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JULY 2016

Jordana Woodland



An Exotic Mystery

Business Woman Fashion Designer Modern Icon CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE’S








C 9 772308 867005


GIVEN MTHIMUNYE Fitness/Physique Model Male Fitness Model of the Year 2015 - Body Beautiful




Photographer: Louis Daniel Botha




BIOGEN BULK 45/150 Maximum absorption for rapid mass g 45g Quality Protein per serving Informed Choice Certified* Multi-Vitamin & Stimulant Free *Informed-Choice is a quality assurance programme for sports nutrition products involving a rigorous certification process to ensure that all nutritional supplements and/or ingredients that bear the logo have been tested for banned substances by the UK based and world class sports anti-doping lab in, HFL Sport Science.

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10 ASK MA XIMUS The Dictator of Decorum answers your questions.

28 SE ASONAL SELECTION Who doesn’t like new things?

12 FREEST YLE WAP single, Fetty Wap is determined


to make a lasting impression.


With his wildly successful debut

E-Class gives new meaning to designated driver.

16 ESCAPE PL AN How to skip town in style.

32 HE AD TO HE AD What type of Ferrari


owner are you?

SPECIAL EFFECTS Only carry the best.



The excitement of Ducati’s latest naked fairing street bike.

DESK CHECK Upgrades for your workspace.



SE ASONAL SLUMP Don’t give in to the slovenly deadly sin.

Roger Federer adds one more chapter to his legend.







Apparel that should

Shake up your shoe rut with

certainly be on the streets.

Fratelli Rossetti.

J U L Y 2 016

Season changes come in strong and we all feel the effects of it.

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50 JORDANA WOODL AND Model and muse Jordana inspires women to embrace the “boudoir experience”.




Is there still room for the bombastic

Shopping smart begins with

shooting from gaming’s heydays?

eliminating the guesswork.





Discover new Cuba.

You’ve got to have Faith…



Rare and valuable Cuban


cigars for collectors.

Google’s visionary CEO Larry Page has some very big plan.

74 We bring some life into these


earthy hues with seasonal selections



GUILDO BUILT The lasting influence of

82 THE PEOPLE’S CHAMPION The reasoning behind the name

56 LUSH LEGACY A cognac several centuries in the making.


J U L Y 2 016

“The Rock”.

Ermenegildo Zegna.


ANY R E SEM BL AN CE TO TH E DA SH BOAR D O F THE E-T YPE JAGUAR IS PURELY INTENTIONAL . Enzo Ferrari called it the most beautiful car in the world. Now two new watches pay homage to Malcolm Sayer’s ground-breaking design. The Bremont MKI and MKII have been developed in partnership with Jaguar. The dials are inspired by the E-Type’s tachometer and the winding weight is based on the car’s iconic steering wheel. You may never own the car, but the MKI and the MKII might just be the next best thing.

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True Gentleman The term “gentleman” is something we are all too familiar with. Be it a teacher at school who tried to explain what is was in order to get you to behave in their class, or your parents as they tried to mould you into the man they believed you should be. Over the years, that term has evolved and to different people it certainly can mean different things. The MAXIM way of looking at it is quite simple, I believe a true gentleman is identified by his manners, styling and behaviour. Therefore we always strive to bring you the best in men’s fashion, watches, shoes, accessories and of course, grooming. On top of that, we also look at all things tech, motoring, and entertainment, the best of travel and the captains of industries that have changed the way the world does business. In this issue, we look at Larry Page, a man who has singlehandedly changed the world and is still busy doing so, each and every day. We put the Ferrari 488 GTB through its paces and it delivered on all fronts. Our feature on Cuba highlights one of the world’s great destinations and of their cigars. Enjoy this issue and living #ThisMaximLife

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INDONESIA Ronald Adrian Hutagalung

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AUSTRIA Boris Etter


RUSSIA Sasha Malenkov

MEXICO Gabriel Guajardo

hand, or be disinclined to hire a babysitter marked BORN TO RAISE HELL.


As I’m entering my forties, I find I’m wearing the same items more often. I am always neat and clean, but I really feel comfortable in a few pieces worn in short rotation. I usually add things to my closet each season, but I tend to come back to the same comfort-zone look. Am I in a rut? Do I need to break out of this routine, or revamp my wardrobe each season? After years of developing a look, consciously or not, you probably project a certain confidence in who you are. This is a good thing. You seem solid and reliable. Meanwhile, it’s a lot easier to look like a fashion victim once you hit your forties. So it sounds like you’re getting it right, but you still should be observant enough to notice what’s going on with the masses, such as the disappearance of pleats and the retreat of shoulder pads, lest you appear to have recently emerged from a killer of a coma.

MAXIMUS Dictator of Decorum

As the penchant for tattoos continues unabated, do I need to change my thinking on the men and women who get them? I’ve always held that tattoos are acceptable when applied discreetly to parts of the body that are only revealed during acts of intimacy or beach vacations. It’s one thing if my local barista is a guy with a spider crawling up the side of his neck, but quite another to have my mortgage rejected by someone with the same self-inflicted markings. Is there no longer such a thing as too much personal information in a professional setting? Tattoos have a large part in the history of regret, as they are often acquired under the hormonal influences of youth and before the course of one’s life and career is firmly set. This is why there’s an entire subindustry in tattoo removal. Remember that historic moment when Johnny Depp’s arm tattoo was transformed from WINONA FOREVER to WINO FOREVER? Forever, we have learned, doesn’t always last forever. Times do change, however, and paradigms do shift. The military once frowned upon tattoos, but in the age of an all-volunteer military, it found its prohibitive policies impractical. In 2015 the Army eliminated its restrictions on the number and size of arm and leg tattoos, vastly expanding its recruiting pool. And so the world goes. Still, I might tend to look askance at a rack of lamb presented by a pentagram-marked

I run a small creative business, where I am able to dress a lot more casually than someone in finance or law. I try to look professional by wearing a blazer or sport jacket over jeans or khakis when I am meeting with clients. Increasingly, I’m meeting with people at successful companies where it’s harder to determine who is running things. The boss might be under 30 and wearing a ripped N.W.A tee. I have no official dress code for my company, as I considered it uncool, but I have started thinking about this more and more, as I’ve been embarrassed by some of my staff’s inappropriate choices. It’s hard when the copier repairman shows up looking better than your Ivy League MBAs. How can I lay down some rules without turning us into “suits”? The man who invented modern taste, Beau Brummell, said, “If people turn around to look at you on the street, you are not well dressed.” This concept may be hard to explain to your team, especially if you work in fashion or the arts, where the tendency is to emphasize appearances, but if you explain that you don’t want your clients to see you as upstaging them or competing with them, they’ll understand why you can’t appear too unique. Emphasize being a team player. And that they can wear what they want to the afterparty. My wife, whom I consider very stylish, generally agrees with my sense of style and taste. I wear designer labels discreetly, and keep up with fashion trends if they work for me, but shy away from anything more flashy. Recently she told me that she hates my watches. I have been collecting watches

Colu mn by GLEN N O ’B RIE N Illustrations by J E AN-PH I L I P P E DEL H O M M E 10

J U L Y 2 016

for years, and she has never mentioned not liking anything before. She says that some of my newer watches are way too large and flashy and thinks they should not cover more than half of my wrist. What is your opinion on the appropriate size of a man’s watch? There are certain areas of taste where men and women tend to diverge. Cars and watches are two areas where the differences are quite obvious. Many men drool over exotic two-seater imports, sometimes painted in colours often seen on more avant-garde running shoes. They drive by attractive women pedestrians, their mufflers a-rumble, and screech their tires at stoplights as if engaging in some animal mating ritual. But often I’ll notice that the observing vixens are actually tittering at the hair-chested sportsmen displaying their horsepower. Oversize watches also seem to be tools of overcompensation. When I was a youth, timepieces were incrementally smaller than today’s hockey puck–size “sport watches.” They were discreet doing their job, telling you what time it is. Then, in the 1980s, Wall Streeters with considerable disposable income, feeling limited in their options for displaying wealth, adopted sport watches and took to wearing a thing designed to dive at 300 meters while eating sushi at the trading desk. Watchmakers responded by making bigger and bigger watches. The best answer to this trend was by the former creative director of Barneys New York, Gene Pressman, who began wearing a women’s Rolex simply because it seemed like the right size. Listen to your wife. She will prevail. I am getting married in June and I’m confused about what to wear. Our wedding will be a trip for a group of about 80 people that will take place at a castle in Portugal. We are planning a ceremony in a chapel, followed by dinner and dancing. My fiancée is having a gown made, and will change into a short dress for the party. I like the medieval/baroque feel of the place, but don’t think a tux is quite right. A dark suit just doesn’t seem special enough next to my fiancée’s gown. I also don’t want to change into something else for the party later - whatever I wear, I’d like to wear all night. What do I do? Wear a tuxedo! That’s what it was invented for - dressy, but relaxed enough to get down in. Rich Americans wanted something fancy enough to function in high-end architectural surroundings but wearable enough to party hearty in. You could opt for full dress (i.e., tails) but then your friends would hate you for years. A tuxedo is available and easy to wear discreetly formal and laid-back enough for when the party really gets started.

ele ap e, “Trap Queen,” has become one of the year’s biggest hits. Can he keep the momentum going? by K AT H Y I A ND OL I


J U L Y 2 016

J U L Y 2 016


This Page: Coat, Bally; Suit, Bally; Shirt, Calvin Klein Collection; Shoes, Marc Jacobs Next Page: Jacket, Dior Homme; Shirt, Dior Homme; Tie, Dior Homme


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etty Wap may look great in a suit, but he hates wearing one. When he was 17, his mother told -paying job. The

good, I didn’t have to look for a

shot over these,” he says, running

show) and Drake (who appears on

d a corporate

way to provide for my kids,” he

a hand over his Air Jordan “Space

his single “My Way”). As a child,

haved off

says, “This might be my chance to

Jams”. In his bedroom is an

he developed congenital

een growing for

better my son’s and my

extensive collection of Robin’s

glaucoma, and lost an eye (he

a suit, and

daughter’s future.” Balancing

Jean, straight from the factory. “I

wears a prosthesis), and though

showed up for the meeting, only

fatherhood with his new life is

like mine with different-coloured

he suffered in his younger years,

to find that the position had

still a work in progress, as Wap’s

zippers,” he says of his exclusive

his fans have found him a source

already been filled. A sartorial

rigorous travel schedule, coupled

denim. Collaborating with their

of inspiration.

trauma was born. “Suits aren’t my

with studio sessions, has limited

designer, Robin Chretien, is the

type of style yet,” the 25-year-old

his parenting time. “It bothers

next item on his career bucket

been beneficial in other ways.

rapper admits, “I’m still not ready

me,” he admits, “Not all the

list, and Fetty is slowly becoming

It taught him to be grateful for the

for all that.”

negativity, not the one-hit-wonder

a fixture in the company’s offices.

successes life brings him, and

Flashy purchases aside, Fetty

take nothing for granted. “You

These days, he can wear whatever he wants. “Trap Queen,” the debut single by Fetty

talk, that’s the only thing that actually bothers me.” The rapper has a place that

That childhood setback has

Wap is one of the hip-hop world’s

never know what could happen,

humblest characters.

and personally, I don’t care,”

(born Willie Maxwell II), recently

doubles as a gigantic walk-in

When network Music Choice gave

he says, “I just want to get up in

went platinum. Though widely

closet. One room is entirely filled

him the MC100 Award, he cried

here, get this money so that my

understood as an unconventional

with Jordans, a fetish he adopted

on-air, because it was his very

family can live good, and if the

love song about dealing drugs

while selling mixtapes on street

first award. He has a special

music don’t work out for me,

with your significant other, that’s

corners. Any extra income from

phone that never leaves his house

nobody can’t say I never tried.” 

not quite it. The song changed

those sales went straight to his

that still holds his first texts from

everything for the father of two.

