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Sept Oct Nov 2015


Good words motivate us! “I’m pleased to know about the progress of Amrapali (Society for ARTS). It is indeed a great and noble way the organization dream and execute its vision. For a healthy art atmosphere, it is necessary for healthy resolutions and there is ample of prospects for Amrapali’s committed missions in the society. My best wishes to Rudro Jayanta, Pranaame and the entire team of Amrapali for their deliberate artistic visions.” - Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt Grammy-winning Hindustani classical music instrumentalist (Jaipur)

“Dear Pranaame Bhagawati ji, I avail the opportunity to wish you and Amrapali all the very best and intellectual strength and success to pursue its artistic goal and its devotion to promoting performing arts. Ongoing achievements of Amrapali is impressive and is helping the artistic and learning community of performing arts in a worthwhile manner. My best wishes and regards!” - Mr. Amarendra Khatua Ex-Ambassador of India to Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay (Argentina)

I’m extremely delighted to know that, the recognized dance duo, choreographers and cultural activists Mr. Rudro Jayanta Bhagawati and Mrs. Pranaame Bhagawati, of Assam, India has been organizing and spreading culture consciousness through Amrapali (Society for ARTS). This initiation happens to be a tremendous platform for all upcoming artistes of that native place to showcase their innate talents in different aspects of performing & visual arts as well as media connections. The experience and achievements which the dance couple has gained by their global performance tours and innate knowledge of the associated members and friends of Amrapali (Society for ARTS) would certainly be beneficial for the artiste fraternity and socio-cultural development. - Travis Montague Dowlin West Indies Cricketer (Guyana)

“AMRAPALI, the name itself suggest a wonderful artistic notion. I’m glad to learn about Pranaame’s brainchild, the Amrapali (Society for ARTS) growing step by step and doing wonderful art oriented activities at various levels and most importantly, with different age groups. I know about her sincerity and dedication towards art and culture and she have proved her choreographic abilities as well as aesthetic sense through her productions. I’m sure that, ‘Amrapali’ would bring in lot more for all of us to learn and rejoice! I wish all the very best for their future.” - Raju Mavani Bollywood Producer, Director & Actor (Mumbai)

“Art and society walks hand in hand. With every cultural venture, the society is benefitted and with much social avenues, the culture remains intact. I’m happy to see the establishment and works of Amrapali (Society for ARTS). It is nice to witness a wide variety of socio-cultural confluence, wherein we all can live our arts and nourish artistic ventures! All the best to my friends Jayanta and Pranaame and the team of Amrapali. Keep up the good works!” - Zubeen Garg Music Director, Singer & Actor (Assam)

COVER PIC: Sattriya dance by students of Natan Kala Kendra of Guru Jibonjit Dutta, performed at CHIMERA 2015 On behalf of (Society for ARTS)


PUBLISHER: Pranaame Bhagawati EDITOR: Priyadarshini Sharma

Hello world!


Art is a beautiful practice and it beautifies more when its growth is shared. Hence, AMRAPALI introduces its first Newsletter. Besides the activities that we initiate, the Newsletter would host information and writes too, contributed by its faculty, mentors and students. Alongwith all such initiatives, I’m very pleased to have my dear friend Priyadarshini Sharma as the Editor for AMRAPALI’s Newsletter. AMRAPALI started being an e-magazine and then moved to a webzine gradually indulging into activities like Culture Colloquium, Chimera, Lecture demo, concerts, training, etc. Its such an amazing feel to realize that, we are growing and been appreciated for our works! These kind of feedbacks support our strength and vision. Thank you all who are by us. PRANAAME BHAGAWATI Founder & Secretary AMRAPALI (Society for ARTS)

PERFORMANCE AT IIE Danseuse, choreographer and cultural activist Pranaame Bhagawati presented a Krishna Vandana on celebration of Hindi Divas by the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), Guwahati on September 18, 2015. The occasion was graced by many dignitaries and was solemnized at the IIE auditorium. The danseuse was accompanied by her little daughter Bella in the role of Shri Krishna, portraying the different childhood deeds like Makhan Chori and Kaaliya Daman. Danseuse Pranaame with little Wamiel (Bella)

Amrapali |

Sept-Oct-Nov 2015

Editor’s Note: Hello friends………. With the onset of New Year each one of us is full of new hopes and aspirations. Every year we wish to come up with new beginning and the desire to shine makes us work even harder towards our goal. I, similarly on behalf of AMRAPALI (Society for ARTS) wish to see Amrapali achieve its goals and create an impact on the overall development of art and culture. My association with Amrapali since its inception as a Legal Consultant and also being the Editor of Amrapali Newsletter has infact been an enthusiastic voyage. With the year gone by we started with the Culture Colloquium in the month of September, 2015, further expanding our programme by spreading the love and capabilities of children in the form of CHIMERA 2015 in November 2015 at the District Library, Guwahati – Assam.

