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2013.01.09 Summarized Minutes

President OSA TranSem will be on 11 January 2013. The Executive Committee (ExeCom) divided themselves according to the event they will be at on 11 January 2013 because the following AMS events are in conflict with OSA TranSem: (1) XMath Core Evaluations Meeting; (2) AMO Project Presentation; (3) PaP Core Meeting. Math Department: AMS didn’t meet the deadline set by the Math Department. No significant progress in the task (story board for recruitment video) has been made. As such, the following course of action will be followed: (1) Tap persons outside the ExeCom to do the story board in line with the ideas talked about during this meeting; (2) Forward updates to Lemy (Math Department representative); (3) Ask LTS participants to follow through with the implementation. YES Presentation: AMS will present on 11 February 2013. The presenters are Macmac, Paola, and Elly. STC: SOSE-STC-HEC Week will be from 14 January to 18 January 2013. The next Best Practices Sharing will be on 14 January 2013. AMS will send Gere and Jas as representatives. Secretary-General YES Report updates are already posted on the ExeCom FB Group. TrEvSem: The Secretary-General sees to it that TrEvSem be a Pre-PlanSem seminar. The idea is built upon a 3-part transition module with reference to the module crafted by Denzel Dy (COA VP TD 2011-2012).

Executive Vice President The Executive Vice President updated on the progress done by the PaP core team. Other efforts: The Executive Vice President is still thinking on starting a project-making “cookbook”. For evaluations, he will consult with COA VP OSR and COA VP TD.

Member Relations Department AMS Week: Department Heads will update after core meeting tomorrow, 10 January 2013. Family: failed to hold an evaluations meeting on Monday, 7 January 2013. YEP: Core team has just started planning. Key improvements in planning are the following: (1) Fundraisers; (2) Venue hunt; (3) promotions calendar.

 Math Applications Department Math Conference: The next installment is on 21 January 2013. As of now, there is only one confirmed speaker. The core team has already started planning for the 3rd installment. Academics Department FMIC: removed Math 11 category because those taking this course are not likely to join a math contest even with incentives from professors (they are not confident enough). AMO: There will be 7 Judges per division. Project Garces: Dr. Garces wants to have some kind of OD training for the NCR Math Club; to consult with CODE re: this matter. Special Projects PSMO Meeting: 12 January 2013; 1030H; UP Math Building PSMO Acquaintance Party: 12 tickets reserved for MathSayaw and some ExeCom PSMO Convergence: tickets will be out in 2 weeks; no final decision on the rent price for shirt selling booth SOSE-STC-HEC Week: done with trivia and booth ideas (Lean and Camille) Marketing Shirt Selling is still operating at a loss. O4S Team will sell shirts during AMS Week.


(24) 2013.01.09 - General Updates (S)  
(24) 2013.01.09 - General Updates (S)  

Summarized minutes for the AMS ExeCom meeting held on 9 January 2013