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General cargo special DSV and Cargill build inherently safe warehouse Waterland Terminal back at record level 2011/nr2


Cruising into the future On Friday 15 April the brand-new cruise ship AIDAsol arrived

a low-oxygen indoor climate and do not use forklifts (which can

at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA), the 1000th ocean

cause sparks) so as to avoid any destructive cocoa fires in the

cruiser to moor at the terminal since it opened in 2000. This is

future. The premises will be taken into use in a few months time

a considerable achievement for both the Passenger Terminal

and are a fine example of the innovative strength of Amsterdam

Amsterdam and Amsterdam Cruise Port, the promotional


organisation for ocean and river cruises. Michiel A. Wijsmuller, Chairman Amports The success of cruise shipping in Amsterdam Seaports is further illustrated by the fact that the 2011 season promises to break all previous records. No less than 148 ocean cruisers are due to dock in Amsterdam and IJmuiden, while over 1300 river cruisers will visit the North Sea Canal. This excellent result ensures plenty of work and income for marine service providers such as towage and pilotage companies and boatmen; not to mention the many millions of euros that cruise vessel passengers spend in the region. Naturally, Amsterdam Seaports is about much more than cruise ships alone. Construction is underway at various locations to improve the infrastructure, including the new road tunnel below the North Sea Canal and the motorway through the port area. And there is more: Beverwijk is continuing its preparations for a modern transhipment facility in its port, while the authorities in IJmuiden are increasing the depth of the channel to accommodate cruisers up to 300 metres. In addition, the North Sea Canal will be equipped with an advanced traffic management system this autumn that will undoubtedly improve the safety and efficiency of shipping traffic. As you can read in this magazine local businesses are also keeping busy, with companies such as Waterland Terminal and Maja Stevedores expanding their facilities. I would also like to point out the article on page 8 and 9 about the new DSV Solutions and Cargill warehouses for cocoa products. These have


Official publication on behalf of the ports of Amsterdam, Beverwijk,

Ymuiden and Zaanstad Published 4 times a year in English: by Amsterdam Ports Association


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09 Waterland Terminal

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Cover photo: A record-breaking performance: Koopman Car Terminal and stevedore Waterland Terminal unloaded 4,500 Nissans from the Pearl Ace on a single day in November 2010. Pronk Multiservice goes international

Photos: Dick van den Berg, Martin Hendriksen, Willem Moojen, Ed Seeder, Reinder Weidijk and others.

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‘exceptional’ loads


Main contributors: Bart Stam (chief editor), Jan van den Berg, Lydia Gille, Helen Hill, Pieter van Hove, Joris Moes, Willem Moojen, Rob Schoemaker and Niels Tersteeg (trainee).

(Photo by Martin Hendriksen)

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4 Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011

N E W S IN B R I E F 1000th cruise ship in Amsterdam

New commercial manager containers

On Friday 15 April Amsterdam Seaports welcomed

Port of Amsterdam has appointed Michael

the one thousandth ocean cruiser since the

van Toledo as commercial manager

opening of the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

containers, with the primary task of

(PTA) in 2000. The festive arrival of the brand-new

attracting new container line services to

AIDAsol was attended by the Mayor of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Seaports. Van Toledo has years

and the German Ambassador to the Netherlands.

of relevant experience working for shipping

The new cruise ship has a length of 252 metres

companies and agencies in the ports of

and 14 decks to accommodate around 2200

Amsterdam and Rotterdam. From 1986 to

passengers. Amsterdam Seaports promises to

2003 he was general manager of the VCK

break all previous records this cruise season with

Group in Amsterdam, before taking the

no less than 148 ocean cruisers (including in

position of managing director at shipping

IJmuiden) and over 1300 river cruisers.

company Delmas Nederlands from 2003 to Michael van Toledo

2006. From 2006 to 2010 Van Toledo was

active as commercial director at NileDutch, specialised in line services to West Africa. Zeehaven IJmuiden NV awards dredging contract Dutch dredging company De Vries & van der Wiel has won the contract to dredge out the entrance to the IJmond harbour in the IJmuiden Port. As a result, the current underwater obstruction partly blocking the entrance to the harbour will be removed, opening up the basin to vessels of up to 300 metres. The brand-new AIDAsol in the port of Amsterdam

“This is wonderful news,” enthuses Felison Terminal’s managing director, Frans Baud. “It will allow larger vessels to call upon Amsterdam Seaports when time

Container webshop CCA

saving is an issue. Thanks to this extension we are contemplating building a

Container Company Amsterdam (CCA), part

semi-permanent structure at our Felison Terminal number three berth in the

of the Ter Haak Group, has launched a new

IJmond Harbour to handle additional passengers.” Felison Terminal will host

webshop to sell new and used containers. At

eighteen transit calls this year, two of which are overnight calls and seven

the click of a mouse customers can choose from

turnarounds. De Vries & van der Wiel is a familiar face in Amsterdam Seaports

a wide range of new and used containers and

as the Port of Amsterdam previously awarded the company contracts to

cabins. With containers added daily, CCA’s new

dredge out two other harbours.

