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Michigan Physical Therapy

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Volume 38, No.4 Winter 2011


Submitted by Jake Jakubiak Kovacek, PT – MPTA President

If you were waiting until “the right time” to help achieve Direct Consumer Access - that time is NOW!

Jake Jakubiak Kovacek, PT

HB 4603, our bill that would allow Direct Consumer Access to Physical Therapy Services in Michigan, should be ready to move from the MI House Health Policy Committee back to the full House in early 2012. Shortly thereafter, we expect that HB 4603 will PASS in the MI House and move on to the MI Senate where the entire process begins anew.

MPTA members are all busy people with multiple personal and professional obligations. So if you were waiting until the most critical time to speak with your MI legislators - that time is NOW! Why now? Because all legislative sessions in Michigan are two years long; each session cycles with the two year election cycle of all 110 House of Representatives. That means that we have until 12/31/12 to get HB 4603 passed in both the House and Senate plus signed into law by the Governor. Having another year to get HB 4603 passed is a good thing. However in “legislative time” that may or may not feel like long enough since there are countless issues facing our legislators that will take precedence over direct consumer access for the citizens of Michigan.

Join Us in East Lansing for Two Exciting Back to Back Events:

2012 MPTA SPRING EVENTS MPTA Student Conclave Friday, March 23, 2012 MPTA Spring Conference Saturday, March 24, 2012

Network, Visit and L e a r n w i t h Yo u r P e e r s ! See pages 11-12 for more information about Our 2012 Spring Events!

Your patients can now use the new MPTA web tool to Say YES to Direct Consumer Access • The MPTA added a patient / consumer link to the website in early November to let your patients easily contact their legislators to support HB 4603 and say YES to direct consumer access. • Please encourage your patients, friends, family members to use this tool to ask their elected officials to vote YES on HB 4603. A reminder that all direct consumer access resources are posted on the MPTA website. A MPTA leader would be happy to accompany you when you visit your legislators; please just contact the MPTA office so that can be scheduled. PTAs must apply for and receive their full license to practice after 12/31/11: continued on page 4

INSIDE THIS ISSUE… Director News_______________ 5 2012 Spring Events_____________ 11 Election Results_____________ 14 2011 Fall Conference Recap & Awards___________ 16 2012 Fall Conference___________ 21 • Winter 2011 n 1

Submitted by Michael J. Shoemaker, PT, DPT, GCS – MPTA Director #1, Legislative Committee Chair

Season’s Greetings! I would like to summarize for you the scope of our legislative efforts thus far. When we began planning for direct consumer access legislation in 2010, we closely analyzed our previous attempts in 2001/2002, 2003/2004, and 2005/2006. We learned many important lessons: Our political Michael J. Shoemaker, PT, action committee (PAC) expenditures DPT, GCS were woefully inadequate, our ability to effectively organize a grassroots effort was limited, our decisions on bill sponsorship were not optimal in light of various legislative contextual factors, and our involvement of the general public was nonexistent. We are very excited about our current efforts because we believe we have effectively corrected these deficiencies. Our PAC income and spending are higher than ever. We have been able to identify and mobilize MPTA members in key legislative districts to garner legislator support and

2 n Winter 2011 •

co-sponsorship, and have been able to send many of these individuals to political fundraisers to provide an opportunity to spread MPTA’s message. The sponsor and co-sponsors of our bill are true champions of direct consumer access and have been actively lobbying their peers and meeting regularly to strategize each next step. Finally, we now have a mechanism for easily mobilizing consumers to make their voice heard. However, I must emphasize that these efforts merely provide the structure for success. DIRECT CONSUMER ACCESS LEGISLATION WILL ONLY SUCCEED IF EACH AND EVERY MEMBER GETS INVOLVED. NOW is the time to write, call, and visit your legislators. NOW is the time to contribute to the PAC. NOW is the time to get patients, friends, and family to send letters and emails to their legislators. NOW is the time to encourage your colleagues to do the same. Visit to stay updated and to learn how you can help!

WHO’S WHO AT MPTA 2011 LIST OF BOARD MEMBERS AND COMMITTEE LEADERS President Jake Jakubiak Kovacek, PT Vice President Kristine Thompson, PT, PhD Secretary Carrie Miller, PTA Treasurer Peter Loubert, PT, PhD Director #1 Michael J. Shoemaker, PT, DPT, GCS Director #2 Cameron Williams, PT, DPT, MS Director #3 Karin Crute, PT Director #4 Gina Otterbein, PT Director #5 J. Tim Zipple, DScPT, OCS, FAAOMPT Director #6 Michelle Ramirez, PT, DPT, BS

Submitted by Edward Mathis, PT, DPT – MPT PAC Chair and UP District Chair

The MPT-PAC has had another busy year collecting funds and supporting legislative fundraising. Our current balance is $20,172.29 which is approximately $3,000 lower than last year as we have spent more on fundraising after our record setting 2010. This year donations have been a little flat with 9 fewer club level donations. While we continue to do well raising money at conferences, we know that there are still a considerable number of passionate members that cannot attend conferences, but still want to support our legislative fundraising. We need to continue to raise money so that we can advocate for the profession in Lansing. Through attending and supporting legislative fundraisers, we have built support towards consumer direct access to physical therapy. We are also one year away from another election, which can present us with new challenges. So as you receive this newsletter, consider making a 2011 donation. If you have not already donated this year, consider making a contribution equivalent to one hour of your salary. If you make $30 an hour, see if you can donate $30. It is only 0.048% of your annual gross salary, a small price to pay to support your profession in Michigan. Or you can make a club level donation. The Lake Huron club level for donations is $100-249, Lake Michigan $250-499, and Lake Superior $500+.

DISTRICT CHAIRS: Eastern District Chair: Michelle L. Ramirez, PT, DPT Western District Chair: Dan Vaughn, PT Northeastern District Chair: Suzanne Perkins, PT, DPT Upper Peninsula District Chair Edward Mathis, MPT

If you have already donated this year, you might consider a smaller donation of $5, $10, or $25. Please consider making a donation today!


Special PAC Invitation and Special Pricing! Great Lakes Invitational Hockey TournamentDec. 29th, 2011- Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI 4:00 pm ­­— Michigan State vs. Michigan Tech 7:30 pm — U of M vs. Boston College See for more information or contact the MPTA office with any questions, 800-242-8131,

MPTA Institute for Education and Research, Inc. Donate by December 21, 2011 and receive a Michigan Tax Credit! See - Committees - MPTA Institute for Education and Research, Inc. Contact the MPTA office with any questions, 800-242-8131,

Executive Director Marcy L. Dwyer, CMP, MBA, CAE Membership/Project Manager Rachel H. Hilla-Mason, CMP MPTA Editor: Karen E. H. Grossnickle, PT, MS MPTA Assistant Editor: Ann Fox, PT, CT-LANA MPTA Lobbyists: Terry Vanderveen & Bret Marr MI Representative to the PTA Caucas Debbie Ludwiczak, PTA, BBA Chief Delegate Christopher Wilson, PT, DPT, GCS Speaker of the Membership Meeting Susan Talley, PT, DPT, MA Federal Affairs Liaison Craig Miller, PT


1390 Eisenhower Place Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 Phone: (734) 929-6075 or (800) 242-8131 Fax: (734) 677-2407 E-mail: Web site: • Winter 2011 n 3

PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE – CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 • The MPTA asked the State of Michigan to notify all PTAs with a limited license in writing that they must apply for their full license, it will not automatically convert. • The State of Michigan did send out those written notifications. Happily the State did experience an increase in the number of PTAs applying for their full license. • All limited licenses expire on 12/31/11; you will need a full license to practice as a PTA beginning 1/1/12. • Details are available via a link from the MPTA website at or go directly to and locate the Physical Therapy home page. MPTA continues to liaison with health insurance companies on behalf of all our members MPTA continues to ask for data and work with BCBSM to validate some of the assumptions that BCBSM makes regarding intensity of PT services needed by diagnosis. • Data driven patient care with documented clinical outcomes is defendable. • The current BCBSM requirements for PTA supervision state that the physical therapist must provide direct supervision (be physically present on site when the physical therapy care is provided). • This is more restrictive than the current MI Public Health Code which allows for general supervision (must be available by telecommunication, but does not have to be physically on site).

• At MPTA’s request, BCBSM did agree to review their policies with the intent to have their supervision requirements match the MI Public Health Code. While this process will take time, MPTA is pleased that BCBSM agreed with MPTA’s recommendation. MPTA continues working with other health insurance companies as well. MPTA is confident that maintaining relationships with health insurers in our state keeps communication open, allows our concerns to be heard, has impacted positively on insurance company provider policies and does support our profession. Admittedly, this is a most time consuming and frustrating process. Our goals are opposite. Insurance companies are in business to make money. Physical therapists are in business to provide quality care and get a reasonable reimbursement for that care. MPTA will continue to “fight the good fight”. See Reimbursement Director (#4) Gina Otterbein’s report for full details, on page 8. MPTA needs to have as many citizens as possible tell their legislators to Say YES to Direct Consumer Access and SUPPORT HB 4603. The critical time is NOW - please have your patients, family and friends go to, click on the Consumer link on the home page and email their legislators!

