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Vopak terminal strengthens Amsterdam’s gasoline hub New terminal for fresh fish

Offshore special 2009/nr3

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Waterland Terminal Stevedore and Terminal Operator

Transferring vulnerable products like steel, timber and paper no longer depends on dry weather conditions.

+31 20 44 80 620 -

The most efficient highway runs over the sea Twice a week v.v. UÊÀœ“Êœ>˜`ÊÌœÊ i˜“>ÀŽ UÊÀœ“Êœ>˜`Ê̜Ê̅iÊ7iÃ̇ œ>ÃÌʜvÊ œÀÜ>Þ

Sea-Cargo AS Bergen, Norway Tel. +47-55108484 Sea-Cargo Agencies BV Amsterdam, The Netherlands Tel. +31-205877800

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Amsterdam SEAPORTS Publisher: Amsterdam Ports Association


Oil, gas and wind



News in brief

28 AON


Strengthening Amsterdam’s petrol cluster

10 Ayop


Oil, gas and wind

28 Central Mudplant and Fluid Services



Longer at sea with the Offshore Access System


Vestas Offshore: Increasing capacity and efficiency



Enthusiastic reception for European Maritime Day

28 Peterson SBS


Exciting developments at Cofely Oil & Gas




Smart solution for ultra-corrosive bromide




Piles made of concrete not steel

32 Svitzer


Setting sail with the Scots

20 Ter Haak - BCA


Ideal for offshore work

14 Ter Haak - CCA


Holland’s first Green Lane

26 Ter Haak - USA


Terminal for inland shipping and Amsterdam Airport


VCK Logistics


IJmuiden targets frozen fish sector


Waterland Terminal


Shipdock on the lookout for a strategic partner

22 Zeehaven IJmuiden NV

Coverphoto: The Offshore Supply Vessel Highland Spirit




Contributors: Bart Stam (chief editor), Jan van den Berg, Helen Hill, Pieter van Hove, Joris Moes, Rob Schoemaker. Photos: Amsterdam Ports Associations, Dick van den Berg, Martin Hendriksen, Ed Seeder and others. Translation: Writewell: Andrew Rogers, Akke Pinkster Advertising: Joris van der Hoek, De Ruijterkade 7, 1013 AA Amsterdam Telephone + 31 20-6273706 Mobile phone +31 6-41842210 Fax: + 31-20-6264969 E-mail: Website:

Important addresses: Amsterdam Ports Association Managing director: Wim Ruijgh De Ruijterkade 7, 1033 AA Amsterdam Telephone: +31 20-627 37 06 Fax: 31+020-626 49 69 E-mail: Website: Port of Amsterdam P.O. Box 19406 1000 GK Amsterdam Telephone: (0)20-5234500 Fax: +31 20-6209821 Ships movements information: Telephone: +31 20-6221515 E-mail: Website: Port representatives abroad USA Jacob Willemsen (New York) +1 212 681 2566 Roy Wansik (Houston) +1 713 964 2713 Germany Hans Lip (Neuss/Düsseldorf ) +31 654 334 744 Asia Gert-Jan Nieuwenhuizen (Shanghai) +86-13916694437 and +31 06 5369 3487 gert-jan.nieuwenhuizen@ Beverwijk Harbour Noorderkade 1, 1948 NR Beverwijk Telephone: +31 251-224750 Fax: +31 251-214050 E-mail: Web site: Zeehaven IJmuiden NV Halkade 4, P.O. Box 541 1970 AM IJmuiden Telephone: +31 255-547000 Fax: +31 255-547060 E-mail: Web site: Zaanstad Harbour Westkade 2, 1506 BA Zaandam Telephone: +31 75-6816888 Fax: +31 75-6816799 E-mail: Web site: Business Association ORAM De Ruijterkade 7 1013 AA Amsterdam Telephone: +31 20-6222111 Fax: +31 20-6203133 E-mail: Web site: Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam De Ruijterkade 5, 1013 AA Amsterdam Telephone: +31 20-5314000 Fax: +31 20-5314699 E-mail: Web site: Layout: FIZZ reclame + communicatie, Meppel Printed by: Ten Brink, Meppel

 Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009

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Oil, gas and wind This part of the North Sea contains various important production platforms that encouraged the evolution of an impressive regional supply industry. And the story will not end should the reservoirs finally be exhausted: All the current platforms would have to be disassembled responsibly, which would offer new opportunities to companies in the region. The traditional offshore industry has been expanded by a new sector: Offshore wind energy. Within a short period two large wind parks totalling some 228 megawatts were constructed near IJmuiden, and there is much more to come. In fact the Dutch government aims to have no less than 6,000 megawatts of wind turbines in the North Sea by 2020. Various companies in the region are currently involved in the design, construction and maintenance of large wind turbines. These include Vestas Offshore, which is now constructing a new warehouse with the aid of Seaport IJmuiden NV, and MSCIJ Vastgoed. You will find more on this subject in this issue. Other exciting developments covered include the successful international development by Offshore Solutions and Cofely Oil & Gas of their Offshore Access System (OAS). This Two major exhibitions are planned for this month: Offshore

telescopic gangway compensates for the swell of the sea

Europe in Aberdeen starts in several days and is directly followed

and facilitates easy transfer from maintenance vessels to

by European Offshore Wind in Stockholm. Amsterdam IJmuiden

wind turbines or drilling platforms.

Offshore Port (AYOP) will again be well represented at both events as Amsterdam Seaports in general, and the IJmond

In short, a great deal is happening in Amsterdam Seaports!

area in particular, has had a strong offshore industry since the development of oil and gas extraction in the 1970s.

Michiel A. Wijsmuller, Chairman Amports


Official publication on behalf of the ports of Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Ymuiden and Zaanstad Published 4 times a year in English: by Amsterdam Ports Association


MORE ABOUT Amsterdam Ports Association AND ITS 300 MEMBERS:

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Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009 

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Port of Amsterdam +31 20 58 77 877 - Port of Rotterdam +31 10 494 37 77 - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol +31 20 65 49 100 -

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N ews in brief Growth for Amsterdam port

BP completes fuel terminal

The Port of Amsterdam realised a two percent

BP completed its two-and-a-half year expansion project in the Fuel Terminal

growth over the first half of 2009 with a total

Amsterdam-Westpoort (BAT) in early July. Costing 65 million euros, BAT is a

transfer of 39 million tons. These are positive

modern import and export terminal for propane, butane, petrol, gas oil and

results, especially when compared to other

diesel. With 77 tanks and a storage capacity of one million m続 it is one of the

European seaports that have suffered falls of between 15 and 20 percent. Amsterdam Seaports as a whole did, however, experience a reduction as a result of the fall in production at steel company Corus in IJmuiden. The growth in Amsterdam is mainly due to the transfer of petroleum products. These increased by no less than 25 percent to almost 18 million tons as a result of the multi-million investments by major oil companies in recent years. On the other hand the transfer of dry bulk fell by 11.3 percent to 16.5 tons over the first six months. This was caused by the lower demand for coal and the large stocks held at the terminals. Container transfer dropped by 40 percent, the direct result of a decrease in imports from Asia. Aerial shot of the BP Terminal

New Director Port of Amsterdam The City of Amsterdam has appointed Dertje

largest fuel storage companies in Amsterdam. BAT now has nine berths for

Meijer (46) as the new Director of the Port of

bunker/inland vessels and three quays for seagoing vessels. Other investments

Amsterdam. She had been working as acting

included changes to existing quays and the pipe and road networks. BP also

Director since April 2009 after Hans Gerson was

supplied the new quays with vapour-return systems. Jacobs Nederland carried

appointed alderman for Amsterdam. Dertje

out the project in cooperation with subcontractors such as BAM Civiel and

Meijer is the first female Port Director in Europe.