shop offers solutions for all applications. See New road tunnel in Amsterdam Seaports Good progress has been made over the past couple of months on the construction of a new road tunnel underneath the North Sea Canal, which is intended to improve the infrastructure in the Amsterdam region and port area. From 17 March to 31 March tugs and towboats transported the four large tunnel parts from the construction yard near Rotterdam to the port of Amsterdam, each coming in at 178 metres long, 30 metres wide and 8.5 metres high. Depending on weather conditions, the parts are due to be sunk by 24 May at the latest. The new road tunnel should be ready in 2013. See page 12-13

The IJmond harbour in the IJmuiden Port


Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011 5

Port of Amsterdam +31 20 58 77 877 - Port of Rotterdam +31 10 494 37 77 - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol +31 20 65 49 100 -

N E W S IN B R I E F AEO certification for Vopak

New coal loading station for Rietlanden Terminals

On 21 February 2011, ship broker Vopak

Rietlanden Terminals recently started using its new coal loading station in

Agencies Amsterdam received the combined

Amsterdam Seaports. The station is part of the terminal in the most western port

AEO certification for customs simplification and

of Amsterdam which has a capacity of 1.5 million tons of coal and a surface area

security. The Dutch Customs hereby recognises

of 32 hectares. The loading station has a capacity of 2,000 tons per hour. The

Vopak as a reliable partner in the (international)

loading bunker (100 m3) is equipped with an automatic roller and humidifier to

logistics chain. AEO certification is an initiative

minimise particles, and the conveyors vary in length between 200 to 300 metres.

by the European Union that benefits logistics

Rietlanden Terminals employees have received special training in how to operate

companies in international trading, for example

the system.

by providing exemption from specific customs activities and reducing the number of physical checks. Maja Stevedoring for warehousing Maja Stevedoring took into operation a new 7,500 m2 storage warehouse with its own quay and railway connection in the Port of Amsterdam in early February. The stevedore company will store several types of cargo in the warehouse, including agribulk, big bags, pallet goods and project cargo. Suitable for coasters and sea-going vessels with a maximum depth of 9.60 metres, the quay welcomed its first vessel in mid-

The new coal loading station at Rietlanden Terminals

February. The Baltic Sea was carrying 5,000 tons of salt.


Two million euros for the port of Beverwijk The port of Beverwijk, one of the four ports within Amsterdam Seaports, is to be granted two million euros for improving its infrastructure. This was announced in early February by the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Innovation and Agriculture during a working visit. One of the priorities of the port of Beverwijk is to develop a new transhipment system.

Office Elst Industrieweg-Oost 16 6662 NE Elst Phone: +31 (0)88-1011206 Fax: +31 (0)88-1011208 E-mail: Office Amsterdam Ruijgoordweg 100 1047 HM Amsterdam Phone: +31 (0)20-4801400 Fax: +31 (0)20-3347571 E-mail:

Aerial view of the port of Beverwijk

Quality in logistics


Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011 7

I n n ovat i o n Intelligent oxygen reduction system prevents cocoa fire

DSV and Cargill build inherently safe warehouse DSV and Cargill are building two new warehouses with an innovative fire prevention system in Amsterdam Seaports, which the initiators say is a global first.

Jack Streefland (DSV Solutions, left) and Gijs Vorstman (Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate) in front of the new warehouses under construction

The contours of the new DSV Solutions

of 10,000 m2 each for the storage of cocoa

and processes large quantities of cocoa

warehouses at a new industrial park on

products for Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate,

beans into cocoa mass, cocoa butter and

the border of the port of Amsterdam are

one of DSV’s main clients. According

cocoa powder for (inter)national clients

already clearly visible. Due to be taken

to Streefland and Cargill’s supply chain

at Amsterdam Seaports, with DSV being

into use this summer, the four multi-client

director Gijs Vorstman, the warehouses

responsible for the main part of the logistic

warehouses will have a total surface area

will be a global first. “The combination


of 50,000 m2 for storing cocoa products

of a low-oxygen indoor climate with

and other cargo. “DSV currently has

unmanned Automated Guided Vehicles for

Three starting points

various facilities in Amsterdam Seaports,

internal transport and separate storage is

Following the two large cocoa fires in

and bringing all these activities to a

unique for cocoa products.”

