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APRIL 14, 2017

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APRIL 14, 2017





hen it comes to lighting today, many people are in the dark.Light bulbs are no longer what they used to be. And people need to be “enlightened” to all the changes, say lighting-store experts. And they are here to help “shed light” on the subject, so to speak. What’s causing all the confusion? Gone are the good old incandescent light bulbs, which have been effectively phased out

due to the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). The EISA required bulbs to be more efficient. The complications of meeting the new requirements with old technology led manufacturers to switch to newer technologies — like compact fluorescents, halogens and LED bulbs — to meet the new efficiency requirements. “It’s a whole different type of energy,” said Chris Nichols of Bedford Lighting in Bedford Hills. “People are confused.” “LED is the main subject in our showroom right now,” agreed Gary Novasel of Patdo Light Studio in Port Chester. “It is



Let There Be… LED!

the latest and greatest, but there is a lot of confusion. There’s a lot of mystery.” According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a light-emitting diode, or LED, is a type of solid-state lighting that uses a semiconductor to convert electricity into light. Today’s LED bulbs can be six to seven times more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lights and cut energy use by more than 80 percent. Lighting stores like Bedford Lighting and Patdo are trying to make the new bulbs make sense to people. Most lighting stores, including Patdo, now have counters in their showrooms devoted to helping people experience the new and different bulbs and types of light they shine. At Bedford Lighting, Nichols will sometimes even lend out light bulbs for people to try before they invest in them. “To cut to the chase, LED is where we are moving,” Nichols said. “They offer longevity of life and are the most energy efficient.” The U.S. Department of Energy says that good-quality LED bulbs can have a

Prestige Flooring and Interiors, Inc. Our 5,000 square foot showroom, which exhibits over 70 species of natural solid wood flooring in a variety of widths and grades, is the largest in the Northeast. We have hundreds of samples of the highest quality prefinished, engineered and solid flooring from top industry manufacturers. Our sales team boasts over 100 combined years of wood flooring industry experience.

useful life of 25,000 hours or more — meaning they can last more than 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs. That is a life of more than three years if run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And, unlike incandescent bulbs, which release 90 percent of their energy as heat, LEDs use energy far more efficiently with little wasted heat. They are also the most expensive light bulbs up-front, but Nichols says they are the most cost-effective over the long run. “You are saving on the monthly electricity bill and not having to change the bulbs,” she added. This is most welcome news to homeowners with bulbs that need to be reached by ladder or pole light bulb changer. Most LEDs are warrantied to last at least five years and up to 30 years, she said. Adding to the confusion is the fact that people should no longer be concerned with wattage. “Color temperature and lumens is what you look at now,” said NichContinued on page 11A

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APRIL 14, 2017

Refreshing change

Spruce up your exterior with changes big and small



pring is the busiest time of year for house painters. People are finally going outside, enjoying the first nice days of sunny weather. They start to walk around their homes and notice paint peeling here and there, places that have not weathered well during the winter and other concerns. “People are finally getting outside and noticing that their homes are not looking as wonderful,” said Mitch Berliner, owner of Certa Pro Painters of Westchester County, based in Bedford Hills. “Peeling paint, rotten wood, cracked shutters… our phones are ringing off the hook.” “People are coming out of their caves and looking around,” said Bill Bradsell, proprietor of Bradsell Painting and Carpentry in Bedford. “Winter is the harshest for the house, exterior-wise.” As people emerge, experts in refreshing exteriors agree that a little can go a long way to sprucing up the outside of a house. Bradsell often recommends homeowners start by considering a simple power washing of problem areas, especially where mildew can be seen. “This is a great way to clean things up and make them look new again,” he said. “Sometimes, you can delay the time until you need to invest in a more costly paint job.” But, he adds, new exterior paint is definitely the most economic way to refresh the outside of your home. “You get the most bang for your buck,” he said. Berliner agrees: “One of the absolute least expensive refreshes you can do is a fresh coat of paint. Changing colors can really enliven the exterior.” Some of his clients will paint the outside of their houses every two years, “Reflective of their mood,” he said. Others will do it to help sell a home that is on the market. Berliner recently was called to a home that had been put up for sale, but was not seeing a lot of offers. The real estate agent asked what he thought could be done to help create interest. Berliner painted the shutters and front door a vibrant blue. The house is now in contract to be sold, he said. When contemplating exterior paint jobs, Bradsell likes to consider whether or not homeowners like the house’s cur-

rent color, if there are any architectural details they would like to have accented, whether they want their home to appear larger — in which case, they should paint it a lighter color — and if they want it to blend more into the landscape. Simple exterior paint options that can go a long way to enlivening the exterior include painting shutters or the front door, say both Bradsell and Berliner. Maintaining an exterior deck is another top refresh Berliner recommends. “Sanding and refinishing the wood with a semitransparent stain or a solid coat creates different looks that are definitely refreshing,” he said. For Patrick Reddy, owner of Pound Ridge Painting Company, “We just want to spruce it up,” are words he often hears when people call him to look at their homes. But he cautions homeowners not to scrimp when it comes to painting. “Paint is only as good as the foundation it is put on,” he said. “If it is not properly prepared, or if the structure is not sound … We really only want to do a job if we do it correctly.” He added, “Preparation is key for the durability of a paint job, especially to last

the four to five years that we guarantee.” For others, its not the paint but the windows that are the key to refreshing a home’s exterior. “If you take a look at any house, the two things you see are the outside of the house and the windows,” said Gary Blum, general manager of First Choice Windows & Remodeling in Greenwich, Conn. “The front of a house is mostly windows and a front door. So windows are very important.” Windows are more than just a style piece. They also impact how much natural light comes into a home, as well as comfort in terms of heat retention from double pane glass. “Nice windows bring in natural light and the outdoors in,” said Blum. “Windows are more of an investment,” said Bradsell, “but you get a lot in return. Besides being less drafty and lowering your heating bills, you also capture it back on resale… It sends a message to a potential buyer because they know that windows are a big investment.” Sometimes people come to Blum because they are renovating and want the latest in window technology, including tilting in for cleaning from inside the

home. Others want to change the look of their house because their windows are “old and tired.” Some are changing the look of their home from a more traditional feel to transitional. And still others have problems like drafts or windows that stick. For more simple window refreshes, Blum said some will repaint and fix caulking. If they are newer and have mullions, they can be removed for a more modern look. Sills and moldings can also be changed, painted and revitalized. Blum also advises changes to front doors as a way to invigorate an exterior. He sometimes changes single doors to double doors, plain ones to doors with glass insets, or adds glass sidelights. Said Reddy of Pound Ridge Painting, fences and gazebos are other exterior additions that can refresh a home’s curb appeal. Bradsell sometimes builds pergolas to bring both shade and character to dead spaces. But experts keep coming back to paint. “When a house is freshly painted,” said Reddy, “it always looks great.”

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APRIL 14, 2017



Seeing and Hearing Like Never Before Stop by Value Electronics Visit Our New Showroom to Experience to witness the revolution of 4K Ultra HDTV and Hi-Res Audio

Antiques at Rhinebeck: accent your life! Barn Star Productions is pleased to announce the Spring Antiques at Rhinebeck Show and Sale will take place Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-28. It’s a Hudson Valley tradition. One hundred and twenty-five diverse and talented exhibitors will fill three huge buildings with folk and fine art, American and European antiques, estate and vintage jewelry including watches, mid-century modern, Native American, silver, art pottery, posters, quilts and vintage textiles, fantastic garden and architectural decorations, lighting, early toys and banks, stoneware, plus so much more. Located at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds, 6550 Spring Brook Ave. (Route 9) in Rhinebeck, NY, the show will introduce two new and exciting features designed to make the event more “family friendly” and inviting for collectors of all ages and interests. First, a Gourmet Food Truck Court will be new this year offering a variety of delicious food and beverages to refresh show attendees while they explore the show.

Second, Barn Star Productions is extremely privileged to present a special show exhibit, “The Lost Photographs of Iconic Rock Stars from the 1960s,” presented by photographer, author and western art and antiques dealer Michael Friedman. In the ’60s, Friedman’s involvement in the music industry opened up amazing opportunities for him to photograph super stars backstage and out front. After several moves around the country, the negatives of these never before seen images disappeared until Friedman recently discovered them. Take a journey back in time and experience Janis Joplin, Mick Jaeger, James Cotton, Johnny Winter, Paul Butterfield, Kris Kristofferson and many more super stars now beautifully framed and available to add to your personal collection. Grab a front row seat, bring your kids and enjoy this exhibit that spans generations. For more information and on-line ticket sales, visit or call (845) 8760616. Show hours are Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. No pets allowed.