sneaker habit. Now, he buys a

Kanye West (who invited him to

“Once the music started doing

pair a day. “People are getting

perform at the Roc City Classic

J U L Y 2 016



ESCAPE PLAN A supple leather weekender and a pair of understated sunglasses are the key ingredients for a perfect getaway








J U L Y 2 016


J U L Y 2 016


O P P O S I T E PA G E : B A G S C O U R T E S Y O F ( C L O C K W I S E F R O M T O P R I G H T ) T R O U B A D O U R , R A G & B O N E , T. A N T H O N Y, J .W. H U L M E C O . , T O M F O R D , A N D F R A N K C L E G G , . T H I S PA G E : P H O T O G R A P H E D B Y M A R K P L AT T



Photographed by MARK PL AT T

St yled by AND REW P O RTER

Clockwise from far left: Umbrella, FOX UMBRELLAS. Scarf, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO. Crocodile writing folder, SMYTHSON. Sunglasses, HAN KJØBENHAVN. Watch, AUDEMARS PIGUET. Wallet, BOTTEGA VENETA. Briefcase, SMYTHSON. Scarf, A.P.C. Leather portfolio, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO. Pen, MONTBLANC. Notebook, APICA. 18

J U L Y 2 016

U M B R E L L A , C O U RT E S Y O F F O X U M B R E L L A S ; P E N , C O U RT E S Y O F M O N T B L A N C ; WAT C H , C O U RT E S Y O F A U D E M A R S P I G U E T; C R O C O D I L E F O L D E R , C O U RT E S Y O F S M Y T H S O N

If you are what you carry, make sure it’s quality



P H O N E , C O U RT E S Y O F V E RT U ; G O L D P E N , C O U RT E S Y O F M O N T E G R A P PA ; WAT C H , C O U RT E S Y O F A U D E M A R S P I G U E T

Your office space deserves an upgrade

Clockwise from top left: Bluetooth speaker, BOWERS & WILKINS. Dice, BULGARI. Tape dispenser, BLOMUS. Phone, VERTU. Notebook, VALEXTRA. Sunglasses, GARRETT LEIGHT CALIFORNIA OPTICAL. Pen, MONTEGRAPPA. Blotter, SMYTHSON. Clock, CARTIER. Pen, PORSCHE DESIGN. Cuff links, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO. Wallet, BOTTEGA VENETA. Watch, AUDEMARS PIGUET. Accessories bag, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO. MacBook Air case, VALEXTRA. Glasses, CUTLER AND GROSS. Lighter, CARTIER. Pen, PORSCHE DESIGN. 20

J U L Y 2 016


J U L Y 2 016


NATURAL Roger Federer is unquestionably the greatest tennis player who ever stepped on a court. At 34, the champion has nothing left to prove, but someone forgot to tell Roger Federer. Te x t b y TI M ST RUBY


t was supposed to be the end. In the fourth round of the 2013 U.S.

embodiment of calm, collected grace, a man at times humbled to tears,

Open, Roger Federer faced Spain’s Tommy Robredo, a man who

who enjoys nothing more than traveling the ATP circuit with his wife,

had posted a goose egg against Federer in 10 previous matches.

Mirka, and their four children, there lies within Roger Federer a primordial

This night, however, the script would be rewritten. The Swiss

need: the same inefable hunger that possesses Tiger and Peyton. “When

superstar misjudged forehands, shanked backhands, squandered

you do something best in life,” Federer has said, “you don’t really want to

break points, and dished out 43 unforced errors. The once unlappable champ even kicked a ball in frustration en route to a straight-sets defeat.

give it up. And for me that is tennis.” Even as a 15-year-old, one could see the desire in Federer. He wasn’t the

To many watching, the performance was startling. For more than a

eloquent stoic back then but a long-limbed kid from Basel, Switzerland,

decade, Federer had appeared infallible. Witnessing his seamless, luid

who tossed racquets, threw tantrums, and yelled aloud at himself. The

artistry on the court - and his play was nothing less than art - was to see

diference was that he’d behave like that when he was winning. Because

the purest form of sport, much like Messi with a soccer ball or Tiger when

Federer didn’t care about the score. He wasn’t interested in the trophy.

he ruled the fairways. As Jimmy Connors once told the BBC, in the modern

He was obsessed with the game, hitting every shot impeccably. His

game, “You’re either a clay court specialist, a grass court specialist, or a

quest was perfection in a sport where perfection is, inevitably,

hard court specialist…or you’re Roger Federer.”


Yet that year, for the irst time since 2002, he didn’t make a Grand Slam

Within a decade, Federer had closed in on that perfection. In 2003 he

inal, he exited Wimbledon in the second round, and eventually he

conquered his irst Wimbledon, he won three Grand Slams in 2004, and

dropped to seventh in the world rankings. So it was no surprise that after

then in 2006, he put together what is arguably the best season in history:

a loss to a guy who could walk around the Billie Jean King National Tennis

12 singles titles (including three Grand Slams - he lost the French inal to

Centre without being recognized, sportswriters were using phrases like

Nadal), a match record of 92-5, and a inals spot in 16 of 17 events.

“sense of mourning,” “era over,” and “sun begins to go down on Federer’s career.”

Fans loved him not only because of what he accomplished but how he did it. His style of play is spoken of with pious reverence, as if it’s a

Fans cried blasphemy, as if Michelangelo were being forced to put

living, breathing thing, an entity separate from Federer himself. “It’s

down his brushes. But why shouldn’t Fed hang it up? Since turning pro in

beautiful to watch,” says Gabe Jaramillo, who has coached Andre

1998, the then 32-year-old had already rewritten the record books. He’d

Agassi, Maria Sharapova, and Pete Sampras and is now director at the

won 17 Grand Slam titles and spent 302 weeks as the world’s number one

Club Med Academies at Sandpiper Bay. “Other players, like Nadal and

player. In three separate seasons, he’d reached the inals of all four majors,

Djokovic, are physically stronger but everyone loves to watch Roger

and made the semis of a major 23 consecutive times. And he’d done it

because only he makes the game look so easy.”

with more than pure talent; he had indefatigable character. There had

Of the court, he carries himself with the same efortless composure.

been no better proof of that than the 2008 Wimbledon inals. Federer lost

“He’s like a cross between John Wayne and James Bond,” says Justin

a ive-set, nearly ive-hour epic to Rafael Nadal, in what many consider the

Gimelstob, a former ATP standout and now a Tennis Channel

greatest match ever played. That might have broken some players.

commentator and coach of the top-ranked U.S. player, John Isner.

Federer? Ten weeks later, he steamrolled his way to the U.S. Open crown.

Federer’s career earnings of $97 million (plus multitudes more in

“He’s the greatest player that ever lived,” proclaimed the always outspoken

sponsorships with brands like Rolex, Moët & Chandon, Nike, and

John McEnroe.

Mercedes-Benz) have aforded him a spread in Dubai, a villa on Lake

While talk of a swan song grew louder, those closest to Federer knew to

Zurich, and a ski chalet in the Swiss Alps mountain resort of

ignore the chatter. For them, Roger’s recent fallibility may have come as a

Lenzerheide. He also enjoys a lifestyle that comes with international

surprise, but retirement was unimaginable. While he appears the

celebrity. Bradley Cooper is a regular in Federer’s courtside box.




i Federer by the Numbers 23 Consecutive semis of a major 27 Grand Slam finals 5 Rank on world’s highest paid athletes $241 million Reported earnings in the past six years alone $1 million Price commanded per appearance at exhibition matches $100 million Value of 10-year Nike contract signed in 2008 $30 million Value of five-year deal with Moet & Chandon



17 Number of Grand Slam titles won 302 Number of weeks spent as the world’s number one player 344 Tournaments played 88 Singles titles won 36 Consecutive Grand Slam quarterfinals 2 Olympic medals

French soccer icon Thierry Henry is a good friend. And he’s been known for the occasional big night out, like his belated birthday bash a few years back at Manhattan’s Beatrice Inn, where the tennis star dined with Diane von Furstenberg, Nicole Kidman, Oscar de la Renta, and the devil in Prada herself, Vogue’s Anna Wintour. In fact, Federer and Wintour have struck up a close friendship over the past 15 years. “I bounce all kinds of ideas of of her,” Federer has admitted. “What to wear on and of the court, at photo shoots, sponsors, everything.” Yet the most popular sports igure on the planet is devoid of ego and pretence. “He’s the most engaged, present guy on the tour,” says Gimelstob. Ask anyone who’s crossed paths with Federer and they’ll gush about his wit, generosity, and warmth. “I’d had a big Tennis Channel interview fall through,” says Gimelstob. “Roger had just played ive sets and agreed to take time to sit down with me. We do the whole interview, after which the tech guy announces something went wrong: no sound. What’d Roger do? He did the entire interview again.” While professional athletes of his stature don’t tend toward public introspection, Federer acknowledged his struggles after the 2013 season. “I had some doubts at certain times,” he said. “But overall I knew that it couldn’t be that I’d feel this way forever, so it was just important to stay patient and wait.” He didn’t take a laissez-faire approach, though. Instead, he hired six-time singles Grand Slam winner Stefan Edberg as his coach and, making worldwide headlines, changed his racquet from the traditional 90-square-inch head to 95, afording him the additional power needed to handle baseline blitzers Nadal and Djokovic. More important, Federer also rededicated himself to training, spending countless hours on the court trying to recapture his game. It paid of. In 2014, he won ive titles, and the following season Federer made an even more emphatic statement. In addition to two Grand Slam inals, he won the Western & Southern Open title in Cincinnati with consecutive victories over Andy Murray and Djokovic, the world’s number two and number one players, respectively. After steamrolling Tomás Berdych in the quarterinals of the 2016 Australian Open (the Czech had beaten Roger on the last two occasions they’d faced each other in a major), Federer appeared destined to claim his 18th major title. But in the semis he faced familiar inals nemesis Djokovic, who did not simply win in four sets; the Serbian said afterward that the irst two sets he won were possibly the best tennis he’s ever played against his rival. After the match, Federer, in a rose-coloured baseball cap from his signature RF collection for Nike, sat for the obligatory press conference. “I know you guys think I’m old,” he said, evoking laughter from reporters. “But it doesn’t scare me when I go into a big match against any player who’s in their prime.” In early February, Federer notched another milestone: For the irst time in his career he went under the knife to repair a torn meniscus. Experts said the athlete could be laid up for months and possibly not play until summer. Yet they, too, underestimated Roger Federer. Three weeks after surgery he was back on the tennis court, saying he’d “rarely felt so happy” to be there. Understandable. This is a big year; in addition to the remaining three majors, there are the Olympic Games in Rio. Will he have enough to win his 18th major - or a singles gold medal? Don’t bet against Roger Federer.




FLYING COLOURS Stuck in a footwear rut? The distinguished Italian shoemaker Fratelli Rossetti expands the wearable spectrum

Many of the great things that come from Italy, from wine and cheese to cars and shoes, owe their quality, integrity, and staying power to family. Maybe it’s about honour and respect, maybe it’s about learning a craft from childhood; whatever it is, the Rossettis have created an enduring shoemaking dynasty that’s lourished since the end of World War II. Renzo Rossetti began the business making sports shoes in the early 1950s - a perfect discipline for anyone who would produce light, comfortable shoes that wear well. He was soon joined by his two brothers and later by his three sons, and the family became known for footwear of superb quality that was innovative and stylish without being trendy. For decades Fratelli Rossetti has been known for its slip-ons, the tassel loafer and the penny loafer moccasin, which have the softness, lightness, and pliability of their ancestor sports shoes, but perhaps the company’s most important contribution has been in the colour palette of its leathers, using its signature “Toledo technique,” in which richly coloured vegetable dyes are hand-bufed directly onto neutral calf leather. Finally, sophisticated dressers are breaking out beyond the limits of black and brown (which are, of course, necessary) into a range of intriguing, subtle hues. Why wear black when you can wear marine blue, prune, cobalt, jade, garnet, red, smoke, green, ruby, violet blue, and many other colours? Do you dare? Are you man enough for blue shoes? From top: Navy blue destructured unlined loafer, yacht loafer with band, derby with double buckle, chestnut loafer with band, navy blue lace-up, black Brera loafer.

