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Measurements Project: First Year Project1: Programmable frequency divider Due: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 In this project, each group will design an 4-bit programmable frequency divider Design Requirements - Input frequency > 1MHz - Division ratio from 2 to 15 - output frequency duty cycle nearly 50 % ( BONUS ) Project Steps 1234-

Reading Phase : reading about programmable frequency divider, D flip flop,‌etc Design Phase : chose a suitable architecture for the programmable frequency divider Simulation phase : simulate your architecture on one of simulation tools (Multisim, proteus ,‌ etc) Implementation phase : implement your design on PCB

Project Report - Your report is an important part of your final project work. Do not leave it until the last moment. It should be a concise, yet accurate, presentation of your design, describing the architecture, the timing, the circuit details, and the simulation results for the different parts of the circuit. - Your entire report, including the simulation results, must not exceed 10 pages. Grading - Grading is based on: execution project steps, overall performance, and the quality and organization of the writeup.

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