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after Canaan

Joe Keithley

Wayde Compton

An Illustrated History of D.O.A.

Essays on Race, Writing, and Region


The punk band D.O.A., established in 1987, is considered one of the founders of hardcore punk, along with seminal groups like Black Flag and Minor Threat. Their raw, melodic sound, which drew comparisons to the Clash and the Ramones, has always been matched by the band's acute political sensibility. This large-format book is a sprawling full-colour visual history of the group lead by singer/guitarist Keithley, author of I, Shithead, p. 25—made up of photographs, posters, handwritten lyrics, and other ephemera—that offers a visceral glimpse into the hardcore life of one of the hardest-working bands in the business.

After Canaan, the first nonfiction book by acclaimed Vancouver poet Wayde Compton, repositions the North American discussion of race in the wake of the tumultuous 20th century. It riffs on the concept of Canada as a promised land (or “Canaan”) encoded in African-American myth and song since the days of slavery. In these varied essays, Compton marks the passing of old modes of anti-racism and multiculturalism, and points toward what may or may not be a “post-racial” future, but will, without doubt, be a brave new world of cultural perception. See Wayde's other books on p. 42.

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After Canaan offers an alternative epistemology for thinking about race in Canada ... [It] engages critically and materially with race in a way that hasn’t been done before, courageously critiquing Canada’s refusal to account for or legitimize the experience of racial ambiguity. —Quill & Quire (starred review)

They rock out. They blow the roof off. Some of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life were D.O.A. gigs. I’ve never seen them not be amazing. —Henry Rollins (Black Flag) The proper medicine growing young minds need. —Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys)

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seeing reds

The last genet

The Red Scare of 1918–1919, Canada’s First War on Terror Daniel Francis Seeing Reds tells the story of a turbulent period in Canadian history during the winter of 1918–19, when a fearful government led by Prime Minister Robert Borden tried to suppress radical political activity by legitimate labour leaders as “Bolsheviks” and “Reds.” The story builds toward the events of the Winnipeg General Strike in May–June 1919 when the authorities, believing that the expected revolution had begun, sent soldiers into the streets to put down with force a legitimate labour dispute. Author Daniel Francis examines Canada’s Red Scare in a global context, including government responses to similar activities in the United States and western Europe. The Winnipeg General Strike took place more than 90 years ago, but it resonates still – as in historian Daniel Francis’s new book ... A welltold tale. —Globe and Mail

A Writer in Revolt

Hadrien Laroche, translated by David Homel The Last Genet is a careful philosophical and historical reading of the last eighteen years in the life of Jean Genet, during which time he became intimately involved with the plight of the oppressed (the Black Panthers, the Palestinians, the Baader Meinhof). It describes the adventures of a writer engaged with the "real world," as opposed to what Genet called "the grammatical world." [Genet's] last journey, as revealed by Laroche, is imbued with beauty, metamorphosis and emancipation on one hand, and monstrosity, nihilism and hopelessness on the other. An indispensible study for readers interested in Genet, the Black Panthers, the Palestinian/Israeli conflict or, more generally, the philosophy of humanism. —Kirkus Reviews Hadrien Laroche analyzes and connects Genet’s writing to his involvement with disenfranchised political groups ... Highly recommended for readers interested in Genet and his works. —Library Journal

An astonishing book. —Georgia Straight

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