Lisetta Rossetti with Giuseppe “Peppino” Meazza, striker for the Inter Milan soccer team


Te x t b y GL E NN O ' BR I E N


SEASONAL Who doesn’t like n Text b y GR EG FO B S


J U L Y 2 016

Clockwise from far left: L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Thermic Resist Spray. Jimmy Choo Man. Hugo Extreme. Jaques Bogart Silver Scent Pure. Khiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate. L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Thermic Resist Roll on. Cologne Hair & Body. Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 ENERGIZED.


HANDS OFF E-Class gives new meaning to designated driver. Te x t b y JOH N PAGE

You needn’t get your hands on the E-Class to realise how it has altered

slightest help) it’ll drive out that space too, checking for traffic before

the very essence of the motoring landscape. Next to me, there are

making its exit but next year Mercedes will have a smartphone app that

people who review cell phones for a career but even if they’ve done a lot

will send SMS instructions to the car’s brain.

of megapixel comparisons, I doubt they’ve done much AMG-ing in their

The ‘internet of things’ or IOT is Mercedes’s way of urging cell phones

lifetime. We’ve converged at some industry crossroad where technology

giants to keep pace. Wireless charging is going to make a big difference

and the enjoyment derived from driving need to put aside their

to our lives but what’s the point when both IOS and Android phones


needed to be plugged in to mirror their applications? A small gripe in

With processing power momentarily yielding to horsepower, this tech orgy elaborates on the terms ‘hands off, feet off’ as the primary

up to the dashboard.

autonomous highlights tailored to reduce accidents and fatigue while

More IOT (or is that NFC?) replacing the key with a smartphone is

simultaneously merging connectivity and convenience. And without

imminent – not just because this will mean fewer items to carry around

much delay, Merc’s sweeping statement that the new E-Class is the most

but because your phone has fingerprint security or at the very least

innovative car on sale cements itself with unfaltering digital precision.

password encryption: the E-Class will still be there even if your cell

With the car’s arachnid-type vision the latest E-Class will park itself in


what otherwise allows music apps, navigation or photos to be beamed

phone is hastily making its way down the road.

a variety of directions. The car views that tricky parallel as a

The route parallel to KZN’s shoreline invited boredom and as

mathematical equation, far removed from the stares of those seated at

concentration dissolved or that Facebook notification became hard to

that trendy café, all silently wishing for you to fail. For now (with the

ignore, the autonomous systems sensed this and took action. Picking up

J U L Y 2 016

lane markings or landmarks, E-Class will drive itself at speeds you wish your Uber driver would after a late night or crawl through traffic while you clear those morning emails out the way. And while autonomous driving will create safer roads, the same company that invented ABS is still coming up with clever ways to cushion the body. The latest is the guardian angel of safety technology because it doesn’t deal with the aftermath but instead anticipates the accident and will use the seat bolsters to push you nearer the car’s centre and away from impact. The AMG models are trusted with bringing the legendary V8 thunder but if the thought of owning a 2.0-litre E-Class is too much of a mental hurdle, the current 3.0-litre V6 in the E 350 d packs enough shove to grip the wheel and flick between the selection of sporty settings. With the complex tasks made simpler and the simple tasks connected to complex systems you can’t see or touch, E-Class becomes the brand’s technological leader as the supporting industries struggle to keep up.

J U L Y 2 016



HEAD TO HEAD What type of Ferrari owner are you? Te x t b y JOH N PAGE

Every Ferrari is important, right? Unquestionably more so than the last,

environmental impact and shine a light on the Italian automaker’s

otherwise the company wouldn’t strive to smash through their own

commitment to the industry it serves - one that will cement the company’s

development ceiling or create masterpieces that a few years prior


challenged the very fabric of sanity. Ferrari is known to fuss over all their products but the 488 GTB and Spider tear up the rule book. Being the sequel to the 458 is a daunting act but that is where the new

these sensitive naysayers are the ones who’ve gone quiet… Usually these

turbo charged V8 conjures up a completely fresh reboot of Ferrari’s

engines fail to build suspense but the 488’s V8 twin turbo begs to be

supercar potion. Transplanted from the California T - just two years

floored to the redline where the sound crests into savage oblivion.

before - the engine’s outputs are razor sharp and the way the passion manifests itself is befitting of a race-bred machine. Excluding hybrid power, the new V8 exudes the company’s bravery in these quickly changing times. The numbers speak for themselves (492kW

A blend of aluminium and other exotic weaves lighten the 488 by those vital kilograms yet it’s not skittish as high-speed stability compresses the 488 firmly into its lane. Ferrari has consulted with their motorsport division and hammered 50% more aero into the svelte design.

and 758Nm) and the torrent of torque reaches the rear wheels sooner

The Spider version is heavier than the hard-top but the lightest of any

where either a sensitive right foot or fast electronics saves them from

Ferrari soft-top. Even with the roof tucked from view (at speeds below

spinning up.

40km/h) and the wind deflector in place, Spider is wound tight and

In a straight line, the old 458 gets demolished; dial in the harshest

concedes very little in a performance duel to its fixed roof brother.

settings and 488 will fling itself to 100km/h in three seconds and

The seats place you right in the thick of the action with the essential

200km/h in eight. Those figures are not entirely down to the power, the

bits aggressively angled inwards, buttons on the steering wheel banishing

gearbox’s faster shifts play a role in skimming a few milliseconds each

fiddly stalks and then smaller dials that emphasise the 488’s opinion on

time a higher gear is ordered. Compare stopwatches and the 488 is two

wasting space. The touchscreen is nearly as significant as the engine.

seconds faster around the company’s private Fiorano test circuit than the 458. I am compelled to mention that 488 sips less fuel and the way it converts petrol into forward thrust and noise will alleviate the


Noise-suffocating turbo chargers are usually not a good sight on a Ferrari and fans were quick to voice their initial feelings of betrayal. Now

J U L Y 2 016

The gap between the hard-top and Spider will be indistinguishable for those weekend racing drivers but the variation the 488 range offers or the way it can transform seamlessly without compromise is what sees the latest Spider emerge ahead here at Maxim.

Above: Underneath the sculpted bodywork hides a modern V8 turbo charged engine. Below: The 488 Spider doesn’t compromise on performance.

J U L Y 2 016



MONSTER The excitement of Ducati’s latest naked fairing street bike. Te x t b y G AV I N PE R RY Ph o t o g ra p h y b y NIC OL E L OU W


With the popularity of naked fairing street bikes growing and many

The build quality on a Ducati is always so impressive, I constantly blown

manufacturers offering one in their range, how does the latest edition of

away at how solid and precise their bikes always feel - the R is no

Ducati’s long-standing Monster measure up?

disappointment there. It just handles, and feels amazing. You have to

The model I chose to review was the 1200R edition of the Ducati

applaud Ducati for using Ohlins suspension and thus giving you the best

Monster. The previous generations of the Monster have all been hits and

money can buy. All these details and improvements make the R so

well received, and Ducati fans have been anticipating this bike anxiously

capable on the roads as a commuter, plus a great toy to play with on a

- especially because Ducati’s marketing approach to the R was to release


pictures of it tearing it up on the track with the rider’s elbow fractions

As far as Ducati and their Monster history goes, the R is better in every

away from the tar. No, it’s not the way you would imagine a naked fairing

way, but is it better than other competitive bikes from other

street bike to be marketed but who cares, right?

manufacturers? Does it really represent the R logo as one would expect?

This is the most powerful naked bike Ducati have ever put out. They

I feel that aesthetically it’s not all as striking and aggressive as some of the

used one of its Testastretta 11-degree engines, but used a thinner head

other naked street bikes out there are, some of which have been around

gasket to bump compression ratio up to 13:1 (from 12.5:1 on the 1200).

for a year or two already. Even more importantly than that, the R didn’t

This, along with a move to larger elliptical throttle bodies with an

have a quick shifter. Not only do other bikes have a quick shifter, but

equivalent diameter of 56mm (versus 53mm on the 1200) and larger

some of the R’s rivals have an auto blip down shift assist too. Even the

58mm-diameter exhaust pipes, has bumped power output to a claimed

Panigale S (not even R model) has the ultimate in quick shifter and down

160 hp at 9,250 rpm. Torque, meanwhile, climbs from 91.8 foot-pounds

shift assist, surely Ducati could have just utilised already available tech in

at 7,250 rpm to 97 foot-pounds at 7,750 rpm. Well done, but that’s not

their R model Monster? Especially because the competition and market

where it ends. Almost every aspect from the previous bike has been

scream for the need of it. The theme would seem to motivate this, with

improved upon - it’s lighter than before, suspension is world class thanks

Ducati using and putting the best of everything else into this bike.

to Ohlins all round (even down to steering) damper. The steering is

In the end I was left confused and a little heart sore, because my

lighter and sharper and there are also cosmetic updates, as well as a

expectations were so high. I cant help but feel that the R just tripped,

really great electronics package. This all puts the R as the best Monster

right at the finish line in the race to be the most amazing and ultimate

Ducati have ever built.

naked bike of today, all because of one detail that was overlooked. That

When you ride the R a few things stand out straight away. The engine

being said, it doesn’t make it a bad bike, it’s a great bike that had the

sound is so meaty and it’s exhilarating to open the throttle and just hear

potential to be untouchable and at that price tag you actually expect

it roar as you take in the bike’s incredible power and throttle response.

nothing less than the ultimate.

J U L Y 2 016

J U L Y 2 016




SEASONAL SLUMP Don’t give in to the slovenly deadly sin. Te x t b y TA SH A PI E N A A R


J U L Y 2 016

J U L Y 2 016



J U L Y 2 016


t’s not so easy getting up in the mornings. It’s dark. It’s cold. The bed is warm… Did I mention dark and cold? Even if you are the person who prefers training in the evenings, the same can be said. The sun starts setting and by the time you are done with your session and walk out of the gym it might as well be

midnight. Not ideal. There are months are when the gyms go quiet. Most people pack on a few extra kilograms and blame it on comfort food – although that may be true, the idea is to keep a balance so as to not screw up your metabolism entirely for when spring comes and you want to get in shape again. Easier said than done, right? Even the most dedicated lifters have weak moments every now and then but they don’t wallow in them. Here are some guidelines to keeping up with the gym-going Joneses: š I[j W ]eWb Find a date that falls in early summer or spring and make it your mission to accomplish something fitness related by then. Be it a body fat percentage reading, or a half marathon or a cycle – anything that will keep your eye on the prize. š 8ko d[m jhW_d_d] Ybej^[i No, this is not only for the ladies. Investing in new attire for the sport of your choice is a great start to keeping you on the straight and narrow. š Fkcf j^Wj fbWob_ij It’s time for a new set of songs. Last year’s number one has just been killed by the radio so go and download some fresh playlists that will get your pecs bouncing along with your foot. š F^ed[ W \h_[dZ Really. Grab a like-minded friend and keep each other motivated. It’s easier to skip when you have no one relying on your company but I can guarantee you will be less inclined to sleep in or drive by when someone else is there waiting for you, to hold you accountable. š J^Wj j^_d] oek mWdj[Z je jho³ Do it now. Whether it’s a high-energy group training class or a hike on a Sunday morning now is the time to do it. By engaging in these different activities you avoid getting bored. š MWhc kf _di_Z[ Get your heart rate up indoors already as this will get the blood circulating and give you that kick you need to get going. š J^[ W][#ebZ ¼=[j W f[hiedWb jhW_d[h½ It works though. PT’s tend to have great packages over these months so shop around a bit and find someone that will keep you in check. If you are spending your money on this trainer, you will be less inclined to spend your money staying in bed or doing a drive-by. Just keep on keeping on. Winter will not be here forever and when the sun starts rising that bit earlier, and the days get warmer, you will wish you hadn’t skipped those days because when it comes time to get into shorts and a t-shirt there will be no secret about whether you checked into gym or your local pizza joint down the road.

