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2012.12.12 Summarized Minutes


Electoral Board Updates The Discernment Talk is scheduled on Friday December 14, 2012. Each ExeCom member will be given 7 minutes to talk. STC Updates AMS President has yet to ask STC Head for updates regarding the booth for the event. OSA Proposal OSA proposed a grade school math club to be handled by AMS. It is one way for the org to reach out to the grade school students. The proposal shall be revisited in January and decision should be reached by February. Math Department Updates There is proposal for the apprentices and/or LTS Participants to collaborate with the Math Department in their future projects. ExeCom members are required to have a list of their apprentices who want to be a part of the said proposal. Marketing The ExeCom came up with a list of possible options to raise funds to breakeven. The final list of options should be ready by January. Special Projects The PSMO list of officers is posted in the AMS Facebook group. The preparations for Acquaintance Party are on-going. In line with Kythe Week, ExeCom decided that they would not set-up a booth but instead would send AMS members to play with the kids. There are no updates from EnTa regarding CBS. They will confirm by this week. Math Applications Updates There was very good attendance for MathCon. The Execom also thought of possible speakers for MathCon Day 2. Mathsaya: Core evals will be held on January on the condition that more than half of the core team will go to Family Day 2. Crazy Math Journal: Only 10 people applied as of today. More promotion is needed. MathMania: The layout is being done and will be released by December 16, 2012.

 Academics Department Problem Solving Seminar 2: The attendance was approximately the same as the first one. The also did not have a hard time getting the speaker. FMIC: Final schedule is on January 11, 14, and 15. Incentives for the students who joined the event is still being decided upon. AMO: Judges can come from the Grade School and High School. Sipnayan: Final schedule is on Saturday, December 15. They will also sell the Other 4 shirts during the event. Agimath: So far, only BOX has approached. They should also set a schedule for Tutor Training. LT Drive: The ExeCom discussed systems of how to compile the LTs. NSTP: Ask Ate Lara for data on Synergy effort. PotW: The ExeCom discussed if PotW should still be continued. They decided that PotW will temporarily be stopped during the Christmas Break but will be Member Relations Department AMS Week: The core team for both AMS Week and YEP are collaborating to contact sponsors. Jacobian questions are done but core team is delayed in the Time Table for other events. YEP: They will sell pizza rolls for fundraising. Family Day 2: Final Schedule is on Monday, December 17 in the Sec Field. Also, another parent should be chosen to take the place of Hilary. XMath: Mr. Mallari informed AMS that JSEC would be used on the 19th for the employees' Christmas Party. The MemRel Department Head and the projects heads would talk to him on Tuesday, December 13, regarding this matter. The ExeCom also talked about their performance for the said event. PaP Updates The event is scheduled on a Saturday. The morning schedule is for private school teachers and the afternoon schedule will be for the public school teachers. The ExeCom also talked about possible speakers for the event. There would be a Php 200 registration fee.

Prepared by: Joana Alicia ragos Ams sECgen apprentice

(23) 2012.12.12 - Elec Board, STC-HEC Week, GS Math Club, Math Dept., General Updates (S)  

Summarized minutes of the AMS ExeCom Meeting held last 12 December 2012

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