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FISHING WITH GUBBY Kim La Fave and Gary Kent


ishing with Gubby is the marvelously illustrated, authentic account of one season in the life of a salmon fisherman. Based on actual events, the story is told by award-winning children’s illustrator Kim La Fave and former fisherman Gary Kent. Together they make the wharfs, boats, fishermen and villages of the BC coast come alive with remarkable detail and humour. Gubby is a salmon fisherman who lives with his wife Millie and cat Puss in a small seaside village on the west coast of British Columbia. He keeps his boat, the Flounder—a 36-foot west coast salmon troller—at a local wharf with many other boats. Gubby’s journey first takes him up BC’s west coast, through Georgia, Johnstone and Queen Charlotte straits and north past Port Hardy. He then heads into the open ocean towards treacherous Cape Scott, through to Winter Harbour and Quatsino Sound to settle in for a summer of fishing. Gubby and Puss face rolling rapids, rough and tumble storms and banks of fog, tussle with a basking shark and a pod of orcas, all while trolling for spring and coho salmon and visiting other fishermen and homesteaders along the way. Part graphic novel and part ocean adventure story in the style of Raymond Briggs, Fishing with Gubby not only depicts the salty BC coast, it captures the vanishing “golden age” when fishing was more than just a job—it was a way of life. Kim La Fave, a Governor General’s Award-winning artist, is the illustrator of Amos’s Sweater (by Janet Lunn) which won the Ruth Schwartz Children’s Book Award and the Amelia Frances HowardGibbon Award for illustration, Follow That Star (by Kenneth Oppel), I Am Small (by Sheree Fitch), the bestselling The Bones and Skeleton Book (by Steven Cumbaa), Boys, Girls and Body Science (by Meg Hickling) and many other children’s books. He lives in Roberts Creek, BC. Gary Kent grew up in Vancouver and received his BA from the University of British Columbia. He was a commercial fisherman and salmon troller for nine years and is now a furniture maker and instructor at the Inside Passage School of Fine Woodworking. He lives in Roberts Creek, BC. Fishing with Gubby is his first book.

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Children’s / Fishing ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-497-7 ISBN 10: 1-55017-497-5 9" x 12", 48 pages, paper on board with dustjacket colour illustrations Ages 5 and up $19.95



FALL 2010 N e w b o o k s f r o m H A R B O U R PUBLISHING

Everything Works Mike McCardell


Humour / Local Interest ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-512-7 ISBN 10: 1-55017-512-2 6" x 9", 288 pages, cloth $32.95


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ike McCardell is an institution in BC television with his antinews stories of oddball inspiration that close the News Hour on Global BC. Lately he has become a publishing institution as well with his series of heartwarming books full of stories about the ways in which ordinary people cope with extraordinary challenges. Fresh from 2009’s bestselling The Expanded Reilly Method, he is back with another winner in Everything Works. In his new book, McCardell reveals how to rekindle the thrill and pride we once felt as children when carrying, under one arm, that small treasure of good books from the library. Everything Works finds the storybook tales of real life—the simple adventures that bring happiness to those who discover them. For McCardell, it’s looking for that something good; that something you can talk about, share, or even remember and tell someone a week later. A good story does not grow old. From the moment he rediscovered the magic of picture books, television changed for McCardell. He began looking for a pink alligator or someone planting daffodils in February. His rules for television became applicable to his daily life: 1) Everything works. 2) Continuity (very big in television) is for wimps. 3) Any kid who stands in front of the camera gets on television. 4) Good people make good stories. 5) And the most important rule: Repeat number one. Everything Works seeks out the pink alligators and winter daffodils of our everyday lives. It searches for the grimy, mean-looking kid who holds the door open for a man with a walker, or the little girl who puts mittens on the stick arms of a snowman. Everything Works encourages readers to find one good, oddball, sweet, funny, neat, friendly, positive, pretty or mind-blowing thing each day, and to share that story with someone else. What a storybook world we could create!

Mike McCardell has earned the loyalty of hundreds of thousands of fans for his tongue-in-cheek investigative reporting and humaninterest stories. He is the author of the bestselling Chasing the Story God, Back Alley Reporter, Getting to the Bubble, The Expanded Reilly Method and The Blue Flames That Keep Us Warm, a national bestseller and BC Book Prize finalist.

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Crown Jewel of British Columbia Including Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Saanich and the Peninsula Susan Mayse, photos by Chris Cheadle


ritish Columbia’s fabled capital city has never looked better than in this multi-faceted photo essay, history and travel guide by two of the area’s most talented long-time residents. Susan Mayse’s compelling narrative is masterfully illustrated by photographer Chris Cheadle’s vibrant images. With the authors’ guidance, the reader explores Victoria’s famous landmarks, from the Butchart Gardens to the possibly haunted Empress Hotel to the undoubtedly haunted Ross Bay Cemetery. Victoria: Crown Jewel of British Columbia moves from Victoria’s Inner Harbour—the main point of arrival for visitors for 165 years—to the surrounding areas including Port Renfrew on the wild west coast, the forested slopes of Malahat Ridge and the rolling farmlands of the Saanich Peninsula. It also travels backward through time from the Victoria of today to the area’s diverse and sometimes bizarre history, and explores the future as the city grapples with environmental sustainability amidst increasing population pressures. Souvenir book, history and contemporary guide, Victoria is a volume that will appeal to residents and visitors alike. Susan Mayse is a fourth-generation Vancouver Islander. She has written for many national and international publications including the Daily Mail and the Toronto Star. She is also the author of the acclaimed novel, Awen and Ginger: The Life and Death of Albert Goodwin, a BC Bestseller and winner of the Arthur Ellis Award for True Crime and the Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction. She is the daughter of the late Vancouver Island journalist and author Arthur Mayse. Chris Cheadle has photographed and written three books celebrating the magnificent natural history of British Columbia. He has contributed to Getty Images and worked on assignment for clients like Lonely Planet in various far-flung regions of the world. Chris is currently the managing director of All Canada Photos, which represents many of Canada’s most accomplished photographers.

Local Interest / Travel / Photography ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-503-5 ISBN 10: 1-55017-503-3 8½" x 11", 144 pages, cloth 200 colour photographs $34.95


978-1-55017-018-4 Page 49

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FALL 2010 N e w b o o k s f r o m H A R B O U R PUBLISHING

Campbell River

Gateway to the Inside Passage Including Strathcona, the Discovery Islands and the Mainland Inlets Ian Douglas, photos by Boomer Jerritt


Local Interest / Travel / Photography ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-501-1 ISBN 10: 1-55017-501-7 8½" x 11", 144 pages, cloth 200 colour photographs $34.95



ampbell River is a modern city of 30,000 on the east coast of Vancouver Island that still retains an aura of the frontier, a result of its status as gateway to the wilder reaches of the upper BC coast. Although the community has roots in mining, fishing and logging, it has long been a recreational centre, famous for the size of its “Tyee” salmon. Campbell River is three books in one: it blends the city’s fascinating history, contemporary life and breathtaking scenery into one volume. The informative text by local writer Ian Douglas features the area’s rich First Nations culture and key pioneers along with modern-day artists, business people and community leaders. We meet Charles Thulin, the “father of Campbell River,” who came to the area in 1904 and built the town’s first hotel and store; and writer, sport fisher and conservationist Roderick Haig-Brown, whose home has become a BC Heritage Site and literary landmark. We explore areas around the city including Mittlenatch Island, a seabird colony and nature reserve nicknamed the “Galapagos of the Gulf of Georgia” and majestic Strathcona Park, BC’s oldest provincial park. Quadra Island resident and author Ian Douglas interviewed dozens of locals to bring to life the community of Campbell River and the surrounding islands, and award-winning photographer Boomer Jerritt skilfully illustrates the story with breathtaking photographs of the people, places and wildlife that make this part of Vancouver Island unique. The result is a beautiful coffee-table book that celebrates the beauty of the region, and the people—past and present—that have made the area the special place it is today. Ian Douglas is the co-author of Exploring Quadra Island: Heritage Sites and Hiking Trails (with Jeanette Taylor), and has been published in Sail, Pacific Yachting, Cottage Magazine and West Coast Mariner. He lives in Heriot Bay, BC. Boomer Jerritt is a graduate of the Western Academy of Photography and recipient of the Freeman Patterson award. His photographs are also featured in The Comox Valley: Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland and Area. He lives in Comox, BC, and teaches photography at North Island College.

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Adventures in Solitude

What Not to Wear to a Nudist Potluck and Other Stories from Desolation Sound Grant Lawrence “By turns hilarious, terrifying, profound and strange, this is the great lost Canadian adventure story; Swiss Family Robinson as if rendered by Ken Kesey in his youth, a kind of Lord of the Flies through a fog of BC Chronic.” —Dave Bidini


rom Captain George Vancouver to Muriel “Curve of Time” Blanchet to Jim “Spilsbury’s Coast” Spilsbury, visitors to Desolation Sound have left behind a trail of books endowing the area with a romantic aura that helps to make it British Columbia’s most popular marine park. In this hilarious and captivating book, CBC personality Grant Lawrence adds a whole new chapter to the saga of this storied piece of BC coastline. Young Grant’s father bought a piece of land next to the park in the 1970s, just in time to encounter the gun-toting cougar lady, leftover hippies, outlaw bikers and an assortment of other characters. In those years Desolation Sound was a place where going to the neighbours’ potluck meant being met with hugs from portly naked hippies and where Russell the Hermit’s school of life (boating, fishing, and rock ’n’ roll) was Grant’s personal Enlightenment—an influence that would take him away from the coast to a life of music and journalism and eventually back again. With rock band buddies and a few cases of beer in tow, an older, cooler Grant returns to regale us with tales of “going bush,” the tempting dilemma of finding an unguarded grow-op, and his awkward struggle to convince a couple of visiting kayakers that he’s a legit CBC radio host while sporting a wild beard and body wounds and gesticulating with a machete. With plenty of laugh-out-loud humour and inspired reverence, Adventures in Solitude delights us with the unique history of a place and the growth of a young man amidst the magic of Desolation Sound.

Memoir / Local Interest ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-514-1 ISBN 10: 1-55017-514-9 6" x 9", 288 pages, paper with French flaps b&w photographs $26.95


Grant Lawrence hosts the popular CBC Radio 3 Podcast with Grant Lawrence, and Grant Lawrence Live on CBC Radio 3 and Sirius 86, and can also be heard on various CBC Radio One programs such as DNTO, Spark, All Points West and On The Coast. He still spends much of each summer at his cabin in the Sound. This is his first book.

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FALL 2010 N e w b o o k s f r o m H A R B O U R PUBLISHING

A Chip Off the Old Black Arthur Black


rthur Black’s voice is unmistakable on the radio and on the page. His is the voice of reason, with a generous helping of funny; the voice that scolds us for our universal human quirks, but who says it with the tone and words that make us laugh out loud at ourselves and our neighbours. A Chip Off the Old Black, Black’s latest collection of stories, will knock a sense of humour into any reader, boasting nearly a hundred tales featuring everything from yarnbombing to Bambi, from Black’s love of the Farmer’s Almanac to his loathing of snowmobiles and his . . . problem . . . with David Suzuki. With a talent for ranting, minus the malice, Black sticks up for the chocolate-covered marshmallow confection of New Zealand— the politically-incorrect “Eskimo” candies. Those inclined to kvetching—a Yiddish word describing the tendency to complain persistently about everything—may just reconsider after reading A Chip Off the Old Black. After all, as Black demonstrates, it’s far more enjoyable to take the opportunity to laugh. Arthur Black’s growing collection of award-winning books includes Pitch Black, Black Tie and Tales and Black in the Saddle Again, all of which won him the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour. He hosted CBC Radio One’s Basic Black program from 1983 until 2002, while also using his comedic talents to host Life Television Network’s Weird Homes and Weird Wheels. His recent books include Black is the New Green and the audio CD, Planet Salt Spring, which features tales from his adopted home of Salt Spring Island, BC.

Humour ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-510-3 ISBN 10: 1-55017-510-6 6" x 9", 288 pages, cloth $32.95


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978-1-55017-330-7 Page 38

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A Walk With the Rainy Sisters In Praise of British Columbia’s Places Stephen Hume


his book is a lyrical testament to a great love affair between the writer and his region. In A Walk with the Rainy Sisters, one of British Columbia’s favourite authors writes with passion about his favourite topic—the geography of British Columbia. Stephen Hume guides readers through the natural world, moving from the thin, cold air of British Columbia’s high country to the fecundity and silence of the deep rainforest. He writes of the iridescence of dragonflies dancing out brief lives above summer ponds and the brittle forests of glass sponges growing in the lightless depths of the continental shelf, where they have flourished undisturbed since the Jurassic. Hume contemplates the meaning of rain; the tawny islets in the Salish Sea; what the night sky tells us about our place in time; people who choose to live at the margins and the relentless passage of lives and seasons, loss and renewal. “What Hume has forgotten about this province is more than most journalists will ever know,” wrote Terry Glavin. Roberta Morris wrote, “He unburies language.” A Walk with the Rainy Sisters invites readers once again to share the author’s love and awe of this province. Stephen Hume was raised in fishing, farming and logging communities across BC and studied at the University of Victoria. Hume has been a columnist at the Vancouver Sun for more than 20 years. His poetry, essays and journalism have won more than a dozen awards. Other books include Raincoast Chronicles 20: Lilies and Fireweed, Bush Telegraph, Off the Map and Simon Fraser: In Search of Modern British Columbia, winner of the Roderick HaigBrown prize in 2009. He also teaches writing at the University of Victoria and Vancouver Island University.

978-1-55017-434-2 Page 39

978-1-55017-317-8 Page 47

Local Interest / Nature ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-505-9 ISBN 10: 1-55017-505-X 6" x 9", 288 pages, cloth $32.95


978-1-55017-239-3 Page 46

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978-1-55017-313-0 Page 45


FALL 2010 N e w b o o k s f r o m H A R B O U R PUBLISHING

And to Think I Got in Free!

Highlights from Fifty Years on the Sports Beat Jim Taylor


Sports / Humour ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-499-1 ISBN 10: 1-55017-499-1 6" x 9", 288 pages, paper b&w photographs $22.95         September


978-1-55017-492-2 Page 30

978-1-55017-437-3 Page 38

978-1-55017-359-8 Page 42

978-1-55017-448-9 Page 40

n this fascinating collection Canada’s most entertaining sportswriter revisits the glories of a career following sporting events and personalities that spanned five decades. Name any memorable event—from Canada-Russia 1972 to Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion tour—or any famous name from Wayne Gretzky to Muhammad Ali to the San Diego Chicken, and Jim Taylor was there giving his insightful, witty and often sceptical take on the subject. As Taylor writes, “when sport makes instant millionaires out of kids who can hit a ball or a puck with a stick or stuff a leather balloon through a fishnet, what’s not to laugh?” Here are tales of good guys and jerks, journeymen and giants playing games for a living with the world peering into the fishbowl and bigger, stronger, faster challengers coming at them every year. Here too are the true originals, such as boxing legend Archie “The Mongoose” Moore, who fought his last pro fight at the age of 72; Sam Snead, the barefoot hillbilly who learned to play golf by hitting rocks with a stick and went on to win 135 tournaments; Willie O’Ree, the black New Brunswicker who broke the NHL’s colour bar; tragic Percy Williams, the pint-sized sprinter who won double gold at the Amsterdam Olympics and later shot himself; and plenty of lesser-known heroes like the local legend Joe Johnson, who introduced a generation of BC kids to the love of soccer. Both a retrospective of memorable goings-on in the sports world of the last fifty years and a first-rate read, And to Think I Got in Free! stands as proof that in the right hands sports writing can be great writing. Jim Taylor has produced some 7,500 sports columns, three times as many radio shows and 14 books. His passionate sports writing has earned him membership in the CFL and BC Sports Halls of Fame and a lifetime achievement award from Sports Media Canada. Some of his recent books include Goin’ Deep: The Life and Times of a CFL Quarterback with Matt Dunigan and “Hello, Sweetheart? Gimmie Rewrite!”: My Life in the Wonderful World of Sports. He currently resides in West Vancouver, BC.

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A Victorian Childhood Remembered Helen Piddington


umble Seat is an evocative, poetically-written memoir of artist Helen Piddington’s childhood in the Victoria suburb of Esquimalt—and what a childhood it was! The Piddingtons arrived from Quebec in 1924, and settled into a life that in many ways typified well-off Victoria families of the period. Helen’s father, Major Arthur Grosvenor Piddington, was a bit of an eccentric whose preferred attire, after his British army blazer, was jodhpurs and riding coat or drill shorts with knee socks held up by brightlycoloured garters. He dabbled in gentlemanly pursuits such as sheep ranching but his true passion was riding. Helen’s mother was “expected to make and receive social calls and entertain with tea parties, dinners and dances” but she had help—a governess, a nanny, a housemaid, a cook and faithful Tim the gardener. The Piddingtons occupied an imposing home designed by Victoria’s favourite residential architect, Charles Maclure, with a grand entrance hall and private garden, tennis court, stables, paddock and meadows bordered by golf links. Family amusements included hosting garden fetes, playing tennis and polo, summering at Savira, their cottage on Shawnigan Lake and motoring in their mother’s Morris roadster—the one with the coveted rumble seat. During the 1930s the Piddington’s life of privileged comfort vanished thanks to the Great Depression and Major Piddington’s bad luck in business. From then on the elder Piddingtons were forced to look after their vast brood themselves, the Major growing their food and Mrs. P. belatedly learning to cook, keep house and care for Helen, her youngest child. Difficult as the adjustment was, there was new satisfaction to be found in sharing and making do. With sharp descriptions of the artifacts, mannerisms and characters recalled from her early years, Helen Piddington’s Rumble Seat is a captivating record of a way of life gone by and a valuable addition to the social history of British Columbia. Helen Piddington is a renowned printmaker and artist whose work has been shown around the world. In 1975 she and her husband moved to remote Loughborough Inlet on the coastal mainland of BC, and have lived there ever since. Her first book, The Inlet, is about her experiences living on this remote part of the West.

Memoir / History / Local Interest ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-506-6 ISBN 10: 1-55017-506-8 6" x 9", 320 pages, cloth b&w photographs $34.95 September

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978-1-55017-237-9 Page 46


FALL 2010 N e w b o o k s f r o m H A R B O U R PUBLISHING


Selected Poems 1970–2010 Patrick Lane “Lane is a poet . . . of the individual, hard-hitting poem; like physical blows, he wields his pieces like small threats of intense beauty.”  —Globe and Mail “One of the few poets who can leave you not just shaken, but shaking.”  —Vancouver Sun


atrick Lane is one of Canada’s pre-eminent poets, winner of numerous awards, including the Governor General’s Award for Poetry, the Canadian Authors Association Award, the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence and three National Magazine Awards. His distinguished career spans forty-five years and twenty-four volumes of poetry as well as award-winning books of fiction and non-fiction. Witness is the only volume to cover the breadth of Lane’s career and gather up the finest of his work—from early poems penned during his literary beginnings to new poems written at the height of his career. Fierce, piercing, and unflinchingly honest, Lane explores the darker side of human nature and desire even as he looks to the future with a hopeful eye, for “even among words/there are bright seeds hidden . . .” This striking volume is required reading, not only for fans of Patrick Lane’s work, but for poetry lovers and Canadian literature enthusiasts everywhere.

Poetry ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-508-0 ISBN 10: 1-55017-508-4 6" x 9", 96 pages, paper $16.95


978-1-55017-450-2 Page 59

978-1-55017-226-3 Page 59


978-1-55017-328-4 Page 59

978-1-55017-174-7 Page 59

978-1-55017-119-8 Page 59

Patrick Lane was born in 1939 in Nelson, BC. He has worked at a variety of jobs, from labourer to industrial accountant, but much of his life has been spent as a writer and teacher, including time as writer-in-residence at Concordia University, the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto. He has also taught creative writing at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Victoria. His memoir, There is a Season was nominated for numerous national prizes and won the BC Award for Canadian Non-Fiction in 2005. His debut novel, Red Dog, Red Dog was shortlisted for the Rogers Writers Trust Fiction Prize. Lane now makes his home near Victoria, BC, with his wife, the poet Lorna Crozier.

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Glaciers, Bears and Totems

Sailing in Search of the Real Southeast Alaska Elsie Hulsizer


arine writer Elsie Hulsizer, whose Voyages to Windward unlocked the mysteries of cruising Vancouver Island’s west coast, now does the same for that other great unknown of West Coast cruising, Southeastern Alaska. Having avoided the Alaskan challenge for years, Elsie and her husband Steve set out on the trusty Osprey on May 14, 2006, and spent the next three summers sailing, writing and photographing the towering fjords, immaculate glaciers, throwback fishing villages and overexposed tourist traps of America’s largest state. They drifted past calving glaciers, watched bears feeding in green marshes, smelled the fresh cedar of newly carved totem poles and followed the path of gold prospectors on the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad. Sometimes it was difficult to discern the real Alaska beneath the façade, but Hulsizer finds it in many places, from the wild beauty of the ocean to the small coastal villages she visits and, sometimes, even where the tourists go. Glaciers, Bears and Totems is a rich book of adventure travel that is as valuable for its reading fun as for its travel information.

An environmental professional with a degree in oceanography, Elsie Hulsizer lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband Steve. She has a certificate in fine art photography from the Photographic Center Northwest and has exhibited her art in various galleries. She is also the author of Voyages to Windward: Sailing Adventures on Vancouver Island’s West Coast. Travel / Regional Interest ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-516-5 ISBN 10: 1-55017-516-5 8" x 10", 320 pages, cloth colour and b&w photographs and maps $44.95


978-1-55017-366-6 Page 44

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FALL 2010 N e w b o o k s f r o m H A R B O U R PUBLISHING

A Wilderness Dweller’s Cookbook

The Best Bread in the World and Other Recipes Chris Czajkowski


Cooking / Local Interest ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-518-9 ISBN 10: 1-55017-518-1 5½" x 8", 96 pages, paper b&w photographs and illustrations $14.95


978-1-55017-441-0 Page 39

978-1-55017-357-4 Page 39


978-1-55017-375-8 Page 39

ne of Chris Czajkowski’s first priorities when she arrived at Nuk Tessli, a remote location in BC’s Coast Mountains, was to devise a way to bake bread. At first, she lived in a tent and her oven was a simple pile of rocks with a hole in the middle. But as she built her wilderness cabins and started providing for the clients of her wilderness adventure business, she perfected her stone oven and her recipes—and word began to spread of Nuk Tessli and the “Best Bread in the World.” From tangy sourdough loaves of freshly ground grain, Nuk Tessli Fruit Bread sweetened with hearty molasses and aromatic spices, to Montreal bagels with an alpine touch, here are inspiring, adventurous recipes that bypass the bread machine. Also included are quick breads and desserts, like a hearty trail mix cake—perfect on a hike—and Nuk Tessli’s enigmatic spotted dick, plus a few indispensable recipes for any wilderness dweller (or frugal urbanite), such as fresh yogurt and sprouts. A Wilderness Dweller’s Cookbook is not just a collection of recipes; it’s also a fascinating account of how a wilderness dweller—in a non-growing climate 20 km from a road, 60 km from a store, and 250 km from a town large enough to have a supermarket—feeds herself and her guests. Of particular interest to readers with their own wilderness dreams will be Czajkowski’s descriptions of the logistics of getting wholesome, fresh food to the table in this remote and spectacular location. Chris Czajkowski has lived off the grid for more than a quarter of a century. She currently operates the Nuk Tessli Alpine Experience, an ecotourism business catering to hikers and naturalists near the southern tip of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park in British Columbia’s Coast Mountains. Her wilderness and cabin-building experiences have been documented in several bestselling books, including Cabin at Singing River, Snowshoes and Spotted Dick: Letters from a Wilderness Dweller, Diary of a Wilderness Dweller, Wildfire in the Wilderness, and most recently, A Mountain Year: Nature Diary of a Wilderness Dweller.

978-1-55017-279-9 Page 39

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Hope Lives Here

A History of Vancouver’s First United Church Bob Burrows


o church in Canada has generated more news coverage for more years than Vancouver’s First United. That has everything to do with its location in the heart of the infamous Downtown Eastside and with its role as caregiver and defender of the poor, the needy and the homeless inhabitants of Canada’s poorest postal code. Like Mother Teresa’s mission to the slums of Calcutta, the First United seizes its position among the marginalized as an opportunity to serve and has proven a shining example of humanitarian activism for 125 years. Famous for its defence of the jobless poor during the Great Depression under the leadership of the Rev. Andrew Roddan, it is now equally renowned as a bastion of support for modern-day street people with more complicated problems. With its roots in the early Presbyterian and Methodist Church Missions established in Vancouver in 1885 and 1888, the history of the First United Church spans that of the city it resides in. During that time it has seen the area around it and the population it serves undergo tremendous changes, as initial generations moved out to the suburbs, and the congregation assisted with the settling of newcomers from all over the world. In this well-written and lively account, Burrows, himself a United Church minister for over four decades, brings his lifetime of commitment and compassion to the remarkable history of the First United Church in Hope Lives Here. Bob Burrows began his work on the British Columbia coast as minister and captain of a mission boat based at Ocean Falls in 1960. From 1962 to 1966 he was the missionary-pilot of the church’s Cessna aircraft based in Alert Bay. For the next eight years he was minister and superintendent of First United Church in Vancouver. He received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from the University of Toronto in 2001 in recognition of a lifetime of service to the United Church and his community. Bob Burrows is also the author of Healing in the Wilderness: A History of the United Church Mission Hospitals. He lives in Vancouver, BC.

History / Religion / Local Interest ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-520-2 ISBN 10: 1-55017-520-3 6" x 9", 288 pages, paper 80 b&w photographs $24.95


978-1-55017-338-3 Page 49

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FALL 2010 N e w b o o k s f r o m H A R B O U R PUBLISHING

Cold Land, Warm Hearts

More Memories of an Arctic Medical Outpost Keith Billington


n 2008 Keith Billington’s surprise bestseller, House Calls by Dogsled: Six Years in an Arctic Medical Outpost, vividly described Billington and his wife Muriel’s experiences providing medical care to a string of isolated First Nations settlements in the Northwest Territories during the 1960s. In Cold Land, Warm Hearts: More Memories of an Arctic Medical Outpost Billington dishes up more of the hair-raising and heartwarming stories about medical emergencies and Native traditions that made his first book such a hit. In one story, he and his RCMP escort get more than they bargain for during a patrol of hunting camps as they find their loaded dogsleds plunging over a massive waterfall, which is only navigable owing to the fact it is frozen solid. Time and again the Billingtons are awoken in the wee hours to find a life-threatening emergency unfolding before their sleepy eyes, which frequently ends by lighting a makeshift airstrip with rolls of toilet paper soaked in kerosene so a steel-nerved bush pilot can be summoned on a pitch-dark mercy flight to the hospital in Inuvik. Through it all Keith and Muriel become ever closer to the Gwich’in people of the North who serve as foster grandparents to their growing family and in whose life dramas the Billingtons inevitably become involved. In this book Keith and Muriel return to their northern haunts after the passage of more than a quarter century and learn the endings to many of the stories started in the first book. They are moved beyond tears to discover their old medical post in Fort McPherson replaced by a modern two-storey facility named for their faithful Gwich’in assistant, William Firth. Grippingly written and infused with great warmth, Cold Land, Warm Hearts is an absorbing adventure story that rounds out the Billingtons’ Arctic saga with a deepened understanding of the far North and its people.

Memoir / The North ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-534-9 ISBN 10: 1-55017-534-3 6" x 9", 352 pages, cloth b&w photos and maps A Lost Moose Book $29.95


978-1-55017-423-6 Page 40


Keith Billington trained as a registered nurse in Britain and later studied public health nursing at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He and his wife Muriel, also an English-trained nurse and midwife, emigrated to Canada to work at the Fort McPherson Nursing Station in the Mackenzie Delta. They had two children born in the North and a third was born later in British Columbia. Keith and Muriel now live in Prince George, BC.

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Now available in paperback! The Quadra Story

A History of Quadra Island Jeanette Taylor


uadra Island, the largest and most populated of the Discovery Islands at the top end of Georgia Strait, has a history loaded with adventure. The Quadra Story is the product of decades of research that dates back to Taylor’s years with the BC Archives and the Museum at Campbell River. The end result is as engaging as a novel while affording a deep understanding of the turmoil European settlement brought for the First Nations people and the adventure and privation settlers experienced in their search for a better life. Jeanette Taylor is the current executive director of the Campbell River Art Gallery. Her passion for history, art and coastal life are evident in her books, River City: A History of Campbell River and the Discovery Islands, Exploring Quadra Island: Heritage Sites and Hiking Trails and Tidal Passages: A History of the Discovery Islands. History / Local Interest • ISBN 978-1-55017-495-3 • 6" x 9", 272 pages, paper • 100+ photographs, maps • $24.95 • Available

Beyond the Chilcotin

On the Home Ranch with Pan Phillips Diana Phillips


ioneers Pan Phillips and his partner Rich Hobson carved their places in ranching history when they discovered “grass beyond the mountains” in the far reaches of the Chilcotin. Thanks to a series of hugely popular books, their exploits became the stuff of legend and Phillips became one of Canada’s enduring folk heroes. But if a man had to be tough to survive some of the roughest living in creation, what did a young girl have to be? This is the story of Pan Phillips’ daughter Diana, who learned to trap muskrat when she was little more than a toddler, worked with haying crews before she was into her teens and was renowned as the only person feisty enough to best her legendary father in a slanging match. Diana Phillips sold her ranch and moved to Vanderhoof in 2004. She has three sons and ten grandchildren all living in the area and still works in the cattle industry. Beyond the Chilcotin is her first published work. Local Interest / History / Memoir • ISBN 978-1-55017-528-8 • 6" x 9", 304 pages, paper • b&w photos • $19.95 • September

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FALL 2010 N e w b o o k s f r o m H A R B O U R PUBLISHING

Now available in paperback! Tragedy at Second Narrows

The Story of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge Eric Jamieson WINNER OF THE 2008 LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR’S MEDAL FOR HISTORICAL WRITING


n June 17, 1958, Vancouver experienced the worst industrial accident in its history when the new bridge being built across Burrard Inlet collapsed into the flooding tidal waters of Second Narrows, killing eighteen workers. The shocking thing was that the bridge was not an old, decrepit structure, but a new one just in the midst of being erected with all the support and security modern engineering could provide. That somebody had made a colossal error seemed obvious, but it would take a Royal Commission to discover how and why. For over thirty years Eric Jamieson made his living as a banker. Tragedy at Second Narrows is his second book; he is also the author of South Pole—900 Miles on Foot. Jamieson lives in North Vancouver. History / Local Interest • ISBN 978-1-55017-530-1 • 6" x 9", 272 pages, paper • b&w photos • $22.95 • September

Far West

The Story of British Columbia Daniel Francis


ritish Columbia’s colourful story has been told many times, but until now no one has attempted to relate the chronicle specifically to young readers. From the gold rush to the Gumboot Navy, from brideships to W.A.C. Bennett, BC history comes alive in this highly illustrated and vivid account by award-winning writer and historian Daniel Francis. Far West recounts first contact with early explorers such as Captain James Cook and Captain George Vancouver and the changes the fur trade brought to the “New World” and describes how BC was born, starting with the gold rush and Confederation eras, going through to ­modern times and speculating on BC’s future. Daniel Francis is the author of numerous books on Canadian history and is the editor of the award-winning Encyclopedia of British Columbia. Children’s / History / British Columbia • ISBN 978-1-55017-532-5 • 8½" x 11", 250 pages, paper • 15 colour photos, illustrations & maps • $22.95 • September


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O Canada Crosswords Book 11


Dave Macleod & Barbara Olson

rom far and wide O Canada Crosswords returns with the eleventh book in this ever popular series of Canuck-themed puzzles. Crossword enthusiasts will delight in this test of word-wit. Fun, smart, original and often humorous wordplays have made the series wildly popular, and the latest instalment is no exception. From universal topics to clues that favour Canadians (note that spelling!), this crosswords book offers hours of entertainment and a look at what it means to be a Canadian, eh. Dave Macleod’s puzzles have appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and other newspapers. Barbara Olson’s puzzles have appeared in Saturday Night magazine, the Toronto Sun, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and have been syndicated to hundreds of websites and publications across the continent. Together, they have collaborated on O Canada Crosswords 8, 9 and 10. Puzzles • ISBN 13: 978-0-88971-253-9 • ISBN 10: 0-88971-253-0 • 8½" x 11", 120 pages, paper • $9.95 • September See the complete set of O Canada Crosswords plus many more crosswords on page 58

The Vancouver Canucks Quizbook


The Puzzling Sports Institute

atch Canucks fever and celebrate 40 years of Vancouver Canucks hockey! This must-have collection—jam-packed with 80 pages of puzzles, crosswords, games, trivia, facts and fun for towel-waving fans of all ages—will have you Luu-ing and riding your stick like Tiger Williams in no time. From Harold and the Steamer to Gino and the Russian Rocket, from Thomas Gradin to the record-setting Sedins, from Trevor Linden and the ’94 Cup run to the high-scoring Westcoast Express, it’s all here in this exciting trivia book that will bring hours of fun and memories to every loyal Canucks fan. Brought to you by The Puzzling Sports Institute, authors of the successful Slapshot Hockey Quizbook (Nightwood, 2009) and the bestselling All-Star Sports Puzzles: Hockey (Raincoast, 2007). Puzzles / Sports • ISBN 13: 978-0-88971-250-8 • ISBN 10: 0-88971250-6 • 5½" x 8", 80 pages, paper • $8.95 • September

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FALL 2010 N e w b o o k s f r o m N I G H T W O OD EDITIONS

The Chimney Stone Rob Winger


n this eagerly anticipated follow-up to his award-winning, critically lauded debut, Rob Winger’s sophomore collection, The Chimney Stone, bends the contemporary lyric into startling new shapes. Concentrating on a splendid mess of headlines, wars, politics, relationships and artistic influences, Winger’s ghazals ask us how to negotiate the complex commitments and chaotic tumult of our daily lives. Making use of the ghazal’s original address to both a secular lover and a sacred ethics, Winger’s four sections move from examinations of gender in “Iron John” and “Bloody Mary,” to an ironic investigation of common experience in “Idiot Wind,” to a record of both human rights abuses and personal epiphany in “Blind Date.” In the process, Winger not only engages in dialogue with other poets—John Thompson, Phyllis Webb, Adrienne Rich, Ghalib, and more—but also welcomes other voices, measures, and musical phrases into his couplets. Here, Rimbaud rubs shoulders with Joe Strummer and David Byrne; Dylan exchanges one-liners with Gaston Bachelard; Johnny Cash spars with the Fisk Jubilee Singers; and Gretzky makes a pass to a smooth right winger.  Drifting from razor-carved sternums, to Lhasa runways, to Southeast Asian temples and beaches, to eighteenth-century shipwrecks, bloody tanks, rusty apartheid, blind genocide and burning teddy bears, The Chimney Stone urges us to re-examine not only how we order the contemporary world, but also how we become its citizens or revolutionaries, grandparents or kids, protestors or politicians. Ethically charged, tenderly observed, and masterfully realized, Winger’s poems are a vital addition to the ghazal’s continued evolution. 

Poetry ISBN 13: 978-0-88971-249-2 ISBN 10: 0-88971-249-2 5½” x 8”, 80 pages, paper $17.95

Rob Winger grew up in a tiny Ontario town, and has since lived in eastern Canada and Asia. His work has been published in literary journals across the country, and his debut poetry collection, Muybridge’s Horse, was shortlisted for the Governor General’s Award, the Trillium Book Award and the Ottawa Book Award. He recently completed his doctoral studies. Winger lives with his family in Ottawa, Ontario, where he skates to work each winter.


978-0-88971-231-7 Page 69


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The Cube People


Christian McPherson

hristian McPherson’s debut novel The Cube People pokes fun at government cubicle culture through the life and times of a struggling computer programmer/novelist wannabe. McPherson surrounds his protagonist, Colin MacDonald, with a cast of screwball characters while he toils away at his government job, struggles with fertility and dreams of becoming a published writer. Recycled air, bad lighting and bizarre environmental office policies by day; scheduled love-making sessions and rejection letters by night, push MacDonald to try to write his way out of his cyclical life story. Part tragedy, part comedy—with a bit of horror thrown in for fun—McPherson cooks up a boiling plot and a memorable anti-hero. Christian McPherson’s stories and poems have won several awards and honourable mentions, including the John Spencer Hill Award and the Canadian Poetry Association’s Poetry Competition. His first book, Six Ways to Sunday, was shortlisted for the Relit Award for Fiction. He lives in Ottawa, Ontario. Fiction • ISBN 978-0-88971-251-5 • 5½” x 8”, 200 pages, paper • $21.95 • October

978-0-88971-227-0 Page 70



Gillian Wigmore

rayling, the fiction debut by award-winning poet Gillian Wigmore, is a novella that follows a couple as they descend the Dease River in northwestern BC. With acutely spare storytelling, Wigmore teases out the nuances between a man and a woman as they meet, travel together, dodge rocks in a boulder garden, and fish their way down the river. Both characters have recently set themselves adrift from previous lives—and both desire to know what or who they should anchor themselves to. They struggle for power on the river, negotiating sex and rhetoric on the sandbanks and in the canoe. Ultimately their five days together culminate with the inevitable choice to come ashore or stay on course. Gillian Wigmore grew up in Vanderhoof, BC and currently lives in Prince George. She has been published in Geist, CV2, filling station, and the Inner Harbour Review, among others. Her first poetry collection, Soft Geography (Caitlin), won the ReLit Award for Poetry and was shortlisted for the Dorothy Livesay BC Book Prize. Fiction • ISBN 978-0-88971-255-3 • 5¼” x 7½”, 160 pages, paper • $18.95 • October

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978-1-894759-23-6 Page 77


FALL 2010 N e w b o o k s f r o m C A I T L I N PRESS

Whitewater Devils Adventure on Wild Waters Jack Boudreau


n 1967, in celebration of Canada’s 100th birthday, Les Voyageurs left Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, in ten 26-foot canoes. These one hundred gallant men, representing eight provinces and two territories, travelled 5,286 kilometres to Expo ’67 in Montreal. The trip took them across such major lakes as Winnipeg, Lake of the Woods, Superior, Nipissing, Huron and Georgian Bay and through 68 grueling portages. After 104 days of travel, the team from Manitoba paddled into the Expo site as the winners and claimed first prize. In Whitewater Devils Boudreau includes an unbelievable collection of adventures that take place on, in and below the raging rivers and mighty lakes of BC. There are the “grizzly” stories of wildlife photographer Leon Lorenz and the tales of Ian Norn, whose love of kayaking has taken him to roaring rapids and canyons that were out of the reach of humans just a few short years ago. Then there is diver Russ Logan, whose normal day on the job sends him swimming through 85 feet of 36-inch pipe beneath four feet of riverbed or, on another occasion, into the darkness of the Nechako River to remove a drowned moose that was caught in the trash rack of a pulp mill. In his eighth collection, Boudreau once again shares the stories of the brave, adventurous—sometimes foolhardy—men and women of Northern BC and beyond.

