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Class of 2012


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Congratulations Graduates!

Sloane Dany Graduating from The Home School Going to Fox Meadow Elementary School Granddaughter of Joan Cohn

Jake Wilson Graduating from Kindergarten, Brookside Elementary Moving up to first grade, Brookside Elementary Son of Jason Wilson

Ian Weiss Graduating from Seeley Place Elementary School Going to Edgemont Junior/Senior High School Son of Andrea Weiss

Caroline Goldstein Graduating from Edgewood Elementary School Going to Scarsdale Middle School Daughter of Sandra Erlinghagen Goldstein

Madeline Bonanno Graduating from Edgewood Elementary School Going to Scarsdale Middle School Daughter of Kathleen Bonanno

Nina Valdes Graduating from Irvington Middle School Going to Irvington High School Daughter of Dalia H. Valdes

Tatiana Tiangco Graduating from Scarsdale Middle School Going to Scarsdale High School Daughter of Gerarda Tiangco

Christina Sisti Graduating from 8th grade at The Ursuline School Going to High School at The Ursuline School Daughter of Gina Sisti

Aidan Terre Moretti Graduating from Scarsdale High School Going to Tulane University Son of Anne Moretti

Aaron Lester Graduating from Scarsdale High School Going to University of Wisconsin Son of Leslie Shemin-Lester

Jordan Flanzer Graduating from Scarsdale High School Going to The University of New Hampshire Daughter of Janice Rothman

Noelle-Nicole Hambas Graduating from Scarsdale High School Daughter of Martie M. Hambas

Pamela Rafeld Graduating from Lafayette College Daughter of Cindy Rafeld

Kathryn Duffield Graduating from Pace University Graduate School Masters Degree in Education Daughter of Gordan Duffield

Elaina Servidio Graduating cum laude from Fordham University Going to Columbia University Daughter of Robin Servidio

Kyle Hambas Graduating from Fordham University B.S. in Business Son of Martie M. Hambas

SCARSDALE BROKERAGE | 28 CHASE ROAD | 914.725.3305 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.

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Scarsdale High School

class oF 2012 Graduates told to go forth to grow in wisdom and serve the common good By Carrie Gilpin


nder a sunny sky in 90-degree humid heat last Friday morning at 10 a.m., the 363 graduates of the Scarsdale High School class of 2012 — sweating in their long robes but grinning under their mortarboards —celebrated a milestone in their lives. The class received words of wisdom from administrators and faculty at the ceremony held on dean Field. as the class processed onto the field and into their seats, the SHS Symphonic Band played “Pomp and circumstance,” under the direction of conductor and teacher Jason noble, and the SHS Senior ensemble sang the national anthem, with teacher John cuk conducting. Scarsdale Board of education president Jill Spieler told the class, “don’t be afraid of trying something because of a concern that you might not succeed. leave room for mistakes, because even those mistakes will lead you to new opportunities you might not have otherwise realized. and make sure to take time to enjoy where you are rather than always focusing on your next accomplishment. I know you have aspirations, but consider that these don’t only comprise the degrees you will attain, or the money you will ultimately make, but rather that the world will be a better place as a result of your leadership. You have nothing less than the world to consider. I know you are up to the task.” class co-treasurers Matthew Feigin and Steven nadel introduced class advisors lauren Meyer and eric rauschenbach, saying the two were like “a teddy bear and a teenage girl” who are “two extraordinary people who have guided us during the times when we were productive and the times when we couldn’t have cared less. They are genuine, loving, devoted and upbeat.” Meyer said she taught previously at Wellesley High School in Massachusetts, where an english teacher she called “brilliant” gave a commencement address last week that went viral on the Internet. In it, the teacher told the class that they were “not special” and that they had been coddled and praised too often as children. In contrast, Meyer said, “We have seen as a class that you are special. There is something deeper going on here, you are focusing on your minds and your souls, and when you do that the core of your unique self can shine through. Graduation advice is almost always lost on the graduates, and who can blame you, you are still tired from road rally! But the pearl of wisdom we have is to ‘ignore the noise.’ Figure out your own truth, and let your light speak. Know yourself and listen to yourself.” rauschenbach used the example of the cuban missile crisis during President John F. Kennedy’s presidency, a time when the united States came the closest to nuclear war. rauschenbach said at the height of the crisis, Kennedy went off to swim in the White House pool, not for exercise, but to “take a moment to reconnect with himself. after that, Kennedy came back to the negotiations and reached an agreement within a short period of time,” rauschenbach said. “So take a moment often to reconnect to yourself. listen to your own voice. What you need to succeed in life is already deep inside you. awaken what is inside. Your tenacity, your resilience, how you care for each other and how you take risks are what make you special.” each year at graduation, the class awards the Kenneth rosenberg scholarship to a member of

ScarSdale InquIrer/JIM Maclean

Class president Alex Altieri goes to the podium to present the Henry David Thoreau award to Olivia Harris in the gym before the ceremony. the class who typifies the kindness of rosenberg, an SHS student who died suddenly in 1984, his junior year. alec quintilano won the award for the class of 2012, for his “warmth, friendship, and for always being there for others,” said co-secretary Troy Kirwin, who presented the award. class vice president Benjamin newman thanked teachers who have worked tirelessly on behalf of students and their education. class president alexander altieri was introduced by co-secretary nina Wollberg. altieri said

for those of you snickering in the back rows), the world was — as it is today –seemingly balanced on the precipice. The Vietnam War was raging, and anti-war sentiment was intensifying. The civil rights movement was expanding as Martin luther King explored the impact of the war and working conditions. The sexual revolution and the women’s liberation movement tested the establishment and bedrock institutions. The assassinations of dr. King and Bobby Kennedy further accentuated a decade of turmoil that included the murders of

“i ask you to recognize just how much you have to offer this world. go out and make it a better place.” — co-principal Fred goldberg, to the scarsdale high school class of 2012 the class had grown together over the four years, not just physically, but emotionally, and that they had learned to succeed from their failures and had fought to survive the pressures of high school. “Today is a good day. everything has led us to this day. We accepted the challenges this building presented. ninety-eight percent of us are going on to higher education, and those who are not have other careers and goals and are determined to reach them. We all tried to leave SHS a better place,” altieri said. co-principal Fred Goldberg, who along with co-principal Kelley Hamm is retiring after decades of service as an educator, addressed the class, saying, “When I began teaching in 1968 (that’s ad

President Kennedy and Malcolm X,” Goldberg said. “On the other hand, despite what might be characterized as a period of great upheaval, this era of cultural overhaul marked a great period of hope, a belief that we could change the world — which we did. Young people committed themselves to securing equal rights for people regardless of racial background, ethnic heritage, sexual persuasion and gender. We voiced our concerns — both pro and con as hawks and doves — regarding the war that was now being broadcast into our living rooms. Men were burning their draft cards, women their bras. as Bob dylan wrote, ‘there was a battle outside ragin’’ that shook our windows and

rattled our doors. Indeed, the times, they were achangin,’” Goldberg said. “Was our world simply a place of serious business? Of course not. after all, we were the Woodstock Generation, sometimes broadly characterized as interested in nothing else but sex, drugs and rock and roll. like you, we enjoyed our youth and sought excitement in a world of infinite possibilities. However, many of us also recognized that success meant more than good grades, the right college and landing the right job. In last year’s address to rutgers university graduates, nobel laureate Toni Morrison warned very directly that the pursuit of happiness is not enough. Instead, she said, ‘I want to suggest to you that personal success devoid of meaningfulness, free of a steady commitment to social justice, that’s more than a barren life, it is a trivial one. It’s looking good instead of doing good,’” Goldberg quoted. “and, so, as I bid this high school adieu and lovingly take my leave of a terrific faculty, supportive parents, and as fine a senior class as has ever been assembled, I ask you to recognize just how much you have to offer this world. Go out and make it a better place.” co-principals Hamm and Goldberg and superintendent Michael McGill then presented the graduates with their diplomas. McGill asked Goldberg and Hamm, “Will these candidates in 2012 have met the requirements for high school graduation imposed by the regents of the State university of new York, the commissioner of education, and the trustees of the Scarsdale Public Schools?” The co-principals answered together, “They will.” “Then I certify they are graduates of Scarsdale High School and bid them go forth to grow in wisdom and to serve the common good, non sibi,” said McGill.

