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Southern High FFA Reporter Abbey Bolander

By: Savanna Cowan

Over the summer I went to Alcorn State Uni-

sprayed them with de-wormer. I loved everyversity in Mississippi, for the Ag-Discovery thing thing we did, but my favorite experience Program. Ag-Discovery is an outreach prowould have to be when we went to a farm gram to help teenagers learn about careers in with 3,000 sheep and goats and we had to plant and animal science, wildlife managecatch them and them hold them in order to ment, and agribusiness. I stayed on the cam- give them their shots. I had a great 2 weeks in pus, in the dorms for 2 weeks. Everyday we Mississippi. I learned so much, made lifelong did something different. One day we had a friends, and got great experience, I’d love to visit from a Herpetologist. We learned about do it again. I think anyone who wants to have different poisonous snakes and we learned a career in agriculture should look into applyabout alligators (I even got to hold a baby alli- ing to the Ag-Discovery Program. Aggator!). Then one day we went to an alligator Discovery is a unique opportunity to gain a farm and went on an airboat expedition and first-hand look at the many career paths open got to see alligators in their natural habitat, to agricultural sciences. They have the Agthe swamp. We sheered alpacas and gave Discovery Program at many different colleges them vaccinations, we even named the new- throughout the U.S est addition to one of the alpaca families. We went to a ranch and gave cows shots and

October will always be a big month for Southern High FFA Horse Judging. The 2013 team is less than 30 days away from competing at the National FFA Convention. As their journey comes to a close we usher in the hopefuls for the 2014 team. Eight students attended the orientation night and had their first taste of evaluating horses together. The first official practice for the 2014 team will be on October 9th where they will learn about the foundation of judging horses: form to function. The following week the 2013 team will be traveling to Columbus, Ohio to compete in

My name is Tim Glaser and I am in 9th grade at Southern High School. I am a member of the Southern High FFA, the Southern High golf team, and in the Spring I am going to play for the Southern High tennis team. I am currently in the introduction to agriculture class and Dr. Rice is my favorite teacher this year. I am hoping to run for a chapter office for the 2014-2015 school year.

the All American Quarter Horse Congress Judging Contest, which is one of the most prestigious contests in the country. There, the teams will evaluate approximately 10 classes-all quarter horses, and give four sets of reasons. After a year’s worth of grueling practice, weeks of travel and countless horses to judge, the team will represent Southern High School and Maryland at the National FFA Convention during the last week of October. It means a lot to the team, coach, and FFA advisor to feel the support of the team parents, community, and school faculty, staff, and administration during this endeavor. Let’s wish everyone a ton of luck!

I took agriculture because my friend Carter Duncan recommended this class to me and I am very happy I took this class. I hope to take more agriculture classes while at Southern High to prepare my future goal of having a job within agriculture. I hope to do this by opening my own golf course. I want to do research on how to use water conservation to become an ecofriendly golf course that will be known worldwide.

Southern High FFA Agriculture Photo Contest Participation: Any enrolled and active member of the Southern High FFA may enter the contests. Eligibility of Photos: All photographs must have been taken by the FFA members within the last eighteen months prior to the contest deadline. Photos may be submitted only one time and in only one category to the photography contest. Number of Entries: A member may enter a maximum of two (2) photographs in the contest. Only one (1) entry in each category is allowed. Entry Deadline: Between the dates of October 4, 2013 and by midnight on October 25, 2013 all entries must be submitted via email to Content: Photos that are deemed obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate any laws are strictly prohibited. All photos should be based on a FFA member’s original photograph taken by the member. Use of a photo from other sources/people is not allowed and will lead to disqualification of the photo and possibility all entries by the member. Disqualification of an Entry: An entry that does not follow the rules or category guidelines will automatically be disqualified. Display and Future Rights Use Rights: By submitting an entry to the contest, the FFA member grants to the Southern High FFA the right to display, distribute, publish, the entry in any media now known or hereafter devised, including in promotional publications or marketing. By entry the FFA member accepts these conditions of display and future use. Judges: Submissions will be highlighted in the November Southern High Ag Ed Newsletter and readers will vote on their favorites. The winner will be announced in the December newsletter. SUBMISSION AND FORMAT OF PHOTOGRAPHY ENTRIES 1. Photography Size: All photographs entered must be able to be printed at an 8 inch X 10 inch in size at a 300 dots per inch (dpi). 2. Format: All photographs must be in a jpg format. 3. File Size: Photograph should not be any bigger than 1.5 MD in size. Photos larger than that will not be uploaded to file size restrictions. 4. Color vs Black & White: Photos can be entered in either color or black & white. Extreme use of editing and effects should be a minimum. These photos are intended for the purpose of promoting and highlighting agriculture and should be taken and edited with that concept in mind.



