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4 - 7 June 2013 Messe M端nchen

Delfzijl - Eemshaven

Delfzijl - Eemshaven Groningen Seaports In between the European mainports Rotterdam and Hamburg, Groningen Seaports develops international import logistics by operating two deepsea ports, the ports of Delfzijl and Eemshaven. The ports offer a fast and congestion free connection to the German Industrial area, to Russia, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Moreover Groningen Seaports controls a large inland railport in Northern Netherlands which covers frequently rail shuttle connection with the port of Rotterdam and several railterminals in Germany.

Lotte Pigge

Saskia Koers

Erik Bertholet

Sealane Sealane was established in 1979 in the (at the time) brand new Eemshaven Seaport in the North of the Netherlands. Sealane stores, handles, tranships and distributes both dry, general and conditioned cargo shipped in either by sea or by road. We have 2 stevedoring terminals close to the entrance of the port. Sealane provides doorto-door distribution and forwarding services. We offer a comprehensive package of shipping agency services to ships calling in at Eemshaven. Sealane and Nor Lines A/S run a weekly liner service between Eemshaven and Norway.

Addy Meerlo

Danny Blaauw

Amasus Amasus is engaged for more than 30 years in sea transport. Amasus is specialized in transport of heavy lift cargo. Our modern fleet offers the following special features: • to trade with open hatches • to accommodate oversized cargo’s • better positioning with Dynamic Positioning (DP1) • lift cargo’s up to 240 mtons with vessels crane capacity • load and unload in shallow water • short transit times with a speed up to 19 knots

Jan Wessels

Groningen Railport Groningen Railport is one of the largest Dutch inland rail terminals. Especially for containerized cargo Groningen Railport is an important logistical junction between the mainports of the Netherlands (Rotterdam, Amsterdam) and the north of Germany (Bremen, Hamburg). With access via rail, road and water, Groningen Railport provides together with the seaports of Groningen – Eemshaven and Delfzijl – a complete logistical complex in northern Netherlands.

Erik Bertholet

NedNor BV NedNor BV is specialized in short sea trade through its network and offices placed in The Netherlands and Norway. We offer commercial and operational service to the dry cargo segment like raw material, semi-finished and finished goods and project cargoes. We are handling a range of cargo portfolios exclusively on behalf of renowned industrial companies. Our trading area is worldwide but we are presently mainly trading in Europe, like the Baltic, Iceland and the Mediterranean.

Ă˜yvind Sivertsen

Werner Huizen

Marico MARICO is operating from three offices in The Netherlands viz Rotterdam, Amsterdam Airport and Eemshaven. “MARICO Expeditie BV” is active in WW forwarding by road, sea, as well as by air. As active member of the WW network IFLN, we are able to provide you excellent, reliable and fast service. “BV Scheepvaart- en handelmaatschappij MARICO” (MARICO Agency) is active in The Netherlands as Liner/Port Agents for various principals. We are well experienced in Ro-Ro cargoes, off shore projects, heavy lift cargoes, cruisevessels as well as IMO 1 cargoes.

Hans Stigter

Koos de Geus

Bert Hoekstra

René Kloeg

OBT The OBT Orange Blue Terminal in Eemshaven is owned and operated by the Hamburg based Buss Port Logistics and the Dutch Uniteam. The multipurpose terminal is handling project cargo, heavy lifts, bulk loads, containers and Ro-Ro. With more than 20 OWF close to Eemshaven, OBT is the perfect base port for Offshore Wind Farms. The terminal is well equipped for multi modal transportation and offers a standard lifting capacity of up to 208 tons.

Thomas Hildebrandt

Port of Amsterdam The Amsterdam port area is one of the world’s key international logistics hubs. With its central location and excellent connections to the German hinterland, Rotterdam and Antwerp, the Amsterdam port offers shipping lines the opportunity to serve their customers in a fast, efficient, reliable and sustainable manner. Experienced terminals are ready to offer you tailor-made solutions in a congestionfree environment. We invite you to experience Port of Amsterdam’s red carpet treatment.

Koen Overtoom

Michael van Toledo

Gert-Jan Nieuwenhuizen

Boon Transport BUKO and it’s daughter company Boon deliver services at the highest standards to the industry. Core competence is fulfilling all logistical needs of our customers at the highest safety level with the strive to supply best services thinkable. All BUKO companies work close together with their partners in business in order to maintain highest efficiency and quality, at the lowest possible total cost. With over 1100 employees BUKO is active in transport, warehousing, communication, logistics and rental of building equipment.

Jerry van den Bosch

Waterland Terminal bv A multi-purpose, stevedoring- and terminal operating company in the port of Amsterdam, existing since 1947. Waterland Terminal handles various cargo’s in three covered berths, suitable for the loading and discharge of vessels up to about 7500 tons and on one open berth with Ro-Ro facilities. The terminals are designed for modern cargo handling. The wellmaintained warehouses provide an optimal location for your cargo. Waterland Terminal stands for quality, flexibility and reliability.