“Picture on Glass” with LG’s new Signature Series 4K OLED TV

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APRIL 14, 2017

Luxury bathroom makeovers

Have it all from high tech to the height of luxury



temperature and valve preferences, even shower massage settings. High-end models let you program in a steam shower, a Wi-Fi source for you music, multiple spray outlets, a tankless water heater and a remote speaker pre-programmed just the way you like it. You can even program the shower to start before you get out of bed so you can pop in at just the temperature you like without have to wait for it to warm up. All you need is a wish list and a budget.

ust as designer kitchens have drawn homeowners to renovate and update with dazzling results, so have they been drawn to do master bath makeovers. People are looking for comfort, innovation, relaxation and amenities unheard of just a few years ago. To this end, they’re ripping out old fixtures, tearing up tile work, knocking down walls — literally starting from scratch to guarantee a new master bath from top to bottom. And just as state-of-art kitchens enhance the beauty and value of your house, so do total bath renovations. But more importantly these improvements are meant to turn just a ho-hum bathroom into what could be a home spa, with high-tech and green products that go beyond just a super shower. Consumers today are more and more concerned about conservation and sustainability, trends that can be combined with technology that transforms utilitarian spaces into a luxury oasis. What’s new? There’s a showerhead with Bluetooth technology that puts a wireless speaker system with up to seven hours of music, podcasts and news while you scrub away. Best of all you don’t have to turn up the volume to hear the music over the noise of the water spouting. You can also customize your shower with a programmable kit to save your water

A designing eye to realize your vision Homeowners may not know exactly what they want, so it helps to have a professional designing eye to create the luxury space to fit your space. Designer Barbara Piazza from Euphoria Kitchen and Bath in Bedford Hills, contractors for more than 50 years, helps clients to realize a master bath makeover by first discussing what their need wants and needs are. “Some clients have a space constraint,” said Piazza, so they have to work with the space they have. But that doesn’t mean they can’t give their space a total facelift. Her must-haves in doing a luxury bathroom would include a “curbless” double shower with multiple sprayers or heads an infinity drain, which she said is much cleaner; a seat for women to shave their legs; and a radiant heated shower floor and the bathroom floor, which is inexpensive to run. Piazza noted that some clients also want a Continued on the next page

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APRIL 14, 2017

k GARDEN Demolition, restoration, tile & painting

Continued from the previous page

separate handheld showerhead. What else would be on her wish list? A separate soaker tub with what she refers to as an “air massage tub that maintains the water temperature. “Bathing is more of an experience, more relaxing,” she said, with smaller jets, but more of them. “Now people want small ones [whirlpool tubs] and big showers… People are looking for relaxation, to de-stress and decompress.” Space allowing, Piazza suggests toilets with special heated seats and a bidet feature, a “washlet,” with a wall button control and requiring electricity to run. There are hybrid wall mounted toilets with the tank inside the wall, which are “much cleaner, but hard to do in a retrofit” since it requires a certain amount of depth. It does save space in smaller bathrooms. Other features big budget makeovers can include wall-mounted faucets and free flowing suspended sinks with an electrically supplied sensor to turn the water on and off. Clients have put refrigerators in master baths, built-in espresso machines, built in LED mirrors that become TVs or wall mounted TVs, remote controlled window treatments and frameless glass door shower enclosures with wall mounted clips or channels to hold the glass, that “look like they are free floating.” Glass showers no longer go up to ceiling. And medicine cabinets? They can be refrigerated to keep certain medications cold. Vanities can have built-in space for linen pull outs with hair dryers and curling irons with built-in electrical outlets inside the drawer, that are of course code dependent. When it comes to music in the shower, Piazza prefers instead a sound system in



both the bedroom and the shower. And colored lighting to create different moods and aromatherapy. “Ultrabath has a unity that can go into a bathroom that allows aromatherapy using essential oils, and that can affect the body, mind and spirit,” said Piazza, an aromatherapy expert herself. In terms of lighting, the designer likes to see cove lighting in showers and sconces, under-shelf lighting in showers, which “adds to the experience.” Piazza said they ask clients a range of what they are willing to spend on a project to clarify as much as possible what they can do to stay within it. According to Piazza defining what constitutes a luxury bathroom varies and doesn‘t necessarily take a huge budget, though she has done six-figure bath makeovers. She advises clients with a more limited budget to make a list of must-haves to splurge on and see what they can live without. Piazza said it’s possible to create a space that can “still be beautiful and luxurious… It can be a state of mind.”


In Irvington, owner Lenny Capuano of Lenco Tile has been in business over 30 years and does not only tile work, but complete renovations as well. His firm does everything from demolition to tiling to painting. “My team doesn’t do plumbing and electrical,” he said. “We have those people they contact to that are all licensed with excellent reputations.” His company does a lot of tile restoration: “If it’s tile related we pretty much do it.” Capuano’s firm does all aspects of bathroom renovations and on occasion works with customers who have budgets. The process starts with either customers or by working with a decorator. Clients can purchase the fixtures and Lenco can reconfigure things. “The one thing I recommend would be [to buy] quality fixtures,” Capuano said, adding that clients ask their plumbers what brands to buy. “You get what you pay for.” In terms of tile work, over the last number of years, clients want large floor space, between 15 and 24 feet, give or take, even in small bathrooms. “We’ve seen a lot of people go with porcelain tiles, Capuano said. “Marble looks great, but after a few years it will be hard to maintain. There’s so many different options that are much stronger than marble and much more durable.” Capuano added that there are even porcelain tiles that look like wood, but they’re used more in basements and are more common in kitchens. Popular color for tiles these days are varying shades of grade, which is a big

decorating color, as well. In terms of walls, Capuano’s recommendation is to tile 4 feet up around the perimeter of the bathroom. He suggested a double vanity and a very large mirror to add to the illusion of size. Subway tiles are still popular, with different edging that is colored and has patterns with the tile. Capuano said some people go with a darker grout for a more dramatic look. Capuano recommends large stall showers with a bench and built-in shelves for towels and toiletries. He noted that people like rain showerheads and a sound system in bathrooms. “Most people are on the go, in a rush, not in the bathroom to be entertained,” Capuano said. He believes the bath should have simplicity. For those who like a bath to relax, read a book or magazine, they may fill the space “with something fancier” — a claw food tub perhaps, rather than a Jacuzzi, which has moving parts that could break. “Everybody is too busy to use them,” he said. Luxury, start to finish President Paul Bookbinder of DreamWork Kitchens, Bathrooms and Fine Cabinetry in Mamaroneck does kitchen and bath renovations from start to finish, with a staff that does 80 percent of the work and contracts out the other 20 percent. When clients first come in for a bathroom renovation, the first thing DreamWork does is invite them to the showroom to discuss their budget, what they want to do and what’s on their wish list. “Obviously they do research on the internet,” Bookbinder said, noting that clients today are more informed. Some people come and say Continued on page 9A




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APRIL 14, 2017

Recycle what? 5 tips for recycling bathroom products


Saving energy with smart blinds


aking up in the morning is never easy, especially in a room darkened for sleep. But imagine if your blinds automatically raised with the sun each morning, letting the light in just when you need it. Imagine you could also set them to close when you are getting dressed or exiting the shower. What if you could also set your blinds to stay closed later on weekends for little extra sleep time? Enter the brave new world of motorized shades and automatic blinds, which not only help by maintaining healthy sleep patterns and saving home energy, but also are just plain cool. These new technological shades can be pre-programmed to open and close at specific times throughout the day, and can also be controlled via smart phones. Additionally, they can be an add-on to a smart home system that can include lights, heat, air conditioning and other options.

How do smart blinds help homeowners save money? In the summer, sunlight streaming through windows can heat up rooms and make air conditioners work harder. Alternately, in the winter, keeping the blinds raised to let the sunlight in can reduce heating costs. Having them open and close on their own, consistently, whether or not you are even home: even better. Motorized blinds can even be connected to smart thermostats, which can then tell the blinds to open or close based on the ambient temperature of a room. The shades can actually do a lot of the work that heating and cooling system used to do. Bringing in smart technology can mean more than impressing guests — it can increase convenience and even cut waste, saving both energy and money in the long term. — Maja Tarateta

ost of us are used to recycling at home, but specifically in the bathroom? Not so much. However, your bathroom is home to a number of recyclable products, from shampoo and mouthwash bottles to bandage and tissue boxes. With families as busy as they are, it’s no wonder bathroom recycling is far from top of mind. A recent survey done on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. found 60 percent of moms wish they remembered to recycle more. The more you know about what’s recyclable, the easier it is to incorporate it into your daily routine. So, this Earth Day — and every day — care for the planet the way you care for your family by following these five simple and creative ways to recycle and reuse your empty bathroom products. 1) Get a bathroom recycling bin: Sixty percent of moms report they would be more likely to recycle bathroom products if they had a recycling bin in the room. Visit to learn how to get a bathroom recycling bin with qualifying purchase from Care To Recycle, a program of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. that provides fun tips and tools to increase recycling of personal care products. With a handy bin nearby, you'll never have to think twice about recycling in the bathroom. 2) Make your own recycling bin: A majority of moms — 75 percent — believe that showing their kids how to place recyclable products in the appropriate bin is a teachable moment and there’s no reason why teachable moments can’t be décor-friendly. There are plenty of quick and easy DIY hacks, from using a wicker basket to decorating a plain trash bin with wrapping paper that matches your taste. 3) Involve your kids: Seventy-four per-

cent of moms agree that involving their kids in their to-do lists helps them get more done and 61 percent would be more likely to recycle if their kids helped out. You can start by creating a recycling chart that rewards kids with fun, earth-friendly prizes like camping or picnics when they remember to recycle in the bathroom. 4. Get crafty: For items that can’t be recycled, instead of tossing them, why not remake them into something special? The Care To Recycle Pinterest page has fun and beautiful upcycling projects, like creating luminaries out of moisturizer jars, vases out of makeup remover bottles, and much more. 5. Create friendly reminders: Two out of three moms admit to taking on too much during the day and 80 percent report that forgetting tasks is a normal part of being a busy parent. Try leaving a framed note on your bathroom counter or task your kids with creating a creative poem to help remind you — and your family and guests — to recycle every day. By following these five simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to making bathroom recycling part of your family’s daily routine and helping to raise the next generation of recyclers. Whether it’s Earth Day or any day, programs like Care To Recycle can offer inspiration for fun, creative ways for the entire family to reuse or recycle your bathroom products. Visit for more ideas. The survey, commissioned by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., was conducted online using the services of ORC International in Winter 2016/2017 among a representative sample of American moms with children 17 and under (n=1,001), referred to as “American moms” or “moms.” — Brandpoint

