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Breaking the rules


all fashion is getting ready for a wild ride. Now is the time for breaking rules and challenging traditions. Fall runways got warm and toasty with lots of amped up outerwear, thick furs and nubby knits. Yet… dare we say … a springlike levity was also breezing through collections through bevies of brightly colored dresses, delicate evening gowns and flirty Pop art era silhouettes. Of course, all this seasonal schizophrenia has advantages. Transitional dressing adds flexibility and wearability to your wardrobe, and the mix-up of garb means you’ll be ready for passions of any climate. No matter if you’re in the mood for roasting marshmallows or sipping tropical moBY jitos, you’ll be well dressed for the occasion.

Skin leather bags for day or travel by Numero 10. From Italy, but available at Churchills of Mount Kisco.


Fashion fun is all in the details


ccessories are the life of the party when it comes to fashion. They allow you to show your personality, individualize your style and have a little fun. This season’s choices celebrate chic practicality and exuberant panache. They show the fun is truly in the details. Eye candy

Ornamentation and decoration are in abundance this fall, spilling joyfully across every accessory category. Look for jewelencrusted bags, sparkly shoes, beaded belts, embroidered gloves and feathers in unusual places. The trend ranges from feminine and fairy tale fanciful to exuberant and pirate chest-like. Highlights from the fall runways include Givenchy’s substantial crystal necklaces and Yves Saint Laurent’s glittered shoes. A little bit disco and a little bit Dorothy in Oz, with heels from YSL, there’s no place like a night on the town.


Forget everything you imagined knowing about the traditional fall palette of autumnal hues. Energy vibrated across this season’s runways as models sported high-intensity pinks, greens, yellows and oranges across a spectrum of silhouettes. Versace kicked it up with a fitted red and turquoise dress with a flouncy handkerchief hem. Altuzarra glowed with fuchsia and gray wrap coats. Thakoon had an absolute Gauguin moment with vivid floral dresses in amplified dimensions and hot hues. Look for variety within this trend — some pieces are fashioned in transitional fabrics; some use unexpected textiles like velvet; sometimes they are single-hued or in bold color combinations and prints. The common denominator behind all this color is its electricity and unexpectedness for fall. These pieces are playful and evoke a fluidity of moods. Are they lingering summer daydreams or anticipations of spring flings? The good news is that, in blurring seasonal demarcations, your entire wardrobe will become more transitional. Fall’s passionate affair with color may prolong the wearing of some favorite pieces from warmer weather and give them an encore for fall. Don’t be afraid to combine tropical-inspired separates with more traditional fall pieces. Play with the rainbow… a little color goes a long way, and you just might find yourself with a pot of gold at the end.

Statement jewelry

Less is more. Perfection is singular. This fall, jewelry designers have taken the one-statement-piece-look to the extreme. Celine and Louis Vuitton challenged convention as their models paraded the runways adorned with only one spectacular earring — not two. Nina Ricci and Proenza Schouler demonstrated another theme — oversized, multiple finger rings. Also popular this season are flat chokers that lie against the skin at the collarbone. Fashioned with various metallic finishes, these chokers exert a fierce boldness. Yet, rendered in more delicate materials, they resemble painted-on designs. Scarves

Scarves were so prominent on fall runways; they can be viewed as the new neckline. Long and sweeping, thick and chunky, silky and sinuous or richly embellished, scarves communicated statements of every mood. The way a scarf is tied or worn reflects more than fashion. It expresses a woman’s personality and individual style. This season’s preference for scarves adds vast flexibility to outfits and eliminates the need for neck jewelry. However, jeweled brooches and pins are an elegant way to bind a scarf and add glamour at the same time. With a wealth of choices, let love be your guide. If you like softness and sensuality, go with cashmere or another supple blend. If warmth and texture is your goal, try a thick weave — almost like a sweater for your neck. If you have a flavor for richness, a patterned or printed silk square, à la Hermès, is a perfect match… Of course, if the goal is simply to mask the evidence of amorous love bites in high style, any style will do.

Comfy cozy

Light the fireplace and cozy up with the one you love. Headto-toe knits are the comfort food of your closet. Fall has always continued on page

Fall flower power

Spring has sprung in the climate of fall accessories. Look for floral necklines, blossom brooches, modern garden-inspired wraps, posy headpieces and a bouquet of corsages, necklaces and floral sprays. Several designers interpreted the trend literally, continued on page


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Animal magnetism

Jack Frost must be poised for a frosty winDUTTON ter because this year’s cold-weather coats are all LUDWIG about thick hides, luxurious texture and plush abundance. This season’s masterpieces in fur and shearling are decidedly modern and fun. Look for patchwork designs and flashes of pigment-dyed fur inspired by Prada’s colorblocked fur coats and Sacai’s oversized Mongolian lamb biker jackets. Jackets or mid-length coats have a casual vibe and are easy to wear. A statement piece will steal the show; try something bright red or something with an oversized collar. Think bigger, bolder and better than ever before — with contrasting textures and hides, vibrant dyed colors and sleek metallic finishes. The key to this look lies in the opposing energies of the piece — contrasts such as smooth dark nubile leather and an abundance of thick curly wool are delicious like coffee and cream. For more formal or mod looks, go for the marshmallow fluff elegance of white on white, such as in Akris’s flowing white fur coats or Oscar de la Renta’s belted ecru jackets with feathery fur trim. Shearling was ubiquitous in almost all designers’ collections, making it the season’s favorite love child. However, other unique and exotic furs also appeared in a vibrant display. In particular, astrakhan, a cuddly sheep fur characterized by its tight swirling pattern, was especially prominent in the collections of Celine, Tom Ford and Thom Brown.

Fur adorns almost everything this season – think bigger, bolder and better than ever before. At Gabriella¹s in Scarsdale. Inset right, warm and stylish, fur is making a statement. At Churchills of Mount Kisco.


Scarsdale Inquirer Fall Fashion 2014  

Trends in style, fall fashion, accessories, health & beauty.

Scarsdale Inquirer Fall Fashion 2014  

Trends in style, fall fashion, accessories, health & beauty.