Adventure / Local Interest ISBN 13: 978-1-894759-46-5 ISBN 10: 1-894759-46-X 6" x 9", 256 pages, paper b&w photos $22.95


Jack Boudreau has devoted his professional life to British Columbia’s forest industry working as a licensed scaler, industrial first-aid attendant and forest fire fighter mostly with the Ministry of Forests. From early childhood he has been an avid lover of the outdoors. He is a mountain climber, fisherman and naturalist. Boudreau is the author of seven BC bestsellers—Trappers and Trailblazers; Sternwheelers and Canyon Cats; Crazy Man’s Creek; Grizzly Bear Mountain; Wilderness Dreams; Mountains, Campfires & Memories and Wild & Free. He now lives in Prince George, BC, where he spends his time writing. See more books by Jack Boudreau on page 75


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FALL 2010 New books from CAITLIN PRESS


The Flying Fur Buyer of Anahim Lake Darcy Christensen with Sage Birchwater


ife has always been a bit of a gamble for Darcy Christensen. Born in Ocean Falls in 1929, he was raised in Bella Coola Valley and Anahim Lake on the Chilcotin Plateau. The Christensen family were among the earliest white settlers on the Central Coast and West Chilcotin and his maternal grandfather, John Clayton, was the Hudson’s Bay Company’s last trading post factor in Bella Coola. For over thirty years Darcy ran the general store in Anahim Lake that had been operated by his family for more than a century. In the 1970s Christensen bought a plane and took some flying lessons. Using his bush plane equipped with skis he delivered groceries to people living in the outlying area and purchased furs from trappers as far north as Babine and Takla Lake. In no time, he gained acclaim as the “Flying Fur Buyer” of the Cariboo Chilcotin. Christensen says, “All anyone had to do was wave a mink pelt at me and I’d land and buy their fur.” Whether it was playing poker as a youngster with the ranch hands on the Cless Pocket Ranch, doing stunts with his airplane, or flipping double or nothing with customers for a grocery order in his store, Darcy has always had a penchant for gambling. He says his jousts with Lady Luck helped break the boredom and monotony of life on the frontier. Double or Nothing is a journey into the West Chilcotin where Christensen describes his raw and adventurous life and his friendship and encounters with such legends as Pan Phillips, Lester Dorsey, Mickey Dorsey, Domas Squinas, Fred Engebretson and Clayton Mack. Darcy Christensen was born in Ocean Falls in 1929. He purchased the AC Christensen general store from his father in the ’60s and ran it for over three decades. In the ’70s he bought a plane, got a license to fly and became the only flying fur buyer in the region. He now lives in Williams Lake, BC. Sage Birchwater is the author of Chiwid and Williams Lake: Gateway to the Cariboo Chilcotin. He was a staff writer for the Williams Lake Tribune until 2009, and is the editor of Gumption & Grit: Extraordinary Women of the Cariboo Chilcotin (Caitlin Press, 2009). Sage still lives in Williams Lake, BC, and continues to write about the Chilcotin.

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Memoir / Aviation / Fur Trade ISBN 13: 978-1-894759-47-2 ISBN 10: 1-894759-47-8 6" x 9", 256 pages, paper b&w photos $24.95



FALL 2010 N e w b o o k s f r o m C A I T L I N PRESS

Edge of the Sound

Memoirs of a West Coast Log Salvager Jo Hammond


hen 25-year-old Jo climbed down the ramp of the freighter Canadian Star to set foot in Vancouver, BC, in the summer of 1967, she’d never heard of log salvaging. But within two-and-ahalf years, the immigrant from England would quit her teaching job and join forces with one of the most enigmatic salvagers of the Sunshine Coast. Dick and Jo Hammond spent a life together chasing logs, rescuing boaters in distress, and raising their two children in BC’s log salvaging mecca, Howe Sound. Combining Dick’s guidance and her stubborn nature to master all challenges, Jo learned to maneuver their salvage boat, drive dogs and tie knots, sing arias to the sea lions and suckle her child while chasing rogue logs. Edge of the Sound is both a love story and a tale of adventure between a man with an uncommonly high IQ who found his niche behind the wheel of a salvaging boat and a young woman searching for her own place in the world. Their bond was the risk of the wild and unpredictable sea, classical music, the beauty of the natural west coast and the rise and fall of tides that help and hinder their hunt for logs that have escaped between forest and mill. As they work against the forces of nature, Jo Hammond learns to change and she learns to “expect the unexpected.”

Memoir / Local Interest ISBN 13: 978-1-894759-49-6 ISBN 10: 1-894759-49-4 6" x 9", 256 pages, paper $24.95



Before immigrating to the Sunshine Coast Jo Hammond was a dairy farmer, a school teacher and a member of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir. She is an accomplished singer and performer and has a University Diploma in secondary education. She began her writing career as typist and editor for her husband, the author Dick Hammond, when he refused to lay his hands on a typewriter. Eventually, Jo turned her attention to her own stories, writing articles for the local newspapers and then novels for young readers. Her first book, Home Before Dark, was published by Orca Book Publishers in 2005. She lives in Gibsons, BC.

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FALL 2010 New books from CAITLIN PRESS

A Thoroughly Wicked Woman Murder, Perjury and Trial by Newspaper Betty Keller


n a foggy evening in November 1905, 48-year-old Thomas Jackson returned to his home on Melville Street in Vancouver after nine months of prospecting north of the Skeena. Jackson was happy because he had made an important gold strike. Four days later he was dead from strychnine poisoning. Any of the other four people living in the house on Melville Street could have slipped the poison into the mixture of Epsom salts and beer that Jackson took on the morning of his death. Reporters from Vancouver’s newspapers chose Jackson’s teary-eyed, fragile, 24-year-old wife, Theresa, as their first choice for the guilty party. Then as the days went by, their preference shifted to the dead man’s steely-eyed, light-fingered, American mother-in-law, Esther Jones. Suspicion also fell on the two boarders—Esther's nephew Harry Fisher and Ernest Exall. All of them had the opportunity to plant the poison. Eventually the police followed up on the newspapers’ revelations, the most important being that Harry Fisher was not Esther’s nephew but her son. Fisher fled to Washington, and in his absence his mother and sister were arrested—not for murder but for perjured testimony at the coroner’s inquest. What followed was a series of hearings and trials in the city’s courtrooms with fledgling lawyers trying to make their names in combat with the celebrated defence counsel Joseph Martin, KC. At the same time the newspapers, which were locked in a deadly circulation war, tried desperately to trump each other with juicy bits of information, all of it splashed on their front pages week after week. In the end the two women served time in the BC Penitentiary, but no one was ever tried for the murder of Thomas Jackson. Acclaimed writer Betty Keller has based her sensational story of murder and intrigue on actual events that occurred in Vancouver’s pre-World War I years. Betty Keller was born in Vancouver, BC, and moved to the Sunshine Coast in 1980. She is a teacher, mentor, editor and a writer, and has authored or co-authored seventeen books, including biographies, histories, plays and novels. She is a founder of the Sunshine Coast’s Festival of the Written Arts and the Writersin-Residence Program. Betty has won numerous awards for her literary work. She is an avid potter, gardener and fisherperson.

Crime Fiction 5½" x 8", 224 pages, paper ISBN 13: 978-1-894759-48-9 ISBN 10: 1-894759-48-6 b&w photos $19.95


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978-0920576-88-8 Page 76


FALL 2010 N e w b o o k s f r o m C A I T L I N PRESS

All Those Drawn to Me Christian Petersen


he junction of Highways 20 and 97 forms a rough right angle around which lies the city of Williams Lake. These are the coordinates by which Christian Petersen’s fiction can be charted. From the building of the Gaol at Soda Creek to ruminations on the origins of the Barkerville fire, All Those Drawn to Me explores the unpredictable, romantic and spiritual qualities of life in rural BC. The harshness of the wild west permeates Petersen’s second collection of short fiction. In the story “Horse from Persia,” a condemned man contemplates the injustice of life at his hanging speech: “I wished mightily that I could climb up on that horse and escape the sorrowful puzzle my days had become. For if it’s true time is a gift, mine was not altogether pleasant.” But Petersen is just as comfortable extrapolating truths from present-day life, as in “Laketown Breakdown” where a young man struggles to stay on the right side of the law while coping with the death of his parents. And in the title story, “All Those Drawn to Me,” Petersen creates a masterful blend, shifting from the gold rush to the contemporary with three motives, three lives and three battles with death on the treacherous waters of the Upper Quesnel River. Whether in the past or present, Petersen’s characters explore romance, poverty and spiritual quandaries as they wander amid the landscape and back streets of the dusty little cities of BC’s Central Interior. Short Fiction ISBN 13: 978-1-894759-50-2 ISBN 10: 1-894759-50-8 5½" x 8", 176 pages, paper $18.95



Christian Petersen has lived in Williams Lake, BC, for most of the past twenty years. He grew up in Quesnel, and the CaribooChilcotin is the landscape of his fiction. His first collection of stories, Let The Day Perish, was published in 1999 by Beach Holme Publishing and his novel, Outside The Line, was published in 2009 by Dundurn Press. He holds a BA in Writing from the University of Victoria, and a Master’s in Education from the University of New Brunswick.

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FALL 2010 New books from CAITLIN PRESS

Walk Myself Home

An Anthology to End Violence Against Women


Edited by Andrea Routley

here is an epidemic of violence against women in Canada and the world. For many women physical and sexual assault, or the threat of such violence, is a daily reality. Walk Myself Home is an anthology of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and oral interviews on the subject of violence against women including contributions by Kate Braid, Yasuko Thahn and Susan Musgrave. Walk Myself Home began as a small idea: to create a chapbook and sell it at the next LoudSpeaker Festival. The response was overwhelming. This small idea found a chorus of voices, and its sound was too big for a chapbook. Andrea Routley is the co-founder of Victoria, BC’s LoudSpeaker Festival, a festival of music, theatre and poetry in celebration of International Women’s Day. Walk Myself Home is her first anthology. Anthology / Poetry / Memoirs • ISBN 13: 978-1-894759-51-9 • 6" x 9", paper, 180 pages • $19.95 • September


Collected Poetry from Northern BC Women


Edited by Debbie Keahey

mbulance lights flash as a baby is born on a busy city street, pine beetles paint forests a palette of new colours, a young boy faces a watery death under the ice of a frozen lake, and a mother stands in a bathtub at midnight wearing only her gumboots. In this anthology of new writing, women poets from Northern BC share their refreshing, intriguing, mystical and sometimes mythical insights into rural and urban life. Unfurled is a unique blend of emerging and familiar voices and includes work from Gillian Wigmore, Jacqueline Baldwin, Sarah de Leeuw, Donna Kane, Laisha Rosnau, Leanne Boschman and Jamella Hagen—truly a celebration of the women of the North. Debbie Keahey is an award-winning writer and editor. Her books include a collection of poetry, waking blood, a book of literary criticism, Making it Home: Place in Canadian Prairie Literature, and an anthology of women’s writing, The Madwoman in the Academy. Anthology / Poetry • ISBN 13: 978-1-894759-52-6 • 6" x 9", paper, 120 pages • $17.95 • September

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A portion of books sales will be donated to BC Society of Transition Houses.


R e c e n t r e l e a s e s f r o m H A RBOUR PUBLISHING

The Zero-mile Diet

A Year-Round Guide to Growing Organic Food Carolyn Herriot Take a journey through a year of sustainable backyard food production with Carolyn Herriot, one of BC’s top organic gardening gurus. This definitive month-by-month guide brings gardeners into the delicious world of edible landscaping and helps take a load off the planet as we achieve greater food security. Full of illustrative colour photos and step-by-step instructions, The Zero-Mile Diet shares wisdom gleaned from 30 years of food growing and seed saving. Put organic home-grown fruits and vegetables on your table throughout the year, using the time-saving, economical and sustainable methods of gardening outlined in The Zero-Mile Diet. This book is about REAL food and how eating it will change our lives for the better. Carolyn Herriot is the author of the bestselling A Year on the Garden Path: A 52-Week Organic Gardening Guide. She is much in demand as a speaker and workshop leader on organic gardening in the Pacific Northwest, with regular columns in GardenWise and Common Ground magazines. Carolyn grows her certified-organic seed business, Seeds of Victoria, at the Garden Path Centre for Organic Gardening in Victoria, BC. 8 x 10, 256 pages, paper • 200+ colour photographs • 978-1-55017-481-6 • $32.95

The Shores We Call Home Carol Evans

The mystical shores of coastal British Columbia hold boundless inspiration and an enigmatic spiritual presence for many who live along its various coves and inlets. For almost three decades, Carol Evans has been practicing and refining her art, creating stunning portrayals of the beautiful and rugged shores of Vancouver Island and the coastal mainland. Her intensity of colour and attention to the subtleties of light are trademarks of her increasingly popular watercolour paintings. The Shores We Call Home contains over eighty of Evans’ works, collected here in gorgeous fullcolour reproductions that faithfully represent the startlingly vivid visions of the original watercolours, capturing the unique character of BC’s exquisite shoreline landscape—a place like nowhere else on earth. Carol Evans is a master watercolourist with her work achieving international acclaim as part of many group exhibitions and private collections worldwide. Her art has been published in two previous books of paintings: West Coast: Homeland of Mist, and Releasing the Light. She and her husband live on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. 10 x 8½, 96 pages, paper with french flaps • 80+ watercolours • 978-1-55017-465-6 • $18.95

Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest Revised and Expanded Second Edition Andy Lamb and Phil Edgell

A completely revised and updated edition of this best-selling comprehensive field guide to marine fishes of BC, Washington, Oregon, southern Alaska and Northern California. Written by a marine biologist and illustrated in colour by a prizewinning underwater photographer, Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest identifies each fish by its common name and is illustrated with full-colour photographs and labelled sketches. Special sections present catching tips for anglers and commercial fishermen; location hints for divers, beachcombers and pleasure boaters; and cooking ideas for seafood gourmets. The information included in these sections provides a brief but detailed description of each fish’s habitat, physical characteristics and behaviour—everything that a fisherman, diver or naturalist needs to know! 6 x 9, 336 pages, paper • 300+ colour photographs & illustrations • 978-1-55017-471-7 • $29.95


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R e c e nt releases from HARBOUR PUBLISHING

Off the Beaten Path

A Hiking Guide to Vancouver’s North Shore Norm Watt With a total of 31 North Shore hikes plus two in the Pemberton area, this is the most comprehensive collection of North Shore hiking trails to be found anywhere. Many entries feature historical information about the area, including points of local interest such as old homesteads and logging camps. The level of detail, including thorough trail descriptions and approximate walking times, makes this book a distinctive and invaluable resource for the seasoned outdoor adventurer as well as the casual hiker. 6 x 9, 160 pages, paper • 30+ b&w photographs & 30+ maps • 978-155017-479-3 • $21.95

Still Fishin’

The BC Fishing Industry Revisited Alan Haig-Brown It is generally known that the West Coast’s once-great commercial fishing industry has fallen on hard times, but as Alan Haig-Brown demonstrates in this new book, reports of its demise are exaggerated. A veteran of the industry himself, Haig-Brown here offers a “state of the industry” report, discovering pockets of surprising activity among the vistas of closed processing plants, downsized fleets and corporate concentration. Is the whole fishing industry now on life support? It seems to be headed that way, but this book offers many practical and persuasive reasons why it doesn’t have to be. 6 x 9, 264 pages, paper • 40 b&w photographs • 978-1-55017-467-0 • $26.95

History Hunting in the Yukon CROSS-CANADA CROSSWORDS 6

50 Themed Puzzles for Canadian Crossword Connoisseurs Gwen Sjogren For those who like their crosswords Canadian, this series delivers an all-new edition packed full of Great White Northern places, characters and things. Sjogren taps into some of her favourite themes including pop culture, geography and showbiz, and debuts new topics like acronyms, currency and journalism. Savvy solvers will greet our nation’s most beloved fictional heroine, meet the hilarious host of a famous game show and feast on some tasty Canadian confections. 8 x 10, 128 pages, paper • 978-1-55017-469-4 • $9.95

Michael Gates

Conspiracies to overthrow the Yukon; terrorism in the Klondike; a bigamist Klondike Casanova; gunfights and how the Mounties got their man; Robert Service’s secret love life; the Canadian who fooled Alaskans into making him governor; floods, famine and things found frozen from the past. The Yukon has them all—and more! History Hunting in the Yukon reveals fascinating accounts from Canada’s northern territory. Dipping into his personal experiences and a 40-year love affair with Yukon history, author Michael Gates takes us on a journey to some of the places, people and events that make the Yukon eternally captivating. 6 x 9, 256 pages, paper • 80+ b&w photos & maps • A Lost Moose Book • 978-1-55017-477-9 • $18.95

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R e c e n t r e l e a s e s f r o m H A RBOUR PUBLISHING

The Boreal Gourmet

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF Raincoast Place Names

“Bring me moose meat! You will not be sorry!” So says Whitehorse author and cook Michele Genest to the hunters in her circle. Wild is wonderful when it comes to Genest’s creative treatments for northern viands, with exciting ideas such as moose cooked in Yukon-brewed espresso stout and finished with chocolate, lime and cilantro, Arctic char marinated in grappa, hot-smoked, or roasted spruce grouse in a sour cream and Madeira sauce. 8 x 10, 256 pages, paper • 50+ colour, b&w photos & illustrations • A Lost Moose Book • 978-1-55017-475-5 • $26.95

BC Historical Federation 2009 Lieutenant Governor’s medal for historical writing WINNER OF THE 2010 RODERICK HAIG-BROWN REGIONAL PRIZE, BC BOOK PRIZES

The Expanded Reilly Method

A Field Guide to Coastal Flowers of the Pacific Northwest

Adventures in Northern Cooking Michele Genest

A Complete Reference to Coastal British Columbia Andrew Scott

Mike McCardell

Mike McCardell’s bestselling books about finding rays of pure sunshine among the dark byways of the big city have a full measure of heartwarming tales but this time he declares, “I have found the answer to enjoying an incredible life, no matter who you are or where you are or what you are doing or how much you weigh.” In his 2008 book, Getting to the Bubble, McCardell described meeting the inspirational figure behind the Method, an autistic nine-year-old named Reilly, who changed Mike’s life, for example, “I have not had a disagreement with my wife, because I have not wanted to. In truth, she has had some disagreements with me…” 6 x 9, 288 pages, cloth • 978-1-55017-500-4 • $34.95


In 1909 Captain John T. Walbran published one of the most beloved and enduring of all BC books, British Columbia Coast Names. Harbour Publishing celebrates the hundredth anniversary of that landmark work by presenting the first book to update Walbran’s classic, twice the size and including more than three times as many places. 7 x 10, 664 pages, cloth • Maps, illustrations, charts, b&w and colour photos • 978-1-55017-484-7 • $49.95

Phillipa Hudson

Your essential portable guide to the most popular coastal flowers on the West Coast! With gorgeous full-colour photos arranged in an easy-to-use colour coded chart for quick identification, the pocket-sized format is perfect for taking along on walks and hikes through both the Pacific Northwest countryside as well as the urban wilds of West Coast cities. Supplying English and Latin names, the distribution range of each species and average plant height and flower size, Phillipa Hudson shares her knowledge of coast flora gained through over 30 years as an active amateur botanist. 37 x 9, 8-fold pamphlet • 112 colour photographs • 978-1-55017-473-1 • $7.95

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R e c e nt releases from HARBOUR PUBLISHING

A Field Guide to Nudibranchs of the Pacific Northwest

Our Little Green Valley

Sometimes called the most colourful creatures on earth, nudibranchs are shell-less marine snails that capture the attention of scuba divers, snorkelers and tidepool-gazers with their bizarre body forms and incandescent colouration. This durable, water-resistant 8-fold pamphlet identifies more than 50 of the most common species from California to Alaska and is an ideal companion on visits to the sea as well as a beautiful addition to the home library.

Located on BC’s Sunshine Coast, Kleindale is famous for the notorious Kleins who settled it, including Crazy Mary who was acquitted for murder by showing the judge her legs; Grampa Klein who shot his brother for no apparent reason; and Aunt Mabel “who looked a lot like Uncle John with a skirt on.” Told by natural-born storyteller and Klein descendant Ray Phillips, this exclusive history recounts the lives of Kleindale’s founders and a few eccentric residents. The book abounds with fascinating photographs and entertaining historical anecdotes. 6 x 9, 288 pages, paper • 80+ b&w photos & maps • 978-1-55017-483-0 • $24.95

Rick M. Harbo

37 x 9, 8-fold pamphlet • 50 colour photos • 978-1-55017-493-9 • $7.95

The Kleindale Story Ray Phillips

The Wild Side Guide to Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim

Long Beach, Tofino, Ucluelet, Port Alberni, Nitinat & Bamfield Revised Second Edition Jacqueline Windh The Pacific Rim of Vancouver Island’s wild west coast, with its picturesque coastal villages of Tofino and Ucluelet and expansive wave-washed sands of Long Beach, has become one of Canada’s top tourist destinations. In this updated edition of The Wild Side Guide to Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim, longtime Tofino resident, wilderness traveller, author and photographer Jacqueline Windh shares her secrets about travelling around the region. 6 x 9, 208 pages, paper • 80 colour & b&w photographs & 10 maps • 978-1-55017-485-4 • $24.95

Boat Camping Haida Gwaii A Small-Vessel Guide Revised Second Edition Neil Frazer

With information on ancient native settlements, hidden campsites and everything in between, Boat Camping Haida Gwaii offers a fascinating and comprehensive marine guide to the wild beauty of the Queen Charlotte Islands for kayakers and other small vessel operators. 9 x 11½, 192 pages, paper • 70 b&w photographs & 110 maps • 978-1-55017-487-8 • $29.95

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R e c e n t r e l e a s e s f r o m H A RBOUR PUBLISHING

Black is the New Green Arthur Black

The Cowichan

Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith and Region Georgina Montgomery, photography by Kevin Oke The Cowichan Region is the large area that lies between the cities of Victoria and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Mountainous wilderness, large lakes and rivers, broad fertile valleys, enormous estuaries and numerous coastal harbours and islets are home to more than a dozen communities, ranging from seaside and lakeside villages to shop- and café-filled towns. 8½ x 11, 144 pages, cloth • 150+ colour photographs • 978-1-55017-490-8 • $34.95


For more books by Arthur Black, see page 38

A Life in the News

The Dal Richards Story Dal Richards with Jim Taylor

Tony Parsons

Dal Richards and author Jim Taylor recount the life story of the legendary bandleader in One More Time!. These are Dal’s memories of the stars and the wannabes, the hustlers and bootleggers and hat check chicks, all of whom paraded through his life in the days when Vancouver’s nightclub scene rivalled San Francisco’s and Hollywood’s big-name performers made it a regular tour stop. This story takes a loving look back at the gigs, laughter and musical misadventures of a time when the songs came from records and radio instead of CDs and iPods. At 91, Dal is still going strong: on his 90th birthday he sold out the Orpheum Theatre. 6 x 9, 288 pages, cloth • b&w photographs • 978-1-55017-492-2 • $32.95


Those who have been following Arthur Black’s award-winning publishing ventures over the past few years, or remember him from his long-running CBC radio show, Basic Black, will have come to appreciate the hilarious and unique vision of the world through the eyes of Canada’s Blackest humourist. No less hilarious is his newest collection of observations and manifestos, Black is the New Green. If you’re looking for a hearty helping of old-fashioned storytelling exploring Black’s trademark territory of the curious and the strange, the twisted and the tainted, look no further than Black is the New Green. 6 x 9, 256 pages, cloth • 978-1-55017-494-6 • $32.95

To say that Tony Parsons is a household name and that his is one of the most recognizable faces in BC are almost understatements. Having served over 35 years as anchor of the News Hour, the province’s most popular television news program, Parsons is a virtual member of millions of BC families. Modest, informative and amusing, just like Tony himself, A Life in the News offers revealing insights into the life of one of BC’s most visible media personalities as well as fascinating views of behind-the-scenes life at BC’s most watched news show. 6 x 9, 224 pages, cloth • b&w photographs • 978-1-55017-461-8 • $32.95

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R e c e nt releases from HARBOUR PUBLISHING

The Al Purdy A-Frame Anthology

Edited by Paul Vermeersch, introduction by Dennis Lee This is a book with a mission. On one level it is a celebration of the great Canadian poet Al Purdy by eminent writers who were his contemporaries. On another it is a celebration of the place that was the centre of Purdy’s writing universe—his lakeside A-frame cottage in Ameliasburgh, Ontario, where he lived for 43 years. The Purdy A-frame served as a kind of tribal mustering place for notable Canadian writers from the 1950s to the 1990s including Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, George Bowering, Margaret Laurence, Milton Acorn, Janet Lunn, Patrick Lane and a host of others. Proceeds from The Al Purdy A-Frame Anthology will go towards preserving the Purdy home as a retreat for future generations of Canadian writers. 8 x 8, 160 pages, paper • b&w photographs • 978-1-55017-502-8 • $26.95


The History of Opera in British Columbia Rosemary Cunningham This first-ever history of opera in BC celebrates important milestones for BC’s two major companies: Vancouver Opera’s 50th anniversary in 2009 and the 30th anniversary of Pacific Opera Victoria in 2010. Illustrated with more than 100 exquisite photographs and rare archival images, Bravo! culminates with in-depth reporting on recent developments at Vancouver Opera and Pacific Opera Victoria. 7 x 10, 208 pages, cloth • 100+ b&w and colour photographs • 978-1-55017486-1 • $34.95

Only in Whistler

From Fox Moths to Jet Rangers

Stephen Vogler is one of those rare Whistlerites who actually grew up in Whistler and he has for some years been running a one-man crusade to prove his hometown is not only a bona fide community, but a uniquely interesting one. Gradually the “high” spirits of the incoming snow hippies melded with the soberer tradition of the transplanted Tyroleans to produce a hybrid “only in Whistler” character that is equally devoted to serious skiing and unserious living. 6 x 9, 240 pages, paper • 50 b&w photographs • 978-1-55017-504-2 • $24.95

From Fox Moths to Jet Rangers is a memorable story from Canada’s bush flying heritage. Harvey Evans was only eighteen years old when he earned his commercial pilot’s licence in 1952, just as the aviation industry was emerging from the shadow of WWII, and he racked up an impressive 20,000 hours of flying time before filing his final flight plan in 1994. It was a remarkable and distinguished career that began in the old days of bush flying, then moved on to the early days of commercial helicopter work and extended into the time of flying by computer. 6 x 9, 264 pages, paper • 40 b&w photos • 978-1-55017-526-4 • $26.95

Tales of a Mountain Town Stephen Vogler

A Bush Pilot’s Life Harvey Evans with Doug Evans

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R e c e n t r e l e a s e s f r o m N I G HTWOOD EDITIONS

Cold sleep permanent afternoon Ray Hsu

Cold Sleep Permanent Afternoon, the follow-up to Ray Hsu’s award-winning first collection, Anthropy, is the second book in a prospective trilogy that explores the “grammar of personhood.” Whereas Anthropy approached the human condition through the prism of first-, second- and third-person perspectives, Cold Sleep Permanent Afternoon uses the grammatical concepts of singular and plural as grid-lines to chart contemporary life and concerns both harrowing and humane. Extending from this principal division, Hsu explores the borders between civic engagement and domesticity, dissent and accord, freedom and restriction—each of these are tested against another and framed by the tension between the collective and the individual. With Cold Sleep Permanent Afternoon, Ray Hsu presents our landscape in stark light, confronting the human drama that is manifesting within our lives, and investigating how we make sense of ourselves and the world we have wrought. 5½ x 8, 96 pages, paper • 978-0-88971-244-7 • $17.95

other poems Jay MillAr

Jay MillAr’s poetry resists classification. This book, being a collection of Other Poems, is an assemblage of seemingly disparate materials—the poems are of various lengths, subjects and origins and were composed over the past ten years of this prolific author’s life. Reading this book is likened to finding a box of photographs in a thrift store; here lies a miscellany of meaning that offers an intimate view of MillAr’s “direct manner of spoken mind.” Jay MillAr is a Toronto poet, editor, publisher and virtual bookseller. He is the author of the small blue (2007), False Maps for Other Creatures (2005), Mycological Studies (2002), and The Ghosts of Jay MillAr (2000). His most recent collection is esp : accumulation sonnets (2009). In 2006, he published Double Helix, a collaborative novel written with Stephen Cain. He is also the author of many chapbooks and privately published editions such as Lack Lyrics, which tied to win the 2008 bpNichol Chapbook Award. MillAr is the shadowy figure behind BookThug, a publishing house dedicated to exploratory work by well-known and emerging North American writers, as well as Apollinaire’s Bookshoppe, a virtual bookstore that specializes in the books that no one wants to buy. Currently MillAr teaches Creative Writing and Poetics at George Brown College. 5¼ x 8½, 120 pages, paper • 978-0-88971-242-3 • $17.95

patternicity Jim Johnstone

Patternicity follows the author’s debut book of poems, The Velocity of Escape (Guernica Editions, 2008), which contained a suite of poems that won a 2008 CBC Literary Award. As a physiologist currently completing his Ph.D. at the University of Toronto, Johnstone’s work is informed by a scientific approach, his own corporeal environment and an exploration of “the unreliability of language, regardless of how it’s relayed.” Jim Johnstone obtained his M.Sc. in Reproductive Physiology from the University of Toronto, where he is currently a doctoral candidate. He is a two-time winner of the E. J. Pratt Medal and Prize in Poetry, the recipient of a 2008 CBC Literary Award and his work has been broadcast on CBC Radio’s Between the Covers and published in Canadian periodicals such as The Fiddlehead, Grain and PRISM International. Currently he edits Misunderstandings Magazine, a literary journal he co-founded with Ian Williams and Vicki Sloot. Visit his blog at 5½ x 8, 80 pages, paper • 978-0-88971-245-4 • $17.95


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R e c e nt releases from NIGHTWOOD EDITIONS

histories haunt us Triny Finlay

In Triny Finlay’s second collection of poetry, she asks what it means to let in the ghosts of the past. Will memories loosen the frame of a life? Will subtle fears take over? Finlay plumbs the depths of family life as she negotiates the territories of ancestry, love and new motherhood: a great-grandmother who went to bed for seventeen years; a lover caught with somebody else; a son’s critical illness—things that “encroach, they devastate, so that you must decide: you are an anchor or you are not.” This is a fragile world, in which rivers overflow and fear can become paralyzing. But there is hope here, too, for the “lusty aria” of the newborn child, for “a look we might have missed, in a different room,” for the falling leaves that return to the ground, that recover us. 5½ x 8, 80 pages, paper • 978-0-88971-247-8 • $17.95

windstorm Joe Denham

Windstorm is a passport to the place where chaos and form meet; Denham’s timeless ethereal gaze is rooted in the mastery of poetic forms such as the sonnet and Dante’s terza rima. These quiet, forceful poems explore heaven, earth and sea with arresting images, ideas and words. Like the wind, Denham’s poetry has the power to move. Joe Denham’s first collection Flux (page 71) was published in 2003. He is a poet with an international scope, having been anthologized in Open Field (New York), New Canon (Montreal), Jailbreaks (Ontario), Breathing Fire 2: Canada’s New Poets (BC) and In Fine Form. He works as a fisherman and lives with his family in Halfmoon Bay, BC. 5¼ x 7½, 72 pages, paper • 978-0-88971-243-0 • $17.95

Red nest

Never more there

shortlisted for the 2009 bc book prizes dorothy ivesay poetry prize

How do we reconcile story with fact? What must one lose for the other to exist? In this debut collection, Rowe explores the nature of mythology and how it morphs in time to retain cultural and personal significance. Folk tales, supernatural creatures, family histories and personal elegies come together to expose the cohabitation of the dead and the living; the relationship between cold absence and stark presence. Stephen Rowe was a finalist for the Fresh Fish Award for Emerging Writers and his poetry has appeared in The Antigonish Review, CV2, Iota, The Newfoundland Quarterly, The Panhandler, Paragon, Rhythm Poetry Magazine, The Society 2008 and The Toronto Quarterly. He was born in Heart’s Content, Newfoundland, and now lives in Gander with his family. 5¼ x 7½, 88 pages, paper • 978-0-88971-239-3 • $17.95

Gillian Jerome Enter the surreal adventure that is Gillian Jerome’s debut collection of domestic, urban and intergalactic poems. Just when you’ve been ambushed by gods and stars, you’re catapulted back into a wild sprawling city filled with cordless phones, coyotes and the hairdos of dandelions. The brave and rambunctious creatures in this book nest in the humour and horror of 21st-century obsessions. Gillian Jerome’s first non-fiction book, Hope in Shadows: Stories and Photographs from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, won the 2009 City of Vancouver Book Award and was shortlisted for a BC Book Prize. 5¼ x 7½, 88 pages, paper • 978-0-88971-241-6 • $17.95

Stephen Rowe

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R e c e n t r e l e a s e s f r o m N I G HTWOOD EDITIONS

My Vancouver Sketchbook

Down at The Seaweed Cafe

As young artist Marina explores Vancouver from dawn to dusk, she records her impressions in her sketchbook. From Stanley Park to Granville Island, from Horseshoe Bay to Chinatown, Marina delights in the diversity of this West Coast city and brings its colourful spirit to life. With the combination of lively illustration and playful text that we know from The Ferryboat Ride, My Vancouver Sketchbook is sure to delight both visitors and residents. 10 x 9¾, 32 pages, paper • 978-0-88971-248-5 • $9.95

If you’ve ever played restaurant, made mud pies or hosted an imaginary tea party, you’ll welcome an invitation to the Seaweed Cafe for an evening of song, storytelling and dance. A perfect bedtime book, Down at the Seaweed Cafe’s sunken treasure, sea monsters and tsunamis will charm readers of all ages. 10 x 9¾, 32 pages, paper • 978-0-88971-246-1 • $9.95 Cloth edition still available • 978-1-55192-473 • $16.95

Robert Perry, illustrated by Greta Guzek

Robert Perry, illustrated by Greta Guzek

slapshot hockey quizbook

Trivia, Puzzles and More 50 Fun Games brought to you by O Canada Crosswords Jesse Ross

O canada crosswords Book 10 50 Themed Daily-sized Crosswords Dave Macleod and Barbara Olson

This is the tenth book in the bestselling O Canada Crosswords series, with over 150,000 copies sold. This new volume offers 50 new Canadian-themed puzzles featuring tricky wordplay and other tests of mental agility. The Mayo Clinic cites crossword puzzles as one way to keep the mind sharp as we age. 8½ x 11, 176 pages, paper • 978-0-88971-236-2 • $9.95 For more crosswords, see page 58


These fun, easy-to-understand puzzles and quizzes are perfect for fans of all ages who will be challenged and intrigued by the variety of skill-testing questions about hockey and all of its leagues. Ross’s previous book, The Amazing Allstar Hockey Activity Book, is a Canadian bestseller. 7¼ x 9, 80 pages, paper • 978-0-88971-234-8 • $8.95

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Recent releases from CAITLIN PRESS

The Railroader’s Wife

Letters from the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Jane Stevenson

north of Iskut

Grizzlies, Bannock and Adventure Tor Forsberg In 1971, 23-year-old Tor Forsberg found herself bumping along Highway 37 in an old pickup, heading south to Iskut. She fell in love with the bush and vowed to create a life in the wilds of northern BC. In the years that followed Tor learned to hunt and trap, skin beaver, field dress moose, make bannock and beaver stew and scent a grizzly on the wind. North of Iskut is a funny and heartwarming story of a young woman’s quest to discover herself, her spirit and her connection with nature. 6 x 9, 216 pages, paper • 30 b&w photographs • 978-1-894759-42-7 • $24.95

Wake-up Call

Tales from a Frontier Doctor Sterling Haynes Sterling Haynes begins by telling us that at the age of 70 a left hemisphere stroke rearranged his brain. “The funny episodes in my medical practice became hilarious. The sad parts of my life’s memories looked less bleak.” Haynes goes on to share the humorous and sometimes bizarre tales of his life as a doctor 6 x 9, 160 pages, paper • 978-1-894759-44-1 • $19.95

The story of the railway has never been told in such a charming voice as in these letters by Bernice Medbury Martin. Bernice Medbury married railroader Leslie Martin in 1912 and arrived in Prince Rupert at the height of rock blasting and railroad building. Lonely for her family in Wisconsin, Bernice wrote frequent letters home in which she described in striking detail the machinery and mudslides, the weather and the wilderness, the local characters and the outrageous cost of supplies. Bernice’s letters span the two final years of Grand Trunk Pacific Railway track building and are neatly woven together by Jane Stevenson’s well-researched narration. 6 x 7, 200 pages, paper • 60 b&w photographs • 978-1-894759-43-4 • $24.95

Understories Al Rempel

Understories explores the meeting of the natural, suburban and inner-city experiences of Prince George. Al Rempel’s poetry kicks the snow off alleyways, tramps around a fallen-in trapper’s cabin, or sneaks onto the neighbour’s front lawn—all with a wink and a nod. 6 x 9, 104 pages, paper • 978-1-894759-41-0 • $16.95

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Inward to the Bones

Georgia O’Keeffe’s Journey with Emily Carr Kate Braid

In 1930, Emily Carr met Georgia O’Keeffe at an exhibition of O’Keeffe’s paintings in New York. Inspired by the idea of a bond between these two powerful painters, award-winning poet Kate Braid has expanded that momentary meeting into a passionate, revolutionary friendship. 5½ x 8½, 120 pages, paper • 978-1-894759-45-8 • $16.95


R e c e n t r e l e a s e s f r o m C A I TLIN PRESS

This Vanishing Land

Trappers and Trailblazers

A Woman’s Journey to the Canadian Arctic Dianne Whelan In the spring of 2007 the Canadian Forces and the Canadian Rangers set out on a treacherous journey. Their mission was to travel over 2,000 kilometres by snowmobile from Resolute to the Canadian Forces Station Alert and plant a Canadian flag en route at Ward Hunt Island. Author, photographer and filmmaker Dianne Whelan is the first woman to accompany the Rangers on this never before patrolled route. Operation Nunalivut pushes Whelan to her physical and emotional limits. Here she shares her personal journey and explores the tumultuous political history and global significance of the Canadian High Arctic. 8 x 9, 176 pages, paper • colour photos• 978-1-894759-38-0 • $28.95

Gumption & Grit

Extraordinary Women of the Cariboo Chilcotin Edited by Sage Birchwater, with Gloria Atamanenko, Pam Mahon and Karen Thompson The first in a brand new series which will showcase women of BC, Gumption & Grit contains more than 35 stories. They are heartfelt, honest and will resonate with the experiences of all women of this land. 7 x 10, 216 pages, paper • b&w photos • 978-1894759-37-3 • $24.95


More Campfire Stories Jack Boudreau

In 1934 international entrepreneur Charles Bedeaux hired a team of men to trail blaze from Edmonton, Alberta, to Telegraph Creek, BC. While Bedeaux hob-nobbed with Europe’s elite, the others suffered near starvation in BC’s harshest wilderness. This is just one of many stories gleaned from the memories of pioneers, but as Boudreau discovers, many possessed an intangible mettle and a sense of humour that saw them through rough times. Boudreau’s extraordinary research has also uncovered a collection of intriguing previously unpublished photographs. 6 x 9, 256 pages, paper• b&w photos • 978-1-894759-39-7• $22.95 More books by Jack Boudreau on page 75.