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APRIL 14, 2017

Luxury bathrooms Continued from page 7A

they’re not sure and rely on him to come up with ideas. He shows them pictures. If everything is OK, his firm sends a project manager to their home for a $100 fee, which they apply to the job they get the green light to proceed. Bookbinder said bathroom makeovers involve every craftsman there is. “We do the design and then review it with the client,” he said. “If they like it we get materials and start the project.” Whatever the budget he said to reserve 10 percent and put aside for emergencies and more for large renovations. Budgets do include plumbing fixtures because of the price variations of an individual makeover. Wish lists these days include white, bright and simple with vanities that have multiple uses and open and close. People also like to see the pipes with freestanding tubs, wall mounted toilets with tanks that are in the wall, showers with no lips and showers with more fixed panels instead of sliding doors. With sound systems in showers, showering becomes a whole new experience. For high-end makeovers there are floating vanities that are attached to the wall and very high-end vessel sinks. They’ve had requests for hands-free faucets self-flushing, self-cleaning toilets with a lid that automatically lifts when you walk into the bathroom. Bookbinder noted that large Jacuzzis have lost their popularity, and they’ve removed some. New are walk-in showers with built-in bathtubs, though they’ve never


done one. Today’s bathtubs are shallower and quick to fill. With locations in Scarsdale, Somers, Yorktown, Elmsford and Stamford, Best Plumbing, Tile and Stone offers a huge selection of luxurious bathroom fixtures to complete a master bath facelift. They do not however recommend plumbers or craftsmen for installations — Best is supply only. The family-owned business opened its doors in 1960 and has been growing ever since, with a sixth store slated to open in Manhattan. Customers can browse the showrooms and visualize what’s possible in terms of master bath makeovers that offer endless ways to drench oneself in luxury. “One of the most popular bath trends is creating a personal spa oasis, starting with a soothing spa shower,” Kate Piediscalzo said. “For example, Kohler’s most advanced showering system, DTV+, delivers a multisensory experience. The system features a digital user interface panel to control water, steam, music, and lighting and an easy-to-read color touchscreen that puts your dream shower right at your fingertips. Other luxury addons can include an overhead rain shower for an integrated mood-enhancing chromatherapy, high-fidelity water-resistant speakers or a 54-nozzle wall-mounted body spray for a relaxing hydromassage. In no time, you’ll be able to escape to a soothing spa right in your own home.” Whatever bells and whistles consumers are looking for in luxury bath makeovers, there’s no end to the high-tech amenities available to them that go beyond the scope of ordinary amenities to create a space to luxuriate in and relax.


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Let there be... LED

Know your LED Facts

Insurance for your home and the people who inhabit it. You’ve got lots of choices for insurance in our neighborhood. But the best choice is working with knowledgeable, service-oriented professionals who are your neighbors and treat you like friends. Plum Insurance Agency LLC. Over 65 years as a family run, independent insurance agency. All types of risk protection (home, auto, boat, umbrella, business, life, long-term care, longterm disability, professional liability including cyber, construction, etc.).   No risk is too small or too large for us to discuss with you on a no-obligation basis. We look forward to speaking with you about your home and any other forms of insurance! Ellen Plum


ols. “Lumens are how bright the bulb will be.” In other words, an LED bulb’s wattage rating doesn’t indicate its brightness; its lumens rating does. A 60-watt-equivalent LED bulb delivers about 800 lumens, roughly the same as a 60-watt incandescent. Key considerations to take into account when looking at LEDs are longevity, dimmability and color. As with other products, there are different qualities available in LEDs. Some LED bulbs may be less expensive, but longevity, dimmability and color may suffer, making it actually more expensive over the long term. “There are LEDs and then there are LEDs,” said Novasel. “And there is a world of difference between the two.” Dimming is one of the key challenges with the new LED bulbs. As Novasel explains, “Dimming is 20th century and LEDs are 21st century. A lot of work has been done by the manufacturers to get them more compatible.” Color when dimming is another concern. With incandescent or halogen bulbs, “When you would dim you would get a more orangey or red color, with the temperature shifting. When you dim an LED, the color temperature doesn’t change. So there is a little black magic and technology in these bulbs that mimics the dimming curve,” said Novasel. Bulbs can be especially concerning if they will be exposed, or if you are putting them into a chandelier or vintage light


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fixture, as they sell at Designers Corner in Larchmont. Christelle Wolf, assistant manager, is always concerned about finding the perfect bulb. For her customers, the look of the bulb often trumps all else. Many options in LED are available to meet these design aesthetics, including vintage styles with exposed filaments. At Patdo, they even offer a Lighting Laboratory, where people can come in and see what the different qualities of bulbs and lamps will bring into the fixtures and the home. “It’s important to see for yourself — you can clearly see the differences,” said Novasel. “The color of the bulb was never an issue with incandescent.” With all of the complications, confusion and challenges, there remains a bright side to LED bulbs. “LEDs will reduce America’s energy consumption,” Novasel said. And that is certainly “illuminating.”

1) LEDs contain no mercury, and a recent Energy Department study determined that LEDs have a much smaller environmental impact than incandescent bulbs. They also have an edge over compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) that’s expected to grow over the next few years as LED technology continues its steady improvement. 2) Between 2011 and 2012, global sales of LED replacement bulbs increased by 22 percent while the cost of a 60-watt equivalent LED bulb fell by nearly 40 percent. By 2030, it is estimated that LEDs will account for 75 percent of all lighting sales. 3) In 2012, about 49 million LEDs were installed in the U.S. — saving about $675 million in annual energy costs. Switching entirely to LED lights over the next two decades could save the U.S. $250 billion in energy costs, reduce electricity consumption for lighting by nearly 50 percent and avoid 1,800 million metric tons of carbon emissions. — U.S. Department of Energy

Decorating Den Interiors comes to you. Award-winning decorator Marina Colella and her team provide a complete in-home or inoffice interior design service, bringing a master plan with samples of drapery fabrics, furniture, carpet and area rugs, wall coverings, and accessories directly to their clients. They design the room in the client’s own lighting including existing furnishings the client may want to keep. “Working this way is very comfortable for the client, as they can really see what works in the room, plus it’s a time-saving convenience,” Marina says. Marina and her team pride themselves on their ability to work within a client’s budget, custom designing rooms for function, beauty and comfort. “My clients are working directly with a knowledgeable decorator who is a small- business owner with the power of a large, established company behind her. Unlike a store, Westchester Design Team we have no inventory or loyalty to a particular manufacturer. We listen to our clients and put their needs first as we make our choices from hundreds of vendors.” We are ready to help our clients with everything from dressing one window to a full-home makeover. Call for a complimentary 90-minute consultation. Decorating Den is expanding in Westchester. If you are interested in getting into the design business, please call us for career opportunities.

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APRIL 14, 2017

Boost your home’s energy efficiency Hot styles

in home decorating


ith milder temperatures and longer days, it seems as though the last vestiges of winter are behind us. Yet, if you experienced high heating bills or drafts and cold spots throughout your house, it could mean your it is not as energy efficient as it could be. Home improvement experts suggest spring is the ideal time for homeowners to think about investing in projects that boost energy efficiency while helping save money each month. With an increasing array of solutions available on the market, homeowners can make informed decisions on which areas of their home are worth the investment. Here are three key home improvement projects homeowners can consider to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their home: Window upgrades You might not realize it, yet windows can play a major role in the overall comfort of a home and its occupants. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Savers states that air loss through windows can equate to around 10 percent. Sealing cracks and gaps around the glass and window frame can make a noticeable difference to curbing air loss, while installing double-glazed windows, originally designed for extreme climates, are an increasingly popular and effective way to help minimize air loss and make those wintry drafts a thing of the past. HVAC equipment upgrades Inefficiencies in your heating and cooling equipment could be contributing to your monthly energy bills. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that as much as 25 percent of a house’s annual bill could be direct-


ly connected to inefficient HVAC systems. Having a regular maintenance schedule as well as replacing furnace filters can have a positive impact on improving the performance of your heating and cooling equipment. Additionally, over the past decade, advancements in heating and cooling technology have led to manufacturers introducing more energy-efficient equipment. For example, an air conditioning unit from the 1990s can use as much as 6,000 watts per hour, whereas a newer unit is more likely to be using around 1,700 watts per hour. Upgrading your attic insulation It’s commonly understood that heat rises and a house’s attic can be one of the leading contributors to air loss. Air leaking from your house — particularly your attic — not only limits the effectiveness of your HVAC equipment, but can also lead to drafts and cold spots, as well as the potential for ice dams forming on your roof. Gaps or inadequate insulation in your attic could be costing you money each month. Investing in upgrading your attic insulation to a material that provides both insulating value, as well as air sealing, can help combat air leakage. Spray foam insulation pro-

vides both insulating value and air sealing in one step. Growing quickly in popularity among homeowners, spray foam insulation is a high-performance material that delivers year-round energy efficiency benefits. Spray foam insulation, like that available from Icynene, works well in all types of homes across the country, regardless of climate. Spray foam insulation performs for the life of the property, ensuring that homeowners can enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures all year-round without overrunning their heating and cooling equipment. The insulation material helps limit air loss through the attic, as well as wherever else it is applied, to help create a comfortable living space. Homeowners interested in understanding more about the performance and energy efficiency advantages can download Icynene’s comprehensive home insulation mobile app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app allows homeowners to understand where air leaks can occur in their home and why insulation is a smart home improvement investment. More information about Icynene spray foam insulation can be found at — Brandpoint

f you’re planning to tackle a home decorating project this year, here are the top trends you should consider: 1. Marble wallpaper: A lot of the 2017 trends are about going back to classic styles, and it doesn’t get much more classic than marble. Few materials evoke high-end living as simply and effectively as marble, a global symbol of refined taste and sophistication. Marble was a big trend in 2016, and it looks like it’s here to stay. With faux-effect materials and faux-marble wallpapers such as this beauty from Murals Your Way growing in popularity, you can count on the soft, subdued design to be a top pick for accent walls, powder rooms, kitchens and more. It’s a seriously impressive way to dress up your walls! 2. Deep blues: Though black has long been a decorating darling, designers are now recruiting deep blues for their go-to power hue. It’s a bit more approachable than pure black, and it has a lovely nautical vibe when used in conjunction with materials like rope, brass and wood. Navy velvet couches are a popular way to incorporate the color into your home. And if you want to keep your space light, wallpaper with blue accents is a great solution. Whether you go for indigo, cobalt, navy or some other blue hue, a dramatic, deep blue color will add interest to your space. 3. Acrylic everything: Acrylic was a trend Continued on the next page