2003, Cargill and DSV decided to develop

single location will generate a wealth of

together an inherently safe warehouse,

efficiency and cost-saving benefits,” says

The two warehouses only contain 16 to 17

and the two partners quickly had the main

Jack Streefland, account manager at DSV

percent oxygen to prevent the substantial

starting points down on paper. The first

Solutions, one of the three subsidiaries of

volume of cocoa powder, paper sacks,

important issue was to prevent a blaze

the Danish mother company. “It also allows

plastic and wooden pallets from catching

by reducing oxygen levels, which has the

us to build warehouses that incorporate

fire. “As a company, Cargill requires the

benefit that a starting fire will smoulder at

the very latest technologies.”

safe storage of cocoa products in order


to guarantee delivery to our clients,” says Unique

Vorstman. “Two large fires in the region

The second safety aspect is that the

With his latter comment, Streefland is

in 2003 have shown how destructive

warehouses are separated by at least 20

talking about two high-tech warehouses

such blazes can be.” Cargill produces

metres to prevent the entire stock from

8 Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011

being lost at once. The third starting point

proven that the concept of a new fire

Amsterdam eventually gave his approval.

is the stringent separation between people

prevention or fire fighting system is

And the cooperation with the fire brigade

and machinery, as Vorstman explains:

equally as safe as a sprinkler system.”

was very pleasant at every stage.”

to do great damage in a warehouse, nor

Streefland takes up the story: “Part of our

Central dispatch centre

does one machine. However, putting them

proof was a test performed by a Dutch

The other two multi-client warehouses,

together in an uncontrolled situation may

research institute in which a newspaper

intended for other goods, have a more

lead to considerable damage, which is why

was set on fire by a welding torch in a

conventional layout without special

we have chosen to use automated vehicles

low-oxygen space. This proved that the

oxygen concentrations. “Additionally,

for the internal transport of cocoa powder

paper smouldered, but did not erupt in

all four warehouses are connected to a

pallets. These VNA/AGVs (Very Narrow

flames. A similar effect occurs with cocoa

central dispatch centre,” adds Streefland.

Aisle/Automated Guided Vehicles) can be

powder, which smoulders or smokes at

“From here we can load and unload 75

remote controlled from a considerable

most.” In the latter case, the ‘knock down’

trucks simultaneously.”

distance. This set-up allows us to use the

phase is automatically started: Carbon

warehouse space three times as efficiently

dioxide is blown into the warehouse to

Both companies see the new build as an

compared to manned forklifts, which

further reduce oxygen levels to around 12

excellent example of the close relationship

require more room for manoeuvre.”

percent, automatically putting out the seat

between Cargill and DSV Solutions.

of the fire.

Vorstman: “It concerns a multi-year project

“One employee does not have the power

Safe as sprinklers

in which both companies have invested

Not everyone was easily persuaded of

In addition to the successful test with

considerable sums to achieve a joint goal.

the advantages of the new warehouses.

a welding torch, the companies also

This is only possible if you know each other

“It took us six to seven years to convince

involved the expertise of a Dutch

really well.”

the regional authorities and fire brigade

consultation and engineering firm (SAVE/

of the so-called equality principle,” adds

Oranjewoud). Vorstman: “Based on their

Vorstman. “This means that it has to be

report, the regional fire officer from


Stevedore and Terminal operator

In the largest All Weather Terminal of Europe transferring vulnerable products like steel, timber and paper no longer depends on dry weather conditions.

Elbaweg 10 - 1044 AD Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 20 44 80 620 E W

Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011 9

I n terv i e w Ambitious CEO looks forward to a bright future

Port of Rotterdam spreads its wings He may have been president-director of the Port of Rotterdam for over six years but Hans Smits is still bursting with plans for the port’s future. Rotterdam continues to spread its wings in both the European hinterland and overseas satellite ports. Meanwhile, Smits is following the possible privatisation of the Port of Amsterdam with great interest, as Rotterdam headed out on the same path several years ago. “The contact with our colleagues in Amsterdam is excellent, both formally and informally. We are a joint shareholder in two major projects.” The new Port Vision 2030, due to be published soon, was still at an embryonic stage when we spoke to Hans Smits. “Although I cannot go into great detail on the contents, I can reveal that it will be a strategic document based on three major growth segments: Containers, energy and mineral oil products. Port Vision 2030 will also discuss other factors that determine the success of the Rotterdam port, such as accessibility, sustainability, legislation and regulations, the labour market and the relationship with the government.” Satellite ports The Port of Rotterdam opened its first

President-director Hans Smits of the Port of Rotterdam during a recent visit to Maasvlakte-2, the new

non-Dutch ‘satellite port’ in Sohar, Oman,

1000-hectare port and industrial area on the North Sea

several years ago. Now it has plans for similar ‘clones’ in upcoming economies

market position as a global port in view

The protests did not phase Hans Smits: “The

such as India, China and Brazil. “We are

of the goods transported to Rotterdam.

response was undoubtedly linked to the

in full negotiations with the Brazilian

But the concept also gives Rotterdam

upcoming state elections. I recently met the

harbour town of Suape and actively

companies the opportunity to invest in

German President and jokingly introduced

considering a ‘green field’ location in

one of the overseas ports for more space.”