J U L Y 2 016



ON A GO-SLOW Seasonal changes come in strong and we all feel the efects of it. Te x t b y TA SH A PI E N A A R


ots of soups and breads, pastas and home made meals aplenty. There is something about eating a hearty meal that just makes you feel so satisfied, until your jeans start getting a bit tight at the button. Your shirts are stretching around a belly you didn’t have last month and suddenly you realise that perhaps, just maybe, you may have been overindulging during this time of year.

That’s okay. Don’t think twice when scooping that extra serving of dinner on your plate because you know

what, you deserve it. It’s been a long day. You are cold, tired and hungry and this food just smells so good. That excuse will fly for tonight, but not tomorrow, or the night after that. The problem with the seasonal changes is that it seems only natural to find comfort in food and although it feels good at the time, the consequences last a lot longer than that bowl of malva pudding with custard did. Come summer, it will be that much more difficult to get back into the swing of things because you will feel even more demotivated. Your clothes will be tighter, and you will struggle to find the energy to carry the extra weight around. Let’s rather avoid this situation completely by being a bit disciplined, and as difficult as it may be, you will thank yourself in the long run. Here are a few tricks to bear in mind, when feeling weak: š:h_da W bej e\ mWj[h Staying hydrated has multiple benefits. The air can get dry so the moisture that is lacking will show in your skin elasticity, so not only does drinking water make you look better, guzzling down your daily dose of H20 also acts as an appetite suppressant. Not to say that you should be drinking excessive litres of water so that you don’t eat, but when you feel an unnecessary hunger pang rather reach for that bottle instead of coins for the vending machine. If the idea of plain water doesn’t do it for you then there are always flavouring options and obviously the flavoured waters that can be bought at the stores – just watch out for the sugar content in those. š>[Wbj^o ikXij_jkj[i You are only human so its only natural to cave, but if and when you do, make sure that you have something healthy to cave into – such as dried fruit (if it’s something sweet that you are craving) or nuts (if it’s a salt craving). There are also various health bars available nowadays, even sugar-free sweets so there really is no excuse to grab the nearest slab of chocolate when there is a USN protein bar right next to it. š >Wl[ W X_] Xh[Wa\Wij That warm, creamy bowl of oats that you have been lusting after is now within reach. Add things such as chopped nuts and berries to give it some extra flavour and volume, because a big breakfast will kick start your metabolism and keep you fuller for a longer period throughout the day. Oats not your thing? Then tuck into bacon, eggs and toast – a good old English breakfast will set you up for the day. š Fh[fWh[ oekh c[Wbi$ Everyone knows the age-old saying of, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” So when you make a pot of soup for dinner one evening just make extra, portion it and freeze it for the days that you don’t feel like cooking. Soup is a great winter meal because it ticks the boxes of comfort and heartiness, while still getting your nutritional needs met if you use the right vegetables and protein source.


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This Page: Outfit, Alexander Wang, Watch, Cartier


J U L Y 2 016



This Page: Outfit, Neil Barrett. Right Page: Outfit, Burberry, Watch, Cartier.


J U L Y 2 016

This Page: Coat and Polo Neck, Bally, Trousers, Michael Kors. Right Page: Outfit, Salvatore Ferragamo.

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J U L Y 2 016

V I C T O R N O B L E S I N G M A C C O S M E T I C S , J U S T I N PA S S M O R E @ N Y M O D E L S .

This Page: Outfit, Kenzo.


JORDANA WOODLAND This model and muse is a firm believer in creating a passion-filled life while inspiring women to embrace what she calls the “boudoir experience.” Ph o t o g ra p hy b y BR I A N B H AY E S


J U L Y 2 016

J U L Y 2 016



J U L Y 2 016

s the Founder and Creative Director of

home with something special.”

Naked Princess, a fun, lirty and sexy lifestyle brand that creates everything

Jordana believes the men and women who shop at Naked Princess know

a woman needs for her boudoir, Jordana loves the idea of helping women

what they want. “There are so many beautiful brands to choose from. It’s

feel and look their best, at any age.

important to me that what we create for women is meaningful. From the

“Conidence comes from knowing that you are taking care of yourself in

time she opens her beautifully wrapped gift from her husband or her best

all aspects of your life. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what stage

friend, the experience needs to be memorable. She needs to love the

you are at in your life, my beauty secret is not allowing society to dictate

lingerie or maxi gown she was just gifted. When she does, I feel like I’ve

who I am supposed to be or what I should be doing at any given time in my

done my job.”

life. As long as I wake up every morning and continue to surround myself

So how does someone like Jordana deine success? “I’m successful

with wonderful people and things, I know I’m happy. To me, happy and

knowing that I’ve created a brand that inspires women to look and feel

conident women are the most beautiful.”

conident and beautiful, while juggling whatever she feels like

Ofering everything from lip-gloss to lingerie to day-to-night dresses, Jordana’s overall goal when starting Naked Princess was to create a brand

accomplishing in her life. If it’s our luxurious lip-gloss that makes her feel beautiful, then great. It should be easy, efortless and most of all fun.”

that would grow and evolve with her customers. “I knew I wanted to

Jordana feels society is obsessed with telling women what they should

create a lifestyle brand that would serve every woman in as many aspects

be doing in their life based on a certain age. She continues to tell her story

of her life as possible, while also ofering compelling products that tell a

of “living life for you and no one else.”

story. My story is simple. I fell in love with the ‘art of dressing’ and the

“For me, I used to think lingerie was meant for a woman to wear only

idea of every woman having her own boudoir. It may have been me

for her lover or on special occasions. I later realized that lingerie meant so

watching my mother carefully get ready each morning, but it’s instilled in

much more than that – it played a huge part in how I carried myself

me that starting the day of by taking care of yourself is probably the most

throughout my day. I can wear a lace panty and matching bralette under

empowering ritual a woman owns.”

my clothes with no one ever seeing it and feel sexy for no one but me.

Naked Princess believes that even if you are just lounging around the

Lately my personal style has been wearing a lace bodysuit under my suit

house or meeting a friend for lunch, dressing up for that occasion should

jacket when I head into the office. This has helped with my conidence

be something to look forward to. “I believe it sets the tone for your day,

when I’m in a business meeting. I feel feminine and conident and that

but the process should be simple.” Our products can live in a woman’s

conidence gives me the strength to pursue my passions with all my

boudoir or be thrown in her purse for when she’s on the go.” While being


heavily involved in creating not only the products, but also the brand

Naked Princess opened its irst Flagship Boutique in 2014 in the

message, Jordana believes her company ofers more than just beautiful

acclaimed Melrose Place Shopping District of Los Angeles. Designed to

products. “We ofer an experience. When men and women walk into our

embody the essence of a woman’s boudoir, every custom detail relects

store or shop online, they know they are going to be taken care of and go

the Naked Princess lifestyle.

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J U L Y 2 016

J U L Y 2 016


Hennessy’s new $39,000 supercognac celebrates 250 years of distilling decadence Text b y JAR ED PAU L STE RN

For the past 25 years, Yann Fillioux, Hennessy’s master blender, has been the key igure behind the iconic brand’s celebrated cognac. Now, at age 69, he is ready to anoint a successor after 50 years with the brand, but not before presenting his inal, and greatest, creation for the famed maison. Priced at $39,000 a bottle and available this May, Hennessy 8 is a blend of eight utterly exceptional varieties of eaude-vie, the fermented, double-distilled spirit at the heart of cognac, representing eight generations of incomparable heritage - with just 250 bottles being produced for the entire world. Seven selections were chosen by Fillioux – who is also the seventh person ever to serve as Hennessy master blender - from the greatest distillations of the past seven generations. The eighth was picked

The Hennessy 8 box is made from the same oak staves used in the brand’s cognac barrels


J U L Y 2 016

by Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, Fillioux’s nephew, who will begin his transition to master blender later this year. Together, they spent the past ive years crafting the precious spirit, which represents 250 years of Hennessy heritage and the Fillioux family’s 200-year association with the prestigious house. Of course, the world’s most exclusive cognac needs a suitable vessel to hold it, and artist Arik Levy was chosen to design a special decanter, which consists of eight rings, representing each of the eight generations of eau-de-vie in the blend. An elaborate chest constructed of 25 layers of wood (one for each decade of Hennessy’s history) holds it, and together the spirit, decanter, and box are meant to evoke all the things that make Hennessy, and especially this cognac, a legend.



SECOND SHOT AT GREATNESS Blended by master craftsmen from the legendary Ugni Blanc grapes of Grand Champagne, in France’s Cognac region, Rémy Martin Louis XIII’s Black Pearl Anniversary Edition sold for $16,000 a bottle when it debuted in 2014, and its relentlessly coveted big brother, Rare Cask, went for $22,000 in 2013. Both royal strains are now completely sold out, but you can still get a taste of the “king of cognacs” at a handful of whiteglove cocktail dens, if you’re willing to pay handsomely. The Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills serves Rare Cask at a decidedly stif $1,300 per tot, while Toronto’s Shoushin pours it for an even loftier $1,000 per half-tot. The luxe Louies are also available at the Peninsula Beverly Hills and Aria’s High Limit Lounge in Las Vegas, which Louis XIII Rare Cask ofers a triple shot of Rare Cask, Black Pearl, and Classic Louis XIII for $3,500. Just the kind of extravagant tipple that’s called for after a huge night at the blackjack table. —Chris Wilson

SINGULAR STYLE One-stop shopping from a single fashion brand can take the guesswork out of looking sharp.

Coat, suit, sweater, shirt, tie, and bag, Topman. Watch, Timex. Socks, Vince Camuto. Shoes, Aldo.


J U L Y 2 016

P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y R . N . , S T Y L I N G B Y WAY N E G R O S S

Coat, suit, shirt, tie, and belt, Nautica. Tie bar, the Tie Bar. Watch, Oris.

J U L Y 2 016


Suit, sweater, shirt, and tie, Express. Pocket square, the Tie Bar. Bag, Bally. Watch, TAG Heuer.


J U L Y 2 016

Coat, suit, shirt, tie, and scarf, J.Crew. Watch, Timex.

J U L Y 2 016


Suit, sweater, shirt, tie, beanie, and bag, Perry Ellis. Watch, Swatch.


J U L Y 2 016

G R O O M E R , S C O T T M C M A H A N AT K AT E R YA N U S I N G T O M F O R D M E N ; M A N I C U R E , S U N S H I N E AT A B T P. C O M ; M O D E L , F L O R E N T C A D I E U AT I M G M O D E L S

Suit, sweater, shirt, tie, sunglasses, and bag, Vince Camuto. Watch, Oris.