APRIL 14, 2017

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that picked up steam in 2016 and will keep going strong this year. Because most acrylic is clear, it works with almost any type of design style or color scheme. Acrylic furniture pieces and accessories have been around for years, but they primarily came in very modern shapes that wouldn’t work well in a more traditional home. All of that has changed, and now you can find the best of both worlds with this more modern material being used in furniture with traditional designs. Bring acrylic into your space by choosing a larger piece, such as this coffee table from Wisteria, or simply use smaller accessories, such as an acrylic floating frame. Whether it’s a coffee table or floating frame, acrylic accents and accessories are this year’s clear favorite for adding a gleaming finish to a space. 4. Farmhouse chic: Reclaimed wood, aged metals and distressed details are showing up everywhere in interior design and are not going anywhere in 2017. Farmhouse chic decor is a spin on the classic farmhouse style with an added soft elegance. Classic shapes, rustic simplicity and natural materials celebrate country-inspired charm, while soft and cozy



neutrals evoke a luxurious and chic style. 5. Greenery: Named the 2017 Pantone color of the year, greenery is meant to represent refreshment, revitalization and our connection to nature. It seems to be an instant hit for those looking for a back-to-nature hue that brings zest while still managing to work with warm wood tones. Greenery is an attention-grabbing color, and it can be used to add pop and contrast to the overall interior. The earthy tone is a welcome complement to some of the more neutral hues that have gained prominence in the past year. 6. Forget hygge: This year is all about lagom: The year 2016 was about reaching the highest level of coziness and comfort, an outlook encapsulated by the Danish term hygge (pronounced hoo-ga). Now there’s an even more sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle we’ll all be wanting in 2017: lagom. It’s a simple Swedish philosophy on everyday life that means “just the right amount.” The lagom home strikes the perfect balance between minimalism and cluttered, resulting in a clean, calm space that is also warm and inviting. This Swedish concept of “not too much, not too little” may just dominate in 2017. — Brandpoint

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APRIL 14, 2017


Fun and fabulous:

Design experts share their secrets BY TRACI DUTTON LUDWIG


hat are some of your favorite ways to refresh a space on a budget? Linda Blair, Blair Interiors Group, Scarsdale: I love orchids and pillows for quick, inexpensive fixes to freshen up tired or out-of-control rooms. Shawls and throws are another great option. They add texture and warmth and can break up the line of chair or sofa. I also recommend grouping collections together for maximum impact. Recently, I have been using paint or wallpaper on a ceiling to really bring a room together, or placing something fun and dynamic in an unexpected spot — like a closet. Everyone loves the joy of a surprise. Barbara Feinstein, B Fein Interiors, Scarsdale: To revive a space, an easily overlooked secret is to have the windows washed. Perfectly clean windows will really let the sun shine in. Try it and you will be amazed by the difference it makes. If you can afford to paint, that is the next item on the list. Another budget-friendly option is to rearrange the pieces you already own into sensible compositions. For instance, every room needs a tall piece of furniture… and maybe the right pieces are just in the wrong rooms. Betsy Helmuth, Affordable Interior Design, Dobbs Ferry: Reviving a tired space can be easy and affordable. You can add drapes that go from above your windows all the way down to your floor. I like to hang a large piece of art above a sofa or headboard. Add a large rug that has more than three colors

— it’s eye-catching and comfortable. Keep things lively by regularly swapping pillows, approximately every four months. I like to browse the unique products on to load up on interesting designs and textures. Alyson Lane and Karen Tolchin: Current Home, Scarsdale: Pillows are a quick way to update a room. You can change the look of the space by layering colors and textures on a sofa. Add lush velvets to dress up a space, or try relaxed linens to make it more casual. What are some of your favorite indulgences for a client’s space when budget is not necessarily a consideration? Blair: Indulgence is about living with what we love. It’s personal. It tells stories and evokes memories and emotions. Artwork. Family heirlooms, objects collected from travel are some of the things that make an interior rich and inviting. Quality can also be an indulgence, and excellent quality withstands the test of time. Helmuth: For my clients, there is always a budget. But I do like to splurge on original paintings that inspire personal connections, an amazing sofa that you want to sink into and bedding that feels decadent. Feinstein: There is a great range of options regarding fabric quality and price, and extraordinary materials and weaves are available if the budget permits a splurge… One of the most important, and often most expensive, elements in a room are the window treatments. They should always be considered. Many times, a window can be left uncovered, but the windows and what Continued on the next page



APRIL 14, 2017




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is necessary for light control, privacy and aesthetic appeal should definitely be a considered decision. Lane and Tolchin: Nothing is more luxurious or dramatic than a patterned hide rug. It is a great way to add texture and color to a room. Please share one or two of your favorite design products right now and why you love them. Blair: I love tall mirrors with grids, approximately 68-72 inches tall, and other large mirrors that can create impact and visually open up space. Use a mirror on a solid wall wherever you yearn for a window. I also love mixing things up to create interesting relationships, such as using one or two antique elements with cleaner, modern furnishings. Collections, of course, have impact, such as groupings of pictures or blue and white export china, which has remained in vogue for about 40 years. Feinstein: My favorite new design product is the new Emerald Paint, recently introduced by Sherwin Williams. It goes on smoothly, covers more densely and when dry it becomes scrubbable. The paint costs more, but you’ll save on the labor. Helmuth: I am in love with Joybird’s sofas and armchairs. They have amazing customer service and beautiful fabrics. I have always been a fan of pillows from Anthropologie. They are fun and always add an unexpected pop in a living room. Lane and Tolchin: Resin, resin, resin — we love everything resin. Furniture made with resin is colorful and durable. At Current Home, we often choose resin for decorative accessories throughout the home, like centerpieces, trays and bowls. Resin tabletop pieces are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. They are dishwasher safe and food safe. With a product this versatile, what’s not to love? Which design product can you personally not live without — and why? Blair: I love a well-lit space and use a lighting designer whenever I can. When you enter a room and it just has a magical quality that you can’t quite put your finger on, it’s usually because of the lighting. Feinstein: My personal favorite product right now is the Nest Grapefruit candle. A beautiful fragrance can make a room inexplicably. Aroma adds a lovely sensory quality to a space and enhances one’s experience of well-being. Helmuth: I can’t live without my sectional. I want my family of four to be able to sit together without being on top of each other. With our West Elm sectional, we can all maintain our personal space while having the joy of sitting together. Lane and Tolchin: A great mirror is a must. It adds glamour and dimension to any space, and you can find a great mirror for every budget. Are there design considerations that clients commonly overlook when approaching a project? Or, in other words, what should people be paying more attention to? Blair: Ceilings are often overlooked, but have tremendous potential for pulling a room together. I love to either paint them blue, like the sky, or cover them with gorgeous textural wallpaper. Also often overlooked, but essential for good design is good lighting. LED blubs, or lamps as the industry calls them, have surged in popularity due to their amazing longevity. But their glare is often too harsh — think big cars’ headlights at night. I always try to put a ceiling light in a


room, and I like other forms of upper room lighting such as sconces in pairs, which are both decorative and practical. Design schools, of course, recommend multiple forms of lighting — task, overall, mood, accent, etc. — for the best results. Feinstein: The most overlooked aspect of a design is “the fifth wall.” Most people, even many designers, neglect to consider the color of the ceiling. The default to white is ubiquitous. However, a bit of light color on the ceiling makes a room feel embracing, and it prevents the room’s “energy” from being vacuumed up and out, from the top. Helmuth: People should pay more attention to their light fixtures. Lamps illuminate, so they naturally draw attention to themselves. Think of them as sculptures and select ones that have lovely bases and interesting lines. Also, high-wattage lights that can be dimmed create beautiful, moody effects. Lane and Tolchin: Many people are afraid of color. They want it in a room, but are nervous to commit. We always suggest doing larger upholstered pieces in neutral tones and adding color through accessories such as books, pillows, bowls, trays and art. What is your definition of good design? Blair: My definition of good design is one that exists through a harmony of “all” the elements, one that takes into consideration the height of the ceilings, the scale of the furnishings, what attracts the eye as it inadvertently glances around a space — and a spot-on sense of balance. Feinstein: My definition of good design is a well-composed space. If there’s something missing, you’ll “feel” it. A well-composed space is relaxing and comfortable… I think about how Albert Hadley, a famous interior designer, said it best: “The essence of interior design is about people and how they live.” Helmuth: Good design reflects the client’s personality and must be practical for the client’s lifestyle. Lane and Tolchin: Good design is about the ability for a space to function and adapt to one’s lifestyle. For example, we like it when a room can feel cozy for a small gathering, yet accommodate a large group when needed.