CALL FOR ARTICLES MPTA welcomes news, comments and other contributions for publication from members. The next edition of Michigan Physical Therapy Shorelines will be the spring issue and the deadline for articles is January 9, 2012. MPTA members are encouraged to submit articles by following these simple rules: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Topics should be of interest and/or assistance to physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. Submit articles to the MPTA office via email to Please title it by subject or author name. Quotations and references must be properly identified. A bibliography should be identified as appropriate. Include the name of the author with, address and brief biography. The editor & MPTA staff reserve the right to accept, reject, or edit all materials for grammar, spelling and legibility. If after editing the content or thrust of the article appears to have been substantially altered, the author will be consulted before publication. n

4 n Winter 2011 •

DIRECTOR NEWS DIRECTOR #2 Submitted by Cameron Williams, PT, DPT, MS – MPTA Director #2


Membership numbers as of October 26, 2011 are as follows: PT Members: 1,847, PTA Members: 339, Student Members: 742, and Total Members: 2,928. This is an increase of 167 members since the last issue of Shorelines. All membership categories experienced an increase with the exception of the PTA category. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT The PT Administrative Rules for Continuing Professional Development Requirements (CPDs) continue to be developed at the state level and the MPTA continues to keep abreast of this issue. On October 18, 2011 the PT Board (often referred to as the PT Licensing Board) met. It is my understanding that the PT Administrative Rules for continuing professional development (CPD) were not acted on and must go through another committee on regulations at the state level. There is no time-frame for this, but it is hoped that the PT Administrative Rules for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) will be voted on at the next State Board of Physical Therapy meeting on January 17, 2012. The MPTA will keep apprised of the process and respond accordingly.

DIRECTOR #3 Submitted by Karin Crute, PT – MPTA Director #3 and Conference Committee Chair

Our profession continues to move forward. As we move into the end of 2011, I look back at the events we sponsored this year at the state level. Our Spring Event, which is coordinated with the Student Conclave, took place at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing and hosted the first of a series on Reimbursement, Crucial Conversations, as well as Pilates and Yoga information. Our two day Fall Conference was situated in Grand Rapids at the Amway Grand Plaza and boasted not only great educational opportunities, networking opportunities and fun events but also was situated in the middle of ArtPrize, an international art competition. So I continue to ask the question, “Where do we go from here?” The obvious answer to that is we will be in East Lansing in the Spring on March 24, 2012 and we will be on Mackinac Island in the Fall

2012. But the not so obvious answer is looking at the future of our Conferences at the State level. With change to our profession in all areas ( for example, state mandated professional development units for our licenses and continued legislative efforts), our Spring and Fall Conferences continue an avenue to provide the membership with the latest information that will affect their careers, an opportunity to meet with the leadership of their organization and of course, education. The Conference Committee continues looking at opportunities to provide our membership with new avenues for CPDs at the conference, bring new and fun events to the activity roster and creating more time for the membership to interact with the leaders. We have begun to explore the opportunities we have has an Association to take education to the next level by combining the resources of the districts with the resources of the state to create an education plan for our membership and profession. I am very excited to look to the future. Finally, I would like to thank the Conference Committee, for stepping up to the task of planning and organizing conferences that are hosting 250- 400 attendees. The Committee is constantly looking for dynamic and informative topics and speakers, new vendors and different events to make our conferences an exciting place for the membership to be. The Conference Committee includes Shannon Kleinert, Melanie Kapa, Carleigh Jarvis, Annette Nickel, Michelle Ramirez and Jamie Duley.

DIRECTOR #5 Submitted by J. Tim Zipple, DScPT, OCS, FAAOMPT – MPTA Director #5 and Laura LoVasco, PT, MPT, GCS – MPTA Liaison to the Student Relations Committee

The Student Relations Committee (SRC) held its annual ‘Meet and Greet’ event on September 18th in Lansing at the Ingham Medical Regional Center in the educational conference center. There were students from most of the Michigan DPT Programs and a few PTA students from Henry Ford Community College. The students networked, played competitive games and ate subs from Subway. A good time was had by all. There were several BOD members available to the students during the event to answer questions and provide mentorship. There was a follow-up meeting on September 30th at the MPTA Fall Conference to continued on page 6 • Winter 2011 n 5

DIRECTOR NEWS discuss feasibility of the Service Learning Project for the coming years. The Students unanimously voted in favor of retaining the Student Conclave as a yearly event coupled with the Spring Conference. They have placed the Service Learning Project on the backburner for now and will revisit the idea again at the Spring Conference. Planning for the Student Conclave is underway and any students who are not serving on the SRC are welcome to join and have a say in their educational opportunities at the 2013 Student Conclave. There has been a recent request by Daniel Stam of Andrews University to solicit participation in the APTA National Representative Program as a Michigan Student Assemby Core Ambassador. Any SPT wishing to become involved can contact Dan at There was a meeting in Okemos for the PT-AAAC (DPT Program Directors) on October 20th where the faculty met to discuss continuance of the MPTA Student of the Year Awards, Michigan Deans of Health Professions meetings, the Educational Leadership Conference, the Michigan Student Conclave events and get feedback on the National Physical Therapy Examination formatting. In regards to the Outstanding Student Award, the faculty decided to retain the current system of sending nominations to Wayne Perry at Andrews University. The Program Administrators would like to enhance the awards for the students with a gift and free dinner for the student and a guest at the Fall Conference. The program directors also briefly outlined the application processes for their respective schools and how the PTCAS (centralized application system) was working out. Grand Valley State University will be joining that system next year. Several schools have taken advantage of the application first-choice lockout system where students commit to a single university and once accepted commit to that institution. So far, there is enthusiasm for that system in securing top-notch students for the coming year. There was a brief PTA-AAAC (PTA Program Directors) meeting following the keynote address at the MPTA Fall Conference. Plans are being made to rotate the sites for examination preparation courses at several institutions. Please contact the PTA Program Administrators at your schools to find out when the next examination preparation course is offered.

DIRECTOR #6 Submitted by Michelle Ramirez, PT, DPT, BS MPTA Director #6, Public Relations Chair and Eastern District Chair


Thank you for participating by celebrating PT month: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many PT professionals that attended the MPTA Fall Conference 2011! 2011 was truly an exciting year as the number of Brand Champions in Michigan has continued to grow and the effort to educate our colleagues, patients and medical providers about the unique Physical Therapy brand and utilization of our services becomes standardized. Living in Michigan, “On Brand” by using New Tools and Resources: Now that APTA is embarking on the next phases of the physical therapist branda roll out to other health care practitioners and consumers- it is crucial that all PTs consistently deliver on the brand promise: “Physical therapists help you restore and improve motion to achieve longterm quality of life.” There are a number of free, member-only tools and resources are available on • Free Web site templates. If you’re planning to update or revamp your Web site, then these templates will help you professionally reflect the brand. There is one template for chapters, one for sections, and two options for members. • Free, downloadable and customizable brochure that explains, in brand language, who physical therapists are and what they do. • Free print advertisements. These customizable print ads will help you take the brand message to your local publications. They are available in color or black and white and can be easily downloaded. • Brand training webinar. This webinar provides a fresh perspective on the brand, speaking to the importance of member involvement and what a physical therapist can do to get involved and “become” the brand. continued on page 13

6 n Winter 2011 •

Congratulations to Nancy E. for winning an iPad2. Thank you to all the conference attendees that visited our table at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital for the ArtPrize® event.

Upcoming Continuing Education Events for PTs and PTAs Current Concepts of the Knee Applied to the Clinical Setting

University of St. Augustine: Advanced Manipulation Including Thrust of the Spine & Extremities

Date: Presenter: Location:

February 24 and 25, 2012 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dr. Tara Jo Manal Spectrum Health Meijer Heart Center, Grand Rapids, MI Registration: or 616.531.0464 Please register by Friday, January 27 Cost: $325

June 22 to 24, 2012 Grand Valley State University Health Professions Building, Grand Rapids, MI Sponsored by Spectrum Health Registration: Prerequisite: Manual Therapy Certification Cost: $775

Institute of Physical Art: Back Education & Training

Institute of Physical Art: PNF I: The Functional Approach to Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Date: Location:

April 13 to 15, 2012 Grand Valley State University Health Professions Building, Grand Rapids, MI Sponsored by Spectrum Health Registration: Cost: $550

MPF - Male Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment Date: Location:

April 21 to 22, 2012 Spectrum Health Meijer Heart Center, Grand Rapids, MI Registration: Cost: $575 (Early registrant price of $550, one month before course start date)

Date: Location:

Date: Location:

August 24 to 26, 2012 Grand Valley State University Health Professions Building, Grand Rapids, MI Sponsored by Spectrum Health Registration: Cost: $660 For more information, visit our website: • Winter 2011 n 7