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Scarsdale High School

class oF 2012 angela agustin david alemany lauren alin nicholas allen alexander altieri Kailyn amory Zachary antell Madeline appelbaum Fahad asam Jacob ashman connor Babbitt Sasha Baken daniel Baker Jamie Ballan Jake Bank corey Baumer evan Bederman lorna Begg andrew Belbusti lily Belk danielle Berger Jacob Berkowitz Brandon Berman nicole Bernstein Sophie Bernstein christine Berry connor Bodine Zachary Bond Jack Braun Hannah Brehm Jake Brodsky Samuel Bromer alexandra cabrales rosello Macarena cabrales rosello lucas calderón evan caligor Hayley caligor alexander cammarata Olivia casanova rali chaouni Salem chaouni allison chaves Brian chieu Seunghyuk choi lillian claar nathan clay Jarheem coard Sarah coffey carly cohen daniel cohen Jordan cohen Max cohen ellen corrini Sean cover Joshua cowle Julia cowle andrew crean Sarah cromwell anthony cugini III alon daks edwin davis Justin de la Garza Grace deBono aiden dekidjiev Michael della cava etienne desbois Grace dhanraj eric dobosh Hannah dolins annalisa donat Jacob dorf dylan doyle claire d’Silva elton durgaj Zachary edelman Jordan elkins alison elliott allison emanuel Yesusawit engda Samantha ezratty Sofia Fabiancic ellery Faller rebecca Faust

Soon-to-be graduates hail late-arriving classmates.

alyson Favilla Matthew Feigin alexa Feldman elizabeth Felix Zachary Fenton andrew Feyer Benjamin Fife christopher Filos Griffin Flagg Jordan Flanzer dean Fraser clint Frehill James Frehill dana Friedkin Michelle Furnari rachelle Gage Haichun Gao ethan Garry Jennifer Gelaj Justine Gelfman Mariah Genis Matthew Ginsberg Stephen Gobes Paul Goebel Kyle Goldman andrew Gorobetz amanda Grabanica Victoria Green arianna Greenbaum Benjamin Greenfield Jared Greenwald ana Grisanti libby Gross adam Grossman andrew Guo Sarina Gupta lauren Gutterman Brian Hackel rebecca Hallac rachel Halperin noëlle-nicole Hambas autumn Hamra rikako Harada daniel Harris Olivia Harris andrew Haubner david Hauser leyla Haznedar William Heffner

claudia Heitner Madelaine Hellman Jonathan Hendler Stephanie Henkoff Kate Hennessy roi elija Hernandez Kyoko Hirota James Hoofnagle elisabeth Huh William Hunersen Olivier Ifrah Gustav Inirio-akuetey Stefanie Introcaso laura Isby Juliette Jacov Kyle Johnson Seth Johnson daniel Jureller Ketan Kaji Tara Kantor austin Kaplan david Kaplan Jamie Kaplan Jennifer Karp allen Kato Hannah Katz chloe Kaufman camila Kaune Matthew Kaye Brian Keating Valerie Keating Sarah Keltz Maxwell Kessler Troy Kirwin Grace Kirwin Ian Klein Jacob Klein Matthew Kleinman daniella Knafo Michele Ko Max Kober neil Kothari evan Kratzer Sebastian Krestin Geoffrey Kristof Benjamin Krohnengold claudia Kupiec remy Kurlan Jessica lam

andreas landgrebe William landsberg Benjamin langer Jeffrey lappin aleksander larsen John laSorsa, Jr. laura laumann cassandra leach andrew lee Spencer lee nicole lenchner Timothy leone aaron lester alexandra levine daniel levy Jessica li Stephanie lieberman Melissa lipstein elliot liskin Mari llewellyn courtney loo Kinda loughran celia lowenthal Michael lu Shia li lum adam lurie Jason luski annie Mack Joey Frederick Magsambol nicole Mar Stephanie Marandi Susan Marandi alyssa Marcus ashley Maria Keith Martinez Julia Mayer carter McFarland Stephanie Melnick Jon Mermelstein adam Meyer douglas Meyers Gibran Mian Greta Miconi Yotaro Migita Tess Migotsky diana Mikelis charlotte Miller emma Miller Jonathan Miller

Mallory Minster Travis Misarti aidan Moretti Julia Morris cailin Murphy Maxie naclerio Steven nadel Kentaro nakajima anisha nandi Benjamin newman Julie newman danielle nista Sophie nobler avery novitch Paul Ogoo alexa Orrico elizabeth Ostertag Michelle Ostroff Kenshin Ota George Papandreadis Katerina Pappas Giancarlo Paternoster Yalini Pathmakumar lawrence Patrizio Sara Pattiz cassandra Paul abigail Pearlman casey Pearlman roger Pellegrini Jason Peluso Tomas Penfold Maya Pochiraju Haley Polkes nicolas Pooran lane Pope Michael Porco Kristina Posey dustin Potter Fabrice Prepetit alec quintalino Ian rabin Joanna radov Spencer rafajac crystal randolph cameron rawanduzy andrew reda Spencer repp Brian ro nicolette robinson

noah rodstein danielle romano Kathleen rooney Madeline rosenberg Georgia roth Sarah roth Maxwell rubin Hannah rubinstein Julia rutkovsky richard Sa ariel Sabel dana Salzman ana carolina Sani lillian Savastano Gregory Scacchi cara Scharf Grant Schutzman deborah Schwartz Jeffrey Schwartz Jessica Schwartz Peter Schweikert William Segal lauren Segale edan Segall William Seider Kazuya Seki christopher Selvaggio Spencer Serling Zachary Shabman Benjamin Shapiro Harrison Shapiro Jacqueline Sharlach Benjamin Shein Jonathan Shein Marshal Shemtob chen Shen Sara Sherman Takane Shoji Scott Silberberg Beatrice Silberzweig Helen Silfin emily Smith Jenn Somboonthum daniel Somekh Jacob Sonenshine Holly Souchack nicole Steiner asher Stockler Michael Sturman Katherine Suen Sara Takamatsu John Tambunting Francesca Tatti reid Title Gianna Torres Melissa Tucker adam Tuller Matthew Tussing ayaka umehara caroline Varlotta Vidya Venkatakrishnan Thomas Vinton Samuel Waters dina Wetchler James Wheeler david Wiesenfeld daniel Wilentz ciara Williams Graham Winston rachel Wolf connor Wolfe eric Wollberg nina Wollberg riley Wood daniel Yankou Matthew Yaspan Brook Yewer Jeffrey Yoon eric York Meghan Zecchini qing Zhou ethan Zornow

T h E s c a r s da l e i n qu i r e r

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and the Class of 2012

Alexa Binday Scarsdale Middle School Daughter of Glenn Binday

Ashley Bright Port Jervis High School Great Niece of Margaret Dodge

Alexis DeLuise Forest Ridge Elementary School Niece of Denise DeLuise

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High School Musical The Scarsdale High School senior class put on “High School Musical� in May, starring Matt Tussing as Troy Bolton and Michelle Ostrov as Gabriella Montez, and directed by Justine Gelfman. The musical director was Will Heffner.

The Luxury Division of Coldwell Banker

Marnie Gelfman photos The gang’s all here

Drama Club president Sharpay (Haley Polkes) gets a pie in the face from basketball player Zeke Baylor (Matt Feigin) to the amusement of their friends.

Cheerleaders practice their routine in the hallway outside the auditorium.

The Luxury Division of Coldwell Banker

Congratulations to the Class of 2012 and to Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage’s Special Graduates

Betsy Feldman Columbia University Daughter of Cathy Feldman

Ross Harrison Friedel Scarsdale Middle School Son of Jodi Friedel

Carly Isaacs Ardsley Middle School Daughter of Tracy Isaacs

Max Isaacs

Austin Kaplan

Steven Roman

Julia Schweitzer

Spencer Mantis

Ardsley Middle School Son of Tracy Isaacs

Scarsdale High School Son of Alisa Kaplan

Concordia College Son of Dawn Roman

University of Connecticut Granddaughter of Lore Kalb

Syracuse University Son of Linda Mantis

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Edgemont High School

class oF 2012

ScarSdale InquIrer/JIM Maclean

Jacqueline Ehrenreich

Pomp and Circumstance meets the zombie apocalypse By Debbie Anders


s is the tradition of any graduation, speakers at edgemont’s senior commencement dispensed valuable advice to the class of 2012. Much of it was tried and true; and some of it was just a little quirky. Students and faculty gave instructions to work hard, take risks, be creative and —according to Jonathan Hansonbrook, be prepared for a zombie apocalypse. Hansonbrook, a popular foreign language teacher, said the way to survive in a world of rigid, inflexible nonthinking automatons — zombies who want to “eat you up”— is to combat them with creative thinking. “So surround yourself with good people,” he said. “You need a community, so seek out interesting and smart people.” Hansonbrook urged seniors to work hard, and push themselves and assured them that if they used the tools they were given at edgemont, “we would thrive in the event of a zombie apocalypse. So go rebuild,” he exclaimed. “Go do it, and get it done!” The sweltering heat on June 21 did not suppress the soaring school spirit that filled the 141 seniors, their friends, family, teachers, and administrators. Barry Friedman pointed out the cooling areas and comfort stations, restrooms and fire department assistance that were provided for the audience. Music director John catoliato conducted the edgemont Band’s rendition of “Pomp and circumstance” and music director Kelley Morse directed the edgemont chamber choir singing the national anthem. Senior Isaac Marshall welcomed everyone to the