APRIL 14, 2017

Trends. Timelessness. Taste.

Excellent design always starts with a ‘T’



t’s 2017, and what is currently “new” might actually be old. Like fashion, interior design trends emerge and recede. They come and go in cycles. Sometimes, they develop gradually as they catalyze into further stylistic developments. Sometimes, they shift through dramatic reversals of taste. Nevertheless, regardless of current trends, the principles of good design remain fundamental. Balance, proportion, scale, texture, color and shape should maintain the guiding forces of harmony and pleasing relationships among objects and space. This is the simple secret to a happy home. Interior designer, teacher, and author Linda Blair of Scarsdale, said, “I usually don’t like to speak of trends because there are so many personal requirements and space considerations that become priorities in design. Nevertheless, trends are indeed what make people happy and are what is happening. In teaching the history of interior design, I suggest that one style is often a reaction to the previous one. For example, modern, straight lines replacing curvy, complicated shapes.” Accordingly, many design professionals have noted a waning interest in spare mid-century modern interiors in favor of something richer. Blair particularly noted


mid-century modern design’s lack of comfort, preponderance of metal legs and low profiles as challenging characteristics. “I have never been a fan of this style,” she said. So, if mid-century modern is on its way out, what is coming in as a passionate replacement? Barbara Feinstein of Scarsdale’s B Fein Interiors said, “I think the next trend on the horizon, as mid-century modern runs its course, is 1970s Retro.” 1970s Retro is a style name that Feinstein

made up to describe what she was seeing on the market. Namely, she has been noticing a preference for textural shag rugs and light fixtures that reflect a ’70s-inspired look. Warm or burnished metallic finishes, which were popular in the 1970s, are again becoming vogue. Blair predicts polished silver and chrome will make way for the return of copper, bronze and gold finishes. Blair also pointed to interesting combinations of industrial and iron elements and

the repurposing of materials. Alyson Lane and Karen Tolchin, coowners of Scarsdale’s Current Home store, weighed in: “Mixed metals are still hot. Brass and gold remain constant, but nickel and silver are making a comeback. Mixing them in the right way creates the ultimate look.” Rich surfaces and contrasting materials increase the visual texture of a space. According to Lane and Tolchin, “We are seeing a lot of layered textures, using fur, velvets, hides and chunky knits, to create a luxe look. Additionally, hand-crafted wallpapers with textures and movement are making appearances in all rooms of the home.” Affordable Interior Design owner Betsy Helmuth of Dobbs Ferry identifies velvet as a strong trend for 2017. This interest follows contemporary ready-to-wear fashion, which has seen a resurgence of velvet in recent seasons on everything from dresses, to handbags, to shoes. In home interior design, Helmuth prefers using velvet for rich, gorgeous accents: “I recommend incorporating today’s velvet through chairs and toss pillows, because an entire velvet couch might be too much. In fact, when incorporating trends, it usually makes sense to work with smaller pieces or eye-catching accessories that can be easily swapped out when new trends hit the shelves.” Continued on the next page


CAL PETRESCU ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN cell (914) 523 4030 off (914) 723 6884

Cal, a Scarsdale resident, develops exciting concepts for high-end residences, distinctive condominiums, restaurants and shops across Westchester. Just walk through your neighborhood or visit the website to appreciate his creativity and attention to detail.

APRIL 14, 2017




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Another popular textural material is Lucite, an acrylic resin that was previously fashionable in the 1970s and 1980s. Lane and Tolchin carry a kaleidoscope of fun and colorful Resin tabletop accessories in their store, and customers love the products’ versatility, as well as the fresh looks they enable. Resin is also available in clear compositions, which Helmuth recommends for its crisp, clean lines and intriguing transparency. “From accent tables to photo frames, Lucite pieces look airy and don’t visually clutter spaces in the way that wood and metal objects do,” Helmuth said. In contrast to the sleek surfaces of resin and metal accessories, traditional wood furnishings are becoming popular again. Blair revealed a secret recently communicated by a favorite auctioneer: “After being adrift in mid-century modern for far too long, [this auctioneer] told me last Sunday that brown wood, English-style dining room tables and chairs are slowly becoming favorable again.” Another wooden piece, popular right now, is the long, harvest-style table, which evokes a “relaxed California aesthetic,” according to Blair. Regarding color, Blair believes “we are almost done with gray — which has been ubiquitous for several years — and maybe even white.” Instead, she is noticing a growing taste for bold and interesting wallpapers, plain but sleek kitchen cabinets in laminate finishes, textural surfaces like weathered wood, and walls punctuated by collection displays in which objects and artwork create energy through relationship. Helmuth is similarly drawn to corre-


sponding and oppositional dynamic energies. “A personal favorite trend is black and white,” she said. “Whether orchestrated in stripes or zigzag patterns, the extreme contrast of black and white brings rhythmic energy to a space. It works incredibly well in modern, contemporary and mid-century style spaces.” High-gloss, painted black surfaces on staircases and banisters are also popular right now — and very chic. Like white, black is surprisingly neutral, even on walls. This is because it can be visually interpreted as space, rather than as surface color. When this happens, the walls of a room practically disappear. Black banisters and railings certainly appear daring and modern, but they actually hearken back to the turn of the century when the interior wooden staircases in brownstones were meant to reflect the aesthetic of fine ironwork found on exterior banisters, railings and balconies. This reminds us of the wonderful reinterpretation of design vocabularies and the rich historical resources available to designers, clients and homeowners. “As for timeless classics, they are — as the title implies — always in style,” Feinstein said. “A client’s personal preferences are also paramount, and these may range from modern, to traditional, to everything in between. A designer’s job is to understand and support the client’s aesthetic, while simultaneously using the his or her professional skill set — regarding balance, rhythm, line, color and scale — to achieve a project that is pleasingly composed. The vocabulary of each project, however, must always respond to the client’s own style preferences.”




APRIL 14, 2017

SPRING CLEANING: Tips for decluttering your home


ven the cleanest home will look messy if it’s not properly organized. Jule Eller, director of trend and style at Lowe’s, says there are a few simple ways to declutter your home and make your space look tidy. Start by assessing each room. Every house and family is different, but kitchens, garages and closets tend to get the messiest the fastest. A kitchen is a gathering place for everyone in the family, so it can become cluttered with everything from backpacks and junk mail to cereal bowls and pizza boxes. Cabinets and pantries can also become cluttered with too many dishes, utensils and spices, but installing a Rev-A-Shelf basket from Lowe’s makes it easy to keep things neat. With your garage you know it’s tempting to simply stash away bulky or rarely used items in it, rather than find a space inside your home. But if you make a habit of doing this, you could eventually run out of room to park your car. To avoid that from happening, put a Kobalt cabinet or rail system in your garage to transform it into a functional storage space. While closets aren’t rooms, they can definitely become a cluttered nightmare. Some people think if the door can close, there’s still room for storage. Don’t let closets get to that point — you’ll be a better person for it. Here are a few additional tips for sprucing up your home while keeping it functional and orderly: 1) Rearrange furniture to maximize the

space in each room. • The sofa in the living room, the bed in the bedroom and the desk in the office demand the majority of space available. Arrange these pieces first. • Don’t place too many pieces of furniture in a small space. A love seat may work better than a full-size sofa depending on the size and shape of the room. • When creating areas for conversation, keep furniture pieces within 8 feet of each other so people can talk comfortably when seated. If possible, keep these pieces facing each other instead of side by side. • With seating used for reading, remember to incorporate a light, whether it’s a

floor lamp or an end table with a lamp on it. 2) Create the illusion of space by adding lighting and mirrors. • Lighting is a key element in opening up a space. If you’re lucky enough to have natural light, let it shine in. • Recessed spot lighting is visually appealing and is perfect for a small space. • A torchère lamp is great for bouncing light off the ceiling and back down on the room. • Skylights and solar tubes are natural alternatives for adding light to a space. • Increase the appearance of the size of the room by adding mirrors. They not only

reflect images, but also reflect light and color while adding a decorative element to the room. 3) Use storage products to help you get organized. • If shelving and closet organization kits aren’t enough, keep clothes in storage bins. If you have too much, hold a garage sale or donate items to charity. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in two years, it’s time to let it go. • Store your utensils in an orderly fashion. Inexpensive baskets and bins work for oddly shaped items or small appliances. Keep stemware, plates and bowls grouped by function, style and shape. This will not only create a uniform look, but save time when meal prep is in full swing. • You always have the option to build custom solutions, but sometimes that forces you to choose between style and functionality. If you’d rather not sacrifice one or the other, Lowe’s offers a wide variety of products that allow you to have both. Ultimately it’s important to remember to not bite off more than you can chew. One of the biggest mistakes people make when decluttering is not setting realistic goals on the front end. Come up with a plan before diving in. Look at the room as a whole and then focus on one corner at a time. Once progress is being made, it will motivate you to keep going. For more organizational ideas, tips and product solutions, visit —NAPS


