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[the art of sound]

[the art of sound]

[45 years of audio perfection]

[the 60’s] 1964 1964 - Neve produces the world’s first commercial transistor console for Philips Recording Studios, London.

1961 - Formed in 1961, Neve devoted itself to producing the finest professional audio consoles and systems, cutting edge designs and high quality components. The result was equipment unmatched in performance and sound. These are the foundations of the legendary Neve sound.

1963 1963 - The screaming starts - The Beatles ‘Love Me Do’ kickstarts the phenomenon of Beatlemania.

1969 1968

1969 - ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’. The world celebrates the first man on the moon.

1968 - The famous 2254 Limiter Compressor is designed for ABC Television.

1966 1966 - England win the World Cup, in arguably the greatest final of all time.

1969 1969 - Neve delivers the world’s first solid state switching matrix to ITA.

[the 70’s] 1970 1970 - A legend is born. The world’s most famous and desirable mic pre, the 1073, is designed for the Wessex A88 Console.

1973 1973 - Neve releases the 8048 console featuring the 1081 module.

1974 1974 - Neve manufactures the ďŹ rst digital solid state audio routing console for the South African Broadcast Corporation.


1976 1976 - Advanced Music Systems (AMS) is established by aerospace engineers with a passion for sound, its manipulation and control. The DM2-20 Tape Phase Simulator is the first product and is bought by ELO, 10cc and Sir Paul McCartney, who first uses it on the London Town Album.

1977 1977 - Neve installs the world’s first moving fader automation system, Necam (Neve Computer Assisted Mixdown) at London’s Air Studios.

1978 - AMS Introduces the world’s first microprocessor controlled digital delay line – full bandwidth, 15 bit. Later, “loop triggering” is added, launching the sampling revolution. Dual pitch changers and up to 32 seconds of delay/recording complete the picture.

1979 1976 - David Bowie records “Heroes” on the Neve desk at Queen’s Mountain Recording Studio. The console is used by a vast number of high profile artists including Led Zeppelin, Iggy Pop and Deep Purple.

1979 - Neve Introduces the 8108 the first console to feature assignable controls and memory faders.

[the 80’s]


1984 - AMS releases AudioFile, the world’s first hard disk based digital recording, editing and playback system, and creates completely new methods of working with sound to picture. Early adopters included Videosonics and Chicago Recording Company.

1984 - Dire Straits record the seminal ‘Brothers in Arms’ at London’s Air Studio on the Neve Montserrat desk.

1980 - AMS announces DataSafe, the world’s most powerful handheld PC.


1981 1980

1980 - Neve produces the world’s first digital audio console, the DSP.

1981 - AMS introduces the world’s first full bandwidth digital reverberator, the RMX16. An instant classic, the RMX 16 would become a firm favourite among producers and engineers the world over. One famous user was Phil Collins who recorded ‘In the Air Tonight’. The unique drum sound was the result of the RMX16.

1983 - The Police record Synchronicity on the Neve Air Montserrat console on the Island of Montserrat. Disaster struck in July 1995 when Montserrat’s Soufriere Hills volcano, dormant throughout recorded history, rumbled to life and erupted, burying the studio in ash.

1984 - Presented by ‘DataSafe’ users Lego on the occasion of AMS winning the Queen’s Award to Industry - the first of four won by AMS.

1985 - Neve releases the V series console. The console was named, in part, after one of the design team, Greg Pope. V stands for Vatican.


1988 - AMS releases the world’s first fully dynamically automated digital console. With integrated AudioFile editor, Logic 1 empowered yet another level of art and science to sound for picture, at 1500dB dynamic range, and revolutionary patented Logicator controls.


1988 - Neve introduces the VR console.


1986 - Run DMC record the seminal album “Raising Hell” on the V console at the famous Chung King Studios.

[the 90’s] 1990

1990 - AMS releases Logic 2 – its first large format digital console. The first system is supplied to Editel in Chicago. Logic 2 set the ground rules for fully automated surface design and many such systems are still in use today.


1990 - Nirvana record ‘Nevermind’ at Sound City on the Vintage 8028 console.


1992 - The AMS and Neve merger brings together digital innovation and legendary sound.


1993 - Abbey Road Studios install the world’s first large format digital music console, the Capricorn.


1994 - Logic 3 is launched at NAB and extends the power of the Logic family to smaller studios and preparation rooms. The first consoles are sold to Sports BME and Oasis Television.



1996 - AMS Neve introduces the world’s first full scale multi operator Digital Film Console, the DFC.

1998 -The soundtrack to the world’s most successful film, ‘Titanic’ is mixed on the Capricorn. The film is the first to have a digitally recorded soundtrack.