René Finson

Portbase Portbase – home of logistics intelligence Portbase is the neutral and reliable hub for all logistics information in the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Via Portbase’s port-transcending Port Community System, companies can benefit from a multitude of intelligent services for simple and efficient information exchange, both between companies and between the public and private sector. This enables all the participants to optimise their logistics processes, thereby improving their own competitive position and that of the ports.

Frank Nieuwland

John Monteiro

Karel de Zeeuw

Forkliftcenter With some 25,000 m² of forklifts, container handling and port equipment, all just 15 minutes away from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, our centrally located headquarters in the Port of Amsterdam deliver brand-independent equipment quickly and dependably around the world. Our professionals will be pleased to assist you with expert advice from one of our three locations in The Netherlands, Dubai and Australia.

Bjørn André de la Porte

Ard Stoffer

VCK Group The VCK Group of companies consists of a number of European companies within the Logistics and Travel industry (VCK Logistics, VCK Travel, Waterland Terminal, All-in Logistics and ComPass Logistics). The independent corporation is ambitious in its goals to realise a significant growth in both industries. The companies of the VCK Group strive to be a leading and preferred partner for both customers and suppliers, by offering high quality services, thus creating maximised customer.

Jeroen Brauns

Gulf Oil Gulf Oil supplies liquid fuels and lubricants direct to industry and through the Gulf roadside petrol stations. Gulf Oil has an outstanding international reputation. Gulf Oil product in The Netherlands are imported directly or acquired from other oil producers. Changes in the international petroleum markets are closely monitored so that we can buy at the best moment and these savings are passed on to our customers.

Dennis Wanders

MAIN B.V. MAIN B.V. has more than 20 years’ experience in the collection and processing of ship-generated waste products. MAIN B.V. is specialised in the collection of: • Bilge water • Waste oil • Washing water • Sanitary waste water • Engine-room sludge • Household chemical waste such as coolants, oil filters, rags, grease, paints, batteries, etc. Contact us for a MAIN stage performance!

Marco de Boer


United Modality

Blom bv



United Modality Group United Modality Group is a logistic service provider in global road, water, rail and air transportation, storage and handling. With the power of a supertanker and the maneuverability of a Segway their vision is plain and simple: ‘Getting it there, in time!’, 24/7, 365 days a year. For United Modality Group, quality is always more than just satisfying expressed and obvious customer expectations. Their experienced and passionated professionals would definitely like to make your acquaintance.

Erwin van Werkhoven


Ferdinand Wesselink

Theo Polman

Blom bv Blom BV is established in the port of Amsterdam. Our core business: • Rent of deck barges, pontoons, double connect stabilized barges and hopper barges • Port-related activities such as transporting and docking vessels • Water transport Benelux and Germany • Transhipment and storage. Spacious quay and 70-ton crane • Eco-friendly delivery and removal of construction materials for inner city projects • Member of TNO technology cluster

Nancy Blom

Ter Haak Groep The Ter Haak Group provides all the port services you need. Five specialized companies, ready for the complete handling of your containers and general, bulk and Ro-Ro cargo. Centrally planned, organized and co-ordinated, to provide you with excellent efficiency and cost-saving solutions. Whether it is classic or modern stevedoring, multimodal shipping services, warehousing, forwarding or container leasing, sales and repair. From storage in warehouses to transit by barge, truck, train to any destination in the world.

Paul Brink

Pieter Bas Bredius

Ricardo van den Berg

Keyrail Keyrail is the infra manager of the Betuweroute, the dedicated rail freight connection running from the Port of Rotterdam to the German border. We provide a direct, non-stop connection with the European hinterland. We do this for railway undertakings, shippers and operators. We manage this connection from the perspective of the client.

Max Philips

Sjoerd Sjoerdsma

Cees Tommel



AYOP AYOP’s major objective is to provide promotional support to the regional offshore industries and to promote the area’s unique facilities. Over the years, Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Port (AYOP) has developed into a unique network organization. Our partner list not only includes many oil-andgas, offshore wind and port-related and maritime industries, butlocal government bodies as well. This means that communication lines between the local business community and government bodies are very short, allowing for a quick and unified response to new developments.

Chris van der Deijl

Amports The Amsterdam Ports Association (Amports) represents around 300 companies and government institutions along the North Sea Canal, from the IJmuiden piers to the city of Amsterdam. Amports objective is to promote the Amsterdam port region and its maritime and port related industries. Amports offers its members many opportunities to participate in national and international events such as exhibitions and trade missions. Amports also publishes a magazine “Amsterdam Seaports”, covering regional port developments and news.

Laura Keegstra

Zeeland Seaports The seaports of Terneuzen and Vlissingen offer excellent accessibility, are situated on a deep waterway, and have a firstrate congestion-free network of road, rail, and waterway links to the hinterland. Moreover, these ports are characterised by their customer-friendliness, flexibility and high productivity. The port company Zeeland Seaports helps to maintain these advantages by continually searching for tailored solutions which improve business in both seaports.

