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Auric Energy Healing Guide

Remember when Chiropractors were regarded as alternative?

It wasn’t that long ago that Chiropractors were regarded as something close to Voodoo or Witch Doctors. Today they are regarded as a normal part of our healthcare spectrum. Alternative therapies from Acupuncturists to Naturopaths are rapidly gaining acceptance in the west. No longer do we simply accept that a pill from our doctor is the only approach to better health. Energy Medicine is gaining rapid acceptance by key thinkers in the medical establishment.

What the Vice-Chairman and Professor of Surgery

“We’re beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure,” he says. “As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier ... in medicine is energy medicine.

at Columbia University thinks:

It’s not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It’s not the chemistry of our body. It’s understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel.” ~ Dr. Mehmet OZ Emmy Award-winning host of The Dr. Oz Show, Vice-Chairman and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University.

Traditionally Energy Medicine has been practiced using the hands and mind of highly trained practitioners. However now, through the mystery (to most of us) of quantum physics, you are able to treat yourself with Energy Healing Tools.

Auric Energy Healing Solution’s AURICfield Infusion has the ability to “infuse” subatomic subtle energy patterns into mediums such as Wands and Pendants allowing the untrained individual to gain the amazing benefits of Energy Healing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, the oldest medical system in the World, is based on balancing energy pathways within the body. These “pathways” channeled the “Life Force Energy Surrounding All.” The Ancient Chinese developed the theory of Chi or “Life force” and mapped the energy meridians which run throughout the body. This led to the practice of Acupuncture. Now the cutting edge of Quantum Physics can infuse precise energy patterns into ‘Tools’ that allow the average person to treat their own energy system. Combine this tool with knowledge of the meridians in the body and Voila heal yourself!

NO Needles Required!

How does it work?

When you realize that every part of the Human Body (and actually all matter) is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons – the building blocks of atoms – we then understand that everything is made up of ENERGY! Protons neutrons and electrons are in constant motion around the nucleus of an atom thus they are energetic! So even thought that bone in your jaw feels solid, it consists of energy particles in constant movement. When our brain communicates with our organs or limbs it is energy that makes the communication - small -infinitesimal electrical charges jump synapses in the nervous system to communicate information.

Energy medicine theory postulates that dis-ease and pain are due to energy blockages in the body, or more precisely the energy meridians of the body. Energy Healers use their abilities to ‘channel’ energy into a patient’s energy system. This ‘new’ energy reminds the patient’s bioenergy field of how it should flow, and clears the blockages resulting in pure flowing energy and the elimination of pain, and potentially, diseases. Auric products contain specifically chosen energy patterns that resonate with the human bio-energy field to ‘remind’ it of this pure, or homeostatic, condition. Thus, Wands and Pendants or even liquids can have the same effect as a human energy healer.


Location Specific

Using the Infinity Wand on specific body locations, – those connected to Energy Meridians – introduce the energy programmed into the wand, into the human bio-field. By selecting the appropriate location, wand users can begin the self- healing process. In this abbreviated version of the ‘Art of Wanding’ author Bud Haven identifies specific locations of where to employ the wand for greatest benefit. These locations correlate to the ancient Chinese Energy Meridians and with more modern acupressure points. The advantage of employing the Infinity Wand instead of acupressure is that you introduce energy patterns, infused into the wand, to interact with the human bio-field. Energy Healing can provide astonishing benefits, in many cases to conditions that have previously been un-resolvable. We hope this brief explanation has been helpful in understanding some of its basic principles.

Activating Body & Life Energies

The Art of Wanding Basic Guide by Bud Haven

10 Body Energy Fields 1. Energy Field 2. General Blood Circulation 3. The Head Field 4. The Throat Field 5. Shoulder & Neck Field 6. The Back Field 7. Heart Chest Field 8. The Stomach Field 9. Kidneys’s & Bladder Field 10.Sexual or Reproductive Field

To purchase the full 30 page/60 illustration version of

"The Art of Wanding" by Bud Haven the-art-of-wanding/

1.Energy Field Wanding the energy field will, basically, replenish energy reservoirs. Renewed energy flow within the body will clear itself of blockages and distortions that saps bodily function, increasing stamina and strengthening immunity.

2. General Blood Circulation Overall blood circulation is an important factor in balance within the body. In a healhty body, the blood flow is steady and continuous, the pulse beats regularly and flows through all the organs and other areas of the body. As the blood circulates it delivers nutrients and takes away waste, and where there are blockages, there is disfunction and distress.

3. The Head Field One of the most important uses of wanding is in counteracting pain. Discomfort in the head field can sometimes feel more oppressive than in other fields, therefore, correcting energy distribution in this area can often seem a relief to the whole body.

4. The Throat Field The points in throat area are wanded primarily for sore throat, hoarseness, ease of swallowing of food, or to relieve an irritating itchy sensation.

5. Shoulder & Neck A stressful lifestyle, emotional strains, past injuries, certain occupational stresses, and general fatigue can all contribute to constriction and pain in the shoulders and neck. Wanding this area can relieve stiff neck and shoulders.

6. The Back Field Back problems are one of the most common ailments in our society. Sciatica and lower-back problems are related to stress, poor posture, accidents, ligament strains, or weak abdominal muscles. Stimulating energy in this area can do much relieve muscular tension.

7. Heart & Chest Field The heart and chest field has an overarching energetic function. It is responsible for providing the organs of the body with energy. The whole body can benefit by wanding this area.

8.The Stomach Field The points in the stomach field can directly affect the condition of the intestines. Wanding these points can alleviate stomach discomforts that may be due to indigestion, or other irregularities in stomach processes.

9. Kidneys & Bladder Field According to traditional Chinese medicine, the health of the immune system is governed primarily by the condition of the kidney, liver, lungs and spleen. Energizing the kidneys awakens the body's self-curative abilities and strengthens the over all condition of the body.

10. Sexual or Reproductive Field Depletion of energy reserves can cause imbalances in all fields within the body. To energize and strengthen the reproductive organs, wand the points illustrated here.

We thank you for signing up to receive our guide and hope it explains a little about the exciting and vast field of Energy Healing. Thank you Mr Bud Haven. Namaste

Auric Energy Healing Solutions Vancouver, Canada

Auric Energy Healing Guide  

Using the Infinity Wand from Auric Energy Healing Solutions on specific body locations, – those connected to Energy Meridians – introduces t...

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