BAM Infratechniek. Restructuring IJmuiden Seaport Maria van der Hoeven, Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, and alderman Verkaik recently gave the green light for a restructuring of IJmuiden Seaport, part of Amsterdam Seaports. IJmuiden is the second largest fish market in the Netherlands and an important European market for frozen fish. The investments include improving access roads and constructing a new quay with extra cold storage for companies such as Container Stevedoring IJmuiden (CSY). Funds for cargo tracks The European Commission has pledged 7.9 million euros for the modernisation of the cargo tracks in the Port of Amsterdam. In total the Port

Dertje Meijer

of Amsterdam and the Dutch Ministry of Transport will spend 95 million euros on new emplacements, electrification for diesel-electric locomotives, a new

After studying business management at the

track crossing and improving the connection with the rest of the Dutch train

University of Groningen, Meijer held various


management positions at Fokker Aircraft and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. She has worked

Port deepened

at the Port of Amsterdam since 2001 as head of

Zeehaven IJmuiden NV, part of Amsterdam Seaports, has dredged major parts

Marketing and Sales (until 2004) and head of the

of the port to ensure it can continue to welcome large deep-draft vessels. The

Commercial Sector.

work was concluded in mid-June 2009.


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Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009 

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business news New Vopak terminal strengthens Amsterdam’s petrol cluster

Fill ‘er up… Royal Vopak, the world’s largest independent tank terminal operator, is to construct a new terminal for oil products in the port of Amsterdam. With a storage capacity of 1.1 million cubic metres, this terminal will confirm Amsterdam as Europe’s primary gasoline hub.

Although oil is not the first thing that

Americans (and their SUVs) had a growing

the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. Storage and

many people associate with Amsterdam

thirst for petrol. Unfortunately, refineries

transfer companies have therefore been

Seaports, over the past 20 years the port

cannot easily change the product blend

relocating here. The resulting cluster has

of Amsterdam has developed into a

from raw oil to a different ratio between, for

various companies in close proximity to

central European transfer point for the

instance, petrol and diesel. The subsequent

one another (offering low transport costs),

storage and transfer of oil products. And

imbalance has benefited independent

provides a range of blending services

this growing strategic importance will be

storage and transfer companies.

and imports diesel (mainly from Eastern

significantly enhanced with the new 1.1 million m3 Vopak terminal.

Europe). There was insufficient storage capacity for petrol products near the large

Vopak Terminal


refineries in Rotterdam and those on

Until recently the most notable absentee

A global imbalance in car fuel developed

the Rhine river in Germany. There was,

from this cluster was Vopak, which is

some 20 years ago as Europeans

however, space available in the port of

about to change. “We were already

increasingly started using diesel while the

Amsterdam, which is easily accessible via

operational in Amsterdam on a small

Artist’s impression of Vopak’s new oil terminal  Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009

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24-08-2009 15:16:22

scale with a storage capacity of 85,000 m3 that is mainly used for fuel oil and diesel,” says Erik Kleine, Managing Director Terminals Amsterdam. “A terminal for petrol products was high on our agenda to accommodate our clients. Logistical service companies such as Vopak – which are never the product owner – live by the needs of their clients. This rule applies equally to international oil companies as local trading companies.” “Our new investments in Amsterdam are so substantial because we expect the global imbalance to continue for several decades at least,” Kleine continues. “Moreover, there are new markets in Latin America and West Africa to take into account and bio fuels are on the rise. We believe that the demand for tank storage in Amsterdam will continue to increase.

Erik Kleine, Vopak’s Managing Director Terminals Amsterdam

This means that the maximum capacity of our terminal could result in an additional

which is why Vopak also advocates a new,


20 million tons of goods transfer. This

larger sea lock for the North Sea Canal in

“The benefit of building on a green

is the equivalent of 4550 inland vessels


field location like this is that we can

and almost 1.000 seagoing vessels a year,

equip our processes optimally and Preparing for construction

in accordance with the very latest

At the moment Vopak is working with

technologies,” Kleine adds. “This will

Dutch developer BAM to prepare the

lead to greater blending flexibility

35-hectare site for construction. They have

and, therefore, faster blending. Our

their work cut out having discovered a

connection platform also guarantees

soft layer of peat at a depth of three to

swifter loading and unloading, allowing

five metres that may not have been able

us to offer vessels a shorter turnaround

to withstand the enormous weight of the


tanks. Kleine: “The best solution turned out to be to remove the entire layer!”

Kleine believes that the Vopak terminal will be an eco-friendly showpiece. “The

After this work is finished, highly insulated

emissions of volatile organic substances

tank wells will be constructed with the

will be the lowest in Europe as our

capacity for 41 above-ground storage

tanks will have an internal floating

tanks and six slob tanks, a blending

roof and a vaulted ceiling. We will also

installation and various environmental

have an advanced vapour reduction

and safety facilities. The new terminal,

system that processes emissions when

the first phase of which will be ready

loading/unloading inland and seagoing

for operation in 2011, will have flexible

vessels. This will keep us well ahead of

mooring quays: Two for seagoing vessels

the current legal required standards.

and eight for barges, or three for seagoing

Although Vopak has already built up

vessels and six for barges. The terminal

a great deal of expertise in the field of

will create 50 permanent jobs and many

sustainability around the world, our

opportunities for indirect employment

engineers are raising the bar again in

among surveyor and maintenance


companies. The construction phase itself provides another 300 to 400 jobs.

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Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009 

24-08-2009 15:16:29

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offshore AMSTERDAM Seaports offshore industry

Oil, gas and wind Amsterdam Seaports has a substantial offshore industry at the mouth of the North Sea Canal, which in addition to oil and gas extraction includes a growing number of wind parks. Two regional administrators, Jaap Bond, vice governor for the Province of North Holland, and Arjen Verkaik, alderman of Velsen (part of Amsterdam Seaports), are very supportive of these developments.

Situated at the mouth of the North

wind turbine parks as well and, with this in

Sea Canal, the region of IJmond has

mind, some 40,000 m2 have been reserved

traditionally had a strong offshore

in the new IJmond port.

industry, especially gas extraction in the North Sea. In recent years it has also

The province of North Holland and the

welcomed various wind parks at sea. This

Velsen municipality, one of the four ports

spring, the Dutch government presented

in Amsterdam Seaports, are upbeat about

an extra stimulation package for offshore

the opportunities for the offshore industry

wind energy of one billion euros over

in Amsterdam Seaports. “Energy winning

the next ten years. This opens up new

in and from the North Sea has always

opportunities for IJmuiden as a service

been a major activity for the province of

port and the regional offshore industry.