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24 spring home projects you can do in 24 hours or less


or most of us, the idea of spring cleaning probably sounds refreshing after a winter of bundling up against the cold. Now that spring has arrived, it’s finally time to get started! Sprucing up your home doesn’t have to take lots of time, and is a great way to leave you feeling reinvigorated after a long winter. To help you spring into warm weather home improvement, here are 24 simple projects that take 24 hours or less to accomplish: · Put a fresh coat of paint on the front door. Standard paints can take a long time to dry, especially if you live in a humid climate. SnapDry from Sherwin-Williams dries in as little as one hour, and you’ll be able to close the door without it sticking. The paint can be used inside or outside the home and it resists dirt, fingerprints, UV rays and weathering. · Update kitchen cabinets. Recently, homeowners are changing the facades of their kitchen cabinets and painting them instead of staining them-a trend that has grown tremendously. Add new knobs to complete the look for an easy, inexpensive way to give your cabinets a facelift. · Swap pillows and throws. You can’t change your couch every time the season changes, but switching out pillows and throws is a great way to give seasonal flare to your living room decor. · Create a statement wall. Installing graphic wallpaper or wood planking on one wall, or simply painting one wall or the ceiling a contrasting color, can add

drama to any room in the house. · Spruce up the deck for summer enjoyment. A refinished deck looks great and doesn’t have to be a lot of work. SuperDeck from Sherwin-Williams goes on fast and easy, and protects the integrity of your wood deck. It can even reduce the surface temperature of the wood, making the deck barefoot-friendly on a hot summer day. · Add wow factor to your entryway. Large planters with hardy, bright blooms add curb appeal when positioned on either side of the front door. · Update your lighting. Modern light

fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms shed a whole new light and look on the room. Consider installing a dimmer so you can create the right mood any time of the day. While you’re upgrading lighting, be sure to replace old-style incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient ones that will last longer and cost less to operate. · Create a gallery wall. Hang multiple family photos and/or chic prints in varying frame styles and sizes on one wall of the living room. · Rearrange your furniture. Talk about a no-cost way to get a totally different look. Experiment with different furniture con-

figurations, and don’t be afraid to move pieces from room to room. · Create a recharging drawer in your kitchen. Clean out that junk drawer, add dividers and a power strip and you have the perfect place for recharging your family’s electronic devices. · Install a ceiling fan. Nothing says spring and summer like a ceiling fan wafting a gentle breeze through a room. Choose the style and size that’s right for your space. Bonus: ceiling fans can help reduce energy bills by cheaply supplementing air-conditioning and heating. · Organize your mudroom. Whether it’s a formal mudroom or a corner of the entryway, every house has a spot where shoes, backpacks and other personal items collect. Organize that area with hooks for hanging and cubbies or shoe racks for storage. · Add a display shelf above a doorway. A wooden shelf above a doorway is a great place to feature collectibles. · Add vintage class to a powder room. Replace the ordinary doorknob on your powder room door with a vintage or replica glass knob. · Install decorative house numbers. You can purchase decorative tile or glass numerals from a variety of sources. · Stencil some fun. Add animal or character stencils to the walls of a child’s room, staircase or kitchen, or patio table for a quick, artsy take. · Add a ceiling medallion. Draw attenContinued on page 21A

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Making the most of your fireplace



our fireplace is one of the most important design elements in your home. It’s where your eye is drawn first when you first enter the room. Be it dramatically presented within a formal mantle, heavy stone façade or just an old fashioned Rumford, your fireplace has a second function: to be used and enjoyed with ease and safety. The first question customers ask is: Fire screens or glass doors? This is more than a decorative decision. My advice is always that glass doors are a better choice. Glass doors are not simply great decor. They give you control. While the fire is best enjoyed with the glass doors open, the built-in screen doors give you complete protection against both flying sparks and tumbling logs. Doors can prevent smoking and back draft that sometimes occurs when the fire is not fully underway or wind picks up outdoors. Doors are great safety for families since they are attached and cannot be toppled over by pets or children. There are considerable energy savings as the doors prevent your house venting overnight while you wait for the embers to die down before you can close the flue. As you may know fireplace chimneys are excellent at exhausting house air — more

than an open window. Importantly in many municipalities when fireplaces are a part of new construction they are required by code. Fireplace doors are available in a nearly infinite variety of styles and finishes. They can be custom fit to any application from arch to corner fireplaces and to accommodate complex facades and mantles. There are sometimes reasons to choose a fire screen instead. One is price as glass doors are generally more expensive. Some people object to the look of fireplace doors, although I personally think they are the best look. In certain historic applications fireplace screens may be deemed more appropriate as glass doors were not available “back in the day.” It’s important to have a relatively smooth hearth floor in front of the fireplace for the screen to stand steady on. Also you need to have hard floor space near the fireplace where you can stand the screen from time to time while you are tending to the fire. Very large fireplace screens can be unwieldy and you should consider a free standing screen that has doors that open so that you don’t have to move it. Fire screens are available in three basic types: flat, folding or spark guard. Flat screens are the most popular these days. Available in styles from rustic to con-

temporary/elegant these screens stand flush to the fireplace opening. To look right they need to be proportional to the fireplace, usually overlapping 1 inch or a little more at each side and the top. In some cases custom sizing is preferable to get the right fit. Folding screens are more forgiving. Within reason, their height can be lower than the actual fireplace opening and still look right and provide adequate spark protection. They are available in a broad variety of colors and styles as well. Spark guards are the least decorative and least expensive — they are design neutral. Basically a plain screen material on minimal frame that wraps at the top and sides to the facia of the fireplace. Whether you are shopping for glass

doors or freestanding screens there is considerable choice these days in colors and styles to suit any decorating scheme. We suggest that you come to our showroom to see for yourself. Be sure to bring measurements of the firebox opening and if possible a picture of the fireplace. In the case of fireplace doors I will later come to your home for a final measure and to further discuss color and other design choices. Many a client has arrived at our shop wary of the chore of shopping these products… and then left a fireplace enthusiast. Bart Tyler of Kelloggs & Lawrence in Katonah is a certified fireplace draft and venting specialist with over 20 years experience.

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tion to a light fixture by installing a decorative ceiling medallion that has a slightly different color than the ceiling. · Replace a kitchen faucet. A new kitchen faucet can be practical and decorative, but can also control water flow, saving money. · Pressure wash siding and walkways. Power washing exterior home areas makes siding and walkways look fresh. · Hang a new mirror in the bathroom. A decorative framed mirror in place of a standard bathroom mirror adds interest, elegance and even light to the space. · Put a decorative decal in the laundry room. Create some fun in the laundry area by adding a decal with a humorous saying, such as “Life is too short to fold fitted sheets!” · Upgrade bathroom towel storage. Replace those builder-issue towel bars and rings with decorative options that add pizzazz. · Make your own art with a shower curtain. Love large-scale artwork, but have a smaller scale budget? Use wood to frame a decorative shower curtain and turn it into wall art. · Wash windows. What’s the one spring DIY task that will make all the others in your home look even better? Wash windows to allow spring and summer sunlight into your home. Trying just a few of these easy homeimprovement tasks is a fast way to perk up your home for spring and summer. — Brandpoint




Natural ways to protect your roses


arm weather welcomes flowerbeds, gardens burst with color and fragrance, and, in many yards, roses are the stars of the show. They’re the most popular and prized flower in American gardens, one of the most beloved flowers for weddings and staples of Valentine’s and Mother’s Day bouquets. Americans love their roses — and so do a host of harmful pests, including Japanese beetles, aphids, mites among other insects and let’s not forget about deer. Pests can cause a great deal of damage to roses, especially considering many varieties have a reputation for being tenderly delicate. While some types of roses are hardier against disease, no rose alive can fight off an aphid infestation or fight foraging deer without some help from the gardener. However, growing awareness of the environmental impact of some common pesticides may have many rose gardeners looking for more natural ways to protect their blooms this season. Brand-name neonicotinoid pesticides, commonly used to keep pests off plants, are being banned in states across the country, including Maryland, Connecticut and Minnesota. North Carolina is currently considering a similar ban. This class of insecticides is believed to contribute to the devastation and decline of Continued on page 23A

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Bringing your lawn back to life this spring BY MARY LEGRAND


nce again it’s been a long, hard winter in Westchester County. Locals have anxiously waited for spring, and so have area lawns, whose primary job is to make the area as beautiful as it can be. But how do property owners get their grass up to par in order to make their lawns healthy and beautiful just in time for summer? Matt Lindner, director of lawn care for SavATree in Bedford Hills, offered his expert advice on how to get started. “A light raking of the turf will allow sunlight to warm up the soil temperatures, stimulating the grass plant to life,” Lindner said. “Aggressive raking can actually pull live plants out of the soil, thus thinning the turf.” There are lawn care procedures that should be done sequentially throughout

the year to assure an easier rebirth of the grass in the spring. “Aerating and overseeding in late summer/early fall will help strengthen stressed grass,” Lindner said. “Also, fall fertilization is ideal because it helps harden the plant cells for winter as well as feed the roots. Grass roots will never go dormant, unless the ground is frozen, so feeding them in the fall will provide the food they need for overwintering.” Fall fertilization also promotes the growth of green, thick, healthy turf the following spring, Lindner said. Spring normally provides enough moisture and heat to jump-start a lawn, he continued, adding that homeowners can begin to fertilize around Memorial Day. “Fertilizing too soon can cause excess growth and, in some cases, can actually weaken grass as it grows into the summer stress period,” Lindner said. “Since fertilization needs to vary by soil quality, grass

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type and location, consider working with a lawn care specialist to make sure your lawn gets the proper nutrients at the right time to help it thrive.” Lime and lawn fertilizer work best together to help obtain a healthy, green lawn. “By raising the pH of soil, lime makes lawn fertilizer and existing nutrients available to the grass plants in the landscape,” Lindner said. “A soil test is used to analyze nutrient levels and determine how much time is needed to complement and fertilizer.” Lindner said many people do not realize that the area is experiencing a drought. “You may notice leaf wilt and browning on your lawn, but the worst impact of drought is damage to [the lawn’s] vital root system, which compromises plant health,” he said. “As a result, the grass plant becomes more susceptible to insect and disease issues.”


