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“I am going to make everything around me beautiful, that will be my life.�-Elsie De Wolfe

This senior level studio course covers the physical and psychological factors that impact hospitality environments. Students are expected to graphically demonstrate original and viable solutions. Research on human factors, codes and lighting are combined with product mix and multi-sensory aspects of design to influence perceived value to the customer.

ID383 Advanced Specialty

This studio course focuses on environmental issues concerning interior designers and the construction industry. Students participate in discussions on green design topics and learn about resources for improving indoor air quality and more responsible design choices. Following LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) analysis, a final project implements sustainable desing methods technically and creatively. ID 340 Computer Aided Design III

ID 373 Specialty Design

ID302 Sustainable Design

Courses Students successfully completing this course will be able to use Computer-Aided Design software to assist them in their three-dimensional project development. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the integration of computer technology into the design process and an introductionto BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology.

Hotel style, classification, and themes are examined for making appropriate design decisions as course content centers on the interralationships between the elements of threedimensional space planning, material/furnishing selections, contract specificiation, ande detailing within hospitality environments. Presentations are develiped to reflect current industry standards for client presentations ans sale center displays.

ID401 Interior Design Internship

ID275 Kitchen & Bath Design

This course challenges students to use planning requirements to create universal and accessible designs. Construction, electrical, and basic plumbing are taught with emphasis on these applications within residential kitchens and baths. Industry relevant nomenclature and product information are used to create technical documents and custom aesthetic solutions.

ID213 Presentation Techniques II

ID421 Thesis II


In this senior-level studio course students develop a viable and visual solutions for the project typically researched in ID420. Solutions incorporate environmentally sound, cost effective, and responsible design methods to influence an audience using creative delivery methods.

Internship is a monitored program for senior-level students to work part-time within the interior design industry. Filed experience is an opportunity for students to apply and advance their knowledge, skills and professionalism under the supervision of a qualified monitor.

This course expands on methods of graphically communicating interior space and design solutions. Advanced applications of various rendering techniques using mixed media are explored.

This senior project came together by drawing inspiration from beautiful Paris and then items such as rhinestones, mother of pearl, velvet, graffiti and abstract lines. All inspirations came together at the end and made Riche Sous Sol a one of a kind restaurant.

Hand sketched, enhanced in Adobe PhotoShop


ID 373 Specialty Design

The inspiration for Riche Sous-Sol was drawn from all beautiful and abstract art found all around Paris,France. Riche Sous-Sol literally translates to ‘rich underground’ which is exactly what it feels like when looking at this space. Lots of stainless steel, velvet tufted walls with rhinestones and breath taking graffiti art pieces. The restaurant is divided by a custom designed panel, half of the restaurant being a stand up bar area, and the other half being a sit down area. Both areas having great conversation starter pieces from the custom stainless steel bar to the graffiti printed furniture.

Model built in Google Sketchup

ID 373 Specialty Design


Riche Sous-Sol

Riche Sous-Sol

Model built in Google Sketchup

ID 373 Specialty Design


Floor plan constructed on Autocad enhanced in Adobe Photoshop


ID302 Sustainable Design

Mar Pediatric office was designed to meet LEED silver. Also HIPPA compliant privacy issues were considered and implemented in the design. Evidence based design dictated non-slip flooring and a positive distraction educational exhibit in the waiting areas.

Model designed in Google Sketchup, enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

Mar Pediatric Office

Mar pediatric office was designed with the children who would visit this space in mind. The space had to engage the children in a fun, yet educational form. Making them feel comfortable and forget that this was a pediatric office. The ocean served as the theme throughout the space. The overall ambience that was strived for was a calm and serene space where the children felt comfortable and the fear of a cold and gray doctor’s office is a nonexisting thought. Throughout the space educational distractions would be set up to help the children deal with the waiting part of their visit, yet also help educate them about the ocean and it’s marine wildlife and vegetation. At the reception desk a LED touch screen television is set up at the cildren’s eye level where they will be able to touch the picture of a marine animal swimming by or a plant and hear and read a fact about the object they have just selected. In the hallway there will be a hopscotch board set up where they can count numbers and learn colors. Through the hallways leading to the exam rooms and on the walls in the waiting room little sliding compartments on the wall drawings that depict marine scenes will reveal little facts about the ocean, and materials that can be touched will simulate what a marine creature or plant my feel like. This will allow the children to feel like they’ve experienced the ocean firsthand. This pediatric office is 6237 square feet, and the space is being well utilized including a lab area and vaccine area where the patients can be taken care of instead of being sent to a local hospital. Also the conference room wehre the resident doctors can meet and discuss special cases and decisions in regards of the office and its future. Kepping in mind the privacy and well-being of the patients private areas for the staff and exam rooms were designed to accomodate the tasks that needed to be performed in each room. Another innovative feature is that the waiting area and exam rooms are divided into sick areas and well areas as preventive action to help eliminate the spread of bacteria between patients that are ill and those who aren’t. The space was designed to be very calm and relaxing with an organic flow through the space itself. With the wall painted with cool yet vibrant colors to help depict the blue oceans of planet earth which some of the patient’s favorite animals reside in. With LEED certifications in mind the design was as sustainable as could be, this was achieved by being conscious of the materials used, managing the waste produced during construction and when doing the interior picking out fixtures and furniture pieces making sure that they were all LEED certified . During the design process what was very present was the well-being of its patients, workers and the impact the the construction of this office would have on this planet in which we all co-exists.

