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Dennis E. Bolen

Amber Dawn

A short-story collection whose recurring characters are lost members of the Boomer Generation—chronic underachievers at work and love whose malaise is tempered by booze and cars. Anticipated Results could be about any of us, wracked with self-doubt and anguish over what has come before, yet still clinging with vigour to the idea of what may yet come to be.

In this stunning debut novel, Amber Dawn subverts and transgresses the classic hero’s quest adventure to create a dark post-feminist vision not for the faint of heart.

spring 2011 release

lambda literary award finalist A uniquely rewarding read … Amber Dawn is after a larger vision that raises questions about the entire emotionally fraught edifice of our received beliefs about sex, men and women, roles and rights and abuses. —Globe and Mail

Bolen shows that there are no boring moments in life, only slightly quieter times when turmoil temporarily withdraws from the surface to work its magic deeper down. —Charles Demers fiction / short stories isbn 978-1-55152-400-9 $18.95 | $18.95 us

fiction isbn 978-1-55152-361-3 $22.95 | $19.95 us


GIRL UNWRAPPED Gabriella Goliger

Nicole Markotic´

Girl Unwrapped is a coming-of-age story set in 1960s Montreal. Toni Goldblatt’s awakening to taboo desire conflicts with the expectations of her Holocaust-scarred parents and with the conservative mores of her times.

In boomtown Western Canada, an ardent young woman grows up amid a family dynamic that leaves her feeling misunderstood and left out. In order to forge a “new normal,” she earnestly tries to fit in with her best friend Vera and family, and subsequently—crazily—an even more rigid life of Mormonism. Markotic´ has created a fascinating romp through multiculturalism, and she writes both comically and tenderly about family and the way families communicate (or not). ­—Globe and Mail

second printing Goliger’s precise writing shows the hallmarks of a seasoned professional who knows exactly how to engage her reader: thoughtful prose, vibrant imagery, and compelling characters. Girl Unwrapped is a universally approachable story of self-discovery, told by a skillful and poised writer. —Quill & Quire

fiction isbn 978-1-55152-248-7 $19.95 | $18.95 us

fiction isbn 978-1-55152-375-0 $22.95 | $15.95 us



Sarah Schulman

Sarah Schulman

The Child explores the parameters of queer teen sexuality against a backdrop of hysteria and sanctioned homophobia. Stew is a fifteenyear-old boy who goes online looking for an older man to have sex with. But when his older boyfriend is arrested in an Internet pedophilia sting, his life is exposed to his family and town. Schulman is also the author of The Mere Future (page 12).

First published in 1995, this award-winning novel, written from the epicentre of the AIDS crisis, is a bold, achingly honest story set in the “rat bohemia” of New York City, whose huddled masses include gay men and lesbians who bond with one another in the wake of loss.

lambda literary award finalist Schulman crafts a piercing investigation into desires, mores, and the law. —Publishers Weekly

One of the top 100 gay & lesbian novels of all time. —Publishing Triangle My surrender to Rat Bohemia is a testimonial to its gimlet-eyed accuracy, its zero-degree honesty…. [It blows] the traditional novel off its hinges. —Edmund White, New York Times Book Review

fiction isbn 978-1-55152-243-2 $17.95 | $17.95 us

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fiction / lesbian isbn 978-1-55152-235-7 $17.95 | $17.95 us


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FALL 2011 CATALOGUE Celebrating forty years of publishing. A STORY STILL UNFOLDING Forty Years of Arsenal Pulp Press Above all, this year is...