Jean Ruinaard

Peter Geertse

Arno Dirkzwager

Dick Gilhuis

Ovet Shipping B.V. Ovet Shipping B.V, is a shipping agency and logistic service provider in the broadest sense, mainly operating in the Western Scheldt area, but also via its network in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Ghent. Since 1991 ISO-9001 certified and since July 2012 AEO certified. The main activity of Ovet Shipping is providing port agency services, specialized in the handling of dry bulk, liquefied gas, chemical products and containers. We also offer liner services handling a wide variety of cargo, like (reefer)containers, break-bulk, larger objects like trucks, cranes and cargo on project basis.

Rinus de Bruijn

Sander van der Veeke

BOW Terminal B.V. BOW Terminal BV focuses on offshore (wind) industry, breakbulk handling, heavy lift cargoes and the non-ferrous metals market. We can provide the facilities and necessary equipment on a unique location for all preparative activities for final construction and maintenance of offshore wind parks. The availability of permanent heavy lift capacity and multipurpose mobile harbour cranes makes our terminal a perfect location for breakbulk and offshore (wind) projects. Furthermore, we can offer several in-house services, such as port-agency and chartering, employment agency, inland barging, lashing & securing services and custom formalities & trucking.

Arjen Pattenier

N.V. Economische Impuls Zeeland In Zeeland, there is room for your ambitions and you can benefit from the enormous diversity that characterises the province. The central geographical position of Zeeland, combined with accessibility and an excellent infrastructure are only some of the reasons to establish your business in Zeeland. Economische Impuls Zeeland offers you: • Guidance choosing best location, • Legal and fiscal counsel, • Grants and subsidies investigation, • Support with finance and investments, • Assistance with permit procedures, • Introduction to business network in the region

Mathieu Pasquier

VDS Staal- en Machinebouw b.v. In the offshore market VDS is focussing on the development and production of steel and aluminium structures and machines. We are specialized in offshore constructions, modules, jackets, bridge construction, certified welding, blasting and preservation work, pipe bridges, shipbuilding and ship repair. We operate from a 24/7 fully equipped offshore terminal with harbour cranes, spmt trailers, forklifts, and reach stackers. Therefore VDS is your berth for mobilization/demobilization of offshore vessels or barges at the North Sea. As your full service operator we have our own inhouse engineering department.

Robert v/d Loos

Kloosterboer The Kloosterboer Group is one of Western Europe’s leading logistics service providers with over 85 years of experience in the handling, transportation and storage of temperature controlled products and food stuffs. We are a total solutions provider, offering clients end-to-end, fully integrated supply chain solutions. We operate in seven different locations in the Netherlands as well as in France, the US and Canada with a total cold storage capacity of over three million cubic metres and a workforce of more than 600 dedicated and highly professional employees.

Fred Compeer

PTC The Private Transport Cooperative PTC comprises a widely differentiated fleet of 50 barges. Next to communication and collaboration, innovation is the third main strength. Transport across water is safe, continuous and environmentally friendly. We offer a concept, rather than just a series of solutions. What draws customers is our added value in the way of thinking along with them about transport combined with environment and innovation. We are a reliable partner in the logistics chain, being able to organise door-to-door delivery for our clients, including all paperwork.

Hans Hulsker

Verbrugge Internationale Wegtransporten Verbrugge Internationale Wegtransporten offers sustainable transport solutions in various product markets. The key focus is on customer service and reliability. Verbrugge is a preferred LSP for many customers in paper & woodpulp, chemical, building, steel & metals producing industry. Excellent customer service and reliability is only feasible when high quality, dedicated people and safety go hand in hand. Verbrugge operates a fleet of 600 vehicles driving throughout Western-Europe every day. Transport modes relate to packed/general cargo, high cube transportation, liquid & dry bulk and special transportation with exceptional lengths and widths.

Rogier Gardien

Sander Teunis

Verbrugge Terminals Verbrugge Terminals is a leading logistic services provider with a major presence in the port of Vlissingen and Terneuzen. In Terneuzen and Vlissingen we handle a total volume of over 14 million tons per year. Verbrugge Terminals focuses on a selective number of product markets: • Metals, lumber, steel and project cargo • Bulk products • Paper and woodpulp The Verbrugge Group of companies also offers a wide range of key support services, amongst others, short and deep sea chartering, port agency, cargo agency, liner agency, freight forwarding, road transportation and customs services.

Erika Ledeir

Rob Quartel

Supermaritime van Reems BV Supermaritime van Reems BV, a part of the Supermaritime Group, is based in Middelburg and operates worldwide. We are specialized in International transportation services, by road, ocean and air. Supermaritime van Reems BV has been established in October 2003. We are operating in the logistic sector. We can arrange to have a wide variety of goods and containers transhipped and transported. We aim to act as a broker for any company or private person, who wants their products shipped from A to B.

Remko van Reems

ZPPC ZPPC is an organization representing the majority of private industrial and logistic companies located in the ports of Terneuzen and Vlissingen. One of its main functions is to promote the two ports and their many facilities and services to potential customers on a global scale in combination with other Dutch ports. The council has an agreement with port company Zeeland Seaports to co-operate on promotional activities such as trade fairs and trade missions.

Henk de Haas

Stella Kouwijzer

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