MPTA COMMITTEE NEWS PTA-SIG Submitted by Debra Ludwiczak, PTA, BBA – MPTA PTA Caucus Representative

Summer has come and gone and once again winter is lurking around the corner. I would like to thank everyone that attended the Fall Conference. There were several exciting continuing education classes. Don’t forget to save all of your documentation from the classes you attended for renewing your license. Hopefully within the year, we will know how many CPD units will be required for re-licensure. If anyone has questions concerning licensing you may go to the MPTA website See also page 5, Director #2. I want to inform all of you that I have been re-elected as your PTA Caucus Representative for my third and final term. I thank all of you that took the time to vote. It is very important to stay active with the PT profession. There is a proximally 3,500 licensed PTA’s, 319 are APTA members and only 14 PTA’s voted in this year’s election. My goal this year is to encourage more PTA’s to get involved on the chapter level. I also need your help with encouraging your co-workers of the benefits of being an APTA member. I know the economy has taken a toll with our pockets books, but the benefits out weigh the cost. Other goals include incorporating a PTA liaison in every District and re-starting the PTA-SIG. This is the best way to stay informed concerning PTA issues. I do need help from all of you to make this possible. If you’re interested or know someone that would like to volunteer, you may contact me or the MPTA office, Enjoy the holidays and hope to hear from you soon. Don’t forget to check online for the dates of upcoming District meetings.

REIMBURSEMENT COMMITTEE Submitted by Gina Otterbein, PT - MPTA Director #4, Reimbursement Committee Chair

The MPTA Reimbursement Committee communicates / meets with health insurance companies on a regular basis to represent the concerns of all MPTA members. This update presents recent information that MPTA members may find useful. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) has implemented a single peer mean effective 7/1/11 for the BCBSM Landmark Use Management program for IPT

8 n Winter 2011 •

and OPT providers. IPT and OPT BCBSM providers should have received a correspondence from BCBSM/ Landmark regarding the Use Management Changes in September/October. MPTA continues to work with BCBSM and was satisfied with the final BCBSM implement methodology which re-aggregated episodes of care that were previously split among providers, which would positively impact IPT providers whether or not the single peer mean occurred. However, MPTA requested to delay the single peer mean of IPT and OPT claims data to give MPTA and providers time to assess variances that may impact PT providers. Despite our request, BCBSM has implemented this merging of data. Based on information from the MPTA’s October 19, 2011 liaison meeting with BCBSM it was noted that 135 providers are categorized as C providers with 79 IPT and 56 OPT providers. Another significant change that was implemented, but may not be noted in the recent BCBSM/ Landmark correspondence to providers is the lowering of the category C threshold from 125% of category to 120% of category A. In the October 19 meeting, BCBSM reported that the threshold percentage may be modified at the determination of BCBSM based on the number of providers in each category. The MPTA encourages all providers to proactively review your BCBSM Landmark Use Management data to understand how these changes may impact your practice. Finally, effective March 1, 2012 as part of BCBSM change to align with national coding guidelines, hot or cold packs will be considered bundled into the fee paid for other services. See the November, 2011 BCBSM Record for details. BLUE CARE NETWORK (BCN) UPDATE

MPTA Reimbursement Committee members attended a BCN liaison meeting on Oct 25. Significant discussion centered on the Landmark Use Management program. BCN requested attendees meet with Landmark to address the concerns and burden of the BCN Landmark Use Management program. If you have specific examples of a BCN subscriber being denied physical therapy visits deemed medically necessary by the treating PT & referring physician, please email that information to the MPTA. This will assist the MPTA Reimbursement Committee at our next BCN meeting.

MPTA COMMITTEE NEWS MPTA SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP FOR CLINICAL EDUCATION (SIGCE) Submitted by Stephen Pedley, PT - MPTA Special Interest Group for Clinical Education (SIGCE)


The Cindy Kincaid Outstanding Clinical Instructor Award was developed by the MPTA Special Interest Group for Clinical Education (SIGCE) to recognize individuals who demonstrate exceptional skills in teaching, communication, interpersonal relations and professional practice, thus serving as models for PT and PTA students. Nominations for this award are made by PT and PTA students during the final year of their educational program. Twelve clinical instructors were nominated for the award this year. All of these individuals deserve recognition for the contribution they have made to our profession through their commitment to excellent clinical education experiences. The nominees in alphabetical order were: Todd Bailey, Ryan Bean, Deborah Clark, Erik Demeulemeester, Linda Erickson, Richard Fruitman, Kristina Greathouse, Kim Huck, Lisa Owiesny, Tari Pethick, Mark Stansberry, and Chinmay Zinzavadia. The 2011 SIGCE Outstanding CI Award Committee selected Ryan Bean and Deborah Clark to receive the award. Ryan is a physical therapist at Nova Care Rehabilitation in Clarkston and was nominated by Manda Ma and Katie Temple from the University of Michigan-Flint. Ryan was recognized for the positive learning environment he provided to the students. He demonstrated a passion for patient care and teaching. He used a variety of creative teaching techniques to facilitate the students learning process. He balanced positive comments and constructive feedback throughout the clinical rotation. He demonstrated the use of evidence based practice in his clinical decision making and even set up a “Journal Club” with one of the students. Deborah is a physical therapist assistant at Total Rehabilitation and Athletic Conditioning Center in Novi and was nominated by Barbara Breslin from Henry Ford Community College. Deborah was nominated for the encouraging and positive learning environment she provided to her student. She took the time to implement a learning environment to ensure student success. Each day Deborah gave words of encouragement to her student

in the form of a famous quote which helped to start the day with a positive mind-set. She was professional in her interactions with patients and her co-workers. She demonstrated that she was part of a team whose purpose was to provide excellent care for their patients. Please extend congratulations to Ryan, Deborah, and all the CI award nominees. These nominees are all exemplary engaged professionals that are guiding the development of the new physical therapy practitioners in our community. See pages 20-21 for full 2011 MPTA Awards listing and photos.

STUDENT RELATIONS COMMITTEE Submitted by Katy Bigsby, SPT and Nancy Boyd, SPT – MPTA SRC Co-Secretaries

On September 18, the student relations committee held the 2011 Student Meet and Greet in Lansing. The event was a success with many attendees learning ways to get involved with their professional organization and making valuable contacts. The event was not all business; of course we had to save time for some socializing and a bit of competitive fun! Additional opportunities for student fellowship and education are in the planning process. The SRC is currently planning a service learning opportunity for students throughout Michigan; more details to follow. The SRC, along with the help of the MPTA, is busy planning for the upcoming Student Conclave on March 23rd in East Lansing. This year’s theme is “Transcending Traditional Boundaries”. Last year, the Student Conclave was a huge success, with the largest attendance of any student conclave in the nation. The SRC hopes you’ll join us for this amazing event to make it every bit as exciting and successful as last year! Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. See pages 11-12 for more information.

2012 MPTA SPRING EVENTS MPTA Student Conclave Friday, March 23, 2012 MPTA Spring Conference Saturday, March 24, 2012 • Winter 2011 n 9

no better

place to

No weekend hours. Embrace work / life balance.

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TheraMatrix 07.26.11



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Join Us in East Lansing for Two Exciting Back to Back Events! Network,




Event #1




Event #2

2012 MPTA Student Conclave

2012 MPTA Spring Conference

The MPTA Student Conclave is designed to help students explore the possibilities for their future. The MPTA Student Conclave is organized by the MPTA Student Relations Committee, a studentrun committee consisting of PT and PTA students. Information can be found at

This is the conference to attend if you want to be informed on Physical Therapy in Michigan!

Friday, March 23, 2012

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? All PT and PTA students in Michigan are invited to attend this program. If you are interested in attending as an exhibitor or sponsor please contact the MPTA Office at HIGHLIGHTS WILL INCLUDE: • MPTA Involvement after Graduation • Physical Therapy Assessment of the Dizzy Patient: What You Need to Know. • Building for a Better Tomorrow – Universal Design & Home Modification • Acupuncture for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine • Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging • Aaron Schiedies will talk about his experiences as physical therapist and triathlete who is legally blind. Morning and afternoon resume critique and mock job interviews. EXHIBIT HALL: Networking Opportunities with fellow MPTA members and the vendors, who will be displaying their products and offering employment opportunities.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? PTs, PTAs, Students and non-members are welcome who want to keep informed of all issues impacting Physical Therapy in the State of Michigan. HIGHLIGHTS WILL INCLUDE: • The Latest in Legislative News • The Latest in Reimbursement Issues • Upcoming Changes in the Workplace for PTs & PTAs in Michigan • Networking Opportunities with fellow MPTA members and the vendors who will be displaying their products and employment opportunities. • Featured Educational Programming • Pharmacology for Real World Physical Therapy (C. Pfalzer) • Integrating Cancer Survivorship and Rehabilitation Across the Continuum of Care (J Seidell) • Using the Natural Environment as a Modality in Physical Therapy: Community Integration (S Mandley) • Managing Pain *CPD points for educational sessions

