it  was  indicated  in  the  ballots  that  a  member's  votes  were  to  be  declared   void   if   he/she   fails   to   choose   one   candidate   per   position.   With   this,   7   (those   without   signatures   and   ID   numbers)   out   of   8   void   votes   are   now   deemed   valid.   Furthermore,   we   have   successfully   identified   those   whom   the   ballots   without   signatures   and   ID   numbers   belong  to.  Thus,  the  new  breakdown  of  results  is  as  follows:     Turnout   Total  Number  of  Voters   162*   Total  Number  of  Eligible  Voters   258   Percentage   62.79%   *1  ballot  was  declared  void  due  to  the  absence  of  a  vote  for  a  particular  position     President   Ma.  Eleanor  “Elly”  Reserva   152  (94.41%)   Abstain   9  (5.59%)     Executive  Vice  President   Marianne  Rose  “Mar”  Fontanilla   49  (30.43%)   Len  Patrick  Dominic  “Len”  Garces   105  (65.22%)   Abstain   7  (4.35%)     Secretary-­‐General   Samantha  Grace  “Sam”  Cruz   150  (93.17%)   Abstain   11  (6.83%)        


Chief Finance  Officer   Rica  Isabel  “Rica”  Doroteo   78  (48.45%)   Angelica  Nicole  “Ange”  Purisima   72  (44.72%)   Abstain   11  (6.83%)     We   have   yet   to   receive   any   applications   for   Deputy   for   Promotions.   The   elections   will   proceed  as  planned.    Filing  of  candidacy  for  the  said  position  is  extended  until  5  February   2013.   Since   the   deadline   is   moved   one   (1)   day   before   the   Department   Head   and   Deputy   Elections,   candidates   will   not   be   given   the   chance   to   campaign.   However,   the   Electoral   Board  will  inform  all  eligible  voters  of  their  candidacy.  Should  the  position  remain  vacant   after  both  elections,  the  matter  shall  be  dealt  with  in  accordance  with  the  constitution.     Please  be  guided  accordingly.     For  questions  and  clarifications,  contact  AMS  Electoral  Board  at  or  09176915271.    


ELECTIONS MEMO #9 - Revised Results Breakdown for Executive Board Elections; Deputy for Promotions  

ELECTIONS MEMO released on 3 February 2013

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