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My schools

Hello my name is marina Rosales and now I will talk about my primary school and my school for this year.

My primary school My first school was RAMON Y CAJAL.the distance from my house to school was 300 m.In my class was 28 students, 20 girls and 8 boys. There were 6 subjects, 5 teachers and we had many excursions. We are in Sevilla and finally my friend last year was

Carolina, Santiago and Lucia.

My secondary school. My secondary school is Alhambra it is Beethoven Street. The distance from my house to school is 300km.In my class there are 32 students 21 girls and 11 boys, 9 subjects (history, math, geography‌), 9 teachers and few excursions. We have beet in a

swamp, and finally my friends this year are Carolina, Santiago

and Lucia.

by:Maria Rosales Reyes

my schools  

is very important