ScarSdale InquIrer/JIM Maclean

Speaker Isaac Marshall graduation ceremony and praised his classmates for being like a family, noting their “shared memories. The class of one-two really pulled through,” Marshall said. In his last commencement speech at edgemont High School, outgoing principal dr. Barry Friedman reminded students they had not arrived alone, and that along with their hard work, they benefited from the efforts and love of others, “those who nurtured you, shaped you, mentored, consoled, and believed in you.” He asked the students to take the time to thank those “who gave of themselves for you.” Friedman thanked outgoing edgemont Board

of education trustees Gerald Stoughton, and lisa Wexler, senior class advisor darren Hawks for leading the class of 2012 through “a year of fabulous experiences,” art nelson “for helping craft this meaningful ceremony,” and graduation facilitator and science teacher Steve rubenstein, whose electric orange converse high tops peered out from under a black graduation gown. Friedman quoted albert einstein, who said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Friedman told the graduates to “seek joy in what you do, be open to things, to uncertainty, to wonder. Be open to opinions.” and perhaps the most empowering words of all, “Success is defined by you, not by others.” In his first commencement address, principal devan Ganeshananthan spoke about the misconception of what it is to be an “american” student. Ganeshananthan was born in the united States to Sri lankan parents and said many assumed he was not american because of his complexion. an acquaintance born outside of the u.S. asked Ganeshananthan if there were many americans in edgemont, “‘you know, white people,’ my friend said.” Ganeshananthan pointed out that “the question is very, very loaded in this day and age.” despite concern that the u.S. is lagging academically among other industrialized nations, he believes americans are “best in creative thinking.” Therefore, he said, “be and remain creative.” Senior class speaker a.J. Stoughton said that unlike so many of the heroes and heroines in literature, young people today are indeed equipped for what lies ahead. “How can we say we are powerless?” He urged his classmates not to be scared to

take risks or fail. “all that is certain is you and the people around you. I hope we try, even if we don’t succeed,” Stoughton said, adding, “The ‘how’ in the act is as important as the deed itself.” Stoughton’s father, Gerald, president of the edgemont Board of eduction, talked about academic paths that intersect and overlap among students and special relationships that allow students “to grow together as a class while pursuing individuality.” He congratulated the class on pursuing higher education in 60 colleges in 20 states in five countries on four continents. Stoughton harkened back to the 1967 film “The Graduate,” with the one word of advice a businessman utters to a naïve college graduate played by dustin Hoffman: “Plastics.” Stoughton said the one word he’d use to sum up advice for the future would be “balance.” Balancing academics with sports, balance in life, and yes, he said, balancing the school budget. “Find your proper balance and you will be ready for what lies ahead.” Finally, speaker ameya acharya remarked how quickly time had passed and which memories become the most meaningful. “When did I get so old?” as a child, she anticipated eating the cafeteria’s “coveted wraps” and “popcorn chicken,” and wondered when play dates would become real dates. achary pointed out that graduation is called commencement for a reason. “It’s not goodbye,” she said, “it’s ‘til we meet again.” Other senior class officers were Katie Goldman, avery Klemmer, Greg loftus and Jack Young. Superintendent nancy Taddiken, presented diplomas to the graduates. commencement exercises concluded with a reception for the senior class sponsored by parents of the junior class and the PTSa.

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Edgemont High School

class oF 2012

ScarSdale InquIrer/JIM Maclean

Student speaker A.J. Stoughton Julie abraham Max abramsky ameya acharya Jonathan adorno Michael airo Jane anthony aelish aoki Jamaal Bacchus nikoll Balbona abhay Bansal Jake Barnes Ben Barzilai

Peter Berman cassidy Skye Bermejo Melanie Summer Bermejo Vikrampal BhandariYoung Taylor Bouraad claire Brennan Hannah Brock Mathew Browne Matthew Buonaguro Mia caminita Victoria Jean catrini

Melissa chalson Yu-ning chan anik chaudhry abigail cheskis rebecca chester david chun carlyle citron aria cohen Juliana concolino Ben darger Ivy darger Ian r. duke

Jacqueline ehrenreich Benjamin eisenkraft eri Fukumoto amelia Funk Minhal Gardezi Olivia d. Gold rebecca Gold Katherine H. Goldman Tara Gordon William Graves Fay Gulotta ayushi Gupta evan Harary Isabel Hayes Kuangran He christina Hess christine Ho david dong-ick Hyon emily Sojung Hyon nicole Im Melissa Itkin Jessica Jachemczyk Gabriella Kallas eric Kaplan alexandra Karounos Sruti M. Karwa ethan Kempner roza Kessaci adiba Khan esther Kim eugene K. Kim Ji Yoon Kim Sojung Kim Ye Seul Kim Kazuya Kitabayashi avery Klemmer Melanie Klerer

lawrence Kocaj daniel Kornberg Kbhi Kumar rahual Kumar ryan c. Kuschman Sunny rose Kutcher raisza latif Joshua lerner Mollie levine linghui li Gregory loftus Barry lytton Igor Makin Isaac Marshall alexandra Martin Michelle Martinez Stanly Mathew daniela M. Melamed alexander Miller raj-Krishan Mistry nina Mostovoi Paul Murray rachel nathan Katie ninivaggi Trevor Ortega Zachary James Palomino Stephanie Panayiotou Zoe Sara Parower Sebastian Peinado Zachary Pollack Matthew Pomerantz Guddi Punwani Sarah reback casey rogovin rebecca rothschild alexa russo danielle Sayegh

Matthew r. Seife alexander Sganga celine Shin Paul Shin ashish Shrestha Jared Simon Krtin Singhal Samuel Spector david Spielvogel Jake Stephens Hillary Gemma Stern andrew J. Stoughton lauren Stuzin Sara Supriyatno Saira Suri Kyoka Suzuki apoorva Talanki emma Tames Sana Teramoto Jami Tucker evangelia Tzelios Justin Valente Joshua Vazhappilly Jake a. Vitale amberly Wilenski eric Wolfert Kristi Wong Helen Xu Kathleen Yam Hee Seon Yang lila Yang John a.Young

Congratulations Class of 2010! Congratulations Class of2012! 2010! Congratulations Class ofthem We are proud of our graduates and with the best! Congratulations Class of 2010! We are proud of our graduates and with them the best!

proudofofour our graduates graduates and wish them thethe best! WeWe areare proud and with them best!

Abhay Bansal Julia Brody Jaclyn Carlin Ashton Carr Julia Coleman Max Coleman Sean Cover Rachel Cuomo Christina Dell’Orto Eliana Drescher

Talia Abraham Sarah Ballan Talia Abraham Daniel Bernstein Sarah Ballan Talia Abraham Daniel Bernstein Becca Bohrer Sarah Ballan Becca Bohrer David Bougard DanielDavid Bernstein Bougard Bianca Buonaguro Becca Bohrer Bianca Buonaguro Danielle Calamari David Danielle BougardCalamari Alex Cappelli Cappelli BiancaAlex Buonaguro Bernard Cheng Bernard Cheng Danielle Calamari Alexandra Cooke Alexandra Cooke Alex Cappelli Julia Diamond Julia Diamond Bernard Cheng Thomas Evans Thomas Evans Alexandra Cooke Nicholas Farago Nicholas Farago Julia Diamond Thomas Evans Nicholas Farago

Julia Kim Sunny Feinstein Irmak Karayal Dana Knopp Irmak EilisKarayal Klein Max Freedman Sarah Koch Dana Knopp Karayal Joseph Koshakow Lukas Frijs-Djurhuus Irmak Sarah Koch Nicole Lee Dana Knopp Nicole Lee Krishna Shaun-Chi Lee Dhruva Brittany Gerstein Sarah Koch Shaun-Chi BrittanyLee Lerner Nicole Lee Lerner Sophie Laruelle Steven Gluck Brittany Samantha Medney SamanthaLee Medney Shaun-Chi Saket Mehta Becky Goldberg JoannaLerner Dong Lee Saket Mehta Brittany Megan Myron Megan Samantha Medney Rebecca Groner DylanMyron Madoff Alizay Naqvi Alizay Naqvi Saket Mehta Gracie Nash Jackie Herrero Adam Meyerson Gracie Nash Megan Myron Kristin O’Hara Kristin O’Hara Naqvi Andrew Hoofnagle Alizay Rebecca Miller Alison Park Alison Park Gracie Nash William Hunersen Kristin Jack O’Hara Moser

Cody Fisher Elizabeth Flagg Cody Fisher Jacob Goldwasser Elizabeth Flagg CodyJacob Fisher Goldwasser Justin Goo Elizabeth Flagg Justin Goo Justin Harris Jacob Goldwasser JustinHarris Harris Sarah Justin Goo Harris Sarah Julianna Haubner Julianna Justin HarrisHaubner Eliza Herrero Eliza Herrero Sarah Harris Devin Hill Devin Hill Julianna Haubner Kevin Hill Hill ElizaKevin Herrero Doriel DorielJacov Devin Hill Jacov Nikhyl NikhylJhangiani Jhangiani Kevin Hill Johnnie Johnnie Kallas Kallas Doriel Jacov Nikhyl Jhangiani Johnnie Kallas

Alison Park

Nicole Rodriguez Gigi Rawanduzy Sam Rovner Gigi Rawanduzy Lizzy Rubin Schwab SamJulie Rovner Gigi Rawanduzy Chen Shen Julie Schwab Andre Sguerra Sam Rovner Andre Sguerra Miranda Soloff Yumiko Shime Julie Schwab Miranda Jade Soloff Somboonthum Andre Sguerra Jade Somboonthum Elliot Taffet Jacob Spitzer Elliot Taffet Miranda Soloff David Taub David Taub Teicher Jade Somboonthum Michelle Erik Wahlberg Erik Wahlberg Elliot Taffet Yael Wiesenfeld Yael Wiesenfeld Christiana David Taub Vissas Joshua Joshua WoolfWoolf Erik Wahlberg Sooyoung Leo Walter Sooyoung Yoo Yoo Yael Wiesenfeld Hyun-Kyung Hyun-Kyung Yuh Yuh Joshua JuliaWoolf Wells Sooyoung Yoo Hyun-Kyung Yuh

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G r a d u at i o n

J u n e 2 9 , 2 0 1 2 — Pag e 9 A

Prom Night! Photos by Jim MacLean

Edgemont High School

Edgemont seniors showed off their prom finery for the camera(s) at the traditional pre-prom party before heading off to the Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club.

Yuning Chan

Catherine Curtis, Erin Connolly and Elizabeth Curtis show some leg.