Join us at The Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center 55 South Harrison Road, East Lansing, MI 48824

Call 800.875.5090 and mention MPTA for Discounted overnight accommodations. Register online at Early registration pricing ends Monday, February 27, 2012 • Winter 2011 n 11

2012 MPTA Student Conclave & Spring Conference Registration Form MPTA Student Conclave: Friday, March 23 MPTA Spring Conference: Saturday, March 24

Registrant Information:

I am a (select all that apply): q Member q Non-member q PT q PTA q Student q Volunteer q Other: ____________ First Name:________________________________________ Last Name:________________________________________ Designation:_______________________________________ Company or School:_________________________________ Company Street Address:____________________________ Company City/State/Zip:_____________________________ Home Street Address:_______________________________ Home City/State/Zip:________________________________ Home phone:______________________________________ Email address:_____________________________________ All confirmations are sent by email unless otherwise requested.

q I will need assistance for a physical handicap: _________________________________________________ q I have special dietary food requirements: _________________________________________________

Payment Information:

Payment Type: q Visa q MasterCard q Check: #_______ Card #: ___________________________________________ Exp date: _______________ CVV Code:_________________ Name on Credit Card:_______________________________ Billing Address:_____________________________________ Billing City/State/Zip:________________________________

Registration Options:

You may register for both days or plan to attend only one day. You may register by fax, mail or on-line at Early Bird Registration discounts end on Monday, February 27, 2012. Registration forms must be received by the MPTA office by end of day Monday, March 19, 2012. #1 MPTA Student Conclave (Fri., March 23): q Member Student - $25 (after 2/27/2012 fee is $30) q Member PT/PTA - $35 (after 2/27/2012 fee is $50) q Non-Member Student - $35 (after 2/27/2012 fee is $40) q Non-Member PT/PTA - $45 (after 2/27/2012 fee is $60) q Life Member - FREE Would you be interested in the Mock Interviews and Resume Critiquing? q Yes q No #2 MPTA Spring Conference (Sat., March 24): q Member* - $40 (after 2/27/2012 fee is $60) q Student Members* - $15 (after 2/27/2012 fee is $25) q Non-Member** - $75 (after 2/27/2012 fee is $100) q Life Member - FREE *includes PTs, PTAs. ** includes PTs, PTAs, Students and Others

Please register for the breakouts you plan on attending: Breakout #1 (please select one): q Pharmacology for Real World Physical Therapy (C. Pfalzer) q Integrating Cancer Survivorship and Rehabilitation Across the Continuum of Care (J Seidell) Breakout #2 (please select one): q Pharmacology for Real World Physical Therapy (C. Pfalzer) q Using the Natural Environment as a Modality in Physical Therapy: Community Integration (S Mandley) q Managing Pain

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12 n Winter 2011 •

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DIRECTOR NEWS • PowerPoint presentation for Brand Champions. This presentation teaches the basics of branding and emphasizes the importance of learning and living the brand consistently. • Downloadable Logos and Banner Ads. Logos and ready-to-use web ads are an easy way to raise awareness and direct consumers to the site to learn more about whom physical therapists are and what they do.

2012 will be an exciting year as MPTA membership continues to grow in number and more members use the tools available. This will strengthen the profession and allow us to effectively take the new physical therapist brand directly to health care professionals and consumers. Remember, a brand is only as strong as those who live it every day and in everything they do.

brand-building efforts across our membership. As the primary advocate and caretaker of our brand, the Brand Champions are responsible for helping our colleagues understand key components of the brand, and how to “deliver.” New York and Oregon are the only 2 states that surpass Michigan in numbers of Brand Champions. Become a Brand Champion today and help serve the public relations efforts of the ATPA and MPTA. The MPTA is developing new web pages and many of the Districts are already participating in Facebook. APTA has an active presence on several social media platforms. Including:

Michigan has also continued to grow the Brand Champion program with 6 additional Brand Champion’s joining the team. Because our brand affects everything we do, it is essential that we rely on Brand Champions to serve as the leaders of our • Winter 2011 n 13

H H H MPTA 2011 Election Results H H H Submitted by Geri Connor, PT, MS – MPTA Nominating Committee Chair

The ballots have been cast, counted and verified. One hundred twenty six ballots were received; this represents 6% of the voting membership of the MPTA. The following are the officers who will hold terms from January 1, 2012 until December 31, 2013. The number in parentheses indicates the percentage of votes the individual received. The * indicates the newly elected. Secretary: *Holly Lookabaugh-Deur (89%) Treasurer: *Edward Mathis (87%) Chief Delegate: Chris Wilson (89%) Director # 1: No candidates, MPTA Board of Directors to fill vacancy Director # 3: Karin Crute (86%) Director # 5: J Tim Zipple (85%) PTA Caucus Representative: Debbie Ludwiczak (81%) Delegates: David Perry (75%), Kirk Randall (63%), Lucinda Pfalzer (53%), Cameron Williams (53%) Alternate delegate Teresa Stayer (47%) Nominating Committee Eastern District: No candidates

Nominating Committee Upper Peninsula District: No candidates Nominating Committee Member at Large: No candidates Per MPTA Bylaw, the Board of Directors will fill the following positions by appointment: Director #1, Nominating Committee Eastern District; Nominating Committee Upper Peninsula District; Nominating Committee Member at Large. The appointment will be for 1 year and each of these positions will be open to nomination next election cycle to complete the last year of the term. The position Director #1 will be appointed to serve the full two year term. Congratulations to the newly elected members. Thank you to all who consented to serve. Nomination forms will be available for the 2012 election in late spring. The following positions will be on the ballot: President; Vice President, Director #2, Director # 4, Director # 6, Speaker of the Membership, Nominating Committee Western District, Nominating Committee Northeastern District, and 4 Delegates. Questions, concerns, or suggestions are welcome. Contact Geri Connor at

Michigan Physical Therapy Association is seeking CE Reviewers 10- 20 Reviewers needed to handle incoming applications for Michigan CE Courses Part time – Independent Contractor Paid Position


• Must be able to spend at least 10 hours a year reviewing applications. • Must be able to respond to applicant questions on substantive issues within 6 business days via phone and e-mail. (Reviewer initiates the correspondence.) May alert the office on vacation periods. • Must respond to questions from the Chapter office staff within 4 days via phone and e-mail. • Prior experience in continuing education and peer review, such as CE reviewer and presenter, peer reviewer for journals or grants, and experience in research, education or accreditation. Or, attend CE reviewer orientation and training at MPTA state conference. Send resume/CV to Marcy • At least 2 years broad based clinical experience and the ability to communicate Dwyer, MPTA Executive across all practice settings and disciplines is desired. Director, MPTA Office, • Current license holder as a PT in Michigan. 1390 Eisenhower Place, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 or email This will not be an MPTA staff position, but an independent contract position. Contact Individual will be paid on an application basis of $75 -$100 per application. All the MPTA office at (734) applicants must provide a complete resume/CV to the MPTA office for approval by 929-6075 with any questions. the MPTA CE Reviewer committee.

14 n Winter 2011 •

If you don’t want to keep up with the latest evidence, then EIM isn’t for you.

Get EIM’s new app, EIM PT Mobile!

EIM educational opportunities are taught by faculty who are leaders in education, research and practice & incorporate the latest evidence-based practices. Orthopaedic & Sport Residencies Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship Transition DPT in Musculoskeletal Management Executive Program in Private Practice Management with optional tDPT Certification Tracks Continuing Education

1-888-709-7096 • Winter 2011 n 15

2011 MPTA Fall Conference FALL CONFERENCE RECAP The Michigan Physical Therapy Association held the 2011 Fall Conference at the Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids on Friday and Saturday, September 30-October 1, 2011. The event was attended by over 400 people who helped to make the Conference a success and were able to enjoy the beautiful fall weekend and activities! Many thanks to Karin Crute, MPTA Director #3 and Conference Committee Chair who worked very hard to plan such an excellent program to provide the best opportunities for networking, research presentations, continuing education, updates in legislative and reimbursement issues for the MPTA Members and the Physical Therapy Profession. Thank you, Karin and the entire Conference Committee!

Highlights from this year included the Poster Presentations, Platform Presentations, sessions with Evidence Based Practice information, and educational sessions covering: • A Collaborative Approach: Clinical Presentation /exam of athletes with intraarticular hip pathology • Orthotics • Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging in Physical Therapy • Physical Therapy Treatment Strategies for Parkinson’s Disease including the LSVT BIG Protocol • Safe Patient Handling • Managing and Tracking Reimbursement • Identifying the Lumbar Spine Dysfunction Acting as a Causative Agent for Lower Quadrant Injuries

Poster presenters had a chance to discuss their research with other attendees.

The Exhibit Hall offered a wide mix of vendors.

Exhibitors and attendees had time to mingle and network in the Exhibit Hall.

Attendees had the opportunity to experience a wide range of educational sessions.

Representatives from Andrews University are honored for winning the College PAC Wars – Congratulations Andrews University!

