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: HP HP0-J24


: Designing and Implementing HP Enterprise Backup Solutions

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1. What is an advantage of an Extended Tape Library Architecture for a customer with a SAN environment? A. It enables automatic failover of tape libraries. B. It simplifies setup and configuration of tape libraries. C. It allows grouping of physical libraries to form one Virtual Tape Library. D. It provides a higher throughput from disk to tape, using multiple Fibre Channel interfaces in parallel. Answer: A

2. What is the incremental forever paradigm? A. Incremental forever is a backup method used to back up data over WAN links. B. It is a backup tool that stores only data that have changed in an incremental forever strategy. C. It is a solution where incremental backups are the only backups performed. It shrinks backup windows and is a less taxing way to compute resources. D. It is a method where after a full backup, a backup application only backs up data that have changed. A backup tool stores information about data in a meta database and is intelligent enough to reconstruct a file to a point in time, based on the changed data deltas it records. Answer: C

3. A company performs incremental backups Monday through Friday, and on Saturday they run a full backup. There are five Saturdays in one month. Each backup can be accomplished with one tape. The company implements a typical Grandfather-Father-Son tape rotation scheme. They recycle the Son on a weekly basis. The Father occurs each Saturday. How many tapes are required to run one month of backups? A. 10 B. 11 C. 22 D. 33 Answer: A    

4. If quick restore is a priority and it is important to have the latest version of each file, which type of partial backup is recommended if the same files are modified each day? A. copy backup B. normal backup C. differential backup D. incremental backup Answer: B

5. Click the Exhibit button. Which type of backup is shown in the exhibit?

A. Full Backup B. Virtual Full Backup C. Incremental Backup D. Synthetic Full Backup Answer: C

6. Which factors can impact backup performance? (Select three.) A. tape block sizes B. disk fragmentation C. interconnect speeds. D. write-back cache size E. smaller SCSI transfer sizes    

F. number of cartridges in the library. Answer: AB

7. Which drive type is configured in an MSL4048 Tape Library to get a maximum transfer rate of 2.3TB/hr? A. LTO-3 Ultrium 920 (four drives) B. LTO-3 Ultrium 960 (two drives) C. LTO-4 Ultrium 1760 (four drives) D. LTO-4 Ultrium 1840 (two drives) Answer: B

8. A backup environment is being designed for a customer who requires a library that can expand to 4 Ultrium 1760 drives and have a minimum of 40 slots with all mail slots enabled. Which library meets the customer's requirements in the most cost-effective manner? A. EML71e B. MSL8096 C. MSL4048 D. MSL6060 Answer: A

9. What are the implications of an LTO4 tape drive Back-Hitching? A. The drive is reading previous LTO tape versions. B. The drive is operating at its optimum performance. C. The feed speed from the host is too slow causing the drive to have reduced performance. D. More data streams are being sent to the drive because data are being written at a reduced rate. Answer: B

10. Which HP Virtual Library System provides software compression as a data compression feature? A. HP VLS12000 EVA Gateway System B. HP StorageWorks 9000 Virtual Library System    

C. HP StorageWorks 6218 Virtual Library System D. HP StorageWorks 6653 Virtual Library System Answer: B

11. A customer has an MSL6060 Tape Library with four tape drives. The library is directly attached to a server with SCSI HBAs and has no cards in the cPCI slots. The customer wants to share the tape library in a SAN environment. Which hardware changes to the library are needed, assuming that all other components in the SAN already exist? (Select two.) A. Add a Network Storage Router M2402 to the SAN and connect the tape drives to the router. B. Connect a Fibre cable from the existing Library Controller board into a Fibre Channel switch. C. Remove the existing Library Controller board and replace it with a Fibre Channel Library Controller board. D. Add one e2400-160 Interface Controller into a cPCI slot and connect the tape drives to the Interface Controller. E. Add two e1200-160 Interface Controllers to the cPCI slots and connect the tape drives to the Interface Controllers. Answer: D