North Holland,” says vice governor Jaap Bond, who is among other things involved

Service port

in the economic development of the

Two wind parks were constructed off the

regional seaports. “While new gas supplies

coast of IJmuiden in recent years providing

were recently tapped into in the northern

a total of 228 megawatt (MW). IJmuiden

part of the Dutch Continental Shelf, I

was the service port and construction site

would not be surprised if further supplies

for both projects. Peter van de Meerakker,

were found in the southern part too. It

General Director of Zeehaven IJmuiden

would be a great impulse to the regional

(Seaport IJmuiden) expects that the port

economy of the North Sea Canal area. And

will play a part in the construction of new

in terms of wind energy North Holland

Vice governor Jaap Bond

has both the most water and the most

hundreds of wind turbines. “The North

wind of all the Dutch provinces!”

Sea is large enough for the construction of many more wind turbines,” Bond

Arjen Verkaik expects the IJmuiden port

continues. “With careful planning the

to also serve as a base of operations for

shipping to Amsterdam Seaports should

the construction of new wind parks. This

go smoothly.”

would provide many opportunities for regional companies, which they are sure

“There is a lot of drilling going on in

to grab with both hands. “We are still at

the North Sea at this time,” concludes

the start of these new developments.

alderman Verkaik. “IJmuiden is

Interestingly, the sector can benefit from

increasingly functioning as a service port.

the knowledge it has gained in offshore

These drilling activities will undoubtedly

gas production.”

pay for investments in new production units, for which IJmuiden is extremely

Wind energy

suitable as a service port.”

IJmuiden, part of the Velsen municipality, Velsen’s alderman Arjen Verkaik

already has various companies involved

in the construction and maintenance of

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Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009 11

24-08-2009 15:16:39

offshore Award for Offshore Solutions

Longer sea time with the Offshore Access System Established in 2007, Offshore Solutions BV (OSBV) in IJmuiden is a joint venture between Cofely Nederland NV and Amec Investments Europe Ltd. The company is active in the design of alternative gangways and is making waves with its Offshore Access System (OAS). The revolutionary system allows oil companies and wind park operators to work longer, faster and more flexibly at sea. Offshore Solutions was recently given a prestigious award for its innovation.

The Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering

used to transfer maintenance personnel.

“Our clients who use a support vessel

Achievement Award is a major

The Woelfel Award is an important

with the OAS are achieving impressive

international prize that is presented

recognition of the IJmuiden company’s

results. They can stay at sea longer, work

annually at the Offshore Technology

revolutionary patent.

faster and have a lot more flexibility.”

Conference in Houston (US). This past

Using the OAS, offshore support vessels

May the honour went to Offshore

Longer, faster and more flexible

can simultaneously serve as a floating

Solutions for their OAS: A hydraulically

According to Graham Mapes, Business

workshop allowing them to take on repairs,

operated heave compensated telescopic

Development Manager of Offshore

disconnect, go outside the 500-metre

gangway between offshore installations

Solutions, the added value of the system

safety zone, perform welding and cutting

and support vessels. The system is mainly

is mainly in the new market approach.

activities, then return to the platform.

The Smit Kamara had the first operational gangway in 2006 12 Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009

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24-08-2009 15:16:47

Steady as she goes: the OAS in action

The first operational gangway by Offshore

under development, partly due to the

built on sandbanks that are virtually

Solutions was used in 2006 on the Smit

explosive increase in the number of wind

inaccessible to vessels, making the use

Kamara support vessel. Since then the

parks at sea.

of helicopters for turbine maintenance

installation has made 1,300 connections

inevitable. It shows that there is still very

and safely transferred over 13,000 people.

Lighter model

little notion in the design phase of the

The 21-metre gangway has a heave

Offshore Solutions developed the smaller

maintenance strategies for offshore wind

compensator that keeps the far end in a

and lighter Offshore Transfer System


constant, horizontal position regardless of

(OTS) – which weighs ‘only’ 5,000 kilos

a vessel’s movements.

– for activities in less extreme conditions.

Evacuation possibilities

The OTS is a lightweight gangway

It is technically possible to develop


without heave compensation. The same

installations for heavier seas but

The height compensation system starts

patented locking mechanism secures the

practical experience shows that the

working as soon as the OAS moves

connection with an offshore installation

human perception has far more impact

overboard and towards a fixed post

in sea states with significant wave heights

in these conditions. “If a ship works

on the offshore installation. When the

of up to 1.5 metres. This model was

at several metres from a platform in

gangway comes into contact with the

designed particularly for fast tenders with

those conditions, the captain and crew

side of this post, the lateral pressure

a limited draught, making the system

experience it as extremely unpleasant,”

increases and the telescopic part of the

especially suitable for activities in shallow

Mapes explains.

gangway retracts. The locking mechanism

waters, such as wind park development

then secures the connection. The heave

locations. “Our location in IJmuiden is

Another recent project is the

compensation is turned off, causing the

ideal for this new industry,” says Mapes. “It

installation of the OAS on an offshore

gangway to follow the movements of

is in an excellent position for serving the

accommodation vessel for six hundred

the connected vessel. In this situation the

growth markets in the UK and Germany.”

people. The installation allows the vessel

system can safely transfer people up to

to also serve as a means of evacuation

a significant wave height of 2.5 metres.

The new industry sector still has a long

should calamities occur on an offshore

Recently Offshore Solutions’ fourth OAS

way to go when it comes to maintenance


was commissioned on the supply vessel

and repair management, adds Mapes:

FD Incredible. Various other projects are

“We see that some wind parks are being

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Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009 13

24-08-2009 15:16:54

EN 12079

5 ft Offshore Container

20 ft Offshore Container

8 ft Offshore Container

10 ft Offshore Container

20 ft Open Top Offshore Container

10 ft Offshore Reefer Container

20 ft / 10 ft / 5 ft Half High Open Top Offshore Containers

All types of Offshore Containers - Sale & Rental - New & Used Container Company Amsterdam offers all types of containers designed especially for use in the oil and gas industry. All containers can be delivered complete with lifting set and are certified in accordance with the industry-leading EN 12079, BS 7072 and DNV 2,7-1 certification. In combination with our accreditation to ISO 9001 standard we ensure consistency and a high level of expertise, resources and craftmanship. • From our locations in Amsterdam and IJmuiden CCA offers storage, maintenance, modification, transportation & testing services • Own production facility in Romania

• Special custom-built containers can be made on request • Worldwide deliveries. Furthermore, CCA offers: • EDI reporting • PTI reefer service • Covered workshops • Refurbishing and paint shop • Cleaning facilities • Modifications • Road transport services • Waterway and rail connections • Sale, purchase and lease • Two facilities in Port of Amsterdam and one in Port of Ymuiden • Total surface area of 40,000 m2 • ISO-VCA-STEK and IICL certified.