The Awards Dinner was well attended and was a great way to honor this year’s recipients – Congratulations to everyone!

16 n Winter 2011 •


When asked “what was the best part of the program?” surveyed attendees made the following responses: • I really liked the educational sessions. The speakers were really knowledgeable. I always enjoy the membership meeting and the networking with other PTs.

• I think that having some of the evidence based presentations, based on latest or current research, is a good model to follow for the future.

•T  he Exhibit Hall, meal, networking, and educational opportunities. Loved the location and timing with ArtPrize.

• The presenters had great topics this year; volunteers were helpful for hotel navigation; meeting went smooth; overall terrific atmosphere!

•Having it in conjunction with ArtPrize was a real bonus.

President, Jake Jakubiak Kovacek kicked off the co-presented Inez Peacock Keynote on the History of Physical Therapy

Jamie Duley and Margaret Arnold demonstrate Safe Patient Handling with a volunteer

Margaret Arnold demonstrates Safe Patient Handling with a volunteer

THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS AND EXHIBITORS MPTA DISTINGUISHED SPONSORS Spectrum Health Continuing Care - Title Sponsor Therapy Staff - Title Sponsor Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers - Give Away Sponsor MPTA EXHIBITORS

Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers Advanced Medical Agility Health Allegiance Health APTA Acute Care Section Borgess Health Cardon Rehabilitation & Medical Equipment Ltd Concept Rehab Convatec Detroit Medical Center Encore Rehabilitation Services FirstCare Consulting

Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers - Program Sponsor HCR ManorCare - Program Sponsor

Gentiva Health Services HCR ManorCare Henry Ford Health System Hope Network Logtek USA Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Michigan Health and Rehabilitation Services / Home Services of Michigan MidMichigan Health Otsego Memorial Hospital Physiotherapy Associates PT Services Rehabilitation, Inc PT Solutions Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers

RecoverCare Rehab Without Walls REHABCARE Residential Home Health Spectrum Health Continuing Care St. John Providence Health System State of Michigan Licensing Board Supplemental Healthcare Therapy Staff TherFit Enterprises, LLC University of Indianapolis University of Michigan - Flint • Winter 2011 n 17




The Michigan Physical Therapy Institute presents annual scholarships, research grants, and awards to promote and encourage research and the advancement of the physical therapy profession in Michigan.




Scholarship (awarded to PT students in their final year) is made possible by the Filippis Family Foundation who for many years has been strong supporters of physical therapy in Michigan. The awards were presented by Martha Schiller, PT, DPT, MSA, Institute Trustee and Cindy Kincaid, PT, Institute Trustee. • Grand Valley State University, Katherine Botting, SPT • Oakland University, Alyssa Mikulec, SPT • University of Michigan - Flint, Anne Bodnar, SPT • Wayne State University, Andrea Konja, SPT THE MABEL E. HOLTON AWARD is presented to honor

scholarly work by MPTA members. This award is named to honor the 1st MPTA President. Honoree: Allon Goldberg, PT, PhD.

THE RICHARD E. DARNELL RESEARCH AWARD is presented for significant

contributions to research and is named to honor Richard E. Darnell, an MPTA member who had a life long committment to research. The 2010 Honoree Allon Goldberg, PT, PhD (left center) and 2011 Honoree Tiziano Marovino, PT (right center). Presented by Martha Schiller, PT, DPT, MSA, Institute Trustee (left) and Cindy Kincaid, PT, Institute Trustee(right).

18 n Winter 2011 •

MINIMAL DETECTABLE CHANGE IN MAXIMUM STEP LENGTH, GAIT SPEED, AND FIVE TIMES SIT TO STAND IN PEOPLE WITH STROKE­­— Pardo V, Knuth D, McDermott B, Powell J, Goldberg A; Wayne State University, Detroit, MI THE EFFECT OF EXTENDED HEAD POSITION ON POSTURAL SWAY IN YOUNG ADULTS­— Pociask, F, Goldberg, A, Khan, F, Naqvi, M, Palanjian, N; 1-Department of Healthcare Sciences, Program in Physical Therapy, Mobility Research Laboratory, and 2-Institute of Gerontology, Wayne State University


LEMG AND GAIT KINEMATIC OUTCOMES POST ACETABULAR FRACTURE INTERNAL FIXATION: SINGLE CASE STUDY — Dunleavy K, Moed B, McNevin N, Physical Therapy Program, Wayne State University; Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Braza Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory


leader who has been a tireless advocate for Physical Therapy. It was presented to Susan Ann Talley, PT, DPT, C/NDT, in appreciation and recognition of the outstanding contributions made to the profession of Physical Therapy and for her dedicated service to the District, State and National Physical Therapy Association Components.

MPTA SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP FOR CLINICAL EDUCATION AWARDS The Norene Clouten Outstanding Center Coordinator Award went to Chris Wilson, PT, DPT, GCS, (right) with Kirk Randall, PT, MS Presenter (left.

The Cindy Kincaid Outstanding Clinical Instructor Award went to Ryan Bean, PT and Deborah Clark, PTA with Martha Schiller, PT, DPT, MSA (left) and Cindy Kincaid (right).



Pete Loubert, PT, PhD - Treasurer

Karin Crute, PT – Director #3 – Conference

Mike Shoemaker, PT, DPT, GCS PhD (c) - Director #1 Legislation

J. Tim Zipple, PT, DScPT,OCS, FAAOMPT Director #5 – Students/ Academic Programs

Not Pictured - Carrie Miller, PTA – Secretary


Andrews University, Adrienne Green, SPT presented by Wayne Perry, PT, MBA, PhD. Central Michigan University, Leann Koski, SPT presented by J. Tim Zipple, PT, DScPT, OCS, FAAOMPT. Grand Valley State University, Anna Semelbauer, SPT presented by John Peck, PT, PhD. Oakland University, Danica Michel, SPT presented by Kris Thompson, PT, PhD. Wayne State University, D’Andra Heilman, SPT presented by Sue Talley, PT, DPT, C/NDT.

Edward Mathis, PT, MPTA - Upper Peninsula District

Michelle Ramirez, PT, DPT, BS Eastern District

University of Michigan Flint, Stephanie Ziegler, SPT not present at the awards program. GOLD AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING CONFERENCE/ MEETING TO THE MPTA STUDENT CONCLAVE

Dan Vaughn, PT, PhD - Western District

Chris Wilson, PT, DPT, GCS - Chief Delegate

Not Pictured - Ed Orloff, PT, DPT, CSCS, Cert. MDT - Federal Affairs Liaison

MPTA PRESIDENT’S AWARD Michael Shoemaker, PT, DPT, GCS, PhD (c) received the PMTA’s President’s Award. An MPTA Leader who demonstrates Exceptional Commitment, Superior Leadership and Tireless Advocacy on behalf of our patients, profession and association.

MPTA won an award from the Michigan Society of Association Executives Gold Award for Meetings/ Conferences to the MPTA Student Conclave in 2011 for the category of best conference in the State of Michigan for 2011. Congratulations to Laura LoVasco, SRC Board Liaison, Emily Woolsey, SPT, Former Co-Chair, and Cali Carpenter, SPT, Former CoChair and the entire Student Relations Committee!

Laura LoVasco, PT, MPT, GCS-MPTA Liaison to the SRC (left) and Rachel Hilla-Mason, CMPMPTA Membership/ Project Manager accepted the award on behalf of the SRC. • Winter 2011 n 19



To get the latest in District News see the MPTA Website at Baraga


Submitted By Michelle Ramirez, PT, DPT, BS – MPTA Alger Director #6, Public Relations Committee Chair and Schoolcraft Eastern District Chair


Delta to close out another The Eastern District is getting ready great year! We were able to again accomplish all our goals and presented the Road Show to more than two hundred student Physical Therapy Professionals and practicing Physical Therapy Professionals in the Eastern District. Menominee The April meeting was held at Wayne State University with more than 70 in attendance. Thank you to Kim Dunleavy for presenting on the topic of Pilates. The membership meeting included an update on the 2011 House of Delegates.

NORTHEASTERN DISTRICT Luce Submitted by Suzanne Perkins, PT, DPT – MPTA Chippewa Northeastern District Chair


The Northeastern District had a great year and we look forward to 2012. Meetings will begin at 7pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the below months. As has occurred in the past, the District will also rotate meetings throughout the boundaries of the District. Tentative meeting dates are as follows:


January 17th, March 20th, and May 15th.