myself as president-director of the largest

India,” explains Smits. “In early March we

According to the CEO, a third argument

port in Germany. I didn’t have to explain to

concluded a service agreement with the

is that businesses from these regions are

him, nor to the CEOs of Thyssen-Krupp and

Nangang Industrial Port Complex in China,

interesting strategic partners who may

the large car manufacturers, how important

making the Port of Rotterdam the first

invest in the Rotterdam port region.

the port of Rotterdam is to the German

non-Chinese port authority in a Chinese

economy. After the city of Duisburg and the

port.” Nangang is expected to develop into

Main ‘German’ port

North Rhine-Westphalia state, we could be

a new port of approximately 200 km2 for

The Port of Rotterdam announced at the

a strategic third shareholder in Duisport. Of

the petrochemical industry, metalwork and

end of January plans to acquire a 33 percent

course this would also mean investing in

heavy industry.

interest in the Duisport multimodal inland

this main hub.”

port in Duisburg together with Antwerp. Smits has a clear vision as to the reasoning

This resulted in vehement reactions from

The obvious question then is whether Snits

behind these participating interests:

the port of Hamburg, which advocated that

believes German parties should be able

“The main argument is to strengthen our

Duisport should remain in German hands.

to take a participating interest in the Port

10 Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011

of Rotterdam? “Certainly, so long as they

to work together in specific projects.


are at a government level and not private.

The first project is joint research into a


We must continue to safeguard our

better connection to our petrochemical

Smits is following the possible privatisation


industries via pipelines. The second deals

of the Port of Amsterdam with great interest,

with the issue of how two large seaports

as Rotterdam headed out on the same


can best work together with regard to the

path several years ago. “The contact with

With around 11 million TEU, Rotterdam

German hinterland and Central Europe in

our colleagues in Amsterdam is excellent,

was again one of the world’s top ten

order to create more value for our clients.”

both formally and informally. We are a joint

largest container ports in 2010. “This

shareholder in the Portbase port information

indicates our vital importance as a global

Smits started as CEO at the Port of

system, and in Keyrail, the operator of the

container port,” says Smits. “Nonetheless,

Rotterdam in 2005. “My first task was

main goods railway from the Dutch seaports

the main issue is our position within the

to ensure that the Port of Rotterdam

to the German hinterland.”

Le Havre-Hamburg range.” He names

was professionalised in all its facets. The

Antwerp and Hamburg as the main

second was realising the new 1000-

To conclude, how long does the CEO intend

container competitors. “Antwerp is also

hectare port and industrial area on the

to keep enjoying the splendid views from the

our main competitor in the field of

North Sea (Maasvlakte-2) within the

World Port Centre? “My contract runs until 1

chemicals and mineral oil products, while

predetermined time limit and budget. In

January 2013. What happens then depends

our largest competitor in the field of coal

terms of professionalisation we are well

on the Supervisory Board and shareholders.

transhipment is Amsterdam Seaports.”

underway, although I do believe we can

I am really enjoying myself here and would

still further improve our client-orientation.

like to continue if I get the chance. I still have

So how come Rotterdam recently

Maasvlakte-2 is going well, although the

plenty of ambitions for this port.”

entered into a cooperative agreement

sting is usually in the tail in these types of

with Antwerp? “It is a statement of intent


kwart pagina sts FC.pdf





Dedicated to your bulk liquid handling. Efficient, safe and with respect for the ecological environment.

Westhavenweg 105F 1042 BB Amsterdam T. +31 (0) 20 480 2060 F. +31 (0) 20 480 2061 E. I.

Bron luchtfoto’s: Fotostudio Honing

Dirk Huizinga Manager Health, Safety, Security & Environment, Oiltanking Amsterdam

We Can, We Care At Oiltanking, safety always comes first. This is reflected

is to ensure his terminal meets all internal and external

in our global Health, Safety, Security and Environmental

HSSE standards. Handling huge volumes of hazardous pro-

(HSSE) policy, which has been translated into 15 languages

ducts utilizing more than 90 tanks and 18 jetties, as well

and is signed by each Profit Centre Manager. For continuous

as pipelines to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and crude oil

improvement of our performance we need people like Dirk

platforms in the North Sea, Dirk has a lot of responsibility.

Huizinga. Working for Oiltanking Amsterdam, Dirk’s job

He can manage, because he cares.

Your reliable storage partner for liquid bulk. Admiralitaetstrasse 55 | D-20459 Hamburg Germany Tel. +49-40-370990 0 | Fax +49-40-37099 499 |

Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011 11

i n frastru c ture i n the p i c ture

The infrastructure in Amsterdam Seaports is constantly under

(178 metres long, 30 metres wide, 8.5 metres high) through the lock

development, both in the harbour basins and channels, and on land.

system on its way to the Amsterdam port.

One of the current main projects is the construction of a new road tunnel underneath the North Sea Canal off the port of Amsterdam,

The four tunnel elements were built at a construction dock near

due to be completed in 2013.

