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Installation Tools for the

World’s Leading Bait Stations

Top Professionals Use AMS Auger Systems Installation Tools for: AdvanceTM Sentricon® Firstline® EnsystexTM And More

AMS, Inc. 105 Harrison Street American Falls, Idaho 83211

The world’s finest sampling equipment. phone: 800-635-7330 • int’l: 208-226-2017 • fax: 208-226-7280 • email:

Why Choose Bait Stations over Liquid Treatments • Baits are inside bait stations in the ground • Bait stations are safe for children and pets

AMS Inc. offers installation equipment for bait station and monitoring stations for the professional pest management technician who wants the ultimate fit and finish. Professionals have used the AMS line of sampling equipment since 1942. Our record of providing quality products and customer service is recognized as the best in the industry.

• Chemicals do not contaminate soil or water under or around your home • There is no odor

• There are no large holes drilled through the walls, floors or foundations of your home • There is no need for digging or trenching

• Bait stations are more environmentally responsible – liquid treatments use hundreds of gallons of chemical solution while baits use only a few grams of active ingredient • In many cases the termite colony is completely eliminated (studies indicate that liquid termiticides do not completely eliminate termite colonies)

Worker termites search for food and are responsible for feeding and taking care of the king and queen, the young (larvae), and the soldiers. These termites feed on bait and share it with their nestmates.

AMS manufactures installation equipment for the following termite elimination systems:

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Dow AgroSciences’ Sentricon® Colony Elimination System

Whitmire Micro-Gen’s Advance™ Termite Bait System

Ensystex’s Exterra™ Termite Interception and Baiting System

FMC’s FirstLine® Termite Defense System

and more.

Manual Auger Systems Cross Handles

New One-Piece 2-1/2” Open-Faced Auger

18” Rubber Coated Cross Handle

One-piece design is all you need for 3” bait stations.


This thick, 10 guage high carbon steel auger has been hand-formed with an aggressive cutting head and a 16” rubber-gripped cross handle for a total length of 52 inches. The unique design of the open-faced auger’s cutting head pulls itself into the ground with little effort and makes soil extraction in mud, clay and dry, hard soil easier. #400.54

18” Ratcheting Cross Handle


Regular Auger 1-3/4”

(for 2” stations) #400.10


(for 3” stations) #400.08

Mud Auger 1-3/4”

(for 2” stations) #400.22


(for 3” stations) #416.03

Dutch Auger 2”

(for 2” stations) #400.61


2 ft #408.01 3 ft #408.02

Open-faced Auger 2-1/2”

(for 3” stations) #400.55

See page 5 for information on AMS augering kits.

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Powered Auger Systems Powered Drills

2-1/2” Flighted Auger (auger only) #207.255

1-7/8” Flighted Auger (auger only) #400.663

Cup Cutter (recommended)

2-1/2” Standard #345.07 2-5/8” Hard Surfaced #21016 2-5/8” Carbide #21015

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STC Cup Cutter (recommended) #208.65

Advance™ by Whitmire Micro-Gen

1-7/8” Standard #400.665 2” Hard Surfaced #21018 2” Carbide #21017



Pro Cup Cutter (recommended) #208.75



0 -50

1-7/8” Pro Auger #345.10

Reverse Threaded for Pro Cup Cutter


Reverse Threaded for Cup Cutter

(see page 6 for details)


Set Screw Adapter This adapter is used to connect 2-1/2” Flighted, 1-7/8” Flighted, and 1-7/8” Pro Augers to AMS cross handles. #13417

Drill Adapters

Echo EDR-260 #213.86


Echo EDR-210 #213.81

Echo EA-500 #213.83

Start-up Kits for Power Drills

Bosch Rotary Hammer Drill

-50 0


EA for ed oad gL rin







1 7/8” Flighted Auger with Tip and 1/2” Gas Drill Adapter (for 2” stations) #209.48

2 1/2” Flighted Auger with Tip and 1/2” Gas Drill Adapter (for 3” stations) #207.25

2” Station Flighted Auger (Fits 1/2” Chuck) #400.63 1 7/8” SNT Flighted Auger with fixed hard surfaced tip (Fits 1/2” Chuck) #400.69