Valley Sutra

Wax Boats

Memorials and the yearning to re-create the past permeate Valley Sutra, award-winning poet Kuldip Gill’s new collection. The voices of East Indian communities and families remind us that history is not just what is recorded in documents, but is a mixture of smells, tastes and textures. In the last section of the book, Gill invokes the ghost of Bill Miner—Canada’s first train robber—to speak from beyond the grave, reworking memories and documents and revealing history from his point of view. 5½ x 8, 96 pages, paper • 978-1-894759-36-6 • $16.95

In Sarah Robert’s debut collection Wax Boats, a rural island community comes to life in action-packed, evocative tales. Cougar ladies fight the BC wilderness and the inevitable extinction of their peaceful island lives. A Boy Scout troop rescues their own leader, and learns to welcome someone “from away.” Wax Boats introduces thought-provoking characters caught between the encroaching modern, industrial world and the hard truths of lives lived at the edge of everything. 5½ x 8, 176 pages, paper • 978-1-894759-40-3 • $17.95

Kuldip Gill (1934–2009)

Sarah Roberts

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British Columbia Spirit of the People Jean Barman

shortlisted for the 2009 booksellers’ choice award in honour of bill duthie

In 2008, BC celebrated the founding of the Crown Colony of British Columbia. British Columbia celebrates this milestone, capturing the province’s history and complex character in a lavish coffee-table book. 10 x 11, 192 pp, cl, 150+ colour photos • 978-155017-446-5 • $24.95

Reflections at SandHill Creek

Fort St. James and New Caledonia Where British Columbia Began Marie Elliott

bc historical federation 3rd prize for historical writing

Modern British Columbia began in the central interior of the province, where Simon Fraser founded the fur trade empire known as New Caledonia.This is the first history of this crucial chapter in over one hundred years. Elliott fills in the day-to-day activities of people and companies integral to British Columbia history, creating a readable and valuable addition to the literature of the province. 6 x 9, 272 pages, paper • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-478-6 • $26.95

Meditations on the Wild West Coast Adrian Dorst

The Life and Destruction of Saint Mary’s Hospital

The West Coast has a savage beauty that draws visitors from around the world. Some, like renowned photographer Adrian Dorst, find a reason to stay. Dorst reflects upon his chosen home of 35 years, capturing quintessential West Coast icons in a stunning visual journey to this astonishing place—and beyond.

This is the story of Saint Mary’s Hospital in New Westminster, British Columbia, from its founding in 1887 by the Sisters of Providence through its modernization and growth into one of the finest surgical centres in the province, including the ultimate controversy that closed Saint Mary’s doors forever in 2004.

8½ x 11, 112 pages, cloth • colour photos • 978-1-55017474-8 • $28.95

Policing the Fringe

The Curious Life of a Small-Town Mountie Charles Scheideman

From the 1960s through the 1980s, RCMP Sergeant Charlie Scheideman patrolled “the dark corners of the Interior of British Columbia”—not much fun to police but full of characters, many of whom make their way into Policing the Fringe. With wry humour and a policeman’s eye for detail, Scheideman’s stories range from the ridiculous to the horrific to the tragic—one of the most revealing accounts ever written about policing in small-town Canada. 5½ x 8½ , 320 pages, paper • 978-1-55017-482-3 • $24.95

Jaimie McEvoy Saint Mary’s Health Foundation

6 x 9, 272 pages, cloth • b&w photos • 978-0-9811365-0-9 • $29.95

Global TV’s Mike McCardell Getting to the Bubble

Finding Magic Amid the Urban Roar

Mike McCardell, the legendary Vancouver reporter who tries to restore people’s faith in living after they’ve finished watching the appalling mayhem on the evening news, combs the streets of his modern big city, looking for inspiring acts of humanity amid the urban roar. And always, always finding them. 6 x 9, 304 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-443-4 • $32.95

The Blue Flames That Keep Us Warm Spirit of the Nikkei Fleet BC’s Japanese Canadian Fishermen Masako Fukawa with Stanley Fukawa

bc historical federation 2nd prize for historical writing

An intimate collection of stories of Japanese Canadians on the water, from the first immigrant’s arrival in 1877 to the present day. Even in the face of inequity, prejudice and inhumanity, the spirit of the Nikkei fishermen has left a legacy. This is the story of ordinary people who possess an indomitable spirit. 9½ x 12, 256 pp, cl • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-439-7 • $39.95

Beyond the Chilcotin

On the Home Ranch with Pan Phillips Diana Phillips

Pan Phillips and Rich Hobson carved their places in ranching history when they founded some of the most isolated ranches in North America. Their exploits became the stuff of legend and Phillips became one of Canada’s enduring folk heroes. This is the story of Pan Phillips’ daughter Diana, renowned as the only person feisty enough to best her legendary father in a slanging match. 6 x 9, 288 pp, cl • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-447-2 • $34.95

Mike McCardell’s Favourite Stories

Shortlisted for the 2008 bc booksellers’ choice award in honour of bill duthie

From the inside-scoop on news-time postures, to the charming lives of gay roosters, McCardell is sure to delight, entertain and thoroughly warm. 6 x 9, 272 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-431-1 • $24.95

Back Alley Reporter McCardell’s follow-up to his bestselling memoir Chasing the Story God, is a charming collection of anecdotes, full of “un-put-downable” fun for anybody who enjoys a well-turned yarn. 6 x 9, 288 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-480-9 • $19.95

chasing the Story God In this, his first book, he presents an intriguing and often hilarious behind-the-scenes look at the world of TV journalism—and a glimpse into the mind and heart of the man who does the “feel-good” features. 6 x 9, 280 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-248-5 • $32.95

NEW! Everything Works, page 2, and The Expanded Reilly Method, page 28

Now in paperback, page 15

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Legacy in Wood

NEW! A Chip Off the Old Black, page 6, Black is the New Green, page 22 and the Planet Salt Spring audio CD on page 64

Black to the Grindstone Arthur Black—bestselling author, three-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour, beloved radio personality and newspaper columnist—proves in Black to the Grindstone, that, without a doubt, you not only get better but funnier with age. From an unexpected drag race to a Google search for a picture of the illusive “Arthur the Meek,” you just never know when a regular day is going to turn into comedic genius. 6 x 9, 304 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-442-7 • $19.95

Black Gold

Nuggets from a Lifetime of Laughs

In case there is anyone who still disputes Black’s claim to the title of Canada’s funniest man, Harbour presents the laughing proof: a retrospective of Black’s best hits, high-graded from 11 previous collections stretching back over the past 20 years. The result is a landslide of laughter, a tsunami of silliness, a cornucopia of corn, in short, a bonanza of Black humour. 6 x 9, 272 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-373-4 • $19.95

The Wahl Family Boat Builders Ryan Wahl

Centuries before steel, fibreglass, aluminum and automation were applied to shipbuilding, early twentieth-century BC shipwrights hand built fish boats entirely out of wood. Legacy in Wood is an illustrated story of one of those shipwrights, Ed Wahl. With the help of his six sons, Wahl created the most successful commercial fishboat building enterprise on British Columbia’s north coast, and one of the most well known boat shops on the entire BC coast. 978-1-55017-433-5 • 6 x 9, 240 pp, cl • b&w photos • $32.95

“Hello, Sweetheart? Gimmie Rewrite!” My Life in the Wonderful World of Sports Jim Taylor

At age 17, Jim Taylor began a career as a high school sports reporter. Forty-eight years, some 7,500 columns, three times as many radio shows and 12 books later, Jim Taylor is undeniably one of Canada’s most loved sports writers. Here Taylor looks back at half a century of sitting in on the sidelines with “the kings and queens of secondguess, the heroes of hindsight.” 978-1-55017-437-3 • 6 x 9, 256 pp, cl • b&w photos • $32.95

Tragedy at Second Narrows

The Story of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge Eric Jamieson


Pitch Black delivers hilarious insights on the medical application of duct tape, the real difference between men and women, how to reuse that Commodore 64 in the closet and why writers dread cocktail parties and barbeques (“A stranger asks you what you do; you tell them you’re a writer. And they come back with ‘No, I meant what do you do for a LIVING.’”). Laughs are guaranteed. 6 x 9, 280 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-367-3 • $32.95

winner of the 2008 lieutenant governor’s award for historical writing

On June 17, 1958, Vancouver experienced the worst industrial accident in its history when the new bridge being built across Burrard Inlet collapsed into the waters of Second Narrows, killing eighteen workers. That somebody had made a colossal error seemed obvious, but it would take a Royal Commission to discover how and why. 978-1-55017-451-9 • 6 x 9, 304 pp, cl • b&w photos • $32.95

Now in paperback, page 16 Victoria Underfoot

Black & White and Read All Over

Shortlisted for the Stephen Leacock Memorial MEDAL for Humour

The beloved radio personality and newspaper columnist tackles a range of subjects from Sasquatch hunters to nose jobs to the legalization of pot. Black believes that “life, when you think of it, is really a series of accidents all strung together like a necklace fashioned by a drunkard.” Dip into Black & White And Read All Over, and you’ll see why.

Excavating a City’s Secrets Edited by Brenda Clark, Nicole Kilburn and Nick Russell winner, monday magazine’s m award for best non-fiction book of 2008 • winner, award of honour from heritage bc • winner, communication award from the hallmark society heritage awards

Victoria Underfoot is an unexpected and unusual look into the city underground. A team of archaeologists excavated houses, gardens and even the garbage dump! 978-1-55017-419-9 • 6 x 9, 144 pp, pb • colour photos • $24.95

Harbour • 6 x 9, 272 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-336-9 • $32.95

Fortune’s a River FLASH BLACK In slyly ironic, pointedly witty essays, Black takes aim at the vagaries of the English language, the moribund political correctness movement, and a host of rural and urban eccentrics. So sit down, settle back and loosen your belt to leave room for a belly laugh or three. Flash Black is witty, weird, one hundred percent Canadian and guaranteed to delight. Harbour • 6 x 9, 212 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-330-7 • $19.95


The Collision of Empires in Northwest America Barry Gough Shortlisted for the 2008 Roderick Haig-Brown Regional BC Book Prize and finalist for the Nereus Writers’ Trust Non-fiction Award

Fortune’s a River is the most authoritative and readable account to date of just how British Columbia became British and how Oregon, Washington and Alaska became American. 978-1-55017-459-5 • 6 x 9, 416 pp, pb • 50+ b&w photos, illustrations and maps • $28.95

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Top of the Pass

Stanley Park’s Secret

Whistler and the Sea-to-Sky Country Stephen Vogler, photography by Toshi Kawano and Bonny Makarewicz

The Forgotten Families of Whoi Whoi, Kanaka Ranch and Brockton Point SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2006 roderick haig-brown regional bc book prize and the George Ryga Award • co-winner of the 2006 city of vancouver book award

World attention has been increasingly focused on Whistler since it was chosen to host the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Top of the Pass is the incredible story of how a cluster of modest log cabins called Alta Lake mushroomed into a glamorous year-round recreation mecca.

When officially opened in 1888, Stanley Park was home to a number of settlements. Historian Jean Barman skilfully weaves together the families’ stories with the official records to reveal a troubling, yet deeply important facet of BC’s history.

8½ x 11, 144 pp, cl • 150+ colour photos • 978-1-55017430-4 • $34.95

6 x 9, 288 pp, pb • 80 b&w photos • 978-1-55017-4205 • $24.95

The Remarkable Adventures of Portuguese Joe Silvey


A Raincoast Monograph

Few BC pioneers were as colourful as Portuguese Joe Silvey—a saloon keeper, whaler and early seine fisher­man. Historian Jean Barman brings to life the story of Portuguese Joe—the romance, the tragedy, and the adventure—with consummate skill. 8½ x 11, 80 pp, pb• b&w photos• 978-1-55017-3260 • $17.95

Simon Fraser

In Search of Modern British Columbia Stephen Hume winner of THE 2009 roderick haig-brown regional bc book prize

In 1808 seeking a navigable route to the western sea for the North West Company, Simon Fraser descended the great river that now bears his name. Most of us learn that much in school—but who was this blunt, tenacious man, and what drove him to make a dangerous journey halfway across an uncharted continent? Journalist and poet Stephen Hume followed in Fraser’s footsteps and canoe wake for four years. He studied fading maps and diaries in archives across North America, interviewed the descendants of people who aided Fraser and retraced Fraser’s route across British Columbia’s vast and varied landscape. Hume found Fraser’s own blazes and signs in the wild terrain that the Nor’wester crossed with the help of aboriginal peoples, all the way from the Rocky Mountains to the mouth of the ferocious river we call the Fraser. This is the story of diligent research and reconstruction of his route, the rigours of early 19thcentury travel and the peoples and places he saw and recorded. Simon Fraser is the story of Fraser’s great journey, but not solely from a historian’s or biographer’s pen. Hume writes with his usual lyrical power based on a profound knowledge of the landscape and history of BC. 978-1-55017-434-2 • 7 x 10, 336 pp, cl • colour & b&w photos and maps • $36.95

The Crazy Canucks

Canada’s Legendary Ski Team Janet Love Morrison, with a foreword by Peter Mansbridge selection for One Book, One Vancouver 2009

In the early 1970s, no one in Europe had ever seen anything like it: a handful of young Canadians fearlessly hurling themselves down the steepest courses of the ski racing circuit. A timely look at a most distinguished—and colourful—chapter in our nation’s sporting history. 978-1-55017-432-8 • 8 x 10, 224 pp, cl • colour photos • $34.95

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A Mountain Year

Nature Diary of a Wilderness Dweller finalist for foreword magazine’s book of the year award (nature category)

In 1988, Chris Czajkowski walked into British Columbia’s Central Coast Mountains to build a homestead, a business and a life. A Mountain Year is full of original paintings, sketches and diary entries, offering an awe-inspiring glimpse into the life of this independent spirit and the landscape that she calls home. 978-1-55017-441-0 • 6½ x 9½, 184 pp,cl • Colour art & illustrations • $36.95

Wildfire in the Wilderness Another engrossing account of Chris Czajkowski’s life in her wilderness—stories of shimmering mountain peaks, roaring snow-fed creeks, bears, eagles, monstrous storms and tales of her dogs—Bucky, Max and Raffi. The book culminates in a white-knuckle account of the all-too-close Lonesome Lake fire of 2004, from its infancy as a lightning strike to the dreaded moment when she was ordered by radiophone to evacuate the area. 6 x 9, 224 pp, pb • b&w illustrations • 978-1-55017-375-8 • $19.95

Snowshoes and Spotted dick Letters from a Wilderness Dweller

These fascinating, lyrically written letters from the shore of a high-altitude lake near the southern tip of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park provide a close look at a way of life that most of us only dream about. 6½ x 8, 304 pp, pb • b&w photos and illustrations • 978-155017-279-9 • $24.95

Diary of a Wilderness Dweller In the late 1980s, Chris Czajkowski left her truck at the end of a logging road 300 kilometres north of Vancouver and hiked for two days on unmarked wilderness trails to the site of what would become her home. This is her account of building three log cabins, an eco-tourism business and a life beside an unnamed lake 5,000 feet high in the Coast Range mountains. 6 x 9, 208 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-357-4 • b&w illustrations • $19.95


H A R B O U R P U B L I S H I N G B A CKLIST • Non-fiction Far West

House calls by DogSled

The Story of British Columbia Daniel Francis

Six Years in an Arctic Medical Outpost Keith Billington

Keith Billington, a nurse, and his wife Muriel, a midwife, were barely into their twenties when they arrived in Fort McPherson, 1,700 miles north of Edmonton, in 1964. They loved the North and stayed for six years. This is a delightfully warm celebration of the north in the days before skidoos and cell phones took the edge off the isolation. Lost Moose • 6 x 9, 344 pp, pb • b&w photos and maps • 978-1-55017-423‑6 • $19.95

NEW! Cold Land, Warm Hearts, page 14

The Trail of 1858

British Columbia’s colourful story has been told many times, but until now no one has attempted to relate the chronicle specifically to young readers. Far West recounts first contact with early explorers and describes how BC was born, from the gold rush and Confederation eras through to ­modern times. 8½ x 11, 176 pp, hc • 150 colour photos, illustrations & maps • 978-1-55017-410-6 • $36.95

Now in paperback, page 16 Goin’ Deep

British Columbia’s Gold Rush Past Mark Forsythe and Greg Dickson

In 1858, gold was discovered along the Fraser River and overnight the lonely outpost of empire was overrun by fevered gold-seekers. In The Trail of 1858, BC Almanac host Mark Forsythe and co-author Greg Dickson augment their historical research with contributions from CBC listeners that give the gold rush story a personal, folksy feel. 8½ x 10, 224 pp, pb • 120+ b&w photos & maps • 978-155017-424-3 • $26.95

The Life and Times of a CFL Quarterback Matt Dunigan and Jim Taylor

Goin’ Deep is Matt Dunigan’s gritty, often startling memoir of his 14-year journey as a Canadian Football League quarterback, a career brought to a shattering halt on an afternoon in 1996 in a game he still cannot remember. The concussion marked the end of Dunigan’s brilliant football career—and the beginning of another journey still in progress—a riveting, heart-warming read. 6 x 9, 304 pp, cl • 130 b&w & colour photos • 978-1-55017-448-9 • $32.95


Enchanted Isles

The Southern Gulf Islands David A.E. Spalding, photography by Kevin Oke

The southern Gulf Islands are among British Columbia’s greatest scenic treasures. Brimming with gorgeous colour photographs, Enchanted Isles begins with a historic overview and goes on to showcase local wildlife, capture local character and history and offer insider tips for visitors. 8½ x 11, 144 pp, cl • 150+ colour photos & maps • 978-155017-422-9 • $34.95

What the Bleep is going on Here? Lawyer, politician, radio broadcaster—and crusader! That’s Rafe Mair. Even in his 70s he is still fighting to save the planet, this country, this province, the Pacific salmon, our public health care and our electoral system. He invites his readers to be “happy in agreement with him and angry as hell in disagreement.” 6 x 9, 256 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-458-8 • $24.95

Over the Mountains

TALES from the Galley

More Thoughts on Things that Matter

Stories of the Working Waterfront Doreen Armitage

A fresh collection of salty tales from a varied collection of men who earn their living from the sea. Some involve momentous events with sinking ships and loss of life, but most simply recount everyday ­happenings, from the humorous to the strange. Together, they offer a captivating picture of life along BC’s working waterfront. 8½ x 11, 198 pp, cl • 50+ b&w photos • 978-1-55017438-0 • $39.95

Like a Rock

The Chuck Cadman Story Tom Zytaruk, with a foreword by the Rt. Hon. Paul Martin

When his 16-year-old son was murdered, Chuck Cadman became an articulate advocate of stricter treatment of young offenders and more compassion for victims of crime. As a Member of Parliament, Chuck was an authoritative voice on the parliamentary justice committee. He died in 2005, but Chuck gave citizens a reassuring reminder that public service can still be an honourable calling.

In Over the Mountains you’ll find out why Rafe thinks “eco-terrorist” Paul Watson deserves the Order of Canada; whether or not Tiger Woods is the best golfer of all time; and you’ll read about the holes Rafe has found in the theory of evolution. 6 x 9, 304 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-371-0 • $24.95

Hard Talk A collection of essays that are sure to provoke, enrage and entertain. Throughout, his sense of humour and critical insight will produce a wide range of responses from “I can’t believe he said that!” to “no one’s ever put it so clearly before.” 6 x 9, 160 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-374-1 • $24.95


A Memoir

Mair uncovers behind-the-scenes exploits practising law, his 5 eventful years in Bill Bennett’s provincial government and his nearly 25 years as a radio broadcaster. 6 x 9, 256 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-319-2 • $34.95

978-1-55017-427-4 • 6 x 9, 304 pp, pb • 30 b&w photos • $26.95


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The Ambitious City

Desolation Sound, 150 km north of Vancouver, has for many years been the most popular cruising destination on the BC coast, but is today almost as devoid of residents as it was in 1792 when Captain George Vancouver gave it its misleading name. But this is an area with a storied past. Heather Harbord fills a crucial hole in the history of the BC coast.

A dynamic popular history that includes firstperson accounts as well as a host of archival photos and illustrations. Warren Sommer skillfully connects the community’s history with that of the province, covering ethnic relations, labour history and politics, an engaging account that is sure to interest residents and visitors alike.

A History Heather Harbord

A History of the City of North Vancouver Warren Sommer

6 x 9, 260 pp, pb • 80 b&w photos • 978-1-55017-407-6 • $24.95

8 x 11, 342 pp, cl • 100+ b&w photos, tables and maps • 978-1-55017-411-3 • $44.95

Remembering Roberts Creek Roberts Creek Historical Committee

Written and compiled in 1978, Remembering Roberts Creek has never been surpassed as an account of the “Gumboot Nation” from its beginning in 1889 until 1955. This anecdotal collection is a rich description of an era long gone and a reminder of the ingenuity imposed by isolated living. 978-1-55017-457-1 • 6 x 9, 190 pp, pb • b&w photos • $24.95

THE SUNSHINE COAST Howard White • Photos by Keith Thirkell & others

A handsome introduction to a unique place and its unique people. From the deep rainforests to the logging camps, Indian villages and bustling ports, with plenty of lesser-known points of interest not ­visible from the history books or the highway.


Tidal Passages

A History of the Discovery Islands

Unofficially known as the Discovery Islands, Read, Cortes, Sonora, Maurelle, Hardwicke, Stuart, Redonda and Thurlow Islands are sparsely populated today but bristled with life in earlier times. Jeanette Taylor brings the old history back to vivid life. 978-1-55017-460-1 • 6 x 9, 316 pages, paper • 100+ b&w photos • $24.95


A History of Campbell River and the Discovery Islands

Jeanette Taylor delves deeply into the Campbell River’s history to deliver a fascinating insider’s account of the people who have melded their skills and souls with the bold, richly endowed landscape of Campbell River and the Discovery Islands.

8½ x 11, 128 pp, cl • 160 colour photos, maps, index • 978-1-55017-081-8 • $29.95

See the author index for other books by Howard White

81⁄2 x 11, 220 pp, cl • 150+ b&w photos • 978-155017-211-9 • $36.95

The Comox Valley

Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland and Area Paula Wild with Rick James, photography by Boomer Jerritt

From snowcapped mountains to sandy beaches and secluded bays, The Comox Valley offers a fascinating look at one of the most popular regions on Vancouver Island. The Comox Valley will delight and entertain ­residents, newcomers and visitors, as well as armchair travellers—an intimate portrait of an incredibly beautiful and special place. 8½ x 11, 144 pp, cl • 120 colour photos, maps • 978-1-55017-408-3 • $34.95


NEW! The Quadra Story, page 15 BY DOREEN ARMITAGE

Burrard Inlet A History


This engaging history traces the development of the Burrard Inlet from the First Nations settlements to the modern-day metropolis that surrounds the inlet. 6 x 9 • 324 pp, cl • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-272-0 • $32.95

The Story of Duncan Tom Henry

Today Duncan, BC, is a small town striving to redefine itself in a changing modern world. Tom Henry recounts the area’s history with the rigour of a historian, and with the warmth and enthusiasm of a hometown boy. 8½ x 11, 180 pp, cl • 100+ b&w photos • 978-155017-212-6 • $36.95

See the author index for other books by Tom Henry

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Around the Sound

A History of Howe Sound–Whistler

From Horseshoe Bay to Pemberton and the islands and communities of Howe Sound—this is the area’s rich and exciting history. Harbour • 6 x 9, 240 pp, pb • 100 photos, maps, index • 978-155017-235-5 • $24.95

See the author index for other books by Doreen Armitage



Salt Spring

One River, Two Cultures

The Story of an Island Charles Kahn

Chronicles the island’s rich history through some 150 years of settlement by many diverse groups. This is the engaging and thoroughly researched story of all these special people, and the very special place they called home. 6 x 9, 344 pp, pb • 150+ b&w photos • 978-1-55017-262-1 • $24.95

Also by Charles Kahn, Hiking the Gulf Islands

A History of the Bella Coola Valley Paula Wild

Starting with the prehistory of the Nuxalk First Nations, Wild documents the arrival and impact of the rough and ready mix of “outsiders” who embraced the challenges of living in a remote wilderness area. 6 x 9, 288 pp, pb • 60+ b&w photos • 978-1-55017-354-3 • $24.95

Also by Paula Wild, The Comox Valley and Sointula Bella Coola


Life in the Heart of the Coast Mountains Hans Granander and Michael Wigle

Island Utopia Paula Wild

Now in paperback! A tiny community with a colourful history, Sointula was founded at the turn of the century by idealistic Finns, who fought the elements, internal conflicts, and a disastrous fire to build a thriving community. 6 x 9, 224 pp, pb • 100 b&w photos • 978-1-55017-456-4 • $24.95

Though the human footprint in the Bella Coola Valley is 11,000 years old, it remains modest— about 2,500 hardy souls populate this remote place. The authors introduce some of the valley’s free spirits, from the Nuxalk to the canners and loggers of the 20th century. 8½ x 11, 160 pp, cl • 160 colour photos • 978-1-55017305-5 • $32.95

River Queen

The Amazing Story of Tugboat Titan Lucille Johnstone Paul E. Levy

Bent Props & Blow Pots

A Pioneer Remembers Northern Bush Flying Rex Terpening

Remarkable bush-flying stories as well as vivid evocations of the sheer joy of flying over the Arctic’s raw beauty. 6 x 9, 352 pp, pb • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-381-9 • $24.95

Rivtow was just a small log-towing operation when Lucille Johnstone came aboard as an unskilled girl Friday in the late 1940s. By the 1980s, Rivtow had become one of the giants of the marine transportation industry, and Lucille was the driving force behind its success. As the company grew she worked her way finally, to president— a remarkable feat for any woman in those times, but even more so in the male-dominated world of towboating. 6 x 9, 272 pp, cl • 20 b&w photos • 978-1-55017-369-7 • $34.95

TUGS & TUGBOATING The Best of Jim Coleman


Tugboaters Tell Their Own Stories Doreen Armitage

Beautifully illustrated, both a lively, personal look at the history of towboating in BC and an engaging portrait of the famous coastal characters and vessels that have shaped this region’s maritime history. 8½ x 11, 240 pp, pb • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-3833 • $28.95

Fifty Years of Canadian Sport From the Man Who Saw It All Edited by Jim Taylor NATIONAL BESTSELLER!

Columnist Jim Taylor discovered Coleman’s columns after Coleman’s death and assembled the finest pieces. The result is an insightful, fall-down funny history from the man who was there to witness the great moments and characters of North American sport. 6 x 9, 288 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-359-8 • $34.95

Also by Doreen Armitage, Tales from the Galley, Burrard Inlet and Around the Sound Skookum Tugs

Backstage Vancouver

British Columbia’s Working Tugboats Photographs by Robb Douglas Text by Peter A. Robson & Betty Keller

A Century of Entertainment Legends Greg Potter and Red Robinson

winner of the bill duthie booksellers’ choice bc book prize

A dazzling array of magnificent photos and an engaging text bring to life the spirit of BC’s contemporary tugboat industry and the beauty of BC’s waterways. 9½ x 11¼, 128 pp, cl • 150 colour photos • 978-155017-275-1 • $49.95


Many legendary entertainers made stops in Vancouver, BC, leaving flakes of stardust behind. A wonderful horde of showbiz lore has accumulated over the decades but has been jealously guarded. Backstage Vancouver collects these rare photographs and anecdotes, presenting them in a breathtaking pictorial hardcover. 8½ x 11, 192 pp, cl • 200 b&w photos • 978-1-55017-3345 • $39.95

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H A R B O UR PUBLISHING BACKLIST • Non-fiction the Dreamspeaker Cruising Guide Series Anne Yeadon-Jones and Laurence Yeadon-Jones Volume 1 Gulf Islands & Vancouver Island 978-1-55017-402-1 • 9 x 12, 192 pp, pb • Available in the USA through Fine Edge Publishing • colour photos, maps • $49.95

Volume 2 Desolation Sound & the Discovery Islands 978-1-55017-404-5 • 9 x 12, 192 pp, pb • Available in the USA through Fine Edge Publishing • colour photos, maps • $49.95

Volume 3 Vancouver, Howe Sound & the Sunshine Coast 978-1-55017-397-0 • 9 x 12, 192 pp, pb • Available in the USA through Fine Edge Publishing • colour photos, maps • $49.95

Volume 4 The San Juan Islands 978-1-55192-807-4 • 9 x 12, 192 pp, pb • Available in the USA through Fine Edge Publishing • colour photos, maps • $49.95

Volume 5 The BROUGHTONS 978-1-55017-406-9 • 9 x 12, 192 pp, pb • Available in the USA through Fine Edge Publishing • colour photos, maps • $49.95

Volume 6 The west coast of vancouver island 978-1-55017-445-8 • 9 x 12, 192 pp, pb • Available in the USA through Fine Edge Publishing • colour photos, maps • $49.95

Voyage of the Dreamspeaker

Vancouver–Desolation Sound Cruising Highlights Anne and Laurence Yeadon-Jones

A personal chronicle that details one idyllic summer cruise from Vancouver, BC, north to Desolation Sound. On the way the authors unearth snippets of intriguing history and meet coastal pioneers old and new, and they interweave these stories with their own past adventures and new discoveries of an area they have grown to love. 7 x 10, 208 pp, cl • colour photos, charts & maps • 978-155017-297-3 • $42.95

The Wild Edge

Clayoquot, Long Beach and Barkley Sound Jacqueline Windh

The Pacific Rim region of Vancouver Island has become one of western Canada’s prime tourist destinations, drawing over a million visitors a year. This beautiful photographic study of the region will go far towards revealing its legendary charms to both actual visitors and armchair ­travellers. 8½ x 11, 168 pp, cl • 200 colour photos • 978-1-55017-350-5 • $34.95

NEW! Revised & updated, The Wild Side Guide to Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim, page 29


North to Alaska by Oar Betty Lowman Carey

By cruise ship or family sailboat, a guide to the complex waterways of the Pacific Northwest coast.

Betty Lowman was 22 in 1937 when she climbed into her dugout canoe Bijaboji and set out on a journey from Puget Sound to Alaska. It was a venture of almost unimaginable daring. Betty pulled it off, and now, 67 years later, she accomplishes an equal feat—a book of pure adventure.

A Guide for the Alaska-Bound Traveler Joe Upton

6 x 9, 220 pp, pb • b&w, colour illustrations, photos • 978-1-55017324-6 • $24.95

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6 x 9, 288 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-392-5 • b&w photos • $24.95


H A R B O U R P U B L I S H I N G B A CKLIST • Non-fiction The Darien Gap

The BC Almanac Book of Greatest British Columbians

Travels in the Rainforest of Panama Martin Mitchinson

Mark Forsythe and Greg Dickson

shortlisted for the 2009 edna staebler award for creative non-fiction

The Darien Gap is a dense jungle replete with dangerous animals and a haven for Colombian guerrillas and narcotraffickers. Martin Mitchinson sailed into the heart of the province aboard his 36-foot ketch. Through his words and photographs, Mitchinson brings the reader into the heart of Darien—a captivating land with an exotic history. 6 x 9, 296 pp, pb • colour & b&w photos and maps • 978-1-55017421-2 • $26.95

Understanding Bolivia A Traveller’s History Vivien Lougheed

Bolivia is a land that has Amazon jungle, snow-covered peaks and every ecological niche in between. Understanding Bolivia describes what made Bolivia the second poorest country in the Americas and how it disposed of almost 200 presidents in the same number of years. It offers visitors and armchair travellers a ­fascinating story of rich cultures and colourful characters in a land of extremes. 5¼ x 8¼ , 224 pp, pb • b&w photos and maps • 978-1-55017-444-1 • $24.95

8½ x 11, 160 pp, cl • 150 b&w photos • 978-1-55017-3680 • $39.95 Also by Mark Forsythe and Greg Dickson, The Trail of 1858.

Giant Trees of Western America and the World Al Carder

A definitive record of the West’s record-sized trees of all species. Featuring more than 40 scale drawings, this collection of giant trees outlines the intriguing characteristics of each species. Carder’s enthusiasm and expertise informs and entertains. 7 x 11, 152 pp, pb • 43 b&w illustrations • 978-1-55017-363-5 • $26.95

Understanding Belize


A Historical Guide Alan Twigg

Visions of British Columbia David Nunuk

Tiny, island-dotted Belize is a fascinating blend of Creole, Mestizo, Maya, Garifuna, English, East Indian, Mennonite, Lebanese and Chinese cultures. Twigg tells the story of the country, from its early days as a haven for pirates, through its colonial period as British Honduras, to its new status as an eco-tourism mecca and a hotspot for Mayan archaeology.


5¼ x 8¼, 240 pp, pb • b&w photos, maps • 978-1-55017-325-3 • $24.95

A spectacular collection of photographs of British Columbia, accompanied by the author’s often wry observations about his un­orthodox methods of capturing them. 14 x 11, 120 pp, cl • 120 colour photos • 978-155017-273-7 • $49.95


Voyages to Windward

Sailing Adventures on Vancouver Island’s West Coast Elsie Hulsizer

Beautifully illustrated with her own photographs, this is Elsie’s account of her quarter-century of discovery, a story that will delight all sailors whether or not they plan to follow Elsie’s windward course. 8½ x 11, 216 pp, cl • colour photos, charts & maps • 9781-55017-366-6 • $44.95

NEW! Glaciers, Bears and Totems, page 11

Full Moon, Flood Tide

Bill Proctor’s Raincoast Bill Proctor and Yvonne Maximchuk SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2004 BILL DUTHIE BOOKSELLERS’ CHOICE BC BOOK PRIZE

A natural storyteller, Proctor points the way to hidden waterfalls and abandoned Native village sites and shares the compelling and often funny stories of the Natives and settlers who loved this place. 6¼ x 7¾, 288 pp, pb • b&w photos, maps • 978-1-55017-291-1 • $24.95


CBC’s radio show BC Almanac called upon its listeners to nominate the 100 greatest British Columbians of all time. This cornucopia of characters is the entertaining result.

A History David Lee

“It rips, and cuts, it makes a horrible racket—a chainsaw is a frightening thing. I write not to glorify its terrible power but to acknowledge its place in the most sweeping revolution that technology has wrought in the 20th century—the revolution of individual empowerment.” So begins author David Lee in this first-ever book on the worldwide history of the chainsaw, an invention that transformed the forest industry and eventually became the indispensable companion of every red-blooded country dweller. From 600-pound steam-powered behemoths to gas chainsaws mounted on wheeled carriages to diesel chainsaws and electric chainsaws with portable generators, this book musters a curious collection of contraptions and inventors the like of which we haven’t seen since Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines. Carefully tracing the evolutionary threads of countless short-lived pioneer devices, Lee works with a worldwide network of chainsaw buffs to trace the roaring, woodchip-and-oil-sprayed progress of what is now a lightweight modern machine that holds a place of honour in the world’s woodsheds. 11 x 10, 218 pp, cl • 200 colour & b&w photos, illustrations • 978-1-55017-380-2 • $49.95

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H A R B O UR PUBLISHING BACKLIST • Non-fiction The RAINCOAST CHRONICLES Series Pacific Northwest publishing hasn’t been the same since 1972, when Raincoast Chronicles burst on the scene with its funny, fiery depiction of West Coast history and culture. Howard White is still bringing out new issues of the Chronicles that are as popular as ever. Please see our website for complete descriptions of each issue.

RAINCOAST CHRONICLES FIRST FIVE 8½ x 11, 272 pp, pb • 978-0-920080-04-7 • $28.95

raincoast Chronicles 20: Lilies & Fireweed Frontier Women of British Columbia Stephen Hume

Shortlisted for the 2005 BC Booksellers’ choice award

Raincoast Chronicles Fourth Five Edited by Howard White 8½ x 11, 420 pp, cl • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-3727 • $42.95

8½ x 11, 80 pp, pb • 150 b&w photos • 978-1-55017-3130 • $19.95 Can, $16.95 US

See the author index for other books by Stephen Hume rAINCOAST CHRONICLES 18 8½ x 11, 80 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-171-6 • $16.95

RAINCOAST CHRONICLES ELEVEN UP Winner of the 1995 Roderick Haig-Brown Regional BC Book Prize

8½ x 11, 408 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-105-1 • $39.95

raINCOAST CHRONICLES 17 8½ x 11, 80 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-142-6 • $16.95


Time and Tide: A History of Telegraph Cove Pat Wastell Norris 8½ x 11, 88 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-121-1 • $16.95

RAINCOAST CHRONICLES 15 RAINCOAST CHRONICLES SIX/TEN Harbour • 8½ x 11, 288 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-067-2 • $28.95

8½ x 11, 80 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-091-7 • $16.95


Fish Hooks and Caulk Boots Florence Tickner 8½ x 11, 80 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-078-8 • $16.95

The Last Island Wildfire Wars

Frontline Stories of BC’s Worst Forest Fires Keith Keller

Ten exciting and suspenseful stories about BC’s most memorable forest fires, and the firefighters who lived to tell about them. The author discovers that firefighting, like war, reveals the best as well as the worst of human nature. 6 x 9, 296 pp, cl • 60 b&w and colour photos, maps • 978-1-55017-278-2 • $34.95 Also by Keith Keller, Dangerous Waters.

Wings across the water

Victoria’s Flying Heritage 1871–1971 Elwood White and Peter L. Smith

The history of Victoria-area aviation is a microcosm of the history of world aviation, and seldom has the subject been observed in such meticulous detail, and never before with such a profusion of captivating photos. 8½ x 11, 208 pp, pb • b&w photos, maps, graphics • 9781-55017-355-0 • $28.95

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A Naturalist’s Sojourn on Triangle Island Alison Watt WINNER OF THE 2003 Edna Staebler Award for Creative NonFiction • WINNER OF THE 2003 Western Regional Book Design & Production Award in the Trade Book, Non-illustrated category from Publishers Association of the West

Filled with adventures and revelations and illustrated with delightful watercolour paintings, The Last Island is a beautifully written testament to the environment, friendship and the endurance of the human spirit. 6½ x 9½, 192 pp, cl • 40 colour illustrations • 978-1-55017-296-6 • $34.95

High Boats

A Century of Salmon Remembered Pat Wastell Norris SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2004 HUBERT EVANS NON-FICTION BC BOOK PRIZE

A celebration of the golden age of salmon fishing. The history of coastal settlements is wrapped around the lives of two veteran fishermen taking their boat for one last trip. 6 x 9, 232 pp, cl • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-289-8 • $32.95


H A R B O U R P U B L I S H I N G B A CKLIST • Non-fiction Off the Map

Launching History

Western Travels on Roads Less Taken Stephen Hume


A fascinating history of one of the West Coast’s major ship builders. Includes stories of some of the famed Union Steamship Company ships, the St. Roch, the BC Ferry fleet and warships and workboats that came down the ways into Burrard Inlet. 8½ x 11, 226 pp, cl • 150+ photos • 978-1-55017-280-5 • $39.95



In his third collection of essays, veteran journalist Stephen Hume ­demonstrates yet again that his understanding of British Columbia—and beyond—runs as deep as Georgia Strait and as far-reaching as the Rocky Mountains. 6 x 9, 304 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-239-3 • $32.95

NEW! A Walk with the Rainy Sisters, page 7

The Ranch Where It All Began Donna Yoshitake Wuest

Dangerous Waters

Coldstream Ranch, near Vernon, is one of the oldest continually operating ranches in Canada. Author Donna Yoshitake Wuest vividly evokes the lives of the apple pickers, packers and pruners, piggery hands, potato processors and cowhands who worked on the ranch.