Rotterdam. Once finished they were transported to Amsterdam by tug and tow boats via the North Sea and North Sea Canal, a journey of 130

Sunday 20 March saw hundreds of people come to IJmuiden, the

kilometres. Each of the four transports took between 35 to 41 hours.

entrance to the North Sea Canal. They watched enthralled as the tug

The elements were then sunk into place in April and May.

and tow boats manoeuvred the first tunnel element

12 Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011

(Photo: Reinder Weidijk)

Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011 13

G e n era l c argo Optimising the Ro/Ro sector in Amsterdam Seaports

Economic downturn as motivator The Ro/Ro (Roll on/Roll off) sector is a dynamic feature of Amsterdam Seaports. Although the official numbers speak of 856,440 tons in 2010, the actual figure is probably well above the million mark. Small wonder then that all the major Ro/Ro players are further enhancing their services.

Maiden call of the City of St. Petersburg at Koopman Car Terminal on 5 February. The car carrier with its streamlined bow transported around 1,500 Nissans

Ro/Ro vessels are ships with a ramp for the

Ro/Ro such as the Norwegian company

all of whom are represented by Nissan

fast (un)loading of rolling goods such as

Sea-Cargo A/S, represented in Amsterdam

Carrier Europe. One of the main stevedores

cars, buses, trucks, excavators and moving

Seaports by Sea-Cargo Agencies. It is

is Waterland Terminal, while its neighbour

cranes. Static cargo such as wood, steel

taking two new RoRo vessels into use

Koopman Car Terminal is responsible for

plates and big bags are also rolled on

this year for the transport of ‘green’

the processing and distribution of cars in

board by means of so-called mafi trailers

liquefied natural gas (LNG), including the


(loading platforms on wheels).

brand-new City of St. Petersburg that made its maiden call in Amsterdam in early

Waterland Terminal processes a wide

Amsterdam Seaports also welcomes

February. The car carrier has a sleek, semi-

variety of cargo, including cars, heavy

ferries (including from DFDS Seaways

spherical bow shape that saves 800 tons of

construction equipment and trucks as

on the IJmuiden-Newcastle service) that

fuel a year, resulting in a reduction of 2,500

well as static cargo exclusively for Höegh

combine cargo and passenger transport,

tons in CO2 emissions.

Autoliners. “The Nissans that arrive here

as well as ocean cruisers. In the general

are transported throughout Europe,”

cargo sector these are mainly car carriers,

Fast (un)loading

says Michel Kool, general manager of

also called ‘floating garages’ due to their

Large Ro/Ro shipping companies that

Nissan Carrier. “They are shipped to the

multiple (adjustable) decks.

transport to Amsterdam Seaports are

Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria,

Nissan Motor Car Carrier, Höegh Autoliners,

Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic,

Euro Marine Carrier and Mitsui OSK Lines,

Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia and

And then there are other parties active in

14 Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011

Slovenia. Amsterdam also serves as

to their countries of origin, such as large

“While 2007 and 2008 were great years

the Nissan Tiida distribution hub for

televisions that have been replaced by

for us, we saw the first signs of the crisis

the Russian market. In 2011 we plan to

flat screens in the Netherlands.”

in the summer of 2008,” adds Jeroen

tranship around 15,000 of these cars

Brauns, general manager of VCK. “Various

from Mexico via Amsterdam to Saint


contracted parties took measures in 2009,

Petersburg.” Nissan Carrier also hopes to

As a result of the economic crisis Nissan

including reducing production. This had

process a regular flow of Seat cars from

saw the number of cars in Amsterdam

a direct impact on supply but we are

Barcelona to Amsterdam this year, after

in 2009 fall by 50 percent compared

expecting better results in the year ahead.”

having transported around a thousand

to 2008, from 305,000 to 155,000. In

vehicles a month in recent months.

contrast, there was an increase of almost

“We have seen the crisis as an excellent

19 percent in 2010 (from 155,000 to

motivation to increase our search for


184,000 cars) and Kool expects this trend

new cargo flows and develop alternative

Other large stevedores besides Waterland

to continue.

services,” Brauns continues. “Over recent

Terminal are VCK and the Ter Haak Group.

years VCK invested a great deal of time

The latter has a weekly service with

The multipurpose stevedores also

and energy in optimising our operational

Grimaldi Lines to northwest and West

saw a drop in business, only later. The

processes and, therefore, our services. The

Africa from its USA (United Stevedores

transported wood is mainly intended for

implementation of a new information

Amsterdam) deep-sea terminal. Incoming

the construction industry, a sector that is

system that helped us realise our goals

cargo includes wood, containers and

currently going through a difficult period,

in the field of quality, communication,

general cargo, while outgoing cargo

while aluminium, zinc and steel are used

efficiency and cost reduction was essential.”

consists of Ro/Ro and containers.

in the car industry, where business has

Clients mainly arrive via the so-called

also declined. Paul Brink, executive vice

freight forwarding branch, says Julian

president of USA (United Stevedores

Jansen, commercial manager of the Ter

Amsterdam): “We experienced a drop in

Haak Group. “There is a large African

the Ro/Ro sector until 2010, but business

community in the Netherlands that

stabilised last year. For 2011 we expect a

employs us to ship (household) goods

limited increase.”


Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011 15

G e n era l c argo

Offshore options aplenty in Amsterdam Seaports Around two to three thousand people in Amsterdam Seaports work in the offshore industry, including in the wind energy sector at sea. “This makes us one of the main offshore regions in the Netherlands,” says Ron Davio, chairman of the regional promotional organisation AYOP (Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Port). Now 59, Davio has had a distinguished career in the offshore industry, mainly in Amsterdam Seaports. He has been managing director of companies such as Genius (later Genius Vos) and Fabricom Oil & Gas. From 1988, at Cofely Oil & Gas. Davio became chairman of AYOP several months ago. “We are the main Dutch region for offshore wind energy,” he continues. “Our modern harbour in IJmuiden is only a short distance from two large wind parks on the North Sea, while two more parks will be added in the coming years, both at a sailable distance

Ron Davio, chairman of AYOP (Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Port)

from IJmuiden.” The two existing offshore wind parks off the coast of IJmuiden have

IJmuiden and, to a lesser extent, Beverwijk.

Offshore the Netherlands and MSCIJ

a capacity of 108 MW and 120 MW, and

This is incorrect. A good example is ZPMC

(Maritime Service Centre IJmond), as well

were taken into use in 2006 and 2008

Europe in Amsterdam, which is traditionally

as more traditional offshore companies

respectively. Amsterdam Seaports has an

specialised in the construction of port and

including Schlumberger and ASCO Holland

indispensible role when it comes to service

transhipment cranes. This company is also

(Logistics). As the techniques they use

and maintenance for these turbines at sea.

increasingly focused on wind energy.”

are not so different, the two sectors can

As regional promotional organisation,

Another example is United Stevedores

construction and installation, as well as

AYOP represents the interests of both the

Amsterdam (USA), part of the Ter Haak

the maintenance of both platforms and

offshore industry, including a large number

Group, which is also situated in the port


of suppliers, and the port authorities

of Amsterdam. This stevedore has recently

(especially Zeehaven IJmuiden NV and

been processing a large amount of

Plenty of supplies

the Port of Amsterdam) and regional

pipelines for the oil industry. Additionally,

Davio is optimistic about the future of the

governments. Some thirty companies and

ship repair yard Shipdock in Amsterdam

offshore industry. “A senior executive from

government institutions are members of

repairs installation vessels and offshore

Shell recently told me that at least fifty


support vessels. “In short, there are plenty

years of oil and gas reserves still lie beneath

of offshore activities in the region,” adds

the seas. Moreover, I know from experience


that many ‘used’ oil fields still contain plenty

strengthen each other. This applies to

Plenty of space According to the AYOP chairman, one of the

of supplies. While we are not yet able to

benefits of the North Sea Canal is the space

The AYOP chairman is convinced that the

access them with our current technology,

it makes available for the assembly of wind

oil & gas production sector strengthens

I am sure we will be able to do so in the

turbines and oil rigs. “It is often thought

the offshore wind energy sector and vice


that the offshore activities in the North Sea

versa: “We have a prospering wind energy

Canal region mainly take place in seaport

sector with companies such as Vestas

Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011 17

G e n era l Cargo

VCK: A focus on innovation VCK, the oldest freight brokerage in Amsterdam, has grown into a modern logistics company that focuses heavily on information technology (ICT).

Hustle and bustle at VCK’s Scandia Terminal

A large number of Ro/Ro vessels that form

the time, there were also in-house

as wood, paper and cellulose. In addition,

part of a regular service to Scandinavia

programmers working on software

a great deal of steel, aluminium and zinc

and Finland have been using VCK’s Scandia

development. Today, over forty years

also finds its way to Amsterdam from

Terminal for years. The vessels never

of automation later, VCK has the latest

northern Europe. “Our role begins with the

spend more than a few hours in port,

information systems for custom-made

unloading of these products, followed by

during which time all incoming freight is

efficient and creative logistics applications.

storage and distribution,” Brauns says. “Our

offloaded and outgoing cargo brought on

An open system structure ensures

warehouses are designed for both storage


optimal communication with customers,

and phased transit to recipients, which

authorities, subcontractors and suppliers.

allows them to minimise in-house storage

VCK has reinforced its position in European

space and reduce costs.”

short-sea traffic considerably over the past

staff and technology

decade. Initially a ship broker, stevedore

“Our software helps us to analyse and

Waterland Terminal

and shipping agent, the company has

improve business processes,” Brauns

VCK’s traffic volume had been increasing

grown into an all-round integrated

points out. “We also devote a great deal

steadily in the years before the economic

logistics service provider, with a substantial

of attention to personal relationships,

downturn, leading to a clear need for

presence outside the Netherlands. The

quality and safety. Our first priority is to

expansion. “We chose to solve this in an

company uses the latest ICT applications

put ourselves in our customers’ shoes

original way by acquiring a stake in the

for its various activities. “We consider

when working out how their logistics are

Waterland Terminal, where part of the

it crucial to closely monitor current

organised and what their needs are. This

Scandinavian cargo is unloaded,” Brauns

developments in the transportation

is why we are constantly investing in both

says.” We also have an entirely different

industry and always respond creatively,”

staff and technology, which has allowed

maritime activity in the form of our service

general manager Jeroen Brauns explains.