To combat this, SavATree recommends a wetting agent application to get water to the root system and promote quicker recovery of lawns damaged by drought. “Wetting agents improve water penetration and distribution, moisture retention and drainage,” Lindner said. “Because wetting agents increase water use efficiency, an added bonus is a reduction in the need for watering as much as 20 percent.” Cornell Cooperative Extension offers additional information about lawn care, available online. The statewide organization’s experts note that grass plant roots have a cycle of life. They begin actively growing in the spring before the blades green up. Cool temperatures and moisture are needed for growth to continue. Warm temperatures and lack of moisture in the summer slow growth; grass blades Continued on next page

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may turn brown but likely the grass plants are not dead. If temperatures decline and moisture levels increase, the grass blades will again turn green. Root growth continues to grow through winter until the soil freezes. Cornell Cooperative offers suggestions on how to cut grass in order to make one’s lawn look and feel its best. First off, keep the mower blade sharp. “Dull mower blades increase fuel use by up to 20 percent and shred the tips of grass blades,” the website notes. “At the start of the season, consider taking your mower in for a tune-up and blade sharpening. Throughout the season, check the appearance of your grass and mower blades. Look to achieve a clean cut on grass blades by sharpening mower blades at least once a season or when you see the ragged brown grass blade tips.” Homeowners should mulch their clippings and leaves rather than bagging and throwing them out. “Grass blades are mostly water and nutrients,” Cornell Cooperative advises. “Leaving cut blades in place lowers fertilizer needs. A mulching mower is designed to finely chop grass blades and tree leaves so they may slip between growing grass to the soil surface. Lawn care is not compromised when tree leaves that drop on the lawn in the fall are chopped finely enough to slip between grass blades to soil surface. Chop dry leaves with a sharp mower blade when some grass is still peeking through throughout the fall.” For continued lawn health throughout


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honeybee populations across the country. As more states prohibit the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, and some garden retailers remove neonics from store shelves, many gardeners may have to start looking for alternative, more environmentally friendly solutions to protect their prized roses. Natural solutions

the growing and mowing season, mow often enough to avoid piles of grass clippings, according to Cornell Cooperative Extension experts, who note, “This might be every five days during the flush of top growth in spring, not at all during summer drought, and every seven to 14 days during the rest of the growing season.” Limit watering of cool-season grasses when they slow their growth under drought conditions, and finally, “live with some weeds,” Cornell Cooperative Extension experts say. “Check garden centers or online stores for the many hand tools that exist for pulling specific weeds. Be sure to remove the entire root system as perennial weeds will regrow from the underground parts.”

Fortunately, rose aficionados have several natural ways to defend their gardens from pests. These measures can help protect rose gardens and the environment: 1) Choosing a good location for your roses is the first step. If you’ll be planting new rose bushes this season, look for a location that will help the roses thrive. The healthier the plant, the hardier it will be in resisting disease and pests. Roses should get six to eight hours of sun per day, and need at least 3 feet of space on all sides to flourish. Be sure to properly prepare the soil, mulch around the base of the plant, and regularly fertilize and water. 2) Next, keep a careful eye on your roses. Regularly inspect blooms, branches, stems, undersides of leaves and vines for signs of insect infestation, including the presence of eggs, grubs and adult insects. Watch for evidence of deer damage, too, such as ragged bites a foot or more above the ground. 3) Keep pests and deer away with a natural, environmentally friendly, dual purpose repellent like Bobbex Rose Deer

and Insect Repellent. The easy-to-apply, ready-to-use foliar spray discourages deer foraging through taste and smell aversion, while simultaneously repelling insects such as aphids, mites, Japanese beetles, leafhoppers, greenflies and sawflies. The product is compatible with nature, not classified as an insecticide and is harmless to all wildlife, pets, birds and people. Bobbex Rose also provides needed moisture retention for the plant and can reduce the severity of black spot and powdery mildew, common problems for rose gardeners. Continued use will disrupt browsing habits of deer while protecting against an assault of insects in any weather. The product is actually good for plants since it contains elements high in nitrogen and phosphorus. It dries clear and won’t burn plants. Bobbex Rose will not wash off in rain or irrigation. 4) Use nature to defend your roses. Hang bird feeders to attract backyard birds that regularly dine on insects harmful to roses. You can also purchase lady bugs, which eat aphids, to release in your rose garden. Just be sure to research the best time and conditions for releasing lady bugs, or they will fly away before making any impact. The fragrance and colors of roses are among the most delightful indulgences of the warm weather season. With a bit of attention, planning and effective natural assistance, it’s possible, even easy, to keep your roses radiantly resplendent while naturally protecting them and the environment. — Brandpoint

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Why Millennials love gardening (and you should, too)


he stereotype: Millennials spend more time interacting with the digital world than the natural world around them. The reality: Five million of the 6 million people who took up gardening in 2015 were millennials, according to the 2016 National Gardening Survey. More millennials (people between the ages of 21 and 34) than any other age group are falling in love with gardening. As a hobby, gardening is a great fit for the millennial mindset and lifestyle that emphasize individuality, independence and value. However, the advantages of gardening that attract millennials are also relevant to every age group, and anyone who wants to begin growing a nutritious, healthful food garden. Here are seven reasons why more millennials than ever are taking up food gardening, and why you should, too: Gardening fosters better nutrition Millennials care about good nutrition and knowing where their food comes from. Multiple studies show members of the generation are health conscious, and understand the relationship between the food they eat, good nutrition and good health. Millennials know fresh vegetables deliver great nutrition, and millennial gardeners know that growing their own veggies and herbs also means they can put more nutritious food on the table. With transplant purveyors like Bonnie Plants offering more than 250 varieties of popular, heirloom, hybrid, new and tried-and- true vegetables and herbs, it’s easy to grow a garden full of healthy, nutritious, economical veggies and herbs.

The garden is a great place to come together as a family It’s true that millennials make the most use of digital devices of any generation; they also value deep family relationships. Planting a garden with their children, significant others or friends allows everyone to spend enriching time together, working toward an enjoyable, shared goal. Gardening can be a challenge anyone can achieve

You can save money at the grocery store Millennials are into saving money. Eighty percent have a budget, 72 percent are saving for retirement and 51 percent have an emergency fund, according to a TD Ameritrade survey. Gardening can allow you to spend less in the grocery store produce aisle - and that kind of saving savvy appeals to millennials as well as any other age group! Gardening is good for the environment Awareness of environmental issues and a desire for healthful products that contribute to ecological balance are hallmarks of the millennial generation. A Nielsen study found millennials care about environmental issues and find ways to personally support a healthy environment. When you

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grow your own vegetables and herbs, “food miles,” the distance a food item is transported from producer to consumer, shrinks substantially and includes only the distance from your kitchen to your own backyard. Choose plants in biodegradable containers, like those from Bonnie Plants, and gardening is even more environmentally friendly. You can grow a garden anywhere While many millennials are city dwellers, others live in suburbs. The fact that they can garden anywhere - on a city balcony, urban patio or suburban backyard - makes gardening the perfect hobby for them. Using transplants from Bonnie Plants, all gardeners can create a backyard garden plot, a vertical garden in an alleyway between city buildings, or a container garden on a balcony or deck.

Working toward a goal, and having a vision, are very important qualities for millennials. Gardening takes time and effort but with the right resources and information, it’s something virtually anyone can succeed at. Millennials turn to online resources, like Bonnie Plants’ vegetable and herb growing guides, gardening how-to’s, videos and recipes to help them achieve and ensure success. Gardening can be an adventure Sixty-four percent of millennials say they love to cook, and 75 percent enjoy eating cuisine from other cultures, according to a survey by Barkley. For a generation of adventurous eaters and cooks, gardening can be an opportunity to grow and try new things, from edible flowers and exotic herbs, to new types of vegetables, all the while saving money by growing their own. With millennials now dominating the workforce, and many starting families and reaching their peak earning years, it’s likely their interest in gardening will continue to grow. — Brandpoint

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Evergreens for all seasons



vergreens have a rightful place in foundation plantings in one’s landscaping plan. But there can be pitfalls in decision-making when a property owner tries to determine which evergreens to plant and where to put them. A number of area experts offered professional advice on the subject. One of them, Brad W. Gurr, arborist representative at Bartlett Tree Experts in Danbury, Conn., said there are two broad groups of evergreens and each has its own particular issues: those with needles and those with broad leaves. “Broad leaf evergreens include rhododendron and azaleas, for example, and needle evergreens include pine, spruce and those sorts of trees,” Gurr said. “Norway spruce and white pine are typically planted for screening, but they’re also very good for four-season plants. Arborvitae is another one.” One major problem, Gurr and other experts concur, is the attraction deer have to evergreens, among their favorite foods. It’s important to seek advice to determine which evergreens are more resistant to deer damage than others. “Some can be reasonably resistant, such as white pine and the ‘Green Giant’ Norway spruce,” he said. There can be concern about planting evergreens that grow quickly and can possibly be subject to snow or ice damage. There are some options to think of, Gurr said: “Cryptomeria is a pretty tough plant and grows reasonably slowly. There are also dwarf varieties of spruce and pines that never really get all that big.” Bartlett representatives help their clients select plants, “and oftentimes we will work with landscapers to put in material that we recommend,” Gurr said. “Our biggest thing is tree preservation. A big part of maintaining and preserving trees is picking the right ones in the first place. Even with evergreens it’s best to plant a variety, mix it up a little bit and try to get away from continuous rows of one species. That leads to insect and disease problems, and, quite frankly, it’s boring.” Instead, mix different evergreens together, and, if they’re planted properly, they will do well together. “Most evergreens are very reliable and trouble-free if they’re properly planted and maintained,” Gurr said. “They stand up better in storms. I’m not pointing fingers, but we’ve seen trees that when planted weren’t even removed from their packaging material or not put in at the right depth.” Kevin W. Wyatt, an ISA Board Certified Arborist, Certified Tree Care Safety Professional and member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists, has been with Emerald Tree Care, based in Scarsdale, since 2004. Wyatt said with any landscaping plan “it is always a good idea to incorporate several types or species of plants. This helps to create biodi-