Shortlisted for the 1998 Bill Duthie Booksellers’ choice bc Book Prize

8½ x 11, 160 pp, pb • 100 b&w photos • 978-1-55017343-7 • $28.95


The History of a Canadian Pioneer Farm Oliver N. Wells, edited by Marie and Richard Weeden A 2003 BC HISTORICAL FEDERATION AWARD WINNER

A richly illustrated chronicle that captures more than a century of life on a landmark Fraser Valley, BC, farm. 8½ x 11, 200 pp, cl • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-303-1 • $36.95

Wrecks and Rescues Off the BC Coast Keith Keller

A collection of 21 chilling accounts of contemporary rescues at sea. 6 x 9, 304 pp, pb • 50 b&w photos, 24 maps, 12 illustrations, index • 978-1-55017-288-1 • $24.95

Jedediah Days

One Woman’s Island Paradise Mary Palmer

Mary Palmer was owner of a picturesque 640-acre island in British Columbia’s Strait of Georgia. This book is her story, a wonderful tapestry of life from 1949 to 1994. 6 x 9, 224 pp, pb • 100 photos • 978-1-55017-452-6 • $24.95

The SPILSBURY Saga His books with Howard White made a bestselling author out of Jim Spilsbury—the BC coast’s legendary pioneer, painter, photographer, aviator, inventor and raconteur.


Memoir of a Modern Pioneer Helen Piddington

A pair of city-dwellers moved to a derelict log cabin 150 miles north of Vancouver. This memoir traces their 26 years there with humour and insight. 6½ x 9½, 200 pp, cl • 32 colour illustrations • 978-1-55017-2379 • $32.95


Pioneer Years in the Wet West Howard White and Jim Spilsbury

NEW! Rumble Seat, page 9

Eighty years’ worth of memories from a shrewd, funny, outrageous “coast rat.” 6 x 9, 196 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-046-7 • $24.95


A British Columbia Shipbuilder’s Story T.A. McLaren & Vickie Jensen

In 1943, Jim Spilsbury bought an airplane. Twelve years later, Queen Charlotte Airlines was the third largest airline in Canada.

8½ x11 • 288 pp, cl • 300+ photos • 978-1-55017-242-3 • $39.95

Spilsbury’s QCA Howard White and Jim Spilsbury

The wisdom, experience and memories of three generations of McLarens bring the story of BC steel shipbuilding to life.

6 x 9, 250 pp, pb • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-097-9 • $18.95


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Hills of Silver

The Yukon’s Mighty Keno Hill Mine Dr. Aaro E. Aho

The Yukon is famous for its Klondike Gold Rush, but it was the site of another major mineral discovery at Keno Hill in 1918 that eventually produced more paydirt than the Klondike. The story of Keno is one of the great adventures of the North.

LIGHTHOUSES by DONALD GRAHAM KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT The story of the lights and the keepers who made the BC coast safe for ships. “A moving, very human story.” —Vancouver Sun

Lost Moose • 6 x 9, 336 pp, pb • 60 b&w photos • 978-1-55017394-9 • $26.95

6½ x 9½, 272 pp, pb • b&w photos, index • 978-1-55017024-5 • $24.95

Mountie in Mukluks

LIGHTS OF THE INSIDE PASSAGE This book and Keepers of the Light have become BC classics and BC bestsellers. “I defy anyone to put it down after only one chapter . . . Surely this is what ­history is about.” —Canadian Geographic

The Arctic Adventures of Bill White Patrick White

Bill White’s absorbing oral account of life in the old North places this among the classics of Arctic literature and is sure to cause a stir among enthusiasts of police and Arctic lore. 6 x 9 , 248 pp, cl • 60 b&w photos, maps • 978-1-55017-352-9 • $34.95

6½ x 9½, 270 pp, pb • b&w photos, index • 978-1-55017060-3 • $24.95

Sailor on SNowshoes

Tracking Jack London’s Northern Trail Dick North

Jack London’s masterpieces about the gold rush—The Call of the Wild and White Fang—remain to this day the finest record of the atmosphere and the stark nature of survival in the wilderness. Sailor on Snowshoes is at once a regional history, page-turning mystery and Yukon yarn—a ramble through Jack London’s gold rush to find and preserve its tangible relics. 6 x 9, 256 pp, pb • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-384-0 • $19.95

Flying Colours

The Toni Onley Story as told to Gregory Strong

From the cocky schoolboy to the Rolls-Royce rebel facing down Revenue Canada—and winning—Onley’s passion for art and zest for life leap from every page. Tragically, he was killed in March 2004 when he crashed his small plane. 6½ x 9½, 386 pp, cl • 32 colour illustrations, 40 b&w photos • 978-1-55017-298-0 • $36.95

A Stain Upon the Sea

West Coast Salmon Farming Stephen Hume, Alexandra Morton, Betty C. Keller, Rosella M. Leslie, Otto Langer and Don Staniford Winner of the 2005 roderick haig-brown regional bc book prize

An indispensable critique of fish farming practices used in British Columbia and abroad, featuring an all-star cast of contributors. 6 x 9, 288 pp, pb • maps and illustrations • 978-1-55017-317-8 • $26.95

Salmon Wars

The Battle for the West Coast Salmon Fishery Dennis Brown

Few debates have been so passionate as the one over management of wild salmon stocks, yet few issues remain so confused in the public mind. Dennis Brown reviews the history of the West Coast salmon resource with such clarity that even those closest to the issue will find themselves viewing it with new understanding. 6 x 9, 400 pp, pb • b&w photos and illustrations • 978-1-55017351-2 • $25.95


The Story of Tong Louie, Vancouver’s Quiet Titan E.G. Perrault WINNER OF THE 2003 RODERICK HAIG-BROWN REGIONAL BC BOOK PRIZE

Tong Louie’s business savvy led him to ownership of London Drugs, IGA and Dominion stores, while his vision of a multicultural society, his dignity and quiet determination gradually gained him acceptance. 10 x 10, 180 pp, cl, 120 photos • 978-1-55017-2317 • $39.95

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The rugged Whistler and Blackcomb area has been rated North America’s foremost ski destination. Those same mountains provide a host of other adventures, just a few hours from the bustling waterfront city of Vancouver, BC. 9 x 12, 48 pp, pb • 80 colour photos • 978-1-55017-1761 • $9.95


H A R B O U R P U B L I S H I N G B A CKLIST • Non-fiction TOM HENRY Westcoasters

The Way We Were

Boats That Built BC

BC’s Amazing Journey to the Millennium The staff of the Province


Chronicles the life and times of BC through the decades, with plenty of photographs from public and private archives, and from the collections of Province readers. 8½ x 11 • 150 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-230-0 • $24.95

Here is the story of the unique vessels that make up BC history’s fleet, from the Beaver and the Lady Alexandra to Bill Reid’s Lootaas. Informative and amusing, Westcoasters brings the province’s strange and romantic nautical history to life. 8½ x 11, 192 pp, pb • 120 b&w photos • 978-1-55017233-1 • $28.95

Following the Boulder Train

Travels with Prospectors and Rock Doctors Tom Henry


The people of Island Copper describe how they built the mine and the community, and how they became world leaders in mining technology. BHP Minerals Canada • 8½ x 11, 184 pp, cl • 150 b&w & colour photos • 978-0-9699728-0-8 • $39.95

Mining is BC’s second largest industry but you’d never know it to visit any BC bookstore. But it is not for any lack of wonderful stories about the people who have been bitten by the rock-chipping bug over the years. Every rock is an “outcrop” with a story to tell about the forces that formed the local landscape, and what mineral treasures may be hidden beneath. 6 x 9, 192 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-377-2 • $34.95



Helen Dawe

A personal, anecdotal history of the hub of the Sunshine Coast during the last century, with 120 archival photos. 8½ x 11, 152 pp, cl • b&w photos, index • 978-1-55017-027-6 • $31.95


Editorial Director, Daniel Francis

Ten years in the making, the EBC is a luxurious full-colour volume that touches every facet of BC from the formation of the Coast Mountains to the evolution of Aboriginal art and the development of the Ballard fuel cell. It is the first-ever comprehensive reference on British Columbia; an invaluable resource in the home, school or office; and the ultimate celebration of Canada’s westernmost province.   More than 4,000 articles by leading BC experts   Thousands of archival and contemporary colour photos   Maps, charts and diagrams throughout   A gold mine of useful statistics   Cross-referenced and indexed

Harbour • 8½ x 11 • 824 pp, cl • 1000+ photos, illustrations, maps & charts • 978-1-55017-200-3 • $99.95

Explore British Columbia — by mouse! The bestselling Encyclopedia of British Columbia is now on-line! See our website at for more information and to register for a free trial. The on-line EBC is available by subscription at a special price of $19.95 per year.


The story of the 456-km Chilcotin Highway in BC, with plenty of photos and stories about the road and the people who built it. 6 x 9, 275 pp, pb • 80 b&w photos, index • 978-1-55017-141-9 • $24.95

the Encyclopedia of British Columbia

• • • • •

A Century Along the Bella Coola/Chilcotin Highway Diana French

British Columbia’s Cattle Country Photography by Rick Blacklaws, text by Diana French SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2002 BILL DUTHIE BOOKSELLERS’ CHOICE BC Book Prize

An exhilarating journey through British Columbia’s historic cattle country—with spectacular full-colour photographs. 11 x 8½, 208 pp, cl • 150+ colour photos • 978-155017-232-4 • $39.95


Chief Joseph Gosnell and the Nisga’a Treaty Alex Rose

“In only a couple of hundred pages the author covers more ground than the thousands of stories generated by the print media in the last decade of the Nisga’a negotiations.” —Quill & Quire 6 x 9, 216 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-244-7 • 100 photos • $21.95

news, promotions, complete book & author information


The Life and Death of Albert Goodwin Susan Mayse Winner of the Arthur Ellis Award for True Crime and the Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-fiction

Although her New Yorker assignments took her to every part of Canada, Edith Iglauer found herself drawn to the rain-swept BC coast. For over twenty years she has written books that have endeared her to readers all over the world.

The gripping story of one of BC’s most controversial labour figures, a hero among Vancouver Island miners and a dangerous subversive in the eyes of the authorities. 6 x 9, 236 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-018-4 • $26.95

FISHING WITH JOHN The bestselling true story of a New York sophisticate, and the West Coast fisherman/philosopher who stole her heart. Fishing with John has been made into a movie starring Jaclyn Smith and Tim Matheson. Harbour • 6 x 9, 312 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-048-1 • $24.95


A Life in Fishing Homer Stevens & Rolf Knight

Homer Stevens spent 50 years in the BC fishing industry, both as a working fisherman and as a leader of the United Fishermen and Allied Workers’ Union. 6 x 9, 256 pp, cl • 20 b&w photos • 978-1-55017-070-2 • SPECIAL $14.95


The Co-operative Adventure in Canada’s North

A fascinating account of the establishment of the first Inuit co-operatives. This new edition contains 20 photographs and Iglauer’s affecting story of her journey to revisit the North in 1994. Harbour • 6 x 9, 250 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-223-2 • $21.95

Healing in the Wilderness

A History of the United Church Mission Hospitals Bob Burrows

An intriguing account of the United Church’s 115-yearlong commitment to providing medical aid to people scattered throughout Canada’s vast wilderness. 6 x 9, 240 pp, pb • 100+ b&w photos, maps • 978-1-55017-338-3 • $26.95

THE STRANGERS NEXT DOOR “A charming collection... contains the key pieces that earned her the reputation as one of Canada’s main interpreters in the United States.” —Globe & Mail Harbour • 6 x 9, 303 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-054-2 • $32.95


The Stories of Clayton Mack Compiled and edited by Harvey Thommasen

“A drama spattered with blood and craziness... rousingly funny... solid, no-nonsense hunting stories, with all pretense and decoration stripped away.” —Vancouver Province

DENISON’S ICE ROAD “The reader, if he doesn’t watch out, will succumb to [Iglauer’s] enthusiasm for Canada’s ‘true North’—a disease that people up there call Arctic Fever, and say is incurable.” —New York Times Harbour • 6 x 9, 238 pp, pb • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-0412 • $21.95

6 x 9, 240 pp, pb • 30 drawings & photos, index • 978-1-55017140-2 • $24.95


More Stories of Clayton Mack Compiled and edited by Harvey Thommasen

The runaway success of Grizzlies & White Guys paved the way for this collection, true tales of sniniks, grizzly bears, priests, medicine women and dead men’s talking beans. 6 x 9, 240 pp, pb • 30 drawings & photos, index • 978-1-55017286-7 • $24.95

news, promotions, complete book & author information


Sixty drawings of structures in Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle and points in between, with spirited commentary on the way we treat our heritage sites. 10 x 10, 128 pp, cl • drawings • 978-1-55017095-5 • $34.95



Tie Hackers to Timber Harvesters


The History of Logging in BC’s Interior

A Practical Guide to the New Forest Economy Michael M’Gonigle & Ben Parfitt

A documentation of the characters, companies and innovations that have helped make BC a world leader in the forest products industry.

Now in its third printing, this controversial book insists that BC can keep both its oldgrowth forests and its logging and forestry jobs.

8½ x 11, 240 pp, cl • 200+ photos • 978-1-55017-1891 • $44.95

8½ x 11, 120 pp, pb • maps, graphics, index, b&w photos • 978-1-55017-096-2 • $26.95

Forest Follies

Adventures and Misadventures in the Great Canadian Forest Ben Parfitt


The BC Forest Industry Today

A fresh look at the management of BC’s forests—details the evolution of the forest industry, from the arrogant superiority exhibited up to the late 1980s to its current position of confused decline and despair. 6 x 9, 300 pp, cl • index, tables & charts • 978-1-55017-161-7 • $32.95

Explores the challenges facing us as our forests give way to second-growth tree plantations.


6 x 9, 224 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-192-1 • $18.95

Winner of the 1996 Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Book Prize

A Biography of H.R. MacMillan

H.R. MacMillan built a forestry empire that gave him worldwide influence. Contains previously unpublished photographs and material from MacMillan’s family archives.

RHYMES OF A WESTERN LOGGER The Collected Poems of Robert E. Swanson

During the golden era of logging, these rollicking ­ballads and poems sold tens of thousands. Here are his complete works in one volume. 6 x 9, 192 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-066-5 • $16.95 • Special hardcover edition, signed & numbered, $50.00

6½ x 9½ , 416 pp, cl • photos, index • 978-1-55017-129-7 • $35.95

THREE MEN AND A FORESTER Ian Mahood & Ken Drushka

A forester’s critique of BC forest policy, from the days of handlogging and railway logging to 1990. 6 x 9, 240 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-016-0 • SPECIAL $6.95



A lively narrative, extensively researched and laced with local colour, brings alive the history of these enchanted islands.

The Valley’s history from the days when Sto:lo natives were raided by the Yacultas, to the present. 8½ x 11, 392 pp, cl • b&w photos & illustrations, index • 978-1-55017-068-9 • $46.95

Harbour · 6 x 9, 340 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-312-3 • $26.95


An intimate tour of BC’s mystical Queen Charlotte Islands, with nearly 2,000 geographical features and many maps and photos.


6 x 9, 472 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-011-5 • $26.95

Winner of the 1997 Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Book Prize


In this spectacular full-colour book, the authors share their long-time fascination with one of the world’s great rivers.

Text by Alan Haig-Brown • Photography by Rick Blacklaws

History from the inside out: uplfting stories about the author’s parents, who risked everything to settle on the islands they loved.

9 x 12, 200 pp, cl • 165 colour photographs, index • 978-155017-147-1 • $39.95

6 x 9, 192 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-008-5 • $26.95


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Famous Canadian Aviators

The lives of 12 gravity-defying Canadian aviators. Includes James Richardson and Gordon McGregor, as well as a few whose exploits are less known.

Old Enough to Know Better Paul St. Pierre

Paul St. Pierre—popular newspaper columnist renowned for his tales about BC’s Cariboo region—writes in favour of war, lying, a Canadian monarchy, teenage sex and Henry Ford. Nobody will agree with all of it. His tail would kink if some did. 6 x 9, 272 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-276-8 • $32.95

6 x 9, 250 pp, pb • 100+ b&w photos • 978-1-55017-224-9 • $24.95

National Treasure

The History of Trans Canada Airlines


An entertaining account that covers everything from the “teething” problems of the infant airline to its role during World War II, to TCA’s rapid post-war expansion and the notorious infighting between TCA and Canadian Pacific Airlines.

Hundreds of diagrams, instructions, helpful working tips, and glossy colour photos of classic and contemporary beadwork.

6 x 9, 476 pp, cl • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-268-3 • $34.95

SOME BECOME FLOWERS Living with Dying at Home Sharon Brown


Dying of cancer, Sharon Brown’s mother spent her last weeks with her daughter’s family. Tender, tragic, and unflinchingly honest. 6 x 9, 216 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-087-O • $21.95


Karen Rempel

8½ x 11, 160 pp, pb • photos, diagrams • 978-1-55017-102-0 • $19.95

FRAGILE EDGE Loss on Everest Maria Coffey

Maria Coffey details her love affair with elite British mountaineer Joe Tasker, who perished while attempting Everest’s “unclimbable” Northeast Ridge in 1982. 5½ x 8½, 192 pp, pb • b&w photographs • 978-1-55017-218-8 • $21.95 (Not for distribution in the US)


The Memorial Cup


The story of the Memorial Cup, awarded each year to Canada’s top junior hockey team, is in many ways the story of Canadian hockey.

An in-depth look at how a diverse group of soccercrazed Canadians developed into one of the world’s best teams.

6 x 9, 328 pp, pb • 150 b&w photos, statistics, tables, index • 978-1-55017-170-9 • $18.95

978-0-88971-205-8 • 6 x 9, 120 pp, pb • 45 b&w photos • $14.95

Canada’s National Junior Hockey Championship Richard Lapp & Alec Macaulay, foreword by Paul Henderson

A Celebration of Canadian Women’s Soccer Shel Brødsgaard and Bob Mackin

Soccer—Guarding the Goal For Youth Goalkeepers & Coaches Shel Brødsgaard


A History of the Western Hockey League Richard M. Lapp & Silas White

The complete history of the league as it unfolded in the cities and towns across the continent where junior hockey is taken very seriously. 6 x 9, 240 pp, pb • b&w photos, index • 978-1-55017-080-1 • $18.95

news, promotions, complete book & author information

A comprehensive, step-by-step method for fully developing young goalkeepers ages eight to sixteen years. This well-illustrated book has lay-flat binding for easy use and includes drills, exercises and games for different age groups and skill levels. Bluefield • 8 x 10, 128 pp, pb • 100+ illustrations and b&w photos • 978-1-894404-12-9 • $24.95 • Ages 12 and up


H A R B O U R P U B L I S H I N G B A CKLIST • Nature & the outdoors MARINE LIFE the beachcomber’s guides by Duane Sept

Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest

A Photographic Encyclopedia of Invertebrates, Seaweeds and Selected Fishes Andy Lamb and Bernard P. Hanby

The most common animals and plants to be seen along the saltwater shores of the Pacific Northwest and California. THE Beachcomber’s Guide to Seashore Life of California


With 1,700 superb colour photographs of over 1,400 species, Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest is the most comprehensive collection of photo­ graphs of Pacific Northwest marine life ever published.

Revised Edition 5½ x 8½, 304 pp, pb • 400 colour photos • 978-1-55017-496-0 • $24.95

THE Beachcomber’s Guide to Seashore Life in the pacific northwest

8½ x 11, 400 pp, cl • 1,700 colour images • 978-1-55017361-1 • $69.95


Revised Edition 5½ x 8½, 224 pp, pb • colour photos • 978-1-55017-453-3 • $26.95


Andy Lamb & Phil Edgell

Frederick H. Wooding

NEW! Updated and expanded, see page 26

The only popular guide to freshwater fishes in all parts of Canada.

MARINE LIFE GUIDES BY RICK HARBO NEW! A Field Guide to Nudibranchs of the Pacific Northwest, page 29

6 x 9, 304 pp, pb • 36 colour illustrations, 14 line drawings, index • 978-1-55017-175-4 • $24.95

A Field Guide to Seashells And Shellfish of the Pacific Northwest You will find local beaches as rich in fascinating treasures as any place on earth once you have this handy 8-fold waterproof guide to show you where to look and how to identify what you find.

FIELD Identification of Coastal Juvenile Salmonids W.R. Pollard, G.F. Hartman, C. Groot and Phil Edgell, illustrations by C. Groot, photos by Phil Edgell

A must for professionals as well as members of the public interested in fisheries projects in the Pacific Northwest.

4½ x 9, 8-fold laminated pamphlet • 50 colour photos • 978-1-55017-4175 • $7.95

5½ x 8½, 32 pp, pb • 15 colour photos & over 75 b&w and colour illustrations • 978-1-55017-167-9 • $14.95


Shells and Shellfish of the Pacific Northwest

David A.E. Spalding

Whales have fascinated human beings for millennia, from the better-known orcas, greys and humpbacks to porpoises, blue whales and sperm whales.

Rick M. Harbo

This easy-to-follow, full-colour guide introduces more than 250 species of mollusks found along the beaches and shallow waters of the Pacific Northwest.

6 x 9, 256 pp, pb • 100 photos • 978-1-55017-199-0 • $21.95

5½ x 8½, 272 pp, pb • 350 colour photos, index • 978-1-55017-1464 • $25.95



Including Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Southern Alaska Pieter Folkens

Coastal Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest WINNER OF A BC 2000 BOOK AWARD

Rick M. Harbo

Convenient, concise and waterproof, Marine Mammals of the Pacific Northwest is the only guide you’ll need when you head out cruising, kayaking or whale watching.

This full-colour field guide is perfect for divers, boaters, beachwalkers and snorkellers of every experience level. 5½ x 8½, 248 pp, pb • 500 colour photos • 978-1-55017-183-9 • $25.95


A Photo Guide to Northwest Marine Life Rick M. Harbo

Arranged for quick identification with colour-coded sections, this ingenious guide contains written descriptions of each organism, with size, habitat and interesting facts. 5½ x 8½ • 80 pp, pb • 300 + colour photos • 978-1-55017-304-8 • $9.95


5½ x 9, 4-fold guide • full colour, waterproof pb • 978-1-55017-254-6 • $9.95


A Guide to Common Seaweeds of the West Coast Louis Druehl

The authoritative guide to over 100 common species of seaweeds in the Pacific Northwest, with line drawings and vivid colour photographs 5½ x 8½, 192 pp, pb • 75+ colour photos • 978-1-55017-240-9 • $24.95

news, promotions, complete book & author information

H A R B O U R P U B L I S HING BACKLIST • Nature & the outdoors MARINE LIFE Whales and Dolphins of the North American Pacific Including Seals and Other Marine Mammals Graeme Cresswell, Dylan Walker and Todd Pusser

The most comprehensive photographic guide to the marine mammals of the North American Pacific (Baja California, Mexico to South East Alaska), covering all 39 species of cetacean (whales, dolphins and porpoises), six species of seals and sea lions, and the sea otter. 9 x 6½, 216 pp, pb • colour photos • 978-1-55017409-0 • $21.95

SPORTS FISHING ISLAND SALMON FISHERMAN Vancouver Island Hotspots Robert H. Jones and Larry E. Stefanyk

Vancouver Island offers the finest salmon fishing in the world. Experienced saltwater anglers Stefanyk and Jones tapped the expertise of over fifty professional fishing guides and local highliners to compile the kind of knowledge usually gained only through years of experience. They are also the authors of Island Halibut Fisherman and Island Fly Fisherman (below). 6 x 9, 176 pp, pb • 150 colour photos and maps • 978-155017-425-0 • $24.95

Island Halibut Fisherman

Halibut Tips and Hot Spots for the West Coast of BC Robert H. Jones & Larry E. Stefanyk

Readers will learn everything they need to know to land the big one and get the most from fishing the west coast of British Columbia in Island Halibut Fisherman. Over 100 photographs, illustrations and maps accompany topics such as halibut biology, tackle, bait, lures, tactics and processing. 6 x 9, 176 pp, pb • colour photos, maps, illustrations • 978-155017-414-4 • $24.95


Vancouver Island Edited by Robert H. Jones & Larry E. Stefanyk

This guide will assist both newcomers to the sport and old pros in getting the most from every fishing trip on Vancouver Island. Revealing techniques and tactics never before featured in print, this volume will be as essential as a favourite hand-tied fly to any well-stocked tackle box. 6x9, 160 pp, pb • colour photos • 978-1-55017-400-7 • $21.95

Maximum Salmon

Fishing the West Coast from Alaska to California D.C. Reid

The only book you need to catch West Coast salmon in salt and fresh water from Alaska to California. Reid presents the gear, tackle and essential knowledge of salmon behaviour that transforms average salmon fishing into maximum salmon fishing. Techniques are presented in clear language along with accompanying diagrams and photographs. 6 x 9, 352 pp, pb • colour & b&w photos, illustrations • 978-155017-403-8 • $26.95

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Sharks of the Pacific Northwest

Including Oregon, Washington, British Columbia & Alaska Dr. Alessandro De Maddalena, Dr. Antonella Preti and Tarik Polansky

Those who think sharks are only found in tropical waters will be surprised to learn that there are 18 species in the Pacific Northwest. This book provides identification for these species, with spectacular photographs, paintings and drawings, plus summaries of the sharks’ habitat, diet, reproduction and behaviour. 6 x 9, 144 pp, pb • colour photos, paintings and b&w drawings • 978-1-55017-418-2 • $21.95

Super Suckers

The Giant Pacific Octopus and Other Cephalopods of the Pacific Coast James A. Cosgrove and Neil McDaniel

The Giant Pacific octopus is the largest known octopus species in the world. Groundbreaking research and previously unpublished biological behaviours are presented along with octopus legends, anecdotes and colour photographs of the giant Pacific octopus and other cephalopods. 6 x 9, 208 pages, paper • colour photos • 978-1-55017-466-3 • $26.95

The Northwest Dive Guide

A Scuba Handbook for BC, Washington and Oregon Mike Hughes finalist for foreword magazine’s book of the year award

Master scuba dive instructor and Northwest diving tour guide Mike Hughes shares over three hundred dive sites in BC, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, including drift dives, wall dives, freshwater dives and wrecks festooned in plumrose anemones and patrolled by huge rockfish. 6 x 9, 272 pages, paper • colour photos • 978-1-55017-476-2 • $29.95

People, Fish and Whales

The Vancouver Aquarium Story Dr. Murray Newman with Dr. John Nightingale

A behind-the-scenes success story, accompanied by stunning colour photographs, told by Dr. Murray Newman, aquarium director from 1956 to 1993. Entertaining sidebars feature anecdotes about the aquarium’s resident animals, conservation awareness work, research and personnel. 8½ x 11, 88 pp, pb • 100+ colour photos • 978-1-55017382-6 • $19.95

Operation Orca

Springer, Luna and the Struggle to Save West Coast Killer Whales Daniel Francis and Gil Hewlett

A fascinating analysis of the age-old debate­—whether to interfere or let nature take its course. Through the amazing story of the two “orphan” whales, Springer and Luna, Operation Orca tells the larger story of orcas in the Pacific Northwest, the people who have studied them and the transformation of the whale’s image from killer to icon. 6 x 9, 280 pp, cl • 60 b&w & colour photos • 978-1-55017-426-7 • $34.95


H A R B O U R P U B L I S H I N G B A CKLIST • Nature & the outdoors Parks and Nature Places around Vancouver

Waterfalls of British Columbia A Guide to BC’s 100 Best Falls Tony Greenfield

Nature Vancouver, edited by Alison Parkinson

The first and only guidebook to focus on BC’s spectacular waterfalls. It includes Kinuseo Falls, one of Canada’s premier waterfalls, and renowned Helmcken, Hunlen, Takakkaw and Della falls as well as ninety-five lesserknown but equally magical locations, with up-to-date maps and detailed trail descriptions for each destination. 6 x 9, 240 pages, paper • 100+ colour photos and maps • 978-155017-462-5 • $26.95


A guide to the parks of Lower Mainland with special emphasis on natural history. Many of the destinations are within the cities of Vancouver or Burnaby but others will take you to the North Shore, as far east as Fort Langley and south to Point Roberts. All are accessible by public transit, making exploring Vancouver’s urban wilderness easy and fun. 6 x 9, 272 pages, paper • 150+ colour photos and maps • 978-155017-464-9 • $24.95

Birds of the Raincoast

Habits and Habitat Harvey Thommasen and Kevin Hutchings with R. Wayne Campbell and Mark Hume

WILD FLOWERS OF the pacific northwest Lewis J. Clark, edited by John Trelawny

Winner of the 2005 BC Booksellers’ choice award

Full of gorgeous colour plates and authoritative yet wonderfully readable descriptions, this sumptuous volume is recognized as the definitive source book on Pacific Northwest wild flowers. 8½ x 11, 604 pp, cl • 550 colour photos • 978-155017-195-2 • $59.95

The next step in West Coast bird books, a treasury of exceptional photographs with a text that moves beyond simple identification to probe deeper into the lives of our feathered friends. 8½ x 11, 224 pp, cl • colour photos • 978-1-55017-300-0 • $44.95


Wild Flowers of the Sea Coast

A Paddling Handbook for the Pacific Northwest Gary Backlund and Paul Grey

In the Pacific Northwest Lewis Clark, edited by John Trelawny 5½ x 8½, 100 pp, pb • 100 colour photos • 978-1-55017-307-9 • $12.95

This handy reference is essential for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of this sport, from those just starting out to those comfortable riding the currents.

Wild flowers of Field and Slope

In the Pacific Northwest Lewis Clark, edited by John Trelawny 5½ x 8½ • 80 pp, pb • colour photos • 978-1-55017-255-3 • $12.95

WILD FLOWERS OF FOREST AND WOODLAND In the Pacific Northwest Lewis Clark, edited by John Trelawny 5½ x 8½ • 80 pp, pb • colour photos • 978-1-55017-306-2 • $12.95

5½ x 8½, 160 pp, pb • b&w photos and illustrations • 978-155017-309-3 • $16.95


Great Trips from Port Hardy to Victoria Gary Backlund and Paul Grey

Trips ranging from a lazy day excursion in Victoria’s historic Gorge waterway to an exciting multi-day voyage around Meares Island in Clayoquot Sound. Harbour • 6 x 9, 295 pp, pb • b&w photos, maps • 978-1-55017-318-5 • $24.95



In the Pacific Northwest Lewis Clark, edited by John Trelawny 5½ x 8½ • 80 pp, pb • colour photos • 978-1-55017-308-6 • $12.95

A Guide to Laid-back Vancouver Island Paddling Paul Grey and Gary Backlund

Easykayaker introduces kayaking as a relaxing as well as a thrilling sport—with sections on buying a suitable kayak, camping and kayaking with kids. Greyswan Publications • 6 x 9, 192 pp, pb • 60+ photos • 978-0-9687858-1-2 • $24.95

WILD FLOWERS OF THE YUKON, ALASKA & NORTHWESTERN CANADA, Revised 3rd Edition John G. Trelawny 5½ x 8½ • 214 pp, pb • 400 + colour photos • 978-1-55017-498-4 • $24.95

paddling the Sunshine Coast Dorothy and Bodhi Drope

This book will introduce sea kayakers to the matchless paddling opportunities of the Sunshine Coast, from Howe Sound to Desolation Sound. 5½ x 8½, 192 pp, pb • index, photos, illustrations & maps • 978-1-55017-164-8 • $19.95


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H A R B O U R P U B L I S HING BACKLIST • Nature & the outdoors DISCOVER GOLD & GEMSTONES with Rick Hudson Sunshine & Salt Air

The Sunshine Coast Recreation & Visitor’s Guide Peter A. Robson, editor, with Karen Southern, Bryan Carson et al

This new, expanded edition covers the 160 picturesque kilometres of winding coastline from Gibsons, Sechelt and Pender Harbour to Powell River, Texada Island and Lund. 5½ x 8½, 208 pp, pb • 100 b&w photos, index • 978-1-55017-143-3 • $24.95

A Field Guide to Gold, Gemstone & Mineral Sites of British Columbia Volume 1, Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is an excellent place to hunt for unusual minerals, gems, semi-precious stones, fossils and gold. Featuring detailed maps ranging from Victoria through the Chemainus Valley and up to Port Hardy, this guide covers more than 100 sites on Vancouver Island and adjacent islands. 6 x 9, 214 pp, pb • 32 colour photos, b&w maps • 978-155017-455-7 • $26.95

Exploring the BC Coast by Car Revised 2nd Edition Diane Eaton and Allison Eaton

The BC coast is one of the world’s great maritime destinations, but you don’t need to own a yacht or go on a cruise ship to explore it. This indispensable book shows how to use BC’s world-class ferry and coastal road system to reach the coast’s most spectacular places. Newly revised and updated in 2008, each chapter has simple “getting there” directions and information on local points of interest. 6 x 9, 400 pp, pb • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-415-1 • $24.95


Canada’s Forgotten Coast Ian and Karen McAllister with Cameron Young Winner of the 1998 Bill Duthie booksellers’ choice BC BOOK PRIZE

Over 150 stunning colour photographs, including some of the most extraordinary images of wild bears ever seen in print. 11 x 10, 144 pp, cl • 150+ colour photos, maps, illustrations, index • 978-1-55017-166-2 • $39.95

A FIELD GUIDE TO Gold, Gemstone & Mineral Sites of British Columbia

Volume 2, Sites Within a Day’s Drive of Vancouver, Revised Edition

Covering the area from Vancouver inland to Princeton, Merritt and Cache Creek, and as far up the coast as Whistler and Texada Island, this wellresearched guidebook will teach you where to find some of the most sought-after minerals in the province. This guide is a valuable resource for both the armchair geologist and the active rockhound. 6 x 9, 368 pp, pb • b&w photos, 8-page colour insert, maps, charts • 978-1-55017-353-6 • $26.95


An Outdoor Guide to BC’s Enchanted Isles Charles Kahn

The Gulf Islands bask in the mildest climate in Canada, which fosters an abundance of plant and animal species seen nowhere else. Throw in panoramic views, inviting beaches and friendly hospitality—all just a short ferry ride from Vancouver or Victoria—and you have a hiker’s paradise. 6 x 9, 248 pp, pb • b&w photos and maps • 978-1-55017-315-4 • $24.95 Also by Charles Kahn, Salt Spring

Three Rivers


The Yukon’s Great Boreal Wilderness Juri Peepre, Sarah Locke et al

Photographs of Remote Corners of the Coast Mountains John Baldwin



An unforgettable tour of a natural wonderland rich in grizzly bears, wolves, caribou, peregrine falcons and wildflowers.

A breathtaking journey that will appeal to mountain climbers and armchair explorers alike. 8½ x 10¼, 112 pp, cl • 150+ colour photos • 978-1-55017213-3 • $36.95

Whitehorse & Area Hikes & Bikes Yukon Conservation Society

Comprehensive information on everything from easy walks along the Yukon River to alpine mountain biking adventures. Now completely revised with updated trail information, maps and photos. Lost Moose • 5½ x 8½, 160 pp, pb • illustrations, photos, maps • 978-155017-329-1 • $21.95

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11 x 10, 148 pp, cl • 200 colour photos • 978-155017-365-9 • $49.95

ABCs of West Coast Gardening Mary Palmer

Mary Palmer believes that any piece of West Coast ground can be made endlessly productive. The only problem left may be finding enough friends to share the bountiful harvest with. 6 x 9, 240 pp, pb • 150 colour photos • 978-1-55017-253-9 • $24.95


H A R B O U R P U B L I S H I N G B A CKLIST • Nature & the outdoors NATIVE, NATURAL LAWNS & GARDENS by Carole Rubin

A Field Guide to the Identification of Pebbles Eileen Van der Flier-Keller

How to Get Your Lawn off Grass

A North American Guide to Turning Off the Water Tap and Going Native

A vital publication for all North Americans who are concerned about water scarcity and water quality. The only North America-wide guide on how to convert your yard from a water-sucking source of pollution runoff to a flourishing, productive showcase of natural vegetation. 5½ x 8½, 176 pp, pb • 45 colour photos • 978-1-55017-259-1 • $18.95

Have you ever been walking at the beach and wondered what that pebble or rock is, or do you ever wonder what stories rocks tell? If so, then this is the guide for you. The Field Guide to the Identification of Pebbles is a full colour, laminated, accordion-folded, easy-to-use guide with over 80 beautiful photographs of pebbles from beaches and rivers. A great resource for schools, the short text deals with how rocks form and how to tell if a rock is igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic. It also provides some fun facts about minerals in our daily lives. 4 5⁄8 x 9, 8-fold pamphlet • 978-1-55017-395-6 • $7.95

The Geology of Southern Vancouver Island


Revised Edition Chris Yorath

A Basic Guide to Pesticide-Free Gardening in North America

A completely revised, updated edition of Canada’s first organic lawn-care book, and a must for all gardeners and homeowners who want to “tread lightly on the earth.” This inspiring guide demonstrates how lawns and gardens can flourish by replacing synthetic chemicals with balanced organic alternatives. 5½ x 8½, 128 pp, pb • b&w line drawings • 978-1-55017-3208 • $17.95

Reveals Vancouver Island in a whole new way as it points out fault lines, glacier erratics, fossils and other interesting natural formations. Updated and expanded, this revised edition includes new sites of interest, including the Alberni Valley, Pacific Rim National Park and the Nanoose Peninsula; all new photographs and additional information on the science of geology. 6 x 9, 176 pp, pb • b&w photos, maps, charts • 978-1-55017-3628 • $24.95

How Old Is That Mountain?

A Visitor’s Guide to the Geology of Banff and Yoho National Parks, Revised Edition Chris Yorath


A Guide to the Ancient Life of Vancouver Island Rolf Ludvigsen and Graham Beard

This completely new and expanded edition of a West Coast classic is a concise and thorough guide to the small and large fossils of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands in BC. 5½ x 8½, 216 pp, pb • 250 photos, illustrations, maps, bibliography, index • 978-1-55017-179-2 • $24.95


How Old Is That Mountain? is about the Rocky Mountains of Banff and Yoho National Parks and adjacent areas. Intended for those who don’t know a graptolite from a jökulhlaup, this book conveys the most current understanding of how these mountains came to be, keeping geological jargon to a minimum. 6 x 9, 144 pp, pb • b&w photos, illustrations, colour photos, glossary, index • 978-1-55017-390-1 • $24.95

Wilderness on the Doorstep Discovering Nature in Stanley Park Vancouver Natural History Society

Four-WheelING IN THE BC INTERIOR The Kootenays to Bella Coola Mark Bostwick

More than 75 trips: from the Lower Mainland to the Chilcotin and Bella Coola. Harbour • 5½ x 8½, 232 pp, pb • approx 100 b&w photos, index • 978-1-55017-156-3 • $24.95

5½ x 8½, 192 pp, pb • colour photos, illustrations, maps • 978-155017-386-4 • $21.95

Four-WheelING ON SOUTHERN VANCOUVER ISLAND Victoria to Tofino David Lee

Vancouver Island is the outdoor recreationist’s dream. This book encourages off-road enthusiasts to try some 50 trips. Harbour • 5½ x 8½, 274 pp, pb • approx 100 b&w photos, index • 978-1-55017-158-7 • $24.95

A book for everyone who wants to know more about Vancouver’s Stanley Park, particularly those new to this spectacular destination. It familiarizes readers with the best places to go to discover nature and describes local plants and animals. Even those who have visited Stanley Park many times are sure to discover something new.

