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2012.07.02 Summarized Minutes Stat 109 Conflict Juniors who are part of Executive Committee (ExeCom) brought up that they would not be able to make it to the First General Assembly (First GA) because of their Stat 109 Long Test. In line with this, it was suggested and agreed upon that the ExeCom will make a video presentation in addition to the live performance by those who can come. AMS Appreciation The definition and scope of “AMS members who made it big” have yet to be discussed on the next meeting.

Interview Week A lot of member-applicants want to reschedule their interviews. It was resolved that rescheduling of interviews will be upon the discretion of the interviewer to whom the memberapplicant signed up. Recruitment Week (RecWeek) Informal evaluations were done. Some points raised were that the signup procedure was not as efficient as what other organization has, and that our appearance in the COA RecWeek 2012 was not properly documented.

Special Projects Updates AMS recruited a total of 405 members (including the ExeCom) during the COA RecWeek 2012. The organization did not incur any violations during the said event. The Deputy for Special Projects presented the organizations that we eye on collaborating with. These organizations are EnTaBLaDo, SPEED, CODE, and TA. Marketing Updates 13 out of 25 establishments already agreed to be the organization’s privilege card sponsors. The Marketing and Finance Associates (MaFiA) is only waiting for the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) from Sir JG. The Deputy for Marketing set August as the target month of release. In the next 2-3 weeks, MaFiA will have a getting-to-know meeting of sorts with the new members. Moreover, the team is exploring on the possibility of a Php 40 collection per MaFiA member to cover for the expected expenses for the speakers’ tokens. Documentations and Promotions Updates Math 101 already passed their post-project documentations. Clauses from the Code of Internal Procedures (CIP) pertaining to post-project documentations were clarified. (Continued)

(Continuation) Documentations and Promotions Updates The Deputy for Documentations and Deputy for Promotions are looking into the possibility of collaborating with the following organizations for the Documentations and Promotions Pool (DPool) Training Seminar (TrainSem) for the First Semester: Aperture Society, Artillery, and COSA. The DPool TrainSem is tentatively scheduled on 21 July 2012.

Academics Department (Acads) Updates The Acads Heads updated the ExeCom about NSTP-AMS, Sipnayan, and Tutor Pool (TP). NSTP Skills trainings on 30 June 2012 and 7 July 2012 are done in cooperation with Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED). The organization focused on giving tips for teaching and relating the experiences of the speakers. AMS Acads will do the Math section of the NSTP-AMS modules while the English section will be handled by ACED. Acads endeavors to achieve that Math modules be done a week prior to insertion. Sipnayan Core Team has already decided that the theme for the project would be “Olympics”. Target dates and venues are listed below: 1. Grade School (GS): 22 September 2012 | Escaler Hall 2. High School (HS): 8 September 2012 | Leong Hall Auditorium The University Athletics Office (UAO) hasn’t replied regarding TP collaboration. Organization partner MISA just had a meeting with TP while BOX has yet to set a meeting.

Math Applications (MathApp) Updates The MathApp Heads updated the ExeCom about Camp Math, TnT Pool, and Math Journal. The Office of Student Activities (OSA) has recently approved Camp Math Project Proposal. The Programs Committee of the said project has already decided on the theme “Hunger Games”, with the title “Camp Math: The Rise of District 19”. Proposed topics for talks include Game Theory, puzzles, Math in Technology, Probability, and Math in sports to imbibe the sense of strategy and logic to the 4Saturday event. The Logistics Committee got MathSaya 9 contact as food supplier. The menu will be discussed further with ExeCom comments (to at least add dessert) on the next core meeting (4 July 2012). The Secretariat Committee is in the process of calling Metro Manila schools to know who is the appropriate addressee for each school. The activities and plans for the TnT Pool and Math Journal will depend largely on the number of members who will sign up in the Departmental GA. The MathApp Heads decided that the Math Journal would only be published online (versus printed publication).

 Member Relations Department (MemRel) Updates The MemRel Heads updated the ExeCom about First GA, Tambay Week, Family, and Know Your AMS Member (KYAM). The First GA Core Team is already finalizing the details of the project. The Core Team is however confused on what they should do during their dry run. With this, MemRel Heads advised them to do a briefing of the detailed program flow (DPF) during the dry run. Primers still lack contents that will mainly come from the ExeCom. The ExeCom has yet to talk about what exactly to put in the department and pool booths. The AMS Tambay week will be held on the week of 23-27 July 2012 in Colayco Pavilion. Program will include film-showing and SigSheet signing. Family Project Heads have already sent their working timetable for Family Day 1. The event is tentatively scheduled on 27 July 2012. The MemRel Heads have already picked the person to be featured in the first KYAM (information will not be disclosed until KYAM launch). It was suggested that KYAM could be published via AMS ISSUU account.


(10) 2012.07.02 - First GA Presentation Contingency, Updates, Interview Week (S)  

Summarized minutes of the AMS ExeCom Meeting held last 2 July 2012