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Amsterdam Amsterdam IJmuiden IJmuiden Offshore Offshore Port Port Serving Serving up up offshore offshore energy energy solutions solutions

Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. Zeehaven IJmuiden N.V. / Port of IJmuiden is privately owned. It has an absence of locks and a unique location near open sea, 20 minutes by road from Amsterdam Airport. Experienced in INDEX participants Zeehaven IJmuiden Port of Amsterdam Municipality Velsen ASCO Holland (Logistics) B.V. Bek & Verburg BuKO Boon Transport BK Maritiem CCA Containers Netherlands CMF Central Mudplant & Fluid Services B.V. EPMC Europe Isolatie Combinatie Beverwijk Industrial Pump Group Nederland B.V. Iskes Towage & Salvage KVSA Logistics MAIN B.V. Mammoet Nederland B.V. Maritieme Academie Holland MEO B.V. Shipdock Niron Staal Peterson IJmuiden Reym Royal Dirkzwager Willis AYOP 2

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assembly, installation and maintenance of two wind farms. Well equipped for offshore supply and offshore projects.

Peter van de Meerakker

Karin Maat

Port of Amsterdam

Gemeente Velsen

The port area is one of the world’s key international logistics

The Port of IJmuiden is the maritime gateway to the Amsterdam

hubs and handles over 94 million tons annually. For offshore

North Sea Canal Port Area and home to important industries

wind, we provide space on land, quay side in a tideless port,

such as TATA steelworks.

an excellent infrastructure and proximity to sea (draft 13.70m).

Companies working in the fishing industry, cold storage,

IJmuiden, Schiphol Airport and suppliers are within 20 minutes.

shortsea trades, offshore business and ferry and cruise shipping all play a leading role in their markets. Velsen’s pillars are tuned towards innovation in the field of wind energy, water energy, sustainability and also maritime ecological research. The municipality takes its responsibility seriously in promoting the local economy and in serving the investing companies.

Dorothy Winters

Ruud van Stralen

Arjen Verkaik



Bek & Verburg

Are you working within the off shore energy industry? Do you

Your shipping and Offshore related waste is our concern

need the help of an efficient, cost-effective and reliable logistics

Bek & Verburg is specialized in collection and handling of all

service company with global experience? If the answer is

kinds of Shipping waste in Dutch seagoing ports. By means of

yes, then please call us. ASCO Holland has the answers you

multifunctional crane trucks , barges , cleaning equipment


and an extensive fleet of various types of waste skips,we are able to offer a total service package seven days around the

One call does it all. ASCO – delivering more.

clock. Our service includes: handling and collection shipping waste, damaged cargo solutions, purchasing scrap metals, various ship’s cleaning , treatment of industrial/ hazardous and all types of offshore related waste.

Marchel Nap


Daan van Mullem

Boon Transport


Boon Transport is an internationally operating transport

BUKO delivers services at the highest standards to the

company which specializes in the offshore, oil & gas industry.

industry. Core competence is fulfilling all logistical needs of

Offshore freight is not only heavier, wider and longer than

our customers at the highest safety level with the strive to

conventional freight. Sometimes explosive or radioactive cargo

supply best service thinkable. All BUKO companies work close

is transported. The Boon fleet is equipped to handle any kind

together with their partners in business in order to maintain

of cargo. Open trailers, trucks with cranes, reinforced loading

highest efficiency and quality, at the lowest possible total

beds and safe storage of explosive and radioactive materials;

cost. With over 1100 employees BUKO is active in transport,

this transport company can meet every customer’s needs.

warehousing, communication, logistics and rental of building

Boon Transport is right on top of every new development in the



offshore industry. The up-to-date fleet is always equipped to deal with new developments.

Jerry van den Bosch

Henk Danklof

Cees Buur

Jan van Rossum

Jan de Boer


BK Maritiem

CCA Containers Netherlands

Experts of asbestos on board off platforms, ships, inland ships and other offshore structures

CCA Containers offers sale and rental of all major types of new ®

and second-hand offshore containers designed especially for

BK Maritiem specializes in asbestos identifications and

worldwide use in the oil and gas industry.

decontaminations and provides training and advice on board

All containers are certified to DNV 2.7-1 EN 12079 standard

of platforms, (inland) ships and other offshore structures. We

and approved by most classification societies, including DNV

operate worldwide form offices in the Netherlands and Curacao.

and Lloyd’s Register.