Depot A: Ruigoordweg, Amsterdam

Head office in Amsterdam

Sales office & container depot:

Ruijgoordweg 80-Westpoort 7989 1047 HM Amsterdam - The Netherlands T +31 20 6115656 E W


Depot B: Corsicaweg, Amsterdam

YOUR COMPASS TO PROFIT! CCA, Container Company Amsterdam bv is a registered trademark and part of the Ter Haak Group.

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24-08-2009 15:16:58

offshore New office and warehouse in IJmuiden

Vestas Offshore: Increasing capacity and efficiency A brand-new office and warehouse is being built for Vestas Offshore in IJmuiden to increase its capacity to serve and maintain the new wind turbine parks in the North Sea. The new accommodation was made possible by Zeehaven IJmuiden NV and Maritime Service Centre IJmond (MSCIJ).

The new Vestas Offshore building in

to 6,000 MW by 2020 so there will be

Single location

IJmuiden is expected to be finished

plenty of construction going on over the

Situated on a 40,000 m2 plot in the

by November 2009. Progress on the

coming years.”

IJmond port, Vestas Offshore’s larger

construction site in the IJmond port, a

and more efficient building will replace

port specifically intended for the offshore

the five separate buildings currently

industry, is already at an advanced state.

being used. Including preparing the ground for construction, developing

Peter van de Meerakker, General Director

access roads and placing cables and

of Zeehaven IJmuiden NV (Seaport

pipelines, the total project costs are

IJmuiden), and Art Warmenhoven of

in excess of 1.7 million euros. This

Vestas Offshore the Netherlands, point

investment has been financed by the

out the benefits of a fast decision making

real estate department of the Maritime

process. “We first seriously discussed

Service Centre IJmond (MSCIJ), a joint

the project in August 2008,” says Van de

venture of several local offshore and

Meerakker. “Then we started working on

transport companies. “The building

a list of requirements and the building

considerably increases our position in

permit, with which the local authorities

the market,” adds Art Warmenhoven.

were very cooperative. A little over a

“The active participation of Zeehaven

year later and we will have ultra-modern

IJmuiden NV and MSCIJ is the only

premises that further strengthen the

way that we could have found such

wind power cluster in IJmuiden.”

great new premises in such a short timeframe.”

Expanding wind power Zeehaven IJmuiden NV, the privatised

The new building consists of a large

port authority, was very supportive

warehouse for storing wind turbine

when it came to finding a suitable

parts plus two floors for the 41

location for Vestas. Van de Meerakker: “In

employees. “Our people are currently

addition to fishing, cruises and ferries,

working at five different locations

IJmuiden has a strong tradition in the

in IJmuiden,” Warmenhoven says.

extraction of oil and gas at sea. Offshore

Peter van de Meerakker (r) and Art Warmenhoven

“Although they are at walking distance

wind power is very much in line with

inspect the new building

from each other this is not a very

this tradition and this new project is

efficient arrangement. The fact that the

an excellent springboard for further

The construction of two nearby wind

sailing time for our two maintenance

expansion.” Earlier this year, the Dutch

turbine parks was the main reason for

vessels will now be five minutes shorter

government reserved 1,500 km2 for wind

Vestas Offshore to move to IJmuiden.

is an added bonus to be gained from

parks off the coast of IJmuiden. “The first

Now that both parks are ready, the

our move.”

two wind parks provide 228 megawatt

emphasis will shift temporarily towards

(MW),” explains Van de Meerakker. “The

maintenance until orders for more new

government aims to increase this figure

wind parks are received.

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Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009 15

24-08-2009 15:17:02

amsterdam seaports

Enthusiastic reception for European Maritime Day The annual European Maritime Day on

bring Europe, for instance via sea and

by, 20 May is already having a significant

May 20 was introduced by the European

coastal shipping and the European ports.

impact. We received many photos from

Commission, European Parliament and

Brussels also aims to increase the focus on

enthusiastic maritime and non-maritime

European Council in 2008. Its goal is to

our vulnerable sea environment.

companies, and the following pages

raise awareness of the economic growth

If the interest for the 2009 day in

feature an overview in pictures.

and benefits that the seas and oceans

Amsterdam Seaports is anything to go

Amsterdam Container Terminals (ACT) participated for the second time, in 2008 still under its former name Ceres Paragon.

The European maritime flag stands tall at the OBA Bulk Terminal in Amsterdam

The Ter Haak Group head office in the Amsterdam port.

< A tugboat bridge is a fine place to fly a European flag according to Iskes Towage & Salvage in IJmuiden.

HAD_TDS_ENG_nr3_09.indd 16

24-08-2009 15:17:25

Raising the flag at Maja Stevedores involved a daredevil feat.

Oiltanking Amsterdam is another satisfied participant.

Three in a row at the VCK Group. An atmospheric shot of the pilot service on the North Sea Canal in IJmuiden.

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24-08-2009 15:22:19


Exciting developments at Cofely Oil & Gas Cofely Oil & Gas is dedicated to the development and production of innovative products for the offshore industry. These are applied, among other places, in the North Sea for the exploitation of small gas fields.

Artist’s impression of the Swift Drilling Platform, due to be completed in 2010. The hull was made in Indonesia, the drilling rig in Germany.

The name may have changed but the

services together under one name,” says

Crisis on hold

company’s activities remain largely the

Jan van Essen, Director of Cofely Oil & Gas

But there is more. Van Essen: “We want

same. Cofely Oil & Gas is the new name

in IJmuiden. In the Netherlands, Cofely

to streamline our organisation so that

for Fabricom Oil & Gas. “Our goal was to

previously operated under company names

we can react better to new market

present all Gaz de France-Suez energy

such as Fabricom, GTI and Axima Services.

developments. It occasionally occurred

18 Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009

HAD_TDS_ENG_nr3_09.indd 18

24-08-2009 15:22:46

Jan van Essen, Director of Cofely Oil & Gas.

in the past that a major client was

12.25 inches, significantly less than the 24-

as they fit in perfectly with our services.

approached by various subsidiaries of

inch diameter usually used on the North

And that in turn benefits clients as they

Gaz de France Suez, without head office

Sea. Overall the Swift Drilling Platform is

no longer have to worry about the

knowing about it. This led to irritation

more compact and offers a more efficient


on the part of the client, something we

operation than platforms in deeper

obviously wish to avoid.”


