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Issue 1

Dear Readers,


Welcome to Amadeus Newsletter. Amadeus is a truly worldwide company. We are an established global leader, offering world-class solutions that are managed and delivered in more than 215 markets. Our geographic footprint makes global local. It is specifically designed to enable you to leverage our global presence and local market knowledge to reach more customers in more areas in a more efficient and cost-effective way. Air travel in Qatar has seen a significant growth over the past few years. In this competitive world, Amadeus - the most user friendly GDS - always works towards making the system more equipped with the latest content and offers state of the art technology. This will make sure your existence as a travel agent is recognized . Our commitment is to provide the travel agents & corporations with the highest quality of service. We have the global presence and local expertise to help you move into new selling channel & geographic areas swiftly & efficiently. In today’s global marketplace, you can rely on Amadeus to provide local expertise and expert technology solutions for your unique business needs – wherever you are and whatever you do. I am delighted to say that Amadeus in Qatar is in line with our mission “to be the leading provider of IT solutions that enable success in the travel and tourism industry.” Sincerely , Wafiq Al Wahidi

Why Choose Amadeus ? 1. Reliable partner > Proven commitment > Long term investment plans and capacity > Multicultural and truly global presence > Partnership approach

2. Innovative & proven solutions > Continuous development > Increased functionality leading to significant business benefits > Modular design to meet current and future needs

3. Migration project expertise

4. Future Proof technology

5. Minimized Risk

> Highly satisfied customers

> Open to rapid integration of new series and simple interface

>No risk on solution delivery

> IT consulting & system integration services > Impressive track record of successful migration: all system types and sizes

> Advanced technology enables superior performance, reliability and smooth evolution

> Superior IT service performance > Competitive pay as you use fees

Issue 1

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Amadeus Offers

Managing demand and travel offers

A unique, Industry-Leading solution Amadeus Offers is an innovative

source of information to opti-

view of traveler’s options. Pro-

central, cross-channel solution

mize your operations manage-

posals can be quickly and easi-

that allows you to manage your


ly exchanged via e-mail using

pre-booking activities by storing

Employing automated process-

the offer Notice, providing

travel data in a single location,

es, Amadeus Offers replaces

clear information for decision

with the possibility to exchange

time-consuming workarounds

making .

trip proposal details with travel-

that delivers impressive

The pricing and availability can

ers via e-mail.

productivity gains, reducing

be refreshed to ensure they

In addition, the travel data stored provides the opportunity

the average time spent on trip management by as much as

are kept up-to-date and once selected, an offer can be quick-

to generate reports for analysis,

60%. Using the existing book-

ly retrieved and confirmed into

as well as business intelligence

ing flow, trip quotations are

a booking in a single transac-

on pre-booking behaviors and

stored in the same PNR as the


trends, giving you a valuable

itinerary, providing an instant

Key Features of Amadeus Offers Amadeus is the only GDS today to offer this type of product

Easy to use, follows the same booking pattern,

Can store, propose, e-mail up to 20 offers.

Converts offers into reservation with one entry

Includes air and hotels (Soon other services will be available).

in the PNR.

(no training )

Centrally stored and retrieved easily, integrated

Ability to refresh offer multiple times .

Key Benefits of Amadeus Offers Enhance Customer satisfaction & Retention

Optimize Operations Management

> Save time & money with an

> Prove your contractual obliga-

> Benefit from a synchronized

automated process, replacing time consuming workarounds

tions to propose several alternatives for a trip

management of customer requests

Increase Productivity & Revenues

> Develop new revenue streams, > Demonstrate the value you

> Tailor products to your cus-

such as charging for trip pro-

deliver, detailing realized and

tomer’s needs by tracking the

posals/ quotes

missed savings.

details of confirmed bookings

> Propose the sale of additional

> Transparent & Efficient com-

services based on stored trip

munication channels Provide

> Enhance you negotiating

proposal data.

your customers with a faster,

power with providers using

more convenient travel experi-

business intelligence from


compared offers .

with offers made .

Issue 1

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Amadeus Air Preferences

Brighter, Bolder, Better Solution for your business

Sell what is most profitable for your business Influence booking behavior and insure that your agents sell the way you want them to do. For the first time, you can drive the selection and sequencing of air travel solutions using your own business rules, rather than simply filtering the regulation Neutral Air response. Amadeus Air Preferences gives you control over the availability, schedule and timetable displays which your agents see by default, favoring your preferred providers and optimizing revenue opportunities. Standard agents entries make this a cost effective, easy to use solution, allowing you total flexibility to customize both airline and route selections according to your business rules and customer criteria.

