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Introduction Artist name : Where from: Education: Law first got into the scene at the age of 13-14 through idolising the underground urban market and artists alike.

Lyrics I lived in poverty none of that bothered me I was rebellious because my voice was never heard When I was young my vision was slightly blurred I told my mum I would change I gave her my word I apologise , realise the sacrifices that you made (blames him self, feels bad) Look into my eyes see what you can see all I can visualise is all the misery Pain that’s on belief Seeing a mother crying until no relief Saw her loose her son at the age of 21 Follow a shadow, look I walk beside a devil… left that part behind Give the generation something back ( hard work) Im praying for some guidance Chorus You say that the sky is clear, I’ll fly without fear.

Broken down Verse 1 First will show clips of the streets. ( atmosphere) The character will be showing the audience how tough life is. How rough the estate is and the struggle he has been through just to earn some money. I will show him sitting down writing the lyrics to the song . I will show him selling drugs. To show his poverty I will have him looking into his wallet at a shop and he has no money to buy anything

Verse 2 Start to see some transformation. He attends some school lessons instead of him bunking with his mates. Gets result from a mock paper that the teacher done which was a “C"

Verse 3 The transformation happens Will have him outside school with his mates . They saying lets bunk we can go get some chips but he goes into school. You then see him paying attention in class. He gets another piece of work back which is grade “A”

Permission • • •

Intellectual property.. Ownership of ideas. Don’t have to be physical e.g Expendables (sylvester stallone) Why is it important? (marathon)

Unique • • • • •

Born in uk.. (asain rapper) Youth relate to him Speaks the truth Experience

Music video ( Andrew theory) Andrew amplifying theory Narrative TRANSFORMATION 1 main character Contrast ( lyrics d to b) changes Like a movie

I've Seen a mother cry, cry until no there's no relief, I saw her loose a son he was just 21, another young soul done before his life began. My eyes have seen a mother having to burry her kid, it made me cherish life giving me reason to live (8) • • • •

flowers … ( age of 21) atmosphere ( grave yard) Environment Pace of cutting (F)

Location •

Poor to rich… examples…

Budget To make sure I will stay within the £50 budget I will only allow my self £40 therefore I will have a £10 contingency. I will create a list of every element that I would need to purchase, I would take into consideration on the costs of getting to and from a location. I will allow my self £10 for transport £15 for props ( ideal clothing) £10 for food and drinks £ 5 just in case a product is more expensive then we intended to pay because of the price going up . Safety

Equipment Panasonic hs300

Tripod cx589


media prensentation  


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