Although this streamlining has nothing to

Components of the first platform are

to plan employees for activities on the

do with the current economic situation,

currently being built in various countries,

various platforms. “Now we always have a

Van Essen believes its direction has been

with the hull being manufactured in

decline in winter as the weather reduces

influenced by the downturn. “The credit

Indonesia and the drilling rig in Germany.

the amount of work on the North Sea.

crunch has made us pay closer attention

Cofely will assemble all the pieces

Our hope is that this new service will

to costs. Until now the crisis has not

together in IJmuiden. The platform, that

compensate for these quieter periods.”

affected us much, although I do expect to

is due to be operational for at least five

see some consequences later this year and

years, will be ready in the second half of


in 2010 as our clients are also examining

2010. Director Van Essen expects a great

The pressure in small gas fields at sea

their costs and may possibly postpone

deal of interest after its introduction: “The

is usually less than in large ones, which


Swift Drilling Platform is also eminently

is why the pressure has to be increased

Another benefit of this service is that it will become easier for Cofely Oil & Gas

suitable for shallow seas in other parts

in order to extract the gas. With this

Small gas fields

of the world. But first we will show its

in mind Cofely Oil & Gas also supplies

The North Sea is an important work area

capabilities in the North Sea.”

the compressor stations. “We recently

for Cofely Oil & Gas, especially in the

delivered such an installation to the

small gas field sector. “We developed


Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij

the so-called Swift Drilling Platform for

In addition to building the Swift Drilling

(NAM),” concludes Van Essen. The

shallow waters up to around 40 metres,”

Platform, Cofely Oil & Gas will also

company also built three so-called

Van Essen explains. The installations

be responsible for management and

monotowers. These are platforms on one

on the Swift Drilling Platform are on a

crewing. “Management on this scale is

leg intended for gas production in small

slightly smaller scale than on traditional

quite a new development within our


platforms. For instance, Cofely Oil & Gas

Total Care Concept,” explains Van Essen.

uses an installation that drills holes of

“I expect we will expand these activities

HAD_TDS_ENG_nr3_09.indd 19

Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009 19

24-08-2009 15:22:50

Opmaak febr.09 - 1-2 pg.:Opmaak 1



Pagina 1

Daily barge shuttle service: Antwerp - Amsterdam v.v. Rotterdam - Amsterdam v.v. All Rhine destinations up to Basel Barge Company Amsterdam BV gives you the fastest, safest and most reliable alternative in container- and conventional transport at very competitive rates: • Door-to-door delivery in the Amsterdam region with our own trucks from the Amerikahaven or the Suezhaven • Storage of containers at our terminals • Maintenance, repair and cleaning of containers at our terminals Call or e-mail for a quotation without obligation! Ruijgoordweg 80-Westpoort 7989 1047 HM Amsterdam - The Netherlands T +31 20 6116688 E W


BCA, Barge Company Amsterdam bv is a registered trademark and part of the Ter Haak Group.

The Felison Cruise Terminal, Your Gateway to the Netherlands The Felison Cruise Terminal, situated on the seaward side of the locks and at the entrance of the Amsterdam North Sea Canal is a striking landmark at the most westerly point of IJmuiden. The Felison Cruise Terminal with its open water berths and elegant lounge, is an perfect place for cruise ships and ferries, providing an ideal gateway to the Netherlands. The Terminal has two berths: Quay No. 1 with a length of about 215 meters and a depth of 8 meters, this cruise quay is very suitable for the smaller and mid sized cruise ships. Quay No. 3 is located in the IJmond Harbour and provides a total quay length of 300 meters. Vessels up to 250 meters in length and up to 10 meters draught can be handled at this berth.

Additional features of the Felison Cruise Terminal • The Felison Terminal has open water berths • The strategic location on the seaward side of the locks saves you time and money • The centre of the dynamic city of Amsterdam takes less than 30 minutes by bus or car • Schiphol Airport is only 25 minutes drive away • The ideal starting point for the Baltic and North Cape routes, City cruises and Mediterranean cruises • ISPS certified security facilities • We have outstanding facilities for bunkering and provisioning • Architect designed modern terminal • Elegant cruise lounge • Member of Cruise Europe, Atlantic Alliance and Amsterdam Cruise Port

KVSA, owner and operator

The Felison Terminal is owned and operated by KVSA (Royal United Ship Agencies). KVSA, founded in 1876, is one of The Netherlands’ leading service providers to the maritime industry. The word “Royal” was added to the company name in recognition of the service provided to customers for more than 130 years. You can find out more about us and the Felison Terminal at our website, If you need any further information please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail. Phone: +31 255 545454 - Fax: +31 255 545426 E-mail: - Internet:

HAD_TDS_ENG_nr3_09.indd 20

24-08-2009 15:22:52

offshore CMF Services unveils world first processing installation

Smart solution for ultra-corrosive bromide CMF Services (Central Mudplant and Fluid Services) on the North Sea Canal processes waste products from the offshore industry. In April 2009 the company introduced a special installation that removes bromide from drilling fluid. Bromide is an extremely corrosive saline solution and a recurring problem for the offshore industry.

“This is currently the only installation in the world that can process drilling fluid contaminated with bromide,” says Willem van der Horst, Director of CMF Services with pride. “It has already been a source of great interest from as far afield as Norway and Malaysia.” CMF Services has been involved in recycling offshore industry waste since 1989. Oil, water and grit Until recently the company’s 22 employees were mainly involved in processing oil-bearing drilling grit. This grit develops while drilling for gas or oil and consists of rock, clay and salt layers, whereby the oil is extracted from the

Rick van Dijk and his new bromide processing installation at CMF Services.

drilling fluid. CMF Services separates this emulsion via distillation in three fluids:

der Horst continues. “Our main focus is

the water to evaporate, leaving only the

oil, water and oil-free grit. The grit is

on rare emulsions and drilling fluids. We

drilling grit and oil to be processed using

transported to a nearby tip on the North

try to find a solution to every problem,

conventional methods.

Sea Canal where it is used as a protective

no matter how small.” An oil company

layer. The company then processes the

came to CMF Services several years ago

In Italy

extracted oil for new drilling fluids and

looking for a way to deal with oil and

CMF’s new processing installation was

reuses the water internally. CMF Services

calcium bromide emulsions. A saline

manufactured in Italy from a specific type

processes around 50,000 tons of waste

solution that is only occasionally used in

of steel. The total project cost was around

products from the offshore industry a

drilling, bromide has the complication of

half a million euros. According to Van der

year, mainly transported to the company

being highly corrosive and there were no

Horst the international offshore industry

via road on container and tank trucks

installations available on the market that

is very positive about the eco-friendly

or via supply ships. Of the 50,000 tons

could process the emulsion.

and energy-saving invention. “If we were

of waste products, some 2,000 to

located in Britain we would already

4,000 tons of oil are returned to the oil

After numerous experiments, CMF

have won various innovation awards.