The Stanley Park Companion Paul Grant and Laurie Dickson

Vancouver’s Stanley Park is the largest urban park in Canada, enjoyed by more than 8 million people each year. From Easter Be-ins and Theatre Under the Stars, from wild wolves and miniature train rides to Skana the Killer Whale and the totem poles, it’s all here in this lively, sometimes quirky compendium. Bluefield • 9½ x 8½, 128 pp, pb • colour and b&w photos • 978-1-894404-16-7 • $29.95


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H A R B O U R P UBLISHING BACKLIST • Cooking & health James Barber The Genius of James Barber His Best Recipes With a preface by Angela Murrills


Some of his most distinguished fans get together to collect James’ greatest recipes, from Ginger Tea to Indonesian Fish, and talk about what his art meant to them.

These recipes demonstrate the inventiveness of chefs who live a long way from the nearest supermarket.

Anita Stewart

6 ½ x 9½, 156 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-103-7 • $21.95

978-1-55017-449-6 • 8 x 9, 172 pages, paper • b&w line drawings • $26.95

Cooking for Two Barber’s well-known and easy manner of food preparation is once again a pleasure to read and to follow, often bringing a chuckle and certainly bringing a large measure of satisfaction with the delicious results. 7

7 x 10, 186 pp, pb • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-416-8 • $21.95

Jeanne Marie Martin Eat for better health—eat to enjoy—with Jeanne Marie Martin. Because she’s both a renowned nutritionist and a great cook, thousands of people are turning to Jeanne Marie Martin to learn how to enjoy cooking for health.

One-Pot Wonders

James Barber’s Recipes for Land and Sea

A book geared toward people who are wet and cold and want dinner in a hurry, featuring over one hundred simple recipes that will buoy your spirits and keep you afloat! 8½ x 5¾, 128 pp, hc • b&w illustrations • 978-155017-378-9 • $24.95

JEANNE MARIE MARTIN’S LIGHT CUISINE Seafood, Poultry & Egg Recipes for Healthy Living Foreword by Zoltan Rona

More than 120 recipes for mouth-watering dishes—all free of refined foods and artificial additives, many of them dairy- and wheat-free. 6 x 9, 176 pp, pb • drawings, index • 978-1-55017-123-5 • $18.95


Gourmet Cooking on the Move David Hoar & Noreen Rudd


This exquisite cookbook instructs the epicure-boater how to make magnificent gourmet meals using only a limited galley pantry and plenty of fresh food from the ocean.

Yummy fare, perfect not just for vegans but for anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Harbour • 8½ x 11, coil-bound pb, 250 pp • full colour throughout • 978-1-55017-260-7 •$29.95

Gourmet Vegetarian Specialties

6 x 8, 224 pp, pb • illustrations, index • 978-1-55017-079-5 • $19.95


Plus Canning, Freezing, Pickling and More Jack Whelan

A new edition of the complete guide to smoking salmon and trout that has sold over 70,000 copies! With over 400 photos and illustrations, this authoritative how-to book provides step-by-step instructions.

HEARTY VEGETARIAN SOUPS & STEWS Over 50 vegetarian soup and stew recipes, with a complete shopping guide and food substitution chart. 5½ x 8½, 96 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-050-4 • $17.95

6¼ x 8½ • 230 pp, pb • 400+ b&w photos and illustrations • 9781-55017-302-4 • $22.95


Coastal Cuisine with a Dash of History Campbell River Museum Society

A bright, yummy collection of more than 150 recipes, spiced up with archival photographs and morsels of lore from cities, towns, villages and light stations of the BC coast. 7¾ x 9½, 224 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-144-0 • $24.95

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THE ALL NATURAL ALLERGY COOKBOOK More than 250 recipes for people with allergies or sensitivities to common foods. Complete cooking and baking tips, buying guide, storage chart, food families chart, food glossary and book list. 5½ x 8½, 200 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-044-3 • $21.95


H A R B O U R P U B L I S H I N G & NIGHTWOOD EDITIONS • Crosswords O CANADA CROSSWORDS With their distinctive folk-art covers and uniquely Canadian content, the O Canada Crosswords books have garnered a devoted fan base of crossword aficionados from coast to coast. The series combines world references with clues reflecting a distinct Canadian cultural identity. NEW! O Canada Crosswords Book 11 by Barbara Olson & Dave Macleod, page 17 and O Canada Crosswords Book 10 by Barbara Olson & Dave Macleod, page 34 By Kathleen Hamilton: Bluefield • O Canada Crosswords, Book 1, 115 Great Canadian Crosswords • 8½ x 11, 136 pp, pb • 978-1-894404-02-0 • $14.95 Bluefield • O Canada Crosswords, Book 2, 50 Giant Weekend-size Crosswords • 8½ x 11, 120 pp, pb • 978-1-894404-04-4 • $14.95 Bluefield • O Canada Crosswords, Book 3, 50 More Giant Weekend Crosswords • 8½ x 11, 120 pp, pb • 978-1-894404-11-2 • $14.95 Bluefield • O Canada Crosswords, Book 4, 50 Incredible Giant Weekend Crosswords • 8½ x 11, 120 pp, pb • 978-1-894404-18-1 • $14.95 Bluefield • O Canada Crosswords, Book 5, 50 Fantastic Giant Weekend Crosswords • 8½ x 11, 120 pp, pb • 978-1-894404-20-4 • $14.95 O Canada Crosswords, Book 6, 50 Great Weekend-size Crosswords • 8½ x 11, 120 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-206-5 • $14.95 O Canada Crosswords, Book 7, 50 Wonderful Weekend-size Crosswords • 8½ x 11, 120 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-218-8 • $14.95 By Barbara Olson & Dave Macleod: O Canada Crosswords, Book 8, 75 Themed Daily-size Crosswords • 8½ x 11, 176 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-217-1 • $12.95 O Canada Crosswords, Book 9, 75 Themed Daily-size Crosswords • 8½ x 11, 115 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-225-6 • $12.95


Crossword fanatics, sharpen your pencils! Calgarybased crossword designer Gwen Sjogren has created some challenging and playful puzzles, created for those who know that a loonie is money, wouldn’t expect a Genie to grant wishes and appreciate punster Sjogren’s knack for clever clues. Cross-Canada Crosswords 7½ x 9, 64 pp, pb • b&w illustrations • 978-1-55017-3222 • $8.95

CROSSWORDS by Glenn Rusth BRITISH COLUMBIA Crosswords • What was the three-letter last name of the Ladysmith native who is “the world’s most ­recognizable Canadian?” • What’s the nine-letter pass near Sparwood where the CPR started construction of the line to southeast BC in 1897? These and hundreds more BC brainteasers are included in BC Crosswords, a fun-filled look at BC through the world’s most popular puzzle. 6¼ x 8½ • 56 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-243-0 • $8.95

Cross-Canada Crosswords 2 7½ x 9, 64 pp, pb • b&w illustrations • 978-1-55017-3765 • $8.95

Cross-Canada Crosswords 3 7½ x 9, 64 pp, pb • b&w illustrations • 978-1-55017-4052 • $8.95

Cross-Canada Crosswords 4 978-1-55017-429-8 • 7½ x 9, 128 pp, pb • $9.95

CROSS-CANADA CROSSWORDS 5 978-1-55017-472-4 • 8 x 10, 128 pp, pb • $9.95

NEW! Cross-Canada Crosswords 6, page 27

ONTARIO CROSSWORDS Fascinating facts about Canada’s most populous province are tucked among the clues and solutions in Ontario Crosswords. This sequel to the bestselling British Columbia Crosswords and Canadian Prairies Crosswords covers every aspect of life in Ontario from the earliest fur traders to the newest premier, from the Five Nations Iroquois to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Sharpen your pencils and wits, then tackle 25 puzzles guaranteed to inform, amuse and surprise. 6¼ x 8½, 56 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-321-5 • $8.95

O CANADA PUZZLES FOR KIDS Jesse Ross and Ruth Porter

Jam-packed with word searches, quizzes, crosswords and puzzles, O Canada Puzzles for Kids is a great way for children to have fun while learning lots of cool things about the Great White North. O Canada Puzzles for Kids • Bluefield • 7½ x 9, 72 pp, pb • 978-1-894404-06-8 • $9.95 • Ages 8 and up O Canada Puzzles for Kids 2 • Bluefield • 7½ x 9, 72 pp, pb • 978-1-894404-15-0 • $9.95 • Ages 8 and up

CANADIAN PRAIRIES CROSSWORDS • Who planted the first wheat in the Prairies? • How do you say “polar bear” in Inuktitut? • What’s the real name of the Manitoba town Margaret Laurence immortalized as Manawaka? • What actress from Medicine Hat made her name opposite a giant ape? Find the answers to these and hundreds of other brainteasers in Canadian Prairies Crosswords, a sequel to the bestselling British Columbia Crosswords, from a Prairie perspective. Harbour • 6¼ x 8½, 60 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-310-9 • $8.95


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H A R B O U R P UBLISHING BACKLIST • Fiction & poetry David Zieroth winner of the 2009 governor general’s literary award for poetry David Zieroth’s eighth book is A Fly in Autumn, winner of the 2009 Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry. His previous books of poetry are The Village of Sliding Time, How I Joined Humanity at Last and Crows Do Not Have Retirement. He won the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize for How I Joined Humanity at Last (Harbour, 1998), his work has been shortlisted for a National Magazine Award, and his poems have appeared in over thirty-five anthologies, including A Matter of Spirit: Recovery of the Sacred in Contemporary Canadian Poetry (Ekstasis, 1998). He was born in Neepawa, Manitoba, and now lives in North Vancouver, B.C. THE FLY IN AUTUMN winner of the 2009 governor general’s award for poetry

The Fly in Autumn is a nuanced work that constantly shifts between the inane and the macabre, between black humour and self-mockery. From North Vancouver sleet and fog to palominos and Baghdad, from the inevitability of dying to the cockiness of flight, from Dick and Jane readers to insurance clerks, The Fly in Autumn willingly, knowingly, risks the reader’s unease by going beyond the usual contemporary mode into language that is more penetrating, more tender than ironic. 978-1-55017-468-7 • 6 x 9, 96 pages, paper • $18.95

The VILLAGE OF SLIDING TIME An adult narrator opens his apartment door to find a younger version of himself waiting for him. The boy becomes his guide on a profound journey from 21stcentury suburban Vancouver to the 1950s Canadian prairies and back again. A marvellously achieved addition to Zieroth’s work and a major contribution to the long poem in Canada. 6 x 9, 80 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-388-8 • $16.95

PATRICK LANE Winner of the 2007 Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence Patrick Lane’s prizes and awards include the Governor General’s Award for poetry in 1979 for Poems, New and Selected, the Canadian Authors Association Award for poetry in 1988 for Selected Poems and the Dorothy Livesay Prize for Poetry in 1996 for Too Spare, Too Fierce. An interview with Patrick Lane appears in Where the Words Come From: Conversations with Canadian Poets, edited by Tim Bowling. Last Water Song The first collection of Lane’s new poetry since Go Leaving Strange. The first part is a series of 16 long elegies on writer acquaintances who have died, including Al Purdy, Earle Birney and Irving Layton. The second section consists of 23 lyrics and narratives ranging from the eloquent “Teaching Poetry” to the evocative title poem with its hint of finality. 6 x 9, 88 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-450-2 • $16.95


This collection is filled with poems that explore the darker side of human consciousness and desire. But amid this bleak landscape of pity and regret, there is also redemption and hope, life and beauty. The poet’s presence is everywhere as he seeks to find meaning in this existence. 6 x 9, 120 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-328-4 • $16.95

The Bare Plum of Winter Rain Bittersweet and poignantly insightful, the poems range from meditations upon the death of a mother, the world of poverty and work, to a series of poems for both friends and lovers. 6 x 9, 80 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-226-3 • $16.95


Explores the mid-life road to renewal and tells the story of one man’s journey toward compassion. 6 x 9, 112 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-182-2 • $16.95

Selected Poems: 1977–1997 This collection, the only comprehensive book of Lane’s poetry to be published since 1988, gathers together the work of two decades, presenting his best work as a mature poet. 6 x 9, 128 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-174-7 • $16.95

CROWS DO NOT HAVE RETIREMENT Zieroth’s sixth book of poetry explores the many lives of the spirit and the flesh. 6 x 9, 144 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-250-8 • $18.95

TOO SPARE, TOO FIERCE Winner of the 1996 Dorothy Livesay Poetry BC BOOK Prize

The 22nd volume of ­poetry by this award-­winning writer. 6 x 9 • 72 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-119-8 • $14.95

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H A R B O U R P U B L I S H I N G B A CKLIST • Fiction & poetry PATRICK FRIESEN One Muddy Hand

Selected Poems Earle Birney, edited by Sam Solecki

Earle Birney (1904–1995), the father of modern Canadian poetry, was one of Canada’s finest writers and the author of “David,” arguably the most popular Canadian poem of all time. One Muddy Hand features Birney’s best work, spanning his entire writing career from 1926 to 1987. 6 x 9, 208 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-370-3 • $18.95

Earth’s Crude Gravities A compelling series of poems on the world of matter and the world of spirit. Acclaimed poet Patrick Friesen muses on the religion that has been such a key part of his own background—but he also raises uncertainties. Whether discussing his love of the material world or fictional creation, his poetry is elegant, eloquent and imagistic. 5½ x 8½, 108 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-399-4 • $16.95

Rain before Morning Michael Poole

When Nathan and Leah meet in Silva Landing, on the Sunshine Coast, in 1913, it is love at first sight; but they find their passion tested at every turn. Leah engages in a battle of wills with her mother; Nathan wants a university education almost as much as he wants Leah; both of them struggle to suppress their desire for each other until they are truly ready to start a family. A timeless, universal tale of passion, war, tragedy and the power of love.


A masterful volume that confirms Patrick Friesen’s reputation as one of Canada’s finest and most versatile poets. Harbour • 5½ x 8½, 96 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-284-3 • $16.95

6 x 9, 320 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-412-0 • $24.95

AL PURDY Al Purdy, who died in April 2000, was one of Canada’s best-known and best-loved poets, a fixture in the national imagination. He published over 30 books of prose and poetry, and won the Governor General’s Award for poetry twice. He spent his last days surrounded by friends, talking about writing and putting the finishing touches to his greatest work, the 606-page Beyond Remembering: The Collected Poems of Al Purdy.

NEW! The Al Purdy A-frame Anthology, page 31 Yours, Al

The Collected Letters of Al Purdy Edited by Sam Solecki

Al Purdy’s personal letters present the CanLit scene as an ongoing conversation between members of a tight, supportive community spanning generations. 6 x 9, 560 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-332-1 • $44.95

to paris never again New poems, plus four reworkings of previously published favourites. “A hundred years from now, one of the few Canadian poets whose work will still be read is Al Purdy.” —Maclean’s 6 x 9, 132 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-173-0 • $16.95

Beyond Remembering

The Collected Poems of Al Purdy Edited by Sam Solecki

The definitive collection of Purdy’s poetry, from the early years to his most recent previously unpublished work. 6 x 9, 606 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-225-6 • $44.95


The autobiography of one of Canada’s best-loved poets “bristles with splenetic vitality.” —Stephen Smith, Quill & Quire


The Collected Prose of Al Purdy Edited by Sam Solecki

Takes the reader through Canada and abroad, profiles writers from Rudyard Kipling to Leonard Cohen and reviews poets such as Raymond Souster.

6 x 9, 296 pp, cl • photos, index • 978-1-55017-088-7 • $28.95

6 x 9, 400 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-127-3 • $39.95



2006 CANADA READS Selection

In this special selection, Purdy draws from 30 years’ worth of published work to choose some of his finest poems. This is the only selected Al Purdy volume in print, and it is, quite simply, classic Purdy. 6 x 9, 152 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-148-8 • $16.95


Al Purdy & Doug Beardsley An Appreciation of John Donne: A Dozen of His Best Poems

An engaging rassle with some wonderful poems. Donne was both intellectual and eccentric. Includes five new poems derived from Donne’s elegies. 6 x 9 • 109 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-219-5 • $16.95

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H A R B O U R P UBLISHING BACKLIST • Fiction & poetry TOM WAYMAN For over twenty years Tom Wayman has celebrated the language of everyday life and work, both in his own writing and in the ground-breaking anthologies Going for Coffee, Paperwork and The Dominion of Love.

Peter Trower Peter Trower worked as a logger for twenty-two years. Since 1971, he has published twelve books of poetry and contributed to several issues of Raincoast Chronicles and Vancouver Magazine. Haunted Hills and Hanging Valleys

Selected Poems 1969–2004 With a foreword by Don McKay


High Speed through Shoaling Water These deceptively simple poems cover rural life, social issues, love’s vicissitudes, aging and the writing life. They interweave reflections on the landscape of world and work with musings on personal and communal history. 5½ x 8½, 160 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-401-4 • $17.95


Presents for the first time the best work of a writing career that has drawn Trower praise as “the poet laureate of this mountain kingdom” from Al Purdy and for “heft and passion and a gift for telling place and detail” from Irving Layton. Harbour • 6 x 9, 160 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-311-6 • $18.95

Novels DEAD MAN’S TICKET Terry Belshaw is the hero of an uncommon novel— half logger’s story, half noir thriller, all page-turner. 6 x 9, 240 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-149-5 • $21.95

Wayman examines the conflicting emotions that arise when a parent dies, when faith withers, when awareness of one’s own mortality grows. 5½ x 8½, 140 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-282-9 • $16.95


The Judas Hills Terry Belshaw, the unlikely hero of Trower’s two previous novels, is back once again in a gripping logging adventure filled with backwoods disaster and intrigue. 6 x 9, 256 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-228-7 • $21.95

Wayman writes white-collar workers alongside blue-collar workers, drawing on his experiences in both worlds. 6 x 9, 160 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-202-7 • $16.95


DID I MISS ANYTHING? Selected Poems 1973–1993

Published on the twentieth anniversay of Wayman’s first book of poems. 5½ x 9, 200 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-092-4 • $15.95

Edited by Tom Wayman


The Human Shore The Human Shore is an accomplished collection of poems both grittily real and spiritual, the follow-up to Russell Thornton’s critically acclaimed House Built of Rain. Barry Dempster has called Thornton’s poems “expansive, exquisitely detailed, eloquently transformative” and Patrick Lane deems them “impeccable in their craft.” By turns elegant and shocking—and often both at once—The Human Shore promises to leave an indelible mark on Canadian poetry. 5½ x 8½, 72 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-385-7 • $16.95

An Anthology of Canadian Love Poems


“Tom Wayman has done a felicitous job of assembling love poems by 50 Canadian poets. The Dominion of Love includes famous works such as ‘You Have the Lovers’, and it offers lesser known, but certainly not lesser, poems.” —Victoria Times Colonist

Though his poems are often dark and edgy, he shows us beauty in a scream, ecstasy in violence and, in a dying breath, the universe.


5½ x 8½ • 88 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-281-2 • $16.95

5¼ x 7½, 160 pp, pb, french flaps • 978-1-55017-238-6 • $21.95

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H A R B O U R P U B L I S H I N G B A CKLIST • Fiction & poetry

NOVELS, LEGENDS & POETRY BY ANNE CAMERON Anne Cameron is the author of many bestselling novels, stories, poems and legends, as well as scripts for film, TV and radio. See the author index for other books by Anne Cameron

Daughters of Copper Woman This new edition of the underground classic includes fresh material added by the author. A timeless retelling of northwest coast Native myths that together create a sublime image of the social and spiritual power of woman. 5¼ x 7½ • 200 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-245-4 • $19.95

Hardscratch Row A funny and heart-wrenching novel in which the characters grapple with the very meaning of the word “family,” just by living their lives. 6 x 9, 400 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-290-4 • $24.95

Sarah’s Children This is a story about one woman’s slow and painful recovery from a serious illness, a story about a family taking an honest look at itself and a story about the power of love. 5½ x 8½ • 288 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-274-4 • $21.95

Dreamspeaker A perennial bestseller, Dreamspeaker is the powerful and deeply moving story of a boy caught between two worlds, who learns too late the healing strength of faith and love. 5¼ x 7½, 128 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-364-2 • $9.95

Aftermath Fran and Liz are both children of a long line of violent families. Fran begins to write down her history. Liz thinks it’s better to put it all behind them. And who’s to say which is better? 6 x 9, 400 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-193-8 • $21.95

DAhlia Cassidy Dahlia Cassidy is a delightful and hilarious satire on relationships from one of British Columbia’s favourite writers—a rollicking, lighthearted novel with a cast of irresistible characters struggling to make sense of life in a small coastal town.

Those Lancasters Arguing, nagging and fighting are the main pastimes in the Lancaster household. A novel that puts the fun back in dysfunctional. 6 x 9, 398 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-227-0 • $21.95

6 x 9, 264 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-344-4 • $24.95

Family ResemblanceS The story of two very different women. Both must grapple with the powerful and sometimes contradictory forces of love, anger, fear and forgiveness—each in her own way, in her own life. 6 x 9, 304 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-301-7 • $24.95


SELKIE An endless rain embarks Cassidy on the ride of her life. Before the year is out, she will have travelled through lifetimes and constellations. 6 x 9, 192 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-152-5 • $21.95

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H A R B O U R P UBLISHING BACKLIST • Fiction & poetry

BRIGHT’S CROSSING A WHOLE BRASS BAND “If bullshit was music,” Jean decides of her family, “they’d be a whole brass band.”

Short Stories

6 x 9, 304 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-075-7 • $21.95

“Cameron understands the way a woman’s work affects every other sphere of her life.” —Feminist Bookstore News

DEEJAY & BETTY While trying to save a child from the pain they endured, two victims of childhood abuse meet, and transform their lives.

THE WHOLE FAM DAMILY “One family’s cycle of violence, poverty and addiction . . . rings powerfully and disturbingly true.” —Ottawa Citizen

6 x 9, 264 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-112-9 • $18.95

6 x 9, 264 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-134-1 • $21.95

ESCAPE TO BEULAH “A feminist fable for our times, told with a dispassionate, fascinated vigour.” —Vancouver Province

KICK THE CAN “Cameron knows how women talk to each other.” —Vancouver Province

6 x 9, 304 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-029-0 • $18.95

6 x 9, 184 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-022-1 • $21.95

6 x 9, 160 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-039-9 • $21.95


SOUTH OF AN UNNAMED CREEK “... joins courage to comedy with a light, sure touch.” —Ottawa Citizen 6 x 9, 200 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-013-9 • SPECIAL $6.95

TALES OF THE CAIRDS “A woman-positive and humorous collection of thought-provoking and entertaining [Celtic] myths.” —Vancouver Sun 5½ x 8½ • 192 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-004-7 • $21.95



Short Stories

“Witty, entertaining and strangely uplifting.” —Edmonton Journal 6 x 9, 258 pp, pb • 978-0-920080-68-9 • $21.95

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THE ANNIE POEMS Poems to make you laugh, cry, rage. 5½ x 8½, 140 pp, pb • 978-0-920080-91-7 • $16.95


H A R B O U R P U B L I S H I N G B A CKLIST • Fiction, poetry & audiobooks Governor General’s Award-Winner John Pass



A classical meditation rebounding between domesticity and myth. 5 ⁄2 x 8 ⁄2, 72 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-043-6 • $16.95 1


RADICAL INNOCENCE Praised by Books in Canada for its “vast intertexts, delightful allusions, quick wit . . . ” 51⁄2 x 81⁄2 , 72 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-107-5 • $12.95


Planet Salt Spring Audiobook Arthur Black

Live! From Planet Salt Spring . . . it’s Arthur Black, the voice you’ve longed to hear once more! In this firsttime audiobook format Black shares tales from that sphere on the outer limits he calls his home, Salt Spring Island, BC. In this humorous collection of stories from across the water where the hitchhikers are a cut above average, Black offers insight into the proper etiquette of the Gulf Island hug and tips for aspiring bank robbers on islands that have extremely limited getaway options. Black’s down-to-earth and comical reflections are an escape into island life . . . or an alien encounter from Planet Salt Spring. 978-1-55017-470-0 • 66-minute CD • $18.95

Ken Belford

Ecologue is the culmination of Ken Belford’s lifelong quest to reconcile land and language, innovation/development and earth’s geographical history, nature and humankind’s place within it..

The Mystery Project

6 x 9, 80 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-349-9 • $16.95

Written by Alf Silver, produced and directed by Bill Howell

In partnership with CBC Radio

Clean Sweep This tape features the first six episodes from the The Mystery Project’s successful first season, featuring the adventures of Bonnie Marsden. 3 hours—3 cassette set • 978-1-55017-217-1 • $24.95

DICK HAMMOND’s Tales of the Old Coast

TALES FROM HIDDEN BASIN Myths, mysteries and the memorable characters who play them out are at the heart of this sometimes chilling, sometimes hilarious collection of stories. 6 x 9, 256 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-136-5 • $17.95

DOGLESS IN METCHOSIN Tom Henry, read by the author

His many fans can now hear Tom Henry read the best of his bestselling Dogless in Metchosin on audiocassette. Honest and offbeat, his stories of country living are very, very funny. 90 minute-cassette • 978-1-55017-145-7 • $14.95

A Touch of Strange

Amazing Tales of the BC Coast

These tales have been chiselled and smoothed by countless renditions to family and friends during a time when storytellers played the role now appropriated by television and daily life was dramatic enough that storytellers didn’t have to exaggerate. 6 x 9 • 248 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-241-6 • $24.95

WRITING IN THE RAIN Howard White, read by the author

Now on tape! Favourite pieces, such as “Morts” and “My Experience with Greatness,” from Howard White’s Leacock Medal–winning book. 90 minute-cassette • 978-1-55017-139-6 • $14.95

The Novels of ALAN FRY

Poetry by Maureen McCarthy

HOW A PEOPLE DIE The controversial novel of death and despair on a BC Indian reserve.

Maureen McCarthy has been praised by Al Purdy for “. . . this intimacy that gives her poems power.”

6 x 9, 208 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-106-8 • $16.95

LONELY IN A COOL, SWEET WAY THE REVENGE OF ANNIE CHARLIE “A good romp, funny and thoughtful at the same time.” —William French, Globe & Mail

5½ x 8½, 64 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-115-0 • $12.95

SNEAKING THROUGH THE EVENING 6 x 9, 80 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-216-4 • $11.95

Harbour • 5½ x 8½, 202 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-032-0 • $21.95


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H A R B O U R P U B L I S H I N G B ACKLIST • Humour & young adult fiction HUMOUR

Young Adults Roderick Haig-Brown

Betty Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen

Fans of the funny pages will recognize Betty, the plucky, middle-aged blonde who has won hearts across North America with her gentle wit and ordinary life. Betty’s charm comes from being what her co-creator Gerry Rasmussen calls “a working class hero whose spirit cannot be broken by the endless series of outrages that make up modern life.” Bluefield • 8½ x 9, 128 pp, pb • 978-1-894404-01-3 • $14.95


Panther The coming-of-age tale of a cougar that tells the enthralling—and often bloody—story of elusive wild cats and the instincts necessary for survival in an unforgiving wilderness. Junior Canadian Classic • 5½ x 8½, 256 pp, pb • 978-1-55017341-3 • $14.95

THE WHALE PEOPLE Young Atlin trains for his role as a whaling chief in this coming-of-age story set in an aboriginal whaling village on the West Coast. Junior Canadian Classic • 5¼ x 8, 206 pp, pb • 978-1-55017277-5 • $14.95


Kirkland exposes the foibles of daily living with hilarity and honesty. 6 x 9, 250 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-198-3 • $17.95

SALTWATER SUMMER This tale of a young man’s first summer as a salmon fisherman on the BC coast has become a modern classic. Junior Canadian Classic • 5¼ x 8, 246 pp, pb • 978-1-55017222-5 • $14.95


Life at a Gulf Island Cottage

A wryly funny, sharply observed book on the joys and terrors of cottage life on Saturna Island, in BC’s Strait of Georgia, by Canada’s most beloved humorist.

STARBUCK VALLEY WINTER Two young men attempt to make their living by trapping. Junior Canadian Classic • 5¼ x 8, 246 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-2478 • $14.95

6 x 9, 198 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-210-2 • $28.95

Anything For a Laugh Memoirs

shortlisted for the 1999 hubert evans non-fiction BC BOOK prize

“What are memoirs?” writes Eric Nicol in this volume. “Laundered biography?” In this case, memoirs are the rollicking, funny life and times of Eric Nicol. 6 x 9, 264 pp, cl • 50 photos • 978-1-55017-187-7 • $28.95

Tom Henry Dogless in Metchosin Honest, offbeat and very funny. Also produced as an audiotape, with stories read by the author (p. 70).

Mary Razzell Runaway at Sea Anne finagles a job aboard the Ocean Spirit only to find herself caught up in a typhoid outbreak and torn between her duty to sick passengers, her loyalty to her shipmates and her desire to help the heroic doctor investigating the incident. 978-1-55017-327-7 • 5 x 7½, 152 pp, pb • $9.95

HAIDA QUEST A Native girl’s journey from the innocence of childhood to the experience of motherhood. 5½ x 8½, 144 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-249-2 • $10.95

6 x 9, 200 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-163-1 • $18.95


and Other Delusions

Another batch of smart, funny, bang-on stories of the ups and downs of country living. 6 x 9, 192 pp, cl • 978-1-55017-150-1 • $24.95

See the author index for other books by Tom Henry

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Lesley Choyce ROID RAGE Craig decides to start a steroid program to improve his football performance, until “roid rage” threatens to send him out of control. 4½ x 7¼, 112 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-206-5 • $6.95


H A R B O U R P U B L I S H I N G B A CKLIST • Children’s books Boys, Girls and Body Science A First Book about Facts of Life Meg Hickling, illustrated by Kim La Fave

“an excellent resource that will make life easier for parents struggling to find the words to explain reproduction and sex to their children.” —Quill & Quire

With humour and sensitivity, Boys, Girls & Body Science provides no-nonsense answers for children—and parents—with questions about sex. Specifically designed for young readers, Boys, Girls & Body Science walks children through the wonders of their bodies in a direct, easy-to-read manner. The story begins with Nicholas, 7, and Jenny, 5, learning about different types of science in their class—from ecology to the digestive system. Then Meg Hickling, a guest speaker, comes to talk to them about a new type of science. Hickling talks about the “science names” for the children’s body parts, about good and bad touches and about making babies. She coaches the children not to be embarrassed or shy about body science: “We are going to make this just like a science lesson, we will learn to think like a scientist and we will learn the scientific names for our private parts,” she says.

Jason’s New Dugout Canoe Joe Barber-Starkey, illustrated by Paul Montpellier

This delightful story of a Nuu-chah-nulth boy explores First Nations traditions and values through the making of a canoe. 7 x 10, 32 pp, hc • colour illustrations • 978-1-55017-229-4 • $18.95

JASON AND THE SEA OTTER Joe Barber-Starkey, illustrated by Paul Montpellier

The story of a Nootka boy, his explorations in nature and the sea otter who saves his life. 7 x 10, 32 pp, pb • colour illustrations • 978-1-55017-162-4 • $12.95

9 x 11, 32 pp, hc • colour illustrations • 978-1-55017-236-2 • $18.95

Native Legends for Children by ANNE CAMERON Traditional northwest coast legends for ages six to adult, told simply and gently by one of BC’s best-loved writers. Bestsellers in both Canada and the US. “...should be added to any collection of materials concerned with native peoples.” —Canadian Materials LAZY BOY


Illustrated by Nelle Olsen 978-0-920080-63-4

The One Who Takes Bad Children Sue Pielle with Anne Cameron • Illustrated by Greta Guzek 7 x 8½, 28 pp, pb • 24 illustrations • 978-1-55017-180-8 • $7.95

ORCA’S SONG Following: 7 x 8½, 32 pp, pb • Illustrated • Each $7.95

Illustrated by Nelle Olsen 978-0-920080-29-0

RAVEN GOES BERRYPICKING Illustrated by Gaye Hammond 978-1-55017-036-8

RAVEN RETURNS THE WATER Illustrated by Nelle Olsen 978-0-920080-19-1



Illustrated by Gaye Hammond 978-1-55017-037-5




Illustrated by Nelle Olsen 978-0-920080-73-3

Illustrated by Tara Miller 978-0-920080-67-2

Illustrated by Tara Miller 978-0-920080-55-9

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Skookum Sal, Birling Gal nominated for THE 2005 chocolate lily BOOK AWARD

Heather Kellerhals-Stewart, illustrated by Janice Blaine

Jeremy Moray, illustrated by Dee Gale

Timmy the Tug, Captain Jones and their friends—people, otters, whales, seagulls—introduce children to the life and work of the BC coast in fun, colourful style. Each book 11 x 8½, 48 pp, pb • full colour illustrations • $14.95

Whimsical colour illustrations transport the reader into the big woods, the frog pond where Sal learns to birl and the sports day fairgrounds full of boom men and bull cooks. 7¾ x 10½, 32 pp, hc • colour illustrations • 978-1-55017-285-0 • $18.95

TIMMY THE WEST COAST TUG 978-1-55017-005-4

RETURN OF THE OSPREY Patricia Mason, illustrated by Christopher Bateman

Celebrates the miracles people can create, and the regenerative force of nature. 9 x 9, 22 pp, pb • b&w illustrations • 978-1-55017203-4 • $12.95

TIMMY AND THE WHALES 978-1-55017-006-1

PAUL BUNYAN ON THE WEST COAST Tom Henry, illustrated by Kim La Fave

The legendary lumberjack bred gigantic honeybees and cured his blue ox Babe’s sick stomach with the milk of a whale. 6 x 9, 56 pp, pb • b&w illustrations • 978-1-55017-109-9 • $14.95

TIMMY AND THE OTTERS 978-1-55017-007-8

THE GUMBOOT GEESE Anne Cameron, illustrated by June Huber

Young Canada geese are raised in civilization. When a wild cousin visits, they learn the difference between wildness and tameness. 7 x 11, 48 pp, pb • b&w drawings • 978-1-55017-063-4 • $16.95


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Arthur Mayse

Two young boys decide to go hand-lining off the BC coast. 6 x 9, 152 pp, pb • b&w illustrations • 978-1-55017-025-2 • $14.95


N I G H T W O O D E D I T I O N S B A CKLIST • Fiction & poetry Philip kevin paul Kipocihkân

Poems New and Selected Gregory Scofield

Little Hunger

The first anthology of urban Aboriginal songs by Gregory Scofield is a retrospective of the award-winning poet’s pivotal work to date. The word kipocihkân is Cree slang for someone who is mute or unable to speak, and charted in this book is Scofield’s journey out of that silence to become one of the most powerful voices of our time. 6 x 9, 144 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-228-7 • $17.95

ELIZABETH BACHINSKY God of Missed Connections

shortlisted for the 2009 governor general’s literary award for poetry shortlisted for the 2009 relit award for poetry

Philip Kevin Paul’s first book, Taking the Names Down from the Hill won the 2004 Dorothy Livesay Award for Poetry. In Little Hunger, Paul continues to draw upon the rich oral culture and traditions of his people. From the eye of a whale rising from the deep to an albino pigeon being nursed back to health, Paul’s work addresses nature, family and traditions that get passed on from generation to generation. 5¼ x 7½, 96 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-220-1 • $16.95

nominated for the 2009 kobzar literary award shortlisted for the 2010 pat lowther award

Written in the near absence of creative works by Ukrainian-Canadians of her generation, God of Missed Connections is a breakthrough collection by one of Canada’s leading young poets. This book is profound, devastating, and draws on Ukraine’s brave and bloody history as a means to explore the author’s place in the contemporary world.

Taking the Names Down from the Hill winner of the 2004 dorothy livesay poetry bc book prize

A WSÁ,NEC Native, Paul’s oral tradition and life perspective are older than history. 5¼ x 7½ • 96 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-182-2 • $16.95

5½ x 7, 88 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-226-3 • $17.95


Home of Sudden Service

Rita Wong


A startling collection from one of Canada’s young writers to watch. Home of Sudden Service is a sad and scary book of punk-rock villanelles and sonnets about delinquency. The contrast of elegant poetic forms with the colloquial, often harsh language of suburban teens makes for a compelling and engaging achievement. 5¼ x 7½, 80 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-212-6 • $15.00

WINNER OF THE 2008 DOROTHY LIVESAY BC Book POETRY PRIZE shortlisted—11th annual asian american literary awards

Rita Wong’s new collection of poems explores how ecological crises relate to the injustices of our international political landscape. Querying the relations between writing and other forms of action, Wong seeks a shift in consciousness through poems that bespeak a range of responses to our world: anger, protest, anxiety, bewilderment, hope and love. 5¼ x 7½, 88 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-213-3 • $16.95


Lousy Explorers

When I Was Young and in My Prime

shortlisted for the 2010 pat lowther award

Alayna Munce SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2006 trillium award

This masterful novel follows a young woman on a reflective journey through the lives of her grandparents and through her own very different urban reality. 5½ x 8½, 256 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-209-6 • $18.95

In this collection, husbands and wives stumble into each other at the end of days, children find the wild edges of suburbs, new mothers try to navigate through a mapless terrain, and a relentless epidemic of bugs eats away at the forest. The collection explores new territory, both physically and emotionally—relocation, the north, new marriage and motherhood—in a way that is honest, raw and insightful. 5¼ x 7½, 80 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-230-0 • $17.95

The Summer Between

Notes on Leaving

Andrew Binks

Like his attempts to swim over the dark water of the river that lies between him and the object of his affections, twelveyear-old Dougaldo Montmigny struggles against oppression, homophobia and racism to realise his love for Tomahawk Clark, a thirteen-year-old Metis boy, during a summer destined to become a painful lesson on love and desire.


Rosnau’s poignant poems speak in a startlingly direct and honest voice, employing a robust combination of jaw-dropping forthrightness and delicately crafted verse. 5¼ x 7, 88 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-200-3 • $15.95

5 x 7, 200 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-232-4 • $17.95


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Tim Bowling has published eight poetry collections and three novels. His recent memoir, The Lost Coast, received multiple awards (see below). the book collector From the salmon fishing grounds to the Special Collections library, Tim Bowling’s startling and powerful eighth collection of poems moves seamlessly between the riches of nature and the riches of art.

