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The Angler’s Edge!

Spring/Summer Bestseller The ROM Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Ontario By Erling Holm, Nicholas E. Mandrak, Mary E. Burridge A beautiful and authoritative guide to all species of freshwater fish found in Ontario. First printing sold 5,000 copies in less than a year. Second printing (10,000 copies) includes updates. Available, 464 pages, $29.99 SC (oil-and-water-repellant), 4.5” x 8” |


ISBN 978-0-88854-459-9

Spotted Muskellunge

Barred Muskellunge

Dave Spratt, Great Northern Outdoors

Reprinting: Available June 2011

HC, 80 pages, $19.99 ISBN: 978-0-88854-429-2

HC, 64 pages, $19.99 ISBN: 978-0-88854-415-5

HC, 64 pages, $19.99 ISBN: 978-0-88854-419-3

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HC, 64 pages, $19.99 ISBN: 978-0-88854-261-8

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Royal Ontario Museum Press Spring/Summer 2011

Re-Listed from Fall/Winter 2010: Now Available

June 2011

Embellished Realities: Indian Painted Photographs from the 1880s to the 1940s

wilderness to studio

By Deepali Dewan The art of painted photographs arose out of a need for 19th-century artists to compete with commercial photography. Infusing sepia images with vibrant colours to catch the essence of their subjects, these painted photographs acutely illustrate South Asian discomfort with the idea of subduing a rich, lively culture with monotonous representation. The ROM has the largest representation of Indian painted photographs in North America. Embellished Realities features 50 works never before exhibited. Unlike the West, where photography replaced painting as an accurate reflection of “reality,” in India, photographs were used to enhance the function of paintings, which were seen as a reflection of a higher realm of existence, or “hyper-reality.” June 2011, 146 pages, $29.99 HC, 9” x 12” | ISBN: 978-0-88854-481-0

Bollywood Cinema Showcards: Indian Film Art from the 1950s to the 1980s By Deepali Dewan Join us on a visual journey through the world of Bollywood Cinema, as we trace the aesthetic and thematic evolution of a film industry that has captivated audiences around the world, becoming the world’s largest film producer. The ROM’s vintage Bollywood Cinema showcards feature Bollywood icons and award-winning films spanning 40 years of the film industry. Bollywood Cinema Showcards features 90 artifacts from the Bollywood industry, embodying the fanciful and fantastical style of India’s cinema culture that has a growing fascination in the West, and a deep cultural tradition in the East.

Paul Kane/the Artist/: Wilderness to Studio By Kenneth R. Lister

June 2011, 146 pages, $29.99 HC, 9” x 12” | ISBN: 978-0-88854-482-7

Paul Kane’s evocative paintings of mid-19th-century Canada have become a treasured part of Canada’s heritage. The Royal Ontario Museum holds the world’s largest collection of Kane’s art—100 oil paintings and 373 sketches in graphite and watercolour. In the mid1800s, Kane journeyed across Canada by canoe, bateau, horseback, dog sled, and snowshoes—from southern Ontario to the Pacific coast— driven by a passion to produce a visual record of Native peoples, their customs, and artifacts. His sketches in the wilderness reflect what he saw and they became the basis for the oil paintings he later completed in his studio. This is the first time that the ROM’s Kane sketches and paintings have been brought together in a beautiful, authoritative, and popular work. Every painting has been colour-matched to the original under 5500K Verda-Ray Criticolor lighting to ensure colour accuracy. Lavishly illustrated, this coffee table volume will attract the general-interest reader, the art historian, the connoisseur of art, the anthropologist, and all those interested in the cultures of Aboriginal peoples. Bound in a durable cloth to serve library and other reference use. Printed and bound in Canada.

The complete and official guide to Canada’s largest museum, the ROM. Includes wayfinding and floor plans; photographs of the galleries; highlight artifacts and specimens; a capsule history/photographic tour of the ROM, from the original 1914 building through the 1933, 1967, 1984, and 2007 additions; ROM stores; and much more. Will enhance any visit to the museum or help to prepare those who are planning a visit. Lavishly illustrated.

Written to a general-interest audience, On the High Road, explores the 4,000-year history of the village of Godin Tepe, on the fabled Silk Road, situated at an intersection of cultures. The authors will weave a narrative of the remarkable history of Godin while explaining how archaeological remains are used to reconstruct the past.

Available, 416 pages, $75 HC, 12” x 11.5” | ISBN: 978-0-88854-480-3

June 2011, 80 pages, $9.99 SC, 6” x 9” | ISBN: 978-0-88854-468-1

June 2011, 400 pages, $75 HC, 7.5” x 10.5” | ISBN: 978-0-88854-474-2

Royal Ontario Museum Visitor’s Guide

On the High Road: The History of Godin Tepe, Iran

By Laura Cardiff

By Hilary Gopnik and Mitchell S. Rothman


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