This indeed turned out to be a huge success with numerous schools turning up and showing full support. The children and the loveable spirit was endearing enough to boost our morale and the entire unit of Amrapali further….to establish itself more assertively for the development of art and culture in any form. Last but not the least, my heartfelt thanks to all who have supported us in our journey till date selflessly and expect the same or even more. Amrapali with the onset of 2016 wishes to come up with more events, discussions, workshops taking in together all age groups, who share the common passion for art and culture and work towards its upliftment.

To end with I would like to mention this lovely phrase, “Dedication and hard work is the only medicine to kill the dreaded disease called failure.” Love, Adv. PRIYADARSHINI SHARMA Legal Consultant & Operations AMRAPALI (Society for ARTS)

JAYANTA – PRANAAME FELICITATED AT RAAS MAHOTSAV Dance duo – choreographers Rudro Jayanta Bhagawati and Pranaame Bhagawati were being felicitated by the Garmur Cultural organisation of Garmur, Majuli during their Raas Mahotsav organized at Jorhat, Assam on December 19, 2015. The revered organisation honoured the couple with a floral Gamusa and a traditional Xorai. On this note, Jayanta addressed the gathering for being a wonderful audience who despite of the shivering cold and late hours, hold themselves till the show finished. Sept-Oct-Nov 2015

Dance Duo – Choreographers Jayanta & Pranaame Amrapali |


The Culture Colloquium – Autumn 2015 was successfully organised by Amrapali (Society for ARTS) on September 25, 2015 at Swahid Bhawan, M.G. Road, Uzan Bazar, Guwahati. This colloquium, first of a kind, diversified art and culture, relating it to different subjects like Social Sciences, Women Empowerment, Nutrition, Commercialization and Dance in different time periods. The event established these subjects with 5 speakers. Mrs. Pranaame Bhagawati, danseuse-choreographer-writer-cultural activist and Secretary at Amrapali opened the event with a welcome address alongwith lighting of the lamp and mentioning the core values and avenues of the Amrapali (Society for ARTS). Mrs. Bhagawati also announced the opening of AIA (Amrapali Institute of Arts) and that, classes shall began at two locations in the Guwahati region from next month. The event was graced by informative words by Mrs. Kabita Medhi, ex-teacher St. Mary's School (Guwahati) and Indian classical dance professional Mrs. Anita Sharma. Mr. Tikendrajit Sarma, Senior Professor of Anthropology, North Guwahati College and Education Consultant at Amrapali opened the colloquium with his talk on ‘Art & Culture in view of Social Sciences.’ His talk explored inter-relation amidst art and culture alongwith social sciences. Mrs. Priyadarshini Sharma, Advocate and Legal Consulting & Operations at Amrapali presented her talk on ‘Women Empowerment through Culture’, mentioning about prospects of women in the field of culture and implementation of varied articles cited in the Indian Constitution in regard to women empowerment. Further carrying ahead Dr. Hirendra Kr. Bhagawati, Nutritionist and Consulting Editor of Amrapali Magazine spoke upon ‘A Healthy Art Life’, as to how nutrition and physical activities correlated and importance on intake of the amount of food on a daily basis. Mrs. Krishnakshi Goswami, an MBA and Public Relations & HR at Amrapali presented her speech on ‘Creative Industry’, how art and culture contributes to economic growth of this industry. The final speech was given by Mrs. Pranaame Bhagawati, cultural activist and Secretary at Amrapali on ‘Dance through Ages’, disclosing concepts, changes underwent and circumstances of dance in different time periods.


The colloquium thus closed with the vote of thanks given by Mrs. Priyadarshini Sharma. This event has brought in many thoughts and redemptions in the minds of the attendees, making it

Tikendrajit Sarma

Priyadarshini Sharma

Dr. Hirendra Kr. Bhagawati

Krishnakshi Goswami

Pranaame Bhagawati

much more interactive with their questions and express of words. Such organized culture colloquium would bring in lot more interventions in the artiste fraternity. Mrs. Pranaame Bhagawati has said, “This Culture Colloquium is a start to many more prospective happenings. The eve was confirmed in a very short time and the team’s effort and their enthusiasm is worth appreciating. Our core idea was to associate different subject areas in relation to art and culture. Amrapali (Society for ARTS) is associated with anything and everything artistic and we are serious in associating and partnering with artistes as well as organizations of allied genres.” Amrapali |