Muybridge’s Horse Rob Winger shortlisted for the 2007 governor general’s award for poetry • WINNER OF THE CBC LITERARY AWARD FOR POETRY

A long poem that follows the career of Eadweard Muybridge, a 19th-century British photographer. Charged with murder, compelled to record ruins and wage-slavery, Muybridge conveys the violence implied by the photographic act and the blunt details hidden behind our histories. 5¼ x 7½, 200 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-231-7 • $16.95

5¼ x 7½, 80 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-235-5 • $16.95

The Lost Coast

Salmon, Memory and the Death of Wild Culture A 2008 Kiriyama Prize “Notable Book” • Finalist for the Writers’ Trust Nereus Non-Fiction Prize • Finalist for the Roderick Haig-Brown Regional BC Book Prize • Finalist for the Alberta Book Award for Non-Fiction • Longlisted for the British Columbia Award for Canadian Non-fiction

A lyrical, impassioned lament for the home Bowling once knew and for the river and creatures that continue to haunt his imagination. . 6 x 9, 256 pp, cl • 978-0-88971-211-9 • $29.95

The Rush to Here George Murray Shortlisted for the 2008 Atlantic Poetry Prize

George Murray proves once again he is one of his generation’s most accomplished poets. Diverging from the excess and declamation of his highly praised previous collection, The Hunter, Murray breaks new poetic ground in poems that are dangerous, sharp and glistening in both language and style. Relentlessly honest, elegant in form and language, The Rush to Here sets George Murray apart as a voice for our time. 5¼ x 7½, 80 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-229-4 • $16.95

The Witness Ghost SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2003 GOVERNOR GENERAL’S AWARD FOR POETRY and the 2004 Alberta Book Award for Poetry

Bowling traces his feelings of loss and anger at the death of his father, a salmon fisherman on BC’s Fraser River. 5¼ x 7½, 88 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-191-4 • $15.95


Letters I Didn’t Write John MacKenzie

Acclaimed poet John MacKenzie explores a sweeping range of subjects, from the tragedies of war to the musings of a discouraged physics major to the violent end of Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. 5¼ x 7½, 96 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-237-9 • $16.95

Tim Bowling draws on his journeys into landscape as ways to explore the deep mysteries at the heart of consciousness. 5¾ x 8½, 80 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-175-4 • $16.95

matt rader

Dying Scarlet winner of the 1998 alberta book award for poetry

Autumnal and contemplative, these are poems of love, of memory, of dying—and, most profoundly, of life. 6 x 9, 80 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-164-8 • $17.95

LOW WATER SLACK The everyday life of a Fraser River fisherman is the basis of this first book of poems by Tim Bowling.

Living Things named “best of 2008” by the winnipeg free press

Living Things honestly introduces the contradictions of the modern world. Matt Rader’s poetry brings subtle slowness to a chaotic, fast-paced environment. It is both celebration and documentation of this world and its relationship to all living things. 5¼ x 7½, 80 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-223-2 • $16.95

6 x 9, 80 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-161-7 • $16.95

DOWNRIVER DRIFT In the middle of a March night, an ominous and unsettling fog rolls in to smother a small fishing town, setting in motion a dramatic series of events that will forever alter the town and the people who live there. 6 x 9, 256 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-220-1 • $21.95


Matt Rader forms a meticulously crafted reflection of how the events, experiences and environment of our early lives shape our sense of faith, our strongest convictions, and the map of the world we carry with us. 5¼ x 7½, 80 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-201-0 • $16.95

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N I G H T W O O D E D I T I O N S B A CKLIST • Fiction & poetry adam getty Repose Technically flawless, philosophically refreshing and naturally phrased, Repose is an exploration of the definition of cultural freedom; it is a pointed look at an obsession with production and a comparison of the natural and urban environments that shape our lives. By meticulously studying the poetic techniques of the past, Adam Getty has put new wine into old wineskins: he has found a voice that is erudite, disciplined and, ultimately, free.


Canada’s New Poets Edited by Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane

Nine years ago the first volume of Breathing Fire introduced 31 of Canada’s finest new poets. Today a new and exciting generation of poets has come of age. 6 x 9, 200 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-195-2 • $24.00

5½ x 8, 88 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-219-5 • $16.95

The Uninvited Guest

Reconciliation winner of the 2004 gerald lampert award • shortlisted for the 2004 trillium award

A Junction Book

“. . . a confident, morally forceful lament for those lives and landscapes subsumed by the Moloch of heavy industry . . .” —Ken Babstock, Globe & Mail 5½ x 8 • 88 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-187-7 • $14.95

John Degen shortlisted for the in canada first novel award

A literary novel that takes historical liberties with Canada’s national obsession: hockey. A whirlwind ride featuring Romanian hockey superstars growing up in Montreal, Danish prostitutes working in Sweden, Russian mobsters, the perils of parking in Penitanguishene, and how not to die if you want to make it home on time. 5½ x 8½, 224 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-216-4 • $20.95

Six Ways to Sunday Christian McPherson

Taking the Stairs

shortlisted–2009 relit ring for short fiction

John Stiles

Jarod Palmer is a 32-year-old Toronto writer waiting for his big break—though a small one will do. Sorting through life in the city, writing, rejection letters from publishers, jobs, and a rocky relationship, Taking the Stairs is fast-moving, risky and infectiously fun. This is the story of Jarod Palmer’s self-discovery—a coming-of-age for the soon-tobe-evicted. 5½ x 8½, 216 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-221-8 • $21.95

Six Ways to Sunday is a lively first collection of stories that guides readers through shady pool halls, suburban skateboarder showdowns, greasy restaurant kitchens and dangerous drug dens. McPherson infuses his gritty settings with a hyperkinetic imagination, sympathetic characters and a fantastically animated writing style that makes his stories impossible to put down or forget. 5½ x 8½, 182 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-227-0 • $19.95

CHRIS BANKS Bonk on the Head John-James Ford winner of THE 2006 OTTAWA BOOK AWARD

A fictional account of a young man’s strange and gruelling journey through military indoctrination. A spirited coming-of-age novel that is at once both gripping and hilarious. 5½ x 8, 280 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-204-1 • $20.95

The Cold Panes of Surfaces The Cold Panes of Surfaces describes a landscape of trains, lakes, moose and pine with unflinchingly sharp image and metaphor. Most of all, these poems eloquently describe childhood, loss in all its forms, the vagaries of relationships, and being “a sullen young man / caught in the world’s fist.” A remarkable collection, and a fitting follow-up to Banks’ award-winning first book Bonfires. A Junction Book • 5½ x 8, 80 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-222-5 • $16.95

Stole This from a Hockey Card

A Philosophy of Hockey, Doug Harvey, Identity and Booze Chris Robinson SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2006 ottawa book award

Probes for answers to how one of the game’s greatest defencemen, Doug Harvey, could also lead one of its most tragic and mysterious personal lives. 5½ x 8½, 160 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-207-2 • $17.95


BONFIRES winner of the 2004 CAA award for poetry • shortlisted for the 2004 gerald lampert award

“Rarely has a first book been so impressive. These poems are so good you won’t put the book down once you start.” —Robert Hilles A Junction Book • 5½ x 8, 96 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-196-9 • $14.95 

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N I G H T W O O D EDITIONS BACKLIST • Fiction & poetry

radiant danse uv being


A Poetic Portrait of bill bissett Edited by Jeff Pew and Stephen Roxborough

Joe Denham

Flux is everything a significant debut should be—the arrival of a fresh, confident voice with an extraordinary range of form, direction and style.

Throughout his life, bissett has attracted a host of admirers. More than 80 of Canada’s most renowned poets salute a national treasure in this eclectic, energetic poetry anthology.

5¼ x 7½, 96 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-194-5 • $15.95

a blewointment book • 8½ x 9½, 176 pp, pb • b&w illustrations • 978-0-88971-210-2 • $23.95

NEW! Windstorm, page 33.

thE WORDS WANTING OUT Poems Selected and New Barry Dempster

The first selection from one of Canada’s most respected poets collects the best poems of Dempster’s varied and dynamic output, including those from his 2003 collection Living Well.


Nature poetry for the twenty-first century, False Maps for Other Creatures is the perfect book for those of us with no interest in the obvious. a blewointment book • 5¼ x 8¾, 112 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-203-4 • $16.95

5¾ x 8½, 168 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-192-1 • $18.95

Anthropy Ray Hsu winner of the 2005 Gerald Lampert Memorial Award • Shortlisted for the 2005 Trillium Book Award for Poetry

Hsu’s first book-length collection of poems is a work of extraordinary range and precision. A Junction book • 5½ x 8, 88 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-197-6 • $15.00

NEW! Cold Sleep Permanent Afternoon, page 32

The Clichéist Amanda Lamarche

Breathing Fire 2 contributor Amanda Lamarche’s refreshing poems have the amazing ability to make readers shift from out-loud laughter to ­profound insight in a gasp of breath. A Junction book • 5½ x 8, 88 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-208-9 • $15.95

NEW! Other Poems, page 32

hitch Matthew Holmes

The debut collection from New Brunswick poet Matthew Holmes and an introduction to a world of idiosyncratic humour. With quiet wit, Holmes introduces us to a world of quirk: deer are hunted with alphabets, the Pope is a potato offered to a homeless woman, and a sailor comes to terms with tying the knot—one that can’t be untied. a blewointment book • 5¼ x 8¾, 80 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-214-0 • $16.95

Birch Split Bark Diane Guichon Winner of the 2007 City of Calgary W.O. Mitchell Book Prize

In her debut collection of poems, Guichon uses a quintessentially Canadian image—a birch bark canoe—to speak of those private waters that make us universally human. 5½ x 8½, 104 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-215-7 • $16.95

Intimate Distances Monks’ Fruit A.J. Levin Finalist for the 2005 Gerald Lampert Award

A Junction Book

In his debut poetry collection, A.J. Levin presents a world in which classical allusions and philosophical observation are married to slapstick humour and carnival. 5½ x 8 • 88 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-202-7 • $14.95 

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Fiona Tinwei Lam shortlisted FOR THE 2003 CITY OF VANCOUVER BOOK AWARD

A stunning first book of poetry from one of the ChineseCanadian community’s most insightful and grippingly honest young voices. 5¼ x 7½, 96 pp, pb, french flaps • 978-0-88971-188-4 • $15.95

Also by Fiona Tinwei Lam, Enter the Chrysanthemum, page 77.


N I G H T W O O D E D I T I O N S B A CKLIST • Fiction & poetry

Splitting Off


Triny Finlay

Sina Queyras

Finlay pushes poetic form and language, creating images of love and loss that are at once playful and profoundly disturbing. 5¼ x 7½ • 88 pp, pb, french flaps • 978-0-88971-198-3 • $15.95

NEW! Histories Haunt Us, page 33

A dynamic exploration of form in poems sharply aware of shifting boundaries, the seedy pastoral of childhood and the difficulty of maintaining community and family in our increasingly fragmented lives. 5¼ x 7½, 96 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-193-8 • $16.00

The Love Song of Laura Ingalls Wilder Sharon McCartney

The Good Life

winner of the 2008 acorn-plantos award for people’s poetry

Brad Cran

The poems subversively and imaginatively inhabit the voices of characters from Wilder’s famous “Little House” books—human and non-human, animate and inanimate—but launch them in new directions.

Cran’s poems expose the good life’s underbelly and its motives to oust spirituality and purity and replace them with “sharp steel” and vertigo.

5¾ x 7½, 104 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-233-1 • $16.95

Vancouver’s Poet Laureate 2009–2011

5¼ x 7½ • 80 pp, pb, french flaps • 978-0-88971-183-9 • $15.95



Billie Livingston

Kuldip Gill



This first collection of poetry by Kuldip Gill is rich with her experiences as an Indo-Canadian woman. 6 x 9, 108 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-170-9 • $13.95

New poems from the author of the critically acclaimed novel Going Down Swinging. 5¾ x 8½, 80 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-177-8 • $16.95

A Day Does Not Go By Sean Johnston

Blue Himalayan Poppies

winner of the 2003 re-lit award

Jay Ruzesky

An enthralling debut by a new author, these stories depict the confusion brought about by crumbling relationships and identities.

Jay Ruzesky collects seven years of his best poetry. 5¾ x 8½ • 96 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-176-1 • $16.95

5¼ x 8, 192 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-190-7 • $16.95

Write Across Canada

Where the Words Come From

Mapping the Country in 19 Chapters Commissioned by the Ottawa International Writers Festival • Illustrated by Drew Kennickell

Canadian Poets in Conversation Edited by Tim Bowling

19 of Canada’s most acclaimed storytellers contribute narrative pieces that comprise a humorously accurate national reflection.

In each interview a younger poet questions an older, more established poet. 6 x 9 • 256 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-184-6 • $22.95

5 x 7, 112 pp, pb • b&w illustrations • 978-0-88971-199-0 • $13.00


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N I G H T W O O D E D I T I O N S B A CKLIST • Children’s books Legends of the SECHELT PEOPLE PUCCINI AND THE PROWLERS Adele Wiseman, illustrated by Kim La Fave

Just what is a prowler anyway? Puccini decides to keep barking until he ­figures it out! 9 x 9, 32 pp, hc • 978-0-88971-154-9 • $15.95

Teaching legends from the oral traditions of the Sechelt Nation. Simple enough to be understood by young children, yet compelling for adults; gently and beautifully presented. HOW THE ROBIN GOT ITS RED BREAST The Sechelt Nation, illustrated by Charlie Craigan 7 x 8½, 40 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-158-7 • $7.95

MAYUK THE GRIZZLY BEAR The Sechelt Nation, illustrated by Charlie Craigan 7 x 8½, 40 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-156-3 • $7.95

CYRIL THE SEAGULL Patricia Lines, illustrated by Kim La Fave

Cyril the Seagull has a problem: he gets seasick. 9 x 9, 32 pp, hc • colour illustrations • 978-0-88971048-1 • $15.95



A Legend of the Thunderbird The Sechelt Nation, illustrated by Jamie Jeffries 7 x 8½, 32 pp, pb• 32 b&w illustrations • 978-0-88971180-8 • $7.95


Howard White, illustrated by Bus Griffiths

Patrick loves playing with all those knobs and levers on the big old backhoe. What happens is a surprise to everyone in town!

Donna Joe, illustrated by Charlie Craigan WINNER OF A BC 2000 BOOK AWARD

7 x 8½, 24 pp, pb• 24 b&w illustrations • 978-0-88971166-2 • $7.95

8 x 10, 24 pp, hc • colour illustrations • 978-0-88971-052-8 • $15.95

Take a RIDE! The Airplane Ride Howard White, illustrated by Greta Guzek

Greta Guzek, illustrator of The Ferryboat Ride, takes her colourful paintings to the air. A boy gets on a plane for the first time, and we journey along with him. From the sculptures of the Vancouver Airport to the expanse of the Rockies, the Prairies and the Great Lakes, The Airplane Ride captures the grandeur of the Canadian landscape.

THE FERRYBOAT RIDE COLOURING BOOK Robert Perry, illustrated by Greta Guzek

Now children can colour Greta Guzek’s fabulous coastal landscapes as well as enjoy Robert Perry’s poems. 8½ x 11, 32 pp, pb • 978-0-88971-159-4 • $7.95

9¼ x 9¼, 28 pp, hc • 978-0-88971-224-9 • $16.95

THE FERRYBOAT RIDE Robert Perry, illustrated by Greta Guzek

This “ferry tale” takes kids ages 2–5 through an enchanting world of islands, lighthouses, seagulls, whales and tugboats.

FERRYBOAT RIDE CARDS All Aboard!, The Ferryboat Ride, The Whales, Who’s Moving? $3.50 each, set of 12 Ferryboat Ride cards (3 of each design) $39.95

9 x 9, 32 pp, hc • colour illustrations • 978-088971-155-6 • $16.95

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CA I T L I N PR E S S B A C K L I ST • Non-fiction CAITIN PRESS NON-FICTION Fly Fishing BC’s Interior

A Fly Fisher’s Guide to the Central Interior and North Cariboo Waters Brian Smith

From the Chilcotin to the Chilkoot

The definitive fly fisher’s guide to BC’s Central Interior. Brian Smith shares his award-winning fly tying patterns, favourite fly techniques and extensive knowledge of the fishing lore of the Central Interior and North Cariboo waters. A must-have, guide for both novice and advanced fly fishers who want to explore in BC’s Interior Plateau.

Selected Hikes of Northern British Columbia Vivien Lougheed

These northern hikes range from laid-back, one-hour meanders to challenging, multiple-day trips. 978-1-894759-02-1 • 6 x 9, 192 pp, pb • 36 b&w photographs, index • $24.95 See the author index for other books by Vivien Lougheed.

978-1-894759-35-9 • 6 x 9, 208 pp, pb • colour photos • $24.95

Jacob’s Prayer Lorne Dufour

In 1972, Chief Andy Chelsea and his wife Phyllis took it upon themselves to lead their community of Alkali Lake, BC, on a long and painful road to sobriety. It begins on a tragic Halloween evening in 1975 when two men lose their lives and another is saved by a friend who chooses not to be destroyed by his own tragedy and devastating loss. Jacob’s Prayer is the haunting and poetic story of a community’s suffering, loss and eventual healing. 978-1-894759-33-5 • 6 x 9, 160 pp, pb • b&w photos • $18.95

Surveying northern british columbia A Photojournal of Frank Swannell Jay Sherwood

Swannell, one of British Columbia’s most famous pioneer surveyors, surveyed much of northern BC, taking many striking photographs of the area and its people. 11 x 11, 224 pp, pb • 100+ b&w photos • 9781-894759-05-2 • $29.95

Seeking Balance

Conversations with BC Women in Politics Anne Edwards

Anne Edwards shares her conversations with more than eighty BC women politicians, including Rita Johnston, Rosemary Brown, Grace McCarthy, Kim Campbell, Pat Carney, Darlene Marzari, Joy MacPhail and Carole James. These women who served as members of the provincial legislature or the Canadian parliament reveal their ambitions and their reactions to serving in a political system designed and dominated by men.

BREAKING TRAIL Len Marchand and Matt Hughes

The first elected aboriginal Member of Parliament in all of Canada, Len Marchand was involved in some of the most exciting days of Canadian politics. Cloth: 6 x 9, 228 pp • 978-0-920576-80-9 • $28.95 Paper: 978-0-920576-82-3 • $18.95

978-1-894759-31-1 • 6 x 9, 288 pp, pb • b&w photos • $28.95

Flylines & Fishtales

The Story of Glimpse Lake Lodge John Grain

Bloody Practice

In 1981, John Grain’s passion for the outdoors led him to create a consortium that purchased Glimpse Lake Lodge, a neglected fishing camp near Merritt, BC. Each day was a new adventure marked by unexpected encounters with wildlife, intriguing people and even ghosts.

Beginning his medical practice in the wild frontier town of Williams Lake, the author reflects on his life in Canada, Alabama, Africa and Central America.

Doctoring in the Cariboo & Around the World Sterling Haynes

6 x 9, 144 pp, pb • 978-0-920576-97-7 • $18.95

978-1-894759-26-7 • 5½ x 8½, 160 pp, pb • b&w photos • $17.95

Disaster on Mount Slesse

The Story of Western Canada’s Worst Air Crash Betty O’Keefe and Ian Macdonald

Mount Slesse, a jagged peak near Chilliwack, BC, lived up to its evil reputation in 1956, when Air Canada Flight 810 slammed into it, killing all 62 aboard. Betty O’Keefe and Ian Macdonald have written a gripping account of western Canada’s worst aviation disaster, carefully examining its context, causes and aftermath.

Salish Elders Wim Tewinkel

A stunning book of portraits of the elders of the Salish Nation, complete with stories of the highlights of their lives. 11 x 11, 76 pp, pb • 978-0-920576-98-4 • $35.95

6 x 9, 176 pp, pb • b&w photos • 978-1-894759-21-2 • $21.95


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CAITLIN PRESS BACKLIST • Non-f iction JACK BOUDREAU NEW! Whitewater Devils, page 20 & Trappers and Trailblazers, page 36 Sternwheelers & Canyon Cats

Whitewater Freighting on the Upper Fraser Jack Boudreau

Forbidding canyons, raging rapids and menacing rocks—these were the daily challenges that faced whitewater men who worked the wild rivers and creeks to bring freight and supplies to northern BC. Sternwheelers and Canyon Cats is the story of the “Canyon Cats” who made their living running the Grand Canyon of BC’s Fraser River.


A story of practising law in rural BC, its people and their occasional falls from grace—the human side of Canada’s criminal justice system. 6 x 9, 256 pp, pb • 978-0-920576-75-5 • $18.95

6 x 9, 256 pp, pb • 40 photos and illustrations • 978-1894759-20-5 • $18.95

Wild & Free The story of one of Canada’s most legendary mountain men—the late Skook Davidson. “They were a different type of people than you ever find today . . .” 6 x 9, 240 pp, pb • 8-page colour insert, b&w photos • 978-1894759-04-5 • $24.95

Wilderness Dreams Jack’s fourth book documents the amazing adventures of the Bowden family in the rugged wilderness of British Columbia’s interior, largely based on 40 years of diaries. 6 x 9, 160 pp, pb • 978-1-894759-00-7 • $19.95


The mother of a schizophrenic tells the story of living with her son as he struggles with the horrors of this terrifying disease. 6 x 9, 256 pp, pb • 978-0-920576-77-9 • $16.95

Lily Chow Chasing Their Dreams Chow recreates the hardships early Chinese settlers faced: harsh land, no financial resources, racial prejudice and sometimes violence. 6 x 9, 160 pp, pb • photos, index • 978-0-920576-83-0 • $18.95

SOJOURNERS IN THE NORTH The impact of Chinese settlement on central and northern British Columbia. MOUNTAINS, CAMPFIRES & MEMORIES Concentrating on the post–Second World War years, Jack tells us of how men survived, flourished and perished in the northern bush of BC.

5¼ x 8¼, 258 pp, pb • maps, photos, index • 978-0-920576-62-5 • $16.95

6 x 9, 254 pp, pb • 978-0-920576-95-3 • $19.95

Wild Liard Waters Ferdi Wenger

GRIZZLY BEAR MOUNTAIN Hot on the heels of his bestseller, Crazy Man’s Creek, Grizzly Bear Mountain looks over Jack’s shoulder as he develops his fascination with the grizzly bear, as a hunter and as a photographer.

For anyone who has ever stepped into a canoe, the Liard represents the ultimate adventure—from wild waters like the Rapids of the Drowned to portaging through dense bush. 5½ x 8½, 192 pp, pb • photos, maps, index • 978-0-920576-72-4 • $15.95

6 x 9, 240 pp, pb • 978-0-920576-81-6 • $18.95

Pembina Country Crazy Man’s Creek Jack Boudreau tells of the characters who have “caught the fever” in the rugged McGregor Mountain Range, some of the toughest bush in BC and home to many who chose to lose themselves. 5½ x 8½, 192 pp, pb • photos, index, maps • 978-0-920576-71-7 • $15.95

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Paul Jones

A gentle but perceptive look at what it was like to be young living on a hardscrabble farm in the 1930s dust bowl. This finely crafted story recreates the delights and hardships of growing up. 5½ x 8, 240 pp, pb • photos, index • 978-0-920576-73-1 • $16.95


CA I T L I N P R E S S B A C K L I ST • Non-fiction & fiction CAITIN PRESS FICTION The Butcher of Penetang Betsy Trumpener nominated for the 2009 relit award for short fiction nominated for the 2009 danuta gleed award


Andrew Cruickshank’s exploits include bush piloting in the Yukon and stunt-flying in Hollywood, as well as piloting seaplanes out of Vancouver. 8 x 10, 160 pp, cl • 978-0-920576-39-7 • $24.95

The Butcher of Penetang carves up rare slices of savory stories that are both tough and delicious. A child missing in a bad part of town; moose hunters chasing snowflakes. The people in these edgy stories cut cocaine into comfort food, push sex into the snow and chase speeding ambulances in the dead of winter. Trumpener’s debut collection is aching, funny, powerful and sharp. 978-1-894759-30-4 • 5½ x 8, 152 pp, pb • $17.95

Clearcut Cause


Steve Anderson

The unforgettable journey of two women who embark on the ultimate adventure—to sneak into Tibet from northern Pakistan.

Set in the wild and wonderful Kootenay region of British Columbia, this novel probes the on-going battle between environmentalists and loggers over the forests both groups love—but for very different reasons.

6 x 9, 340 pp, pb • photos, index • 978-0-920576-61-8 • $16.95 See the author index for more books by Vivien Lougheed


6 x 9, 188 pp, pb • 978-1-894759-07-6 • $18.95

The Last Three Hundred Miles

Sue Ward

Sue Ward spent the World War II years travelling from coast to coast, entertaining the home troops and, as lieutenant, looking out for her “gals.” 5¼ x 8¼, 194 pp, pb • photos, index • 978-0-920576-60-1 • $14.95

G. Stewart Nash

From assassins to Bukwas, this novel is packed full of action, adventure, history and legend. 6 x 9 • 168 pp, pb • 978-0-920576-90-8 • $18.95

Better the devil you know Betty Keller

This novel, set in Vancouver in 1907, centres on the picaresque adventures of a small-time con man who passes himself off as an evangelical preacher.

EVEREST CANADA The Climb for Hope Peter Austen

Not even landslides and hostile border guards could keep the author and his team from Chomolungma, the Mother Goddess of the World.

Caitlin • 6 x 9, 160 pp, pb • 978-0-920576-88-5 • $18.95

6 x 9, 138 pp, pb • b&w photos • 978-0-920576-33-5 • $10.95

The Colour of Water


Luanne Armstrong

Cariboo Experiences Todd Lee & Eldon Lee

Life in one of BC’s most rugged areas. 6 x 9, 170 pp, pb • b&w photos • 978-0-920576-54-0 • $12.95


Facing the death of the family matriarch, four generations try to come to terms with the factors which shaped their complex relationships. 5½ x 8½, 176 pp, pb • 978-0-920576-70-0 • $16.95

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C A I T L I N P R E S S BACKLIST • Poetry & children’s books CAITIN PRESS poetry ken belford



a sequence of poetics

In Ken Belford’s fifth book of poetry he takes us on a journey through Canada’s roadless north where he looks out at industrialism and its impact on a region abundant in resources and natural beauty. ­ Lan(d)guage is an unsentimental and non-reactionary perspective, a deep investigation of the psychology of both the electronic revolution and postmodernism.

Finding Ft. George is the poetic record of Rob Budde’s growing love of Prince George and the Cariboo northcentral region of BC. The poems are an act of discovery and they describe the various social, political, historical and environmental systems that Budde encounters with the eye of a patient, astute observer. Sometimes gritty, sometimes ironic, the poems are all love poems to a new home—gifts of arrival. Caitlin • 5½ x 8, 128 pp, pb • 978-1-894759-27-4 • $15.95

978-1-894759-29-8 • 5½ x 8, 84 pp, pb • $16.95

All Things Said & Done Marita Dachsel

PATHWAYS INTO THE MOUNTAINS The sharp social commentary of his poems establishes BC’s northern Interior as the battlefront in the conflict between development and preservation.

Marita Dachsel’s debut collection is a visceral exploration of the moments of life that stand out in the pages of a family album and the intervals of memory. She playfully and poignantly documents first crushes, first times, weddings and trips across town, across water, and across continents.

6 x 9, 94 pp, pb • 978-0-920576-84-7 • $14.95

5½ x 8, 80 pp, pb • 978-1-894759-22-9 • $15.95

Enter the Chrysanthemum

soft geography

Fiona Tinwei Lam

Enter the Chrysanthemum is a luminous collection that takes us on a keen-eyed journey from childhood to parenthood: from a child’s perspective of her parents, through to the transition to adulthood as a single parent, then finally to the witnessing of a parent’s decline and death. Lam’s new collection is fundamentally as much an exploration of profound loss as it is of love and an individual’s reconnection to humanity. Enter the Chrysanthemum is her second book of poetry. 978-1-894759-32-8 • 5½ x 8, 88 pp, pb • $16.95

Gillian Wigmore winner of the 2008 relit poetry award Shortlisted for the 2008 Dorothy Livesay Poetry BC Book Prize

“What a wonderful, fresh voice Gillian Wigmore brings to the page. These wise poems know the push and pull within family. . . Her voice resonates with authenticity, and whether she is writing about a near drowning or ice fishing, she is ultimately writing about the complications of love. These are poems you will not soon forget.” —Robert Hilles 5½ x 8, 80 pp, pb • 978-1-894759-23-6 • $15.95

(flood basement Jeremy Stewart

Jeremy Stewart’s first book, (flood basement, is a young poet’s search for and discovery of his place in the local landscape. The poet is haunted by the legacy of colonialism and propelled by the struggles of a community seeking its own identity. (flood basement is the raw, shocking and innocent journey of an emerging artist in a seemingly inflexible world. Stewart’s work pushes the boundaries of innovative and experimental poetry while weaving a visual narrative of the world in which he lives.

a Northern Woman Jacqueline Baldwin

In her second volume of poetry, acclaimed writer Jacqueline Baldwin examines life in the North as a poet, feminist and environmentalist. 6 x 9 • 150 pp, pb • 978-1-894759-01-4 • $16.95

978-1-894759-34-2 • 6 x 9, 88 pp, pb • $16.95

A Well-Mannered Storm The Glenn Gould Poems Kate Braid


A Well-Mannered Storm is an exploration of loose correspondence between one of Canada’s greatest musicians, Glenn Gould, and K, an admiring fan. Braid weaves an intimate dynamic as K struggles with the loss of her hearing in one ear, finding her greatest comfort in Gould’s music— particularly when he plays Bach.

Patience of Dearing Bay does for the Newfoundland outports what Anne of Green Gables did for Prince Edward Island—not only a poignant story of a young girl’s coming of age, but a fond portrayal of a vanished way of life.

Effie Fahey

5¼ x 8¼, 152 pp, pb • 978-0-920576-57-1 • $14.95

978-1-894759-28-1 • 6 x 8, 120 pp, pb • $16.95

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I Married the Klondike

Wood Spoken

Laura Beatrice Berton

In 1907, Laura Beatrice Berton, a 29-year-old kindergarten teacher, left her comfortable life in Toronto to teach in a rough Yukon mining town. She fell in love with the North— and with a northerner—and made Dawson City her home for the next 25 years. I Married the Klondike is her classic and enduring memoir. 5½ x 8½, 232 pp, pb • 978-1-55017-333-8 • $18.95


New and Selected Poems Erling Friis-Baastad

Challenged to find “the right words for this place that has become home,” the Yukon’s pre-eminent poet spent three decades crafting the taut, spare and haunting poetry in this collection. 5 x 8½, 102 pp, pb • 978-1-896758-10-7 • $14.95


Colour of the Land Richard Hartmier

A spectacular collection of rare and familiar photographs, including caribou in the high Arctic, leaning buildings in Dawson City and the frozen sweep of remote glaciers. A bestseller with over 20,000 copies sold.

Urban Coyote

A Yukon Anthology Edited by Michele Genest and Dianne Homan 5 x 7, 114 pp, pb • 978-1-896758-07-7 • $14.95

12 x 10, 124 pp, pb • 100+ colour photos • 9781-55017-331-4 • $18.95

Chilkoot Trail

Heritage Route to the Klondike David Neufeld and Frank Norris

The 1898 Yukon Goldrush was a time when thousands braved their way over mountain passes into a wild and frozen land. No aspect of this harrowing journey was more difficult—or deadly—than the trek over the 53-kilometre Chilkoot Trail. This is what life on the trail was like. 8½ x 11, 182 pp, pb • b&w photos • 978-1-55017-335-2 • $24.95

Urban Coyote

New Territory Edited by Michele Genest, Dianne Homan & Jenny Charchun 5 x 7, 164 pp, pb • 978-1-896758-09-1 • $17.95

Contemporary northern writers explore the unique place known as the North, musing on the boundary between bush and asphalt, trapline and supermarket.

Eyes of the Husky

Skookum’s Penetrating Insights Into the Hearts & Minds of Northerners Doug Urquhart

Law of the Yukon

A Pictorial History of the Mounted Police in the Yukon Helene Dobrowolsky

This collection of five years worth of Arctic wisdom in the “PAWS” comic strip also includes background to the incidents behind the strips.

The fascinating history of the RCMP in the Yukon is finally told with a thoroughly entertaining and informative array of text and photographs. 9 x 12, 192 pp, pb • colour and b&w photos, illustrations, maps, index, bibliography • 978-0-9694612-8-9 • $14.95

Wild Rivers, Wild Lands

Alsek’s ABC Adventure

Ken Madsen

Through heart-stopping stories and dramatic colour photos, adventurer Ken Madsen takes us along magnificent wild rivers in the Yukon, British Columbia and Alaska. 8½ x 11, 112 pp, pb • colour photos • 978-1-896758-01-5 • $9.95


11 x 8½, 134 pp, pb • b&w illustrations • 978-1896758-05-3 • $14.95

Chris Caldwell

Yukon artist Chris Caldwell blends real-life experience with her zany sense of humour to create an entertaining narrative of northern life for children. An ABC book with a northern twist. 6 x 9, 32 pp, pb • colour illustrations • 978-1-896758-00-8 • $7.95

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INDE X BY AUTHOR This index lists only titles described in the preceding pages. For a complete list of all books available from Harbour Publishing, please see the Index by Title / Order Form on page 82. Look for complete book information, including book description, colour cover and up-to-date price & availability on our website, Aho, Aaro E., Dr., Hills of Silver, 47 Anderson, Steve, Clearcut Cause, 76 Armitage, Doreen, Around the Sound, 41, Burrard Inlet, 41, From the Wheelhouse, 42, Tales from the Galley, 40 Armstrong, Luanne, The Colour of Water, 76 Aspinall, Craig, The Story of Island Copper, 48 Atwood Margaret, Three Rivers, 55 Austen, Peter, Everest Canada, 76 Bachinsky, Elizabeth, God of Missed Connections, 68, Home of Sudden Service, 68 Backlund, Gary, Easykayaker, 54, Easykayaking Basics, 54, Kayaking Vancouver Island, 54 Baldwin, Jacqueline, A Northern Woman, 77 Baldwin, John, Mountains of the Coast, 55 Banks, Chris, Bonfires, 70, The Cold Panes of Surfaces, 70 Barber, James, Cooking for Two, 57, The Genius of James Barber, 57, One-Pot Wonders, 57 Barber-Starkey, Joe, Jason’s New Dugout Canoe, 66, Jason and the Sea Otter, 66 Barman, Jean, British Columbia, 37, The Remarkable Adventures of Portuguese Joe Silvey, 39, Stanley Park’s Secret, 39 Bartosik, John, Whistler & Blackcomb Country, 47 Beard, Graham, West Coast Fossils, 56 Beardsley, Doug, The Man Who Outlived Himself, 60 Belford, Ken, Ecologue, 64, land(g)uage, 77, Pathways into the Mountains, 77 Berton, Laura Beatrice, I Married the Klondike, 78 Billington, Keith, Cold Land, Warm Hearts, 14, House Calls by Dogsled, 40 Binks, Andrew, The Summer Between, 68 Birchwater, Sage (ed.), Double or Nothing, 21, Gumption & Grit, 36 Birney, Earle, One Muddy Hand, 60 Black, Arthur, Black & White and Read All Over, 38, Black Gold, 38, Black is the New Green, 30, Black to the Grindstone, 38, A Chip Off the Old Black, 6, Flash Black, 38, Pitch Black, 38, Planet Salt Spring (audio CD), 64 Blacklaws, Rick, The Fraser River, 50, Ranchland, 48 Bostwick, Mark, Four-Wheeling in the BC Interior, 56 Boudreau, Jack, Crazy Man’s Creek, 75, Grizzly Bear Mountain, 75, Mountains, Campfires & Memories, 75, Sternwheelers & Canyon Cats, 75, Trappers & Trailblazers, 36, Whitewater Devils, 20, Wild & Free, 75, Wilderness Dreams, 75 Bowling, Tim, The Book Collector, 69, Darkness and Silence, 69, Downriver Drift, 69, Dying Scarlet, 69, The Lost Coast, 69, Low Water Slack, 69, Where the Words Come From (ed.), 72, The Witness Ghost, 69 Braid, Kate, Inward to the Bones, 35, A Well-Mannered Storm, 77 Brødsgaard, Shel, Goals and Dreams, 51, Soccer— Guarding the Goal, 51 Brown, Dennis, Salmon Wars, 47 Brown, Sharon, Some Become Flowers, 51 Budde, Rob, Finding Ft. George, 77

Burrows, Bob, Healing in the Wilderness, 49, Hope Lives Here, 13 Caldwell, Chris, Alsek’s ABC Adventure, 78 Cameron, Anne, Aftermath, 62, The Annie Poems, 63, Bright’s Crossing, 63, Dahlia Cassidy, 62, Daughters of Copper Woman, 62, Deejay & Betty, 63, Dreamspeaker, 62, Escape to Beulah, 63, Family Resemblances, 62, The Gumboot Geese, 67, Hardscratch Row, 62, How Raven Freed the Moon, 66, How the Loon Lost Her Voice, 66, Kick the Can, 63, Lazy Boy, 66, Orca’s Song, 66, Raven & Snipe, 66, Raven Goes Berrypicking, 66, Raven Returns the Water, 66, Sarah’s Children, 62, Selkie, 62, South of an Unnamed Creek, 63, Spider Woman, 66, T’aal, 66, Tales of the Cairds, 63, Those Lancasters, 62, A Whole Brass Band, 63, The Whole Fam Damily, 63, Women, Kids & Huckleberry Wine, 63 Campbell River Museum Society, The Raincoast Kitchen, 57 Campbell, Wayne, Birds of the Raincoast, 54 Carder, Al, Dr., Giant Trees of Western America and the World, 44 Carey, Betty Lowman, Bijaboji, 43 Carson, Bryan, Sunshine & Salt Air (ed.), 55 Charchun, Jenny, Urban Coyote: New Territory (ed.), 78 Cherrington, John A., The Fraser Valley, 50 Chow, Lily, Chasing Their Dreams, 75, Sojourners in the North, 75 Choyce, Lesley, Roid Rage, 65 Christensen, Darcy, Double or Nothing, 21 Clark, Brenda (ed.), Victoria Underfoot, 38 Clark, Lewis, Wild Flowers of Field and Slope, 54, Wild Flowers of Forest and Woodland, 54, Wild Flowers of the Mountains, 54, Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest, 54, Wild Flowers of the Sea Coast, 54 Coffey, Maria, Fragile Edge, 51 Coleman, Jim, The Best of Jim Coleman, 42 Cosgrove, James A., Super Suckers, 53 Cran, Brad, The Good Life, 72 Cresswell, Graeme, Whales & Dolphins of the North American Pacific, 53 Crozier, Lorna, Breathing Fire 2 (ed.), 70 Cunningham, Rosemary, Bravo!, 31 Czajkowski, Chris, Diary of a Wilderness Dweller, 39, A Mountain Year, 39, Snowshoes and Spotted Dick, 39, A Wilderness Dweller’s Cookbook, 12, Wildfire in the Wilderness, 39 Dachsel, Marita, All Things Said & Done, 77 Dalzell, Kathleen E., The Queen Charlotte Islands: Vol. 1, 1774–1966, 50; Vol. 2, Places and Names, 50; Vol. 3, The Beloved Island, 50 Dawe, Helen, Helen Dawe’s Sechelt, 48 De Maddalena, Alessandro, Sharks of the Pacific Northwest, 53 Degen, John, The Uninvited Guest, 70 Delainey, Gary, Betty, 65 Dempster, Barry, The Words Wanting Out, 71 Denham, Joe, Flux, 71, Windstorm, 33

