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Gord Hill, with an introduction by Ward Churchill

A powerful and historically accurate graphic portrayal of Indigenous resistance to the European colonization of the Americas, beginning with the Spanish invasion under Christopher Columbus and ending with the Six Nations land reclamation in Ontario in 2006. Gord Hill spent two years unearthing images and researching historical information to create The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book, which presents the story of Aboriginal resistance in an accessible, far-reaching format. With strong, plain language and evocative illustrations, The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book documents the fighting spirit and ongoing resistance of Indigenous peoples through 500 years of genocide, massacres, torture, rape, displacement, and assimilation: a necessary antidote to the conventional history of the Americas. Gord Hill blends his visual and literary talents to tell the story of aboriginal life since the arrival of Europeans in the Western Hemisphere in 1492 … 500 Years of Resistance succeeds as a bold primer on colonialism and its haunting legacy today. —This Magazine Hill's raw images convey the events depicted effectively. —Publishers Weekly


Attila Richard Lukacs and Michael Morris A co-publication between Arsenal Pulp Press, Presentation House Gallery of North Vancouver, the Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton, and the Illington Kerr Gallery in Calgary, this large-format (13 x 16.5-in) book is the first to document the work of this important artist from an unusual perspective—a collection of some 1,200 full-colour Polaroid images (twelve per page) taken by Lukacs over the past twenty years as core references for his paintings, assembled and collaged by Vancouver artist and curator Michael Morris. Features essays by Michael Turner, Scott Watson, Vince Aletti, and Stan Persky. Lukacs regularly uses a Polaroid camera as part of his artistic process, using his friends and acquaintances in Berlin, New York, Vancouver, and elsewhere as models; taking advantage of the Polaroid’s unique characteristics, his painterly sensibility is evident in the rich hues and romantic sensuality of these photographs, which are strikingly similar to the paintings that resulted from them. Stunning and bold, Polaroids is a remarkable visual and written document on Lukacs, one of Canada’s greatest painters working today, and his unique collaboration with Morris, a hugely important artist in his own right.

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TO THE DOGS Peter Culley

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The historical and contemporary photographers of To the Dogs observe the human-­canine connection in ways alternately surprising, endearing, disturbing, and beautiful. In the accompanying essay, poet Peter Culley explores how our most loyal companions can tell us more about ourselves than we might care to admit. To the Dogs, published in hardcover, features 150 full-page photographs, including 50 in colour. Co-published by Presentation House Gallery in North Vancouver. A beautifully written meditation on dogs and humans and their interconnectedness through the ages. —The Globe and Mail A lyrical exploration of the complex relationship between man and dog. —Montreal Gazette

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An ambitious cross-disciplinary study of art and artists in Vancouver, Vancouver Art & Economies situates the city at the centre of one of the world’s most intriguing visual arts scenes, and the political, geographic, institutional, and cultural influences which shape it. Colour and black-and-white images throughout. The book features essays by Clint Burnham, Randy Lee Cutler, Tim Lee, Sadira Rodrigues, Marina Roy, Sharla Sava, Reid Shier, Shepherd Steiner, and Michael Turner. Co-published by Artspeak. This anthology explores the development of contemporary art in Vancouver, covering its roots in the landscape tradition and the rise of the Vancouver School as well as the impact of cinematic and post-medium practices.” —Canadian Art

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FALL 2011 CATALOGUE Celebrating forty years of publishing. A STORY STILL UNFOLDING Forty Years of Arsenal Pulp Press Above all, this year is...


FALL 2011 CATALOGUE Celebrating forty years of publishing. A STORY STILL UNFOLDING Forty Years of Arsenal Pulp Press Above all, this year is...