Emily Hyon and Jacqueline Ehrenreich Danny Kornberg and Alexandra Karounos

Martha Ziolkowska and Ian Duke

Fay Gulotta, Maneo Choudhury and their classmates line up for the photographer

Stephanie Panayioutou, Seldon Davis, Sruit Karwa, Celine Shin and Patrick Jensen

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t h e s c a r s da l e i n qu i r e r

Where theY’re headed American University Rachel Wolf, SHS

Amherst College

Annalisa Donat, SHS Ben Fife, SHS

Bard College

Andrew Feyer, SHS

Bates College

Zach Shabman, SHS

Boston College

Claire D’Silva, SHS

Brandeis University Tara Gordon, EHS

Brigham Young University Ben Darger, EHS Ivy Darger, EHS

Brown University Jake Brodsky, SHS

Bucknell University

Dickinson College

Benjamin Langer, SHS Sara Pattiz, SHS

Drexel University

Matthew Kleinman, SHS Mari Llewelyn, SHS

Duke University

Jordan Elkins, SHS Jenna Karp, SHS

Elon University Aelish Aoki, EHS

Emory University Josh Cowle, SHS

Franklin & Marshall College Joanna Radov, SHS

George Washington University Elliot Liskin, SHS Emma Tames, EHS Eric Wolfert, EHS

Peter Berman, EHS Sophie Bernstein, SHS

Georgetown University

Colgate University

Georgia Tech

Michael Della Cava, SHS Ben Newman, SHS Spencer Serling, SHS Jonathan D. Shein, SHS

College of Charleston Nina Wollberg, SHS

Isabel Hayes, EHS

Kathleen Rooney, SHS

Hamilton College

Jack Lyons, Lawrenceville

Harvard University

Jessica Li, SHS Sarah Roth, SHS Matthew Seife, EHS Sam Waters, SHS

Katherine Dean, Rye Country Day Grace Dhanraj, SHS Rachel Halperin, SHS Ian Klein, SHS Sarah Keltz, SHS Geoffrey Kristof, SHS

Cornell University

Haverford College

Columbia University

Lauren Alin, SHS Alexander Cammarata, SHS Allen Kato, SHS Stephanie Melnick, SHS Yalini Pathmakumar, SHS Maya Pochiraju, SHS Hannah Rubinstein, SHS Daniel Somekh, SHS Lauren Stuzin, EHS

Dartmouth College

Jack Braun, SHS Matthew Ginsberg, SHS Shiali Lum, SHS Grant Schutzman SHS

Denison University Brooke Yewer, SHS

Claire Brenna,n EHS

Indiana University

Zachary Pollack, EHS

Ithaca College

Anthony J Cugini III, SHS

Johns Hopkins University

Allie Chaves, SHS Olivia Spector, Horace Mann

Lafayette College

Ellen Corrini, SHS Daniel Jureller, SHS Benjamin S. Shein, SHS

Lehigh University

Connor Babbitt, SHS Remy Kurlan, SHS Georgia Roth, SHS Bebe Silberzweig, SHS

Loyola University Maryland

Charlotte Miller, SHS Cailin Murphy, SHS Carter McFarland, SHS

Macalester College Rebecca Gold, EHS

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sam Bauman, Horace Mann Michael Lu, SHS

McGill University Evan Harary, EHS

Middlebury College Abigail Cheskis, EHS

Gregory Loftus, EHS

Northwestern University

Jacob Berkowitz, SHS Justine Gelfman, SHS Stephanie Henkoff, SHS Gibran Mian, SHS Sebastian Peinado, EHS Reid Title, SHS Graham Winston, SHS

Reed College

Maddy Appelbaum, SHS

SUNY Geneseo

Zack Antell, SHS Dana Salzman, SHS

Adam Meyer, SHS Jason Peluso, SHS Gemma Stern, EHS

Tulane University

Eric Wollberg, SHS Seth Johnson, SHS

Trinity College

Noah Rodstein, SHS

Skidmore College

SUNY New Paltz

Harrison Shapiro, SHS Matthew Yaspan, SHS

Hayley Caligor, SHS

Tara Kantor, SHS

Tufts University

Julie Abraham, EHS Stephanie Lieberman, SHS Aidan Moretti, SHS Andrew Gorobetz, SHS

SUNY Binghamton

Jon Mermelstein, SHS Jackie Sharlach, SHS Adam Tuller, SHS Jessica Schwartz, SHS

SUNY Buffalo

Evan Caligor, SHS Adam Grossman, SHS

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Daniel Baker, SHS

ScarSdale InquIrer/JIM Maclean

Trevor Ortega

Syracuse University

Carly Cohen, SHS

Michelle L. Martinez, EHS Jonathan Miller, EHS

Kenyon College

Roger Williams University

Greg Scacchi, SHS

Stanford University

Paul Goebel, SHS Olivia Harris, SHS

Princeton University

SUNY Cobleskill

Corey Baumer, SHS Rachelle Gage, SHS Julia Rutkovsky, SHS

Oberlin College

Penn State University

Rice University

Amelia Funk, EHS

New York University

Holly Souchack, SHS Katherine Goldman EHS

“O say, can you see?”

Olivia Casanova, SHS Alison B Elliott, SHS Ariel Sabel, SHS William Segal, SHS

Eric Dobosh, SHS Evan Kratzer, SHS Elizabeth Ostertag, SHS

Juniata College

ScarSdale InquIrer/JIM Maclean

Muhlenberg College

ScarSdale InquIrer/JIM Maclean

Evan Harary

T h E s c a r s da l e i n qu i r e r

G r a d u at i o n

J u n e 2 9 , 2 0 1 2 — Pag e 1 1 A

Scarsdale Inquirer/Jim MacLean

Alec Quintalino, left, with Troy Kirwin, who presented him with the Kenneth Rosenberg Scholarship Award UC Berkeley

Alon Daks, SHS

Union College

Daniel Cohen, SHS Steven Nadel, SHS Avery Novitch, SHS

United States Military Academy at West Point Jonathan Hendler, SHS

University of Chicago Evan Bederman, SHS Elisabeth Huh, SHS

University of Colorado, Boulder Jason Luski, SHS

University of Maryland at College Park Joshua Lerner, EHS Julie Newman, SHS Max Rubin, SHS

University of Massachusetts, Amherst Leyla Haznedar, SHS

University of Michigan David Kaplan, SHS Haley Polkes, SHS Nikki Robinson, SHS

University of Missouri Columbia

Kyle Johnson, SHS

Scarsdale Inquirer/Jim MacLean

University of Notre Dame

Matthew Feigin and Steven Nadel introducing senior class advisers at the SHS commencement

University of Pennsylvania

University of Richmond

Christopher Filos, SHS

Lilly Claar, SHS Chloe Kaufman, SHS Jacob Klein, SHS Alyssa Marcus, SHS Ian Rabin, SHS Debbie Schwartz, SHS Evie Tzelios, EHS Douglas Meyers, SHS Takane Shoji, SHS

University of Pittsburgh Caroline Varlotta, SHS Daniel Kornberg, EHS

Mariah Genis, SHS

University of Rochester Andrew Crean, SHS Ethan Garry, SHS Ben Shapiro, SHS

University of St. Andrews, Scotland Dana Friedkin, SHS

University of Texas at Austin Dustin Potter, SHS Nicole Steiner, SHS

University of Vermont

Virginia Tech

Williams College

University of Virginia

Washington University in St. Louis

Yale University

Lucas Calderon, SHS Sean Cover, SHS Troy Kirwin, SHS

University of Wisconsin-Madison Aaron Lester, SHS Dina Wetchler, SHS

Vanderbilt University Danielle Berger, SHS Paul Murray, EHS

Andrew Belbusti, SHS

Gabriella Kallas, EHS

Alex Altieri, SHS Samantha Ezratty, SHS Will Hunersen, SHS Ben Krohnengold, SHS Aleksander Larsen, SHS Jeff Schwartz, SHS Melissa Tucker, SHS Meghan Zecchini, SHS

Catherine Colford, Convent of the Scared Heart Emily Feldstein, Horace Mann Will Heffner, SHS Brian Hogan, Fordham Prep Eugene Kim, EHS Roger Pellegrini. SHS

Western Connecticut State University Adam Lurie, SHS

ANGELO BARLANTI Kinry Elementary School

FRANK CAPONE John Coleman School

GABRIELLA CAPONE John Coleman School


OLIVIA KELLY Seely Place School

TIMOTHY LEONE Scarsdale High School


DANIELA PIRO Eastchester High School

DAVID ROSENSTEIN Albert Leonard Middle School

SHAYNA ROSENSTEIN William B. Ward Elementary School

PETER SARRAZIN Wake Forest University

JESSICA WILLSON Montessori Sugar Bush

Congratulations to the class of 2012 from 29 Wilmot Road


Pag e 1 4 a — J u n e 2 9 , 2 0 1 2

rachel abbe Brendan adams rosenda agustin Gustaf ahdritz daniel altabet david annex Kristen argerakisSchepis cameron axelrod Jack axelrod Griffin Baker Sarah Baker Justin Barlow anshi Barmecha Mitchell Barrow alison Bauersfeld naomi Bekele Wylie Berg Matthew Berger amanda Berk emily Berk Steven Berke celia Berman Paul Bernard emily Bernstein Sydney Bernstein Zachary Bernstein Scottie Berridge Maximilian Beyer rishabh Bhandari alexa Binday andrew Bindela christian Bishop Michael Blank cara Blumstein Kostadino Bobolakis Matthew Bock Sarah Bowen ava Bradlow andrew Braun david Bravo Brian Brennglass eliza Brosgol Matthew Brotman Simon Brovender aerin Brown luke Brown Max Bryant

g r a d u at i o n

t h e s c a r s da l e i n qu i r e r

Scarsdale Middle School

class oF 2012

ScarSdale InquIrer/JIM Maclean

Pooling their resources elisabeth Buchwald William cabrera Toma camaj Hayden carey Julia carey Marie ceske Harry chalfin clare chan Oscar chicote-navas diane coard dustin cohen rachel cohen Julia conceicao Justin cooper James cotter

robert covil nicholas crandall Joshua cromwell George crowley andre cutrim alexander czarniak Michael daBramo Sophia de-Oliveira Jake deBono Maia deForge edward delorenzo Margaret desrosiers nina dheer Gabriela dickson la rotta