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Dickson, Greg, The BC Almanac Book of Greatest British Columbians, 44, The Trail of 1858, 40 Dickson, Laurie, The Stanley Park Companion, 56 Dobrowolsky, Helene, Law of the Yukon, 78 Dorst, Adrian, Reflections at Sandhill Creek, 37 Douglas, Ian, Campbell River, 4 Douglas, Robb, Skookum Tugs, 42 Drope, Dorothy & Bodhi, Paddling the Sunshine Coast, 54 Druehl, Louis, Pacific Seaweeds, 52 Drushka, Ken, H.R., 50, In the Bight, 50, Three Men and a Forester, 50, Tie Hackers to Timber Harvesters, 50 Dufour, Lorne, Jacob’s Prayer, 74 Dunigan, Matt, Goin’ Deep, 40 Eaton, Diane & Allison, Exploring the BC Coast by Car (Rev. 2nd Ed.), 55 Edgell, Phil, Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest, 26, Field Identification of Coastal Juvenile Salmonids, 52 Edwards, Anne, Seeking Balance, 74 Elliott, Marie, Fort St. James and New Caledonia, 37 Evans, Carol, The Shores We Call Home, 26 Evans, Harvey, From Fox Months to Jet Rangers, 31 Fahey, Effie, Patience of Dearing Bay, 77 Finlay, Triny, Histories Haunt Us, 33, Splitting Off, 72 Folkens, Pieter, Marine Mammals of the Pacific Northwest, 52 Ford, John-James, Bonk on the Head, 70 Forsberg, Tor, North of Iskut, 35 Forsythe, Mark, The BC Almanac Book of Greatest British Columbians, 44, The Trail of 1858, 40 Francis, Daniel, The Encyclopedia of British Columbia (ed.), 48, Far West, 16, 40, Operation Orca, 53 Frazer, Neil, Boat Camping Haida Gwaii, 29 French, Diana, Ranchland, 48, The Road Runs West, 48 Friesen, Patrick, The Breath You Take from the Lord, 60, Earth’s Crude Gravities, 60 Friis-Baastad, Erling, Wood Spoken, 78 Fry, Alan, How a People Die, 64, The Revenge of Annie Charlie, 64 Fukawa, Masako, Spirit of the Nikkei Fleet, 37 Gates, Michael, History Hunting in the Yukon, 27 Genest, Michele, The Boreal Gourmet, 28, Urban Coyote: A Yukon Anthology (ed.), 78, Urban Coyote: New Territory (ed.), 78 Getty, Adam, Reconciliation, 70, Repose, 70 Gill, Kuldip, Dharma Rasa, 72, Valley Sutra, 36 Gough, Barry, Fortune’s a River, 38 Graham, Donald, Keepers of the Light, 47, Lights of the Inside Passage, 47 Grain, John, Flylines & Fishtales, 74 Granander, Hans, Bella Coola, 42 Grant, Paul, The Stanley Park Companion, 56 Greenfield, Tony, Waterfalls of British Columbia, 54 Grey, Paul, Easykayaker, 54, Easykayaking Basics, 54, Kayaking Vancouver Island, 54 Groot, C., Field Identification of Coastal Juvenile Salmonids, 52


IN D EX BY A U T H O R Guichon, Diane, Birch Split Bark, 71 Haig-Brown, Alan, The Fraser River, 50, Still Fishin’, 27 Haig-Brown, Roderick, Panther, 65, Saltwater Summer, 65, Starbuck Valley Winter, 65, The Whale People, 65 Hamilton, Kathleen, O Canada Crosswords, Books 1–7, 58 Hammond, Dick, Tales from Hidden Basin, 64, A Touch of Strange, 64 Hammond, Jo, Edge of the Sound, 22 Hanby, Bernard P., Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest, 52 Harbo, Rick M., A Field Guide to Seashells and Shellfish of the Pacific Northwest, 52, A Field Guide to Nudibranchs of the Pacific Northwest, 29, Pacific Reef & Shore, 52, Shells and Shellfish of the Pacific Northwest, 52, Whelks to Whales, 52 Harbord, Heather, Desolation Sound, 41 Hartman, G.F., Field Identification of Coastal Juvenile Salmonids, 52 Hartmier, Richard, Yukon: Colour of the Land, 78 Haynes, Sterling, Bloody Practice, 74, Wake-Up Call, 35 Henry, Tom, Dogless in Metchosin, 65, Dogless in Metchosin (audiotape), 64, Following the Boulder Train, 48, The Ideal Dog, 65, Paul Bunyan on the West Coast, 67, Small City in a Big Valley, 41, Westcoasters, 48 Herriot, Carolyn, The Zero-Mile Diet, 26 Hewlett, Gil, Operation Orca, 53 Hickling, Meg, Boys, Girls and Body Science, 66 Hoar, David, Cooks Afloat!, 57 Holmes, Matthew, Hitch, 71 Homan, Dianne, Urban Coyote: A Yukon Anthology (ed.), 78, Urban Coyote: New Territory (ed.), 78 Hsu, Ray, Anthropy, 71, Cold Sleep Permanent Afternoon, 32 Hudson, Phillipa, A Field Guide to Coastal Flowers of the Pacific Northwest, 28 Hudson, Rick, A Field Guide to Gold, Gemstone & Mineral Sites of British Columbia Vol. 1, 55, Vol. 2, 55 Hughes, Matt, Breaking Trail, 74 Hughes, Mike, The Northwest Dive Guide, 53 Hulsizer, Elsie, Glaciers, Bears and Totems, 11, Voyages to Windward, 44 Hume, Mark, Birds of the Raincoast, 54 Hume, Stephen, Raincoast Chronicles 20: Lilies and Fireweed, 45, Off the Map, 46, Simon Fraser, 39, A Stain Upon the Sea, 47, A Walk with the Rainy Sisters, 7 Hutchings, Kevin, Birds of the Raincoast, 54 Iglauer, Edith, Denison’s Ice Road, 49, Fishing with John, 49, Inuit Journey, 49, The Strangers Next Door, 49 James, Rick, The Comox Valley, 41 Jamieson, Eric, Tragedy at Second Narrows, 16, 38 Jensen,Vickie, Ships of Steel, 46 Jerome, Gillian, Red Nest, 33 Jerritt, Boomer, Campbell River, 4, The Comox Valley, 41 Joe, Donna, Salmon Boy, 73 Johnston, Sean, A Day Does Not Go By, 72 Johnstone, Jim, Patternicity, 32 Jones, Paul, Pembina Country, 75


Jones, Robert H., Island Fly Fisherman, 53, Island Halibut Fisherman, 53, Island Salmon Fisherman, 53 Kahn, Charles, Hiking the Gulf Islands, 55, Salt Spring, 42 Keahey, Debbie (ed.), Unfurled, 25 Keller, Betty, Better the Devil You Know, 76, Skookum Tugs, 42, A Stain Upon the Sea, 47, A Thoroughly Wicked Woman, 23 Keller, Keith, Dangerous Waters, 46, Wildfire Wars, 45 Kellerhals-Stewart, Heather, Skookum Sal, Birling Gal, 67 Kent, Gary, Fishing with Gubby, 1 Kilburn, Nicole (ed.), Victoria Underfoot, 38 Kirkland, Gordon, Justice Is Blind—and Her Dog Just Peed in My Cornflakes, 65 Knight, Rolf, Homer Stevens, 48 La Fave, Kim, Fishing with Gubby, 1 Lam, Fiona Tinwei, Enter the Chrysanthemum, 77, Intimate Distances, 71 Lamarche, Amanda, The Clichéist, 71 Lamb, Andy, Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest, 26, Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest, 52 Lane, Patrick, The Bare Plum of Winter Rain, 59, Breathing Fire 2 (ed.), 70, Go Leaving Strange, 59, Last Water Song, 59, Selected Poems: 1977–1997, 59, Too Spare, Too Fierce, 59, Witness, 10 Langer, Otto, A Stain Upon the Sea, 47 Lapp, Richard, Local Heroes, 51, The Memorial Cup, 51 Lawrence, Grant, Adventures in Solitude, 5 Lee, David, Chainsaws, 44, Four-Wheeling on Southern Vancouver Island, 56 Lee, Todd & Eldon, From California to North 52˚, 76 Leslie, Rosella M., A Stain Upon the Sea, 47 Levin, A.J., Monks’ Fruit, 71 Levy, Paul, River Queen, 42 Lines, Patricia, Cyril the Seagull, 73 Livingston, Billie, The Chick at the Back of the Church, 72 Locke, Sarah, Three Rivers, 55 Lougheed, Vivien, Forbidden Mountains, 76, From the Chilcotin to the Chilkoot, 74, Understanding Bolivia, 44 Love-Morrison, Janet, The Crazy Canucks, 39 Ludvigsen, Rolf, West Coast Fossils, 56 Lunny, June, Spirit of the Yukon, 76 M’Gonigle, Michael, Forestopia, 50 Macaulay, Alex, The Memorial Cup, 51 Macdonald, Ian, Disaster on Mount Slesse, 74 Mack, Clayton, Bella Coola Man, 49, Grizzlies & White Guys, 49 MacKenzie, John, Letters I Didn’t Write, 69 Mackin, Bob, Goals and Dreams, 51 Macleod, Dave, O Canada Crosswords Books 8–9, 58, O Canada Crosswords Book 10, 34, O Canada Crosswords Book 11, 17 Madsen, Ken, Wild Rivers, Wild Lands, 78 Mahood, Ian, Three Men and a Forester, 50 Mair, Rafe, Hard Talk, 40, Over the Mountains, 40, Rafe, 40, What the Bleep is Going On Here?, 40 Mansbridge, Francis, Launching History, 46 Marchand, Len, Breaking Trail, 74 Martin, Jeanne Marie, The All Natural Allergy Cookbook, 57, Hearty Vegetarian Soups & Stews, 57, Jeanne Marie Martin’s Light Cuisine, 57, Vegan Delights, 57 Mason, Patricia, Return of the Osprey, 67

Maximchuk, Yvonne, Full Moon, Flood Tide, 44 Mayse, Arthur, Handliner’s Island, 67 Mayse, Susan, Ginger, 49, Victoria, 3 McAllister, Ian & Karen, The Great Bear Rainforest, 55 McCardell, Mike, Back Alley Reporter, 37, The Blue Flames That Keep Us Warm, 37, Chasing the Story God, 37, Everything Works, 2, The Expanded Reilly Method, 28, Getting to the Bubble, 37 McCarthy, Maureen, Lonely in a Cool, Sweet Way, 64, Sneaking Through the Evening, 64 McCartney, Sharon, The Love Song of Laura Ingalls Wilder, 72 McDaniel, Neil, Super Suckers, 53 McEvoy, Jaimie, The Life and Destruction of St. Mary’s Hospital, 37 McLaren, T.A., Ships of Steel, 46 McPherson, Christian, The Cube People, 19, Six Ways to Sunday, 70 MillAr, Jay, False Maps for Other Creatures, 71, Other Poems, 32 Milne, Courtney, Three Rivers, 55 Mitchinson, Martin, The Darien Gap, 44 Montgomery, Georgina, The Cowichan, 30 Moray, Jeremy, Timmy and the Otters, 67, Timmy and the Whales, 67, Timmy the West Coast Tug, 67, Timmy Ties Up, 67 Morton, Alexandra, A Stain Upon the Sea, 47 Munce, Alayna, When I Was Young and in My Prime, 68 Murray, George, The Rush to Here, 69 Nash, G. Stewart, The Last Three Hundred Miles, 76 Nature Vancouver, Parks and Nature Places Around Vancouver, 54 Neufeld, David, Chilkoot Trail, 78 Newman, Murray, Dr., People, Fish and Whales, 53 Nicol, Eric, Anything for a Laugh, 65, When Nature Calls, 65 Norris, Frank, Chilkoot Trail, 78 Norris, Pat Wastell, High Boats, 45, Raincoast Chronicles 16, 45 North, Dick, Sailor on Snowshoes, 47 Nunuk, David, Natural Light, 44 O’Keefe, Betty, Disaster on Mount Slesse, 74 Olson, Barbara, O Canada Crosswords Books 8–9, 58, O Canada Crosswords Book 10, 34, O Canada Crosswords Book 11, 17 Onley, Toni, Flying Colours, 47 Ottawa International Writers’ Festival, Write Across Canada, 72 Palmer, Mary, ABCs of West Coast Gardening, 55, Jedediah Days, 46 Parfitt, Ben, Forest Follies, 50, Forestopia, 50 Parkinson, Alison (ed.), Parks and Nature Places Around Vancouver, 54 Parsons, Tony, A Life in the News, 30 Pass, John, The Hour’s Acropolis, 64, Radical Innocence, 64 Paul, Philip Kevin, Little Hunger, 68 Taking the Names Down from the Hill, 68 Peepre, Juri, Three Rivers, 55 Perrault, Ernest, Tong, 47 Perry, Robert, Down at the Seaweed Cafe, 34, The Ferryboat Ride, 73, The Ferryboat Ride Colouring Book, 73, My Vancouver Sketchbook, 34

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INDE X BY AUTHOR Petersen, Christian, All Those Drawn to Me, 24 Pew, Jeff (ed.), radiant danse uv being, 71 Phillips, Diana, Beyond the Chilcotin, 15, 37 Phillips, Ray, Our Little Green Valley, 29 Piddington, Helen, The Inlet, 46 Rumble Seat, 9 Pielle, Sue, T’aal, 66 Pigott, Peter, Flying Canucks III, 51, National Treasure, 51 Polansky, Tarik, Sharks of the Pacific Northwest, 53 Pollard, W.R., Field Identification of Coastal Juvenile Salmonids, 52 Poole, Mike, Rain Before Morning, 60 Porter, Ruth, O Canada Puzzles for Kids, 1 & 2, 58 Potter, Greg, Backstage Vancouver, 42 Preti, Antonella, Sharks of the Pacific Northwest, 53 Proctor, Bill, Full Moon, Flood Tide, 44 Province, The, The Way We Were, 47 Purdy, Al, Beyond Remembering, 60, The Man Who Outlived Himself, 60, Reaching for the Beaufort Sea, 60, Rooms for Rent in the Outer Planets, 60, Starting from Ameliasburgh, 60, To Paris Never Again, 60, Yours, Al, 60 Pusser, Todd, Whales & Dolphins of the North American Pacific, 53 Puzzling Sports Institute, The Vancouver Canucks Quizbook, 17 Queyras, Sina, Teethmarks, 72 Rader, Matt, Living Things, 69, Miraculous Hours, 69 Rasmussen, Gerry, Betty, 65 Ray, Doris, The Ghosts Behind Him, 75 Razzell, Mary, Haida Quest, 65, Runaway at Sea, 65 Reid, D.C., Maximum Salmon, 53 Rempel, Al, Understories, 35 Rempel, Karen, Complete Beading for Beginners, 51 Richards, Dal, One More Time, 30 Roberts, Sarah, Wax Boats, 36 Robertson, Murdoch, A Touch of Murder Now and Then, 75 Robinson, Chris, Stole This from a Hockey Card, 70 Robinson, Red, Backstage Vancouver, 42 Robson, Peter A., Skookum Tugs, 42, Sunshine & Salt Air (ed.), 55 Rose, Alex, Spirit Dance at Meziadin, 48 Rosnau, Laisha, Lousy Explorers, 68, Notes on Leaving, 68 Ross, Jesse, O Canada Puzzles for Kids, (1 & 2), 58, Slapshot Hockey Quizbook, 34 Routley, Andrea (ed.), Walk Myself Home, 25 Rowe, Stephen, Never More There, 33 Roxborough, Stephen (ed.), radiant danse uv being, 71 Rubin, Carole, How to Get Your Lawn Off Grass, 56, How to Get Your Lawn & Garden Off Drugs, 56 Rudd, Noreen, Cooks Afloat!, 57 Russell, Nick (ed.), Victoria Underfoot, 38 Rusth, Glenn, British Columbia Crosswords, 58, Canadian Prairies Crosswords, 58, Ontario Crosswords, 58 Ruzesky, Jay, Blue Himalayan Poppies, 72 Saul, John Ralston, Three Rivers, 55 Scheideman, Charles, Policing the Fringe, 37 Scofield, Gregory, Kipocihkân, 68

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Vancouver Natural History Society, Wilderness on the Doorstep, 56 Vermeersch, Paul (ed.), The Al Purdy A-frame Anthology, 31 Vogler, Stephen, Only inWhistler, 31, Top of the Pass, 39 Wahl, Ryan, Legacy in Wood, 38 Walker, Dylan, Whales & Dolphins of the North American Pacific, 53 Ward, Robin, Robin Ward’s Heritage West Coast, 49 Ward, Sue, One Gal’s Army, 76 Watt, Alison, The Last Island, 45 Watt, Norm, Off the Beaten Path, 27 Wayman, Tom, The Colours of the Forest, 61, Did I Miss Anything?, 61, The Dominion of Love (ed.), 61, High Speed Through Shoaling Water, 61, My Father’s Cup, 61 Weeden, Marie & Richard (eds.), Edenbank, 46 Wells, Oliver N., Edenbank, 46 Wenger, Ferdi, Wild Liard Waters, 75 Whelan, Dianne, This Vanishing Land, 36 Whelan, Jack, Smoking Salmon and Trout, 57 White, Elwood, Wings Across the Water, 45 White, Howard, The Accidental Airline, 46, The Airplane Ride, 73, Patrick and the Backhoe, 73, Raincoast Chronicles 15 (ed.), 45, Raincoast Chronicles 17 (ed.), 45, Raincoast Chronicles 18 (ed.), 45, Raincoast Chronicles Eleven Up (ed.), 45, Raincoast Chronicles First Five (ed.), 45, Raincoast Chronicles Fourth Five (ed.), 45, Raincoast Chronicles Six/Ten (ed.), 45, Spilsbury’s Coast, 46, The Sunshine Coast, 41, Writing in the Rain (audiotape), 64 White, Patrick, Mountie in Mukluks, 47 White, Silas, Local Heroes, 51 Wigle, Mike, Bella Coola, 42 Wigmore, Gillian, Grayling, 19, Soft Geography, 77 Wild, Paula, The Comox Valley, 41, One River, Two Cultures, 42, Sointula, 42 Windh, Jacqueline, The Wild Edge, 43, The Wild Side Guide to the Pacific Rim, 29 Winger, Rob, The Chimney Stone, 18, Muybridge’s Horse, 69 Wiseman, Adele, Puccini and the Prowlers, 73 Wong, Rita, Forage, 68 Wooding, Frederick, H., Lake, River and Sea-Run Fishes of Canada, 52 Wuest, Donna, Coldstream, 46 Yeadon-Jones, Anne & Laurence, Dreamspeaker Cruising Guides, Vols. 1–6, 43, Voyage of the Dreamspeaker, 43 Yorath, Chris, The Geology of Southern Vancouver Island, 56, How Old Is That Mountain?, 56 Young, Cameron, The Great Bear Rainforest, 55 Yukon Conservation Society, Whitehorse & Area Hikes & Bikes, 55 Zieroth, David, Crows Do Not Have Retirement, 59, The Fly in Autumn, 59, How I Joined Humanity at Last, 59, The Village of Sliding Time, 59 Zytaruk, Tom, Like a Rock, 40


IN D EX BY T I T L E • O R D E R F ORM Prices do not include GST. Prices subject to change without notice. H denotes a new title. All prices equivalent in US dollars unless otherwise noted. Page numbers follow price. Books which do not have a page number indicated in this index can be found on our website, Look there for complete information about all books published and distributed by Harbour Publishing, including book description, colour cover and up-to-date price & availability.

___  A/Z Does It, Riddell (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-115-0 PB 8.95 ___  ABCs of West Coast Gardening, Palmer 978-1-55017-253-9 PB 24.95 ___  Above Tide, Robertson 978-0-920080-70-2 PB 12.95 ___  Accidental Airline, White 978-1-55017-097-9 PB 18.95 ___H  Adventures in Solitude, Lawrence 978-1-55017-514-1 PB 26.95 ___  Adventures of Grey-Dawn, Ghostwriter (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-93-9 PB 14.95 ___  Affaires of the Heart, Ford 978-0-920080-52-8 PB 5.95 ___  Aftermath, Cameron 978-1-55017-193-8 PB 21.95 ___  Air Canada Owls, Sorestad (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-070-2 PB 7.95 ___  Airplane Ride, White (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-224-9 16.95 ___  Al Purdy A-frame Anthology, The, Vermeersch (ed.) 978-1-55017-502-8 PB 26.95 ___  All Natural Allergy Cookbook, Martin 978-0-88971-224-3 PB 21.95 ___  All Things Said & Done, Dachsel (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-22-9 PB 15.95 ___H  All Those Drawn to Me, Petersen (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-50-2 PB 18.95 ___  Alsek’s ABC Adventure, Caldwell (Lost Moose) 978-1-896758-00-8 PB 7.95 ___  Ambitious City, Sommer 978-1-55017-411-3 CL 44.95 ___H  And to Think I Got In Free!, Taylor 978-1-55017-499-1 PB 22.95 ___  Annie Poems, Cameron 978-0-920080-91-7 PB 16.95 ___  Anthropy, Hsu (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-197-6 PB 15.00 ___  Anything for a Laugh, Nicol 978-1-55017-187-7 CL 28.95 ___  Apple Eaters, Langford 978-1-55017-100-6 PB 21.95 ___  Arms, Sonik (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-181-5 PB 17.95 ___  Around the Sound, Armitage 978-1-55017-235-5 PB 24.95 ___  As Though the Gods Love Us, Goh (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-171-6 PB 12.95 ___  Atlas, Montpellier 978-0-920080-10-8 CL 5.95 ___  Back Alley Reporter, McCardell 978-1-55017-480-9 PB 19.95 ___  Backstage Vancouver, Potter & Robinson 978-1-55017-334-5 CL 39.95



46 5


73 31 57 77 24 78 41 8 63 71 65


37 42

___  Bare Plum of Winter Rain, Lane 978-1-55017-226-3 PB 16.95 ___  Basmati Brown, Dulai (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-172-3 PB 16.95 ___  BC Almanac Book of Greatest British Columbians, Forsythe & Dickson 978-1-55017-368-0 CL 39.95 ___  Beachcomber’s Guide to Seashore Life in the Pacific Northwest (Rev. Ed.), Sept 978-1-55017-453-3 PB 26.95 ___  Beachcomber’s Guide to Seashore Life of California (Rev. Ed.), Sept 978-1-55017-496-0 PB 24.95 ___  Beating Around the Bush, Taylor & Fry 978-1-55017-015-3 CL 6.95 ___  Bella Coola, Granander & Wigle 978-1-55017-305-5 CL 32.95 ___  Bella Coola Man, Mack & Thommasen 978-1-55017-286-7 PB 24.95 ___  Bent Props & Blow Pots, Terpening 978-1-55017-381-9 PB 24.95 ___  Best of Jim Coleman, Coleman & Taylor (ed.) 978-1-55017-359-8 CL 34.95 ___  Better the Devil You Know, Keller (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-88-8 PB 18.95 ___  Betty, Delainey & Rasmussen (Bluefield) 978-1-894404-01-3 PB 14.95 ___  Beyond Remembering, Purdy 978-1-55017-225  6 CL 44.95 ___H  Beyond the Chilcotin, Phillips 978-1-55017-447-2 CL 34.95 978-1-55017-528-8 PB 19.95 ___  Bijaboji, Carey 978-1-55017-392-5 PB 24.95 ___  Birch Split Bark, Guichon (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-215-7 PB 16.95 ___  Birds of the Raincoast, Thommasen et al 978-1-55017-300-0 CL 44.95 ___  Black & White and Read All Over, Black 978-1-55017-336-9 CL 32.95 ___  Black Debt, McCaffery (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-060-3 PB 16.95 ___  Black Gold, Black 978-1-55017-373-4 PB 19.95 ___  Black is the New Green, Black 978-1-55017-494-6 CL 32.95 ___  Black to the Grindstone, Black 978-1-55017-442-7 PB 19.95 ___  Bloody Practice, Haynes (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-97-7 PB 18.95 ___  Blue Flames That Keep Us Warm, McCardell 978-1-55017-440-3 CL 32.95 978-1-55017-431-1 PB 24.95 ___  Blue Himalayan Poppies, Ruzesky (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-176-1 PB 16.95

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44 52 52

42 49 42 42 76 65 60 37 15 43 71 54 38

38 30 38 74 37 37 72

INDE X BY TITLE • ORDER FORM ___  Boat Camping Haida Gwaii (Rev. Ed.), Frazer 978-1-55017-487-8 PB 29.95 ___  Bonfires, Banks (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-196-9 PB 14.95 ___  Bonk on the Head, Ford (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-204-1 PB 20.95 ___  Boogie, Pete & the Senator, Miller (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-112-9 PB 24.95 ___  Book Collector, The, Bowling (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-235-5 PB 16.95 ___  Book of All Sorts, Johnson (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-063-4 PB 21.95 ___  Boreal Gourmet, The, Genest (Lost Moose) 978-1-55017-475-5 PB 26.95 ___  Boys, Girls and Body Science, Hickling 978-1-55017-236-2 HC 18.95 ___  Bravo!, Cunningham 978-1-55017-486-1 CL 34.95 ___  Breaking Trail, Marchand & Hughes (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-80-9 CL 28.95 978-0-920576-82-3 PB 18.95 ___  Breath You Take from the Lord, The, Friesen 978-1-55017-284-3 PB 16.95 ___  Breathing Fire 2, Crozier & Lane (eds) (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-195-2 PB 24.00 ___  Bright’s Crossing, Cameron 978-1-55017-022-1 PB 21.95 ___  British Columbia, Barman 978-1-55017-446-5 CL 24.95 ___  British Columbia Crosswords, Rusth 978-1-55017-243-0 PB 8.95 ___  Burrard Inlet, Armitage 978-1-55017-272-0 CL 32.95 ___  Butcher of Penetang, The, Trumpener (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-30-4 PB 17.95 ___H  Campbell River, Douglas 978-1-55017-501-1 CL 34.95 ___  Canadian Girl, Stewart (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-169-3 PB 16.95 ___  Canadian Prairies Crosswords, Rusth 978-1-55017-310-9 PB 8.95 ___  Centre, McKinnon (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-51-9 PB 12.95 ___  Ch’askin, Sechelt Nation (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-180-8 PB 7.95 ___  Chainsaws, Lee 978-1-55017-380-2 CL 49.95 ___  Changes, Neill (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-065-8 PB 49.95  44.95 US ___  Chasing the Story God, McCardell 978-1-55017-248-5 CL 32.95 ___  Chasing Their Dreams, Chow (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-83-0 PB 18.95 ___  Chick at the Back of the Church, Livingston (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-177-8 PB 16.95 ___  Chilkoot Trail, Neufeld & Norris 978-1-55017-335-2 PB 24.95 ___H  Chimney Stone, The, Winger (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-249-2 PB 17.95


___H  Chip Off the Old Black, A, Black 978-1-55017-510-3 CL 32.95 ___  Classic Vintage Crawlers & Dozers, Amato & Heimburger (Heimburger) 978-0-911581-54-6 CL 69.95 ___  Clean Sweep (The Mystery Project) (3 cassettes), Silver


___  Clearcut Cause, Anderson (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-07-6 PB ___  Clichéist, Lamarche (Nightwood)

29 70

28 66 31 74 74 60 70 63 37 58 41 76 4


73 44

37 75 72 78 18








978-0-88971-208-9 PB 15.95 71 ___  Coastal Companion, Upton 978-1-55017-324-6 PB 24.95 43 ___  Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest (Rev. Ed.), Lamb & Edgell 978-1-55017-471-7 PB 29.95 26 ___  Coastal Villages, Kennedy 978-1-55017-057-3 CL 42.95 ___H  Cold Land, Warm Hearts, Billington 978-1-55017-534-9 CL 29.95 14 ___  Cold Panes of Surfaces, Banks (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-222-5 PB 16.95 70 ___  Cold Sleep Permanent Afternoon, Hsu (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-244-7 PB 17.95 32 ___  Coldstream, Wuest 978-1-55017-343-7






















29.95  24.95 US


___  Colour of Water, Armstrong (Caitlin) ___  Colours of the Forest, Wayman

___  Comox Valley, Wild, James & Jerritt ___  Complete Beading for Beginners, Rempel ___  Cooking for Two, Barber 978-1-55017-416-8 PB ___  Cooks Afloat!, Hoar & Rudd 978-1-55017-260-7 PB ___  Cool Blues, Miller (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-119-8 PB ___  Cowichan, The, Montgomery 978-1-55017-490-8 CL ___  Crazy Canucks, The, Love-Morrison 978-1-55017-432-8 CL ___  Crazy Man’s Creek, Boudreau (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-71-7 PB ___  Crazy to Kill, Cardwell (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-066-5 PB ___  Creative Voice, Pearson (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-74-8 PB ___  Cross-Canada Crosswords, Sjogren 978-1-55017-322-2 PB ___  Cross-Canada Crosswords 2, Sjogren 978-1-55017-376-5 PB ___  Cross-Canada Crosswords 3, Sjogren 978-1-55017-405-2 PB ___  Cross-Canada Crosswords 4, Sjogren 978-1-55017-429-8 PB ___  Cross-Canada Crosswords 5, Sjogren 978-1-55017-472-4 PB

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21.95 34.95






21.95 18.95 8.95











IN D EX BY T I T L E • O R D E R F ORM ___  Cross-Canada Crosswords 6, Sjogren 978-1-55017-469-4 PB 9.95 ___  Crows Do Not Have Retirement, Zieroth 978-1-55017-250-8 PB 18.95 ___  Cruise Control, Howe (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-186-0 PB 15.95 ___H  Cube People, The, McPherson (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-251-5 PB 21.95 ___  Curtained Windows, Lighted Rooms, Sethi (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-86-1 PB 16.95 ___  Cyril the Seagull, Lines (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-048-1 HC 15.95 ___  Dahlia Cassidy, Cameron 978-1-55017-344-4 PB 24.95 ___  Dance of Moths, Goh (Select) 978-981-00-6866-0 PB 24.95 ___  Dangerous Waters, Keller 978-1-55017-288-1 PB 24.95 ___  Darien Gap, The, Mitchinson 978-1-55017-421-2 PB 26.95 ___  Darkness and Silence, Bowling (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-175-4 PB 16.95 ___  Daughters of Copper Woman, Cameron 978-1-55017-245-4 PB 19.95 ___  Day Does Not Go By, Johnston (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-190-7 PB 16.95 ___  Dead Man’s Ticket, Trower 978-1-55017-149-1 PB 21.95 ___  Deejay & Betty, Cameron 978-1-55017-112-9 PB 18.95 ___  Denison’s Ice Road, Iglauer 978-1-55017-041-2 PB 21.95 ___  Desolation Sound, Harbord 978-1-55017-407-6 PB 24.95 ___  Dharma Rasa, Gill (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-170-9 PB 13.95 ___  Diary of a Wilderness Dweller, Czajkowski 978-1-55017-357-4 PB 19.95 ___  Did I Miss Anything?, Wayman 978-1-55017-092-4 PB 15.95 ___  Disaster on Mount Slesse, O’Keefe & Macdonald (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-21-2 PB 21.95 ___  Dogless in Metchosin, Henry 978-1-55017-163-1 PB 18.95 ___  Dogless in Metchosin (cassette), Henry 978-1-55017-145-7 audio 14.95 ___  Dominion of Love, Wayman (ed.) 978-1-55017-238-6 PB 21.95 ___H  Double or Nothing, Christensen (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-47-2 PB 24.95 ___  Down at the Seaweed Cafe, Perry (Nightwood) 978-1-55192-473-1 CL 16.95 978-0-88971-246-1 PB 9.95 ___  Downriver Drift, Bowling 978-1-55017-220-1 PB 21.95 ___  Dreamspeaker, Cameron 978-1-55017-364-2 PB 9.95


27 59


73 62

46 44 69 62 72 61 63 49 41 72 39 61 74 65 64 61 21 34 34

69 62

___H  Dreamspeaker Cruising Guides, Vol. 1, Gulf Islands & Vancouver Island, (Rev. Ed.) Yeadon-Jones 978-1-55017-522-6 PB 49.95 14 ___H  Dreamspeaker Cruising Guides, Vol. 2, Desolation Sound & the Discovery Islands, (Rev. Ed.) Yeadon-Jones 978-1-55017-524-0 PB 49.95 14 ___  Dreamspeaker Cruising Guides, Vol. 3, Vancouver, Howe Sound & the Sunshine Coast Yeadon-Jones 978-1-55017-397-0 PB 49.95 43 ___  Dreamspeaker Cruising Guides, Vol. 4, The San Juan Islands, Yeadon-Jones 978-1-55192-807-4 PB 49.95 43 ___  Dreamspeaker Cruising Guides, Vol. 5, The Broughtons, Yeadon-Jones 978-1-55017-406-9 PB 49.95 43 ___  Dreamspeaker Cruising Guides,Vol. 6, The West Coast of Vancouver Island, Yeadon-Jones 978-1-55017-445-8 PB 49.95 43 ___  Dry Wells of India, Woodcock 978-1-55017-001-6 PB 18.95 ___  Drying the Bones, Sonik (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-240-9 PB 18.95 ___  Dying Scarlet, Bowling (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-164-8 PB 17.95 69 ___  Earth’s Crude Gravities, Friesen 978-1-55017-399-4 PB 16.95 60 ___  Easykayaker, Backlund & Grey 978-0-9687858-1-2 PB 24.95 54 ___  Easykayaking Basics, Backlund & Grey 978-1-55017-309-3 PB 16.95 54 ___  Ecologue, Belford 978-1-55017-349-9 PB 16.95 64 ___  Edenbank, Wells 978-1-55017-303-1 CL 36.95 46 ___H  Edge of the Sound, Hammond (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-49-6 PB 24.95 22 ___  Enchanted Isles, Spalding 978-1-55017-422-9 CL 34.95 40 ___  Encyclopedia of British Columbia, Francis (ed.) 978-1-55017-200-3 CL 99.95 48 ___  Encyclopedia of Raincoast Place Names, The, Scott 978-1-55017-484-7 CL 49.95 28 ___  Enter the Chrysanthemum, Lam (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-32-8 PB 16.95 77 ___  Escape to Beulah, Cameron 978-1-55017-029-0 PB 18.95 63 ___  Everest Canada, Austen (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-33-5 PB 10.95 55 ___H  Everything Works, McCardell 978-1-55017-512-7 CL 32.95 2 ___  Expanded Reilly Method, The, McCardell 978-1-55017-500-4 CL 34.95 28 ___  Exploring the BC Coast by Car, Eaton (Rev. 2nd Ed.) 978-1-55017-415-1 PB 24.95 51 ___  Eyes of the Husky, Urquhart (Lost Moose) 978-1-896758-05-3 PB 14.95 56 ___  Face of Jack Munro, Wayman 978-0-920080-59-7 PB 16.95 ___  False Maps for Other Creatures, MillAr (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-203-4 PB 16.95 63

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INDE X BY TITLE • ORDER FORM ___  Family Resemblances, Cameron 978-1-55017-301-7 PB 24.95 62 ___H  Far West, Francis 978-1-55017-410-6 CL 36.95 40 978-1-55017-532-5 PB 22.95 16 ___  Ferryboat Ride Cards (Nightwood) 73 ___  All Aboard! 3.50 ___  The Ferryboat Ride 3.50 ___  The Whales 3.50 ___  Who is Moving? 3.50 ___  Set of 12 (3 of each design) 39.95 ___  Ferryboat Ride Colouring Book, Perry (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-159-4 PB 7.95 73 ___  Ferryboat Ride, Perry (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-155-6 HC 16.95 73 ___  Field Guide to Coastal Flowers of the Pacific Northwest, Hudson 978-1-55017-473-1 pamphlet 7.95 28 ____  Field Guide to Gold, Gemstone & Mineral Sites of British Columbia, Vol. 1, Vancouver Island, Hudson 978-1-55017-455-7 PB 26.95 55 ___  Field Guide to Gold, Gemstone & Mineral Sites of British Columbia, Vol. 2, Sites Within a Day’s Drive of Vancouver, Hudson 978-1-55017-353-6 PB 26.95 55 ___  Field Guide to Nudibranchs of the Pacific Northwest, Harbo 978-1-55017-493-9 pamphlet 7.95 29 ___  Field Guide to Seashells and Shellfish of the Pacific Northwest, Harbo 978-1-55017-417-5 pamphlet 7.95 52 ___  Field Guide to the Identification of Pebbles, Van der Flier-Keller 978-1-55017-395-6 pamphlet 7.95 56 ___  Field Identification of Coastal Juvenile Salmonids, Pollard, et al 978-1-55017-167-9 PB 14.95 52 ___  Finding Ft. George, Budde (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-27-4 PB 15.99 77 ___H  Fishing with Gubby, La Fave & Kent 978-1-55017-497-7 PB 19.95 1 ___  Fishing with John, Iglauer 978-0-920080-93-1 CL 28.95 49 978-1-55017-048-1 PB 24.95 49 ___  Flash Black, Black 978-1-55017-330-7 PB 19.95 38 ___  Flash Harry and the Daughters of Divine Light, Roberts 978-0-920080-11-5 PB 8.95 ___  Floating Schools & Frozen Inkwells, Adams & Thomas 978-1-55017-047-4 PB 24.95 ___  (flood basement, Stewart (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-34-2 PB 16.95 77 ___  Flux, Denham (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-194-5 PB 15.95 71 ___  Fly Fishing BC’s Interior, Smith (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-35-9 PB 24.95 74 ___  Fly in Autumn, The, Zieroth 978-1-55017-468-7 PB 18.95 59 ___  Flying Canucks III, Pigott 978-1-55017-224-9 PB 24.95 51 ___  Flying Colours, Onley & Strong 978-1-55017-298-0 CL 36.95 47 ___  Flylines & Fishtales, Grain (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-26-7 PB 17.95 74 ___  Following the Boulder Train, Henry 978-1-55017-377-2 CL 34.95 48