1997 - Libra Live is introduced at NAB, specifically for Broadcast operation. MSNBC is the first adopter, and seven such consoles were used by a range of international broadcasting companies for the Athens Olympics.


1999 - ‘The Matrix’ is mixed on the DFC at Warner Brothers using 500 channel inputs.

1998 - The Red Hot Chili Peppers record ‘Californication’ on the Neve at the world famous Village Studios

1999 - Skywalker Sound joins the large number of facilities installing DFC consoles. The much anticipated film ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’ is mixed digitally on the DFC.

[21st Century] 2003

2003 - Almost 80% of the highest grossing films of 2003 are mixed on DFC.

2004 - The most famous names in British music gather around the Neve 88R at London’s Air Studios to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia.



2001 - AMS Neve releases the ultimate analogue recording console, the 88R to worldwide acclaim.

2004 - Yash Chopra’s epic ‘Veer Zaara’ is mixed on the DFC at London’s Grand Central Studios and India’s Sound City. A.R. Rahman’s musical score was recorded on the Neve console in Studio 1 at the Empire Audio Centre, Bombay.

[The art of sound for today & tomorrow] 2005 - AMS Neve announces the 88 series of outboard, democratizing the legendary Neve sound


2005 - Galaxy Studios in Belgium purchase an 88D, the World’s most powerful digital music console.

2005 - AMS Neve once again redefines film mixing with the DFC Gemini. TFT metering gives detailed information on routing, panning, EQ and dynamics channel by channel as well as WavTrak scrolling waveforms above each channel path. The console is the first to feature fourth generation DSP processing.

The Future Your Studio

Our Future

[2006/2007 Range] MMC 300 - The MMC 300 is a world-class post production system engineered for the time critical requirements of television, DVD, multi-media, post and feature film. Delivering the power of the latest AMS Neve processing platform and Encore Plus, the MMC 300 is post modern in every sense of the word.

AUDIOFILE SC/X - AudioFile SC/X LIBRA LIVE II/G - The Libra Live II/G digital broadcast console offers comprehensive facilities for live television, radio and broadcast production roles. The latest iteration of the celebrated Libra Live series of digital broadcast consoles, the Libra Live II/G, has evolved to keep pace with broadcast demands and includes new signal processes, new operational facilities and new resiliency features.

is the latest generation high-speed audio editor from AMS Neve. Long regarded as the industry standard, the SC/X takes the AudioFile another leap forward. More tracks, flexible file formats, intelligent networking and faster editing meet the requirements of today’s sharp deadlines and HD standards.

DFC GEMINI - DFC Gemini is by far the most accomplished digital mixing console designed specifically for multi-format film dubbing and post production. With an unrivalled installation base, DFC is the standard among the world’s premier motion picture facilities including Pinewood Shepperton, Skywalker Sound, Fox, Yash Raj, Disney and Warner Brothers. In fact, over 70% of international blockbusters are mixed on the DFC.

CINEFILE - CineFile is a robust, purpose built, expandable dubber / recorder designed for the new generation of workflow inspired mixing theatre, broadcast recording or music multitrack applications.

NEVE OUTBOARD Delivering the signature Neve sound, the legendary outboard range now includes the innovative 88 series. For more information please visit

88RS - With its unmistakeable Neve qualities of exquisite design, peerless craftsmanship and legendary Neve sound, the 88RS continues the Neve bloodline of the analogue consoles with a remarkable advance on anything heard before. The Neve 88RS has set new standards as the ultimate analogue console and has become the signature of excellence for the world’s premier studios, engineers and producers including Abbey Road, The Village, Ocean Way, Skywalker and Air Studios.

88D - Simply put, the 88D is the greatest sounding

PS/1 - With effortless control over Pro Tools, Nuendo or Pyramix systems and astonishing power disguised in a compact footprint, the DFC PS/1 is the quintessential high definition audio console with integrated workstation controller designed specifically for post production and motion picture facilities.

and most powerful digital music console on the planet. Using classic Neve transformer mic inputs and gigabit linked Super High Definition converters, the Neve 88D represents the pinnacle of digital console design and brings the legendary Neve Sound to contemporary music production without any compromise on power, control, flexibility or integration. With a range of options and features, the 88D can be used for a range of applications such as film, post, music and broadcast.

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AMS Neve ­ the art of sound  

AMS Neve 45th anniversary brochure file: ams_neve_anniversary_brochure_web

AMS Neve ­ the art of sound  

AMS Neve 45th anniversary brochure file: ams_neve_anniversary_brochure_web