Sept-Oct-Nov 2015


Team Chimera 2015

Organizing Secretary Pranaame Bhagawati honouring the guests

'CHIMERA' a Greek mythological creature that breathes fire and has a lion's head, a goat's body, a snake's tail and the word often been implemented with dream, fantasy and delusion is thereby conceived to be a joint for several possibilities. Children are treasured with tremendous energy, zest, qualities and talents and they grow towards a dream and is the sole creator of their own fantasy world. AMRAPALI (Society for ARTS) brought an amalgamated approach to celebrate the fun and frolic of Children's Day. Every child is born with a talent or hidden caliber. They have ample of possibilities, dreams and fantasies in them in terms of smartness, intellect and curiosity to acquaint as well as to deliver their best. And exploration of such potentials is a must for the growth of the child.

South Point School winning the best Participating School Trophy

Pranaame Bhagawati honouring the Sattriya Guru Jibonjit Dutta

Tikendrajit Sarmah, Education Consultant, Amrapali honouring Dr. S.H. Begam Sept-Oct-Nov 2015

CHIMERA 2015 had 5 categories from Nursery to Class X vis Handwriting, Colouring, Art, Greeting card making and Feature writing competitions. There were 160 competitors from different schools of Guwahati and almost 70 performers on the stage for various performances. The event was supported by: Asomiya Protidin, Prag News, Macmillan Publishers, Vigen India, Marko Jeans, Niku Jeans and Krishna Garments. The Prize Distribution ceremony was hosted on November 16, 2015 at District Library (Guwahati) at 5:30 pm. The occasion was graced by Arjuna Awardee Mr. Bhogeshwar Barua as the Chief Guest and Mr. Balendra Mohan Chakravarty from Abhiruchi organization as the Guest of Honour. The show was solemnized with extravagant cultural presentations by school students as well as performing arts institutes. It also included talks on Child Rights by Priyadarshini Sharma, Benefits of Activities for Children by Pranaame Bhagawati and Duties of a Child by Educationist Dr. Sayeda Hasna Begum. The South Point School was awarded as the ‘BEST PARTICIPATING SCHOOL’.

Students performing from Amrapali Institute of Arts

Amrapali |

LIST OF WINNERS Handwriting (Nursery) 1st – Priya Pathak, South Point School 2nd – Masuma Ali, Blue Bell, Hatigaon 3rd – Saanvi Saha, Kids AB Zone, Consolations – Khyati Shreya Nath, Blue Bell, Rajgarh & Shaima Shirin, Blue Bell, Hatigaon.

Students performing from Jagreeti Cultural Institute

Colouring (Kindergarten) 1st – Victoria Kakati, South Point School 2nd – Barnil Bikash Kashyap, Jagreeti Cultural Institute 3rd – Saaransh Khemka, Kids AB Zone Consolations – Akash Nath, South Point School & Rujula Baruah, Blue Bell, Rajgarh Students performing from Snehalaya, Orphanage Home

Priyadarshini Sharma, Event Coordinator, Chimera 2015 honouring Sr. Sabina from Snehalaya Orphanage Home

Wonderful volunteers of Chimera 2015

Greeting Card (Classes I to III) 1st – Suhasini Singh, Don Bosco School, Guwahati 2nd – Rajnandini Kalita, South Point School 3rd – Pritika Nath, South Point School Consolations – Anurag Saha, South Point School & Ayan Jyoti Kakati, South Point School Art (Classes IV to VI) – Dilruba Saikia, Jagreeti Cultural Institute 2nd – Sahil Ali, Jagreeti Cultural Institute 3rd – Nitul Barman, Jagreeti Cultural Institute Consolations – Bipasha Sharma & Dikshita Sarma , Jagreeti Cultural Institute

Students performing from Kids AB Zone School


Tikendrajit Sarmah, Education Consultant, Amrapali honouring Mrs. Amrita Rai Singh, Principal Kids AB Zone School

Students performing welcome song ‘Swagatam’ from Raagaloy institute, Guwahati Amrapali |

Sept-Oct-Nov 2015

Amrapali (Society for ARTS) Regd. Office: Devagiri Path, Beltol, Kharghuli, Guwahati – 781004, Assam

Phone: +91 – 9678886032 Email: Website:

AMRAPALI (Newsletter 1 | Sept-Oct-Nov 2015)  

This the first official Newsletter of AMRAPALI (Society for ARTS). It showcases the activities of the months September, October and November...

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