___  Forage, Wong (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-213-3 PB 16.95 ___  Forbidden Mountains, Lougheed (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-61-8 PB 16.95 ___  Forest Follies, Parfitt 978-1-55017-192-1 PB 18.95 ___  Forestopia, M’Gonigle & Parfitt 978-1-55017-096-2 PB 26.95 ___  Forests, Power and Policy, Keller & Williston (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-68-7 CL 34.95 978-0-920576-69-4 PB 19.95 ___  Fort St. James and New Caledonia, Elliott 978-1-55017-478-6 PB 26.95 ___  Fortune’s a River, Gough 978-1-55017-459-5 PB 28.95 ___  Four Realities, Precosky (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-40-3 PB 11.95 ___  Four-Wheeling in the BC Interior, Bostwick 978-1-55017-156-3 PB 24.95 ___  Four-Wheeling on Southern Vancouver Island, Lee 978-1-55017-158-7 PB 24.95 ___  Fragile Edge, Coffey 978-1-55017-218-8 PB 21.95 ___  Fraser River, Haig-Brown & Blacklaws 978-1-55017-147-1 CL 39.95 ___  Fraser Valley, Cherrington 978-1-55017-068-9 CL 46.95 ___  Frogs in the Rainbarrel, Ito (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-168-0 PB 16.95 ___  From California to North 52°, Lee & Lee (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-54-0 PB 12.95 ___  From Fox Moths to Jet Rangers, Evans 978-1-55017-463-2 PB 26.95 ___  From the Chilcotin to the Chilkoot, Lougheed (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-02-1 PB 24.95 ___  From the Wheelhouse, Armitage 978-1-55017-293-5 CL 39.95 978-1-55017-383-3 PB 28.95 ___  Full Moon, Flood Tide, Proctor & Maximchuk 978-1-55017-291-1 PB 24.95 ___  Garments of the Known, Sacuta (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-178-5 PB 16.95 ___  Genius of James Barber, The, Barber 978-1-55017-449-6 PB 26.95 ___  Gentleman Air Ace, O’Kiely 978-1-55017-077-1 CL 32.95 ___  Geology of Southern Vancouver Island, Yorath 978-1-55017-362-8 PB 24.95 ___  Getting to the Bubble, McCardell 978-1-55017-443-4 CL 32.95 ___  Ghost in the Gears, White 978-1-55017-065-8 PB 16.95 ___  Ghosts Behind Him, Ray (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-77-9 PB 16.95 ___  Giant Trees of Western America and the World, Carder 978-1-55017-363-5 PB 26.95 ___  Ginger, Mayse 978-1-55017-018-4 CL 26.95 ___  Ginter, Wenzel (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-35-9 CL 24.95

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IN D EX BY T I T L E • O R D E R F ORM ___  Girl from Ermita, Goh (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-167-9 PB 15.95 ___  Girls in the Last Seat Waving, McCarthy 978-1-55017-000-9 PB 16.95 ___H  Glaciers, Bears & Totems, Hulsizer 978-1-55017-516-5 CL 44.95 ___  Go Leaving Strange, Lane 978-1-55017-328-4 PB 16.95 ___  Goals and Dreams, Brødsgaard & Mackin (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-205-8 PB 14.95 ___  God of Missed Connections, Bachinsky (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-226-3 PB 17.95 ___  God on His Haunches, Tucker (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-163-1 PB 16.95 ___  Goin’ Deep, Dunigan & Taylor 978-1-55017-448-9 CL 32.95 ___  Good Life, Cran (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-183-9 PB 15.95 ___  Goosequill Snags, Trower 978-0-920080-58-0 PB 12.95 ___  Grace, Lewis 978-1-55017-094-8 CL 39.95 ___H  Grayling, Wigmore (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-255-3 PB 18.95 ___  Great Bear Rainforest, McAllister & Young 978-1-55017-166-2 CL 39.95 ___  Great Canadian Anecdote Contest, Woodcock 978-1-55017-058-0 PB 21.95 ___  Great Canadian Literary Cookbook, 978-0-9698173-1-4 PB 9.99 ___  Green Water Blues, Skapski 978-0-920080-18-4 PB 16.95 ___  Grizzlies & White Guys, Mack & Thommasen 978-1-55017-140-2 PB 24.95 ___  Grizzly Bear Mountain, Boudreau (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-81-6 PB 18.95 ___  Gumboot Geese, Cameron 978-1-55017-063-4 PB 16.95 ___  Gumption & Grit, Birchwater (ed.) (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-37-3 PB 24.95 ___  H.R., Drushka 978-1-55017-129-7 CL 35.95 ___  Haida Quest, Razzell 978-1-55017-249-2 PB 10.95 ___  Handliner’s Island, Mayse 978-1-55017-025-2 PB 14.95 ___  Hard Man to Beat, White 978-0-88978-131-3 PB 21.95 ___  Hard Talk, Mair 978-1-55017-374-1 PB 24.95 ___  Hardscratch Row, Cameron 978-1-55017-290-4 PB 24.95 ___  Haunted Hills and Hanging Valleys, Trower 978-1-55017-311-6 PB 18.95 ___  Haywire, Caplette 978-1-55017-084-9 PB 21.95 ___  Hazardous Pursuit, Strachan (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-55-7 PB 12.95 ___  Head Full of Sun, Funk (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-185-3 PB 16.95


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___  Healing in the Wilderness, Burrows 978-1-55017-338-3 PB 26.95 ___  Hearty Vegetarian Soups and Stews, Martin 978-1-55017-050-4 PB 17.95 ___  Helen Dawe’s Sechelt, Dawe 978-1-55017-027-6 CL 31.95 ___  “Hello, Sweetheart? Gimmie Rewrite!,” Taylor 978-1-55017-437-3 CL 32.95 ___  High Boats, Norris 978-1-55017-289-8 CL 32.95 ___  High Seas, High Risk, Norris 978-1-55017-345-1 PB 24.95 ___  High Speed Through Shoaling Water, Wayman 978-1-55017-401-4 PB 17.95 ___  Hiking the Gulf Islands, Kahn 978-1-55017-315-4 PB 24.95 ___  Hills of Silver, Aho (Lost Moose) 978-1-55017-394-9 PB 26.95 ___  Histories Haunt Us, Finlay (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-247-8 PB 17.95 ___  History Hunting in the Yukon, Gates (Lost Moose) 978-1-55017-477-9 PB 18.95 ___  Hitch, Holmes (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-214-0 PB 16.95 ___  Home Fires, Rysstad 978-1-55017-159-4 PB 16.95 ___  Home of Sudden Service, Bachinsky (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-212-6 PB 15.00 ___  Homer Stevens, Knight & Stevens 978-1-55017-070-2 CL 14.95 ___H  Hope Lives Here, Burrows 978-1-55017-520-2 PB 24.95 ___  Hour’s Acropolis, Pass 978-1-55017-043-6 PB 16.95 ___  House Built of Rain, Thornton 978-1-55017-281-2 PB 16.95 ___  House Calls by Dogsled, Billington 978-1-55017-423-6 PB 19.95 ___  How a People Die, Fry 978-1-55017-106-8 PB 16.95 ___  How I Joined Humanity at Last, Zieroth 978-1-55017-182-2 PB 16.95 ___  How Old Is That Mountain?, Yorath 978-1-55017-390-1 PB 24.95 ___  How Raven Freed the Moon, Cameron 978-0-920080-67-2 PB 7.95 ___  How the Loon Lost Her Voice, Cameron 978-0-920080-55-9 PB 7.95 ___  How the Robin Got Its Red Breast, Sechelt Nation (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-158-7 PB 7.95 ___  How to Get Your Lawn & Garden Off Drugs, Rubin 978-1-55017-320-8 PB 17.95 ___  How to Get Your Lawn Off Grass, Rubin 978-1-55017-259-1 PB 18.95 ___  Hubert Evans, Twigg 978-0-920080-88-7 PB 17.95 ___  Human Shore, Thornton 978-1-55017-385-7 PB 16.95 ___  I Married the Klondike, Berton (Lost Moose) 978-1-55017-333-8 PB 18.95

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INDE X BY TITLE • ORDER FORM ___  Ice Cream Bucket Effect, Thompson (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-44-1 PB 10.95 ___  Ideal Dog, Henry 978-1-55017-150-1 CL 24.95 ___  Imagine the Sound, Smith (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-103-7 PB 9.95 ___  In a Small House on the Outskirts of Heaven, Wayman 978-1-55017-002-3 PB 24.95 ___  In the Bight, Drushka 978-1-55017-161-7 CL 32.95 ___  Inlet, The, Piddington 978-1-55017-237-9 CL 32.95 ___  Inside Fighter, Henry 978-1-55017-266-9 CL 32.95 ___  Inside Job, Wayman 978-0-920080-46-7 PB 16.95 ___  Intimate Distances, Lam (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-188-4 PB 15.95 ___  Inuit Journey, Iglauer 978-1-55017-223-2 PB 21.95 ___  Inward to the Bones, Braid (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-45-8 PB 16.95 ___  Island Fly Fisherman, Jones & Stefanyk (eds) 978-1-55017-400-7 PB 21.95 ___  Island Halibut Fisherman, Jones, Stefanyk 978-1-55017-414-4 PB 24.95 ___  Island Salmon Fisherman, Jones, Stefanyk 978-1-55017-425-0 PB 24.95 ___  Island Treasures 2, Thomas & Stewart 978-1-55017-023-8 PB 14.95 ___  Island in the Creek, Gourley 978-0-920080-94-8 PB 24.95 ___  Jacob’s Prayer, Dufour (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-33-5 PB 18.95 ___  Jason and the Sea Otter, Barber-Starkey 978-1-55017-162-4 PB 12.95 ___  Jason’s New Dugout Canoe, Barber-Starkey 978-1-55017-229-4 HC 18.95 ___  Jazz in Canada: 14 Lives, Miller (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-116-7 PB 24.95 ___  Jeanne Marie Martin’s Light Cuisine, Martin 978-1-55017-123-5 PB 18.95 ___  Jedediah Days, Palmer 978-1-55017-452-6 PB 24.95 ___  Judas Hills, Trower 978-1-55017-228-7 PB 21.95 ___  Justice is Blind—and Her Dog Just Peed in My Cornflakes, Kirkland 978-1-55017-198-3 PB 17.95 ___  Kayaking Vancouver Island, Backlund & Grey 978-1-55017-318-5 PB 24.95 ___  Keepers of the Light, Graham 978-0-920080-65-8 CL 26.95 978-1-55017-024-5 PB 24.95 ___  Kick the Can, Cameron 978-1-55017-039-9 PB 21.95 ___  Kikyo, Wakayama 978-1-55017-062-7 CL 14.95 ___  Kipocihkân, Scofield (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-228-7 PB 17.95


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___  Lake, River & Sea-Run Fishes of Canada, Wooding 978-1-55017-175-4 PB 24.95 ___  lan(d)guage, Belford (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-29-8 PB 15.95 ___  Last Island, The, Watt 978-1-55017-296-6 CL 34.95 ___  Last Three Hundred Miles, The, Nash (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-90-8 PB 18.95 ___  Last Water Song, Lane 978-1-55017-450-2 PB 16.95 ___  Launching History, Mansbridge 978-1-55017-280-5 CL 39.95 ___  Law of the Yukon, Dobrowolsky (Lost Moose) 978-0-9694612-8-9 PB 14.95 ___  Lazy Boy, Cameron 978-0-920080-63-4 PB 7.95 ___  Legacy in Wood, Wahl 978-1-55017-433-5 CL 32.95 ___  Letters I Didn’t Write, MacKenzie (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-237-9 PB 16.95 ___  Life and Destruction of St. Mary’s Hospital, McEvoy (St. Mary’s Health Foundation) 978-0-9811365-0-9 CL 29.95 ___  Life in the News, A, Parsons 978-1-55017-461-8 CL 32.95 ___  Lighthouse Cookbook, Stewart 978-1-55017-103-7 PB 21.95 ___  Lights of the Inside Passage, Graham 978-1-55017-060-3 PB 24.95 ___  Like a Rock, Zytaruk 978-1-55017-427-4 PB 26.95 ___  Little Hunger, Paul (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-220-1 PB 16.95 ___  Living Things, Rader (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-232-2 PB 16.95 ___  Local Heroes, Lapp & White 978-1-55017-080-1 PB 18.95 ___  Lonely in a Cool, Sweet Way, McCarthy 978-1-55017-115-0 PB 12.95 ___  Lost Coast, Bowling (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-211-9 CL 29.95 ___  Lousy Explorers, Rosnau (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-230-0 PB 17.95 ___  Love Song of Laura Ingalls Wilder, McCartney (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-233-1 PB 16.95 ___  Low Water Slack, Bowling (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-161-7 PB 16.95 ___  Malcolm Lowry: Vancouver Days, Salloum 978-0-920080-42-9 PB 21.95 ___  Man Who Outlived Himself, Beardsley & Purdy 978-1-55017-219-5 PB 16.95 ___  Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest, Lamb & Hanby 978-1-55017-361-1 CL 69.95 ___  Marine Mammals of the Pacific Northwest, Folkens 978-1-55017-254-6 Brochure 9.95  7.95 US ___  Maximum Salmon, Reid 978-1-55017-403-8 PB 26.95 ___  Mayuk the Grizzly Bear, Sechelt Nation (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-156-3 PB 7.95 ___  Memorial Cup, Lapp & Macaulay 978-1-55017-170-9 PB 18.95

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IN D EX BY T I T L E • O R D E R F ORM ___  Miraculous Hours, Rader (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-201-0 PB 16.95 ___  Mixed Messages, Lapadat (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-96-0 PB 15.95 ___  Monks’ Fruit, Levin (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-202-7 PB 14.95 ___  Mountain Year, A, Czajkowski 978-1-55017-441-0 CL 36.95 ___  Mountains, Campfires & Memories, Boudreau (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-95-3 PB 19.95 ___  Mountains of the Coast, Baldwin 978-1-55017-213-3 CL 36.95 ___  Mountie in Mukluks, White 978-1-55017-352-9 CL 34.95 ___  Muybridge’s Horse, Winger (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-231-7 PB 16.95 ___  My Father, My Friend, Mayse 978-1-55017-086-3 PB 18.95 ___  My Father’s Cup, Wayman 978-1-55017-282-9 PB 16.95 ___  My Vancouver Sketchbook, Perry (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-248-5 PB 9.95 ___  National Treasure, Pigott 978-1-55017-268-3 CL 34.95 ___  Natural Light, Nunuk 978-1-55017-273-7 CL 49.95 ___  Nature Diary of a Quiet Pedestrian, Croft 978-0-920080-87-0 CL 14.95 ___  Never More There, Rowe (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-239-3 PB 17.95 ___  North Coast Collected, Speck (ed.) (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-50-2 PB 12.95 ___  North of Iskut, Forsberg (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-42-7 PB 24.95 ___  Northern Woman, Baldwin (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-01-4 PB 16.95 ___  Northwest Dive Guide, The, Hughes 978-1-55017-476-5 PB 29.95 ___  Notes from the Netshed, de Cosmos 978-1-55017-172-3 PB 21.95 ___  Notes on Leaving, Rosnau (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-200-3 PB 15.95 ___  O Canada Crosswords, Book 1, Hamilton (Bluefield) 978-1-894404-02-0 PB 9.95 ___  O Canada Crosswords, Book 2, Hamilton (Bluefield) 978-1-894404-04-4 PB 9.95 ___  O Canada Crosswords, Book 3, Hamilton (Bluefield) 978-1-894404-11-2 PB 9.95 ___  O Canada Crosswords, Book 4, Hamilton (Bluefield) 978-1-894404-18-1 PB 9.95 ___  O Canada Crosswords, Book 5, Hamilton (Bluefield) 978-1-894404-20-4 PB 9.95 ___  O Canada Crosswords, Book 6, Hamilton (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-206-5 PB 9.95 ___  O Canada Crosswords, Book 7, Hamilton (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-218-8 PB 9.95 ___  O Canada Crosswords, Book 8, Olson & Macleod (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-217-1 PB 9.95 ___  O Canada Crosswords, Book 9, Olson & Macleod (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-225-6 PB 9.95



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___  O Canada Crosswords, Book 10, Olson & Macleod (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-236-2 PB 9.95 ___H  O Canada Crosswords, Book 11, Olson & Macleod (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-253-9 PB 9.95 ___  O Canada Puzzles for Kids, Porter & Ross (Bluefield) 978-1-894404-06-8 PB 9.95 ___  O Canada Puzzles for Kids, Book 2, Porter & Ross (Bluefield) 978-1-894404-15-0 PB 9.95 ___  O Time in Your Flight, Evans 978-0-920080-44-3 PB 18.95 ___  Off the Beaten Path, Watt 978-1-55017-479-3 PB 21.95 ___  Off the Map, Hume 978-1-55017-239-3 CL 32.95 ___  Old and Smart, Nickerson 978-1-55017-120-4 PB 24.95 ___  Old Enough to Know Better, St. Pierre 978-1-55017-276-8 CL 32.95 ___  One Gal’s Army, Ward (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-60-1 PB 14.95 ___  One More Time, Richards & Taylor 978-1-55017-492-2 CL 32.95 ___  One Muddy Hand, Birney 978-1-55017-370-3 PB 18.95 ___  One River, Two Cultures, Wild 978-1-55017-354-3 PB 24.95 ___  One-Pot Wonders, Barber 978-1-55017-378-9 HC 24.95 ___  Only in Whistler, Vogler 978-1-55017-504-2 PB 24.95 ___  Ontario Crosswords, Rusth 978-1-55017-321-5 PB 8.95 ___  Operating on the Frontier, Turnbull (Capilano) 978-1-55017-135-8 CL 29.95 ___  Operating on the Frontier, Turnbull (Capilano) 978-1-55017-137-2 PB 18.95 ___  Operation Orca, Francis & Hewlett 978-1-55017-426-7 CL 34.95 ___  Orca’s Song, Cameron 978-0-920080-29-0 PB 7.95 ___  Orwell’s Message, Woodcock 978-0-920080-86-3 PB 16.95 ___  Other Poems, MillAr (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-242-3 PB 17.95 ___  Other Side of Silence, McAlpine 978-0-920080-99-3 PB 24.95 ___  Our Little Green Valley, Phillips 978-1-55017-483-0 PB 24.95 ___  Over the Mountains, Mair 978-1-55017-371-0 PB 24.95 ___  Pacific Reef & Shore, Harbo 978-1-55017-304-8 PB 9.95 ___  Pacific Seaweeds, Druehl 978-1-55017-240-9 PB 24.95 ___  Paddling the Sunshine Coast, Drope 978-1-55017-164-8 PB 19.95 ___  Panther, Haig-Brown 978-1-55017-341-3 PB 14.95 ___  Parks and Nature Places Around Vancouver, Parkinson (ed.) 978-1-55017-464-9 PB 24.95

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INDE X BY TITLE • ORDER FORM ___  Pathways into the Mountains, Belford (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-84-7 PB 14.95 ___  Patience of Dearing Bay, Fahey (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-57-1 PB 14.95 ___  Patrick & the Backhoe, White (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-052-8 HC 15.95 ___  Patternicity, Johnstone (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-245-4 PB 17.95 ___  Paul Bunyan on the West Coast, Henry 978-1-55017-109-9 PB 14.95 ___  Pembina Country, Jones (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-73-1 PB 16.95 ___  People, Fish and Whales, Newman 978-1-55017-382-6 PB 19.95 ___  Permugenesis, Dewdney (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-113-6 PB 7.95 ___  Pitch Black, Black 978-1-55017-367-3 CL 32.95 ___  Planet Salt Spring, Black 978-1-55017-470-0 Audio CD 18.95 ___  Policing a Pioneer Province, Stonier-Newman 978-1-55017-056-6 CL 26.95 ___  Policing the Fringe, Scheideman 978-1-55017-482-3 PB 24.95 ___  Porcupines, Politicians and Plato, Kishkan (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-48-9 PB 12.95 ___  Pouring Small Fire, Manchester (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-189-1 PB 14.95 ___  Power to Us All, Woodcock 978-1-55017-073-3 PB 21.95 ___  Proximate Causes, Smith 978-1-55017-214-0 PB 21.95 ___  Puccini and the Prowlers, Wiseman (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-154-9 HC 15.95 ___H  Quadra Story, The, Taylor 978-1-55017-488-5 CL 32.95 H  978-1-55017-495-3 PB 24.95 ___  Queen Charlotte Islands Vol. 1, 1774–1966, Dalzell 978-1-55017-312-3 PB 26.95 ___  Queen Charlotte Islands Vol. 2, Places and Names, Dalzell 978-1-55017-011-5 PB 26.95 ___  Queen Charlotte Islands Vol. 3, The Beloved Island, Dalzell 978-1-55017-008-5 CL 26.95 ___  radiant danse uv being, Pew & Roxborough (eds) (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-210-2 PB 23.95 ___  Radical Innocence, Pass 978-1-55017-107-5 PB 12.95 ___  Rafe, Mair 978-1-55017-319-2 CL 34.95 ___  Railroader’s Wife, The, Stevenson (ed.) (Caitlin) PB 24.95 978-1-894759-43-4 ___  Rain Before Morning, Poole 978-1-55017-412-0 PB 24.95 ___  Raincoast Chronicles 12, White (ed.) 978-1-55017-028-3 PB 16.95 ___  Raincoast Chronicles 13, White (ed.) 978-1-55017-052-8 PB 16.95 ___  Raincoast Chronicles 14: Fish Hooks & Caulk Boots, Tickner 978-1-55017-078-8 PB 16.95 ___  Raincoast Chronicles 15, White (ed.) 978-1-55017-091-7 PB 16.95

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___  Raincoast Chronicles 16: Time & Tide, Norris 978-1-55017-121-1 PB 16.95 ___  Raincoast Chronicles 17, White (ed.) 978-1-55017-142-6 PB 16.95 ___  Raincoast Chronicles 18, White (ed.) 978-1-55017-171-6 PB 16.95 ___  Raincoast Chronicles 20, Hume 978-1-55017-313-0 PB 24.95 ___  Raincoast Chronicles Eleven Up, White (ed.) 978-1-55017-105-1 CL 39.95 ___  Raincoast Chronicles First Five, White (ed.) 978-0-920080-04-7 PB 28.95 ___  Raincoast Chronicles Fourth Five, White (ed.) 978-1-55017-372-7 CL 42.95 ___  Raincoast Chronicles Six/Ten, White (ed.) 978-1-55017-067-2 PB 28.95 ___  Raincoast Kitchen, Campbell River Museum Society 978-1-55017-144-0 PB 24.95 ___  Ranchland, French & Blacklaws 978-1-55017-232-4 CL 39.95 ___  Rat Trap Murders, Foss (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-173-0 PB 18.95 ___  Raven & Snipe, Cameron 978-1-55017-037-5 PB 7.95 ___  Raven Goes Berrypicking, Cameron 978-1-55017-036-8 PB 7.95 ___  Raven Returns the Water, Cameron 978-0-920080-19-1 PB 7.95 ___  Reaching for the Beaufort Sea, Purdy 978-1-55017-088-7 CL 28.95 ___  Reconciliation, Getty (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-187-7 PB 14.95 ___  Red Nest, Jerome (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-241-6 PB 17.95 ___  Reflections at Sandhill Creek, Dorst 978-1-55017-474-8 CL 28.95 ___  Remarkable Adventures of Portuguese Joe Silvey, Barman 978-1-55017-326-0 PB 17.95 ___  Remembering Roberts Creek, Roberts Creek Historical Committee 978-1-55017-457-1 PB 24.95 ___  Rendezvous at Dieppe, Langford 978-1-55017-076-4 PB 15.95 ___  Repose, Getty (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-219-5 PB 16.95 ___  Return of the Osprey, Mason 978-1-55017-203-4 PB 12.95 ___  Revelations, Dragu & Harrison (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-117-4 PB 15.95 ___  Revenge of Annie Charlie, Fry 978-1-55017-032-0 PB 21.95 ___  Rhymes of a Western Logger, Swanson 978-1-55017-066-5 PB 16.95 ___  River City, Taylor 978-1-55017-211-9 CL 36.95 ___  River Queen, Levy 978-1-55017-369-7 CL 34.95 ___  Road Runs West, French 978-1-55017-141-9 PB 24.95 ___  Robin Ward’s Heritage West Coast, Ward 978-1-55017-095-5 CL 34.95


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IN D EX BY T I T L E • O R D E R F ORM ___  Roid Rage, Choyce 978-1-55017-206-5 PB 6.95 ___  Rooms for Rent in the Outer Planets, Purdy 978-1-55017-148-8 PB 16.95 ___H  Rumble Seat, Piddington 978-1-55017-506-6 CL 34.95 ___  Runaway at Sea, Razzell 978-1-55017-327-7 PB 9.95 ___  Rush to Here, Murray (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-229-4 PB 16.95 ___  Sailor on Snowshoes, North 978-1-55017-384-0 PB 19.95 ___  Salish Elders, Tewinkel (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-98-4 PB 35.95 ___  Salmon Boy, Joe (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-166-2 PB 7.95 ___  Salmon Wars, Brown 978-1-55017-351-2 PB 25.95 ___  Salt Spring, Kahn 978-1-55017-262-1 PB 24.95 ___  Saltwater Summer, Haig-Brown 978-1-55017-222-5 PB 14.95 ___  Sarah’s Children, Cameron 978-1-55017-274-4 PB 21.95 ___  Season of Mercy, Ito (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-168-6 PB 11.95 ___  Seeking Balance, Edwards (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-31-1 PB 28.95 ___  Selected Poems, Lane 978-1-55017-174-7 PB 16.95 ___  Selkie, Cameron 978-1-55017-152-5 PB 21.95 ___  Seven Stones, Iglauer 978-0-920080-13-9 CL 24.95 ___  Sharks of the Pacific Northwest, De Maddalena, Preti, Polansky 978-1-55017-418-2 PB 21.95 ___  Shells and Shellfish of the Pacific Northwest, Harbo 978-1-55017-146-4 PB 25.95 ___  Ships of Steel, McLaren 978-1-55017-242-3 CL 39.95 ___  Shores We Call Home, The, Evans 978-1-55017-465-6 pb 18.95 ___  Simon Fraser, Hume 978-1-55017-434-2 CL 36.95 ___  Six Ways to Sunday, McPherson (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-227-0 PB 19.95 ___  Skookum Sal, Birling Gal, Kellerhals-Stewart 978-1-55017-285-0 HC 18.95 ___  Skookum Tugs, Douglas, Robson & Keller 978-1-55017-275-1 CL 49.95 ___  Slant, Quan (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-179-2 PB 16.95 ___  Slapshot Hockey Quizbook, Ross (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-234-8 pb 8.95 ___  Slow Boat on Rum Row, Miles 978-1-55017-069-6 CL 13.95 ___  Small City in a Big Valley, Henry 978-1-55017-212-6 CL 36.95 ___  Smoking Salmon & Trout, Whelan 978-1-55017-302-4 CL 22.95  17.95 US


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___  Sneaking Through the Evening, McCarthy 978-1-55017-216-4 PB 11.95 ___  Snowshoes and Spotted Dick, Czajkowski 978-1-55017-279-9 PB 24.95 ___  Soccer—Guarding the Goal, Brødsgaard (Bluefield) 978-1-894404-12-9 PB 24.95 ___  Soft Geography, Wigmore (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-23-6 PB 15.95 ___  Sointula, Wild 978-1-55017-456-4 PB 24.95 ___  Sojourners in the North, Chow (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-62-5 PB 16.95 ___  Some Become Flowers, Brown 978-1-55017-087-O PB 21.95 ___  South of an Unnamed Creek, Cameron 978-1-55017-013-9 CL 6.95 ___  Spider Woman, Cameron 978-0-920080-73-3 PB 7.95 ___  Spilsbury’s Coast, White 978-0-920080-57-3 CL 26.95 978-1-55017-046-7 PB 24.95 ___  Spirit Dance at Meziadin, Rose 978-1-55017-244-7 PB 21.95 ___  Spirit of the Nikkei Fleet, Fukawa 978-1-55017-439-7 CL 39.95 ___  Spirit of the Yukon, Lunny (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-39-7 CL 24.95 ___  Splitting Off, Finlay (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-198-3 PB 15.95 ___  Spruces, Holmes (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-79-3 PB 15.95 ___  Stain Upon the Sea, Hume et al 978-1-55017-317-8 PB 26.95 ___  Stanley Park Companion, Dickson & Grant (Bluefield) 978-1-894404-16-7 PB 29.95 ___  Stanley Park’s Secret, Barman 978-1-55017-420-5 PB 24.95 ___  Starbuck Valley Winter, Haig-Brown 978-1-55017-247-8 PB 14.95 ___  Starting from Ameliasburgh, Purdy 978-1-55017-127-3 CL 39.95 ___  Sternwheelers & Canyon Cats, Boudreau (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-20-5 PB 18.95 ___  Still Fishin’, Haig-Brown 978-1-55017-467-0 pb 26.95 ___  Stole This from a Hockey Card, Robinson (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-207-2 PB 17.95 ___  Story of Island Copper, Aspinall (BHP Minerals) 978-0-9699728-0-8 CL 39.95 ___  Story of the Sechelt Nation, Peterson 978-1-55017-035-1 CL 32.95 978-1-55017-017-7 PB 24.95 ___  Strange Sites, Christy 978-1-55017-131-0 PB 24.95 ___  Strangers Next Door, Iglauer 978-1-55017-054-2 CL 32.95 ___  Strong Voices, Twigg 978-0-920080-96-2 PB 24.95 ___  Submarine Dead Ahead!, Goldberg 978-1-55017-053-5 PB 21.95 ___  Summer Between, The, Binks (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-232-5 PB 17.95

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INDE X BY TITLE • ORDER FORM ___  Sunshine & Salt Air, Robson (ed.) 978-1-55017-143-3 PB 24.95 ___  Sunshine Coast, The, White 978-1-55017-081-8 CL 29.95 ___  Super Suckers, Cosgrove & McDaniel 978-1-55017-466-3 PB 26.95 ___  Surveying Northern British Columbia, Sherwood (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-05-2 PB 29.95 ___  T’aal, Cameron & Pielle 978-1-55017-180-8 PB 7.95 ___  Taking the Names Down from the Hill, Paul (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-182-2 PB 16.95 ___  Taking the Stairs, Stiles (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-221-8 PB 21.95 ___  Tales from Hidden Basin, Hammond 978-1-55017-136-5 PB 17.95 ___  Tales from the Galley, Armitage 978-1-55017-438-0 CL 39.95 ___  Tales of the Cairds, Cameron 978-1-55017-004-7 PB 21.95 ___  Teethmarks, Queyras (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-193-8 PB 16.00 ___  Thirteen, Drabek (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-32-8 PB 12.95 ___  This Vanishing Land, Whelan (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-38-0 PB 28.95 ___H  Thoroughly Wicked Woman, A, Keller (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-48-9 PB 19.95 ___  Those Lancasters, Cameron 978-1-55017-227-0 PB 21.95 ___  Three Men and a Forester, Mahood & Drushka 978-1-55017-016-0 CL 6.95 ___  Three Rivers, Atwood, Saul, Milne, Peepre, Locke, et al 978-1-55017-365-9 CL 49.95 ___  Tidal Passages, Taylor 978-1-55017-460-1 PB 24.95 ___  Tie Hackers to Timber Harvesters, Drushka 978-1-55017-189-1 CL 44.95 ___  Timmy and the Otters, Moray 978-1-55017-007-8 PB 14.95 ___  Timmy and the Whales, Moray 978-1-55017-006-1 PB 14.95 ___  Timmy the West Coast Tug, Moray 978-1-55017-005-4 PB 14.95 ___  Timmy Ties Up, Moray 978-1-55017-055-9 PB 14.95 ___  To Paris Never Again, Purdy 978-1-55017-173-0 PB 16.95 ___  Tong, Perrault 978-1-55017-231-7 CL 39.95 ___  Too Spare, Too Fierce, Lane 978-1-55017-119-8 PB 14.95 ___  Top of the Pass, Vogler 978-1-55017-430-4 CL 34.95 ___  Touch of Murder Now and Then, A, Robertson (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-75-5 PB 18.95 ___  Touch of Strange, Hammond 978-1-55017-270-6 CL 32.95 978-1-55017-241-6 PB 24.95

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___H  Tragedy at Second Narrows, Jamieson 978-1-55017-451-9 CL 32.95 978-1-55017-530-1 PB 22.95 ___  Trail of 1858, Forsythe & Dickson 978-1-55017-424-3 PB 26.95 ___  Trappers and Trailblazers, Boudreau (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-39-7 PB 22.95 ___  Understanding Belize, Twigg 978-1-55017-325-3 PB 24.95 ___  Understanding Bolivia, Lougheed 978-1-55017-444-1 PB 24.95 ___  Understories, Rempel (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-41-0 PB 16.95 ___H  Unfurled, Keahey (ed.) (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-52-6 PB 17.95 ___  Uninvited Guest, Degen (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-216-4 PB 20.95 ___  Unmarked Doorways, Trower 978-1-55017-003-0 PB 12.95 ___  Urban Coyote: A Yukon Anthology, Genest & Homan (eds) (Lost Moose) 978-1-896758-07-7 PB 14.95 ___  Urban Coyote: New Territory, Charchun, Genest & Homan (eds) (Lost Moose) 978-1-896758-09-1 PB 17.95 ___  Valley Sutra, Gill (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-36-6 PB 16.95 ___  Vancouver and Its Writers, Twigg 978-0-920080-77-1 PB 21.95 ___  Vancouver at the Dawn, Cherrington 978-1-55017-157-0 PB 21.95 ___H  Vancouver Canucks Quizbook, the, Puzzling Sports Institute (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-250-8 PB 8.95 ___  Vegan Delights, Martin 978-1-55017-079-5 PB 19.95 ___H  Victoria, Mayse 978-1-55017-503-5 CL 34.95 ___  Victoria Underfoot, Clark, Kilburn, Russell 978-1-55017-419-9 PB 24.95 ___  Village of Sliding Time, Zieroth 978-1-55017-388-8 PB 16.95 ___  Voyage of the Dreamspeaker, Yeadon-Jones 978-1-55017-297-3 CL 42.95 ___  Voyages to Windward, Hulsizer 978-1-55017-366-6 CL 44.95  36.95 US ___H  Walk Myself Home, Routley (ed.) (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-51-9 PB 19.95 ___  Wake-Up Call, Haynes (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-44-1 PB 19.95 ___H  Walk with the Rainy Sisters, A, Hume 978-1-55017-505-9 CL 32.95 ___  Waterfalls of British Columbia, Greenfield 978-1-55017-462-5 PB 26.95 ___  Wax Boats, Roberts (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-40-3 PB 17.95 ___  Way We Were, The, Vancouver Province 978-1-55017-230-0 PB 24.95 ___  Well-Mannered Storm, A, Braid (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-28-1 PB 16.95

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IN D EX BY T I T L E • O R D E R F ORM ___  West Coast Fossils, Ludvigsen & Beard 978-1-55017-179-2 PB 24.95 ___  Westcoasters, Henry 978-1-55017-233-1 PB 28.95 ___  Whale People, Haig-Brown 978-1-55017-277-5 PB 14.95 ___  Whales & Dolphins of the North American Pacific, Cresswell, Walker, Pusser 978-1-55017-409-0 PB 21.95  19.95 US ___  Whales of the West Coast, Spalding 978-1-55017-199-0 PB 21.95 ___  What the Bleep is Going On Here?, Mair 978-1-55017-458-8 PB 24.95 ___  What Are Uncles For?, Lane 978-0-920080-76-4 PB 5.95 ___  Whelks to Whales, Harbo 978-1-55017-183-9 PB 25.95 ___  When I Was Young and in My Prime, Munce (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-209-6 PB 18.95 ___  When Nature Calls, Nicol 978-1-55017-210-2 CL 28.95 ___  Where the Words Come From, Bowling (ed.) (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-184-6 PB 22.95 ___  Whistle Punks & Widow-Makers, Swanson 978-1-55017-177-8 PB 21.95 ___  Whistler & Blackcomb Country, Bartosik 978-1-55017-176-1 PB 9.95 ___  Whitehorse & Area Hikes & Bikes, Yukon Conservation Society (Lost Moose) 978-1-55017-329-1 PB 21.95 ___H  Whitewater Devils, Boudreau (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-46-5 PB 22.95 ___  Whole Brass Band, Cameron 978-1-55017-075-7 PB 21.95 ___  Whole Fam Damily, Cameron 978-1-55017-134-1 PB 21.95 ___  Wild & Free, Boudreau (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-04-5 PB 24.95 ___  Wild Edge, Windh 978-1-55017-350-5 CL 34.95 ___  Wild Flowers of Field and Slope, Clark 978-1-55017-255-3 PB 12.95 ___  Wild Flowers of Forest and Woodland, Clark 978-1-55017-306-2 PB 12.95 ___  Wild Flowers of the Mountains, Clark 978-1-55017-308-6 PB 12.95 ___  Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest, Clark 978-1-55017-195-2 CL 59.95  49.95 US ___  Wild Flowers of the Sea Coast, Clark 978-1-55017-307-9 PB 12.95 ___  Wild Flowers of the Yukon, Alaska and Northwestern Canada, Trelawny 978-1-55017-257-7 PB 24.95


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___  Wild Liard Waters, Wenger (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-72-4 PB 15.95 ___  Wild Rivers, Wild Lands, Madsen (Lost Moose) 978-1-896758-01-5 PB 9.95 ___  Wild Side Guide to Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim (Rev. Ed.), Windh 978-1-55017-485-4 PB 24.95 ___  Wilderness Dreams, Boudreau (Caitlin) 978-1-894759-00-7 PB 19.95 ___H  Wilderness Dweller’s Cookbook, A, Czajkowski 978-1-55017-518-9 PB 14.95 ___  Wilderness on the Doorstep, Vancouver Natural History Society 978-1-55017-386-4 PB 21.95 ___  Wildfire in the Wilderness, Czajkowski 978-1-55017-375-8 PB 19.95 ___  Wildfire Wars, Keller 978-1-55017-278-2 CL 34.95 ___  Windstorm, Denham (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-243-0 PB 17.95 ___  Wings Across the Water, Smith & White 978-1-55017-355-0 PB 28.95 ___  Witches and Idiots, Mitchell (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-068-9 PB 9.95 ___H  Witness, Lane 978-1-55017-508-0 PB 16.95 ___  Witness Ghost, Bowling (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-191-4 PB 15.95 ___  Woman with a Man Inside, Parkin (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-162-4 PB 15.95 ___  Women and Words: the Anthology 978-0-920080-53-5 PB 16.95 ___  Women, Kids & Huckleberry Wine, Cameron 978-0-920080-68-9 PB 21.95 ___  Wood Spoken, Friis-Baastad (Lost Moose) 978-1-896758-10-7 PB 14.95 ___  Words Wanting Out, Dempster (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-192-1 PB 18.95 ___  Write Across Canada, Ottawa International Writers Festival (Nightwood) 978-0-88971-199-0 PB 13.00 ___  Writing in the Rain (audiobook), White 978-1-55017-139-6 audio 14.95 ___  Your Good Hat, Munk (Caitlin) 978-0-920576-52-6 PB 12.95 ___  Yours, Al, Solecki (ed.) 978-1-55017-332-1 CL 44.95 ___  Yukon: Colour of the Land, Hartmier (Lost Moose) 978-1-55017-331-4 PB 18.95 ___  Zero-Mile Diet, The, Herriot 978-1-55017-481-6 PB 32.95


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New books from HARBOUR PUBLISHING Children’s / Fishing ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-497-7 ISBN 10: 1-55017-497-5 9" x 12", 48 pages, paper on board...