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Capella Industries AB ★ Design- and marketing corporation founded in 2000. ★ Wholly owned subsidiary of the family owned Scandinavian Design Group.

★ Specializing in fashion forward watches created by our own strong in house design team.

★ Exclusive rights to develop and design watches for selected brands globally.

Global Success

Capella Industries has become a strong supplier of watches in the tax free market, in Scandinavia as well as on a global scale, exporting to over 50 countries. Our brands are represented on all continents, present both on the ground, in the air and at sea. Our watches are used to compete daily for a spot on top and always perform with the highest possible standard!

Sweden, Scandinavia is our headquarters

Capella Industries, Särö • Design and Development • Sales and Marketing • Order, Logistics and Finance • Service and After sales

Sweden, Scandinavia is our headquarters

Sweden, Scandinavia is our headquarters The world is our market

Four external world wide stocks providing fast shipments in four different time zones

Our Mission Fashionizing the World of Watches • Adding colour and attitude • Building brands by storytelling • Making design affordable and accessible • Providing variety and fun to fans of fashion

Our Vision Revolutionizing the World of Watches • Exploring new materials and palettes • Contributing to global design trends • Providing unique fashion concepts • Creating the brands of tomorrow

Our Brands




Timeless desires... We want to capture that feeling of freedom, fun and independence that riding a scooter makes you feel. When you wear Lambretta, you can be sure that you have a unique and stylish watch for every mood, occasion and time, communicating attitude and happiness!

Fasten your seatbelts... SAS Retro Watches are fashionable pilot accessories with a strong 60’s retro twist. Celebrating the legacy of the famous Airline brand!

Above and below... These watches are a contemporary and fashionable interpretation of what a divers watch should look like in the 21st century. Poseidon is a lifestyle brand for explorers. Enjoy the experience!

New Brands 2013

Time to xperience... Velox is a watch concept where we interpret interesting sports personalities by designing a watch collection that suites the identity of the sportsman and also the sport. Granting the fans a unique tribute time piece and a unforgettable collectors item. By adding several outstanding sports personalities to the brand the concept will be very clear. Champions, World record holders and Top athletes united under the same brand will build a valuable synergistic effect. Time to xperience!


2013 XR1










The “Velox Rally First Collection” XR1 is a collaboration and tribute to famous Qatari Rally Driver Nasser Al-Attiya and Swedish Co-driver Tina Thörner. The inspiration for the design of comes from classic racing and rally tradition. Altough it has a contemporary modern touch which brings an understated elegance and a sense of fashion to the collection.

Iconic beach elegance... The “Panos Emporio Watch Collection” is a collaboration with Scandinavia’s leading beachwear brand. The brand is characterized by innovation and distinct design that breathes style, quality and individuality. Panos Emporio combines simplicity and sophisticated clean lines with outstanding quality and fit. After 25 years of success in the beachwear segment, the brand launches a watch collection.

The inspiration for the design comes from classic watch tradition combined with fashion, which brings a sense of timeless elegance to the collection.

Lambretta Concepts

Heritage Brunori, Rebel, Cassola Lady

Racing Avanti, De Luxe, Imola

Mens Fashion Franco, Enzo

Womens Fashion Cielo, Cielo Mesh

The Cielo Concept

Attractive design

Award winning concept

Perfect gift with an affordable price

Spontaneous purchases

Ultra slim packaging Excellent track record

Minimal space requried in your store No 1 in volume on many Airlines

The Cielo Concept Clean stylish design + Huge target groups + Global marketing + Minimal space + Minimal investment + Maximal profit + A proven success = MONEY GENERATOR

Free access display

Eye-catching poster

Colourful bag

Slim gift box

The Cielo Concept SMALL TRAFFIC STORE 20 Cielo sold per month generates 260 pcs per year on only 0,1 m2

MEDIUM TRAFFIC STORE 40 Cielo sold per month generates 520 pcs per year on only 0,1 m2

HIGH TRAFFIC STORE 100 Cielo sold per month generates 1200 pcs per year on only 0,1 m2

Net profit:

$ 100 000/m2

Net profit:

$ 250 000/m2

Net profit:

$ 690 000/m2

Lambretta Watch Display Units

Cielo Display

Cielo Mesh Display

35 watches (5 x 7 colours) H 16 cm W 39 cm D 27 cm

15 watches (5 x 3 colours) H 16 cm W 17 cm D 27 cm

Franco Display 45 watches (5 x 9 colours) H 27 cm - W 33 cm - D 35 cm

Lambretta Floor Display Units

Pillar Display Unit

Glorifier Display Unit

Cabinet Display Unit

H 100 cm - W 50 cm - D 50 cm

H 140 cm - W 50 cm - D 50 cm

H 170 cm - W 65 cm - D 40 cm

Strong in-store brand communication

Strong in-store brand communication

Gift with purchase - Boost your sales!

Bag hanger

Cuff links


Ballpoint pen

The Lambretta brand family

Concept store - Carnaby Street - London

The world is our market

-RRSZEXMZI marketing in the air

...visible for more than one billion passengers!

Front Covers around the globe

Advert examples 2012

News 2013 - Cielo Metallic

News 2013 - Cielo Metallic

News 2013 - Cielo Metallic

The Capella Domestic Retail Team

Jonas Dahlgren - Asia and Middle East Sofia Knutsson - Europe, US and Australia Cecilia Winberg - Nordic

Capella domestic retail  
Capella domestic retail