Victoria diSalvo alexander distler niklas dohle chiaki doi Jack dolgin Gabriel dolsten caroline donat Kaitlin doyle nicolas draghi Matthew drescher Griffin dunne allison dweck Patrick dwyer david ehrenhaus Kara elcik

Samantha elders Tristan elwes Jonathan emmerman rebecca epemolu Zoe epstein Matheus esteves Gabriel Faden Hannah Farago Sophia Fast Sarah Feingold Jaclyn Feldman noel Ferraris Michael Fialkow Kristine Fink alexander First

Jacob Forman Signe Forsingdal Madeline Frankel Sam Fried ross Friedel Jacob Frishberg Zoe Frishberg adam Frishwasser dominick Gagliano Harrison Gale Filipe Galhardo Samantha Garcia alexander Gelfond clement Gendler Matthew Gibson

John Gilpin Jack Glaser charles Gliatta carly Glickenhaus daniel Gliedman Jared Goldberg Samuel Goldman abigail Goldstein Jesse Goodman rick Goodman Jack Gorham elliot Graham Henry Gray adaire Green Isaak Greene Meredith Greenstein Gabrielle Grippo evan Grossman Jonathan Gruen Katherine Guerney richard Guo abigail Haber naomi Haber rachel Haber liam Haller Madailein Hart Benjamin Hasson rohan Hawkins Joshua Hendell Olivia Henkoff rumi Hirose Jack Hirsh Jared Hlawitschka danielle Holliday Benjamin Holmes lilly Hutcher elizabeth Hymes nanako Ide allison Ishibashi Benjamin Jacob Samara Jacobson Hayley Jaffe Sarah Jathas Tisnue Jean-Baptiste evan Josephs alyssa Josselsohn emily Jusuf Continued on page 15A


The Masters School 49 Clinton Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522 914-479-6400 •

T h E s c a r s da l e i n qu i r e r Continued from page 14A

George Kaltner Kathleen Kantor Isabel Kaplan Lucas Kay Alyssa Kaye Adam Kazan Scott Kelly Sam Kessler Hyunwoo Kim Mahoko Kimura Alice Kinsley Alexa Kishner Elliott Klein Jeremy Klein Joshua Klein Joshua Klein Alexis Kline Brendan Knaack Rubahn Koticha Lindsay Kramer Jack Krevitt Caleb Krohn Benjamin Kulick Sarah Kurzweil Caroline Kutzin Vivian Kwok Gisele Lacoursiere Andrew Landau James Landau Niklas Lang Emma Lappin Michael Lazar Evan Lazarus Allison Lee Cameron Lee Courtney Lee Isaac Lee Julia Lee Drew Leffler Matthew Lefkowitz Ezra Lerner Genna Levy Gregory Levy Minhyuk Lim Samantha Lin Sarah Lipsitz

Andrew Liskin Robert Liskin Taylor Lonner Hannah Losardo Gillian Lubin Elena Ludwig Patrick Lyons Nathan Mainster Lucas Malhotra Peyton Malsch Adnan Mamudoski Dorianna Marambio Brett Marcus Jens Mariager Noah Marinelli Ignacio Marini Theodore Marino Joshua Markowitz Jared Marks Nina Marmon Giselle Maronilla Joseph Marques Kaitlin Marrs Owen Marsh Christopher Martin Eryn McDonald Clare McInerney Leah McKenna Sean McKenna Sheela Mehta Viraj Mehta Jason Messinger Joseph Metviner Jane Meyers Samantha Meyers Sophia Mian Alexa Miller Harrison Miller Rebecca Millman Harvey Mineard Iku Minohara Eliza Month Suzan Morgul Cameron Moser Kerim Muja Emma Munoz Charles Musoff Eliana Naclerio


G r a d u at i o n

J u n e 2 9 , 2 0 1 2 — Pag e 1 5 A

Scarsdale Inquirer/Jim MacLean

Rick Goodman, Sam Squadron, Michael Fialkow and Michael Rolfe. Saadia Naeem Naoko Nakajima Jiwo Nam Jonathan Natarajan Emily Natbony Jake Nathanson Genevieve Nemeth Michaela Nicholas Stephen Nicholas Emily Nishiwaki Takumi Nitta Blake Nossel Arthur Noulas Graham Novitch Kingsley Nwokeji Madu Ohajekwe Haruki Okuda Artur Oliveira Rocco Palermo Harrison Peltz Gordon Phoon

Sloane Pick Caterina Pizzuti Danielle Plaue Alana Pogostin Nicholas Politi Marco Pompa Ryan Pontone Juliana Porpora Annabelle Price Kyle Price Micaela Primoff Sydney Prince Uzair Qadir Amanda Rachlin Danielle Rader Ethan Raff Colton Ragland Ryan Ramirez Danielle Resheff Sage Ressler Megan Reynolds

George Ridgway Eric Rodriguez Raphael Rogoff Michael Rolfe Jordanna Roman Nicole Romano Tony Rosenberg David Rosenstein Samuel Rosner Carly Rubin Arushi Sahay Aryaan Saigal Alexander Salzinger Elena Salzman Faraz Samnani Samantha Sanders Ray Sasai Benjamin Schlur Carolina Schott Sarah Schuhmann Geffen Segall

Madeleine Seidman Eitan Selinger Samantha Seltzer Eve Serfaty Sara Shah Keivan Shahida Fazl Shaikh Julia Sheinbaum Ilana Shire Genevieve Shuster Olivia Silberstein Lawrence Silver Jonathan Silverstein Christina Sisti Joshua Slifka Cameron Smith Drew Solender Morgan Solender Maxwell Spector Ben Spinks Samuel Squadron Jake Staffin Nicolas Stainfeld Annabelle Stanley Dorothea Stefanou Zachary Steinberg Samuel Stemerman Jordan Stern Benjamin Stevens Joshua Stonberg Elizabeth Stone Jonathan Strek Stephanie Strek Sandra Suarez Yuki Sugihara Emily Sun Hitomi Sunahara Cameron Swift David Szanto Julia Talish Shreya Talus Sofia Tardif Kerrianne Taxter Lucas Tesler Zachary Tesler Cecilia Teuber Jordan Thaler Beatrix Thompson

Hailey Thornton Tatiana Tiangco Morgan Titone Victoria Tomalin Alexis Touye Romain Touye Zachary Townsend Neal Tracy Jessica Tsai Jordan Tuchman Jonny Turovsky Sophie Ulene Emma Umansky Maki Umehara Aditi Valada Stephen Varlotta Isabella Vieira Cal Vinder Kaitlin Vinton Nicholas Visnius Michael Wallach David Wang Jeffrey Wang Macie Wasserberger Mikayla Waterhouse William Weingarten Hannah Weinstein Sarah Weintraub Lauren Weisfeld Drake Weissman Victoria Weissman Eric Wess Jacob Wiener Yarden Wiesenfeld Cameron Wong Olivia Wood Xavier Worsley Cherie Xu Alan Yao Josephine Zacharia Nina Zacharia Alexis Zachem Timothy Zaklama Julia Zecchini Timothy Zhao Sophie Zimbalist Benjamin Zucker Julia Zucker

IT IS AN HONOR TO STUDY AT WESTCHESTER COMMUNITY COLLEGE You may know that Westchester Community College is the largest college in the county. You may also know our award-winning professors teach classes in more than 60 different academic programs. But did you know that more than ninety percent of our Honors Program students go on to their first choice for a four-year college or university?



Pag e 1 6 A — J u n e 2 9 , 2 0 1 2

G r a d u at i o n

T h E s c a r s da l e i n qu i r e r

Prom Night! Photos by Beverly Picker

Scarsdale High School

Scarsdale’s soon-to-be graduates posed with their dates and friends at a school reception before heading off to dance the night away at Lake Isle Country Club May 31.

Jordan Elkins and Abigail Stone

Andrew Gorobetz and Claudia Kupiec

Sarah Frohman and Brandon Berman

Ken Ota and Rachel Kushnick

Libby Gross and Patrick Rice

Ana Sani, Cassie Leach and Julie Newman

Dina Wetchler, Ali Elliott and Sophie Bernstein

Connor Wolfe, Ariel Sabel, Nicole Bernstein and Sam Bromer Ketan Kaji, Zaq Shauman, Danny Somekh and Graham Winston

t h e s c a r s da l e i n qu i r e r

g r a d u at i o n

Moving Up

J u n e 2 9 , 2 0 1 2 — Pag e 1 7 a

Schechter Westchester

immaculate heart of Mary school Principal: Patricia Gatti Teacher: Jessica Olivieri Victoria Becker lindsay Booker luke Brown dominique camaj Marissa copeland Balbina de la Garza Tiffani delVecchio anthony Gjelaj Marc Guberti

Patrick Infurna Matthew loBasso Julia lopez diana lumaj Jessica Magliato Jane McMahon conor Mcnamara Brendan Mulqueen Patricia nannariello

Justin Pastilha Michael Patterson lauren radesich Khalid Saleh nicholas Scambia Brianna Tagliamonte Sarah Tornatore erin Travers

Congratulates the Class of 2012

The class of 2012 poses for a graduation photo.