Our reports and identifications can be part of your QHSE, maintenance plans or as part of the ‘Green Passport’. We also handle the identification according to the SC540 guidelines and can provide a General Risk Assessment Plan for all type of vessels.

Annemieke Bantema


Simon Ras

Michael ter Haak

Maarten van den Berg

CMF Central Mudplant & Fluid Services B.V.

EPMC Europe

Service-provider for oil- and gas companies on exploration

EPMC Europe, founded in 1990, is an Offshore maintenance

drilling for oil and gas. Treatment facility for treatment of

company. We are specialized in worldwide repair and

exploration drilling waste streams:

maintenance works aboard vessels, Offshore platforms and

Oil Based Mud contaminated drill cuttings, Oil Based Mud


contaminated fluid waste streams and related dangerous waste.

Our engineers (re)design industrial and maritime installations,

Rental of offshore drillcuttingsskips and cleaning

lifting equipment, power- and control systems. EPMC Europe

of tanks on board of offshore supply vessels.

has a professional team of mechanics, ready to solve your problems anytime, anywhere.

ompanies on exploration acility for treatment of

cuttings, waste streams and related re drillcuttingsskips and cleaning ply vessels.

101 251 221 433

es weg 7

Mark Reiff

Menno Wognum

Gerard Nijssen

Judith Disbergen

Paul Rijbroek

Toon Nouwens




Isolatie Combinatie Beverwijk

Industrial Pump Group Nederland B.V.

Isolatie Combinatie Beverwijk B.V. is insulation specialist and

With it’s long experience in repair, overhaul and sales in the oil

has a leading role in maintenance and modification of all kind

and gas industry, Industrial Pump Group Nederland BV (IPG)

of insulation systems on platforms in the Dutch part of the

with it’s partners Robke and Pumptek are specialized in pump

North sea, from small scale maintenance to complete platform-

sales / repair and wellhead equipment such as: ESP pumps

revamps. We serve almost all oil and gas companies as well as

/ API pumps / Gate and ball Valves /Pressure vessels / High

main service providers.

pressure injection pumps and Casing tensioning. A team of highly experienced specialist provides solutions for standard and challenging problems.

Hans Kramer



Frank Korf

Robert de Brouwer

Iskes Towage & Salvage

KVSA Logistics

Iskes Towage & Salvage is active in harbor and offshore

SHIP AGENCIES liner and tramp services chartering & protecting agents services to oil and wind offshore projects handling of roro, ferry and cruise vessels

towage, salvage and other marine services. Our versatile fleet consists of eight sophisticated tugs, with up to 85 tons bollard pull. We assist all types of vessels in the Ijmuiden and Amsterdam port area, including Capesize vessels, tankers, container ships and large fishing trawlers. We also handle towage and positioning of rigs and installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms.

STEVEDORING lolo and roro cargo handling turn-key project solutions cruise luggage handling FORWARDING world wide air, sea, rail and road transports SHIP REPORTING ship signalling services 24/7 real time ship positioning data historical overviews tailor made web interfaces

Peter Maanders

Sander van Maurik

Frans Baud

Ron Maes

Henk Peperkamp




Mammoet Nederland B.V.

MAIN B.V. has more than 20 years’ experience in the collection

Mammoet helps clients improve construction efficiency and

and processing of ship-generated waste products.

optimize the uptime of plants and installations. For that purpose,

MAIN B.V. is specialised in the collection of bilge water, waste

we provide solutions for lifting, transporting, installing and

oil, washing water, sanitary waste water, engine-room sludge

decommissioning large and heavy structures.

and household chemical waste such as coolants, oil filters,

Our services are focused on the petrochemical and mining

rags, grease, paints, batteries, etc.

industries, civil engineering, power generation and offshore

Contact us for a MAIN stage performance!

projects. The logistic challenges in these industries are growing daily. Factors such as remote locations, harsh climates and a strong emphasis on the environment are constantly driving us towards smarter and safer solutions.