versity in the landscape, which will increase the variety of colors, textures and seasonal interest. This also increases the food sources and habitats that will attract birds, butterflies, bees and other wildlife to your garden.” Wyatt said that for many years Tsuga canadensis (hemlock), Pinus stroba (Eastern white pine) and Picea abies (Norway spruce) were the predominant large evergreens found in landscapes throughout Westchester. But due to a variety of challenges, including foreign insect and disease introduction, invasive trees, plants and vines, overbrowsing by deer, and climate change, these trees are not performing well and losing favor. “I always go by the saying ‘right tree/ plant for the right place,’” Wyatt said. “This means looking at the long term when placing any tree or shrub in the landscape. For example, when selecting a large, growing tree, be sure that it is not too close to your house, driveway, walkways or utility lines.” Wyatt also advises that property owners not overplant: “Oftentimes people look for instant gratification and pack their landscape with too many plants or place them too tightly to one another. The result is that as these plants grow, they end up competing and damaging one another rather than complementing each other in the landscape.” Putting in a mix of evergreen plantings is preferable to concentrating on one or two types of species. “I believe that a combination of broad-leaved evergreen plantings such as rhododendron, azalea, hollies, leucothoe and leatherleafed viburnum tiered up in front of larger evergreens can provide interesting varieties in color, texture, depth and privacy in your landscape as long as there is enough room, sunlight and adequate moisture,” Wyatt said. Charles Sadler, owner of King Garden Designs in Hastings, did his master’s studies in landscape architecture on Syracuse University’s campus at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry. He spoke on the advantage of adding evergreens in addition to deciduous plants in one’s landscaping plan: “A beautiful winter landscape often has

at least 30 percent evergreens, and the front of one’s home is often 85 percent to 100 percent evergreens. Evergreens offer year-round beauty and consistency to your garden.” Most homeowners are familiar with evergreen trees and shrubs, Sadler said, urging that everyone not forget planting evergreen perennials and groundcovers to add lushness to year-round views. “Perennials such as hellebores offer evergreen foliage and will flower in late December or early spring to enhance your shade garden,” he said. Carex, a type of sedge, is evergreen and deer tolerant, and liriope is another durable evergreen grass, according to Sadler. It comes in a gold variegated form and blooms a pretty purple shade beginning in late summer. “A truly beautiful garden is gorgeous to view all year, not just summer,” Sadler said. People spend a tremendous amount of their time indoors, so views out to the garden and landscape are very important. “Evergreens give birds and other wildlife shelter during the winter months, adding interest to homeowners from indoors and outdoors,” Sadler said. “The view from the kitchen sink is often overlooked, yet it’s an important view you see all year, so make sure evergreens are in sight. Dining rooms seem to be used more in cooler months to celebrate holidays, but may lack evergreens in view. Entrances and porches are also important. The front foundation of a home is generally best planted with some evergreens for year-round interest.” Like other experts, Sadler emphasizes that deer-tolerant evergreens should be planted. He suggested boxwood (Buxus), Andromeda (Pieris japonica), Prague Viburnum (Viburnum x pragense) and Leatherleaf Viburnum (Viburnum rhytidophyllum) as main varieties to initially pursue, adding that Dr. Michael Dirr has an online list of deer-tolerant viburnum. Sadler’s favorite boxwood varieties include Vader Valley, a medium-size plant with a spreading shape that is very disease resistant; Green Velvet, also medium size, spreading to about 4 by 4 feet over time; Korean boxwood “Winter

Gem” and “Winter Green” among others, all disease resistant and wide spreading, and more shade tolerant than other boxwoods. “Dwarf conifers are also lovely, such as dwarf blue spruce, dwarf mugho pine and dwarf Korean spruce,” Sadler said. He added, “Arborvitae is often overused, in my experience, and is not drought tolerant, not too deer tolerant. It’s best used in full sun with deer protection including fencing. Boxwood performs better than arborvitae.” For screening in areas without wind or with winter wind protection, skip putting in laurel, as it’s not hardy in northern Westchester, Sadler said. This is a plant that is not deer resistant and may need an anti-desiccant spray or deer protection to thrive through the winter. To avoid damage by heavy snow or ice in winter, Sadler recommends that shrubs, boxwood, laurel and Andromeda can be tied up with fishing line or string to “snug them up. Netting can also be used to support them.” The benefits of planting very large growing trees such as white pine and Norway spruce are lost quickly, Sadler said. “After several years or more these species lose lower branches as they shade themselves out,” he said. “The pines and spruces appear to offer immediate screening and are used for instant results in new construction. However, they cause big problems for owners down the road.” Sadler advises property owners to “have fun” exploring the multitude of textures and colors available in evergreen plants, “from bluish Japanese white pine to the gold false cypress. Some of these bold evergreens are also deer tolerant, an important consideration.” He suggests visiting the region’s “illustrious botanic gardens and parks, such as Central Park; New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx; Wave Hill, also in the Bronx; Untermyer Park and Gardens in Yonkers; Cornell’s Winter Garden in Ithaca; or the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which will educate and inspire, even in winter.” Using a paint chip booklet or printing photos of desired evergreens is a helpful method to compare colors, Sadler said, adding that property owners should place colors and textures adjacent to one another to find harmony. “Generally one bold color looks best next to a constant/traditional color,” he said, suggesting that gold be placed next to green in one area, then in another area, blue green next to green. “Mixing gold, burgundies, yellows and blues together can quickly get muddy, just as in painting,” he said. Sadler said additional information is available online through the American Boxwood Society, Arbor Day Foundation, Ecological Landscape Alliance, International Society of Arboriculture, Timber Press, United States National Arboretum and Untermyer Park and Gardens.






Top gardening trends for spring 2017


hether you have a backyard or just a few containers on the patio, sunny days are your cue it’s time to garden. Growing your own flowers, herbs and vegetables is a lot of fun and with some simple tips, it can be pretty easy to make sure your outdoor space is a showstopper. The experts at Ball Horticultural Company offer insight into the year’s top gardening trends so you can plant with confidence and creativity:

from the garden, but 2017 is trending toward more unique flavors. Replace your traditional pepper plants with specialty hot peppers like jalapenos. And you don’t need tons of space to enjoy multiple tomatoes. Try Take 2 Tomato Combos, which give you a slicer and a cherry tomato in one pot, providing twice the flavor in half the space. Travel the globe through herbs: plant a kitchen garden of different basils, lavenders and mints. Use them in your next cocktail.

Trend 1: Create curb appeal A special section of

The Scarsdale Inquirer P.O. Box 418, Scarsdale, NY 10583 914-725-2500 PUBLISHER Deborah G. White SECTION EDITOR Todd Sliss

Trend 4: Customize with color

Your house’s exterior will influence the first impression of anyone that visits. Give your entryway an instant beauty boost with begonias. They’re perfect for the time-starved gardener, grow well in sun or shade and fill in fast and full. At the forefront of this trend are Megawatt begonias. New for 2017, they feature exceptional performance and a unique bronze-leaf color that is sure to be noticed by guests.

A great garden is more than just a food source, it’s also a thing of beauty. One of the hottest trends for 2017 will be accenting your garden with unique colors that reflect your style. If your favorite color is purple, pink or white, weave some petunias into your garden design. If you adore red, try Archangel Cherry Red Angelonia for a delicate texture that weathers any extremes. Fill your garden with plants to match your favorite team’s colors for a fun customized twist. Whatever you choose, a splash of color is sure to get your space noticed. The 2017 gardening season is just beginning, so now’s the perfect time to make friends with your local garden center for the best plant selection. Incorporate any or all of the top trends listed above and your garden will be beautiful and rewarding throughout the entire year. — Brandpoint

Trend 2: Tablescapes


APRIL 14, 2017

Bring the beauty of gardening indoors with tablescapes. Use your harvested vegetables as decor inside in display bowls; you’ll give your interior design a fresh look. There are also non-edible potted veggies like Hot Pops Purple Ornamental Peppers. They mature in multiple colors to keep you in color all season. Trend 3: Fresh food fascinations There’s nothing like pulling fresh food


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Specializing in elaborate window treatments. Recommended by Hunter Douglas to clean all their products.

Fine Dry Cleaning • Carpet • Drapery • Upholstery 1895 Palmer Avenue • Larchmont 58 Christie Place • Scarsdale • 914-834-5955 *Not to be combined with other offers. Offer expires May 31, 2017.

APRIL 14, 2017




The Benefit Shop Foundation Inc. The Benefit Shop Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)3 and donates proceeds from auctions to local Westchester organizations Do you, a friend, or family member have any of the following: • Designer furniture • Artworks or unique installations • Rooms of quality home accents that are ready for a second home • Vintage couture or fine jewelry • Antiques or collectibles It’s so easy & simple 1. Walk around and snap some pictures on your phone 2. Email those pictures to 3. Included the address of where these items need to get picked up 4. Let us know if you’d like a call back or an email back to get started

185 Kisco Ave. Suite 201 Mt. Kisco, N.Y. 10549 (914) 864-0707




APRIL 14, 2017


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Scarsdale’s Premier Insurance Agency 820 Scarsdale Avenue Scarsdale, NY 10583

Scarsdale Inquirer Home & Garden 2017  
Scarsdale Inquirer Home & Garden 2017