12. What does the color red signify in the EBS Compatibility Matrix? A. vendor supplied information B. items that are no longer supported C. the presence of footnotes for the item D. fields that have been updated or changed Answer: C

13. Which profile mode should you use for the VCB proxy server when VMware datastores are residing on HP StorageWorks EVA storage arrays? A. Linux Host B. Custom host    

C. VMware Host D. Windows host Answer: C

14. Which class of libraries supports partitioning? A. HP StorageWorks Autoloaders B. Business Class Tape Libraries C. HP StorageWorks D2D Backup Systems D. HP StorageWorks EML E-Series Libraries Answer: C

15. Click the Exhibit button. You are discussing an Enterprise Backup Solution with a customer who wants to implement the backup design shown in the exhibit. What are the benefits of this configuration? (Select two.)

A. There is increased failover during backups. B. There is better throughput with more drives. C. The number of tape drives used during backups is maximized. D. It will be possible for more tape drives to be idle during backup.    

E. Any tape drive can be accessed through either Fibre Channel port. Answer: BD

16. Which document or tool helps to determine the HP qualified configurations for a specified backup solution? A. HP Product Bulletin B. HP StorageWorks Sizing Tool C. HP StorageWorks EBS Design Guide D. HP StorageWorks EBS Compatibility Matrix E. HP StorageWorks SAN Design Reference Guide Answer: C

17. Which statement is true about using the Echo Copy function in a backup environment of a VLS6200? A. The copy is under the control of the backup application. B. The dedicated copy server is mandatory for the use of the echo copy. C. The physical cartridges and matching virtual cartridges are synchronized. D. The additional backup application drive license is needed for the tape drive. Answer: B

18. Click the Exhibit button. Which tape cartridges can be labeled with the barcode label shown in the exhibit?

A. LTO1 cartridges B. LTO2 cartridges C. SDLT 320 cartridges D. SDLT 600 cartridges    

Answer: A

19. A company performs incremental backups Monday through Friday, and on Saturday they run a full backup. There are five Saturdays in one month. Each backup can be accomplished with one tape. The company implements a typical Grandfather-Father-Son tape rotation scheme. They recycle the Son on a weekly basis. The Father occurs each Saturday. How many tapes are required to run one month of backups? A. 10 B. 11 C. 22 D. 33 Answer: A

20. Which HP StorageWorks Array Systems provide controller-based replication technologies as HP StorageWorks Continuous Access Remote Replication Solutions? (Select two.) A. HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array 1000 B. HP StorageWorks 2000fc Modular Smart Array C. HP StorageWorks 1500cs Modular Smart Array D. HP StorageWorks XP24000/XP20000 Disk Array E. HP 4x00/6x00/8x00 StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array Family Answer: CD

21. What are benefits of disk-based backup compared to tape-based backup? (Select two.) A. easier implementation B. reduced recovery time C. lower acquisition costs D. off-site vaulting capabilities E. improved backup performance    

Answer: AD

22. What happens to the archive bit of a file after it is saved using the incremental backup method? A. It switches ON (set). B. It switches OFF (reset). C. It toggles to the other state. D. It remains in the previous state. Answer: A

23. What is the maximum cable length of a 50/125 micron (OM3 2000 MHz-km at 850 nm) fiber optic cable in an 8Gb/s environment? A. 21 meters B. 50 meters C. 150 meters D. 300 meters Answer: B

24. Utilized by backup applications, which agents talk to the application programming interface (API) within the built-in backup utility of the database server, and can manage processes on the database for backup, restore, and recovery operations? A. host B. client C. device D. backup Answer: C

25. In Linear recording technology, the tape is moved past heads that remain relatively stationary. What is a major advantage of linear recording technology? A. Data are recorded in diagonal stripes, providing a higher density. B. There are fewer moving parts and less tape wear, resulting in higher reliability.    

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