Joshua Samuel Abady Reuben Isaac Akabas Sean Amona Alexander Arad Steven Belyanskiy Israel Ben-Asher Matthew Berger Maya Simone Billig Paula Blank Yael Bloom Allison Michelle Brustman Benjamin Ezekiel Cantor Eli Aaron Cohen Tali Cohen Isabelle Diamond Sam Wolfsohn Evans Mark Fleishman

Leor Freedman

Liat Ariella Friedman Benjamin Gershenov Melissa Goldman Jill Samara Golub Remy Taylor Gordon

Tori Gabrielle Grant Guy Greenstein Jacob Wolfe Heisler Samantha Holder Eliza Beth Holsten Gil D. Israel Sam Jablansky Jason Jakoby Isabelle Joseph David Michael Josephs Elan Kane Jeremy D. Kelly Hirsch Meir King-Berkman Victoria Morgan Kulak Amiel Kurland Lauren Belle Leffell Julia Malits Anna Jennie Meixler Eli Mernit Julie Meyer Shoshana Lisa Munk Alec Nyman Nicole Elise Picket

Alexander Jacob Reis Rebecca Hannah Rimsky Craig Maxwell Rothenberg Natalie Rotter-Laitman Jason David Rozbruch Benjamin Ari Salomon 6DPDQWKD=RH6FKDÁHU Yael P. Schiller Leah Schwartz Shelly Seidemann Gabrielle Maya Shames Noah Benjamin Singer Jonathan Daniel Stahl Maxwell J. Steinberg Emma Sukenik Simon Alexander Teich Elan Wexler Karen Beth Wexler Shira Lynne Wexler Rachel Leba Wolfe Dylan Yarom Melissa Heather Zedeck

Our students will be attending the following colleges, universities, and programs in Israel: American University Barnard College Binghamton University Brandeis University Brooklyn College of the CUNY Case Western Reserve University Clark University Columbia University Cornell University Dickinson College Drexel University Emory University Harvard University Indiana University at Bloomington Jewish Theological Seminary of America Johns Hopkins University Lynn University Middlebury College Muhlenberg College New York University


Northwestern University Purchase College Rockland Community College Rollins College School of Visual Arts State University of New York at Albany State University of New York at New Paltz SUNY College at Oneonta Syracuse University The University of Arizona University at Buffalo The State University of New York University of Chicago University of Colorado at Boulder University of Connecticut University of Delaware University of Hartford University of Illinois at



UrbanaChampaign University of Maryland, College Park University of Massachusetts, Amherst University of Michigan University of Pennsylvania University of Rochester University of St. Andrews (Scotland) University of Toronto University of Vermont Washington University in St. Louis Yale University Gap Year Programs Kivunim Nachshon Nativ Young Judea


Pag e 1 8 a — J u n e 2 9 , 2 0 1 2

Moving Up

g r a d u at i o n

t h e s c a r s da l e i n qu i r e r

seely Place school

greenville school

Principal: dr. edward Kennedy Teachers: amanda Barry, dawn curran, Melanie Gomez, lindsay lugo

Principal: Jennifer allen Teachers: Peter Khouri, Karen McGlade, edward Salmon

anabel adams Isabelle adler Benjamin annopolsky lucas Bayuelo Sofia Bayuelo adam Benomar alexandra Benomar Saumya Bharti Felix Bianchi Julia Blotner Gabrielle Blume dylan Brown Simon cadel

lucas chan Tobias charnizon andy chen alexander crump cyprien debargue Joseph djeljevic Federica domeneghetti caleb donnelly Omari douglas Jonah Feldman Spencer Felix cornel Fisher William Funk


Fifth- and sixth-graders sing their farewell song “Dare to Dream� during the moving-up ceremony.

evan Garvelink Jessica Gasana Sydney Gaviser Jordyn Goldberg Ian Gordon Marilyn Mathews William Graif andrew Hallowell eliot Hamill Tyler Huynh dylan Imperato Zachary James Tess Jameson Joanna Kaizer rubashruti Kanna Twyla Kantor arkiatou Keita Olivia Kelly nupur Khattri Jan Oskar Kjellberg liam Klein dorianna Kola Maunil Kothari albert Kwon emma lampert adam latif Mina lee Yura lemin christian lese Zachary lewis Yvonne liu Stephanie low Jeffrey Ma

Tiara Makol abigail Marx christopher McSherry John ray Mendoza Jessica Miller elizabeth Mitchell Jan Monchaitanapat Meshack ngowi ciera Okere Gianluca Paolucci Brinda rao-Pothuraju Jacob roman Benjamin ryjikov Kentaro Saito Sana Salimi Jeremy Schwartz Sachin Shah Sean Small Scout Stratford Mythili Subbanna emily Theisen abigail Toltus Gabriel Toltus camila Tucker Magaly Villa delgado Grace Wang Ian Weiss Michael Winitch Tyler Worobow Jill Yu abby Zuckerman Samantha Zuckerman

Josh ackerman Hannah agoglia Haley angus dominique aruede Grace aslanian Matthew Ballan Stefanos Ballas alex Berger John cantatore Gehrig chao Juliana cimini Jacob dinces amanda dranch russell dranch Gabi Falk Paul Farris amanda Fernandes andrew Gallousis Sidarth Ganpati Mandee Goodman Justin Gordon amanda Green George Guarnieri Muzuki Hayakawa Jack Heineman Julianne Ho Julia Hutchings Jonas Intner Sean Kahn e.J. Kolber Jake landes Matt lazar Victor lue Ben lukasiewicz

Julia lukasiewicz Max Markowitz caroline McGee celine Mercado emma Mohamed Jakey Mohamed Jenna nadasdi Katie novarro nicholas Pacia anthony Paiva Shaan Patel Mark Perlman ana Petre Huzaifa Piperdi abby Powell Sandra ranjan Jessica rogers Michael rutter lauren Sadowski Frank Sayegh Matteo Scarselli Jason Schwartz akiho Semimoto Hannah Strauss Justin Sun Jenna Taub-runo casey Thayer ryan Turell Brianna Vasquez ryan Wurtzburger chloe Yoon carly Zelner emma Zieman Tristan Zlotkowski

Josh ackerman Hannah agoglia Haley angus dominique aruede Grace aslanian Matthew Ballan Stefanos Ballas alex Berger John cantatore Gehrig chao Juliana cimini Jacob dinces amanda dranch russell dranch Gabi Falk Paul Farris amanda Fernandes andrew Gallousis Sidarth Ganpati Mandee Goodman Justin Gordon amanda Green George Guarnieri Muzuki Hayakawa Jack Heineman Julianne Ho Julia Hutchings Jonas Intner Sean Kahn e.J. Kolber Jake landes Matt lazar Victor lue Ben lukasiewicz

Julia lukasiewicz Max Markowitz caroline McGee celine Mercado emma Mohamed Jakey Mohamed Jenna nadasdi Katie novarro nicholas Pacia anthony Paiva Shaan Patel Mark Perlman ana Petre Huzaifa Piperdi abby Powell Sandra ranjan Jessica rogers Michael rutter lauren Sadowski Frank Sayegh Matteo Scarselli Jason Schwartz akiho Semimoto Hannah Strauss Justin Sun Jenna Taub-runo casey Thayer ryan Turell Brianna Vasquez ryan Wurtzburger chloe Yoon carly Zelner emma Zieman Tristan Zlotkowski

The Scarsdale Inquirer Congratulates the Class of 2012 especially Ben Newman, winner of the 2012 Scarsdale Inquirer Award for Journalistic Excellence; Spencer Serling and Geoff Kristof,

senior options interns, all from Scarsdale High School; and our contributing sports writers



Good friends Casey Thayer and Amanda Green show off their Moving Up Certificates after the ceremony.




Greenville graduate Frankie Sayegh (right) holds balloons given to him by his proud brother Daniel.

t h e s c a r s da l e i n qu i r e r

g r a d u at i o n

J u n e 2 9 , 2 0 1 2 — Pag e 1 9 a

Moving Up heathcote school

Fox Meadow school

Principal: Maria Stile Teachers: christine Boyer, allison chiarello, Trent deBerry, lisa Onofri

Principal: duncan WIlson Teachers: Sarah Berger, david Besancon Sydney lipez, crystal Trani

aaron aboodi anika agarwal Sydney albert ella ansell natalie appel lauren Baldinger ethan Bernstein Kyle Bleustein nathan Boockvar adam Boss Selise Bourla alex Brotman dylan canell Jack charland

Gabriela chiavenato andrew cohen Mark dachinger Shamika dhuri cemre ertas ross Forman adam Frankenthaler Francesca Ghio Sophie Grippo Jay Gupta abideen Habu Julia Halligan Sophia Higdon Sara Hove

Katia Jacovides Joseph lane Ian lerner andrew levin Jonathan lin Harrison liu John lloyd aidan londa leah Marcus luli Marini alexander Mayer Priyanka Mehta Benjamin Millen Benjamin Miller


adina Mistry William Musoff Sara ann naber Thomas nerangis ryosei Okayama charlotte Price nabiha qadir Ian ressler Zara ridgway elizabeth riina Jenna riina nola riina Georgia rosenberg Kelly rutherford Jennifer Schlur James Schulthess William Solie Fernanda Sousa lianne Spencer Maxwell Stapleton daniel Suarez avery Tzamarot caio Vieira Sidney Waller Matthew Watiker aidan Wilson evan Wu rina Yamamori audrey Yu emily Yu eric Zhong

Fifth-graders sing “Take to the Sky by Owl City.