Sell the right provider to the right market at the right time

Benefits & Business Impact Take Control 

You decide what is displayed in availability, schedule & timetable displays

The biased display is the default display

You decide who sells what, where and when

Complete control over what is displayed and sold

Get instant proficiency   

No training required for travel agents Uses standard Amadeus Air entries Java-based Graphical User Interface guides the administrator workflow

Improve customer service

Improve your negotiating power   

Give display preference to partners that offer the best margins Promote preferred carriers. Demote/exclude/blacklist other carriers Drive business to airlines, hubs, types of flight

Tailor your travel preferences 

By point of sale from global level down to an individual office ID

Improve productivity and outpace the competition

Optimise your Point of Sale strategy

Care for your customers  

The perfect complement to Amadeus Travel Preferences Manager Make the best offer and increase customers confidence and loyalty

Stay ahead of the competition  

Update preferences instantly in real time Impose your distribution preferences while respecting clients’ preferences

Improve customer service

Improve productivity and outpace the competition

Issue 1

Page 5

e-Support Centre Learning and support when you need it Amadeus e-Support Centre is your main entry point for all your learning and support needs. It keeps your travel agency up-to-speed by offering 24/7 access to a wide range of learning and support information and tools, helping you to be more productive and enabling your travel agency to make the most of Amadeus’ industry leading reservation systems.

Business Benefits > Increase productivity with 24/7 access to Amadeus learning & support services. > Increase knowledge and improve knowledge retention through access to wide range of learning materials. > Improve service response time with immediate access to wide range of support information. > Save time and money spent on calls to the Amadeus Help Desk

Key Features > Easy to access from Amadeus selling Platform. > Search the wide range of learning and support content using the quick single search function. > Log a case online. > Real time latest news updated on the homepage. > Bookmark all your favorite solutions, reference materials and videos.

Increase productivity with 24/7 access to Amadeus learning and support services

Improve service response time with immediate access to support information

Whether you are looking to learn more on a specific topic or require an immediate support solution, Amadeus e-Support Centre is developed to meet all your learning and support needs in one easy-to - search site. With Amadeus e – support Centre you can find answers to all your learning and support queries quickly and easily without disruption to your work

In need of support services? Browse support topics and search solutions to find Error messages, “How to” and Troubleshooting solutions; log a case online. Looking for a specific cryptic entry? Search the complete cryptic entries list by code or by keyword. With Amadeus eSupport Centre you can also save time by using self-service support and automation tools.

A Personalized “ My account ” section This section enables you to manage all your account and personal information quickly, easily and in one place. Check and update your personal data and preferences, set up your Amadeus e-support Centre environment, and access all your bookmarked solutions and reference materials. This section also enables you to follow-up on the status of your open cases and claims; check details, add comments and screenshots or check the history of closed cases and claims.

Search and bookmark all site content quickly and easily Not sure of what type information you need ? Enter a keyword in the single search bar to find all relevant learning and support content, and use the advanced search to help refine the results. Looking for a solution to an Error message? Copy and paste the entire Error massage into the “Exact Phrase” advanced search field to return the solution. All documents and videos are displayed in embedded windows enabling you to bookmark useful materials for quick future reference.

A wide range of learning content at your fingertips Looking for learning services? Browse learning topics or search reference materials on Amadeus products such as User Guides, Quick Cards, Course guides, Tutor Guides and Technical Manuals to help increase your knowledge. Short educational “show me” videos are also available on key topics to help maximize knowledge retention.

Quick and easy access If you haven’t already accessed e-Support Centre yet simply click on the smart Tab in Amadeus selling platform and you will be directed straight to the Amadeus e – Support Centre homepage with no additional login required.

Links to e- Support registration video tutorials : Youtube: watch?v=AKyps8M3ZKw Extranet: VID=133.swf

Issue 1

Page 6

Amadeus “Open Door” Workshop (Mar 15, 2012) More than 25 Holiday Managers from different travel agencies in Qatar have attended Amadeus “ Open Door” an Interactive presentation on Amadeus Content store .

Amadeus Content store offers an unparalleled access to over 150,00 hotel properties worldwide sourced from the region’s most popular aggregators for your hotel bookings. The solution provides a single screen access to search, compare and book aggregator hotel content, all through a single tab directly from your Amadeus Selling Platform . It is very flexible and customizable with branded vouchers and itineraries. It allows you to issue hotel vouchers with your own agency branding, integrate your mark up, add service fees, supplements and your own cancellation conditions.

Information about Hahn Air Hahn Air is your proven solution for smart

For ticketing availability of Hahn Air’s

ticketing, extensive security and reliable

partner airlines, agents can use the Quick

support. Hahn Air has activated Interline

Check tool on It will

E-Ticketing (IET) agreements with more

show results in seconds just by choosing

than 250 airlines and operates the indus-

the country of ticketing and the request-

try’s leading e-ticketing platform. Its e-

ed airline(s). Moreover, it enables agents

tickets are available in all Global Distribu-

to retrieve and print up-to-date lists of

tion Systems. Today it is trusted by

airlines which can be issued on Hahn Air

88,000 travel agencies worldwide . Travel agents appreciate working with

e-documents (HR-169) in their respective country.

