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experience and infrastructure ensures that the websites we design, develop and optimize exceed our client's expectations. We provide full-cycle services in the areas of software development, web application and portal development. Combining our solid business domain experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model we offer progressive end-to-end web solutions. Our web development and design services enable businesses to reach more of their potential customer base. Solutions we offer range from Design & Integration to User Experience developing Programming& Core Implementation applications of any complexity .


Solutions For a Small World


design services keep your website advertising campaign current and original. In addition to finding and registering a suitable name and securing yourself a good hosting company, you will need to actually design the website you plan on putting up. There are a lot of specific elements that will need to be taken into consideration during this process. Professional websites need to be both well presented (including an original design and a creative feel) as well as functional and easy to use. Your customers should want to come to your website because it offers the information they need to know in a manner that is both creative and simple. Our website designers have the skills to create original designs (and redesigns) to provide you with a website your customers will rave about to their friends and family. That’s good advertising!


Solutions For a Small World


adds a dynamic element to your website. Whether its forms, ecommerce, project management applications, or other programming tools, we at IS have the skills to help your business. If you’ve decided that you’d like to sell your product through your website you will require some programming in order to have things like an easy-to-use form for your customers to place orders directly on your website. After all, the more professional and simple this process is for your customers, the more likely they are to buy from your business. We offer a number of different programming services, including ecommerce to help make your website a marn. People are making n ing ng m millions on ketplace of its own. online, why not see how your product fares?


Solutions For a Small World

WHAT.....IS.....USER.....EXPERIENCE ?? You may have heard people use the terms Usability and Information Architecture. These are just two parts of what we call a User Experience. UX is the practice of applying User Centered Design techniques to every aspect of a website. Our proven methodology leaves no stone unturned and ensures that no user interaction is left to chance.

WHY.....IS.....USER.....EXPERIENCE.....IMPORTANT WHY... S. .USE E ..... OR ANT T ?? Ensuring that your site anticipates and responds to user needs is one of the most efficient ways of maximising Return on Investment (ROI). A good user experience reduces friction by eliminating obstacles and distractions. User Experience delivers tangible and non-tangible returns in ways that are measurable and accountable.


Solutions For a Small World

Over the last few years, IS has worked on multiple websites. From simple campaign microsites, to rich content websites and transactional ecommerce solutions, we understand that all sites have different purposes. It doesn't matter if your site is designed to generate direct or indirect revenue, reduce costs or just communicate your brand and its values, it must put the visitor first if it is to reach its potential. IS has the skills and experience to help you.


Solutions For a Small World

jQuery Flash

and animation is a fantastic way to add an interactive and creative element to your web site. People always respond well to visual stimuli. As such,interactivity has become an interesting and popular tool to add to your website. It is interactive and eye-catching. Whether it is an interactive banner ad or an animated logo, using your brand and adding an interactive edge will bring in new customers and impress your current ones.


Solutions For a Small World

Website updates & maintenance are a necessary evil in maintaining your website, database and promoting your current services/products. Having an updates and maintenance plan will ensure your website remains functional and is constantly useable for your customers. There is no faster way to lose customers than having a website with broken links, forms and outdated information. Let us help you make sure your website keeps up to date. Our website gurus will ensure your website keeps up to date on all the latest updates. You will be able to contact us directly if you need to make any changes. We will also inform you of new products and tools that could improve your website’s on top of things with this ebsite’s e’s capabilities. capabilitie pabi b Keep o great service.


Solutions For a Small World

Hosting & Domain Registration gives your website its own online space. Once you’ve selected your business name and have begun the basics of branding, owning a website is a natural next step. There are a lot of elements that go into owning a website. A design is a good start, but you’ll also need to have your website hosted somewhere and you’ll need to register your domain name. Hosting is like renting online space for your website. You’ll need to have a reliable hosting service which can answer any questions you may have and provide constant and stable service.Domain registration is registering your website’s ’s name (usually (usu a “.com” address). s) Registering your me is a ye website’s domain name yearly cost. We do hese serv offer both of these services at a reasonable price and our cuscus tomer tom service departwilli ment is always ready and willing to answer any ave. questions you may have.