Contact me with any questions via email,Isle Presque


Our September meeting was at Excel Rehabilitation in Otsego MontAntrim DISTRICT morency Alpena Waterford and we had great attendance with nearly 30 WESTERN Oakland University Students in the crowd. Thank you Leelanau Submitted by Dan Vaughn, PT – MPTA Western District to Bob Budai for presenting on Kettlebell Training. The Chair presentation was enlightening and thought provoking to Grand Benzie Traverse Kalkaska Crawford OscodaBoardAlcona all those in attendance. On behalf of your Western District for 2010-2011, I’d like to extend our thanks for your support of District At this meeting, the Eastern District Elections were and Association activities for the past two years, during Ros- The culmination held. The results of the election were announced at Manistee Wexford Missaukee Iosco our tenure at the helm. of those two common Ogemaw our November membership meeting and can be found years was this past quarter when the District experienced online on the Eastern District webpage, two exceptional events in Grand Rapids. The first was > Districts > Eastern District. The Eastern District is Arenac the District meeting at Grand Valley State University seeking individuals who are interested in volunteering Mason Lake in Osceola Clarea fewGladwin September and weeks later we were pleased to for a position. host the MPTA Fall Conference at the Amway Grand Huron Hotel. Both of these events were, by all accounts, a huge Special thanks to Jake Jakubiak Kovacek, MPTA Bay made it to one or success! Thanks to many of you who President, for speaking to the attendees about Direct Oceana Mecosta Isabella Midland Newaygo both of these meetings. Consumer Access.


Our fall District meeting was the largest District meeting in the history of the MPTA, according to MPTA Montcalm Saginaw Sanilac GratiotKovacek! President, Jake Jakubiak The District hosted two of our State legislators at this event, Brandon Dillon Lapeer and Ken Yonker. Many of the legislators’Genesee constituents St. Clair Shiawere a partIonia of the audience that night and the overall Clinton Kent wassee attendance spoke volumes about the importance of Direct Oakland Macomb At this meeting, there was also further discussion of Consumer Access to those legislators. Both of these the PTA Licensure as well as a discussion about the gentlemen provided positive support for our legislative importance of supporting the MPTA Political Action Ingham persons were in Livingston attendance for this Allegan agenda. BarryOver 180 Eaton Committee (PAC). event, which also included President Jakubiak Kovacek and Peter Kovacek. The Kovaceks hosted one of our We are working hard on the 2012 calendar and we round tables for the evening, along with Sarah Carlson are looking for sites to host meetings and speakers Washtenaw Wayne Van and Dr. James Gaynor. Jackson Kalamazoo Calhoun to present on various topics. We are also seeking Buren individuals who want to assist us in future activities. At the MPTA Conference in Grand Rapids, our Western District fought off strong challenges from other Thank you for your continued support for the MPTA and St.districts MonroeThe the state Hillsdale to win (again!) the PAC Wars. Joseph inBranch Lenawee Cass Berrien the Eastern District. The District held a membership meeting at Washtenaw Community College on November 15th. Susan Harrington, PT, NCS and Todd Baily, PT, presented Muskegon on Treatment Based Classification for Low Back Pain within the Physical Therapy Continuum of Care: A Home Based Primary Care to Outpatient Rehabilitation. Ottawa

20 n Winter 2011 •



To get the latest in District News see the MPTA Website at Baraga

District hasMarquette held our place at the “head of the table” in these important fund raising events for several state Algerto many of you who in a row now. Thanks Iron conferences Schoolcraft have supported those important efforts on behalf of the MPTA legislative agenda.



webpage, > Districts > Western District. Luce We are very grateful to those who have offered to serve the District in Chippewa the next two years.

Mackinac It has been a great pleasure to serve the District over the

past four years, as your Chair and previous Vice-Chair. I look forward to working with the new leadership in making the transition to a new Board efficient. My special thanks to Brian Gilbert, Sarah Carlson, and Mark Kargela for their service to the Board during my tenure. Also, I’d like to thank Ann Fox, who helped make my transition to a position of Board leadership an easy Emmet process. Cheboygan

The District held its final meeting of the year at Hackley Hospital in Muskegon on November 22nd. Our speaker was Michele Weaver, DPT, from the Spectrum Health System in Grand Rapids. Michele spoke on “The Care of a Patient with a Spinal Cord Injury Throughout the Continuum.”Menominee Special thanks to Lisa Rose and her staff at Mercy Health Partners for hosting this event. Finally, the Western District has elected its new Board of Directors. Results can be found on the Western District’s

Presque Isle Charlevoix







The MPTA Fall Conference will Grand Kalkaska Crawford be September 21-22, 2012 onBenzie Traverse Mackinac Island, Michigan.



The early bird catches the ferry to Mackinaw Island and SAVES!RosAll whoOgemaw make theirIosco conference Manistee Wexford Missaukee common reservation by January 31, 2012 will receive up to four complimentary ferry tickets per room and special discounted registration saving 20% or more off the early registration prices. Arenac MPTA ANNUAL FALL CONFERENCE Mason Lake Osceola Clare Gladwin September 21-22, 2012, Mission Point Resort, Mackinac Island, Michigan Huron Special hotel rate of $119.00 for one/two double beds. Bay Kids under 12 staying with an adult eat free in the hotel’s four restaurants



Isabella Midland

Newaygofor both days with dinner awards ticket Special Full Day program for reservations made by January 31, 2012.


PT Member $100.00 ** PTA Member $70.00 ** Montcalm Student Member $45.00 ** Non-Member $225.00

Gratiot Register NOW & SAVE on

Muskegon JOIN US ON FRIDAY FOR • Research Presentations • Evidence Based Practice • Poster Presentations • Awards Dinner and Celebration JOIN US ON SATURDAY FOR • Full day of educational programming • MPTA membership meeting, • Legislative, Professional Development Requirements and Reimbursement Updates



Take Advantage of This Early Incentive and Save! Genesee JOIN US IN MAKE YOUR RESERVATION BYShiaJANUARY 31, 2012 AND MACKINAC FOR Ionia Clinton Kent Ottawa SAVE 20% OFF THE HOTEL wasseeGROUP RATE • A Family Vacation! AND CONFERENCE REGISTRATION! Oakland • Golf Hotel (single bed or two double beds) reservations • Bicycling made by January 31, 2012Ingham Livingston • Hiking Allegan Barry $95.20 per Eaton night + taxes and resort fees • Put-Put from February 1, 2012 to August 20, 2012 • Arcades $119.00 per night+ taxes and resort fees • Shopping Wayne To see more information visit make Washtenaw and • Fudge Van Jackson Kalamazoo Calhoun registration. your conference • And More! Buren


Sanilac St. Clair Macomb

To make your hotel reservation call Mission Pointe Resort (800) 833-7711 and identify yourself with the group code MPTA when making reservations. Special group rates are Monroe Branch St. Joseph Lenawee Hillsdale quoted for September 18, 20112 – September 24, 2012. • Winter 2011 n 21

Andrews University

Central Michigan University

This has been a season of change for our AUPT department. In July we welcomed Dr. Mioara Diaconu and Mr. Leslie Samuel to our faculty team.

As always, there has been a great deal of activity for the students and faculty of the Program in PT at CMU over the past few months. The following is a brief summary of some, though not all, of the “happenings.”

Submitted by Kim Coleman, PT

Dr. Mioara Diaconu became an Andrews University faculty member in the fall of 2007. She joined the Physical Therapy Department team as the Research Coordinator in July, 2011. Born in Romania, Dr. Diaconu has an undergraduate degree in Pastoral Theology from Romania (1998), a Master’s degree in Social Work (2002), and a Master of Science in Administration: Community and International Development (2004) from Andrews University. In 2008 Dr. Diaconu completed her doctoral studies, receiving a Ph.D. in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas. Dr. Diaconu has presented at national and international conferences and some of her research areas of interest are: health (HIV/AIDS) and mental health, forced and volunteer migration, emergency management, and sustainable community development, among others. Mr. Leslie Samuel, MS, also joined the AUPT team in July 2011 as the Foundation Sciences Coordinator. He holds an undergraduate (03’) and graduate (08’) degree in Biology and Neurobiology from Andrews University. Mr. Samuel taught science and math at Great Lakes Adventist Academy from 2006-2011. He has presented and published nationally in the area of physiology and neurobiology. Mr. Samuel has a passion for teaching and learning. In his spare time he designed, created and now maintains his own website,, “Making Biology Fun”. He desires to reach those who “hate” biology or just don’t understand and hopefully make a positive change in their thinking about biology and learning. He integrates technology into the classroom to enhance his teaching and the students learning. We are very excited to have Mr. Samuel join our faculty and look forward to the integration of technology to enhance our students learning experiences in the foundational sciences. AU PT department recently received more great news. The Andrews University Board has approved the formation of a School of Health Professions which will include five departments: Physical Therapy, Nursing, Nutrition and Wellness, Medical Laboratory Science, and Speech Language Pathology & Audiology. We are looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate better with each department and provide richer learning experiences for our students.