VCK to build up a whole team of logistics

provision for cruise vessels – in addition to

whiz kids.”

acting as an agent for various cruise lines,

Forty years of ICT

VCK is also involved in baggage handling

The first computer, a massive IBM

The short-sea connections with the

mainframe for accounting, was introduced

Scandinavian and Finnish ports represent

by VCK all the way back in 1969. At

a regular supply of forest products such

18 Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011

and the loading and unloading of supplies.”

G e n era l c argo Waterland Terminal back at record level

Good prospects and new plans Although 2009 may have been a difficult year for Waterland Terminal, things have now changed for the better for the modern all-weather terminal in Amsterdam Seaports.

The cargo ship mv Trans Odin visiting Waterland’s covered hall no 3

René Finson, co-owner and managing

non-ferrous metals (steel, aluminium

addition to Nissan cars, these vessels also

director of Waterland Terminal, sees

and zinc) that can be damaged by rain.

transport other rolling equipment such

cause for optimism. “The 15 percent

The stevedore company also processes

as trucks, bulldozers and earth-moving

decline in 2009 was not something we

roll-on/roll-off and project cargo.


growth since I joined the company in

Three covered halls


1998. The year 2009 may have been

Waterland Terminal now has three

In February Waterland Terminal started

difficult but we are now back above the

covered halls for coasters and sea-going

a plan that had been in the pipeline for

level of our record year in 2008 when we

vessels of up to 9,000 dwt and with a

a while: Constructing a new 6,000 m2

saw a cargo volume of around 1.4 million

maximum depth of 11 metres. Each

warehouse for high-quality steel and

tons.” Finson says that the recovery can

with a 40-ton gantry crane, the halls

largely be attributed to the efforts of the

are directly connected to the 60,000 m

we want to enhance the terminal by


warehouse space.

anticipating market developments,”

Built in the 1990s, Waterland Terminal

Waterland Terminal shares a 350-metre

want to get the balance right as our

was the first covered terminal in the

deep-sea quay with Koopman Car

transhipment capacity is currently larger

world. It was designed to protect forestry

Terminal for the approximately 100

than our storage capacity.”

products such as wood, wood pulp,

car carriers from Hoëgh Autoliners

paper and cellulose, and ferrous and

and HUAL that moor here annually. In

were used to as we had only experienced

forestry products. “On the one hand 2

explains Finson. “At the same time we

Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011 19

G e n era l c argo

Sea-Cargo increases door-to-door deliveries Dutchman Hans van Velthoven is successor to Rob Jensch as the new general manager at Sea-Cargo Agencies in Amsterdam Seaports. With its biweekly service, the Norwegian shipping company SeaCargo A/S is the specialist in industrial cargo between Norway’s west coast and the rest of Europe, via Amsterdam.

“Our real competitor is the trailer, insofar as they are not onboard one of our Ro/Ro vessels during their biweekly service between Amsterdam, Esbjerg (Denmark) and western Norway,” says Hans van Velthoven, general manager at Sea-Cargo Agencies in Amsterdam since mid 2010. As ship broker of Norwegian shipping company Sea-Cargo, the task is to attract cargo (trailers, general cargo, containers and project cargo) and optimise the operational process. In order to successfully compete with road transport, Sea-Cargo is increasingly developing into a door-to-door logistics services supplier. “As we work in a competitive niche market it is essential that we listen carefully to our clients,” continues Van Velthoven, who previously worked for DFDS and Unifeeder in the port of Rotterdam. “Amsterdam Seaports is the perfect partner in this respect: It has sufficient space and flexibility, a good price/ quality ratio and an excellent mentality that puts the needs of clients first.” Rail network and inland shipping “For our part we constantly have to find intelligent solutions that make multimodal transport as fast, low-cost and sustainable as possible. Although the quality of the

Hans van Velthoven: “We work in a competitive niche market”

hinterland connections is good, we have to work hard to achieve larger cargo flows

when it comes to sustainability, especially

implemented in 2015. Our LNG engines

via the rail network and inland shipping in

as the fleet is soon to be expanded with

emit 20 percent less carbon dioxide and

order to strengthen the sustainability of our

two multipurpose vessels that run on

90 percent less NOx (nitrogen oxides)

sea transport.”

liquefied natural gas. Van Velthoven: “These

than conventional diesels. They also have

engines mean we will be well ahead of

minimal particle and sulphur emissions.”