J U L Y 2 016


Into the Mystic In the land where time stood still, our man in Havana discovers the hypnotic allure of the new Cuba Photographed by A N DREW M O O RE

An almendrรณn (vintage taxi) in Havana

Text by J O S H EEL L S

J U L Y 2 016



or decades, the only way for Americans to visit Cuba was by enduring the stuffiness of government-sanctioned tours or risking the illegality of going through another country. But thanks to the recent thaw in relations, seeing this forbidden tropical wonderland has never been easier. Several airlines, such as American and JetBlue, now ofer hassle-free charter lights direct from the States - including practically hourly from Miami - while companies like Cuba Travel Network can book expedited VIP entry and JetSuite can ly you in privately. All you need is a passport, tourist visa, and qualiication in one of 12 preapproved travel categories (including the helpfully vague “professional research,” wink, wink) and you’ll be sipping Cuba libres to the sound of thumping salsa in no time. The only catch is that Cuba’s tourist infrastructure hasn’t quite caught up with the boom in demand. For now, this is still a place you go for the experience, not the extravagance. During high season (November through March), hotels are often booked months ahead, and the same is true of car rentals, so advance planning is crucial. Bring plenty of cash - even more than you think you’ll need - because American credit cards don’t work and there’s no way to get more paper dollars. It also doesn’t hurt to brush up on a little español. And while you won’t have cell-phone service and the wi-i is practically nonexistent, the digital detachment is all part of the experience - combined with the 17th-century architecture, ’30s-era Hemingway mystique, and those famous 1950s American cars, Cuba feels like a trip not just back in time but to a place outside of time itself. Wander down picturesquely crumbled streets, fall into conversations with kind and curious locals, and get swept up in the thrall of the country’s seductive rhythm. You can post it all to Instagram when you get back

HAVANA Bypass the German tourists in the Old City and head west to the younger, hipper Vedado neighbourhood, where an Afro-Cuban rock star named X Alfonso has taken over an old cooking-oil plant and converted it into La Fabrica de Arte Cubano, or the Cuban Art Factory, a cavernous gallery and nightclub that hosts some of Havana’s sexiest dance parties. Next door is El Cocinero, one of the city’s best private restaurants (they’re called paladares), with a delicious version of the

From top: The Bacunayagua bridge, connecting Matanzas and Mayabeque; Casa de Cristal in Viñales


J U L Y 2 016

Š A N D R E W M O O R E , C O U RT E S Y O F T H E A RT I S T A N D Y A N C E Y R I C H A R D S O N G A L L E R Y. B O T T O M : Š B U E N A V I S TA I M A G E S / G E T T Y I M A G E S

Clockwise from top left: Saleta, Matanzas; El Apartamento del Doctor Triolet, Matanzas; Car ride in Cuba

J U L Y 2 016



J U L Y 2 016


national shredded-beef dish called ropa vieja; also try La Guarida, tucked away at the top of a winding staircase and made famous by Fresa y Chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate), the only Cuban ilm ever nominated for an Oscar. The nearby Hotel Nacional, a pre-revolution Art Deco classic that’s hosted everyone from Churchill to Capone, has seen better days, but a mojito on the patio while the waves crash over the dramatic Malecón seawall is still magic, especially at sunset. For maximum comfort, retire to the Hotel Saratoga, where Jay Z and Beyoncé stayed when they visited in 2013.

VIÑALES An easy day trip from Havana, the spectacular Viñales Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage site - and supposedly Fidel’s favourite place in Cuba - home to gorgeously dramatic rock formations and miles of lush tobacco farms. (Odds are good that the Montecristo you’ll puf after dinner started life here.) Explore the valley on horseback with a guided trip through the mogotes, the distinctive limestone hills that dot the prehistoric-looking landscape, then climb to the bubble-gum-pink Hotel Los Jazmines, an idyllic respite with stunning valley views. Or, for a fully authentic experience, try one of the town’s dozens of casas particulares - private houses with delicious home-cooked meals and conversations with real Cubans.

TRINIDAD Four hours from Havana lies this fantastically preserved colonial town, where horse-drawn carriages clop along cobblestone streets and vibrant colours burst from every block. Here, your best bet is to get outdoors: The Topes de Collantes Park, half an hour outside town, has several spectacular day hikes, including to the Salto del Caburni, a 64-metre waterfall, or you can sunbathe on Playa Ancón, possibly the most beautiful beach on the whole island. Recharge with dinner at La Redacción, in a mid-1800s building that was once home to the newspaper El Liberal, which serves European-inluenced fare including fresh ish and organic local meats and vegetables. Afterward, catch a cab to Disco Ayala, an underground nightclub on the edge of town - it’s literally in a cave - where young cubanos dance to reggaeton that echoes of the stone walls late into the night.

SANTIAGO DE CUBA A sign over the highway leading into Cuba’s bustling second city reads: THE CAPITAL OF THE CARIBBEAN AND THE CRADLE OF SON. Son, the Afro-Cuban musical fusion from which both salsa and timba derive, typiies what Santiago is all about: maraca-shaking, bongo-thwoping, hip-swivelling music. The hometown of Buena Vista Social Club’s Compay Segundo and Ibrahim Ferrer, this is the place to dance, or even just watch. Mainstay venues include the Casa de la Trova and the Patio de los Dos Abuelos, but the city really comes alive in July, when the rhythms of Carnaval take over and dancers and percussionists lood the streets. Rest your feet at the Hotel Casa Granda, a Graham Greene-approved colonial landmark on the corner of Parque Céspedes, the town’s leafy main square.

BARACOA At the easternmost end of the island, the farthest from Havana both geographically and culturally, lies this 500-year-old port town, the oldest in Cuba. Long cut of from the rest of the country by mountains, and for centuries reachable only by boat, Baracoa developed its own distinct cuisine and style, both of which still thrive today. Stay at the Hotel El Castillo, built in the ruins of an 18th-century fort on a hill in the middle of town, with a pool that features 180-degree views of the Bahía de Miel (Bay of Honey) and El Yunque, the anvil-shaped mountain that dominates the horizon. And for dinner, try one of the many seafood-centric paladares, like La Terraza, where you can take in the warm sea breeze on the namesake terrace and top things of with cucurucho, a tasty coconut-and-honey pudding (a regional specialty) - all while plotting how quickly you can make it back.

J U L Y 2 016


Rolled GOLD

From Fidel Castro’s private stock to highly limited editions never made available to the public, there’s a whole world of rare and valuable Cuban cigars most collectors can only dream of Text by G. CL AY WHITTAKER


hen it comes to cigars, Cuba’s are the stuf of legend; the country’s most famous export is practically an empire unto itself. Before Kennedy signed the trade embargo in 1962, he famously sent an aide around to a dozen cigar shops to procure a stockpile of his favourite brand, and only put pen to paper when he was satisied with the count. Cuba is to cigars what Bordeaux or Napa is to wine: equal parts tradition, terroir, and myth. That combination has created a larger-than-cult following for its most prized brands, including Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, and the granddaddy of them all, Cohiba. It’s become a point of pride among Americans to smoke Cuban cigars whenever and however they can. And for the rest of the world, amassing gigantic and varied collections of all the latest products coming out of the island is a sign of status. But for even the most connected titans and oligarchs, some products remain nearly beyond reach - rare private issues they may never have a chance to buy, or may never even know exist. Cohiba is always a major focus of collectors, primarily because, since 1966, it has been the personal blend of Fidel Castro. It was made exclusively for El Commandante until 1968, when a very small quantity was made available to the public. The Cuban state has an official diplomatic band (pictured left) that adorns its cigars, most of which go to world leaders, and there’s no way of knowing how many of them exist. Even more distinctively, King Felipe VI of Spain receives cigars with a unique band from Cuba, a longstanding tradition based on the strong relationship between the two countries. It’s widely counterfeited. Ajay Patel, who owns the La Casa del Habano cigar shop in London, is the international

gatekeeper of these rareied products. His impressive collection includes every major special release from Cuba since the 1960s, those sometimes impossible-to-get cigars that were made for milestones or speciic people, or a very long time ago. That list includes anniversary releases like the Cohiba 1996 Doble Robusto, for which only 45 humidors and 1,000 jars were produced to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary. “That was the irst time since the revolution they made a porcelain jar,” says Patel. “The cigars smell stunning right now: It’s like an overripe ig smell - the moment you open the lid, that’s what hits you.” Ten years later, for its 40th anniversary, Cohiba released a humidor designed by French maker Elie Bleu. Limited to 100 units, it was the irst appearance of the now infamous Behike blend, a spicier, bolder Cohiba cigar that became an instant classic. But Cohiba isn’t the only name in the realm of the rareied. Three atypically branded products actually tend to fetch the most at auction these days. Patel calls them the Trinity. “The holy, holy grail is the 25th Cubatabaco, made in 1987 to celebrate 25 years of Cubatabaco,” says Patel. “They only made 100 of those. Then you’ve got the 1492, celebrating 500 years of Christopher Columbus, released in 1992 in 501 humidors, which was also the irst time each cigar had a serial number inside the ring. And last, there’s the 1994.” The latter was made to commemorate the sale of Cubatabaco to Habanos, a milestone that might not mean much to the rest of the world, but means quite a bit to collectors, if only for the extreme rarity of the cigars - each of the editions above goes for as much as $50,000 at auction. There are less obscure items that collectors covet, too, and by nature of their age and popularity, they’re hard J U L Y 2 016


No. 1


1. Boar’s tooth cigar cutter, HERMÈS, $1,100. 2. Flat lighter, DUPONT FOR HERMÈS, $1,500. 3. Alligator and shagreen box, vintage, $2,400. 4. Leather-wrapped jumbo table lighter, vintage, $1,100. 5. Sterling coin cigar cutter, HERMÈS, $550. 6. Gold and sterling cigar case, BULGARI, $1,200. 7. Gold cigar scissors, vintage, $275. 8. Chain motif ashtray, HERMÈS, $700. 9. Sterling cigar cutter, GUCCI, $375.

No. 9 No. 2

No. 8

No. 3

No. 4

No. 6 No. 5 No. 7

P R E V I O U S S P R E A D : L E F T, P E T E R D E N C H / G E T T Y I M A G E S R E P O RTA G E ; R I G H T, © B E T T M A N / C O R B I S . O P P O S I T E PA G E : P H O T O G R A P H E D BY M A R K P L AT T; S T Y L E D BY A N D R E W P O RT E R . T H I S PA G E , C L O C KW I S E F R O M T O P: C O U RT E S Y O F A RT U R O F U E N T E ; C O U RT E S Y O F D A V I D O F F; C O U RT E S Y O F TAT U A J E ; H A L F W H E E L . C O M .

to ind. Patel says he gets requests every day for things like Cuban Davidofs from the 1970s, Dunhills from the 1960s - the stuf of Gordon Gekko’s dreams. “Then when I shoot an email back and tell them the price,” says Patel, “they just drop of their rocker.” Older cigars can often garner high prices, but the problem is that most cigars from, say, 1910 don’t survive. Many times they’re not well stored; a cigar left out of proper humidiication for a decade isn’t going to be smokable. Another complication is that those manufactured before 1984 lack details of their production dates on the packaging, so while a box you purchase today from a tobacconist will give you the month and year it was made, cigar traders and dealers of older stock will make a rough estimate based on warranty seals and minor details. Still, cigars don’t have a shelf life, and it’s rare for them to be well-kept. When they are it’s a delicate and delicious experience: Decades of mellowing means the tobacco’s lavour is rounded and smoother, sweet, and, some say, perfected. Like wines, these decades-old treasures are only getting harder to ind and more expensive by the day. But don’t be discouraged. If you haven’t started a collection, it’s never too late to dip your toe in. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Cohiba brand, and that means some limited-edition showstoppers are on the way. Habanos will be releasing 1,966 humidors containing the new Majestuoso, with a fatter, 58-ring gauge size. The company is also producing 50 humidors with Elie Bleu that will be illed with the new (and gigantic) 60-ring Cohiba 50 Aniversario: the thickest Cohiba ever created.

BEST OF THE REST While Cubans enjoy a larger international collector’s market, the U.S. has long been the main recipient of rare cigars from the rest of the tobacco-rolling world. Caribbean countries like Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic are home to brands that produce magnificent cigars in extremely limited quantities. Cubans are, for the moment, still illegal, but they may actually be easier to acquire than some of these sought-after legal treasures. We recommend enjoying them at New York’s legendary cigar club, the Grand Havana Room.

Arturo Fuente’s Fuente Fuente OpusX Released just twice a year, the king of Dominican cigars comes in dozens of sizes, ranging in rarity from findable to “not made for the public.” They’re produced in odd shapes, with names like Scorpion and Football (fewer than 100 Footballs have ever been made).

Davidof Year of the Monkey 2016 Davidoff regularly finds excuses to celebrate holidays and special events with new products, but they really do it in style for Chinese New Year. For the Year of the Monkey, they released a special blend in just a few thousand boxes of stock worldwide, which promptly became collector’s items on the aftermarket.

