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now lets get to planning the best day of your life!

Thanks so much for choosing A&G! I can’t wait to get started planning your personal, customized experience! I don’t have to tell you how important this day is, you’ve been waiting your whole life for it! Included in this package is a lot of information of what to expect from me that may help prepare you for the best day possible.


how will your special day play out?

The key to creating the best possible day is planning every moment while expecting there may be hick-ups. Leaving ample time for photography is key to capturing those ever after moments. One of the biggest reasons for a bride to be off track is hair and make-up. If you chose to have a professional make-up artist and hair stylist to take care of your cover girl look, you must plan enough time for them to inevitably run late. They usually will. We suggest you tell your hair and make-up artists you need to be done 30-45 minutes earlier than you actually need to be, that way you won’t be rushed and your day won’t start with any extra stress.

The second reason for a time-line running over is the family formals. You need to have your entire family at location on time and have them stay put (this never happens as planned). Contacting each friend and family member personally is key. Not only does this give you an opportunity to explain the significance of their being on time it more importantly allows you to tell them know how special they are to you. Having 1 or 2 people who are not in the family portraits orchestrate the family session will take the stress off you. Once you have established all the people you want in the photos please share this list with me at least 3 weeks prior to your wedding day. I can help you achieve all the shots on your list effectively.


why the engagement session is so important

I believe the engagement session is a key ingredient to starting our wonderful new photographic relationship. These sessions are fun & laid back. You will get an idea of how I orchestrate a photo shoot and I will learn how to make you more comfortable in front of the camera. We’re a new team - the 3 of us - and no two couples are alike to me. I customize each session according to your likes, personalities and quirks. You can also use the engagement photos to create a gorgeous guest book to have at your wedding reception. A customized session takes time to plan and lots of communication. Your input is more than welcome and I highly value it. Collaboration with my clients is just about my most favourite thing about this process.

All wedding packages come with a complimentary engagement session. YAY!


Seeing each other before the Ceremony

It sounds a bit radical, I know, but hear me out. Opting for the first look isn’t for everyone. I completely understand the importance of tradition but more often these days brides and grooms are open to creating their own traditions – if you fall into this category this might be for you. Choosing the first look gives you and your love a private moment alone to experience the first moment of the day together. A beautiful, intimate moment where you can touch, kiss, hold hands, whisper and snuggle in privacy. It gives you the opportunity to relieve each others nervousness. By alleviating nerves, you are able to enjoy your walk down the aisle, you can focus on your man at the end of the row and take in more of the emotion from your guests.

From a photographic stand point, your make-up is fresh, dress clean and wrinkle free - these once and a life time photos will surely be cherished and most likely some of your favourites of the day. Most of the bridal photos will be done at this time creating a much smoother timeline after the Ceremony for family formals and ultimately giving you more time to be with your guests at cocktail hour.


We will need to book your engagement session at least 3 months prior to your wedding day. Booking the session is your responsibility, so please contact me with plenty of time. If you are ordering guest sign-in albums for your reception we need to allow 4-5 weeks for design, printing & shipping. Typically a week day evening is best if your wedding is booked in the summer months. Other arraignments can be made but Saturdays are usually reserved for weddings and lifestyle sessions. The evening sunset sessions are the most romantic and this is the most beautiful light of the day. (other than sun rise but this girl doesn’t work well at 5 am) You have already paid the 25% retainer to book your wedding date with me but please be reminded that your final payment is due 3 weeks prior to you wedding date. We will send you an email reminder 4 weeks prior.


when will your photos be ready to view

So you get home from your - hopefully - sunny vacation and you are crazy excited to see some photos. If your day allowed, we produced a same day edit for you at your reception. If the timeline didn’t allow that I bet you just can’t wait to feast your eyes on how gorgeous you were on your wedding day. Although the digital processing of the final images takes approximately 8-12 weeks, I usually run a sneak peek on the blog or facebook within 30 days. When the final images are ready, I will contact you to set up your in-person image viewing session. At that time you will chose your favorite images for A&G to design your custom album and I will give you the information to access your online gallery and help you chose beautiful wall art.

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we love you, so we’ll probably love your friends too

If you are so inclined, I would love it if you referred your potential bride & groom friends to me. My referral program works for you too. If you send a friend to A&G – tell them to mention you in the first email – if they book a wedding you will get 10% off your next session or a $50 print credit on a session I’ve already done for you. Send A&G 3 in one year, we’ll give you your anniversary session fee free!

Please ask me about the A&G gift registry. I can make it easy for you to ask for part or all of your wedding package to be gifted to you. How great is that?

Ampersand Grey Wedding package  

Ampersand Grey Wedding welcome package

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