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Role of Content in SEO SEO which is a popular acronym of the process of website marketing known as search engine optimization is a popular way of getting your website noticed in this highly competitive field. SEO actually improves the rank of your website and generates sales. There are various different aspects involved in the process of SEO and one of the most important being the content of a website. It is important to have a powerful, informative and attractive content to allure visitors to your website. If this is achieved, then half of the battle regarding successful search engine optimization is done. Keyword distribution is the most important aspect of SEO which can make or mar the content. Some content writers are of the opinion that using keywords at the beginning and end of the content is sufficient to get a good rank for their page and website. Yet, this is a myth. The reality is that keywords should be spaced evenly throughout the content to fetch good ranking. Good content involves a balance between relevant information and usage of keywords. In fact, the manner in which an article is written is even more important since a reader will only read the article when he finds it interesting and engaging. Writing content only for the purpose of search engine optimization can be harmful in nature. Stuffing the keywords in the entire article actually defeats the purpose of creating an engaging content which is responsible for generating traffic to your website. Hence precise and informative content with crisp language and proportionate distribution of keywords is the right blend for successful search engine optimization. The content along with being precise and informative and engaging should also look at providing an overview of the website. The content should act as a window to your website and accomplish the function for which it has been formed. Now, if your website is purported towards selling products, then the content should be fetching and engaging in way which will persuade someone to buy the products. If you want people to subscribe to your newsletter pertaining to products and services, even then the content must be such that it can convince the visitor to subscribe. Many people think that if they put up sophisticated and extensive content, then they will have an edge over the others. However, this is not true. You must know your target readers before creating content. You must also know that the readers’ attention span is limited and hence providing chunky paragraphs with detailed information will not do the trick. Creating a simple and precise content in lucid language will help you to reach a wider base of readers. Highlighting the major points in the content is also of immense importance. Author: Amrit Ray is the owner of Ray Creations, a company engaged in the design and development of websites. They also create blogger themes and templates.

Role Of Content In SEO  

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