Tatuaje Monster Series More art piece than cigar, the Tatuaje Monster Series is an annual Halloween release that pays homage to classic horror-movie villains like Dracula and the Wolfman, except the only thing that’s scary about them is how hard they are to find. The cigars and boxes are designed to coincide with the character of a chosen year, most recently Mr. Hyde.

Padrón 50th Anniversary Humidor When the Padrón brand turned 50 in 2015, the company released a limited number of special humidors, filled with a unique size of the new 50th anniversary blend cigars. Only an owner of one of those humidors—and no one else - may purchase refills of the cigar for personal use, in perpetuity.

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Previous Spread: Jacket, Topman; Polo Neck, Topman; Pants, H&M; Shoes, Aldo. This Page: Coat, Zara; Jersey, Topman; Pants, Zara; Shoes, Aldo.


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This Page: Blazer, Polo; Shirt, H&M; Tie, H&M; Trousers, Polo.

Left Page: Blazer, Zara; T-Shirt, Tiger of Sweden; Pants, Zara. This Page: Blazer, H&M; Shirt, Topman; Trousers, H&M; Shoes, Barker available at Stuttafords.

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Left Page: Blazer, Zara; Sweater, H&M; Pants, H&M; Shoes, H&M. This Page: Coat, Zara; Trousers, Tiger of Sweden; Shoes, Zara.


PEOPLE’S CHAMPION The reasoning behind the name “The Rock”.


J U L Y 2 016

he world has always been fascinated with big, larger than

shone through and he quickly established himself as his school’s

life muscled men, from the Biblical Samson to Greek hero

standout star and by his senior year he was named in USA Today’s high

Hercules, from Arnold “I’ll Be Back” Schwarzenegger to

school All-American team. Before graduation Johnson was recruited by

Hulk “Pay up Gawker” Hogan. Throughout time the

several colleges, but he chose to head to Florida to attend the University

Average Joe out there has idolised these “real-life

of Miami, where he played defensive tackle. He soon became known for

superheroes”, yet very few have grabbed and held the world’s attention

his talents in gridiron, but was also known for his crazy antics. During

like pro-wrestler and Hollywood star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. You

one game against San Diego in 1992, millions of people watched on

have to go back in time and understand that The Rock’s life journey was

television as he raced around the field chasing the opponent’s mascot, a

what shaped him into the superhero he is today.

man in a giant Aztec warrior costume.


On the 2nd of May 1972, Dwayne Douglas Johnson was born to an up-

Johnson’s future in football looked bright until he suffered a back

and-coming African American wrestler named Rocky Johnson and Ata

injury during his senior year. He was so depressed that he cut classes

Maivia, daughter of Peter “High Chief” Maivia who was a professional

and his grade point average (GPA) dropped to a dangerously low 0.7. Not

wrestling legend. Professional wrestling was clearly in the young

only was he sitting on the bench, he was also on academic probation.

Johnson’s blood but it would be many years before he even considered a

Johnson pulled himself together, thanks in part to his future wife, Dany

career in professional wrestling. Due to his father’s profession, the

Garcia, a business major he met while in Miami. Garcia encouraged him

Johnson family moved all over the country, never really allowing the

to hit the books, and in 1995 he graduated with a degree in criminology

young Dwayne to settle and make friends. To complicate matters, back

and a respectable 2.9 GPA.

in the late 70s early 80s professional wrestling was frowned upon by the

Still suffering side effects from his back injury, Johnson was not

majority of people and Dwayne was constantly teased at school; this,

picked during the 1995 National Football Draft and all but put an end to

combined with his quick temper, led to a tough time for the future

his career in pro football. However, he refused to give up on his dream

superstar. However in the mid-80s things settled down for the Johnson

and eventually signed for the Calagary Stampeders, a Canadian Football

family where Dwayne finally found some stability in his life and while

League franchise, but life in Canada was miserable. Johnson saw little

attending Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, his

field action and was paid less than $200 per week to be a practice-squad

fascination with sport finally gave the young man an outlet for his

player. He rented a tiny, dingy apartment and slept on a mattress he

frustrations. Excelling at boxing and track, Dwayne poured all his focus

found near a local dumpster. His salary left little room for food, so

into American Football, hoping to win a scholarship in order to become

Johnson took to attending every Stampeder meeting, even though he

the first member of his family to attend college. His natural athleticism

didn’t have to, because he knew sandwiches would be served. He was

J U L Y 2 016


determined to stick it out, but in an abrupt move, Johnson was let go by

had to change very quickly.

the football franchise to make room for a former NFL player. Johnson

In mid-1997, after suffering a knee injury, Johnson took some time off

and immediately approached his father with a proposal: he wanted to

to recuperate, marry his long-time girlfriend Dany Garcia and to rethink

be trained as a wrestler. His decision was made partially out of necessity,

his wrestling persona. Working closely with the WWF writers and

but Johnson also had a real love of the sport. Initially his father was

producers, Johnson finally unveiled his new and improved wrestling

hesitant, knowing how tough the life of a pro-wrestler was for him, but

persona, The Rock. Described by Johnson as “Dwayne Johnson with the

Rocky finally relented, and for the next few months kept the would-be

volume turned up to 11”, The Rock would be a heel and with Johnson’s

wrestler on a gruelling training schedule. When he felt prepared

natural charisma and incredible mic skills become one of the biggest

enough, Johnson contacted a colleague of his grandfather’s, who helped

superstars in wrestling history. Alongside fellow bad boy and fierce

open the door for a try-out with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF)

rival Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock transformed the wrestling

in Corpus Christi, Texas. Although promoters were impressed enough

landscape and together created one of the organisation most successful

to sign a contract with him, Johnson still had to pay his initial dues by

periods, The Attitude Era”. Many contribute the success of the current

spending some time in Memphis, Tennessee, performing in the WWF

WWE to the successful rivalries and personas of The Rock and Steve

second-tier system, the Unites States Wrestling Alliance. During the

Austin with both being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The Rock

summer of 1996 Johnson wrestled in promotional matches using the

also became a merchandising gold mine. His image appeared on

name Flex Kavana, and earned about $40 per night. In August he was

T-shirts, posters, and Halloween masks; and there were Rock action

given his second professional try-out, this time pitted against a well-

figures and video games. By the 2000s, according to Gillian Flynn of

known wrestler named Owen Hart. He did so well that he was transferred

Entertainment Weekly, the WWF was bringing in $120 million in

to Connecticut where the WWF headquarters and training facility were

merchandise sales per year, thanks solely to Johnson. The Rock was a

located. One year after his Canadian low, Johnson made his professional

global sensation, yet Dwayne Johnson wanted more.

wrestling debut at the world famous Madison Square Garden. Performing

Johnson’s appeal was not limited to wrestling fans, although he is

under the name of Rocky Maivia, a tribute to his father and grandfather.

credited with almost doubling the WWF’s female fan base, thanks in

Performing as a baby face, a term for the good guy in wrestling, Miavia

large part to his movie-star good looks. He was so popular that in 2000,

would face the heel, term for the bad guy, Paul Levesque, better known

when he published his autobiography, The Rock Says, the book stayed

as Triple H at the 1996 Survivor Series. Johnson was on top of the world,

on the New York Times bestseller list for an astonishing twenty weeks.

yet the wrestling fans absolutely hated his character and rejected him

Johnson drew record crowds at book signings, and began popping up on

straight off the bat. In an industry where image is everything, something

television, both to promote his book and to take on small acting roles.

Scenes from The Rock’s latest role, Central Intellegence.


J U L Y 2 016

He made several appearances on the late-night comedy program

high school reunion. Claiming to be on a top-secret case, Bob enlists the

Saturday Night Live, and was featured on such TV shows as DAG, Star

help of former “big man on campus” Calvin (Hart), now an accountant

Trek: Voyager, and That ‘70’s Show. The next logical step was the big

who misses his glory days. But before the staid numbers-cruncher

screen. In 2001 Johnson appeared briefly in the summer blockbuster

realizes what he’s getting into, it’s too late to get out, as his increasingly

The Mummy Returns, for which he was paid, in Hollywood terms, a

unpredictable new friend drags him through a world of shoot-outs,

paltry $500,000. Although he was given only minutes of screen time,

double-crosses and espionage that could get them both killed in more

producers were impressed enough that they built a movie around

ways than Calvin can count. Pairing Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart as

Johnson’s Mummy character, called The Scorpion King. The film, which

unlikely former high school friends, and even unlikelier spy-busting,

was released in 2002, was set in ancient Egypt. Johnson plays Mathayus,

world-saving, accidental partners on the run, director Rawson Marshall

a desert warrior who is determined to save his people from an evil

Thurber’s “Central Intelligence” offers a fun and fast-paced mash-up of

conqueror named Memnon. When The Scorpion King hit theaters in

comedy and explosive action. It’s classic Dwayne Johnson film filled

April of 2002, it made more than $36 million during its opening

with intense action and amazing funny moments, with Johnson and

weekend. Critics discussed the digitized action sequences and compared

Hart complementing each other perfectly. Once again Dwayne Johnson

the movie to The Mummy, but most focused on Johnson and his million-

has hit gold and proves without a doubt that Dwayne “The Rock”

dollar performance. In various reviews he was called a big-screen

Johnson is not only the most electrifying man in sports entertainment

champ and the new face of Hollywood action. Following the success of

but entertainment in general. The Rock is cooking and it smells amazing.

The Scorpion King, Johnson would go on to star in various films from the action packed The Rundown, The Fast and The Furious series, Pain and Gain and most recently the action comedy Central Intelligence alongside funny man Kevin Hart. The story follows a one-time bullied geek, Bob (Johnson), who grew up to be a lethal CIA agent, coming home for his





J U L Y 2 016

DOOM Is there still room for the bombastic demon-slaying shooting from gaming’s heydays? Te x t b y A NDR E C OET Z E R


n the 13th of May 1993 a little game known as


Doom was unleashed upon the unsuspecting

When your Marine’s sole purpose in life is killing and destroying

world. It was violent, it was fast, it was gory

everything in his path, one would expect some proper killing tools and

as all hell and it was magnificent. It paved

Doom does not disappoint. From the second you pick up the shotgun

the way for the future of gaming, changing

early in the game the real fun starts. As with all id Software games, the

the very landscape one kill at a time. Now,

guns themselves feel amazing to shoot, with a real weight to them as you

it’s 23 years later and things are very

unload on a swarm of demons. From the standard rocket launcher, to

different, first person shooters are dominated by realistic war

super shotgun, to the iconic Doom classic BFG gun, each weapon packs

“simulators” from your Call of Duty’s to Battlefields.

the desired punch to leave a trail of blood and guts in your path. Of course no Doom game would be complete without the chainsaw, a


gruesome flesh ripping tool often best saved for only the most dire of

Doom in 2016 is a breath of fresh violent, brutal air. It’s a return to the

situations. There is a certain morbid satisfaction ripping your enemies

fast-paced all-out action of first person shooter from the 90s. This is not

apart with the chainsaw. As your arsenal expands, switching between

a game where you take your time to line up your sights and strategically

guns with your radial menu quickly becomes second nature. You learn

take out your enemies. This is a game where you spray the screen with

to move around that menu as effortlessly as the Marine moves around

bullets to destroy anything and everything in your way. Illustrious

the world; every design consideration is beyond precise, providing

studio id Software takes a lot of inspiration from the classic 1993 original,

perfect balance to the ensuing chaos.

the intense bloodshed, the ridiculous pace of the action, it’s all there just dialled up to 11. New Doom feels much faster than its ’93 older brother,


and after a brief introduction it continues to push the action without

Of course Doom’s centrepiece is it’s lengthy campaign and you’ll spend

pause. The lengthy campaign constantly ups the ante and by the final

hours upon hours of killing all your favourite Doom demons. Many of the

quarter of the game you’ll be amazed by the destructive blitzkrieg that

original enemies return from the Revenant to the imposing Cyberdemon,

Doom delivers. It’s an intense journey through hell that never stops to

all with a new redesign making them look and feel more imposingly evil

take a breath.

than ever before. As with most modern first person shooter these days,


the campaign mode and delivers a very familiar feeling from a previous

Doom has an accompanying multiplayer. It’s as frenetic and fast paced as Doom’s premise has always been very simple one - you are a faceless

id Software game Quake. Unfortunately this is not Doom’s strongest

Marine who shoots demons. No deep developing plot, no overarching

aspect, as it feels a bit low on content and longevity compared to other

story. You’re a one-man killing machine ripping Hell a new one. And that

popular shooters out there. However, another new addition to Doom is

has always been Doom’s charm. It’s about killing as many demons and

the intuitive yet complex level editor called SnapMap that encourages

hell spawn as violently and quickly as possible. New Doom is no different,

the Doom community to create and design their very own levels by

you wake up shackled to an operating table, break free and you’re off to

manipulating game systems, tinkering with the A.I. and even setup their

kill as much as you can. There are basic story elements scattered

own scripted events. It works incredibly well and definitely adds to the

through the world via codex and terminals but Doom’s focus, and rightly

longevity of the much-loved shooter.

so, is one of shooting until there is nothing left. New to the series however is a contextual finisher called Glory Kill, in which you shoot


enemies enough to stagger them, rush up close and watch your Marine

2016 Doom is absolutely amazing and completely elevates the series to

tear, smash, rip and disembowel the demons to death. This is not just for

new heights. By combining the elements of the ’93 classic with the

show, it’s actually quite a vital part to surviving in the world of Doom

standards of today’s FPS’, id Software have truly created a shooter

because once you execute a Glory Kill you will receive additional health

masterpiece. It’s ridiculously fast, incredibly violent and stupendously

or ammo packs – content that is absolutely vital in a game that doesn’t

satisfying. Doom is back and better than ever.

feature the industry standard health regeneration.

