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True Stories of Gay Male Desire Richard Labonté & Lawrence Schimel (eds)

Tales of Fear and Queer Desire Amber Dawn (ed)

Intelligent, sexy, true-life tales of gay men’s desire: these stories push at the parameters of queer erotic life. Contributors include Daniel Allen Cox, Larry Duplechan, Sky Gilbert, Tim Miller, and Andy Quan.

gay & lesbian

Fist of the Spider Woman is a revelatory anthology of horror stories that disrupts reality as queer women know it, instilling both fear and arousal while turning traditional horror iconography on its head. Amber Dawn is the author of Sub Rosa (page 36).

lambda literary award finalist A reminder that virtual sex is best when it comes with a storyteller’s skills, triggering your own memories of lust and love … There’s dizzying variety in these 34 entries. —Xtra!

lambda literary award finalist A brave, bold, eye-opening book. —Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor, Best Sex Writing 2009

lesbian fiction / horror / anthologies isbn 978-1-55152-251-7 $18.95 | $17.95 us

gay nonfiction / erotica / anthologies isbn 978-155152-259-3 $18.95 | $16.95 us



Amber Dawn & Trish Kelly (eds)

Richard Labonté & Lawrence Schimel (eds)

A rebellious anthology of stories about sex and the modern femme: no-holds barred, queer sex tales that reinvent lesbian erotica in ways that are transgressive and em­ powering.

What does the future hold for gays, lesbians, and transgenders? In this anthology, provocative stories and comics posit a queer future of limitless possibilities. Labonté and Schimel also edited First Person Queer, Second Person Queer (p. 33), and I Like It Like That (above).

Femmes Write Porn

A Science Fiction Anthology

independent publisher award finalist, best erotica [The editors] dismantle every expectation of erotica in this collection. —Bust Well-written, empowering, and challenging. —Books to Watch Out For lesbian fiction / erotica / anthologies isbn 978-1-55152-193-0 $21.95 | $16.95 us

foreword book of the year award silver winner, independent publisher award The editors have done a wonderful job. The futuristic genre is perfect for giving us perspective on the present world. —Publishers Weekly gay & lesbian fiction / science fiction / anthologies isbn 978-1-55152-209-8 $22.95 | $17.95 us



A Memoir

Incantations on a Grandmother, a Mother, and a Daughter

Daniel Gawthrop

Anna Camilleri In this moving autobiography, Daniel Gawthrop writes about the politics and pleasures of being a self-identified “rice queen”: a gay man who is attracted to Asians. Navigating through the urban jungles of Western cities like Vancouver, as well as the humid streets of Bangkok and Saigon, Daniel explores the multicultural minefields of sexuality and culture as he articulates the manners and contradictions of his desires.

Acclaimed writer and performer Anna Camilleri confronts the ghosts of her past as she seeks to find her rightful place in the world. Part memoir, part storytelling, the narratives speak to the heart of three generations of women as they deal with the cycle of abuse; in them, the red dress appears as a symbol of defiance and empowerment, and Anna unravels memory in a voice that is both strong and beautiful.

foreword magazine book of the year award finalist Pointed and powerful … Camilleri’s a terrific writer, in control of some emotionally charged prose. —NOW

A graceful narrative. —Vancouver Sun gay nonfiction / biography / cultural studies isbn 978-1-55152-189-3 $22.95 | $16.95 us

lesbian nonfiction / women’s studies / biography isbn 978-1-55152-163-3 $19.95 | $16.95 us

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FALL 2011 CATALOGUE Celebrating forty years of publishing. A STORY STILL UNFOLDING Forty Years of Arsenal Pulp Press Above all, this year is...


FALL 2011 CATALOGUE Celebrating forty years of publishing. A STORY STILL UNFOLDING Forty Years of Arsenal Pulp Press Above all, this year is...