Solutions For a Small World

Reorganization of information in websites is done through back end called Content Management System (CMS). The system helps businesses to manage and distribute information quickly and efficiently. We provide CMS solutions which have been successfully integrated in websites with diverse requirements. E commerce website or a corporate website, we offer open source content management solutions which enable clients to have complete control over their site's content and structure. Our services are tailored to meet your diverse requirements. With our CMS service, you get a user-friendly interface and instant access and complete control over your website's content.


A content management service (CMS) is a program that is used to manage the content of a dynamic web site which includes creating, publishing, organizing, storing, and maintaining the site. Our CMS allows the content manager to keep the site up to date and give assistance to those who do not have enough technical knowledge about web technologies.


Solutions For a Small World

Today, more customers are starting to rely on the Internet to shop and buy products and services which is why we offer a range of custom tailored ECommerce Solutions. From the initial brainstorming of your online business, through design and hosting, we manage your ecommerce website project from the start. We at IS have professional developers that can complete turn-key ecommerce websites, exceed your expectations, and help you realize the return on investment you've been searching for. No matter what your request, we have the professionals to get the job done right.


Solutions For a Small World

Our experienced mobile application developers specialize in programming for the full array of handheld devices. Our services include SMS development, programming, and 3g application coding, and much more. The team at IS Mobile strives to deliver cutting-edge functionality within an artistic framework. Our complete package provides our valuable customers with mobile applications that utilize the full extent of mobile applications programming for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Kindle, and Symbian, amongst others. Our ambitious take on the latest technologies ensures that our customers (and your clients) enjoy top-notch functionality and the ease of use that defines the world’s most forward thinking companies.


Solutions For a Small World

While usability arguably defines the latest and greatest mobile applications currently on the market, aesthetics and content should not be underrated. Naturally, consumers appreciate a handsome product, one they will be proud to show off to friends, family, and colleagues. In today’s market, the consumer is often presented with a choice between flash OR functionality. At IS Mobile, the team works tirelessly to integrate back-end programming with a distinctive appearance that captivates consumers everywhere. Combine IS Mobile’s pristine visual presentation with simplicity and purpose, and you have a cial success. recipe for financial


Solutions For a Small World

Cairo Film Festival

Ado League

Web Design, Programing

Web Design, Programing

Ministry Of Investment

National Cancer Institute

Web Design and Programing

Web Design, Hosting and Programing


Solutions For a Small World

Afro Packing International Packing Conferance

Ado Presse Agency

Web Design,Hosting and Programing

Web Design,Hosting and Programing Magazine System

Facades Solutions

Bridge Real Estate Development

Web Design,Hosting and Programing Newsletter System

Web Design, Programming and Hosting Real Estate System


Solutions For a Small World

Hany AbouRida Peronal Site


Web Design, Programing and Hosting CMS System

Web Design, Programing and Hosting Directory, Magazine and Newsletter System

Octopi Services

BM Glass Company

Web Design, Hosting and Programing CMC system

Web Design, Programing ng and Hosting ww a


Solutions For a Small World

Infinity Glass Company

Green Line Company

Web Design, Programing and Hosting Directory, Magazine and Newsletter System

Web Design, Programming and Hosting

Egyptian American Company

Cannes Festival Arabic Edition

Web Design, Programing and Hosting

Web Design


Solutions For a Small World

Sweet Hous Company

Sudan Football Association

Web Design, Programing and Hosting

Web Design, Programing and Hosting

Makkasa Sporting Club

Aims International

Web Design, Programing and Hosting

Web Design, Programing and Hosting


Solutions For a Small World


Solutions For a Small World

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Solutions For a Small World

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