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Intermodal S達o Paulo 2013 Stand: F-110

Delfzijl - Eemshaven

Delfzijl - Eemshaven Groningen Seaports In between the European mainports Rotterdam and Hamburg, Groningen Seaports develops international import logistics by operating two deepsea ports, the ports of Delfzijl and Eemshaven. The ports offer a fast and congestion free connection to the German Industrial area, to Russia, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Moreover Groningen Seaports controls a large inland railport in Northern Netherlands which covers frequently rail shuttle connection with the port of Rotterdam and several railterminals in Germany.

OBT The OBT Orange Blue Terminal in Eemshaven is owned and operated by the Hamburg based Buss Port Logistics and the Dutch Uniteam. The multipurpose terminal is handling project cargo, heavy lifts, bulk loads, containers and Ro-Ro. With more than 20 OWF close to, Eemshaven OBT is the perfect base port for Offshore Wind Farms. The terminal is well equipped for multi modal transportation and offers an standard lifting capacity of up to 208 tons.

Erik Bertholet

Thomas Hildebrandt

Port of Amsterdam The Amsterdam port area is one of the world’s key international logistics hubs. With its central location and excellent connections to the German hinterland, Rotterdam and Antwerp, the Amsterdam port offers shipping lines the opportunity to serve their customers in a fast, efficient, reliable and sustainable manner. Experienced terminals are ready to offer you tailor-made solutions in a congestionfree environment. We invite you to experience Port of Amsterdam’s red carpet treatment.

Michael van Toledo

Spliethoff The Amsterdam-based Spliethoff Group is one of the largest ship owners in the Netherlands and plays a leading role worldwide in the transport market for forest products, project, heavy lift, general cargo and yachts. It owns and operates a large and modern fleet of about 100 multi-purpose, heavy-lift and Ro-Ro vessels ranging in size from 2,000 to 21,000 tons.

Jan de Korte

Klaas van Opzeeland

Hayo Jansen

Forkliftcenter With some 25,000 m² of forklifts, container handling and port equipment, all just 15 minutes away from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, our centrally located headquarters in the Port of Amsterdam deliver brandindependent equipment quickly and dependably around the world. Our professionals will be pleased to assist you with expert advice from one of our three locations.

Bjørn André de la Porte

BTS Business Telecom Solutions BTS has been operating a closed network called e-SIS for chartering Dry + Bulk since the 1970s. Our members circulate and search cargoes and positions. Although in existence for many years, e-SIS uses the latest technology and today the network covers Europe, the entire Mediterranean and the Black Sea region. Requests from our members and the current market opportunities have inspired us to expand to Latin America and, soon, to the rest of the world.

Patrick Willems

Brian van der Wiele

Biglift BigLift Shipping is a world leading heavy lift shipping company, operating to the highest standards of safety and operational reliability as well as strict time schedules. A wide variety of heavy and over-sized cargoes is carried worldwide by its fleet of thirteen specially built vessels with lifting capacities up to 1400 mt. The required engineering work is carried out in house. Two more vessels, with lifting capacities up to 1800 mt., will join the fleet in 2013.

SGS Nederland b.v. SGS AGRICULTURE SERVICES verify your conformity with contractual specifications by inspection, ensuring that your interests are fully protected. Our philosophy is to extend our unrivalled experience and expertise, acting not only as a highly qualified adviser, but also as a concerned partner who quantifies and helps to reduce risk. We help you deliver success, by making risks clear and controllable with our leading expertise and we make sure that you can concentrate on your core business.

Antun Buconic

Albert Wesenhagen


Amports The Amsterdam Ports Association (Amports) represents around 300 companies and government institutions along the North Sea Canal, from the IJmuiden piers to the city of Amsterdam. Amports objective is to promote the Amsterdam port region and its maritime and port related industries. Amports offers its members many opportunities to participate in national and international events such as exhibitions and trade missions. Amports also publishes a magazine “Amsterdam Seaports�, covering regional port developments and news.

Laura Keegstra

Zeeland Seaports The seaports of Terneuzen and Vlissingen offer excellent accessibility, are situated on a deep waterway, and have a first-rate congestion-free network of road, rail, and waterway links to the hinterland. Moreover, these ports are characterised by their customer-friendliness, flexibility and high productivity. The port company Zeeland Seaports helps to maintain these advantages by continually searching for tailored solutions which improve business in both seaports.

Tom Bogaert

Fransesko Faes

ZPPC ZPPC is an organization representing the majority of private industrial and logistic companies located in the ports of Terneuzen and Vlissingen. One of its main functions is to promote the two ports and their many facilities and services to potential customers on a global scale in combination with other Dutch ports. The council has an agreement with port company Zeeland Seaports to co-operate on promotional activities such as trade fairs and trade missions.

Henk de Haas

Verbrugge Terminals Verbrugge Terminals is a leading logistic services provider with a major presence in the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen. Verbrugge Terminals focuses on a selective number of product markets: Bulk products, paper and woodpulp, timber/ steel and metals, tobacco and project cargo. The Verbrugge Group of Companies also offers a wide range of key support services, amongst others short and deep sea chartering, port agency, cargo agency, liner agency, freight forwarding and customs services.

Stella Kouwijzer

Regina Bahia

Holland Ports Intermodal South America Sao Paulo  
Holland Ports Intermodal South America Sao Paulo  

Holland Ports Intermodal South America Sao Paulo