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Larissa Lai

Proma Tagore


Proma Tagore explores the junctions between migration, race, the body, and desire in this extraordinary debut poetry collection. Amidst the ongoing everyday realities of racism and war that have resulted from long-standing histories of colonization, language is not the only thing that breaks offers small, delicate moments of being—a personal and moving response to a world where many people experience profound levels of dehumanization.

With an ear to the fizz of advertising, pop music, CNN, biotechnology, the Norton Anthology of English Literature, and cereal packaging, Lai explores the problem of what it means to exist on the boundaries of the human. By the author of When Fox is a Thousand (page 37).

dorothy livesay poetry prize finalist

spring 2011 release

Poetry like this is just what we need for the invasion; writing that honours the debris of the imagination while it sustains the space labs of attention. —Fred Wah

poetry isbn 978-1-55152-399-6 $14.95 | $14.95 us

poetry isbn 978-1-55152-292-0 $19.95 | $17.95 us



The hilarious and illuminating poems in McPoems are based on Billeh Nickerson’s years working at a particularly well-known fast food restaurant; they paint a vivid picture of life behind the counter and will resonate with anyone who has ever held a fast-food job. Hold the pickle!

John Barton & Billeh Nickerson (eds)

The Anthology of Canada’s Gay Male Poets

Billeh Nickerson

Incisive and very funny … [These poems] are the field notes of an average teenage employee, hastily scribbled on napkins during a coffee break so the ridiculousness of it all won’t be forgotten … The end result feels suitably authentic and lived-in. —See Magazine poetry isbn 978-1-55152-265-4 $15.95 | $13.95 us

A groundbreaking, comprehensive anthology, the first of its kind, that reveals a national queer poetic that is equal parts eloquent and subversive. The material, from the 1890s to present-day, includes work by fifty-seven poets from every region of the country. [The editors] deserve accolades for fathering this historic, vital, and truly seminal feat. —Halifax Chronicle Herald I wish this collection had been around when I was a teenager. It derserves a place in every high school library. —Toronto Star poetry anthologies / gay men’s isbn 978-1-55152-217-3 $24.95 | $21.95

Also available: The Asthmatic Glassblower, 978-1-55152-088-9, $14.95, $11.95 US



Wayde Compton

In his second poetry book, Compton, among the most progressive and experimental poets in Canada, defiantly and eloquently confronts the globalization and commodification of black culture. This book includes a cd recording of Compton’s musical performance of one of the book’s sections.

second printing

Wayde Compton

Wayde Compton’s first book is a poetry collection that documents both the migration of blacks to Canada in the 1800s, and the lives of contemporary young blacks as expressed in the blend of music and poetry and heard in the clubs of today. 49th Parallel Psalm jumbles history, time, and the Canadian black literary canon. Compton is also the editor of Bluesprint (page 39) and author of After Canaan (page 22) and Performance Bond (opposite).

There is a hip hop flavour and cadence to these pieces, to be sure, but it’s hip hop written by a bloody genius, or at least someone with a dizzying command of the language. —Vancouver Sun

second printing dorothy livesay poetry prize finalist

poetry / music isbn 978-1-55152-164-0 $22.95 | $17.95 us

poetry isbn 978-1-55152-065-0 $18.95 | $15.95 us

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FALL 2011 CATALOGUE Celebrating forty years of publishing. A STORY STILL UNFOLDING Forty Years of Arsenal Pulp Press Above all, this year is...


FALL 2011 CATALOGUE Celebrating forty years of publishing. A STORY STILL UNFOLDING Forty Years of Arsenal Pulp Press Above all, this year is...