Hand sketch enhanced in Adobe Photoshop


ID302 Sustainable Design

Rendered in Autodesk Revit, enhanced in Adobe Photoshop



Hacienda Rivera Rendered in Autodesk Revit, enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

Model built in Google Sketchup

Picture enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

Project Definition: This former B&B ‘The Mansion’ which is located at 305 Oregon Ave in West Dundee, IL 60118 would be transformed from a hospitality facility that it is right now into an independent living center for senior citizens. The senior citizens who live here would be more like housemates instead of residents. This independent living home would have a house mother who takes care of cooking and cleaning for the tenants of this house. The goal of this type of facility is for the senior citizens to be able to keep their sense of independence without having to move into an assisted living center, where it is more about them being a number than an actual tenant. This allows them to have a semse of a tight knit family without imposing on their own relatives. It would be a great alternative to retirement homes, and also a much happier life style.


ID 383 Advanced Specialty

Rough sketch rendered by hand

Full budget available upon request

Floorplan produced in Autocad


ID 383 Advanced Specialty

Elevation produced on Google Sketchup

All bedrooms are designed to allow the maximum amount of sunlight in. With natural light and airy fabrics. All rooms become a preaceful retreat, after a very active day. All personal rooms are intended to feel just like the rooms the seniors would have in their own homes, the only difference is that all fabrics and materials used are durable.

Model built on Google Sketchup


ID 275 Kitchen & Bath Design

Construction Plans

Produced in Autocad


ID 275 Kitchen & Bath Design

Model built on Google Sktechup

Group project worked on with Krystal Reuter.Sketchup rendering produced by Amaira Rivera, Autocad plans produced by Krystal Reuter.


ID 275 Kitchen & Bath Design

Client Profile: Client: Recupera Children’s Physical Therapy Center Location: Chicago, IL 30 Employees Accommodates 80 guests/clients Building Type: Commercial Purpose of project: Help children who have suffered from sport injuries recover with adequate physical therapy, designed especially for children. Approximate Square Footage: 10,105


ID 420 & 421 Thesis I & II

Word art produced on

Produced in Google Sketchup


ID420 & 421 Thesis I & II

Produced in Autocad, rendered in Adobe Photoshop

Produced in Google Sketchup


ID 420 & 421 Thesis I & II


Produced in pen and colored ink

Produced in Autodesk

Solution Statement 1. Areas were adeuquately calculated giving the employees desired workspaces. 2. Space meets adjacency requirements. 3. Creativity is encouraged with use of proper color palette. 4. Water efficient fixtures were incorporated in the design, making it environmentally friendly. 5. Ceilings incorporated in this spae are not only for visual interest but also serve as way finding element. 6. Different ceiling systems in the entire space serve as accoustical barriers. 7. Different layers of lighting have been incorporated into the space to provide the required amounts of light for each function. 8. Flooring selections throughout the space, also serve as wayfinging element. 9. Materials and finishes add texture, color and creativity to the space. 10. Motion activated lighting sensors were installed to conserve energy more efficiently 11. Space is ADA accessible due to the hallways being 5’ wide and all doorways being at least 3’wide 12. A key card reader was installed to access the therapy area for security purposes. 13. This space has been designed to fit the clients’ need.


ID 420 &421 Thesis I & II

Business Office Systems Business Office Systems (BOS) is an employee owned and operated full service furniture dealership. Since 1948, BOS has been providing workplace solutions for companies of all sizes in Chicagoland and beyond. Their extensive knowledge and experience allows BOS to add value to their clients in the way they function at work. As the only Haworth dealership in Chicago with in-house capabilities to see a project through initial planning, to delivery and installation, as well as accepting a client’s existing furniture in trade, they provide superior service to their clients by managing each step of the furniture process. They are proud to be one of the few dealers in the country to have earned the prestigious Haworth Best in Class Award for 2012. With their long standing presence in the furniture industry, BOS has built solid relationships with their manufacturers. As a premiere Haworth dealership, they have established purchasing power in their industry, which permits them to provide competitive pricing to their clients. This combined with their capability to provide refurbished furniture, sets them apart and allows them to customize solutions of each of their clients’ requirements.


ID401 Internship

Business Office Systems 365 E. North Ave. Carol Stream, IL 60188 (630) 773-7777

Hand drawn perspective, rendered with marker and colored pencil, enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

Presentation & Techniques II

Hand sketched floor plan, rendered in colored pencil

Produced in Google Sketchup with filter applied over


ID 213 Presentation & Techniques II

nc e id e es M ag an aR

Produced in Google Sketchuop


ID 213 Presentation Techniques II

Actual Photograph

First off I want to thank my wonderful parents Alma & Jose, for all the support and unconditional love that they have showered me with my entire life and during this journey of pursuing my dream of becoming an interior designer. Mommy thank you for all the long nights where you stayed by my side to make sure I was ok while I worked on my projects and for always being my #1 fan. Daddy thank you for always reminding me to stay strong and always reminding me that I can achieve anything that I put my mind and sould into, I hope I’ve made you proud. You guys are my role models, I will never be able to thank you both enough, and I will never fully finish explaining how much I love the two of you. Another huge thanks to my amazing younger brother Adrian for being my best friend and a huge motivation throughmy college journey, I hope I have set the best example I could for you. I don’t thank you enough for always making me laugh and being my partner in crime. I couldn’t have gotten this far without the rest of my family and also my friends. Thank you all for always encouraging me to be better, push forward and letting me fly without any limitations. My goal throughout life as a designer and a human being is to continue to make you all proud, and leave this world a little better than the day I arrived here.

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