Services researcher Rick van Dijk

Unfortunately such recognition is less

discovered a solution. The bromide-

common in the Netherlands so we are

“We are one of the few waste processing

containing substance is first processed in

very pleased with the encouragement we

companies involved in recycling the

a so-called vacuum distillation, whereby

have received from the industry.”

waste products that are released during

it is heated to a temperature of between

gas and oil drilling on land and sea,” Van

55 and 60 degrees Celsius. This causes

HAD_TDS_ENG_nr3_09.indd 21

Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009 21

24-08-2009 15:22:54

Zeehaven IJmuiden NV is the only privately owned port in the Netherlands. Set outside the locks on the North Sea Canal, Zeehaven IJmuiden NV offers easy access. What’s more it’s only 20 minutes from Schiphol Airport. Newly opened IJmond Harbour with deepwater and quayside locations ready for development Daily ferry service to the UK port of Newcastle Europe’s premier logistics gateway for fresh and frozen fish A North Sea supply base - both for traditional oil and gas fields and new wind-farm projects A wide availability of industrial land for sale or rent at competitive prices An alternative and complimentary cruise port for Amsterdam

tel: +31 255 547000 fax: +31 255 547050 e-mail: website:

take the easy way Zeehaven IJmuiden NV • Halkade 4, Postbus 541 • 1970 AM IJmuiden • The Netherlands

Zeehaven_Ijmuiden Ad2.indd 122 HAD_TDS_ENG_nr3_09.indd

2/7/09 10:05:57 24-08-2009 15:23:08

offshore BallasT NedaM lays New fouNdaTioN for offshore wiNd TurBiNes

Piles made of concrete not steel Ballast Nedam offshore has designed a new foundation pile for wind turbines at sea that will be made from prefabricated concrete rather than the traditional steel. Ballast Nedam is now looking for the first applications, which are most likely to be seen off the coast of ijmuiden.

Although Ballast Nedam

2,200 tons each compared to a

Offshore has yet to receive

maximum of around 500 tons

any orders for the new

for steel piles.

concrete monopiles, Commercial Manager Edwin

In terms of size the concrete

van de Brug is optimistic.

and steel piles are very

“We have been meeting

similar: For wind turbines of

with various energy

3.6 to 5 MW, the total length

companies that have plans

of the concrete piles (which

for wind turbines at sea.” He

are made of separate ring

sees considerable potential

elements) is 61 to 64 metres.

for the waters off the coast

The cost per megawatt

of IJmuiden. “There is

capacity installed is between

already a cluster of wind

400 to 500 euros. The piles

energy companies located

themselves are hollow,

in the IJmond region and

creating space for the drilling

the Dutch government has


appointed 1,500 km off the 2


coast for new wind parks.”

“A major advantage is that we inspired by vattenfall

can move the piles while they

Wind turbines are currently

float by closing the two ends

supported by hollow steel

off. Because of their weight we

foundation piles that

The Svanen lifting vessel sets a concrete foundation pile in a vertical position

are usually driven into the

use our Svanen lifting vessel to vertically place the piles in the

seabed at depths of between


20 and 30 metres. ‘Why steel?’ was the


question that arose during a brainstorm

Van de Brug expects the concrete

Once placed at the correct angle, the

session several years ago between Ballast

monopile to offer major benefits to large

weight of the plies causes them to sink

Nedam Offshore and subsidiary MT-

offshore wind turbines compared to steel

several metres into the seabed. The vertical

Piling (specialist in vertical tunnel drilling

piles. “Concrete is much less affected by

drilling machine then moves down to

machines). This led them to research the

price fluctuations and the production

drill out the seabed. When the resistance

feasibility of using concrete piles within a

capacity is unlimited. Moreover, the

increases, the drilling machine excavates

Dutch research project for wind energy.

construction will cause much less

below the foundation pile to remove

disturbance to fish and sea mammals as

the remaining metres. “Once the drilling

A reason to return to this pioneering

the piles do not have to be driven into

is completed we fold the tunnel drilling

research came when Swedish electricity

the seabed. Our vertical tunnel drilling

machine back in and lift it out,” adds Van

company Vattenfall challenged

machine also moves more easily through

de Brug. “At this point the foundation is

international engineering companies to

more difficult seabeds such as rock

ready for the placement of a wind turbine.”

develop and present new foundation

formations.” The concrete piles are much


heavier, however: Between 1,450 and

HAD_TDS_ENG_nr3_09.indd 23

Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009 23

24-08-2009 15:23:12

OFFSHORE New joint venture ASCO Holland strengthens position Seaport IJmuiden

Setting sail with the Scots On 5 August 2009 ASCO Group Limited (ASCO) in Aberdeen and the Maritime Service Centre IJmond (MSCIJ) in IJmuiden established the joint venture ASCO Holland (Logistics) BV. It starts operations with six full-time employees.

ASCO Holland will be a new logistic service company for gas and oil extraction on the Dutch continental shelf. The company will also offer maritime logistic services from the IJmond port, the new part of Seaport IJmuiden (see sidebar). The Maritime Service Centre IJmond is a consortium of local service companies for the oil and gas industry. ASCO Holland will combine local knowledge of the companies in MSCIJ with the expertise of Scottish mother company ASCO Group Ltd. The core of the ASCO Group’s activities consists of the management and application of

Signing the contract with Frans Baud (MSCIJ) and Roger Everitt (ASCO) sitting down and standing (from left to

supply bases for oil and gas in countries

right) Walter Robertson (ASCO), Wim van den Bosch (MSCIJ) Alan Hunter (ASCO) and Willem van der Horst (MSCIJ)

including the UK, Norway, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, the US and along

main office is located in Aberdeen and

European Managing Director at ASCO.

the Caspian Sea. ASCO also offers

the Scottish company employs over 1,500

“It also allows us to support the offshore

additional services such as the delivery of

people worldwide.

activities in all sectors on the North

a wide range of maritime necessities and the processing of cargo and waste. The

Sea.” Robertson is impressed with the The new joint venture will mainly be

relationship between IJmuiden and

focused on providing services for Dutch

the port of Great Yarmouth. “Both the

offshore companies via a central location

cooperation between the two port

IJmond port

for the shipment of mixed and bulk cargo.

owners and that between ASCO and

The IJmond port has the following

This way both partners plan to make the

MSCIJ are certain to create new synergies.”


most of local services and the excellent

- Over 340 metres of quay for the

infrastructure in the region.

largest offshore supply vessels with a depth up to 11 metres; - 50,000 m² of open storage, adjacent to the quays; - 2,000 m² of modern warehouses, also adjacent to the quays; - Extensive port facilities including agencies, stevedores, lifting

Clients In addition to oil company Cirrus Energy

European network

Lt., already a client of MSCIJ, new and

“The MSCIJ partners are very pleased

existing operators are also expected

that we took this step with ASCO,” says

to use the services of the joint venture.

Frans Baud, Managing Director of MSCIJ. “I

“IJmuiden has excellent facilities,

am convinced that this joint venture will

substantial storage space and quays

strengthen the position of players in the

and is situated just 20 kilometres from

offshore industry.”

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol,” concludes

installations, factories, road

Billy Allan, Group Chief Executive at ASCO.

transport and waste management

“ASCO Holland will reinforce our


European network of strategic supply locations,” adds Walter Robertson,

24 Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009

HAD_TDS_ENG_nr3_09.indd 24

24-08-2009 15:23:13

i nn o v a t i o n Two new super tugs to join Iskes fleet

Ideal for offshore work Iskes Towage & Salvage is welcoming two powerful new tugs to its fleet in the coming months, which will be used to serve clients in the offshore sector.

