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A Vegan Guide to Local & Sustainable Eating No Matter Where You Live jae steele Get It Ripe (see below), jae steele’s first cookbook, established her as a credible and charismatic authority on veganism; her holistic nutritionist background and sassy cowpunk sensibility encouraged countless others to “get it ripe.” Her new cookbook underscores the importance of local, sustainable eating and living by helping readers deepen their understanding of organic and local foods and their positive impact on our health and our planet.


The 180 recipes, which encourage the use of fresh, organic ingredients wherever possible (as well as potential alternatives depending on where you live), include Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins, Pear Parsnip Soup, Asparagus and Spring Onion Quiche, Mushroom Asparagus Risotto, and Butternut Chipotle Chocolate Cake. Ripe from Around Here is a lovely book! Gently, lightly, with humour and without being preachy, jae steele offers the reader a guide for nothing less than how to live better and with more joy. From cleaning products to living with houseplants, from canning instructions to recipes, Ripe from Around Here is also about self-reliance and independence, something I’m 100% in favour of! —Deborah Madison, author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone and Local Flavors: Cooking and Eating from America’s Farmers Markets Readers attuned to the local food movement will appreciate steele’s approach; her book can also be enjoyed as a straightforward vegan cookbook. —Library Journal (starred review) The most important vegan cookbook of 2010 … It takes a soft, animal-rights approach, like her last cookbook, but the work that jae has put in to try and merge these important streams back together, veganism and locavorism, puts this well beyond mere cookbook status.— Local food doesn’t translate to limited flavor, and steele’s recipe box overflows with tasty ideas … In addition to the edibles, readers will find a host of housecare tips, including DIY cleaners and an in-depth introduction to composting. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beyond, Ripe from Around Here makes going local an easy affair. —VegNews cooking (vegan) isbn 978-1-55152-254-8 $24.95 | $23.95 us



Sarah Kramer

jae steele

A Cookbook & Survival Manual for Vegans on the Road Sarah’s fourth book is a cookbook and more for vegan travellers, many of whom are daunted by the idea of going on the road and being able to locate and/or prepare the kind of nutritious animal-free meals they enjoy at home. This full-colour book includes 150 recipes, many of them new, and others that have been adapted from her earlier books. All of the recipes are easy to prepare with a minimum of ingredients but guaranteed to deliver energy, nutrition, and great flavour. The rest of the book contains information and advice pertinent to vegan travellers, from how to deconstruct a restaurant menu to what food items are best suited to carry around in your luggage or handbag. There’s even a section on “How to Say ‘I Am Vegan’” in numerous languages.

A Fresh Take on Vegan Cooking & Living

Get It Ripe is a vegan cookbook for the twenty-first century, with an emphasis on holistic living and whole food (i.e., unprocessed and unrefined) ingredients. jae steele is a registered holistic nutritionist; she has also been a professional vegan baker and worked on organic farms on both the east and west coasts of Canada. Her life experiences, and her love of vegan whole foods, are at the heart of Get It Ripe, which not only features uncomplicated yet delicious animal-free recipes, but advice and information on various aspects of holistic vegan living, including special diets (all recipes are wheat-free), simple steps for cleansing and detoxing, information on ethical consumerism, and the connections between mind, body, and spirit. By the author of Ripe From Around Here (see above).

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second printing With these dishes, Sarah has managed to make vegan food fun, tasty, and sexy! —Jane Wiedlin, The Go-Go’s

jae offers practical advice and truly delicious recipes in her friendly, never-judgmental voice. This book is a breath of fresh, yummy air. —Jessica Porter, author of The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics

cooking (vegan) isbn 978-1-55152-240-1 $17.95 | $17.95 us

cooking (vegan) isbn 978-1-55152-234-0 $23.95 | $23.95 us

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