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GB Auto Colors Peoples’ Lives

Integrating orphans into society

Releasing and developing Gharemat Mothers

Supporting orphans’ development

Empowering the future of our industry

Report Highlights  The PR coverage of the Gharemat Mothers’ Releasing Initiative  The main highlights of Bollywood CSR event and its PR coverage  The main highlights of BAJA sponsorship and its PR coverage  The main highlights of Hyundai Loves You Initiative and its PR coverage

Gharemat Initiative Coverage

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Bollywood CSR Highlights Event Objectives: •

Blending kids into the society to ensure a healthy social upbringing for them

Calling the Egyptian society to develop its orphans’ care.

Provide them with an exceptional experience that gets engraved in their memories, and expose them to new cultures, which definitely contributes in expanding their horizons

How did it color their lives ? The kids interacted with the company’s team effectively, enjoyed the show, and expressed desire to discover many of these experiences in the future

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Akbar Supplement

Ahram Supplement

7 Ayam Magazine

Hyundai Loves You Highlights Event Details : GB Ghabbour Auto invited 1100 Orphans to spend the day at Kidzania City

Event Objectives : The event aimed at integrating orphans into society and to emphasize to those children that they are part of the society and all Egyptians are their family.

How did it color their lives? This invitation gave the children a unique experience, as it contributes to raising their awareness of the real world by learning about jobs, money, and social responsibility, and will be engraved on their minds. The children enjoyed mimicking traditionally adult activities.

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7 Ayam Magazine

GB Ghabbour Auto Sponsors Baja SAE Helwan University Event Details : GB Ghabbour Auto sponsored the contribution of Helwan University students in BAJA competition Competition Details : The competition aims to encourage students to manufacture a BAJA racing car, which is a single seated, off-road racecar that must be able to conquer all types of terrain.

Sponsorship Objectives : Supporting talented Egyptian youth and contributing in developing our industry through providing it with high-caliber .

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