Built at Kooiman shipyard near Rotterdam,

Fast growing

is support for offshore wind farming.

the two 80-ton Bollard Pull (BP) tugs have

Iskes Towage & Salvage is one of the

“The Dutch government has quite some

been named after the son and daughter

fastest growing companies in Amsterdam

challenging goals for renewable energy,”

of Jim Iskes, managing director of the

Seaports. From 13 employees in 2007, it

adds Vergouwen. “Their ambitious targets

family-owned firm. The Brent joined in

now has a 45-strong staff. Originally, the

include generating 6,000 MW by the year

August and the second vessel, Ginger, will

company started working on the fish


join by the end of the year.

trawlers in IJmuiden but now it handles all types of vessels including the capesize

Iskes has already supplied two vessels

“These very powerful tugs are 12 metres

bulk carriers for the Corus steel plant in

to help assist with the installation of two

wide and have a well equipped deck


wind farms off the UK shore. One of these

layout,” says Ronald Vergouwen, general

was the Pollux, which has also supported

manager of Iskes. “They are particularly

While Iskes normally employs a crew of

diving operations at Dutch offshore wind

suited for offshore work such as moving

three on its tugs, vessels like Triton have


oil rigs.”

a double-crew onboard so that they can go to sea at a moment’s notice in case

As well as its own work, Iskes has a joint

The vessels join another powerful tug in

of emergencies. A good recent example

venture in the company Windcat Marine,

the Iskes fleet, the 70-ton BP Triton that

came when Triton was deployed to assist

also in IJmuiden. Windcat Marine takes

joined the fleet in June 2008. Built in Tuzla,

a product tanker that had suffered an

maintenance crews out to wind farms

Turkey, Triton is 11.6 metres wide and is

explosion in the North Sea. The double-

on purpose-built fast offshore craft. “We

deployed both in harbour towage and the

shift pattern also ensures 24-hour

are anticipating that offshore wind farm

offshore sector. As well as the new large

operation for port towage work.

construction will grow considerably in the

tugs, Iskes has also acquired two 30-ton BP

coming years,” concludes Vergouwen.

vessels that have now been named Sirius

Increasing wind farm work

and Saturnus.

Another area of growing importance

The powerful 70 ton Bollard Pull Triton in action

HAD_TDS_ENG_nr3_09.indd 25

Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009 25

24-08-2009 15:23:16

Head Office


D.C. Sheds

Rail Terminal

Deep Sea Quay

Inland Barge Terminal

Amerikahaven: USA - Container & RoRo terminal

Vlothaven: USA - Bulkterminal

• 550 m Deepsea quay

• 300 m Deep sea quay

• 300 m Coaster & barge quay

• 50.000 m2 Open space area

• 30.000 m2 Rail terminal

• 5.000 m2 Warehouses

• 35.000 m Warehouses

• 525 m Rail track

• 20.000 m Container cleaning, maintenance & repair department

• Sophisticated bulk equipment

2 2

• 10.000 m2 Stuffing & stripping area • Loading docks, 24 units • 2.400 m2 Offices

New Ter Haak Group Head Office

Suezhaven: USA - Cocoa/Plywood terminal • 800 m Deep sea quay

• Road connecting to Schiphol

• 25.000 m2 Warehouses

• Total surface: 30 hectares

All terminals I.S.P.S. certified




USA, United Stevedores Amsterdam V.O.F, is a registered trademark and part of the Ter Haak Group.

Ruijgoordweg 80, Westpoort 7989 - 1047 HM Amsterdam - The Netherlands T +31 20 6116688 F +31 20 2011882 E W

HAD_TDS_ENG_nr3_09.indd 26

24-08-2009 15:23:19

i nn o v a t i o n ACT deepsea terminal achieves AEO status

Holland’s first Green Lane Amsterdam Container Terminals (ACT) is the first deepsea terminal in the Netherlands to receive the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status from the European Union.

The NYK Apollo at Amsterdam Container Terminals

The AEO status means that containers

advantage for us is that it forces you to

paperless flow, this takes us a step further,”

can be fast-tracked through the terminal

look deep into your internal processes

adds Bredius. “Eventually we hope that all

as they are subject to fewer Customs’

with the assistance of the Customs

dealings with the Customs Authority will

inspections. Containers can now be

authority and make sure these procedures

be entirely paperless.”

handled faster and more efficiently, while

are correct.” Ter Haak group

still maintaining a safe and secure logistic chain.

Paperless flow

The Ter Haak Group, which has several

AEO status essentially means that

multi-purpose, ro-ro, bulk and container

The Amsterdam Seaports terminal

Customs procedures are simplified

terminals in Amsterdam Seaports

believes AEO status brings paperless

and the terminal’s security and safety

(Amsterdam and IJmuiden), is also

trading a step closer. “We were keen

measures undergo rigorous checks to

applying for AEO status. After the

to be one of the first to become AEO

make sure that they comply.

events of 9/11, international safety and

certified as customers were increasingly

Bredius says gaining the certification

security measures became the subject

asking whether we had this status,” adds

takes around six months as the

of intense scrutiny. Introducing AEO was

Pieter-Bas Bredius, chief executive of

procedures involved are very thorough.

the EU’s response to the need to secure

ACT. “Customers benefit because their

international supply chains and the

containers are not inspected as much or

Discussions continue with the Customs

introduction of Customs-Trade Partnership

put on hold, which offers obvious savings.”

Authority to further reduce and simplify

Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) in the USA. It is

documentary processes. The ultimate

hoped that mutual recognition of similar

Consignments are fast-tracked through

goal of this ongoing process, known as

systems across other countries will take

customs controls and if one is selected

Horizontal Supervision, is to improve

place in the future.

for examination it is given priority over

efficiency for all participants in the supply

non-AEO-status companies. Bredius: “The

chain. “Although we already have quite a

HAD_TDS_ENG_nr3_09.indd 27

Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009 27

24-08-2009 15:23:23


v Agency Services v Marine Supplies v Supply Base Operations v Property Rentals v Lifting & Distribution v Chemical Supply & Tank Rental v Inventory Management v Vessel Management v Labour Agency v Decommissioning v Helicopter Management v Logistic Consultants (4PL) v Windpark Inspections & Maintenance +31 (0)255 54 65 55

FREEDOM to achieve your goals

Risks can threaten your entrepreneurial spirit and ambitions. Aon can help by making risks easier to understand and control. We help you evaluate, manage, monitor and finance risks. Aon believes in utilising high-quality expertise, services and products in the areas of operational, financial, human capital, risk management and insurance. Aonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bottom line: helping you to achieve your ambitions.



HAD_TDS_ENG_nr3_09.indd 28

24-08-2009 15:23:27

i nn o v a t i o n

Terminal for inland shipping and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol The south side of the Afrikahaven area, Amsterdam’s most westerly port, recently opened a brandnew inland shipping terminal. In addition to its intermodal transport connections, the terminal also serves as a testing ground for innovative logistical processes.