Congratulations To the Class of 2012

and Our Own Graduates

claudio aguilar anshu ajmera dylan aresu chisato Baba George Baigent anaya Barmecha Sylvia Bayrakdarian Brooke Bensche Maya Bharara Sacha Bindra Sarah Bock elise Boucher Isabelle Boucher Olivia Breitkopf quin Burke noam cherki christina coco Gaetano cremoux ada de la Fuente Joao Pedro de Mello Katelin du riley edlitz elizabeth elcik Samantha Felder Jaclyn Finger Jerome Francis aerin Gelblum lindsay Gelles Madeline Glass lucy Hayter Zara Hayter Sam Hoffman Yuta Iwai Jason Kaplan andrew Kass nicole Kassabian

Kazuki Katoh Henry Kronenberg ayumi Kondo George Koevary Matthew Kutzin Mary langford Ben lehrberger Katherine levin allison liu ethan lubin Spencer Mann Ben Marks Jose Maronilla connor Marrs Julia Mccormick

Madeline Mcdonald Bianca McIver aliza Mehlman nina Metviner Sean Michael William Milberg Kodai Morikuni Ishwar Mukherjee abigail nishiwaki Kate nova Yukino Ota Megumi Ozawa Willow Paykin dylan Pflaum charlie quill

Isabelle riback Jamie robelen Michael romano Jonah rossett Samuel Saxon Madhavi Shashank Taylor Siegel elizabeth Sinyavin Katherine Sinyavin lucas Stoddard Gus Thompson nanoka umehara Omar Van-eer Katherine Williams Tannor Zachem

ScarSdale InquIrer/JIM Maclean

Newly minted Fox Meadow alumni pose for photographs.


Preparatory School Congratulates its Class of 2012!

Giuliana Soares Kindergarten George M. Davis Elementary New Rochelle Granddaughter of Nick Pilla

Thor Warnken Kindergarten Hindley Elementary School - Darien Grandson of Pat Warnken

Cassandra Valencia Eastchester High School Niece of Denise Sarsorito

Brittany Morgan University of Chicago Daughter of Nina Betancourt-Morgan

Charles Albertario Carmel High School Son of Charles Albertario

Kristin Farrell Eastchester Middle School Niece of Denise Sarsorito

26 Popham Road, Scarsdale 914-723-8700

Soundview Prep, an independent day school for grades 6 -12, offers a rigorous college preparatory program in a non-competitive, supportive environment that promotes respect for others, ethical values and a strong sense of community.

370 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 914-962-2780 Visit our website at


Pag e 2 0 a — J u n e 2 9 , 2 0 1 2

g r a d u at i o n

t h e s c a r s da l e i n qu i r e r

Moving Up edgewood school

quaker ridge school

Principal: Scott Houseknecht Teachers: Marilyn Blackley, Michael Gluck, Stephanie Pinto

Principal: robyn lane Teachers: Suzanne Burns, robyn cohn, amy Kenney, Mark Winston

Poly adler erick almeida deniz atay Harrison Baldwin Michael Barletta nicolas Bernard Sanjana Bhatnagar Madeline Bonanno George Brady Madeline Brew Mia carroll nico cavalluzzi Morgan costello Suzanne davis Sude demir Fiona dominguez casidy donohue aidan donovan Sierra donovan alexander eforo Sophie ewing Zoe Favilla liana Givner amanda Glik Peter Godshall caroline Goldstein Sara Hezi Sally Ho amelia Horney Hayato Ide eric Jacobson Julia Jamesley nikhil John

Thomas Killian daniel Korobeynyk alexander Kwok christine lambert Hannah lebow Justin lee danielle lemisch ezra levine Brian lilly Jr Jenny liu connor Mccarthy Jacqueline newman

Bruno Tassari emma Townsend Grace Vericker abigail Vetrone Vivianna Wang Isabella Waterhouse Hannah Weller alexa Widlitz andrew Zhang deborah Zhang Maxwell Zhao

Magali O’Brien Jonah Oxman rohit Palekar Michael Palermo Vivian Perfetti danielle Piccoli aditya Pillai renata Pratt avery rubin Mitchell Selitsky ryan Smith Julia Staffin

luzselena aguilar rachel annex Julio arriola Saif asam Paige Barlow lilly Batt Sydney Behar andrew Bernstein Jackson Bornstein Simon Bradlow Jasper Brenner Jackson Brosgol Garrett campbell

lauren cho dylan cohn ryan collins Michael daloia alexis daniel renee dibbini Gerardo dileo Michael diSanto Thomas Foley Michelle Glantz Benjamin Goldman alec Greenwald Francesca Greenwald

Jackson Haffner riley Haffner evan Huo dafna Ingerman charlotte Irwin arul Kapoor carly Kessler Jay Klein Kathryn Koo Simon Krohn Trevor lambert emily lattman Kaitlyn lee


Celebrations erupt as the moving-up ceremony comes to a close.

Georgia Soning, Alexis Daniel, Lilly Batt and Sammy Schneider sport official moving up T-shirts on their special day.

Kaitin lemke ryan leung Jaden levin andrew levy rena li Faiz Malik Michael Marom Kylie Mcrobie lyndsey Morton Mihir nayar camilla Pandolfi Sarah Podraza erin ragland Zachary reyman elaine rodriguez JT rosen Yui Saika Hannah Saltz Samuel Schneider Talia Schulhof Benjamin Schwartz carla Segale Hayden Seidman daniel Silk Benjamin Sindone Julia Singer Georgia Soning allison Stafford Jordan Stampfli cole Thaler Samantha Thurm david umansky aubrey Weinstein Jocelyn Weiss

The Scarsdale Inquirer Congratulates the Class of 2012 and our own special graduates

Suzanne Farrell

BS, Rochester Institute of Technology Daughter of Eileen and Ray Farrell

Lucas Kesten

John Jay High School Son of Thom O’Halloran and Robert Kesten

Kathleen Farrell

Scott Frommer

Westlake High School Daughter of Eileen and Ray Farrell

MBA, Duke University Fugua School of Business Son of Sandy Greene and Alan Frommer

Emma Nechamkin

Rachel Richardson

B.A., Wellesley College Daughter of Ilene and David Nechamkin

BA, Smith College Daughter of Katherine Potter and John Richardson



t h e s c a r s da l e i n qu i r e r

g r a d u at i o n

J u n e 2 9 , 2 0 1 2 — Pag e 2 1 a

Moving Up greenacres Principal: Gerry Young Teachers: Mitch crasson, John dean, Jeremy Sarah abbe Michael anderson Samuel Bernstein emmeline Berridge Margo Boxer Margaret Brew Max Brody emma cahaly John cecil John ceske Skylar cheng narain chepuru derek chi Tyler de Pol Mia dell’Orto Brian delong Olivia delorenzo Julia denion lindsay donat emma elman Jonah elman Max erez Fletcher Faden lara Ferris lisa Ferris lillian Foley Sara Frankenthaler natalie Gee aaron Gilin lena Glickman Jacob Gliedman Melissa Gottlieb Matthew Gruen arnav Gupte elias Hairatidis arin Hendell Olivia Higgins lleyton Ho Samantha Ho reina Hoch

Sophia Hovakimian Meredith Hurshman daniel Jaffe Harris Jamil Morgan Kim Benjamin Klein Josephine lacoudre Hannah lamport elya lavi Paige lee Benjamin levy Julia loten Bogdan Marginean Kimberly Markowitz William Maybaum Julia McMurray Georgia Mentzines Samson Mentzines ethan Miller Sydney Mone diana nerangis nayumi Parente ribeiro cristina Paz Kelli rainer emma reed alison rothberg amanda ruzumna Jonah Schneider caroline Schuh emily Sherr Gillian Simpson emily Smyth Maisie Suzman remington Wachtel Sophie Weingrad alexandra Wilson noah Yusen Jordan Ziffer

ScarSdale InquIrer/JIM Maclean

Greenacres fifth-graders have a flair for drama.