Dennis Wanders


Wilfred van der Wijk

Richard van Looij

AndrĂŠ Boon

Dennis Vrijenhoek

Maritieme Academie Holland


The Maritime Academy Holland’s history goes back to over a

MEO is specialized in loading and discharging ocean

century, making it one of the oldest maritime training institutes

vessels and suppliers from all over the world. With a

in the Netherlands. Today the Academy is geared to prepare

modern fleet of materials and handling equipment at our

people for all modern maritime and harbour facility functions.

disposal, include cranes 100T. till 1000T., we can offer the

The range of the Academy’s educational programs include

whole gamut of offshore services to rigs and installations.

training and education programmes for professional seafarers

Besides we also take care of all the required documentation.

but also for all forms of waterway transport but also ocean

We have our own terminals and storage facilities in Velsen,

technology and harbour training courses. Training and courses

Beverwijk, Amsterdam and Harlingen include 50,000 sqm

are available in all training levels and it is also focussed on the

of dry storage.

practical side of the scene, carried out by highly experienced tutors with the aid of modern equipment like training ships and advanced simulators. A special line of the Academy’s program is international contract education, specially arranged for companies – Dutch or foreign – which is tailor-made to their needs.

Patrick Randel

Frank van Kooten

Pim Werner




Shipdock / Niron Staal Shipdock Holding consists of three companies, Shipdock B.V.

your ship repair and conversion needs.

in Amsterdam, Shipdock Harlingen B.V. in Harlingen and Niron

Numerous dry dockings with repairs/conversions are carried

Staal Amsterdam B.V., the machining and steel construction

out on drill ships, pipe laying vessels, diving support vessels,

company in Amsterdam.

anchor handling tugs and offshore supply vessels. Complete

Shipdock’s approach to your fleet maintenance is aimed at a

thruster units overhauls have been carried out successfully in

long term relationship. A yard that is:

our workshop.

• flexible • service-oriented • competitively priced and that shows its talent for improvisation when needed. In other words, a yard that is willing to go the ‘extra yard’ to meet

Paul van de Craats


Freek van den Eijkel

Harco Groen

Peterson IJmuiden


Peterson has provided integrated logistics services to the

For over half a century, Reym has stood for professional

world’s leading players in the oil and gas industry since 1968.

industrial cleaning. We also have a wealth of experience in

We provide cost effective and innovative off shore solutions that

safe waste transportation and responsible waste management.

meet the highest possible standards of safety to people and

Together with specialised sister companies, we manage the

the environment. Our core values are honesty, integrity, safety,

environmental services of more and more organisations.

entrepreneurship and respect.

With over 500 enthusiastic and committed employees, we would like to support you too, wherever you are based in the Netherlands. Besides our headquarters in Amersfoort, our six regional branches enable us to reach any location, easily and at any time.

Josef Schoutens

Frank Vendel

Jan Groot


Royal Dirkzwager


The Offshore & Pilotage Services unit of Royal Dirkzwager

WILLIS Energy and Marine are global business units who are in

provides services such as VTS (during drilling, seismic

a unique position to combine risk insights with real world solu-

acquisition, pipe laying), Monitoring Offshore installations

tions. They are part of the global Willis network which includes

(radar & AIS) from our Control Center and Maritime Call Center

the knowledge and experience of 17.000 associates worldwide,


divided over 400 offices in 130 countries. Our dedicated Energy and Marine teams span the globe, ready to deliver world-class risk management solutions for your technical and operational


risks. Our reputation as industry leaders within Energy and Marine translate into innovative services and products that are widely used to assist Energy and Marine companies in developing their risk-management strategies. With our team in the Netherlands you will have access to worldwide and local expertise, experience, flexibility and hands on servicing.

Jeroen Kortsmit


Jessica Wesdijk

Paul Wieland

Martijn van Vliet

Gillis Brobbel

Paul Bruidegom

AYOP AYOP’s major objective is to provide promotional support to the regional offshore industries and to promote the area’s unique facilities. Over the years, Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Port (AYOP) has developed into a unique network organization. Our part¬ner list not only includes many oil-and-gas, offshore wind and portrelated and maritime industries, butlocal government bodies as well. This means that communication lines between the local business community and government bodies are very short, allowing for a quick and unified response to new developments.

Ron Davio

Laura Keegstra

Yolanda Los

Chris van der Deijl



Het Havengebouw De Ruijterkade 7, 13th floor 1013 AA Amsterdam The Netherlands Phone +31 20 627 37 06 Fax +31 20 6264969 E-mail Website


AYOP Offshore Energy Amsterdam 2013  

AYOP Offshore Energy Amsterdam 2013

AYOP Offshore Energy Amsterdam 2013  

AYOP Offshore Energy Amsterdam 2013