5 1/4” Station Flighted Auger #207.20

4 7/16” Station Flighted Auger #207.00

Reverse Threaded for Defender Cup Cutter

Defender Cup Cutter (recommended) #208.70

Sentricon® System by Dow AgroSciences FirstLine® Defender termite Defense System

ExterraTM Termite interception and Baiting System by Ensystex

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AMS Auger Kits and Accessories AMS Auger Kits

The 1-7/8” Flighted Station Augers and tips are coated with a rust resistant Zinc finish, drill a 2” hole, and are 30” in length. Kits Designed for Use with: • Sentricon Systems • Termitrol • Firstline • and other 2” bait stations

Concrete Coring Bits

Perfect for drilling holes through concrete

Specially designed for fast, accurate drilling with a rotary hammer drill. Concrete coring bits are designed for use with 3” port covers. (See page 6) Heavy Duty 3” Core Bit Splined #260.40 Heavy Duty 3” Core Bit SDS-MAX #260.42

3” Core Bit Splined #260.35 3” Core Bit SDS-MAX #260.37

Sentricon Auger Kit #209.45

Rocky Soil Screw Augers

Easily drill through rocky soil, asphalt or concrete kit inlcudes:

2” Station Auger Clean Out Auger Insertion Tool Mini Slide Hammer

#400.63 #400.64 #400.67 #400.96

Sentricon Flighted Auger Kit

Kit #209.46

kit inlcudes:

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2” SDS-MAX Auger #214.30

Sentricon 1-7/8” Deluxe Auger Kit

Kit #209.44

1-7/8” Flighted Auger w/tip and 1/2” Drill Adapter 1/2” Clean Out Auger Insertion Tool Mini Slide Hammer

These heavy-duty screw augers are designed for use with rotary hammer drills and may be used to penetrate hard soils, asphalt and concrete.

2” Spline Auger #214.28

#209.48 #400.64 #400.67 #400.96

kit inlcudes:

1-7/8” Flighted Auger w/tip and 1/2” Drill Adapter 1-1/2” Clean Out Auger 1-3/4” Regular Auger 1-3/4” Mud Auger 18” Rubber Coated Cross handle 2’ Extension Insertion Tool Station Puller Mini Slide Hammer Poly-Canvas Carrying Case (Extra Poly-Canvas Carrying Cases may be purchased separately)

#209.48 #400.64 #400.10 #400.22 #406.04 #408.01 #400.67 #400.68 #400.96 #430.03

Echo Gas Drill Accessories Echo Gas Drill Support Bracket #213.84 Echo Gas Drill Side Handle Replacement Set #213.79

Drill Adapters 1/2” to 5/8 Gas Drill Adapter #213.50 EA-500 Drill Adapter #213.46 SDS Max Drill Adapter #214.20 SDS Plus Drill Adapter #214.50 Splined Drill Adapter #405.27 Spring Loaded EA-500 to 5/8” Drill Adapter #213.48

Idaho Spoon

The Idaho spoon is used to clean out AMS Open-Faced Augers. Idaho Spoon #55647

Cleanout Augers 2-1/2” Power Cleanout Auger #400.671 2-1/2” T-Bar Cleanout Auger #400.65 1-1/2” Power Cleanout Auger #400.64 1-1/2” T-Bar Cleanout Auger #400.645

Concrete Port Covers


These 3” port covers are great for covering 2” bait stations without a locking top or soil cover. They are secured by a 2” screw which expands the rubber o-ring that locks in the flush-mounted cap and locks out moisture.

Mini Slide Hammer #400.96

3” Aluminum Port Cover #208.60

Insertion Tool #400.67

3” Black Port Cover #208.62

Station Puller #400.68

3” Brass Port Cover #208.61

Two-Piece Tile Probe The two-piece tile probe is used for locating underground obstructions. #402.93

Screw Driver for Port Cover #208.63 Screw Driver Tip #208.64

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AMS, Inc. 105 Harrison Street American Falls, Idaho 83211

The world’s finest sampling equipment.

phone: 800-635-7330 • int’l: 208-226-2017 fax: 208-226-7280 • email:

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Installation Tools for the World's Leading Bait Stations

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