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Conversations with Gay & Lesbian Filmmakers

A Global History of Gay & Lesbian Experience

Matthew Hays

Louis-Georges Tin (ed)

gay & lesbian

Based on the work of over 70 researchers in 15 countries, The Dictionary of Homophobia is a mammoth, encyclopedic book that documents the history of homosexuality, and various cultural responses to it, in all regions of the world: a masterful, engaged, and wholly relevant study that traces the political and social emancipation of a culture.

Queer directors and screenwriters—some mainstream, others who work defiantly from the margins—speak passionately about the filmmaking process, offering fascinating anecdotes and opinions about cinema. Includes Pedro Almodóvar, Bill Condon, John Greyson, Bruce LaBruce, Robert Lepage, John Cameron Mitchell, Patricia Rozema, Gus Van Sant, and John Waters.

The Dictionary of Homophobia is the best book on gay history ever written… Knowledge is power. And in a world where homosexuality is all too often a crime, this book is the weapon we need. —InsightOut

lambda literary award winner

gay & lesbian studies / cultural studies isbn 978-1-55152-229-6 $44.95 | $44.95 us

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PETER FLINSCH The Body in Question

Ralf König

Ross Higgins Peter Flinsch, who passed away in 2010, was one of the art world’s unsung heroes; for the past 60 years, he has produced hundreds of paintings, drawings, and sculptures which depict the eroticized male body. In 2006, he won the first Lifetime Achievement Award from the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation in New York. This beautiful, full-colour edition celebrates both his life and art. The bio of Peter Flinsch reads like an epic novel, but its final chapter lies within a proud canon of artistic creation. —Outlooks

The first English-language book by Germany’s Ralf König, Europe’s most popular gay cartoonist, whose collections have sold over one million copies and have been translated into six other languages. Roy & Al is the hilarious, erotically charged depiction of contemporary gay life as seen through the eyes of man’s best friend.

lambda literary award finalist For sweet-tempered satire, don’t miss Roy & Al … stingingly funny commentary about the hedonistic ways of urban gay men. —Xtra! West

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Terry Goldie

Terry Goldie (ed)

Gay and Lesbian Studies in the Canadian Context

Autobiographical Notes on Sexuality, Gender & Identity

Evocative of writers Patrick Califia and Kate Bornstein, whose best works explore gender and sexuality through personal memoir, queersexlife is a frank and intimate collection of responses to theories of queer sexuality and identity as viewed through the author’s own experiences. By the editor of In a Queer Country (right). An important contribution to queer theory. —Feminist News

In terms of rights and freedoms for queers, Canada holds an international reputation as among the most liberal of nations. Yet this picture of harmonious gay and lesbian assimilation is nothing if not fractured. In a Queer Country, edited by the author of queersexlife (left), is a formative collection of fourteen essays from established and emerging writers on the struggles, pleasures, and contradictions of queer culture and public life in Canada.

lambda literary award finalist gay studies / essays isbn 978-1-55152-236-4 $19.95 | $19.95 us

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FALL 2011 CATALOGUE Celebrating forty years of publishing. A STORY STILL UNFOLDING Forty Years of Arsenal Pulp Press Above all, this year is...


FALL 2011 CATALOGUE Celebrating forty years of publishing. A STORY STILL UNFOLDING Forty Years of Arsenal Pulp Press Above all, this year is...