Hahn Air as they can issue tickets also for airlines which are not in their local BSP.

Tickets Issuance To issue e-tickets on a Hahn Air e-

e-ticket, is cancelled because of the insol-

Hahn Air recently launched the world-

document (HR-169) agents simply have to

vency of the respective airline. Hahn Air’s

wide network of Hahn Air City and Air-

follow the standard GDS ticketing pro-

website supplies travel agents with a

port Ticketing Centers, which already

cess. No segment with an HR flight num-

wide range of information and tools, e.g.

counts more than 1,100 international

ber needs to be included in The itinerary

interactive route maps for all partner air-

offices. By joining the network, HR Ticket-

and standard payment methods are ac-

lines, airline profiles including contact

ing Centers start benefiting from Hahn

cepted. Hahn Air is the first airline to pro-

details, the Hahn Air College, a fun and

Air’s services even more. They receive for

vide a full refund of the unused portion of

easy way to learn about Hahn Air services

example a 2nd ADM waiver “Your Rooster”

the ticket (including taxes) in case a flight, that had been issued on an HR-169

or Hahn Air‘s virtual HR UATP Corporate Card.

per rolling year. All those services are 100% free of charge.

Issue 1

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Amadeus Qatar Eductour - 2012

With an Inspiring business agenda and stimulating Speakers, Amadeus Qatar invited the key players of the Travel and Tourism industry in Qatar to an exclusive event “ Amadeus Qatar Eductour � to discuss future Market Trend along with the opportunities and areas of innovations that are set to shape our industry for the coming years and that will drive the business going forward. A closer look at the upcoming trends, new travelers behaviors and areas of growth for business travel agencies, were one of the main topics of the forum, with a peek into the future of the industry. Guests had the opportunity to discover our latest state of the art technology solutions which will optimize Travel Agencies’ business operations, streamline their processes in the travel and tourism industry along with improving workflows, profitability and customer service throughout the entire work process. The event took place on April 12, 2012 at Amadeus Executive Briefing Centre in Sophia Antipolis.

Page 8

Issue 1

E-mail: For more details, contact us: Qatar : +974 4448 3888

Issue 1

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Dear Travel Agent, Book More Earn More competition is here. Start now and make hotel bookings as you can till 15th July 2012 on

Amadeus content store and win amazing prizes.

Everybody needs some support Win an Ipad2 by accessing Amadeus e - Support Centre

Valid From 1st April till 30 June 2012

Issue 1

Page 10

Help Desk Tips & Guidelines TIP: CORRECT PRICING

Download Training materials:

The Amadeus system has been upgrade and at pricing time checks the ticketing interline agreements as well as Sales restrictions and Validating carrier in order to offer the most accurate fare. The system checks E-ticket interline agreements. System generate the following messages:


OR default.aspx


YOUR PASSWORD HAS EXPIRED - MUST UPDATE This type of warning message is generated when the password needs to be changed (every 90 days) You need to fill the GUI sign in window TABS

Password (TAB) - OLD PASSWORD New Password (TAB) - NEW PASSWORD ( 5 - 8 characters only)

PASSENGER SECURITY IDENTIFICATION MISSING IN PNR The transportation Security Administration (TSA) is requesting to have passenger information in the DOCS SSR entry on each reservation to /within United States.

SRDOCS QR HK1 - - - - - 04FEB67- M-- MINHAS-ZAFAR/P1

HX SEGMENTS REMOVAL FROM PNR HX segments in a PNR. it is very important to cancel XI or XE all the HX segments from a PNR.

Airlines are starting to bill agents for HX segments that are not cancelled.

Amadeus Customer Support Team

Mohammed Zafar Minhas Customer Support Manager

Nishad Narayanan Sr. Customer Support Exec.

Kavita Kinha Customer Support Exec.

Amadeus Help Desk Numbers : 44483817/ 8/ 9

Nalin Chaminda Customer Support Exec.

Amadeus Qatar Newsletter Issue # 1  

Why Choose Amadeus - PAGE 2 Amadeus Offers - PAGE 3 Amadeus Air Preferences - PAGE 4 Amadeus e-Support Centre - PAGE 5 Amadeus Open Door, Ha...

Amadeus Qatar Newsletter Issue # 1  

Why Choose Amadeus - PAGE 2 Amadeus Offers - PAGE 3 Amadeus Air Preferences - PAGE 4 Amadeus e-Support Centre - PAGE 5 Amadeus Open Door, Ha...