The new inland shipping terminal is a joint initiative between the Port of Amsterdam and Distripool Schiphol Holding BV. The Amsterdam port authority has provided the facilities, a five-metre deep terminal and the adjoining infrastructure, as well as contributing to the investments required for information technology. Distripool Schiphol, a group of 13 logistical companies in the vicinity of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, will be using the new terminal. Sustainability “This project should be placed within the larger framework of sustainability,” says Koen Overtoom, acting head of the commercial sector of the Port of Amsterdam. “Issues such as reducing traffic jams, CO2 emissions, energy consumption and the intelligent use of space are all high priority aspects in the ports.” The key factor is efficient intermodal transport and an infrastructure

Artist’s impression of the new inland shipping terminal.

that best accommodates the transfer from one modality to the next.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been

technology so as to streamline logistical

realised. “The Rotterdam – Amsterdam

processes. A new port provides the

According to Anton van Hattem of

Seaports – Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

opportunity to do so without being

Distripool Schiphol, many people make

transport triangle is taking shape. The

hindered by past programmes or the

the mistake of associating Amsterdam

Amsterdam and Rotterdam ports recently

need to re-educate personnel.

Airport Schiphol with air cargo only.

launched a joint port information

“Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a

system called Portbase and it would be a

“Now that the terminal and crane are

transport hub that includes a great

welcome development if Schiphol were to

ready for use it is time to get down to

deal of road transport. Twelve of the 13

join them.”

work,” adds the pragmatic Van Hattem.

companies that work together in this new

“By joining forces we can achieve

terminal are road transport companies.

Step by step

considerable synergies in terms of

My company is the only one operating in

Van Hattem sees major benefits in the

efficiency, sustainability and business

inland shipping.”

fact that the new terminal has been


built from scratch. This resulted from Koen Overtoom points out that the

Distripool’s decision to make considerable

new terminal means the first link to

investments in the field of information

HAD_TDS_ENG_nr3_09.indd 29

Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009 29

24-08-2009 15:23:28

F i s h e r y / c o nt a i n e r s New container terminal opens

IJmuiden targets frozen fish sector A new container terminal facility, Container Stevedoring Ymuiden (CSY), has officially been inaugurated in the port of IJmuiden, part of Amsterdam Seaports. This terminal is expected to further strengthen IJmuiden’s position at the heart of the international fisheries industry. Group. “Moving containers on to the waterways fits in with this strategy.” The port of IJmuiden is already very well established in the fisheries sector and aims to further develop the business, becoming an international hub for the trade. Some 300,000 tonnes of deepfrozen fish are transshipped every year in IJmuiden. The Ter Haak Group expects to see the business grow to around 10,000 reefer containers annually in the next few years. “There is an increasing trend for fish to be containerised rather than transported on specialist reefer vessels and this trend is expected to grow,” adds Ter Haak. “Additionally, new markets in Central and Eastern Europe, the removal of trade barriers through the World Trade Organisation negotiations and faster transportation have all contributed to the growth in the containerisation of deep-frozen fish.” A new Ter Haak Group barge handler at work in IJmuiden

Reefer points CSY is an initiative from the Amsterdam-

Direct barging services

Ter Haak’s Container Company

based family firm Ter Haak Group and

Barge Company Amsterdam (BCA), also

Amsterdam (CCA) also intends to

Zeehaven IJmuiden NV (the port of

part of the Ter Haak Group, transports

develop CSY as a supply base for

IJmuiden) The CSY partners have close

the reefer containers on its daily services

offshore containers for the oil and gas

contacts with several leading fisheries

to deep sea terminals in Amsterdam,

industry. Located at the Haringhaven,

companies such as Cornelis Vrolijk

Antwerp and Rotterdam and then the

CSY will have a container depot with

Holding, Parlevliet & Van der Plas and

fish is carried by shipping lines all over

service and maintenance facilities

Kloosterboer. Trawlers will unload the fish

the world. “IJmuiden was very keen

covering some 5,000 sq m as well as 150

in IJmuiden. The fish is stored in the cold

to get as many trucks off the roads

reefer points.

storage warehouses and later transhipped

as possible in order to cut back on

by means of reefer containers and directly

emissions,” says Richard ter Haak, chief

barged from IJmuiden.

executive and owner of the Ter Haak

30 Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009

HAD_TDS_ENG_nr3_09.indd 30

24-08-2009 15:23:39

business news Good results for 2009

Shipdock on the lookout for a strategic partner Despite the economic downturn, repair and conversion yard Shipdock has no complaints. “We were just as busy in the first six months of 2009 as in 2008,” says Ruud Schumacher, one of Shipdock’s two Directors. Nevertheless the company is looking for a strategic partner.

“The cultural differences were simply too large,” says Schumacher, explaining why the proposed takeover of Shipdock by Dutch shipping giant Damen Shipyards in late 2008 did not go through. “For now we are continuing as an independent ship repair yard, although we remain on the lookout for a strategic partner with added value, such as another shipyard or a shipping company.” Investments Shipdock has had three excellent years according to Schumacher and Business Manager Hilka Willms. This applies to the two shipyards in Amsterdam and Harlingen (in the north of the Netherlands) and to steel and machining company Niron Staal, also situated in Amsterdam. “The good results have

A recent aerial view of the Shipdock shipyard in Amsterdam

allowed us to continue investing in new equipment and overdue maintenance,”

Shipdock can accommodate this wide

certificates for working with specific types

Schumacher adds. “We have recently

array of vessels due to its extensive

of steel, for example.”

expanded our crane capacity and installed

facilities. The Amsterdam location, for

new dock doors and computer systems.

instance, has four dry docks and four repair

The close proximity of Niron Staal is a

We also bought a new drilling machine for

berths. The docks range in length from

major benefit to Shipdock. “Short lines

Niron Staal. All these investments allow us

140 to 250 metres and in beam from 22.50

of communication allow us to quickly

to provide our clients with optimal service.”

to 39 metres. The largest dock welcomes

address unexpected situations, such as

vessels up to 85,000 dwt. All docks have

vessels with damaged bows,” continues

Willms agrees that the company results in

moving cranes, the largest of which has a

Willms. “Last year Shipdock and Niron

the current year are better than expected.

capacity of 90 tons.

Staal jointly installed new ballast tanks on

“In early 2009 we expected a significant

a dredging vessel to provide additional

drop in business yet our first six months

Niron Staal

buoyancy. Upon receipt of the order

were almost comparable to 2008. We

Niron Staal in Amsterdam has a large

Shipdock immediately involved Niron,

had a wide variety of vessels visit us in

amount of metalworking equipment, 15

which manufactured the necessary parts in

Amsterdam, from offshore and dredging

permanent employees and an average

record time.”

vessels to car carriers and chemical

of 35 temporary workers. “All of them are

tankers. We also get regular visits from

highly skilled in their field,” says Willms.

Dutch navy vessels.”

“We require our welders to have special

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Amsterdam Seaports No. 3 2009 31

24-08-2009 15:23:41

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Amsterdam Seaports nr 3  

Amsterdam Seaports nr 3