Congratulations Congratulations Class 2012 Class of 2010 Graduates Graduates

Congratulations to the Class of 2012

From and Staff Staffofof From the the Board Board of Directors Directors and

“Better Banking Banking for for aa Better “Better Better Future� Future� JoAnnM. M.Murphy Murphy JoAnn Vice Chair Vice Chair

Joseph M. M. Murphy, Murphy, Jr. Joseph Jr. President President

Maria MariaMacchia Macchia Vice President/Branch Vice President/BranchManager Manager

Main Office Office 200 Main East 42nd Street



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Pag e 2 2 a — J u n e 2 9 , 2 0 1 2

g r a d u at i o n

t h e s c a r s da l e i n qu i r e r

College & University

graduates American University School of International Services natalie apcar, Ba international studies cum laude Amherst College *luke Zambetti, Ba biology, cum laude Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business *logan Berkowitz, Ba business communication

Luke Zambetti

Ethan A. Warshowsky

Binghamton University *ethan a. Warshowsky, BS engineering summa cum laude, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi and engineering honors societies, tau sigma transfer honor society, graduation speaker *allison cohen, Ba economics, cum laude Boston College *richard K. evans, Ba history and philosophy magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta Boston College Lynch School of Education Kerry cotter, Ba cum laude

Allison Cohen

Brandeis International Business School *Jordan M. Johnson, MBa Bucknell University Courtney Flagg, BA anthropology and English Kathryn Gilman, BA English-creative writing and geology

Richard Evans

Brett Jureller, BS science in civil engineering

Duke University Caleb Duncanson, BS mechanical engineering

Joseph Galarza, BS exercise science Phi Epsilon Kappa

accounting Beta Alpha Psi honor society

Jaclyn Simmermacher BS civil engineering cum laude

McGill University *Lindsay Holas, BC global strategic management, minor in environmental studies

Christine Yankou, BS political science, minor in sociology

Carleton College Elizabeth Hecht BA chemistry cum laude

Duke University Fugua School of Business Scott Frommer, MBA Health Sector Management Program HSM Leadership Award, Fuqua Scholar (top 10% of class)

Carnegie Mellon University Rebecca Pinn, MA product development

Hamilton College Evan J. Kaplan, BA classic language magna cum laude

Colgate University Andrew Wylie, BA neuroscience and English honors in neuroscience, magna cum laude, Gamma Sigma Alpha honor society

Anna L. Mikhailovich, BA public policy

Sara Carlie Hirsch, BA psychology and educational studies magna cum laude Cornell University *Benjamin Jason Michaels, BA economics, focus in sustainable business and environmental economics Order of Omega national honors society Samantha Jean Nowierski, BS engineering physics cum laude Erica Gluck, BS Dartmouth College *Jason Koblentz Goodman, BA economics, minor in computer science summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, dean’s prize, senior class marshal Dickinson College Angela Khadija Guy, BS neuroscience

Harvard University *Andrew J. Petschek, BA applied mathematics in astrophysics cum laude Huma Shah, BA social studies high honors, Paul Williams International Government and Public Affairs Award Lehigh University *Michelle Larsen, BS accounting (2011), completed master’s degree in accounting and information analysis (2012) Jordan Ecker, BS biology high honors Kunal Mehta, BS business and economics Suzanne Eisenberg, BA Jordan Kosterich, BA Manhattan College Paul Thomas Nowierski, BS accounting

Middlebury College *Yoji High, BA chemistry cum laude Muhlenberg College *Danielle Seife, BA psychology, minor art history *David Schutzbank, BA business administration, dean’s list New York University Samuel Belkin, MA Samuel Draper interdisciplinary program in humanities and social thought New York University School of Medicine *Dr. Tracey Liebman, MD Alpha Omega Alpha, AMWA Glasgow-Rubin Achievement Citation Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism Olivia LaVecchia, BS journalism Pennsylvania State University * Emily C. McKenna, BS, BA economics, public relations SUNY Purchase Eric Wollberg, BA journalism Syracuse University Alexandra Lauren Tartell, BS dults and or A C f hi es ld s r s

First Time?

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221 East Hartsdale Avenue, Second Floor

Temple University *Adam Segal, BA film and media arts Towson University Jessica Kalisch, BS biology, biochemistry and bioinformatics Trinity College Sarah H. Reingold, BA political science, minor in philosophy and studio arts faculty honors, Pi Gamma Mu

Jason Goodman

Tulane University Aliza Hobish, BA Rachel Newman, BA Kelsey Robbins, BS

Michelle Larsen

Tulane University A.B. Freeman School of Business Russell Jacobson, BS management Rebecca Levitan, BS management

Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Hannah Smith, BS public health Continued on 23A

Dr. Tracey Liebman, MD *pictured

P.O. Box 418, Scarsdale, NY 10583 914-725-2500

Name Line


Benjamin Jason Michaels

A special section of

3 CLASSES FOR $20! Name Line

Syracuse University Martin J. Whitman School of Management Conrad Cutler, BS supply chain management and entrepreneurship & emerging enterprises

The Scarsdale Inquirer


Cl a


Zachary Romano BS business administration and management

Class of 2012


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t h e s c a r s da l e i n qu i r e r

g r a d u at i o n

J u n e 2 9 , 2 0 1 2 — Pag e 2 3 a

College & University

graduates University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business Jennifer Lynn Nowierski, BBA

Continued from 22A

Union College Matthew Ursillo, BA economics University of Connecticut Janine Johnson, BA Junki Ogawa, BA

Adam Segal

Michael Petrescu, BA Julia Schweitzer, BS University of Miami *Trevor J. Lee, BA business administration, finance and economics cum laude

Danielle Seife

Jessica White

Piero Olcese, BA economics and political science

Lindsay Holas

University of Pennsylvania Robert Fink, BA physics concentration in business and technology, summa cum laude *Joshua Natbony, BA psychology, minor in biological basis of behavior cum laude, dean’s list Joseph Silberzweig, BA University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business *Jessica White, BS

Jordan Johnson

economics, magna cum laude University of Rochester James Glassman, BA psychology, minor in history Vanderbilt University Matthew Karp, BA magna cum laude *Joseph Michael Flaxer, BS highest honors in cognitive studies *Veronica M. Venezia, BA international development, minor in economics Washington University, Saint Louis

honors society, Pi Delta Phi

Adam Longman, BA history, college honors Weill Cornell Medical College Daniel Belkin, MD Harry I. Bush Jr. MD award for excellence in vascular psychology, dean’s research award, Alan Von Kreuter cancer research prize Wellesley College Emma Judith Nechamkin, B.A. chemistry, departmental honors, Sigma Xi Society, Hypercube Prize I chemistry Wesleyan University * Rachel S. Tretter, BA history and French honors in history, French

Williams College Brad Polsky, BA art history and practice William W. Kleinhandler Prize for excellence in music Yale University Phillip Kaplan, BA political science and humanities, with distinction summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa Julian Sheinbaum, BA honors in history, Academic All-Ivy Honors Yeshiva University Benjamin Cardozo School of Law Lauren Kessler, JD

Trevor Lee

Veronica M. Venizia

Emily Mckenna

Joseph Flaxer

Yoji High

Josh Natbony

Confidence ❖ Integrity ❖ Perseverance The Foundation For Success

Best Wishes to the Class of 2012 and Congratulations to Our Special Graduates!

Grace Anne Burke First Baptist Nursery School

Granddaughter of Randy Smith

Vinnie Hung Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Daughter of Sophine Hung

Travis Misarti Scarsdale High School

Elliott Klein Scarsdale Middle School

Son of Valerie Misarti

Son of Lisa Klein

David Netzley Wheaton Academy

Grandson of Helen Centorrino

Mark Nadler, Principal Broker Ariella Reich Westchester Day School

Daughter of Donald Reich

Lucas Werner Concord Road Elementary School Son of Natalie Werner

4 Chase Road, Scarsdale (914) 723-5225

Max Henry Winaker Early Childhood Center of JCC of Delaware Grandson of Sherry Mendelson

Serving Westchester since 1981

140 Chatsworth Avenue, Larchmont (914) 834-7777

Pag e 2 4 A — J u n e 2 9 , 2 0 1 2

G r a d u at i o n

T h E s c a r s da l e i n qu i r e r

Congratulations To Our Graduates

David Alemany Grandson of Lucy Luciani & Nephew of Michele Lilly Scarsdale High School

Taevon Allen Son of Lucretia Andries Traphagen Elementary School

Abigail Bienenfeld, MD Daughter-in-law of Vicki Bienenfeld Stony Brook University School of Medicine

Jake Dorf Son of Leslie Dorf Scarsdale High School

Nicholas A. Civetta Son of Claire Civetta University of California-Berkeley

Samantha Ezratty Daughter of Elena Ezratty Scarsdale High School

Griffin Flagg Son of Elise Flagg Scarsdale High School

Lindsay Flagg Daughter of Elise Flagg Cornell University

Henry Fischman Grandson of Sheila Stone The Little School

Katherine Greenberg Daughter of Susan Greenberg Johns Hopkins University

Ben Hasson Son of Lisa Hasson Scarsdale Middle School

Lexi Kanowitz Daughter of Alissa Kanowitz The Little School

Joshua Lerner Son of Susan Lerner Edgemont High School

Emma Miller Daughter of Laura Sheppe Miller Scarsdale High School

Michael Petrescu Son of Maryann Petrescu University of Connecticut

Mary Catherine Quigley Daughter of Julie Quigley University of Delaware

Milo Sheth Son of Bela Sheth Alcott Montessori

Alex Silver Grandson of Jane Silver Mamaroneck High School

Alec Simon Son of Henie Simon Eagle Hill School

Drew Simon Son of Henie Simon Edgemont Junior High School

Jared Simon Son of Henie Simon Edgemont High School

Drake Weissman Son of Lisa Weissman Scarsdale Middle School

Tori Weissman Daughter of Lisa Weissman Scarsdale Middle School

Carly Carmichael Zelner Daughter of Leslie Carmichael Greenville Elementary School

Scarsdale Brokerage 914.723.8877 Trust. Integrity. For Over 120 Years. Westchester’s Market Leader.

Scarsdale Inquirer Graduation 2012  

Our annual graduation section includes plenty of photos from Scarsdale and Edgemont commencement ceremonies as well as awards, class lists,...

Scarsdale Inquirer Graduation 2012  

Our annual graduation section includes plenty of photos from Scarsdale and Edgemont commencement ceremonies as well as awards, class lists,...