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T.I What You know About That

Target audience Age : The target audience for this music video will be between 15 to 25 this is because it uses strong language due to this it will appeal to the audience of the target age as at this specific age range the target audience will relate to the song. I have chosen this age range as the video promotes violence which relates to teenagers around 15 to 25 as at that age the majority will involve them selves in to a gang and gambling which will have a outcome in them wanting to be known and people being scared of them . People above the age of 25 and 26 will consider the music video pathetic as there will be no relation.

Gender : The gender will be targeted at a male perspective this is because it shows the lifestyle of males due to this the male audience will relate to the music video. It shows woman shown in certain ways which will appeal to a male audience.

Interests: People who like showing off. Saying I have everything you can not compare to me. Location : The location is mainly in America however it will appeal worldwide specifically in rough estate areas.

Ethnicity : The music video is for all types of ethnicity

How does it appeal to them


The music video will appeal to teenagers as it shows the daily life style of the majority of teenagers. It may relate to a more adult audience as they may remember this is what they were like as the lyrics talk about how t.i has got everything but saying you are no way near me due to this teenagers will replace the singer for themselves and act like they run the city.


T.i has made the video realistic so it relates to everyday situations. He shows us the struggle of life and how he has gone through the struggle and now a millionaire through this it gives the audience hope and also motivate the audience to achieve there goals.


The type of music is RnB therefore as it is a rap the targeted audience will understand it more and will appreciate the music video as they will think that it is specifically for them.

Analyse three features of mise-en-scene Props : The use of props is very important in this video as it shows the two sides rich and poor. They show a Bentley as it is a expensive car. It represents that there is hope, however it is like he is showing off as they are in a poor estate area . T.i has gone to his home town where he was brought up and showing them what he has become. He has made something of his self from nothing. This will reflect on the RnB and grime as they like to show off what they have got. The Bentley represents that he is a important man This shows another side of the music video. It shows a more negative aspect as they are gambling on the floor in the street. This symbolises that it is a poor rough estate due to this people will do anything for money. In grime they rap about how tough life is and the struggle they go through to get money. They show us how they earn there money whether this means through gambling or working for it.

Location The location plays a important roll in the music video as it shows the effects of being poor. This specific location shows the woman may not have enough money to buy a car therefore they are wearing skates. They are skating on the road which may suggest that it is a abandon area or people do not feel comfortable going to that area which will result in the roads being less busy. This relates with RnB as in RnB the singer will show the environment to show us how rough the estate is this will reflect with the lyrics .

It shows a small bungalow with a old car parked outside. This tells us that the location is a rough area. People will try and show off whatever little thing they have . The front of the house looks like prison which creates an atmosphere of a unhealthy violent place to be in. The singer may be trying to show the audience this is what he had and now he has moved on and become big the result of this will show us that he is a idol to the younger audience.


The actors wear a variety of costumes. Here we see T.I in a suit and in a normal t-shirt this is because they may want to show the different classes ( upper class and lower class). The suit represents smartness and we straight away relate a man in a suit as educated and well paid where as a guy in a t-shirt we would look down on. The hat he is wearing also is a negative aspect as it makes him look scruffy. The Clothing shows he is a important person, the suit represents that he rich and he can afford whatever he wants this reflects back to the grime and RnB as yet again he is showing off what he has got. Due to this I feel it goes back to the song title “ what you know about that� as T.I shows us a little taste of what he has got

Facial expressions

His facial expressions show him very confident like he has nothing to be worried about. In the first pic he is surrounded by woman, his facial expression shows that it looks like a normal daily thing that happens to him hence the name of the song “ what you know about that� . The glasses hide his identity this hides his facial expression so that you can not see his eyes due to this he is trying to make people feel insecure. As most grime artist will make people feel scared or insecure T.I is trying to achieve this by simply trying to hide his identity by dark black glasses.

Body language

His body language is demanding. He is throwing a Louis Vuitton bag that’s is worth over £800. From his body language it tells us he don’t care if he throws a bag worth that much and he can purchase a lot more. He body language says he is better than everyone else and no one can compare to him . This represents that he is a very powerful rich man like most RnB artist showing us a little glimpse of what they have got.

Shot types

This is a close up shot on the Bentley alloy wheel. It shows that it is clearly a Bentley and it is not a cheap car. A Bentley will represent a important person which is shown in his body language. It connotes to the audience that they have nothing compared to him and he is super rich. The Bentley represents him as him his self is not cheap. Like Most RnB artists he displays the Bentley like it is a normal day to day item this shows us he is a powerful man.

Mid shot

This mid shot shows them playing chess however they have purposely made this a mid shot to show the environment that they are in which creates an intense atmosphere. It shows the props and the surroundings, the fact that the chess board is a lot larger than a ordinary chess set symbolises that T.i likes to be better than everyone else which goes back to the song title “ what you know about that “

Long shot

This is a long shot as it clearly shows the surroundings and you see a large quantity of the environment. They have done this to show the red carpet. The colour red itself tells us he is important as red is consider as a deadly colour or as a warning. From this image it shows T.I is loving life, he tries to say he is on the same level mas the queen as he has a red carpet just for him . The carpet represents him as a very important man. This is how the majority of RnB artist will treat them selves. The red carpet symbolises that he is a very powerful man the result of this is that he feels he has to have a red carpet. As we can clearly see T.I is wearing a white suit whereas everyone else is wearing black due to this it shows his personality is very confident and likes to stand out . This reflects upon the grime and RnB as they all like to be unique and stand out

camera movement

In this certain shot the camera movement is tracking this is because it shows them skating away in a urban area. They are consistently moving. It starts off at a low angle shot this is because it wants to give the audience the suspicion of who it is going to be.

T.i What You know About That  
T.i What You know About That  

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