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Charles Demers

Charles Demers examines the who, what, where, when, why, and how of Vancouver, shedding light on the various strategies and influences that have made the city what it is today (as well as what it should be). From a history of ­anti-Asian racism to a deconstruction of the city’s urban sprawl, Vancouver Special is a love letter to the city, taking a no-holds-barred look at Lotusland with verve, wit, and insight. Includes stunning photography by Emmanuel Buenviaje.


Meat Maps and Other Strange ­Cartographies Melissa Edwards This offbeat, erudite collection of fullcolour maps, a project of Geist magazine, includes a wide range of clearly Canadian subject matter from all points far and wide. Map subjects include: Apocalypse; Art; Atwood (Margaret); Automotive; Beer; Body Parts; Condiments; Doughnuts; Kitchen Implements; Literary; Loudmouths; Malls; Menstrual; Pets; Retail; Sartorial; and World’s Largest.

hubert evans nonfiction book prize finalist An erudite and intelligent collection of essays. —Globe and Mail literary travel / british columbia isbn 978-1-55152-294-4 $24.95 | $21.95 us

Remarkable … The Geist Atlas of Canada is filled with astonishingly detailed (and just plain astonishing) maps. —Brian Bethune, Maclean’s canadiana / humour isbn 978-1-55152-216-6 $24.95 | $21.95 us



Marion Crook

Marion Crook

Teens Talk About Suicide

Teenagers and Adoption

Based on interviews with teen suicide survivors, parents, and professionals, a sensitive exploration of teen suicide, in particular the reasons why certain young people are driven to it. The book also examines the history of teen suicide in Western and other cultures, as well as what roles parents and schools can play in suicide prevention. For both teens and adults, Out of the Darkness breaks the silence, offering hope for those who think there is none.

Being a teenager in today’s complex world is a difficult enough task, but adopted teens have a unique struggle: to discover their identity and a sense of belonging and place in the world, which often means coming to terms with their past. The Face in the Mirror, based on numerous interviews with adopted teens, adoptive parents, and birth parents, brings attention to the growing and often controversial phenomenon of teenagers wanting to know where they came from.

second printing

second printing

sociology / parenting (teens) isbn 978-1-55152-141-1 $21.95 | $18.95 us

sociology / parenting (teens) isbn 978-1-55152-079-7 $19.95 | $18.95 us


From the Paris Commune to the Fall of the Berlin Wall

ONLY A BEGINNING An Anarchist Anthology Allan Antliff

Allan Antliff In numerous essays, Allan Antliff interrogates moments of engagement when anarchist artists, poets, philosophers, and critics have confronted pivotal events over the past 135 years. A thoughtful discussion of art’s potential as a conduit for revolution and meaningful social change. —Midwest Book Review

The first comprehensive overview of anarchist theory and practice in Canada, documenting over a quarter-century of activism, edited by the author of Anarchy and Art (opposite). Without a documentary history of anarchist organizations, theoretical developments, and activism we cannot build an effective movement. Only a Beginning saves us from this fate. —Ann Hansen, Direct Action

Antliff’s research has yielded a new theoretical insight into a genre not often considered. —Bookforum politics / history / visual art isbn 978-155152-218-0 $26.95 | $23.95 us

politics / cultural studies isbn 978-1-55152-167-1 $29.95 | $24.95 us

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Vancouver special


FALL 2011 CATALOGUE Celebrating forty years of publishing. A STORY STILL UNFOLDING Forty Years of Arsenal Pulp Press Above all, this year is...


FALL 2011 CATALOGUE Celebrating forty years of publishing. A STORY STILL UNFOLDING Forty Years of Arsenal Pulp Press Above all, this year is...