22 n Winter 2011 •

Submitted by Elizabeth Mostrom, PT, PhD

The fall semester kicked off for 46 third year students (Class of 2012) with our annual “Professional Transition and Recognition Ceremony.” This event is an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of our doctoral students during their first 2+ years in the program and wish them well as they move forward into their final internship year. Many family members and friends of the students were in attendance at the ceremony. This year we were extremely honored to welcome Dr. Ruth Purtilo, PT, PhD, FAPTA as our guest and keynote speaker for the ceremony. Many of you will recognize Dr. Purtilo’s name – she is an as an internationally known physical therapist, bioethicist, speaker and author and is a true leader and role model of professionalism. Her books Health Professional and Patient Interaction and Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions are widely adopted textbooks in many health professional educational programs. Currently Dr. Purtilo is Professor Emerita in Ethics at the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions. She has held numerous academic positions in Universities in the U.S. and Sweden including the University of Vermont, Creighton University, Yale University, and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, to name a few. Dr. Purtilo’s inspirational address urged students to develop their skills as healers by being fully attuned to the important relational aspects of their dayto-day work with the patients who seek our help but have much to teach us as humans and future professionals along the way. At the ceremony, our first annual Outstanding Alumni Award for the Physical Therapy Program was given to Linda Hall, PT, MS, DPT. Linda is a graduate of the inaugural PT class of 1997 at CMU and is currently a Clinical Specialist and Center Coordinator of Clinical Education at the Detroit Receiving Hospital in the Detroit Medical Center. Linda specializes in the acute care management of patients with burns, trauma, neurologic and medical/surgical conditions and has also been actively involved in clinical education for many years. She is currently serving as the Chair of the Detroit Area Clinical Educators Forum. Congratulations to Linda for a recognition well deserved! On another note, Dr. Hall has recently assumed a part-time faculty role at CMU and will be serving as our Southeast Regional Clinical Coordinator as of September 2011.

At the ceremony several scholarships and awards were also presented to students. The program’s “Professional Values Scholarship” is awarded to one deserving student who is selected by the faculty and their fellow students. This scholarship was established by Herm Triezenberg, PT, PhD and Elizabeth Mostrom, PT, PhD, to recognize a student in each class who most exemplifies the core values of the profession as described in the APTA Professionalism/Core Values document. This year, Brad Witte, SPT was selected as the recipient of this special recognition. In addition, LeAnn Koski, SPT was recognized as the MPTA Outstanding Student from CMU for 2011 and Nancy Boyd, SPT received a MidMichigan Health System Scholarship presented by Ann Dull, PT, from the MidMichigan Medical Center in Midland. Congratulations to all these deserving students! An especially exciting event for 10 of our students this year was the opportunity to attend the World Confederation of Physical Therapy Conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands this past June. The trip was offered as a study-abroad course developed and supervised by Dr. Elaine Betts, PT, PhD, FACSM. This conference takes place only once every 4 years and this year’s conference was one of the largest ever, hosting more than 5,000 physical therapists. At the conference, the students had the opportunity to attend numerous platform and poster presentations given by therapists from all over the world on a wide variety of topics. In addition, they were able to participate in social and cultural activities including a visit to the historic Rijksmuseum and a tour along the canals of Amsterdam. Finally, our PT Student Organization (PTSO) and numerous students have continued to be very active in a variety of fundraising and advocacy activities over the past few months including, but not limited to, a 5K/10K/Walk Run to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society-Michigan Chapter, the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, and our probono Hands for Health Clinic providing physical therapy services for members of the community who are uninsured or underinsured. Thanks to all the students who contribute their time and effort for these worthy causes.

Grand Valley State University Submitted by Bonni Kinne, PT, MSPT, MA

Grand Valley State University was very well-represented at the MPTA Annual Fall Conference. Faculty members Barbara Baker and Lisa Kenyon were invited speakers with Barbara giving a presentation entitled “Evidence-Based

Examination Of Neurological Gait Impairment” and Lisa giving a presentation entitled “Evidence-Based Examination In Children With Cerebral Palsy”. The following students presented their research as well: • Recent graduates Kellie Anderson, Mike Bates, and Michelle Gardner (under the direction of Cathy Harro) presented “Intra- And Inter-Rater Reliability And Concurrent Validity Of A New Prototype Measuring Trunk Control In Sitting In Individuals With Brain Injury”; • Third year student Kate Rustem (under the direction of Lisa Kenyon and John Peck) presented “Moving With Power”; • Recent graduates Alaina Brown and Megan Cooper (under the direction of Karen Ozga) presented “Change In Practice Area Interests And Contributing Factors: A Study Of Second Year Physical Therapy Students”; • Recent graduates Lindsey Nowak, Daniel Patterson, and Elizabeth Ramey (under the direction of John Peck) presented “Calorie Expenditure In Children Eight To Twelve Years Of Age During A Full School Day: A Pilot Study”; and • 2010 graduates Katherine Deneau, Bruce Dudley, and Kevin Hecksel (under the direction of John Stevenson) presented “Do Physical Therapist Students Learn And Practice Safe Patient Handling?”. Additionally, We would like to recognize three faculty members who recently won prestigious awards as well as several students who recently had their research published in a peer-reviewed journal. The Federation Of State Boards Of Physical Therapy presented Meri Goehring with the “President’s Award” and Lisa Kenyon with the “Academy Of Advanced Item Writers Award” while the Michigan Physical Therapy Association presented Michael Shoemaker with the “President’s Award”. Second year student Leonard VanGelder was published in the Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research; 2010 graduates Katie DeRoo, Sarah Rau, and Bonnie Smith (along with faculty member John Stevenson) were published in “Radiologic Technology” and 2007 graduate Kari Brown (along with faculty member Laurie Stickler) was published in the International Journal Of Sports Physical Therapy. Finally, faculty member Barbara Baker accompanied nine students from the class of 2012 (Hayley Babbitt, Ryan Borck, Tom Gustafson, Sarah Kettner, April Muske, Danica Rodriguez, Kate Rustem, Anna Semelbauer, and Vanessa Reynolds-Umstead) on a 10-day trip to Guatemala. This trip was sponsored by the organization “Hearts In Motion”, continued on page 24 • Winter 2011 n 23

and it allowed the students to provide pro-bono physical therapy services to adults and children with a wide variety of diagnoses. This was the third year that our students have participated in this wonderful service learning opportunity.

first physical therapist assistant students in the State of Michigan, and the program was one of the first 10 in the country—a history we do not take lightly! For information on the PTA Program at Kellogg Community College, contact Program Coordinator, Julie Roberts, PT, at (269) 965-3931 x 2270 or e-mail to

Mid Michigan Community College Submitted by Crystal Parker, PTA, BS

GVSU Students in Guatemala

Kellogg Community College Submitted by BJ Simmons, PTA, M.Ed.

The Kellogg Community College (KCC) physical therapist assistant (PTA) program in Battle Creek continues to work hard to graduate clinicians who are clinic-ready and enthusiastic about their future in this new career for them. This year has brought forward a few challenges such as both full-time instructors being chosen for jury duty in October. The students did a great job of remaining flexible! Some of the highlights of the 2011-12 year are: • We currently have 24 second-year students and 29 firstyear students within the program. • Full-time clinical rotations begin in January 2012 for second-year students. • Commencement is May 10th of 2012. • First-year students will be perfecting use of modalities/ documentation/and other topics during the winter semester. • The faculty will be incorporating more technology into coursework. • KCC will be participating in a Higher Learning Commission accreditation in February 2012. • This year is the 40th anniversary of the entrance of the first students into the program in 1971. They were the

24 n Winter 2011 •

The new PTA Class of 2013 began the fall semester with more opportunities than the cohorts that have gone before them. This year we organized a new student club entitled the Physical Therapist Assistant Students Tactically-Involved Club (PTASTIC). After organizing in September, the club’s first challenge was hosting the Physical Therapy Month exhibit in the main lobby of MMCC’s, Herbert D. Doan Center for Science and Health Technology building in Mt. Pleasant. The exhibit included a table with a picture board of graduates and current students participating in physical therapy interventions. Students and graduates manned the event and promoted physical therapy to the public, students, and MMCC staff. PTA Program graduates shared their educational and career path stories to mentor the new PTA students. Both students and graduates assisted participants in assessing their grip strength with the dynamometer. They also provided an opportunity to perform a physical therapy quiz game, handed out informational brochures about the benefits of physical therapy, massaged participants’ hands, and gave out cookies. In all, the students quizzed 82 individuals and massaged 35 pairs of hands. Many MMCC students showed interest and asked questions of the PTA students regarding a career in physical therapy. We would like to welcome Jacqueline Szalanski, PT, DPT, from Lansing, Michigan, to our faculty as an adjunct instructor for the fall semester. She is teaching the Therapeutic Exercise course and associated labs. She comes to us with a strong background in geriatric care and evidenced-based practice. She has been highly involved in advancing the clinical educational program for the rehabilitation team at her full-time employer, and she desires growth as an academic faculty member. She is a valuable asset to our faculty. We hosted our bi-annual CCCE-CI Meeting in October with 21 area PTs and PTAs attending. We were privileged to have Dr.