J U L Y 2 016



MIRROR’S EDGE CATALYST You’ve got to have Faith… Te x t b y A NDR E C OET Z E R


J U L Y 2 016


ight years ago, EA released a new IP in the guise of Mirror’s Edge, a first person parkour “simulator” set in a beautiful dystopian city. Loved by many and hated by some, the original Mirror’s Edge was certainly a divisive game, but few could argue that what it brought to the

table was exciting and new. Now after an agonizingly long wait for the sequel, Mirror’s Edge is back, but has developer DICE taken the series to the new heights it deserves? WELCOME TO THE CITY OF GLASS Mirror’s Edge Catalyst improves on the original in almost every single aspect - almost. The game now features an open world city instead of the locked off corridors from the previous game and it really benefits from this. The free running feels more organic but is still as satisfying as the original, with some extra new moves thrown in to make you even more mobile than ever. The biggest change to the sequel is thankfully to the combat system. In the original game, the combat felt clunky and the shooting was more a hindrance that got in the way of the amazing free running mechanic, whereas in Catalyst, the developer has dropped all guns and shooting plus they have made it possible to potentially avoid all combat (apart from three mandatory fight sequences, but more on that later). Build up enough momentum as you traverse around the city and you will build up a Focus shield that can be used to knock annoying enemies out of the way while you run past them or absorb bullet damage. It’s a welcomed feature to the game and one that many fans of the original will be incredibly thankful for. REFLECTIONS OF THE WAY LIFE USED TO BE As amazing as Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is, unfortunately it has dragged along some of the issues from the original. Once again you play as Faith, a “Runner” that transports items for revolutionary groups hiding from the totalitarian government. Catalyst can be seen as a soft reboot for the Faith character as this is a prequel to the original that explores the origins of Faith and how she became to be this badass parkour freedom fighter. Much like the original the story itself is rather weak and very po-faced. Majority of the characters you meet along the way are instantly dislikeable and the totalitarian government angle really feels like it has run its course. Fortunately, the cut scenes are short and once you are zipping along the beautifully realized world you quickly forget about your annoying companions/antagonists. As mentioned earlier, there are three distinct moments where you are forced into combat and this is where things fall apart a bit. The combat system is not quite up to scratch and these encounters turn into frustrating and tiresome events. For a game that gives you the freedom of the city to parkour to your heart’s delight it’s a shame that they still feel the need to make combat a part of the game. TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR Those annoying aspects aside, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is still a fantastic sequel that retains everything that made the original so well loved. The City of Glass looks amazing in DICE’s Frostbite engine and free running around the open world feels more liberating than we could’ve hoped for. Much like the original, Catalyst will be a divisive game. If you disliked the first game then chances are you won’t get into Catalyst but if you were a fan of the original then you will find even more reasons to fall in love with Faith all over again.

J U L Y 2 016


A BEAUTIFUL MIND The inspiration for what we now know as Google came to Larry Page in a dream. Now fully awake, the enigmatic CEO of Alphabet is on a mission to solve the world’s biggest problems, including mortality itself Text by WI L L I A M D. CO H A N


J U L Y 2 016


wenty years ago, when he was still a graduate student, Larry Page changed the world. Now, with a fortune estimated at $36 billion, he wants to do it again. Page, 42, is the CEO of Alphabet, Inc., the newly

someday,” Filo said. One person they turned to for funding was David Cheriton, a Stanford professor of computer science, who wrote them a cheque for $100,000. “I saw Page back then as a smart but somewhat understated grad

created holding company for Google which is the

student, who had built something cool that the world would benefit

planet’s dominant search engine, and for a bunch of loosely related

from,” Cheriton wrote in an email. (Forbes estimates Cheriton’s net

businesses he hopes will someday allow every one of us to, among other

worth at $3 billion.) Google struggled a bit at first but with the help of

things, have universal access to the totality of information known to

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Novell, whom Page and Brin recruited

man; be ferried by driverless, energy-efficient cars wherever we want to

as CEO in 2001 to famously provide “adult supervision,” the juggernaut

go; and live forever.

took off. (For the record, Brin came up with the name “Alphabet”; Page

In other words, Page’s ambition is nearly limitless, and, thanks to the

gets the credit for “Google.”)

billions of dollars in cash flow that Google generates each year, he may

Page’s love of technological innovation is in his DNA. His father, Carl,

be one of the few people with the resources to pull it off. Page may also

got “three and a half” degrees from the University of Michigan,

be poised to revolutionise the way modern corporations function. He

including, in 1965, a Ph.D. in “communications science” instead of

has long worried that companies get stuck doing the same thing

“computer science,” because people thought “computers were just a

repeatedly and become content with incremental change. Innovators

passing fad,” his son explained. His parents met at Michigan in 1962,

tend to get frustrated and leave. He wants Alphabet to be a place where

when his father noticed his mother, Gloria, standing atop a ladder in

entrepreneurs succeed








order to clean the dirty ceiling at a


student housing co-op. Money was



tight, especially early on when



they were raising Page’s brother,

projects, Page said he likes to

Carl Jr., nine years his senior. (In

apply some simple rules: “Is that

2000, Carl Jr. sold his cofounded

thing really, really important? Is

company eGroups to Yahoo for

it going to affect everyone in the

$432 million in stock; he now

world? Is it going to affect a lot of

works as a serial entrepreneur in

people every day?” Needless to

San Francisco.) Eventually, his

say, very few CEOs think this

parents joined the Michigan State


University faculty, his father as a





Page was much less confident

professor of computer science, his

in 1995 when he enrolled in the

mother as a teacher of computer


programming. Carl Page, who



program at Stanford University,

suffered throughout his life from

where he first met Sergey Brin,

polio, died of pneumonia in May

who later became his business

1996, some months after his son

partner. Page was anxious and

had moved to California. The BBC

thought he’d been admitted by

described him as a “pioneer in

mistake. “I had an irrational fear

computer science and artificial

I would be sent home on the

intelligence.” His father’s death

bus,” he explained. His feelings

affected Page deeply.

of inadequacy at the time kept

One day he came across a copy

him up, and he slept fitfully. One night, when he was 23, he had a strange

of his father’s valedictory speech from Flint Mandeville High School,

dream. Suddenly he woke up thinking, “What if we could download the

class of 1956, and was “blown away” by it. He could have written it

whole Web and just keep the links?” He grabbed a pen and started doing

himself: “We are entering a changing world,” Page’s father had said.

some calculations. He figured he could do it in a couple of weeks. He told

“We shall take part in, or witness, developments in science, medicine,

Terry Winograd, his academic adviser at Stanford. “He nodded

and industry that we cannot dream of today.” You don’t get to be one of

knowingly,” Page says, “fully aware it would take much longer but wise

the world’s richest people without taking some calculated risks and

enough to not tell me.” But eventually Page got it done. He had discovered

dreaming big. And Larry Page has been doing both for a long time. As an

a way to rank Web pages by how useful they were to people, and

undergraduate at the University of Michigan, he had what he called the

inadvertently figured out how to mint money.

“crazy idea” to build a personal rapid transit system at the school -

Page and Brin developed the algorithm that created the world’s most

essentially a driverless monorail - to replace the campus buses. He didn’t

successful search engine, and that led to the creation of Google itself,

like waiting for the bus. Sometimes the bus was late, or it was raining

one of the world’s most important and admired companies (and for a

outside. “It was a futuristic way of solving our transportation problems,”

few days recently, its most valuable). They offered the new search

he said in a May 2009 commencement address at his alma mater. And

technology to David Filo, one of the founders of Yahoo, who rejected it.

though he never built it, he remained obsessed about changing the way

He told them to start their own company. “Maybe we’ll use you

we get around.

Opposite: Larry Page delivers the keynote presentation at Google I/O in 2013 This page: A robot from Google Creative Lab sketches portraits from smartphone images

J U L Y 2 016


Now, thanks to Page’s nurturing (and boundless resources), that seemingly far-fetched dream has become the driverless car, which may soon be transporting the elderly and the blind on their daily errands and helping to reduce the more than 1.2 million annual traffic fatalities worldwide, the majority of which result from driver error. “You never lose a dream; it just incubates as a hobby,” Page has said. And as he told the Michigan graduates, it’s often easier to make progress on “mega-ambitious” dreams. “Since no one else is crazy enough to do it, you have little competition,” he said, distilling his business philosophy down to a few sentences. “There are so few people this crazy that I feel like I know them all by irst name. They all travel as if they are pack dogs and stick to each other like glue. The best people want to work the big challenges. That is what happened with Google. Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. How can that not get you excited?” Page is notoriously press-shy. (“Larry’s not doing any interviews,” said Alphabet’s head of global communications, who also declined to make other senior executives available to speak about Page.) But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t talk to people. He recently got back from the TED conference in Vancouver, one of many such events he likes to attend that allow him to meet other engineers and pick their brains about new, new things. By all appearances, he is also a devoted family man. In December 2007, after dating onetime Google executive Marissa Mayer (now the embattled CEO of Yahoo), Page married Lucinda “Lucy” Southworth, a gorgeous blonde Stanford doctoral student (in biomedical informatics, naturally) and the sister of actress Carrie Southworth. The wedding was held on Necker Island, which is owned by his best man and fellow billionaire, Richard Branson. Some 600 guests were lown in on private jets and put up on the nearby island of Virgin Gorda. Page is thought to own Eustatia Island nearby.