LNG vessels

the international MARPOL legislation

Sea-Cargo has several irons in the fire

for short-sea vessels that is due to be

Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011 21

G e n era l c argo From the North pole to the south of Spain

Multiwheels: Specialist in ‘exceptional’ loads Multiwheels has been transporting goods throughout Europe since 1978. From its base in the port of Amsterdam, the company is specialised in transporting exceptional loads such as large parts for car factories, tall sailyacht masts, or silos for brewers.

An excellent example of heavy transport is this 32.5 m, 25,000 kg crane arm, which Multiwheels transported from Amsterdam to Barcelona

“Whatever you can imagine we can

new tunnel below the North Sea Canal –

trucks and twenty trailers with which we

transport it,” says Rob Tschur, general

both currently under construction – will

can handle almost all transports. And

manager of Multiwheels. “This usually

only improve our reachability, ” Tschur

on incidental occasions we also have

involves exceptional cargo, such as part of


arrangements with fellow transport

an aircraft wing from Amsterdam Schiphol

companies who match our level of service

Airport to Ireland, a locomotive from

Licenses and regulations

Germany to Spain, or parts and machines

Over the past three decades the transport

for the new metro line here in Amsterdam.

company has developed into a logistic


We transport these types of goods

services provider for road transport. “We

Although profit margins are considerably

throughout Europe; from the polar circle to

now do much more than transporting

down on the top year of 2007, Multiwheels

the southern tip of Spain.”

cargo alone,” explains Tschur. “Multiwheels

has managed to ride out the storm of

also takes care of customs and goods

recession. Tschur: “In 2007 we made

Multiwheels was established on 1 January

insurance, and we ensure that exceptional

substantial investments in five new trailers

1978. “Because of its close proximity to the

transports meet all (inter)national

and two trucks worth between 800,000

motorway network, the port of Amsterdam


to 900,000 euros. This helped us brave the

is an excellent home base for us to serve all

and reliability.”

economic crisis, along with the fact that our

our European clients. The new motorway

Multiwheels has sixteen full-time

extensive network of trucks almost always

between the Amsterdam ring road and

employees (FTEs) including thirteen

carries return cargo.”

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport that runs

drivers. “This is exactly what we need,” says

through the port, as well as the second,

Tschur. “We now have a fleet of twelve

22 Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011

G e n era l c argo Pronk Multiservice goes international

“We offer a unique service” ‘Everything is possible’ is the motto of Amsterdam lashing company Pronk Multiservice. In combination with its total package service, this can-do attitude has been the secret to the company’s success.

Ask Steven Pronk, co-owner of Pronk Multiservice in Amsterdam Seaports along with brother Marcel, about the activities of his company and he first has to take a deep breath: “We offer storage and handling of containers, cargo storage, container stowage, packaging of machines and goods, the making of custom boxes, support with calamities, maintaining and cleaning of installations, buildings and grounds, the cleaning of ships’ holds and the painting of industrial objects.” The company’s core business, however, is lashing and stowing or preparing cargo for (un)loading on vessels, trucks, railway carriages and in containers, underlines Pronk, who has seen it all from speedboats and complete escalators to aircraft hulls and anchors. “One of the strangest projects was to ship a 40-ton church bell from Amsterdam to Japan. But we have also stowed a helium-filled

Pronk Multiservice transports a 12-ton hoist

Zeppelin in a ship’s hold; not without an element of risk.” International offices

stored for packaging and transport. The

Total package

company’s outdoor area adds another

Pronk Multiservice in unique for the way

7,500 m2 to the facilities.

it offers a total package service. “The sale of lashing materials is a particularly

The versatility of Pronk Multiservice has not gone unnoticed. Despite the

The company is also developing on an

difficult business,” says Pronk. “Although

impact of the recession on the transport

international scale with offices in Dubai

there is a lot of competition, we simply

sector, the lashing company is now very

and India. “We opened an office in Dubai

take on everything. And if there is

much in the ascendancy again. “We have

at the request of our maritime clients as

anything we don’t have then we access

acquired an increasing number of orders

they had no access to lashing materials

our extensive network to ensure we can

in recent months,” adds Pronk. To meet

there,” explains Pronk. “We had already

always offer turnkey solutions.”

the demand of previous years, Pronk

been making cargo decks, crating and

Multiservice’s facilities in the port of

combining transport goods there for

“Amsterdam Seaports will continue to

Amsterdam, adjacent to the all weather

some two years.” Pronk Multiservice also

be our home base,“ concludes Pronk.

Waterland Terminal, were expanded

provides services in the Indian cities

“We hope that our international offices

twice. Pronk Multiservice now has four

of Bangalore and Chennai, where the

will enable us to provide even better

warehouses with overhead cranes

company has just started its activities.

services in the port of Amsterdam.”

(offering a total surface area of 8,500 m )

In addition, the brothers are planning to

in which lashing materials and goods are

open offices in Singapore and Spain.


Amsterdam Seaports No. 2 2011 23

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