Agriculture Equipment

Focus of this category should be agriculture equipment. Photograph should not include human, animal, or other objects beyond that of the piece(s) of agriculture equipment.

Animals – Domestic

Photograph should have as the subject domestic animals used in agriculture. These include, but not limited to, cattle, sheep, swine, poultry, goats, horses, and other “farm animals.” Animals typically associated with “wildlife” are not acceptable in the category.

People in Agriculture

Highlights photographs of people (individuals/groups) working in agriculture related careers. Photos should be of people actually performing a work in the area of agriculture, such as working in fields, at cooperatives/grain companies, farming implement sales/repair, working on a ranch, auction barn, veterinary services, food processing plant, etc.


Highlighting the crops raised in agriculture is the focus of this category. This category can include row crops, as well as other crops such as hay production.

Prizes will be awarded to the winner in each of the 4 categories.

First Place in each category will receive $50.00 or an Official FFA Jacket.

FFA Official Dress The FFA Association is unique in that we have an official dress that stands for unity in our organization. The corduroy jacket FFA Members wear dates back to the 1933 national convention where it was first established. The FFA Official Dress standards were created at the 1973 Convention. Since this time, the official dress has been worn at FFA functions across the world. When others see our members in official dress, they realize that we belong to one of the largest youth led organizations in the world. Therefore, it is important that each FFA member understand and wear the correct official dress while participating in official activities.

Remember that it is an honor to wear the blue corduroy jacket and the official dress representing the legacy of the FFA. Wear it properly - and with pride

Female Official Dress  Official FFA Jacket zipped to the top  Black skirt. Skirt is to be knee length, hemmed evenly across the bottom, with a slit no longer than 2 inches above the knee, excluding the kick pleat. Black slacks may be appropriate for traveling and outdoor activities.  White collared blouse and official FFA blue scarf (Available at shopffa).  Black dress shoes with a closed heel and toe (No boots, sandals, open-toed shoes, or tennis shoes.)  Black nylon hosiery—no tights.

Male Official Dress  Official FFA Jacket  Black dress pants. (No jeans - blue or black, leather, pleather, etc.)  White dress shirt and official FFA tie (Available at  Black dress shoes with a closed heel and toe. (No boots, sandals, open-toed shoes, tennis shoes. )  Black socks. To order an Official FFA jacket and tie/scarf please refer to the next page. For more information visit: Please bring in $55.00 for the jacket and 10.50 for a tie/scarf along with the measurement page to Dr. Rice and an order will be placed from National FFA. To compete on a judging team and/or run for a Chapter office, official dress is required. Cash or checks will be accepted. Make checks payable to Southern High School. Orders can also be placed at the link above.

Official FFA Jacket Fitting Form Chapter #: MD 0084 Front Lettering: (Your Childs Full Name) Lettering: State: Maryland Chapter: Southern High Height: _______ The average height for a female is 5'5". A standard jacket should fit most females between 5'2" to 5'8". The average height for a male is 5'10". A standard jacket should fit most males between 5'7" to 6'1".

Weight: ________ Using your best judgment you'll need to determine if the student is of average weight and that the weight is evenly dispersed. Bust/Chest:_______ Measure the distance around the fullest part of the bust/chest. In general if a student is of average weight and height the bust/chest measurement is the size of jacket that should be ordered. Example: if the bust/ chest measures 38" and the student is of average weight and height, then you would order a size 38 jacket.

Waist: ________ Measure the distance around the body at the navel making sure the tape is level. High Hip/Seat: _______ Measure the distance around the hip at either 4" or 6" down from the waistline depending on the sex of the student. The hem is the high hip measurement for females, which is 4" below the waistline and the seat measurement for males, which is 6" below the waistline. Shoulder: ________ Measure the distance from the bony end of one shoulder straight across to the bony end of the other shoulder. Back Waist Length: ____________ Measure the distance from the bone at the base of the neck to the waistline. THIS IS NOT THE BACK LENGTH OF THE JACKET. Arm Length: __________ Measure the distance from the prominent bone at the base of the neck out to the end of the shoulder and down the arm, going around the prominent bone at the elbow and ending at the prominent bone at the outside of the wrist.

First 2013 Southern High

FFA Meeting Where?


When? November 8, 2013


7:17— 7:55 ( Bulldog Block)

Who’s invited? Everybody enrolled in an Agricultural Science Class

FFA October Newsletter  

Newsletter from the Southern High FFA Chapter

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