The couple have two young children, and the family lies around on a modiied Boeing 767 Page originally bought with Brin and then refurbished. (They also reportedly own two Gulfstream Vs, a Boeing 757, and a Dornier Alpha ighter jet.) For R&R, the Pages often head to Alaska or tour the tropics aboard Senses, the nearly 200-foot superyacht Page bought in 2011 for $45 million. And in Palo Alto, they own two homes on a plot they combined from buying up adjacent land. But Page’s most exciting property may be Google’s proposed new canopy-covered corporate headquarters, designed by starchitects Bjarke Ingels and Thomas Heatherwick for a 24-hectare tract next to its current base of operations in Mountain View, California. Ingels said the new headquarters will help deine what “Google 2.0” is about. Last November, Page spoke on stage in a rare interview with Fortune’s Alan Murray, whose magazine has described him as “the most ambitious CEO in the universe.” His dark hair now prematurely streaked with grey, Page still managed to look boyish in the Silicon Valley uniform of black T-shirt and grey sports jacket as he laid out his vision for Alphabet. He wants entrepreneurs to thrive. Just as working as a consultant earlier in his life was “not his calling,” for many entrepreneurs, working at a big company isn’t right, either. He sees his principal responsibility at Alphabet as giving the CEOs of the business units the latitude they need to succeed - as legendary investor Warren Bufett does at Berkshire Hathaway. Page also encourages his executives to fail, telling them that if they failed more often they would learn faster. He told Murray the story of how he visits Google’s data centers and asks “lots and lots and lots of questions… as an entrepreneur and as a businessperson.” He explained that Google was having problems getting transformers, often waiting a year for them to arrive. “That’s a problem, but it’s also an opportunity,” he said. “Why does it take a year? Why does it get shipped on a train car and then a special truck? And then it takes a long time to arrive. Is

Google Fiber introduction of superfast internet service, roughly 100 times faster than what most

Google X

Google Glass

Americans have first version of the optical, head-mounted

the company’s now legendary

computer launches, providing smart-

semisecret research and


development facility launches

phone-like hands-free interaction



Calico Self-Driving Car biotech research with a Google announces it has successfully

mission to extend

logged over 225, 000 kilometres in driverless

the human life span

vehicles, a “fiffiirst in robotics research”


J U L Y 2 016

Boston Dynamics the largest of the company’s robotics acquisitions comes with a humanoid robot that can navigate rough terrain and open doors

that really the right solution? It makes you wonder.” Solving the transformer problem might become a new business 10 years down the line. Page focuses on the little things in hopes of getting an idea for something really big. In 2015, he hired Daniel Doctorof, the former CEO of Bloomberg LP, to create Sidewalk Labs, a company with the mission of improving “life in cities for everyone through the application of technology to solve urban problems.” According to an insider, Alphabet invested $2 billion in the project. In January, a consortium of partners led by Doctorof began rolling out highspeed wi-i kiosks in New York City. That’s only the start. Page is also trying to solve the problem of bringing Internet access to people around the world who don’t have it. “Project Loon,” another idea currently in the testing phase, envisions a leet of balloons lying 66,000 feet above the Earth’s surface that will connect the Internet to the cell phones in people’s pockets. It’s all part of Page’s plan. Google X, the semi-secretive laboratory for Page’s long-shot ideas, is now simply called “X.” Projects developed there are evaluated by the Foundry, a newly appointed group that decides which ideas die and which go on to become independent companies under Alphabet. Among those greenlighted are Google Fibre, which has already brought impossibly fast Internet connections to nine U.S. cities and has plans to roll the service out to a bunch more; Verily, which wants to marry technology with health-care services and recently joined forces with Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon to build better surgical robots; and the life extension company Calico, which Google introduced with the audacious proposal to “cure death.” Calico intends to devise what it nebulously describes as “interventions” that will allow people to live longer, healthier lives. Cheriton applauds Page’s ambitions. “Most of the great leaps forward in technology have come from ‘skunkworks’ projects,” he said. “Larry loves to hang out with the skunks. But I think he is also motivated by being in a position where he can help turn these

projects into realities.” No matter how you cut it, Page is an unusual CEO. “He thinks about business in a diferent way than anybody else I’ve ever encountered,” said Fortune’s Murray after the interview, adding that of all the hundreds of CEOs he’s talked to, his conversation with Page was the most fun he’s ever had. For the past seven years, Google has topped the magazine’s list of best companies to work for. And for the second year in a row, it ranked as the second Most Admired (behind Apple). “It’s just all about trying to solve problems,” Murray said. As for Page’s ultimate goals, there seems to be no ceiling. The further one ventures on the technological horizon, he says, the more one realizes what is possible. The “clunkiness” of computers still frustrates him. He wants to make them smarter so that they can understand people and be better at helping us. In 2014, Google acquired DeepMind, a British artiicial intelligence company with a mission of “solving intelligence” and transforming the way we live. Page has renamed it Google DeepMind and has encouraged inventor Ray Kurzweil, who joined Google in 2012, to work with it. Kurzweil has been attempting to create an artiicial replica of the human brain that is capable, he believes, of consciousness. In an article in the MIT Technology Review, Kurzweil estimated that to emulate the human brain, a computer would need to perform around 100 trillion calculations per second. “It would be hard to provide that to a billion users,” Kurzweil explained, “although I’ve discussed that with Larry Page and he thinks it’s possible.” Kurzweil also talks realistically about the so-called “singularity,” the day not too far of when the pace of technological change becomes so rapid that there will be a rupture and life as we know it will be transformed. Humans might live forever. Page is a believer as well, and helped to found Singularity University, a think tank to solve the “world’s toughest problems.” Figuring out the “mortality problem” is as mega as it gets on the ambition scale, and it’s no surprise that Page doesn’t ind it daunting in the least.

Nest smart home technology for thermostats,

Alphabet, Inc.

smoke detectors, and security systems

groundbreaking parent company


for Google and its offspring biotechnology research to prevent, detect, and manage



Google DeepMind


Project Wing

Sidewalk Labs

ultra-fast delivery drones

urban solutions such as modern, affordable housing, energy management,

flexible, adaptive artificial intelligence that

equitable transportation, and healthy air

can learn—en route to creating thinking



J U L Y 2 016



HOUSE That Gildo Built The evolution of an Italian menswear dynasty Text by DAV ID COGGINS


J U L Y 2 016



rrmenegildo Zegna is one of the deinitive and most inluential names in men’s tailoring. It’s also one of the most successful, with earnings of more than 1 billion euros a year. The Italian house has over 500 stores worldwide and has become a key player in China, where growth has been astounding. Since opening its irst store in Beijing in 1991, the company has seen the Chinese market grow into its number one earner, now reportedly accounting for a third of its revenue. The house began as a modest textile producer in 1910. Eighteenyear-old Ermenegildo, son of a watchmaker and one of ten children, opened a fabric mill in Trivero, a small town in the alpine foothills near Turin. Zegna’s woolens were extraordinarily well made and splendidly diverse in weight and style, and soon the company was supplying fabrics to fashion labels and tailors around the world, as it still does. In the 1960s, Zegna began its own tailored clothing line, and today it is unique in that it oversees every aspect of production - it mills its own fabric and designs and manufactures

I would like to hand down to the next generation of the Zegna family, these are constant motivators to continue that success.” For decades the Zegna brand stood for discreet tailoring, but today’s man takes a more varied approach to his wardrobe. In response, Zegna has shown a considerably more unbuttoned side, proving it can speak to men of a less formal mind, who’ll wear a tie as an exception, not a rule. These are men who can wear a suit on their own terms, who have a magniicent sport coat, dressing it up one day and down the next. After all, this is a northern Italian company known for its understatement, less beholden to the sprezzatura dandyism of its Neapolitan countrymen in the south or the fashion-luent in neighbouring Milan. If Zegna’s suits were once the preferred uniform for business types with a weakness for Italian tailoring, they’ve expanded into the culture at large. Zegna suits and tuxedos now appear on star athletes such as Peyton Manning and are familiar sights on red carpets ( Jon Hamm and Idris Elba are fans). The company embraced a more fashion-forward stance when it

the clothing made from it. In business school you would call that vertical integration, and the equation works brilliantly for Zegna. It gives the company an unprecedented level of control, along with the ability to experiment with and develop new technologies, establishing the state of the textile arts. Beyond that, Zegna’s success stems from something much simpler - it understands how men want to dress. A family-run enterprise, the irm’s current CEO, Ermenegildo (known as Gildo), is the grandson of its namesake founder. “Passion is integral to our success,” he says. “The legacy that was passed down from my grandfather and my father, and the vision and drive

introduced Ermenegildo Zegna Couture, the bravado high-end line overseen from 2013 until this February by Stefano Pilati (formerly of Yves Saint Laurent). Pilati’s involvement created a new presence at Milan fashion week, and put Zegna front and centre in the menswear dialogue. Pilati’s replacement, Alessandro Sartori, has just arrived from the French house Berluti (though he is a veteran of Zegna). He’ll be the artistic director for nearly all of the brand’s lines. A signature of the company for more than 40 years is Su Misura, Zegna’s made-to-measure program that is both art and science. On any day you can walk into a Zegna store, select one of more than

Opposite page: The Zegna crest with the company’s famous fabrics. This page, from left: Zegna heir and CEO Gildo; the Zegna archive and cultural center, Casa Zegna, adjacent to the company’s wool mill in Trivero, Italy

J U L Y 2 016


turnaround is, the quality is even better as Zegna’s factories are trusted by some of the most formidable names in men’s tailoring. They made suits for Gucci when Tom Ford was at the helm. And when Ford started his own label, Tom Ford, he asked Zegna to make those suits, too.

The beauty of the made-to-measure suit is that you have all your options available, including a cut with a narrower athletic silhouette that many men favour these days. These suits are an investment (prices start at $3,395 and head north from there, depending on the fabric), but not only do they look luxurious, they also serve as a sort of dietary discipline, as you’ll want to it into them for the rest of your life. If you’re going to have a suit made, the biggest decision is the choice of fabric. Zegna punctures the myth that all blue suits are created equal. Consider Trofeo, developed by Zegna in 1965 and perfected since. It measures 17 microns (the iner the wool, the fewer the microns), which makes it as ine as cashmere but much lighter in weight. “Trofeo uses superine Australian merino wool to create strength,” Gildo Zegna notes. “Resiliency and softness in the fabric without compromising a luxurious hand.” The name is apt; trofeo means “trophy,” and if this fabric were that kind of wife, she’d be a 10. Trofeo is made from unusually long ibres, so it wrinkles far less than other ine fabrics. This is an event suit, one you’re proud to wear to your wedding or, if you’re Gildo Zegna, to your irst communion. His irst made-to-measure two-piece was cut from the

“OF COURSE, IT HELPS WHEN TASTE RUNS IN THE FAMILY.” Clockwise from top left: From the woven-leather Pelle Tesuta collection; a made-to-measure suit; the first Ermenegildo Zegna at the base of the Panoramica Zegna, a road he built in Trivero 96

J U L Y 2 016


700 fabrics, and have a suit made to your speciications in less than four weeks. That’s an equation no other company can match. Department stores and tailors have made-to-measure events twice a year - and delivery takes two months, if you’re lucky. And as quick as the

same ine wool that we now call Trofeo. If you want to dive into the deep end, there’s the truly rareied world of vicuña overcoats and fabrics, which reach the exalted level of 10 to 12 microns and cost more than a small Fiat. But in a perfect world, made-to-measure isn’t just for a suit you wear once a year; it’s part of your regular sartorial rotation. That’s why Zegna recently introduced what it calls the Casual Luxury program, a nod to the many men who are looking for options like a less structured sport coat in, say, a Japanese denim, or a raincoat in a more daring colour than beige. That means more made-to-measure options for guys who don’t wear a suit as often but are still very speciic about what they want, whether it’s a suede ield jacket or a bomber in a technical fabric. “We are speaking to the way more and more men want to dress, as their lifestyles change,” says Gildo. “We developed the collection to respond to the needs of today’s young professional who is no longer conined to the uniform of just a suit.” Zegna is a 106-year-old company, but it’s at the forefront of avantgarde technology, and its mills make some of the most luxurious and advanced - fabrics in the world. Trofeo Elements wool, for example, features a membrane that helps maintain its breathability while completely repelling water, which is perfect for moments like docking your yacht at Portoino or cracking open bottles of Champagne in the World Cup locker room. But clothing isn’t the limit of Zegna’s ambitions, which long ago expanded into shoes and leather goods. For the past two years, it has partnered with Maserati to produce a limited-edition car, complete with custom fabrics made in Zegna’s original mill. The company has come a long way since the irst Ermenegildo, built meticulously over three generations into a global menswear empire. Of course, it helps when taste runs in the family.



Photo: R. Schedl

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