Peter Loubert, PT, PhD, past President and present Treasurer of the MPTA join us for a key-note presentation on current issues for physical therapy and the Physical Therapist Assistant. Thank you to Jake Jakubiak Kovacek, PT, MPTA President, for her assistance in researching data for the presentation. The information was both timely and pertinent to our clinical education partners. For more information about the MMCC PTA Program, please visit our website at

of Thursday March 15, 2012 in Hannah Hall of Science on the campus of Oakland University. Information and artist renderings of the new building, to be opened in the fall of 2012, will be available. Invitations will be mailed to alumni in February. If you would like to update your current mailing address please send an e-mail to Another opportunity to visit with the faculty, students and staff will be on Friday, May 18, 2012 when the physical therapy program hosts the annual research day. The DPT Class of 2012 will present their research studies and the keynote speaker will be Cathy Larson, PT, PhD. Dr. Larson, a physical therapist with the Rehabilitation of Institute of Michigan Center for Spinal Cord Injury Recover, is an active researcher, clinician and teacher. We hope you can join us. Finally, we have many students and faculty presenting research posters and platforms at CSM 2012 in February in Chicago. If you are attending CSM 2012 we hope to see you there.

Wayne State University Submitted by Allon Goldberg, PT, PhD

Oakland University

Submitted by Kris Thompson, PT, PhD Greetings from the Oakland University Physical Therapy Program faculty, students and staff. The fall semester is well underway and commencement will be held shortly. Congratulations and best wishes to the students graduating in the DPT Class of 2011! Two students in the 2011 DPT class were recognized at MPTA Fall Conference and are to be congratulated. Danica Michel received an MPTA Outstanding Student Award and Alyssa Mikulec received a Wright and Filipis Scholarship Award, see pages 18-19. Congratulations are also extended to physical therapists completing postprofessional degrees including Sara Arena and Corey Sobeck, recipients of the Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy degree, and transitional DPT degree recipients Ryan Bean, Brian Campbell, Paul Carlesimo, Minu Khalili, Bryan Kuhlman, Eric Manrose, Michael Prudhomme, Ying Vue, Ross Walker, Gwynne Waters, and Cindia Wong. Save the date! An OU physical therapy program alumni open house and networking event will be held the evening

Wayne State University admitted 32 new students to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program in September. We are also preparing to graduate 35 new Doctors of Physical Therapy in December. The graduating class presented their research at the Annual College Research Day in October. Best poster award went to Nora Palanjian, Farrah Khan and Mariam Naqvi (faculty advisors Fredrick Pociask and Allon Goldberg) for their study titled “The effect of extended head position on postural sway in young adults”. Congratulations to these students for their excellent work. On September 15th we bade farewell to PT faculty member Christine Carlson, who retired after more than 20 years of outstanding service. Current faculty, former and current students, as well as professional colleagues and family gathered at the Applebaum College to reminisce with Christine and to wish her a wonderful retirement. We do miss having Christine in the hallways of the building, but are happy that she has transitioned into this well-deserved next phase of her life. We wish her all the best and will continue to see her at conferences and at the annual summer BBQ at her home in Birmingham. At the recent MPTA conference in Grand Rapids, Sue Talley, Director of the DPT Program, received the Marjorie Stamm Award for outstanding service to the MPTA, and Allon Goldberg received the Mabel E. Holton Award for scholarship. Best poster (professional category) went to Vicky Pardo, Dale continued on page 26 • Winter 2011 n 25

Knuth, B McDermott, Joe Powell and Allon Goldberg for their study titled “Minimal detectable change in maximum step length and five-times-sit-to-stand in people with stroke”. Best poster (case study category) went to Kim Dunleavy, B Moed, and Nancy McNevin for “EMG and gait kinematic outcomes post-acetabular fracture internal fixation: single case study”. Best poster (student category) went to Nora Palanjian, Farrah Khan, Mariam Naqvi, (advisors Fredrick Pociask and Allon Goldberg) for their study titled “The effect of extended head position on postural sway in young adults”. Congratulations to all of the faculty and students for these awards. See pages 18-19 for more information. Martha Schiller continues to be very active in providing Clinical Instructor and Advanced Clinical Instructor Credentialing training. WSU will be hosting the APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program in the Spring of 2012. Stay tuned for the exact dates. Contact Martha for more information at

University of Michigan – Flint Submitted by Jennifer Blackwood, PT, MPT, GCS

“History is written by the victors.” — Winston Churchill Fall of 2011 marks the beginning of a one- year celebration of the historical physical therapy program of the University of Michigan- from both its origin in Ann Arbor to its relocation to the Flint campus. Within this next year, many different departmental activities will occur which will culminate in a final two-day celebration the weekend of Oct 12th & 13th with activities on both campuses. Please see the PT department website for details. Join us for the fun! History was made in August when current APTA President, Dr. Scott Ward, presented an inspiring lecture for our students and guests at the NorthBank Center in Flint. In addition, Dr Ward was the keynote speaker at the Class of 2011’s Hooding Ceremony. During the ceremony, awards were presented by the Physical Therapy Department to outstanding students. Ms. Katie Schaefer, DPT received the Academic Excellence Award for achieving excellence in her studies with distinctive academic curiosity and love of learning. Ms. Stephanie Ziegler, DPT received the Outstanding Courageous Student Award. Both Ms. Stephanie Ziegler, DPT and Ms. Katherine Lasinskas, DPT received the Outstanding Service Award. Ms. Meghan Krick, DPT was awarded the Outstanding Student Clinical Education Award for her excellence in clinical education. The Physical Therapy Program is proud of all of our graduates and wishes the Class of 2011 success in beginning their careers as physical therapists.

26 n Winter 2011 •

History was made this Fall with our collaboration with the Nigeria Physiotherapy Network partners, the Nigeria Physiotherapy Association, and the Physiotherapy educational programs at the Nigerian universities with the admission of the first student cohort in the transitional DPT program in Nigeria. Not only was this a moment in history for our department as we opened our post professional program up to international physical therapists, but it will also be regarded as the first doctoral level physical therapy education provided in Nigeria and within Africa. Over 50 physical therapists from around the US, Canada, and abroad are at various phases of their graduate level post professional education. As service learning is a component of their education, the reach of their projects extends beyond the borders of a normal classroom including other continents. Advanced practice courses in the certificate programs of geriatrics, pediatrics, neurology, orthopedics, and cardiopulmonary that lead to both a residency and the student being eligible to site for ABPTS specialization are continued to be offered. Current students have had multiple papers and posters accepted for various publications and conferences. For more information about partnering as a residency site for one of the five developing residency programs please contact Christina Wixson at History was again made as the faculty, staff, and students celebrated the years of dedication provided by two faculty members. Dr. Donna Fry celebrated her 25th anniversary of dedication to the department. Dr. Edgar Torres celebrated his tenth year of being a part of this team of educators. A very hearty “Thank-You” to both faculty members for the countless hours of service they have provided to the profession and the program. This fall, two alumni were given Circle of Excellence Awards. Preya Shah (Class of 1999) and Michele Lambaria (Class of 2000) were honored by faculty and their families at a special dinner held in their honor. The second cohort of sixty students started their PT education this fall. The department was very pleased to receive a HRSA grant in the amount of $129,000 to assist in funding the education of 8 PT students who meet rigid economic disadvantage standards. As we have expanded our horizons and to continue to write the history of the Physical Therapy Program at the University of Michigan-Flint, we invite you to be a part of that story through engaging with our program. Please consider joining us through our webpage (, Facebook and other forms of media. Be one of the Victors that write history. Hail!

SMALL RESEARCH GRANT PROGRAM As part of its role in supporting and encouraging clinical research in the State of Michigan, the MPTA Institute for Education and Research is requesting grant applications. This program is intended to provide $75 out-of-pocket expenses for ongoing research projects, and to encourage the development of new projects. To apply, please provide a cover letter and an abstract as described below. The abstract should be a brief description (less than 500 words) of the proposed project including the purpose, methods, expected results and potential relevance of the project to physical therapy. A cover letter should contain the following: 1. Name, home address, email address and telephone number of the applicant. 2. Employed physical therapist should list employer’s name, employment address and phone number. For students – school name, school address and phone number. 3. A statement of the request for money and what the money will be used for within the project 4. A statement of where the research is to take place. 5. A statement certifying compliance with all appropriate human use an animal use procedures and approvals. 6. Endorsement of the investigator’s supervisor (for students, the research advisor) stating that the project is feasible and in keeping with the institutional policies and procedures. Please note that the review process takes approximately two to four weeks to complete. Send application to: Small Research Grant Program, MPTA Institute for Education & Research, 1390 Eisenhower Place, Ann Arbor, MI 48108


MAY JANUARY 17, 2012

MPTA Northeastern District Meeting

MAY 15, 2012

MPTA Northeastern District Meeting

JANUARY 28, 2012

MPTA Board of Director’s Meeting


APTA CSM – Chicago, IL

For the most up-to-date listing visit:

MARCH MARCH 20, 2012

MPTA Northeastern District Meeting > PT News > Calendar of Events

MARCH 23-24, 2012

MPTA Spring Events Friday, March 23 – MPTA Student Conclave Saturday, March 24 – MPTA Spring Conference See pages 11-12 for more information

For a national listing of upcoming events visit the APTA website: • Winter 2011 n 27

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